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I Standard Specification


Corrugated Sheet Steel Beams for Highway Guardrail


1. SCOPE 2.3 ANSI Standards: 4.1.5 Shape (W-Beam or Thrie

B1.13M Metric Screw Beam), and
1.1 This specification covers corru- Threads D M Profile 4.1.6 Exceptions to this specification
gated sheet steel prepared for use as B18.2.4.1M Hex Nuts, Style or special requirements, if any.
beams in highway guardrails. 1, Metric
1.2 The values stated in SI units are B18.2.4.6M Hex Nuts,
to be regarded as the standard. Heavy, Memc 5. BASIS OF ACCEPTANCE
2.4 Military Standards:
2. REFERENCED DOCUMENTS DOD-P-21035 Paint, High 5.1 All material shall be subject to
Zinc Dust Content, Gal- inspection and sampling at the fabricat-
2.1 AASHTO Standards: vanizing Repair ing plant, warehouse, or after delivery
M 120 Zinc (Metric) to the site of construction.
M 232M/M 232 Zinc Coating 5.2 Acceptance by Sampling:
(Hot-Dip) on Iron and 5.2.1 The Engineer may take one
Sieei Tda-&w&-e piece of guardrail, a backup plate, and
M 291M Carbon and Alloy end or buffer section from each 200
Steel Nuts [Metric] 3. CLASSIFICATION pieces in a lot, or from each lot if less
M 298 Coatings of Zinc Me- than 200 pieces are included therein, for
chanically Deposited 3.1 Four types and two classes of determination of compliance with speci-
on Iron and Steel guardrail are provided as follows: fication requirements. If one piece fails
T 65MT 65 Mass [Weight] 3.1.1 Types: to meet, two other pieces shall be tested.
of Coating on Iron and Type I-Zinc coated, 550 g/m2 (1.80 If either of these pieces fails to conform
%ce! Artides with oz/ft2) minimum single-spot. to the requirements of this specification,
Zinc or Zinc-Alloy Type II-Zinc coated, 1100 g/m2 (3.60 the lot of material represented by these
Coatings oz/ft2) minimum single-spot. samples shall be rejected. A lot shall
2.2 ASTM Standards: Type III-Beams to be painted. be considered that quantity of material
A 307 Standard Specification Type IV-Beams of corrosion resistant offered for inspection at one time which
for Carbon Steel steel. bears the same heat and coating identifi-
Bolts and Studs, 3.1.2 Classes: cation.
60,000 psi Tensile Class A-Base metal nominal thick- 5.3 Acceptance by Brand Registra-
Strength ness-2.67 mm (0.105 in.). tion and Guarantee:
A 653lA 653M Standard Class B-Base metal nominal thick- 5.3.1 By mutual agreement between
Specification for Steel ness-3.43 mm (0.135 in.). the fabricator and Engineer, acceptance
Sheet, Zinc-Coated may be based upon a Brand Registration
(Galvanized) or Zinc- and Guarantee filed with the Engineer
Iron Alloy-Coated (Gal- by the fabricator. For acceptance of a
vannealed) by the Hot- brand, the fabricator shall furnish a
Dip Process 4. ORDERING INFORMATION Brand Registration and Guarantee meet-
E 376 Standard Practice for ing the approval of the Engineer and
Measuring Coating 4.1 Orders for guardrail under this showing the brand name or designation,
Thickness by Mag- specification shall include the following the manner in which it will appear on the
netic-Field or Eddy- information, as required, to adequately fabricated beams, the typical mechanical
Current (Electromag- describe the desired material: properties, chemical composition if spec-
netic) Test Met..^& 4.1.1 Quantity (linear meter or num- ified, the class and type of guardrail, and
F 568M Standard Specifica- ber of pieces), other specified properties. 'I'he fabricator
tion for Carbon and 4.1.2 Class of Guardrail, shall also guarantee that as long as mate-
Alloy Steel Externally 4.1.3 Type of Guardrail, rial is furnished under that brand and
Threaded Metric Fas- 4.1.4 Effective length of beam sec- designation, it will conform fully to the
teners tion 3.8 or 7.6 m (12.5 ft or 25.0 ft), requirements of the specification and


shall be replaced without cost to the beams shall conform to or exceed the 8. MECHANICAL PROPERTIES
Engineer when found not in conformity requirements of ASTM A 307 and shall
with any of the specified requirements. be coated in accordance with Section 8.1 The mechanical properties of the
The Brand Registration and Guarantee 9.4. base metal shall conform to the following
shall be swom to for the fabricator by 6.3.2 Bolts and nuts for Type IV requirements:
a person having legal authority to bind beams shall be of an approved corrosion 8.1.1 Beams and transition sections:
the company. Upon approval of a Brand resistant material and conform to or ex- Yield Point, minimum, 345 MPa
Registration and Guarantee, that brand ceed the requirements of ASTM A 307. (50000 psi);
will be accepted without further certifica- 6.3.3 All connections or splices shall Tensile Strength, minimum 483 MPa
tion. If, in subsequent actual field use, be formed with oval shoulder button (70000 psi); and
there is evidence of misbranding as deter- headed bolts to minimize projections on Elongation, in 50 mm (2 in.), mini-
mined by random sampling and detection the road side of the guardrail. Splice and mum, 12 percent.
of inadequate tensile strength, yield post bolts and nuts shall conform to one 8.1.2 End and buffer sections:
strength, elongation, improper coating, of the configurations shown in Figure Yield Point, minimum, 227 MPa
deficient thickness or improper fabrica- 3 or Figure 4. Either of the alternate (33000 psi); and
tion, the material will be rejected and configurations may be furnished unless Tensile Strength, minimum 310 MPa
approval for further use withdrawn until otherwise specified by the engineer, (45000 psi).
subsequently reapproved. Samples for 6.4 Washers and Backup Plates: 8.1.3 Test specimens for mechanical
test of any material offered for use may 6.4.1 Washers shall be rectangular properties shall be prepared and tested
be taken at any time deemed desirable as shown in Figure 1. Washers for Types as specified in ASTM A 653 except that
by the engineer. I, II, and III beams shall be galvanized correction for thickness of zinc-coated
5.3.2 The manufacturer or fabricator in accordance with Section 9. Washers specimens shall be 0.08 mm (0.003 in.)
shall make such tests and measurements for Type IV beams shall be of an ap- for Type I beam and 0.15 mm (0.006
as necessary to insure that the material proved corrosion resistant steel. Back- in.) for Type II beam.
produced complies with all specification up plates if specified for use at non-
requirements. These tests and measure- splice points shall consist of 305-mm (1-
ments shall be so identified by the identi- ft) sections of beams and shall be of the
fication symbols or code used on the same Class and Type specified for the
beam that the manufacturer can produce full-length beams. 9. COATING REQUIREMENTS
specific reports showing these test re- 6.5 End or Buffer Sections:
sults. Copies of reports of these tests 6.5.1 End or buffer sections shall be 9.1 Type I and II Beams:
shall be kept on file and shall be submit- of the same or greater thickness of metal 9.1.1 The beams may be galvanized
ted to the engineer upon request. and the same type as the beam to which before or after fabrication.
5.3.3 The brand shall be removed it is attached or the engineer may specify 9.1.2 The mass of coating shall con-
or obliterated by the manufacturer or the minimum thickness of metal and form to the requirements prescribed in
fabricator on all material where control Table 2 for the types specified. The mass
type. of coating is the total amount of galvaniz-
tests, as outlined herein, do not show
conformance to this specification. ing on both sides of a sheet or beam,
expressed as grams per square meter
(oz/ft2) of sheet.
9.1.3 The sheets or beams shall be of
6. MATERIALS 7. MANUFACTURE prime finish, that is, free from injurious
defects such as blisters, flux, and un-
coated spots. Uncoated edges resulting
6.1 Base Metal-The beam, transi- 7.1 The beams and end or buffer from transverse shearing or punching of
tion, end and buffer sections shall consist sections shall be shaped and punched holes will not be considered objection-
of sheet made of open hearth, electric in conformance with the requirements able.
furnace or basic oxygen steel and shall shown in Figures 1 and 2. Transition 9.1.4 The coating shall be smooth,
meet the mechanical properties specified sections shall be fabricated in accordance free of beading or sharp projections along
in Section 8. The chemical composition with Figure 5 and shall provide a smooth the edges and shall adhere tenaciously
of the hase metal for Type IV beams and uniform transition between beams. to the surface of the metal. The adherence
shall be as approved by the engineer. They shall be ready for assembly when of the zinc coating to the surface of the
6.2 Zinc-The zinc used for the delivered. Only drilling or cutting neces- base metal shall be determined by cutting
coating of Type I and II sections shall sary for special connections and for sam- or prying with a stout knife, applied
be as prescribed in M 120, and shall be pling will be permitted in the field. with considerable pressure in a manner
at least equal to the grade designated as Warped or deformed beams will be re- tending to remove a portion of the coat-
Prime Western. jected. Beams to be erected on a radius ing by paring or whittling, and it shall
6.3 Bolts and Nuts: of 46 m (150 ft) or less shall be shop not be possible to peel any portion of
6.3.1 Unless otherwise specified, curved to the appropriate curvature of the coating so as to expose the base
bolts and nuts for Types I, II, and III the installation. metal.




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FIGURE 2 Thrie Beam




NOTE: hol shoulder shall have smooth mdll

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wrrlwl blght at th. omr o f ?hm oval.
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No. I den apply t o Altarnatm Bolt Na 2 .
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ore ahown.

r5.BBmrrc(5/8.\ POST OR S P L I C t BOLT AND NUT


25 O I 1.5 OEEP

NOTE-The bolt shall have M16x2 threads as defined in ANSI B1.13M for Grade 6g tolerances. Bolt material shall conform to ASTM F 568M for Class 4.6. Material
for corrosion resistant bolts shall conform to ASTM F 568M for Class 8.8.3 bolts.
Nuts shall have ANSI B1.13M M16x2 Grade 6H threads. The geometry of the nuts, with the exception of the recess shown in the drawing. shall conform to ANSI
B18.2.4.1M Style 1 for zinc-coated hex nuts and ANSI B18.2.4.6M heavy hex corrosion resistance nuts. Material for zinccoated nuts shall conform to the requirements of
AASHTO M 291M for Class 5 and material for corrosion resistant nuts shall conform to the requirements of AASHTO M 291M for Class 8S3. Zinc-coated nuts shall be
tapped over-size as specified in AASHTO M 291M except that a diametrical allowance of 510 mm shall be used instead of 420 nun.
Dimensional tolerances not shown or implied are intended to be those consistent with the proper functioning of the part, including its appearance and accepted manufacturing

FIGURE 4 16-mi1 Post or Splice Metric Boit and Nut


FIGURE 5 Transition Section


Beam or Sheet Thickness Weight of Coating
~~~~~~~ ~~

Class A Class B Min Check Min Check

Limit Limit
Tolerance Tolerance
Single-Spot Triple-Spot
Under Under
Test Test
Specified Specified
Thickness, Thickness, Type g/m2 oz/ft3 g/m2 oz/ft2
No Limit for No Limit for I 550 1.80 610 2.00
Type Thickness Over Thickness Thickness Over Thickness II 1100 3.60 1220 4.00
mm in mm in mm in mm in
I 2.74 0.108 0.23 0.009 3.51 0.138 0.25 0.010 these widths. However, the dimensions of
II 2.82 0.111 0.23 0.009 3.58 0.141 0.25 0.010 Figures 1 and 2 can be met within allowable
III 2.67 0.105 0.23 0.009 3.43 0.135 0.25 0.010 tolerance by using the nominal widths. Use
IV 2.67 0.105 0.23 0.009 3.43 0.135 0.25 0.010 of sheets slightly greater than the nominal
widths is permissible provided the tolerances
in Figures 1 and 2 are met.
9.1.5 The test specimen size and 9.6.1 Where the galvanizing on
method of tests for determining the guardrail or fittings has been damaged,
mass of coating shall be as prescribed the coating shall be repaired by regalva- 11. MARKING
in T 65. At the option of the Engineer, nizing or the surface repaired by painting
material may be accepted on the basis with two coats of zinc dust-zinc oxide 11.1 Each beam element shall be
of magnetic gage determinations made paint conforming to Federal Specifica- identified by the following:
in accordance with ASTM E 376. tion 'IT-P-641 or DOD-P-21035. Name or Brand of Manufacturer,
9.2 Type III Beams: Identification Symbols or Code for
9.2.1 Beams which are to be painted Heat,
shall be cleaned and shop painted with Number and Coating Lot,
one coat of rust-inhibitive primer. The 10. DIMENSIONS
AASHTO Specification Number, and
primer shall have a tough and durable Class and Type.
surface and shall be thoroughly dry be- 10.1 Sheet or Beam Thickness: 11.2 Markings shall not be placed at
fore the sheets are handled or packed 10.1.1 The nominal thickness for
such a location that they will be obscured
for shipment. the finished beam or sheet shall conform
after erection, or in a manner that the
9.3 Type IV Beams: to the requirements as prescribed in
brand will be conspicuous to any traffic.
9.3.1 Beams of corrosion resistant Table 1.
Markings placed on the traffic face of
steel shall not be painted or galvanized. 10.1.2 For fabricated beams, thick-
the beam shall be placed in the valley
They shall be so handled and stored that ness measurements will be made on tan-
of the center corrugation and shall be
the traffic face of these beams, used in gent portions of the cross section.
die imprinted with letters and numerals
a continuous run of guardrail, shall not 10.2 Sheet Width:
having a maximum height of 32 mm
show a distinctive color differential. 10.2.1 The beam elements shall be
( l $ in.) and a minimum height of 19
9.4 Bolts and Nuts: formed from sheets having nominal
mm (?, in.) and shall be clearly legible
9.4.1 Bolts and nuts shall be hot-dip widths of 483 mm (19 in.) for W-Beams
after galvanization of the rail elements.
zinc coated in accordance with and 749 mm (291/2in.) for Thrie Beams.
11.3 Marking material shall be such
the requirements of M 232, Class C or Tolerance from the nominal width of
as to resist obliteration during storage,
mechanically zinc coated in accordance minus 3.2 mm (I/* in.) will be permis-
transportation, and erection.
with M 298, Class 50, Type 1. sible.
11.4 Markings for end sections and
9.5 Washers: NOTE-The requirements of paragraph backup plates may be on durable tags
9.5.1 Washers shall be hot-dip zinc 10.2.1 are intended to define the minimum securely attached to each section or bun-
coated in accordance with the require- width sheet permissible. Calculation of exact dle except that when specified by the
ments of M 232. width dimensions from Figures 1 and 2 shows engineer, each individual piece shall be
9.6 Galvanizing Repair: that the finished product may slightly exceed marked.