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This coursework carries 50% of the final module mark. Students must select an area of study in
Mechanical engineering (from the list attached below) and learn how to use the software
ANSYS to solve engineering problems in this area. Students must learn the background of the
chosen topic, its applications, classical ways of solving problems in the area of study and how to
do the same study using ANSYS. Students must select or find a sample problem and be able to
demonstrate it to their supervisor. They must indicate to the supervisor what topic they wish to
study by the 2nd lecture of the module. If a number of students choose the same topic then a
decision on who will study what will be taken by ballot during the same lecture. Six lectures
will be used for tutorial sessions in the computer lab where students can discuss their problems
with the supervisor. Other consultation meetings can be done by appointment.
The coursework must be taken up individually by the students and assessment shall be by
presentation in front of the supervisor/s. Students shall sit for an oral exam in which they will be
judged on the amount of work they put in the project, on the understanding of the topic and on
its implementation in ANSYS. The timing for these interviews shall be before the exams/tests
scheduled for the semester but they can be sat for at any time during the semester by
consultation with the supervisor.

Areas of study:

From the Structural analysis guide

1. Modal analyses + Spectrum analyses
2. Harmonic response analyses
3. Transient Dynamic analyses (+ANSYS LS Dyna users guide)
4. Buckling analyses
5. Nonlinear structural analyses
6. Contact mechanics
7. Fracture mechanics
8. Composites
9. Fatigue
10. Beam and shell analyses and cross-sections

From the Thermal analyses guide

1. Steady state thermal analyses
2. Transient thermal analysis
3. Radiation

From the Fluids analyses guide

1. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
2. Acoustics

From the Advanced analyses technique guide

1. Some topic chosen after discussion with the supervisor

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