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Gilles Boudreau

Cellular: 1 514 265 5471


2490, St-Emile street, apartment 5

Montreal, Qc, H1L 5M9

1 (514) 354-6863


Career profile:

The last few years spent working in sales, environmental technologies and communications have been instrumental in
forging and revealing my true path. They have bestowed upon me: expertise, competence, ethics, a business sense and
confidence. I believe that I can be an asset in your business development projects. I am proactive, a people person and
result oriented.

Fluent in both French and English (spoken and written).

Basic mastery of the Windows programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Career History:

ERDA SYSTEMS (Montreal) 2009-Present

 International emergent environmental technology analyst

RCI ENVIRONNEMENT INC (Montreal) 2006-2009

 B2B direct commercial sales

 National accounts manager
 Environmental emergent-technology analyst.
 R&D analyst
 International major project sales (Bio-Methatech division).


 Residential direct sales (cold calls), satellite TV services.

FENPLAST (south shore of Montreal) 2002-2004

 Plant surface maintenance

KROWN RUSTPROOFING (Montreal) 1999-2002

 Commercial franchise sales

Professional experience:

ERDA SYSTEMS 2009-Present

This consulting company does environmental analysis work on projects and emergent technologies as well as R&D.

International emergent environmental technology analyst:

 Testing new technologies, assessing and evaluating projects for potential investors.
 R&D.


1. Trip to Korea and China in November 2009. We were hired by an American company to analyze and report
on 2 new recycling technologies pre-investment. Our report changed the outcome.
2. Inventing an environmental technology(patent pending)


This company specializes in waste management, transport and recycling. It services residential, commercial and
industrial accounts. My stay in this company extended my personal limits and revealed many hidden strengths,
especially the ability to adapt.

With this company I rose successfully thru the ranks and occupied 5 different posts.

1) B2B Direct commercial sales

 B2B commercial direct sales (8 months)

 Analyze waste management needs and structure recycling of cardboard and plastic.
 Increase and protect existing customer base


1. Average of 50 new accounts monthly (The company average is 25-30)

2. I’ve signed agreements with recyclers which created new markets for my employer (polystyrene, gyproc, wood
and mixed plastics recycling).
3. Wood recycling now being available, I signed up wood pallet companies, bringing in roughly 20 000$/ month
of new revenue.
4. Polystyrene recycling secured some of our bigger customers, like Corbeil appliances.
5. I earned some important accounts, the City of Longueil and Sportscene (Cage aux sports).
2) National accounts manager

 Maintain, expand and secure large chain accounts (St-Hubert restaurants, Tim Horton’s, Scores, Loblaws,
 Help customers improve their corporate citizen image.


1. For a large player in the food distribution industry, which aimed at decreasing his waste disposal, I arranged
composting services and recycling of their residues, by finding organic treatment sites and recyclers. Not
content with this, I asked and was granted to go to Europe to examine and study European waste disposal
alternatives and treatment technologies.
2. Following my recommendation, RCI created the Environment and emergent technologies review
department, to keep tabs on customer needs, new technologies and evolving government policies.
3. Having signed the Montreal Alouettes by using a novel idea to resolve their polystyrene beer glass recycling
issue. We came up with Quebec’s first mobile full size gas operated recyclable waste compactor. This got us
they Grey cup contract!

3) Environmental emergent technology analyst:

 Assist and participate to environmental and technology geared shows and conferences.
 Study, visit (including overseas: Holland, Germany and Switzerland) and report on green alternative
 Join and participate with pertinent associations like the: ARQ, 3RMCDQ, CESE, CNGVA, RESEAU


1. Having helped RCI in qualifying for ‘’ICI on Recycle’’ a green business standard bestowed by RECYC-
2. Having given RCI the idea of developing ‘’their own’’ customer oriented green certification.
3. Having converted RCI’s waste removal truck fleet to bio-diesel.
4. Having influenced the choice of technologies, to be used in the Estrie-Enviropôle project (Maybach Corp.
project in the town of Asbestos).
5. Having been the impetus for the creation of 2 other departments: R&D and Bio-Methatech.
6. Having been a guest speaker at a RECYC-Quebec conference as a recognized recycling expert.

4) R&D analyst:

 Filter thru the accumulated data of organic waste treatment technologies and make final report and
recommendation concerning which technology manufacturer RCI should partner-up with.
 Help in the creation of a new division (Bio-Methatech).

Having chosen and recommended LIPP digesters, which have built over 700 operational sites worldwide.

5) International major project sales (Bio-Methatech):

 Help set-up new company (translations etc.)

 Give company visibility; join all necessary associations and shows
 Canvas and prospect Quebec and New-England (U.S.)
 Visit municipal water treatment plants and gather data. Approach cities to organize presentations.
 Get close to U.S. electrical power companies, to interest them in buying green electricity from our future
 Find grants for customers.
 Set-up alliances with engineer firms.


1. Having been the TV spokesperson in Vermont (U.S.) on the future on bio-digesters and green power.
2. Having qualified Bio-Methatech (on the list) as a recognized technology eligible for U.S. grants.
3. Having been a part of the local LIPP triple- digester project in St-Hyacinthe (City water treatment plant.


Satellite TV service providers

Residential direct sales:

 Cover the assigned territory: Montreal, North and South shores, the Abitibi region and New-Brunswick
 Approach potential customers either thru referrals or by cold call.


1. In less than 6 months, climb and remain in the ‘’top two’’ for Eastern Canada direct sales (out of 45
2. My monthly average in sales was always between 50-80 new customers, my record is 106 (the company
salesperson’s average is 23).


Company specializes in doing car rust proofing applications.

Eastern Canada business franchise sales:

 Cold call on businesses.

 Organize and operate information booths.
 Take care of every stage of sale: from prospecting, qualifying, to the actual sale of the franchise and after-sale
service to the customer.
 Train franchisee employees.
 Assist franchisee in local publicity.

1. My personal implication in creating and appearing in a training video (for Quebec only).
2. Having worked on national accounts like: The Canadian army, Hydro-Quebec and International Trucks
3. Having singlehandedly opened half of the Quebec franchises.

Aptitudes and character traits:

Honest, Self-reliant, Determined, Leadership, Well mannered, Good communication skills, Team spirited, Having
initiative, Self-learned (sponge), Logical and Creative (patent pending).

Education and training:

 Job supplied training on biological and thermal treatment technologies (offered by Kompogas, LIPP, NIOEX
and others) 2007-2009
 LEED CRD training-certification. 2008
 ROGER ST-HILAIRE sales courses 2007-2008
 TOPTECH: Kaizen-enhanced production certificate 2004
 KROWN Rust proofing- Franchise sales courses 2000
 DUN&BRADSTREET-customer service course 1996
 Bell Mobility sales course 1996
 DES-high school diploma 1984

References available upon request