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SpastPerfect Tense alllwnolall | |S: Past Continuous Tense satuall rota sip pl am ll Lia pi soca lee eb Hel gly Be had +Jeall Cll aaill| 1 g0 oasll Lia O95 he lal go dale wos Lia ul dia Athief seteced my room while I mele ale “Ge. ns lowe aide yal foo after ie | before aaa) My father came when we were eating . ae ale ISL US Ley sally el> which VI ya assoon as aM us rable Siexig while @olS @locull ols, [3] ALolall SS Thad washed before T prayed. «s\n Gato (38 85 |] They went home after they had finished their work, dsb usUI bled py wie Buel ol Lads 55 Ahmed had eaten the cake which he bought, heat slo 923 (sarin SI 9 yaiato As soon as they had bought a car, they drove to Makkah, 6 Future Continuous Tense paca tno!) Si SUL bal pala ga; ao sal We gal ia sy pe colal gst aw | -Ssiljating Judie 8 pio Qiste pad Ge jaa yoy Lia pias om oil lia us 7 (will + be + Jad + ing) Str PerectTeny pi l_} Tia als ga Sle yop lia ob co le 05 lpi 9 aigto gigta Ge ge putll gol lia p whicauall — [at wal ac by ghey fin gnc nd [phe a Salt nce he olalS go dale yagi Lia wb from. nto sJlugee all goo JS | after ay by bly at ae By 2.00 this afternoon, I will have finished my 1, By 7.30 tomorrow, I will be fiying to Cairo. work. 2. They will be waiting for you at § o'lock ‘At 10.00 toniaht, she will have written five letters. { es pul ela } slotbed J spi y polall 98 Jar Gir ys yas gail LAB pica I a> Bagge Ul CIV 9 all a9 aap Te iu il Elina! x oy Ce) isinespattacal)™ Ss pola 8 algo We > ye ul a sin 1 die olalS go tule esl lis ly has /have + been +t ing] Tue geil ides, =e ah ae hi als go sale gall Lia gle yet Vl we | ever wl gst | never tl recently as [already Lalu for ‘aa _jsince he 7 7 - 1, have lived in Riyadh forsix years. 1. Thave been studying English for six years. 2. Theve nok disked fin incet505. 2 She has been sleeping since 2 o'clock. 3. Ahmed has a/ready finished his homework. Present Perfect all Ejlaalls cual lll Nat ou Si el 4, She has witen thre letters justnow, + Maha started making cakes three hours ago. There are now ‘one hundred cakes on the table, 1955 cyilacell 048 yo Present Perfect Cortinuous Tense anual sll ¢Laall “ ‘ + She has been making cakes for three hours. Or aU allel est Present Perfect Tense sll! ¢,Laall + She has made 100 cakes.