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dm{fH$ [anmoQ> 2014-2015 ANNUAL REPORT 2014-2015
1. lOx 3
2. mai M LM fsM 15
3. DIRECTORS REPORT 2014-2015 16
mokl ucU-uqz u uzswh 17 CANARA BANK IN 2014-2015 21


lSzM qQs q mUuil 66
5. MmUO aullx mU lSzM qQs M UmO 94 GOVERNANCE 117

7. LMs ur uuUh AUDITORS REPORT 119

sZ mUM M UmO 119
isl m 123
sp u Wl Zi 124 BALANCE SHEET 125
isl m M Az ollus Alxcr 125 SCHEDULES FORMING PART OF THE
sp u Wl Zi M Az ollus Alxcr 133 PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT 133
sZ xok Ommhr 144 NOTES ON ACCOUNTS 144
xip 3 (oxs II) mMOl 198 PILLAR 3 (BASEL II) DISCLOSURES 198
xip 3 (oxs III) mMOl 238 PILLAR 3 (BASEL III) DISCLOSURES 238
8. xqMi ur uuUh
sZmUM M UmO 344
xqMi isl m 348
xqMi sp u Wl Zi 349
xqMi isl m M Az ollus Alxcr 351 CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEET 351
xqMi ur uuUh mU sZ xok Ommhr 372 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 372
10. lmaU (Qm) xu MlS M xc 391
11. Emxji mc xW muz mx 395 11. ATTENDANCE SLIP CUM ENTRY PASS 396
12. mYx Tq 397 12. PROXY FORM 398

LiU lOx Sr ei W M MlU oM M zrUkUM Notice is hereby given that the Thirteenth Annual General
M iUWu uwM xqlr oPM qasuU, 14 esD 2015 M Meeting of the Shareholders of Canara Bank will be held on
3.30 oe xpaW 1, lqWx, Muxl xOU, WxU ql UQ, Tuesday, the 14th July, 2015 at 3.30 P.M. at Auditorium-1,
WqoaQ laU, oas 560 029 q Arei M eLa,
Hombegowda Nagar, Bengaluru 560 029 , to transact the
exM Ezr lqlMi MUoU M xcsl MUl W: following business:
1. rj 31 qc 2015 M oM M sZmUi isl m, 31 qc 1. To discuss, approve and adopt the Audited Balance Sheet
2015 M xqmi uw M sp u Wl sZ mU, isl m u of the Bank as at 31st March 2015, Prot & Loss account
for the year ended 31st March 2015, the Report of the
sZ mU sZ ij sZmUM M UmO U muUi Auk
Board of Directors on the working and activities of the
M sL oM M Mr u rMsm M xok q lSzM
Bank for the period covered by the Accounts and the
qQs M UmO mU cc AlqSl u AaMi MUl | Auditors Report on the Balance Sheet and Accounts.
2. ur uw 2014 -15 M sL spz bwi MUl | 2. To declare dividend for the nancial year 2014-15.
3. To consider and if thought t, to pass with or without
3. lqlMi uzw xMsm mU ucU MUl AU rS Eci mr
modications the following special resolution:
ar i xzkl xWi r UWi Ex mUi MUl:
RESOLVED THAT pursuant to the provisions of the Banking
xMsm sr ei W M
x M oMa Mml (Emq M Ael Lu Companies (Acquisition and Transfer of Undertakings)
AiUh) Aklrq 1970 (Aklrq), UrMi oM (mokl Act, 1970 (Act), The Nationalised Banks (Management
AU uuk mukl) rel, 1970 (rel) AU MlU oM and Miscellaneous Provisions) Scheme, 1970 (Scheme)
and the Canara Bank (Shares and Meetings) Regulations,
(zrU Lu oPM) ulrqus 2000 M mukl M AlxUh
2000 as amended from time to time and subject to the
q ij pUir Ueu oM ("AUoAD"), pUi xUMU approvals, consents, permissions and sanctions, if any,
("eAAD"), pUir mipi ulqr oQ ("xo") AU/ of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the Government of
r Cx xok q Ami Alr Mx mkMUh M AlqSl, India (GOI), the Securities and Exchange Board of India
xWqi AU qeU M Akl Lu Lx AlqSl mSl MUl (SEBI), and/or any other authority as may be required
in this regard and subject to such terms, conditions and
M sL ElM U lkUi Lx zi AU El mU xzkl
modications thereto as may be prescribed by them in
M Akl AU elx oM M lSzM qQs xWqi W ij
granting such approvals and which may be agreed to
pUir Ueu oM, xo AU mxaM Alr xp mkMUh by the Board of Directors of the Bank and subject to the
U xqr xqr mU lkUi ulrq Aji xo (me laql regulations viz., SEBI (Issue of Capital and Disclosure
AU mMOMUh AmL) ulrqus, 2009 (AD x Q Requirements) Regulations, 2009 (ICDR Regulations) as
AU ulrqus)/SzlSz, rS MD W, M Akl oMa amended up to date, guidelines, if any, prescribed by
the RBI, SEBI, notications/circulars and clarications
ulrql Aklrq 1949, pUir mipi AU ulqr oQ
under the Banking Regulation Act, 1949, Securities and
Aklrq 1992 AU xp Alr sa lrq ij xp xo Exchange Board of India Act, 1992 and all other applicable
mkMU M Akl AkxclL / mUm AU xmMUh ij laws and all other relevant authorities from time to time
El xOM LYxce M xj Mr ar xcMUh MUU M and subject to the Listing Agreements entered into with
Akl, eW oM M DYuO zrU M xcMUh Mr ar W the Stock Exchanges where the equity shares of the Bank
, LiS U oM M zrUkUM M xWqi, oM M lSzM are listed, consent of the shareholders of the Bank be and
is hereby accorded to the Board of Directors of the Bank
qQs (ex rW CxM oS "lSzM qQs" MW eLa,
(hereinafter called the Board which shall be deemed
ex Apur q, Cx xMsm U mS AkMU xWi to include any Committee which the Board may have
Aml AkMU M mra MUl Wi oQ U aPi M ar constituted or hereafter constitute to exercise its powers

r Aa M elus MD xqi p zqs W) M S ei including the powers conferred by this Resolution) to
W M ( Czr M Lx Wxx M m/mixmk AkU mU create, offer, issue and allot (including with provision for
reservation on rm allotment and/or competitive basis
AU rj Alqi urr M hr M sL AUi MUl
of such part of issue and for such categories of persons
M mukl xWi) mxiu M Sxiue / lrqus Aju as may be permitted by the law then applicable) by
Lx Mx Alr Sxiue M eUL pUir Ueu oM U way of an offer document / prospectus or such other
lqi SzlSz M AlxU xii r zkr r Azkr, document, in India or abroad, such number of equity
shares and / or preference shares (whether cumulative or
Lx Akql zrU M mirM ua M, Cx mMU M Akql
not; convertible into equity shares or not) in accordance
zrU M mirM ua M eU ML el M xq M AU with the guidelines framed by RBI from time to time,
El zi Lu lokl elM Akl Akql zrU M mirM specifying the class of preference shares, the extent of
ua eU ML e xMi W ij / r Alr Alqi mipir issue of each class of such preference shares, whether
perpetual or redeemable, the terms & conditions subject
e DYuO q AiUh M sL xq W, `1500 MUQ iM to which each class of preference shares may be issued
(rj oQ r oQ M xqi U lkUilxU) e uiql and / or other permitted securities which are capable of
`515.20 MUQ M cMi DYuO zrU me M xj oMa being converted into equity or not, upto `1500 Crore (as
decided by the Board or Committee of the Board of the
Mml (Emq M AkaWh u AiUh ) Aklrq 1970 M
Bank) which together with the existing Paid-up Equity
kU 3 (2L) M AlxU oM M lkUi mkMi me xq share capital of `515.20 Crore will be within `3000 Crore,
3000 MUQ M piU Wa r Mx xzkl (rS MD W)
`3000 being the ceiling in the Authorised Capital of the Bank as
M AlxU mkMi me M xuki q iM ex puwr per section 3 (2A) of the Banking Companies (Acquisition
and Transfer of Undertakings) Act, 1970 or to the extent
q Cx mMU Aklrqi Mr e xMi W M MlS xUMU
of enhanced Authorised Capital as per the Amendment
M mx Wqz oM M cMi me 52% x Mq lW Wa, (if any ), that may be made to the Act in future, in such a
exq LM r AkM xSxr, oM M MqcUr, pUir way that the Central Government shall at all times hold
laUM, Alux pUir ("LlAUAD") Mmlr, le r not less than 52% of the paid-up Equity capital of the
Bank, whether at a discount or premium to the market
xuelM, luz xxjA, xxCOr, lrx, Alxkl
price, in one or more tranches, including to one or more
xaPl, AW xxjai ZUSU ("Yr AD o") ex oM, of the members, employees of the Bank, Indian nationals,
ur xxjL, pUir qrcrAs TQ, ucU MmOs TQ, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), Companies, private or
public, investment institutions, Societies, Trusts, Research
uSz ucU MmOs luzM, Uer AaM uMx laq,
organisations, Qualied Institutional Buyers (QIBs) like
oq Mmlr, puwr lkr, mlzl TQ, uMx ur Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs), Banks, Financial
xxjA, uSz xxjai luzM ("LTADAD") r Alr Institutions, Indian Mutual Funds, Venture Capital
CMCr, mkMUh Aju qeS ulrq / SzlSz M Funds, Foreign Venture Capital Investors, State Industrial
Development Corporations, Insurance Companies,
AlxU oM M DMuO zrU q luz MUl M sL mkMi
Provident Funds, Pension Funds, Development Financial
Mx Alr h M luzMiA r oM U Eci xqf aL Institutions or other entities, authorities or any other
iUM x Clq x Mx M qh W, oeU qsr mU o r category of investors which are authorized to invest in
mqrq xWi Wa'' | equity/preference shares/securities of the Bank as per
extant regulations/guidelines or any combination of the
above as may be deemed appropriate by the Bank.
Aa xMsm sr ei W M Lx Czr, mxiu r AoOl,
RESOLVED FURTHER THAT such issue, offer or allotment
AiU AoOl M uMsm xWi r UWi xuelM Czr,
shall be by way of Follow on public issue, rights issue,
xkMU Czr, MqcU xOM r rel, le msxqO / Private Placement / Qualied Institutional Placement
AWimmi xxjai xjll r pUi xUMU / pUir Ueu (QIP) or any other mode approved by GOI/RBI, with or

oM U AlqSi MD Alr mr M eUL Wa AU Lx without over-allotment option and that such offer, issue,
mxiu, Czr, msxqO AU AoOl, oMMU Mml (Emq placement and allotment be made as per the provisions
M Ael Lu AiUh) Aklrq 1970 M mukl, xo of the Banking Companies (Acquisition and Transfer of
Undertakings) Act, 1970, the SEBI (Issue of Capital and
(me laql AU mMOMUh AmL) ulrqus 2009
Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2009 (ICDR
(ADxQAU ulrqus) Lu pUir Ueu oM, xo r
Regulations) and all other guidelines issued by the RBI,
Alr Mx rj sa mkMUh U Lx xqr mU AU Lx SEBI and any other authority as applicable, and at such
iUM AU Lx zi mU Mr eL e lSzM qQs Aml time or times in such manner and on such terms and
mU uuMkMU M iWi Eci xqf | conditions as the Board may, in its absolute discretion,
think t.
Aa xMsm sr ei W M eW AuzrM W sQ mokM RESOLVED FURTHER THAT Board shall have the authority
AU / r WqSU AU Alr xsWMU x mUqz MUl M oS to decide, at such price or prices in such manner and
r oQ M Lx zi u lokl M AlxU AD x Q AU where necessary, in consultation with the lead managers
ulrqus, Alr lrqus M zi M AlxU AU Alr and /or underwriters and /or other advisors or otherwise
on such terms and conditions as the Board may, in its
xp sa lrq ulrqus AU SzlSz M Akl Lx
absolute discretion, decide in terms of ICDR Regulations,
luzM e oM M uql xSxr W r l W M sL Aml
other regulations and any and all other applicable laws,
xmh uuM x qsr lkUi MUl M oU q lhr sl M rules, regulations and guidelines, whether or not such
AkMU oQ r Cx Ezr M sL aPi oQ M xqi M investor(s) are existing members of the Bank, at a price
Wa e AD x Q AU lrqus M xo mukl M not less than the price as determined in accordance with
AlxU lkUi qsr x Mq qsr l W |'' relevant provisions of ICDR Regulations.
RESOLVED FURTHER THAT in accordance with the
Aa xMsm sr ei W M iixok xOM LYxce
provisions of the Listing Agreements entered into with
M xj ML aL xcMUh M xqfi M mukl M relevant stock exchanges, the provisions of Banking
AlxU, oMa Mml (Emq M Ael Lu AiUh) Companies (Acquisition and Transfer of Undertakings)
Aklrq 1970, MlU oM (zrU AU oPM) ulrqus Act, 1970, the provisions of the Canara Bank (Shares
2000 M mukl, AD x Q AU lrqus M mukl, and Meetings) Regulations, 2000, the provisions of ICDR
uSz qS mokl Aklrq 1999 M mukl u uSz qS Regulations, the provisions of the Foreign Exchange
Management Act, 1999 and the Foreign Exchange
mokl (pUi M oWU lux MUl us ur U mipi M
Management (Transfer or Issue of Security by a Person
AiUh r laq) ulrqus 2000 M mukl ij pUir Resident Outside India) Regulations, 2000, and subject
mipi Lu ulqr oQ (xo), xOM LYxce, pUir to requisite approvals, consents, permissions and/
Ueu oM (AU.o.AD ), uSz luz xukl oQ (LT AD or sanctions of Securities and Exchange Board of
m o), AaM li Lu xukl upa, uher qsr India (SEBI), Stock Exchanges, Reserve Bank of India
(Q AD m m) Lu Cx xok q Ami Alr xp mkMU (RBI), Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB),
Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry
(elW CxM oS x xqWM m x "xqci mkMU"
of Commerce (DIPP) and all other authorities as may
MW eLa ) M Ami AlqSl, xWqi, Alqi AU r/
be required (hereinafter collectively referred to as the
qeUr M Akl Lu Clq x Mx M p U Mx p Lx Appropriate Authorities) and subject to such conditions
AlqSl, xWqi, Alqi AU / r qeU (ex CxM oS as may be prescribed by any of them while granting any
"Ami AlqSl" MW eLa) AS mSl MUi xqr Clq such approval, consent, permission, and/or sanction
x Mx M p U Cx mMU M lkUi zi M Akl (hereinafter referred to as the requisite approvals) the
oQ Aml xmh uuMkMU M iWi LM r AkM Az Board, may at its absolute discretion, issue, offer and
allot, from time to time in one or more tranches, equity
q, xqr-xqr mU Akm M NQMU DYuO zrU r Alr
shares or any securities other than warrants, which are
mipir e oS M ij q DYuO zrU q mUuilr convertible into or exchangeable with equity shares at a

r CxM xj ulqr rar W, Cx mMU eU, mxii r later date, in such a way that the Central Government at
AoOi MU xMi W M m xxjai lrel M AlxUh any time holds not less than 52% of the Equity Capital
q ex M AD x Q AU ulrqus M Akrr VIII M of the Bank, to Qualied Institutional Buyers (QIBs) (as
iWi uruxj W, xjl lrel Sxiue AU / r Alr Mx dened in the ICDR Regulations) pursuant to a qualied
Sxiue/msZ/mUm/ml M qkrq x AU Cx iUM institutional placement (QIP), as provided for under
x AU Cx mMU qsr, zi AU lokl ex M Ex xqr Chapter VIII of the ICDR Regulations, through a placement
mU mcsi AD x Q AU ulrqus r Mll M MlW document and / or such other documents / writings /
mukl M AlxU lkUi Mr ar W, m xxjai circulars / memoranda and in such manner and on such
price, terms and conditions as may be determined by the
ZUSU (Yr AD o) (ex M AD x Q AU ulrqus
Board in accordance with the ICDR Regulations or other
q mUpwi W) M isl q MS xUMU Mx p xqr oM
provisions of the law as may be prevailing at that time
M DYuO me M 52% x Mq kUi l MUi W |''

Aa xMsm sr ei W M m xxjai xjl lrel RESOLVED FURTHER THAT in case of a qualied

M qqs q, AD x Q AU ulrqus M Akrr VIII M institutional placement pursuant to Chapter VIII of the
AlxUh q ICDR Regulations

M. m xxjai ZUSU M W mipir M AoOl Wa e a) the allotment of Securities shall only be to Qualied
Institutional Buyers within the meaning of Chapter
AD x Q AU ulrqus M Akrr VIII M Azr M
VIII of the ICDR Regulations, such Securities shall be
SrU q Wa AU Cx mMU M mipir mhimS Wa
fully paid-up and the allotment of such Securities shall
AU Cx xMsm M ij x 12 qW M piU Cx mMU M be completed within 12 months from the date of this
mipir M AoOl mU MU sr eLa | resolution.
Z. oM AD x Q AU ulrqus M ulrq 85(1) b) The Bank is, in pursuant to proviso to Regulation
M mukl M AlxU AkU qsr x Mq qsr mU, e 85(1) of ICDR Regulations, authorized to offer shares
mc mizi x Mq l W, mU zrU AoOi MUl M sL at a discount of not more than ve percent on the
oor price.
mkMi W |
c) the relevant date for the determination of the oor price
a. AD x Q AU ulrqus M AlxU mipir M AkUi of the securities shall be in accordance with the ICDR
qsr lkUh M xoki ij Wa | Regulations.
Aa xMsm sr ei W M Aml AlqSl, xWqi, RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the Board shall have the
Alqi Lu qeU mSl MUi xqr AU lSzM qQs U authority and power to accept any modication in the
xWqi WL AlxU, pUi xUMU/ pUir Ueu oM / xo / proposal as may be required or imposed by the GOI/
RBI/SEBI/Stock Exchanges where the shares of the Bank
xOM LYxce eW oM M zrU xco W r Alr xqci
are listed or such other appropriate authorities at the
mkMUh U mxiu q Ami r saL aL Mx xzkl time of according / granting their approvals, consents,
M xuMU MUl M lSzM qQs M mkMU Wa | permissions and sanctions to issue, allotment and listing
thereof and as agreed to by the Board.
Aa xMsm sr ei W M Alux pUir / uSz
luzM urr AU r Alr m uSz luzM M lL RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the issue and allotment of
DYuO zrU / Akqlr zrU / mipir M eU AU new equity shares/preference shares/securities if any,
AoOi MUl, rS MD W, uSz qS mokl Aklrq to NRIs, FIIs and/or other eligible foreign investors be
subject to the approval of the RBI under the Foreign
1999 M iWi pUir Ueu oM M AlqSl M Akl Wa
Exchange Management Act, 1999 as may be applicable
e Aklrq M iWi lkUi xqa xq M ASU Wa |
but within the overall limits set forth under the Act.
Aa xMsm sr ei W M eU Mr elus E
Aa RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the said new equity shares to
lL DYuO zrU rj xzki MlU oM (zrU Lu oPM) be issued shall be subject to the Canara Bank (Shares and
ulrqus 2000 M Akl eU Mr eLa AU r oM Meetings) Regulations, 2000, as amended, and shall rank

M qeS DYuO zrU M xj xp Sr x xql Wa in all respects pari passu with the existing equity shares
AU bwh M xqr mcsi xukM SzlSz M AlxU of the Bank and shall be entitled to dividend declared, if
bwi Mr elus Mx p spz M sL m Wa |'' any, in accordance with the statutory guidelines that are
in force at the time of such declaration.
Aa xMsm sr ei W M Mx laq M mpu oll M RESOLVED FURTHER THAT for the purpose of giving effect
sL r CYuO zrU /Akql zrU /mipir M AuOi to any issue or allotment of equity shares/preference
MUl M sL xuelM mxiu M zi lkUi MUl Wi shares/securities, the Board be and is hereby authorized
exq luzM M ua elW mipir AuOi M el W, to determine the terms of the public offer, including
the class of investors to whom the securities are to be
mirM Zs q AoOi ML el us zrU /mipir,
allotted, the number of shares/securities to be allotted
laq qsr, laq mU Mxi M Uz elW oQ Aml mh in each tranche, issue price, premium amount on issue
uuMkMU M iWi Eci xqf Lu Cx mMU M Mr, as the Board in its absolute discretion deems t and do
qqs AU ce AU Lx usZ, Sxiue u MUU lwmSi all such acts, deeds, matters and things and execute such
MUl ex u Aml mh uuMkMU M iWi AuzrM, Eci deeds, documents and agreements, as they may, in its
absolute discretion, deem necessary, proper or desirable,
r uNi xqf ij xuelM mxiu, laq,AoOl AU
and to settle or give instructions or directions for settling
laq x mmi Ar M Emra M xok q Mx mMU M any questions, difculties or doubts that may arise in
xus, MPlD r xSW e Eim Wi W AU Lx Azkl, regard to the public offer, issue, allotment and utilization
oSsu, piA, mUuil, Amqel, xukl, xok zi of the issue proceeds, and to accept and to give effect
M mpu oll M sL e M uW Aml mh uuMkMU M to such modications, changes, variations, alterations,
deletions, additions as regards the terms and conditions,
Akl xukM Wi q Emr AU xqci xqf, xSxr
as it may, in its absolute discretion, deem t and proper
x Aa ol Alr Mx AlqSl M Am M Cx xMsm in the best interest of the Bank, without requiring any
M U oM AU oQ M mS xp r Mx z M mra further approval of the members and that all or any of
oQ U Mr e xMi W | the powers conferred on the Bank and the Board vide
this resolution may be exercised by the Board.
Aa xMsm sr ei W M oQ M Mx p sQ
RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the Board be and is
mokM/oMU/ WqSU/ lmaU Lu Cx mMU M hereby authorized to enter into and execute all such
xp Lelxr x e Cx mMU M CYuO/Akql zrU/ arrangements with any Book Runner(s), Lead Manager(s),
mipir M mxiu q zqs r xoki W, M xj Cx Banker(s), Underwriter(s), Depository(ies), Registrar(s),
mMU M xqfi MUl Lu CxM mh lwmSl M ij Cx Auditor(s) and all such agencies as may be involved or
concerned in such offering of equity / preference shares/
mMU M xp xxjA Lu Lexr M Mqzl, Sss,
securities and to remunerate all such institutions and
zsM r Alr Lx U mUqM Sl ij Lx Lexr M agencies by way of commission, brokerage, fees or the like
xj Lx xp MUU, ml, Sxiue AS lwmSi MUl M and also to enter into and execute all such arrangements,
sL LiS U mkMi Mr ei W | agreements, memoranda, documents, etc., with such
Aa xMsm sr ei W M Emr M mpu oll M
RESOLVED FURTHER THAT for the purpose of giving effect
sL lSzM qQs M, oM U lr sQ mokM, WqSU, to the above, the Board, in consultation with the Lead
xsWMU AU/r Alr urr M xj mUqz MUM, el Managers, Underwriters, Advisors and/or other persons
luzM M zrU AoOi Mr el W ElM ua, mirM as appointed by the Bank, be and is hereby authorized to
Zs q AoOi Mr elus zrU, laq qsr (rS determine the form and terms of the issue(s), including
the class of investors to whom the shares/securities are
MD W i, mqrq xWi), AMi qsr, laq mU Mxi
to be allotted, number of shares/securities to be allotted
M Uz/mipir M miUh/Akm M mra/mipir in each tranche, issue price (including premium, if any),
M zkl, ore M SU, zkl Auk, DYuO zrU/Akql face value, premium amount on issue/conversion of
zrU r mipir M miUh r zkl r lUxl M oS Securities/exercise of warrants/redemption of Securities,

Alr mipir, laq M qsr, Mxi r o/mipir M rate of interest, redemption period, number of equity
miUh, ore M SU, miUh M Auk, UMQ iUZ r shares/preference shares or other securities upon
oW xqml ij xoki qqs, pUi q LM r AlM xOM conversion or redemption or cancellation of the Securities,
mU o, UMQ iUZ r oW xqml ij xoki qqs, the price, premium or discount on issue/conversion of
pUi q LM r AlM xOM LYxce q xcMUh xWi Securities, rate of interest, period of conversion, xing
lSzM qQs Aml mh uuMkMU M iWi ex Eci of record date or book closure and related or incidental
matters, listings on one or more stock exchanges in India
xqf, Czr M xum Lu zi M lkUi MUl M sL
and/or abroad, as the Board in its absolute discretion
LiS U mkMi Mr ei W |
deems t.
Aa xMsm sr ei W M ApSl l ML aL Lx zrU/ RESOLVED FURTHER THAT such of these shares /
mipir M, lSzM qQs U Aml xmh uuMkMU M securities as are not subscribed may be disposed off by
Akl Lx iUM x lmOl Mr eLa, e uW Eci xqf the Board in its absolute discretion in such manner, as
AU uk U Alqi W | the Board may deem t and as permissible by law.

Aa xMsm sr ei W M Cx xMsm M mpu oll M

Aa RESOLVED FURTHER THAT for the purpose of giving
sL lSzM qQs M Lx xp Mr, qqs AU ce MUl, effect to this Resolution, the Board be and is hereby
authorised to do all such acts, deeds, matters and things
elW u AuzrM, Eci Lu uNlr xqf AU DYuO
as it may in its absolute discretion deems necessary,
zrU/mipir M eU MUl M xok q Eim Wlus
proper and desirable and to settle any question, difculty
Mx p mzl, M r zM M xqkl MUl M sL W
or doubt that may arise in regard to the issue of the
AU Aa Lx xp Mr, qqs AU ce MUl ij Lx shares/securities and further to do all such acts, deeds,
xp msZ Lu sZi M Aiq m Sl AU lwmSi MUl matters and things, nalise and execute all documents
M sL mkMi Mr ei W, e zrUkUM M AiU and writings as may be necessary, desirable or expedient
xWqi Aju AlqSl qa oaU ElM uuMkMU M iWi as it may in its absolute discretion deem t, proper or
eU, uNi Lu Alur xqf Aju Cx Azr x ElM desirable without being required to seek any further
mkMi Mr ei W M Cx xMsm M mkMU U xm consent or approval of the shareholders or authorise
m x Apur AlxU zrUkUM l Aml AlqSl S Sr to the end and intent, that the shareholders shall be
W, Lx ql eLa | deemed to have given their approval thereto expressly by
the authority of the Resolution.
Aa xMsm sr ei W M lSzM qQs M, E
RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the Board be and is hereby
xMsm M mpu oll M sL CxM eUL Sr ar xp
authorized to delegate all or any of the powers herein
r Mx p AkMU M oM M Akr r mok lSzM
conferred to the Chairman or to the Managing Director
u qZr MrMU AkMU Aju MrmsM lSzM/M &CEO or to the Executive Director/(s) or to Committee
r lSzM M xqi r Lx Alr AkMU/(Ur) M of Directors or such other ofcer(s) to give effect to the
mirrei MUl M sL LiS U mkMi Mr ei W | aforesaid Resolutions.
By Order of the Board of Directors
lSzM qQs M ASz U


(mok lSzM u qZr MrMU AkMU-AiU mpU) (Additional Charge as MD & CEO)

xjl : oas Place : Bengaluru

SlM : 01-06-2015 Date : 01-06-2015


mS me eOl AU lSzM M clu M xok q lOx The Explanatory Statement setting out the material
facts in respect of Item No. 3 of the Notice regarding
M qS xZr 3 M oU q uxiuM ijr M Szlus
Raising of Paid up Capital is annexed below.
urZriqM uur lc Sr ar W |
2. mYx M lr :
The Proxy Form in order to be effective must be
M zrUkUM Wl AuzrM lW W | mYx Tq M mpu
lodged at the Head Ofce of the Bank, at least Four
Wl M sL Ex uwM Aq oPM M iUZ M xqmi x
days before the date of the Annual General Meeting
Mq x Mq 4 Sl mWs Aji auU, 09 esD 2015 M
i.e. on or before the closing hours of the Bank on
r Exx mWs oM M mkl Mrsr q eq / Se Mr Thursday, the 09th July, 2015.
eL |
3. mkMi milk M lr : No person shall be entitled to attend or vote at
oM M zrUkUM Mml r Alr Mx p MmUO lMr the meeting as a duly authorized representative
of a company or any other Body Corporate which
M ukui mkMi milk M m q oPM q pa sl u
is a shareholder of the Bank, unless a copy of the
qi Sl M AkMU Mx ur M Mus ip Wa eo Ex
Resolution appointing him/her as a duly authorized
ukui m x mkMi milk M m q lr MUlus representative, certied to be true copy by the
xMsm M mi, ex oPM q u xMsm mUi Mr ar j Chairman of the meeting at which it was passed,
ExM Akr U mqhMi xir mism M m q, oPM shall have been deposited at the Head Ofce of the
M iUZ x Mq x Mq cU Sl mWs Aji auU, 09 Bank at least four days before the date of the Annual
esD, 2015 M r uW Sl xqmi Wl x mWs oM M General Meeting, i.e. on or before the closing hours
mkl Mrsr q eq MUl Wa | of the Bank on Thursday, the 09th July, 2015.
4. meMUh :
In order to facilitate the shareholders attending
oPM q pa s UW zrUkUM M xuk M sL meMUh the meeting, Registration process will commence
mMr oPM xjl q SlM 14 esD 2015 M AmU from 2.30 p.m. on Tuesday, the 14th July, 2015. at the
02.30 oe x z Wa | zrUkUM x AlUk W M venue. Shareholders are requested to be present
meMUh AmcUMiL mU MUl M sL oPM q xqr x for the meeting well in advance, to complete the
mu Emxji UW | Registration formalities.
5. Emxji mc :
For the convenience of the shareholders, attendance
zrUkUM M xuk M sL Emxji mc - xW slip-cum-entry pass is annexed to this notice.
mu mx M Cx lOx M xj xsal Mr ar Shareholders / Proxy Holders / Authorised
W | zrUkUM / mYxkUM / mkMi milkr x Representatives are requested to ll in, afx their

AlUk W M u Cx pU u Exq Emsok MUL aL xjl signatures at the space provided therein, and
mU Aml WxiU MU u Ex EmU xjl mU mxii surrender the same at the venue. Proxy/Authorised
MU | zrUkUM M mYx / mkMi milk "mYx" Representative of a shareholder should state
r "mkMi milk" ex p qqs W ExM EssZ on the attendance slip as Proxy or Authorised
Representative as the case may be. Shareholders
Emxji mc q MU | zrUkUM / mYxkUM / mkMi
/ Proxy holders / Authorised Representatives may
milk lO MU M oPM q muz, eW AuzrM W,
note that the admission to the meeting will be
xirml / ec M Akl Wa AU ElW xcl S ei W subject to verication / checks, as may be deemed
M u Aml xj mWcl M qlr xoi sL qxsl - qiSi necessary and they are advised to carry valid proof of
mWcl MQ / lr mWcl MQ / ml MQ / mxmO identity viz., Voters ID Card / Employer Identity Card
/ QCua sCxx AS | oPM xjl q muz M Alqi / Pan Card / Passport / Driving license etc. Entry to
Mus Emxji uk mc - xW - mu mx M AkU mU the venue will be permitted only on the basis of valid
Attendance Slip-cum-Entry Pass.
S era |
6. zrU AiUhMi LeO M xj xmM :

piM m q zrU M kUh MUl us zrUkUM x Shareholders holding shares in physical form are
AlUk W M rS ElM meMi mi q MD mUuil W i requested to intimate changes, if any, in their
u ExM xcl oM M zrU AiUhMi LeO M lqlMi Registered Addresses, to the Share Transfer Agents of
mi mU S | the Bank at the following address:

Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd

Mu MmrOUzrU mCuO sqOQ
Unit : Canara Bank
rlO : MlU oM
Karvy Selenium Tower B, Plot No. 31-32
Mu xslrq OuU o, msO xZr 31-32, Gachibowli, Financial District, Nanakramguda
acous, llMUqaQ ur es, HYDERABAD 500 032
WSUoS- 500 032
Further, the shareholders are advised to inform/
Aa, zrUkUM M xci Mr ei W M u Aml D-qs register their e-mail IDs either to the Share Transfer
Agents (at the above address) or to the Bank at
mi zrU AiUhMi LeO (Emr mi mU) r oM M
hosecretarial@canarabank.com mU xci / meMi MU |
Shareholders holding shares in dematerialised form
upiM m q zrU M kUh MUl us zrUkUM x are requested to intimate the aforesaid changes /
AlUk W M Mus Aml lmaU mipar M Emr e-mail IDs only to their depository participants.
mUuil xci MU |
7. oWr M oS MUl : The Register of shareholders and the share transfer
books of the Bank will remain closed from Saturday,
oM M zrUkUM M UexOU ij zrU AiUh oWr M uwM
the 27th June, 2015 to the Tuesday, the 14th July, 2015
xqlr oPM ij oM U bwi clu q pa sl Lu spz (both days inclusive) in connection with the Annual
M mmi M WMSU zrUkUM M lkUh MUl Wi zluU, General Meeting and for the purpose of ascertaining
27 el 2015 x 14 esD 2015, qasuU iM (Sl Sl shareholders entitled to receive the dividend,
xWi ) oS UZ eLa | declared by the Bank.

8. spz M pail

The Board has recommended a Dividend of ` 10.50

oQ l uw 2014-15 M sL `10.50 mi CYuO zrU
per equity share (105%) for the year 2014-15.It has
(105%) M spz M Alzx M W | El zrUkUM
been decided to pay the dividend to the Shareholders
M spz M pail MUl M lhr sr ar W elM whose names appear on the Register of Shareholders
lq zrUkUM M UexOU r rj zuU, 26 el 2015 / Benecial owners as furnished by NSDL/CDSL as
(ApsZ ij) M LlLxQLs / xQLxLs U mxi on Friday, the 26th June, 2015 (Record Date) and the
mxii spj xuq UexOU q W AU Ex uwM Aq oPM Dividend Warrants shall be dispatched/ Dividend
amount credited within 30 days from the date of the
M iUZ x 30 Sl M piU pe/ spz Uz M eq
Annual General Meeting.
Mr eLa |
9. Tsr M xqMl:
The shareholders who are holding shares in identical
El zrUkUM x, e lq M xqm q q LM x AkM order of names in more than one account are
requested to intimate M/s Karvy Computershare
Zi q zrU UZi W, AlUk W M qxx Mu MmrOUzrU
Pvt. Ltd, the ledger folio of such accounts together
mCuO sqOQ M El Zi M Zi oW M oU q
with the share certicates to enable the Bank to
xci MU, xj q zrU mqhm p S iM oM U xp consolidate all the holdings into one account. The
kUh M LM Zi q xqMl Mr e xM| AuzrM mMl share certicates will be returned to the Shareholders
MUl M oS xSxr M rjxqr zrU mqhm umx ML after making necessary endorsement in due course.

10. ASu spz, rS MD W i The shareholders who have not encashed their
Dividend Warrants / received dividend of previous
el zrUkUM l Aml spz uUO M lMSMUh periods ie., for the years from 2007-08 to 2013-14
lW Mr W / mNs Aukr rl uw 2007-08 x (Final), are requested to contact the Share Transfer
2013-14 (Aiq) M spz mmi lW Mr W Elx AlUk Agent of the Bank for revalidation / issue of duplicate
W M u mlqsrMl / Q msMO spz uUO eU MUl M dividend warrants.
xok q oM M zrU AiUh LeO x xmM MU | The Bank has posted the details of the Unclaimed
/ Unpaid Dividend Warrants on its site ie., www.
oM l zrU AiUhMi LeO / r oM M xj hosecretarial@ canarabank.com to enable the shareholders to claim
canarabank.com q Su MUl Wi zrUkUM M xq by contacting with the Share Transfer Agent / or with
oll M sL ASu / AmS spz uUO xok uuUh the Bank at hosecretarial@canarabank.com.
ClM uoxCO www.canarabank.com q mxO Mr W |
As per Section 10B of the Banking Companies
(Acquisitions and Transfer of Undertakings) Act,
oMa Mml (Emq M Ael Lu AiUh) Aklrq, 1970
1970, the amount of dividend remaining unpaid or
q Aiu kU 10o M AlxU xi xs x pail l Mr
unclaimed for a period of seven years is required to be
ar r Su l Mr ar spz M UMq M Mml Aklrq, transferred to the Investor Education and Protection
1956/2013 M kU 205x/125 M Aiai xjmi luzM Fund (IEPF) established by the Central Govt. under
z Lu xUh lk (ADDmLT) q xjliUi Mr el section 205C/125 of the Companies Act, 1956/2013.
cWL| oM uw 2007-08 x Su l ML aL / AmS The Bank is in the process of transferring the
spz M SlM 18 esD 2015 iM AiUh MUl M Unclaimed / Unpaid Dividend amount for the year
mr q W | 2007-08 to the said fund on 18th July, 2015.

11. uwM Um

zrUkUM / milkiukUM / mkMi milkr x AlUk Shareholders / Proxy holders / Authorized

W M u uwM Aq oPM q Ai xqr uwM UmO M Representatives are requested to bring their copies
of the Annual Report to the Annual General Meeting.
Aml mir s AL | Mmr lO MU M uwM UmO
Please note that the full copy of the Annual Report
M mh mi oM M uoxCO (www.canarabank.com) is uploaded on the website of the Bank (www.
mU AmsQ M aD W | zUrkUM ExM mPlr xxMUh canarabank.com). Shareholders may download the
uoxCO x QElsQ MU xMi W | readable version of the same from the website.


oMa Mml (Emq M Ael Lu AiUh) Aklrq 1970 In terms of the provisions of Section 3 (2E) of The
Banking Companies (Acquisition and Transfer of
M kU 3(2D) M mukl M AlxU, oM M Mx p
Undertakings) Act, 1970 , no shareholder of the Bank,
zrUkUM, xur MS xUMU M, Aml mx xji oM M other than the Central Government shall be entitled
xqa zrUkUM M Ms qiSl AkMU M Sx mizi x to exercise voting rights in respect of any shares held
AkM zrU M xok q qiSl AkMU M mra lW MU by him / her in excess of ten per cent of the total
xMi W | voting rights of all the shareholders of the Bank.

13. D-uOa : 13. e-VOTING:

The Bank is pleased to provide e-Voting facility to the

oM M mxi W M uW oM M zrUkUM M lOx
shareholders of the Bank to enable them to cast their
q SL aL qS mU Aml qiSl CsYOlM m x MUl votes electronically on the items mentioned in the
q xq oll M sL D-uOa xuk Emsok MU UW notice. A separate communication / Notice is being
W | D-uOa M qkrq x qiSl MUl M xok q xp sent to all the shareholders to enable them to cast
zrUkUM M LM Asa xxcl/lOx pe e UW W | their votes through e-Voting.

14. oPM q qiSl : 14. POLL AT THE MEETING:

After all the agenda items have been discussed,

Mrxc M xp qS mU cc Wl M oS Akr xp qS
the Chairman will order Poll in respect of all the
M sL qiSl MUl M ASz Sa | Cx Ezr M sL lr items. Poll will be conducted and supervised under
ML aL ecMiA U qiSl M Arel u mruh Scrutinizers to be appointed for the purpose. After
Mr eLa | qiSl M lie M oS Akr oPM M conclusion of the Poll, the Chairman may declare the
xqmi bwi MUa | D-uOa M lie M xj qiSl M meeting as closed. The Results of the Poll aggregated
with the Results of e-Voting will be announced by the
lie M bwh oM U ExM uoxCO mU M eLa ij
Bank on its Website and also informed to the Stock
xOM LYxce M p xci Mr eLa |

1. oM M cs CYuO me `515.20 MUQ W ij rj 31 1. The current Equity Capital of the Bank is `515.20
qc 2015 M oM M me mrmii Almi 10.56% W Crore and the Capital Adequacy Ratio of the Bank as
on March 31, 2015 is 10.56 %, which is well above the
AU pUir Ueu oM U lkUi 9% M isl q MT
9% stipulated by the Reserve Bank of India. However,
AcN W | ijm uxiU MUl M oM M MN relA AU
in view of certain expansion plans of the Bank, the
oxs III qlSQ M Mrlurl AU mUhqxum me mpU implementation of BASEL III norms and consequent
M AsM q me mrmii Almi M AU p oRl M capital charge, there is a need to increase the capital
eUi W | to further strengthen the Capital Adequacy Ratio.

2. Alqli u M AkU mU WqU lSzM l me oR l AU 2. Based on the growth estimates your Directors have
oM M xqlr MUoU Ezr M sL me M Cxiqs ML decided to raise capital and the enhanced capital will
be utilized for the general business purposes of the
el M lhr sr W |
3. oMa Mml (Emq M Ael Lu AiUh) Aklrq 1970 3. The Bank in terms of Section 3(2B)(c) of the Banking
M kU 3 (2o) (x) M AlxU cMi me oRl M sL Companies (Acquisition and Transfer of Undertaking)
pUi xUMU, u qsr, pUir Ueu oM x Ami Act, 1970, will obtain requisite approval of
Government of India, Ministry of Finance and Reserve
mulql mmi MUa | Bank of India for increasing the paid up capital of the
4. xcMUh MUUlq M kU 23 M Em kU (M) q mukl
W M oM U Aa eo Mp MD mxiu r laq Mr 4. Sub-Clause (a) of Clause 23 of Listing Agreement
provides that whenever any further issue or offer is
ei W, rS zrUkUM xqlr oPM q Alrj lhr l s,
being made by the Bank, the existing shareholders
Ex rjlmi qeS zrUkUM M Emsok MUr eL | E should be offered the same on pro rata basis unless
xMsm rS mUi W ei W i oM M AU x lSzM qQs the shareholders in the general meeting decide
M qeS zrUkUM M rjlmi AkU mU laq M Asu otherwise. The said resolution, if passed, shall have
the effect of allowing the Board on behalf of the Bank
p mipi eU AU AoOi MUl Sr eLa |
to issue and allot the securities otherwise than on
pro-rata basis to the existing shareholders.
5. rW xMsm, xuelM laq, xkMU laq, MqcU xOM
r rel (DLxmLx) r pUi xUMU / pUir Ueu oM 5. The Resolution seeks to enable the Bank to create,
offer, issue and allot equity shares/preference shares/
U AlqSi MD Alr mr U DYuO zrU / Akql
securities by way of Follow on Public offer, Rights
zrU / mipir mSl MUl, eU MUl Lu AoOi MUl Issue, or any other mode approved by GOI/RBI. The
M sL oM M xqj olLa | Czr M Aaq Uz x oM issue proceeds will enable the Bank to strengthen its
xqr xqr mU pUir Ueu oM U ulS AlxU me Capital Adequacy Requirements as specied by RBI
mrmii xok Aml AmA M mU MU mLa | from time to time.
6. The Resolution further seeks to empower the Board
6. rW xMsm, AD x Q AU ulrqus q mUpwi AlxU of Directors to undertake a qualied institutional
AW xxjai ZUSU M rW AW xxjai msxqlO MUl placement with qualied institutional buyers as
M sL lSzM qQs M AkMU Si W | lSzM qQs dened by ICDR Regulations. The Board of Directors
may in their discretion adopt this mechanism as
Aml uuMkMU M Akl zrUkUM x lr AlqSl mmi
prescribed under Chapter VIII of the ICDR Regulations
Mr oaU oM M sL lkr eOl Wi AD x Q AU for raising funds for the Bank, without seeking fresh
ulrqus M Akrr VIII q lkUi i M p Aml approval from the shareholders.
xMi W | In case of a QIP issue in terms of Chapter VIII of
ICDR Regulations, issue of securities, on QIP basis,
AD x Q AU ulrq M Akrr VIII M AlxU Yr can be made at a price not less than the average
AD m AkU mU mipir M laql "xo ij" M of the weekly high and low of the closing prices of
muui S Wni M SUl xOM LYxce q ESki zWU M the shares quoted on a stock exchange during the
xmiWM E AU lql Axi SU x Mq lW Wl us SU two weeks preceding the Relevant Date. Relevant
Date shall mean the date of the meeting in which
mU Mr e xMi W | "xo ij" x iimr m A AD the Board or Committee of the Bank decides to open
m laq mU oQ r xqi M oPM Arei ij Wa | the QIP Issue.

7. AW xxjai ZUSU ("Yr AD o") M xj AW xxjai 7. The approval of the General Body at the 12th Annual
General Meeting of the bank for raising capital
lreM (YrADm) xWi up uMsm M iWi me under various options including QIPs with QIBs was
eOl M sL oM M 12u uwM xqlr oPM q xqlr obtained. As per the guidelines, the validity of the
xp M AlqSl mmi Mr ar | SzlSz M AlxU Lx resolutions is restricted to one year for such QIPs.

AW xxjai lreM (YrADm) M sL xMsm M uki Keeping in view the future requirements (as denoted
LM uw iM xqi UWa | pu AuzrMiA M qleU in para 1 above), the approval of the General Body is
(E mU 1 q uhilxU), xqlr oPM M AlqSl SoU sought once again.
qa ei W | 8. The detailed terms and conditions for the offer will be
determined in consultation with the Advisors, Lead
8. mxiu M uxii zi M xsWMU, sQ mokM AU Managers and Underwriters and such other authority
WqSU Lu Lx Ami Alr mkMU Aju mkMUr or authorities as may be required, considering the
M xj mUqz MUM oeU M mcsi xji Lu prevailing market conditions and other regulatory
Alr ulrqM AmA mU ucU MUi WL lkUi Mr requirements.
eLa |
9. As the pricing of the offering cannot be decided
9. cM mxiu M qsrlkUh oS q Mp p Mr e xMi except at a later stage, it is not possible to state
the price of shares to be issued. However, the
W, eU Mr elus zrU M qsr oil xpu lW
same would be in accordance with the provisions
W | Mi uW, xqr-xqr mU rj xzki AD x Q of the ICDR Regulations, the Banking Companies
AU ulrqus, oMa Mml (Emq M Ael u AiUh) (Acquisition and Transfer of Undertakings) Act,
Aklrq 1970 AU MlU oM (zrU Lu oPM) ulrqus 1970 and the Canara Bank (Shares and Meetings)
2000 Aju Alr Mx SzlSz / ulrq / xWqi M Regulations, 2000 as amended from time to time or
mukl M AlxU Wa eM sa W Aju Ami W | any other guidelines/regulations/consents as may be
applicable or required.
10. E MUh x, Czr M zi M Aiq m Sl M sL
10. For reasons aforesaid, an enabling resolution is
lSzM qQs M mrmi scsml Lu lhrkMU mSl
therefore proposed to be passed to give adequate
MUl M sL xqj oll Wi LM xMsm mUi MUl M exibility and discretion to the Board to nalise the
mxiu Mr ei W | terms of the issue.
11.eU Mr ar DYuO zrU xp Sr x oM M qeS 11. The equity shares allotted, shall rank pari passu in all
DYuO zrU M xqisr Wa| respects with the existing equity shares of the Bank.
For this purpose the Bank is required to obtain the
CxM sL oM M uzw xMsm M m q zrUkUM M xWqi
consent of the shareholders by means of a special
mmi MUl Wi W| Ai: Emr mxiu M sL AmM xWqi M resolution. Hence your consent is requested for the
sL AlUk Mr ei W | above proposal.
lSzM qQs lOx q ElxU uzw xMsm M mUi MUl The Board of Directors recommends passing of the
M sL xTUz MUi W | Special Resolutions as mentioned in the notice.
None of the Directors of the Bank is interested or
oM M Mx p lSzM M EmU xMsm q MD Wi r
concerned in the aforementioned Resolution(s),
xok lW W, xur oM q ElM zrUkUh M WS iM, rS except to the extent of their shareholding, if any in
MD W i| the Bank.

lSzM qQs M ASz U By Order of the Board of Directors

(mok lSzM u qZr MrMU AkMU-AiU mpU)
(Additional Charge as MD & CEO)

xjl : oas Place : Bengaluru

SlM : 01-06-2015 Date : 01-06-2015

(Uz ` MUQ / Amt. ` Crore)

2012-13 2013-14 2014-15

zZA M xZr / Number of Branches 3728 4755 5682

LOLq M xZr / Number of ATMs 3526 6312 8533
mS me / Paid-up Capital 443 461 475
AUi lkr / Reserves 24435 29159 31384
Ms eqL / Aggregate Deposits 355856 420723 473840
u (%) / Growth (%) 8.81 18.23 12.63
Alux eqL / Non-Resident Deposits 17164 22984 28829
uSz MUoU / Foreign Business Turnover 143795 166036 176274
Aaq (lus) / Advances (Net) 242177 301067 330036
u (%) / Growth (%) 4.17 24.32 9.62
ZSU Aaq / Retail Advances 23084 33529 42298
u (%) / Growth (%) -6.85 45.25 26.15
mjqMi Aaq / Priority Sector Advances 78998 97762 118234
u (%) / Growth (%) 17.24 23.75 20.94
Mw / Agriculture 40786 48797 58868
u (%) / Growth (%) 27.67 19.64 20.64
Mw (xuiUh) / Agriculture(Disbursal) 33730 41667 45232
xq, sb u qkrq Eq / Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) 37016 50040 60604
u (%) / Growth (%) 6.08 35.18 21.11
QAUAD rel M iWi Aaq / Advances under DRI Scheme 67 145 173
Al.e./Al.el.e.aWM M Aaq / Advances to SC/ST Clients 5179 6102 6466
lri xZ / Export Credit 10067 11854 11785
Ms Ar / Total Income 37231 43480 48300
Ms urr / Total Expenditure 31341 36684 41350
mUcsl sp / Operating Prot 5890 6796 6950
lus sp / Net Prot 2872 2438 2703
aWM AkU (MUQ q) / Clientele (In Crore) 4.70 5.55 6.58
Ms MqcUr M xZr / Total Number of Staff 42693 48794 53984
qZr MrlwmSl Almi (%) / Key Performance Ratios (%)
me mrmii Almi / Capital Adequacy Ratio 12.40 10.63 10.56
xMs LlmL Almi / Gross NPA Ratio 2.57 2.49 3.89
lus LlmL Almi / Net NPA Ratio 2.18 1.98 2.65
Axi Axir mU miTs / Return on Average Assets 0.77 0.54 0.55
CYuO mU miTs / Return on Equity 14.03 10.59 11.06
oW qsr (` ) / Book Value (` ) 490.56 522.76 552.54
mi zrU Ael (` ) / Earnings per Share (` ) 64.83 54.48 58.59
lus ore qel / Net Interest Margin 2.40 2.27 2.25

lSzM M UmO

lSzM M UmO: 2014-15 DIRECTORS REPORT: 2014-15
lSzM qQs U rj 31 qc, 2015 M Auk M sL The Board of Directors have pleasure in presenting the
islm u rj 31 qc, 2015 M xqmi ur uw M sL 46th Annual Report together with the Balance Sheet as
sp u Wl sZ xWi 46u uwM UmO xWw mxii M on 31st March, 2015 and Prot and Loss Account for the
e UW W | nancial year ended March 31, 2015.


I. ur mUuz
qZr uM AjuruxjA q uxs kq u Axql Recovery in major global economies was slow
and uneven. However, Indian economy during the
j | ijm, uw M SUl pUir Ajuruxj l mNs uw
year showed improvement over the previous year.
M isl q oWiU mSzl Mr | MSr xZrM xaPl
As per the provisional estimates released by the
(xLxA) U eU Aliq Alql M AlxU uw Central Statistical Organization (CSO), Indias gross
2014-15 M sL olrS Mqi mU rei xMs qsr value added (GVA) at basic prices grew by 7.2%
mNs uw 2013-14 M 6.6% M isl q jQ oRi M for 2014-15, higher compared to 6.6% recorded
xj 7.2 % Alqli W | ulqh l mNs uw M during 2013-14. Agriculture and allied activities
5.3% M isl q 7.1% M u Se M | Mw u xWrM recorded a growth of 0.2% compared to 3.7% last
aiukr ij Zll u EiZll qz: mNs uw M 3.7% u year. Mining & quarrying grew by 2.4% compared
5.4% M isl q bOMU 0.2% u 2.4% UW | lqh mNs to 5.4% last year. Manufacturing sector grew higher
uw M 2.5% M isl q oRMU 4.8% W ar | xu by 7.1% compared to 5.3% in the previous year.
M iWi oes, ax, es Ami u Alr Emrai xuL Construction grew higher by 4.8% against 2.5% last
mNs uw M 4.8% M isl q oRMU 7.9% UW | urmU, year. Electricity, gas, water and other utility services
grew higher by 7.9% compared to 4.8% last year. In
WOs, mUuWl u xcU ij mxUh x xoki xuA
the services segments, trade, hotels, transport and
l 10.7% (11.1%) M u Se M | url, xjuU xmS
communication and services related to broadcasting
u uruxrM xuA l 11.5% (7.9%) M u Se M grew by 10.7% (11.1% last year), nancial, real estate
ij sM mzxl, U u Alr xuL 7.2%(7.9%) M u and professional services grew by 11.5% (7.9%) and
Se M | public administration, defence and other services
grew by 7.2% (7.9%).
qSxTi SU, jM qsr xcMM u Emp qsr xcMM
Sl Aml Eiq x Mq WMU xqlr UW | eoM Emp Ination rates, both wholesale price and consumer
price indices have been moderating from their peaks.
qsr xcMM AkUi qSxTi qc 2015 q 5.25% j
While consumer price index-based ination was at
ij qSxTi AkUi jM qsr xcMM lMUiqM SU
5.25% in March 2015, wholesale price index-based
x 2.33% UW | ination was at negative 2.33%.

uw M zAi q uSz urmU MqeU UW ij External trade sector remained weak in the beginning
SxoU 2014 iM xMci Wi UW | uherM Axcl u of the year and started contracting since December
xZrM qW lSzsr x eU ML aL Aliq QO M 2014. As per the provisional data released by the
Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and
AlxU urmUM lri qZrir MqeU uSz qa M MUh
Statistics (DGCI&S), merchandise exports declined by
mNs uw M 314.42 osrl rLx QsU M isl q 1.24%
1.24% to US$310.53 billion compared to US$314.42
M Mq M xj 310.53 osrl rLx QsU UW | Mcc billion last year, primarily due to sluggish overseas
is M Mqi q Mq M MUh ij is u is M Asu demand. Imports declined by 0.6% to US$447.55
Alr Ari q aUuO M MUh Ari 0.6% bOMU 447.55 billion, owing to lower crude prices and reduction in
osrl rLx QsU UW | uw M SUl urmU bO mNs both oil and non-oil imports. Trade decit stood at
uw M 136 osrl rLx QsU M isl q 137 osrl US$137 billion during the year compared to US$136
rLx QsU UW | mUhqi: Sz M cs Zi bO xMs billion last year. Consequently, countrys Current
bUs EimS M 1.3% UWl M Alql W e mNs uw x Account Decit (CAD) is estimated to be 1.3% of
1.7% Mq W | gross domestic product, lower than 1.7% last year.

Ws M uw q WD uMx q qS M qleU MlS xUMU With the announcement of numerous measures
AU pUir Ueu oM U Ajuruxj M mleui MUl M both by the Central Government and Reserve Bank of
India to revive the economy, macroeconomic scenario
sL bwi up Emr x pUir urmM AjM mUSzr in India is showing improvement from the growth
q xkU SZD S UW W | MUoU fl q xkU WA W, slowdown that occurred in the recent years. Business
exl pUi M kUhr xu M mUSzr q bUs u uSz sentiments have improved, drawing attention and
condence of both domestic and overseas investors
luzM M krl u ux AMwi Mr W | on the sustainable India growth story.

MlOM q AjM mUuz Economic Environment in Karnataka

As per the Economic Survey of Karnataka 2014-
Ur Ajuruxj q xkU M MUh MlOM M oeO 15, the growth in Gross State Domestic Product
(GSDP) estimated at 7% for 2014-15 compared to
2014-15 M AlxU, Alqli xMs Uer Sz EimS
5% during 2013-14 on account of recovery in the
(eLxQm) q uxiuM u uw 2013-14 M 5% M isl national economy. Canara Bank, owing its origin to
q uw 2014-15 M SUl 7% Wa | MlU oM M ESaq the State, is continuing its key position in the State.
MlOM Uer q Wl M li Exl Cx Uer q Aml qZr The Bank has been playing a leading role in the State
through its 940 branches and 1897 ATMs. The State
xjl olr UZ| oM, Uer pU q Aml 940 zZA ij
contributes about 16% to total domestic business of
1897 LOLq M eUL Aah pqM AS MUi A UW W | the Bank. The total business of the Bank in the State
oM M Ms bUs MUoU q Uer M raSl 16% UW | Uer stood at `122820 crore, comprising `71720 crore
under deposits and `51100 crore under advances as
q oM M Ms MUoU `122820 MUQ UW exq rj qc
at March 2015, with a Credit Deposit (C-D) ratio of
2015 M `71720 MUQ eq AU `51100 MUQ Aaq UW | 71.25%.


Growth in key monetary aggregates and money

uw 2014-15 q mqZ qSM xqa AU lMS Ami q
supply in 2014-15 reected the changing liquidity
WD u l Sz u uM ur mUuz x Eim Wlus conditions arising from domestic and global nancial
mUuilzs lMS mUxjir M miooi Mr W | uw M environment. The monetary policy stance during
the year was primarily to contain ination and
SUl qSM li M mkl Ezr qS xTi M UMl AU
manage liquidity. Money supply (M3) growth, which
iUsi mokl W | lMS Ami (Lq3) u e u uw M was 13.6% at the beginning of the nancial year,
AUp q 13.6% j, qc 2015 M xqmi iM 11.1% UW | moderated to 11.1% by end-March 2015.
During the year, while aggregate deposits growth of
Alxci uher oM M xqr eq M u mNs uw Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs) was at 11.4%
compared to previous year growth at 14.1%, credit
M 14.1% M isl q 11.4% UW | Gh M u mNs uw
growth came down to a singledigit at 9.5% against
M 13.9% x Mq WMU 9.5% UW | Gh-eq Almi rj a growth of 13.9% last year. The credit-deposits ratio
20 qc, 2015 M 76.46% M xj Eiq UW | remained high at 76.46% as on March 20, 2015.
Banking sector is largely inuenced by the overall
oMa oQ mql mU xqa AjM aiukr x mpui macroeconomic activities. Due to economic
W | Ws W M uw M lUiU AjM qS M MUh oMa slowdown in the recent years, the banking sector
continued to reel under stressed scenario, which is
M ilumh qWs q UWl mQ e MUoU u, Axi
clearly reected on business growth, asset quality
ahu ij spmSi q xm m x miooi WD | and protability.

uw 2014-15 M SUl pUir Ueu oM U bwi li xok The year 2014-15 saw the following changes in the key
qZr Emr q lqlsZi mUuil SZ aL | policy measures announced by the Reserve Bank of India
Um SU AU mi Um SU q 50 AkU oSA M Mq MUM (RBI).
qz: 7.50% AU 6.50% Mr W | Repo rate and Reverse Repo rate decreased by 50
basis points (bps) to 7.50% and 6.50% respectively.
iSlxU, qels xOQa TxsO (LqLxLT) SU u oM
SU M Um SU M xj 100 AkU oSA M xj xqrei Accordingly, Marginal Standing Facility (MSF) Rate
and Bank Rate was aligned 100 bps above repo rate
MUi WL 8.50% Mr ar |
at 8.50%.
uw M SUl AUi lMS lk Almi (xAUAU) M
Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) was kept unchanged at 4%
ElM lus qa AU qrS SriL (LlQOLs) M 4% mU
of Net Demand and Time Liabilities (NDTL) during
AmUuii UZ ar | the year.
uw M SUl xukM cslk Almi (LxLsAU) M 150 Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) was decreased by 150
AkU oSA q Mq MUM 21.50 % mU UZ ar | basis points to 21.50% during the year.
uw M SUl Um SU AU LqLxLT SU q mUuil Changes in Policy Rates during the year

Ll Q O Cash Re- Statu-

xukM Reverse
Ls M Lq Lx Repo serve Ratio tory MSF
mi cslk Effective Repo
x Um AUi LT Rate (CRR) liquidity Rate
Um SU Almi Since rate
mpu SU % lMS Almi Almi (%) (%) of ratio (%)
(%) (LxLsAU) (%)
(xAUAU) (%) NDTL (SLR) (%)
June 3,
03 el, 2014
8.00 7.00 4.00 22.50 9.00
8.00 7.00 4.00 22.50 9.00
August 5,
05 Aaxi, 8.00 7.00 4.00 22.00 9.00
8.00 7.00 4.00 22.00 9.00 2014

15 eluU, January
7.75 6.75 4.00 22.00 8.75 7.75 6.75 4.00 22.00 8.75
2015 15, 2015

03 TUuU, February 3,
7.75 6.75 4.00 21.50 8.75 7.75 6.75 4.00 21.50 8.75

04 qc, March 4,
7.50 6.50 4.00 21.50 8.50 7.50 6.50 4.00 21.50 8.50
uw M SUl pUir Ueu oM U lqlsZi li xok mqZ During the year, RBI made the following major policy
bwhL M ar : announcements:
Axi ahu mU mU Ea M ci M krl q UZi WL Considering industry-wide concerns about asset quality,
pUir Ueu oM U oxs ||| lrq M mh Mrurl M transition period for full implementation of Basel III norms,
xqh Auk M mu M 31 qc 2018 x oR MU 31 qc, was extended by the RBI up to March 31, 2019 from the
2019 iM Mr ar | earlier March 31, 2018.
eluU 2015 x iUsi MuUe Almi(LsxAU) M Mrurl M Guidelines issued for implementing Liquidity Coverage Ratio
sL SzlSz eU ML aL ij oM M Akql LxLsAU (LCR) from January 2015 and also permitted banks to reckon
AuzrMi M iWi mjq xiU M E ahui iUs Axir M Government Securities upto 5% of the NDTL within the
m q 5% iM xUMU mipir q UZl M Alqi p S ar mandatory SLR requirement as level 1 High Quality Liquid
ij qa UWi eqA M p Alqi mSl M ar | Assets (HQLA) and allowed non-callable deposits.

lus xjD lkrl Almi (LlLxLTAU), 2015 mU qxS To issue draft guidelines on Net Stable Funding Ratio
SzlSz eU Mr el ij pUi q oM M sL (NSFR), 2015 and is committed to implement NSFR
LlLxLTAU M Mrurl 1 eluU, 2018 x MUl Wi from January 1, 2018 for banks in India.
mioi | Guidelines on Countercyclical Capital Buffers (CCCB)
were issued and it was advised to activate CCCB
micr me oTU(xxxo) mU SzlSz eU ML aL as and when circumstances warrant, and that the
W ij rW xci Mr ar M mUxjir M AuzrMi decision would normally be pre-announced with a
M AlxU xxxo xr ML eL Lu cU iqWr M lead time of four quarters.
xqr xq M xj AqiU mU lhr mu bwi Wa | Released framework for dealing with Domestic
Systemically Important Banks (D-SIBs)
bUs mhso qWiumh oM(QLxADo) x xuruWU
xUcl eU ML aL | Guidelines on restructuring and sale of assets to
Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs) were issued.
mlxUcl u Axi mllqh Mmlr (LAUx) M Axir
To further strengthen regulatory supervision, an
M o mU SzlSz eU ML aL | Early Warning System (EWS) has been enput in place
ulrqM mruh M AU qeoi oll Wi oM M to track banks critical nancial parameters and
trigger more granular oversight, onsite examination
apU ur qlSQ M mWcl M sL LM mu ciul
and punitive actions, if warranted.
mhs(DQosrLx), AkM oUM lUh, BlxDO ec
Banks were permitted to issue long term bonds, with
ij rS AuzrM W i SQiqM MruD Mr ar W |
exemptions from certain regulatory pre-emptions,
oM M MN zi M Akl olrS xUcl Em u xxi for lending to long-term projects in infrastructure
Aux Sbuk mUrel M EkU M sL MN ulrqM sub-sectors and affordable housing, subject to
mur AkMU q NO M xj Sbuk oQ eU MUl M
Alqi S ar W | To move towards a less cash society, RBI is examining
the feasibility of standardization in the operational
p.U.o. Asm lMS uiuUh M AU AaxU Wl M sL processes and procedures involved in extension
mUcsl mr ij qoCs oMa xuL mSl MUl of mobile banking services, implementation of a
zqs mrA, xqxi pUi q os pail mhs(pUi pan-India bill payment system (Bharat Bill Payment
os pail mhs) ij LqLxLqD M oeM/ os M System) and setting up and operationalisation of a
system for uploading, accepting, discounting and
OAUQLx M qkrq x AmsQa, xuMri, o Mr
settlement of the invoices/bills of Micro, Small
el ij lmOl M sL mhs xjmi u mUcsi MUl and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through a Trade
Wi qlMMUh M xpul M ec MU UW W | Receivables Discounting System (TReDS).
Zi Zsl q Aq laUM U xql ML el us To ease difculties faced by common persons to
MPlDr M Mq MUl M sL SzlSz eU Mr el open accounts, it was proposed to issue guidelines
so that banks do not insist physical presence/ seek
mxiui W exx oM U aWM M lql eZq xiU q
fresh proof of identity and address of the customers
MD mUuil lW Wl mU AukM Ail M xqr mi u
at the time of periodic updation in case there is no
mWcl M lr mqhm M qa MUl mU os lW Sr eL change in low risk status of customers and allow
ij xumqhl M Alqi S eL Lu Sxiue M mqhi self-certication and accept a certied copy of the
mi QM/qs U xuMU ML eL | document by mail/post, etc.

oM M xci Mr ar M SxiueMUh M mU MUl M Advised banks to complete KYC for all customers,
including long standing low risk customers, to
sL, xZi AuzrMi M m q aWM M AU x mrx
complete documentation while minimizing efforts
M Mq MUi WL lql eZq us mUl aWM xWi xp on part of the customers to what is strictly needed
aWM M sL MuDx mU MU ij rjci xqr xq M and to partially freeze accounts for customers unable
piU Almsl l MUlus aWM M Zi mU UM sa S | to comply within a reasonable time period.

uw 2015-16 M sL SM
Mh OUTLOOK FOR 2015-16
Global growth is projected at 3.5% in 2015 and 3.8%
uM uMx 2015 q 3.5% ij 2016 q 3.8% mUsi W e
in 2016, reecting a gradual increase in the pace of
uMxi Ajuruxj Wi uMx M ai q xii u M xj growth for advanced economies, followed by emerging
EpUi Ajuruxj M mioqoi MUi W | rm pUeliM market economies and others. However, downside risks
ilu, ur oeU q uxiA u Axi qsr q AxjUi xok to growth may emanate from the factors related to
iiu x uMx M aUuO eZq p EeaU W xMi W | geopolitical tensions, volatility in commodities and asset
price in nancial markets.
pUi M uMx M xpul mNs uw M ie M oS 2015- Indias growth prospect is expected to accelerate further
16 q AU AkM oRl M Az M ei W | p,U.o. l Aml in 2015-16 after showing pick up last year. The RBI, in its
ir qxM qSM li uuUh 2015 -16 q Ajuruxj q Second Bi-monthly Monetary Policy Statement, 2015-16,
mUsi uMx SU mu M 7.8% M M Akaq xzkl MUi revised downward the projected growth of the economy
at 7.6% from the earlier projection of 7.8%. Government
WL 7.6% Mr W | pUi xUMU l p Aml 2014-15 M AjM
of India in its Economic Survey for 2014-15 also projected
xuh q uMx SU 8.1 x 8.5% mUsi Mr W | up a growth in the range of 8.1-8.5%. Various other reputed
Alr Zri mmi Lexr l p uMx SU 7.5% mUsi Mr agencies have also projected a growth of 7.5% (IMF, World
W(ADLqLT, u oM u qQe) | xUMU u p.U.o. U csL Bank and Moodys). Growth is expected to be boosted by
the ongoing measures being taken by Government and
e UW MSq, ore SU M Mq Mr el ij qSxTi M
RBI, easing interest rate and ination scenario, improving
xji, AaM EimSl u luz q W UW xkU, me muW q industrial production and investments, improving capital
u ij ur oeU M xji, qSM u cs Zi bO q ows and nancial market conditions, reduction in scal
Mq x uMx q u M Az M ei W | AiUr oeU q and current account decits. Downside risks to growth
M is M qsr q ENs, As-ll mpu M MUh xqlr x may emerge that include spike in international crude oil
prices, under normal monsoon triggered by the El-Nino
Mq qlxl ij Mw EimSl mU CxM mpu uMx M aUuO
effects and its impact on agriculture output.
eZq M EeaU MU xMi W |
The performance of the banking sector in 2015-16 would
uw 2015-16 q oMa M mSzl Ajuruxj M xqa largely depend on the overall growth of the economy.
uMx mU lpU Wa | ijm, uw M SUl oM M xql qZr Major challenges, however, before the banks during the
year would be to address issues of asset quality and
clir Axi ahu ij mlxUci Axir M Txsl M
slippage from the restructured assets, mobilizing capital,
xql MUl, me eOl, ur xquzl ij Gh u q nancial inclusion and resource mobilization to fund
lkrl M sL xxkl eOl W | credit growth.

III. uw 2014-15 q MlU oM III. CANARA BANK IN 2014-15

pUi q xuelM M oM q Aa
Aah oM M m q As one of the leading public sector banks in India,
MlU oM l 2014-15 M SUl Aml lOuM M uxiU MUi Canara Bank during 2014-15, further expanded its
WL 930 zZL AU 2221 LOLq eQ i WL rj qc 2015 network by adding 930 branches and 2221ATMs,
M zZA M xZr 5682 ij LOLq M xZr 8533 taking the number of branches to 5682 and ATMs
to 8533 as at March 2015. The Bank is catering to
W | oM M aWM M Zi M xZr 6.6 MUQ x AkM
6.6 crore customer accounts. The Bank continues to
W | oeU q Aml xji M qeoi olL UZl M sL invest in delivery channels, IT infrastructure, customer
oM l QsuU cls, xcl maM, aWM xu, MUoU service, business process reengineering, innovative
mr mlulrx MqcU l ij lL EimS / xu mrA products/services and staff knowledge to strengthen
q saiU luz eU UZ W | market position.

climh AjM u oMa uiuUh M mUmr q MlU Against the backdrop of challenging economic and
oM l uw M SUl ZSU MUoU, Mx, Axi ahu, banking environment, Canara Bank fared well during the
uxs u zsM Ar ex qWiumh q oWiU mSzl year in line with its corporate thrust areas, such as, Retail
Mr W | Business, CASA, Asset Quality, Recovery and Fee Income.


sp ij spmSi q oM M lwmSl lqllxU UW: The performance of the Bank on prots and protability is as
oM M mUcsl sp mNs uw M `6796 MUQ M isl q
2.27% M oRU M xj `6950 UW | Operating prot of the Bank increased by 2.27% to `6950 crore
compared to `6796 crore last year.
mNs uw M `4358 MUQ M isl
Total provisions and contingencies
q Ms mukl u AMxqMiL
was at `4248 crore compared to
`4248 MUQ UW | oM M lus
`4358 crore last year. The Banks
sp mNs uw M `2438 MUQ M net prot increased by 10.85% to
isl q 2014-15 M sL 10.85% `2703 crore for 2014-15 compared
u M xj `2703 MUQ UW | to `2438 crore last year.
uw M sL Axi Axir mU miTs Return on Average Assets (RoAA) for
mNs uw M 0.54% M isl q the year improved to 0.55% against
0.55% UW | uw M sL mi MqcU 0.54% last year. Prot per employee
sp mNs uw M `5.00 sZ M worked out to `5.01 lakh for the year
isl q `5.01 sZ UW | compared to `5.00 lakh a year ago.

qc qc March March
qZr ur Almi (%) Key Financial Ratios (%)
2014 2015 2014 2015
lkr M sai 6.80 6.84 Cost of Funds 6.80 6.84
lkr mU miTs 8.79 8.78 Yield on Funds 8.79 8.78
eqA mU sai 7.42 7.38 Cost of Deposits 7.42 7.38
Aaq mU miTs 10.54 10.75 Yield on Advances 10.54 10.75
luz mU miTs 8.03 8.00 Yield on Investments 8.03 8.00
LQosrLT mU Mqi sai 1.99 1.94 Spread as a % to AWF 1.99 1.94
AiU % q
Net Interest Margin (NIM) 2.27 2.25
lus ore qel (lq) 2.27 2.25
Operating Expenses to AWF 1.35 1.47
LQosrLT mU mUcsl urr 1.35 1.47
Return on Avg. Assets (RoAA) 0.54 0.55
Axi Axir mU miTs 0.54 0.55 Return on Equity 10.59 11.06
CYuO mU miTs 10.59 11.06
Business per Employee 14.42 14.35
mi MqcU MUoU 14.42 14.35 (` Crore)
(` MUQ q) Prot per Employee 5.00 5.01
mi MqcU sp (` sZ q) 5.00 5.01 (` Lakh)
oW qsr (`) 522.76 552.54 Book Value (`) 522.76 552.54

mi zrU Ael (`) 54.48 58.59 Earnings per Share ( `) 54.48 58.59

L Qosr LT - Axi Mrzs lk AWF - Average Working Funds

Ar u urr uzswh Income and Expenditure Analysis

oM M Ms ore Ar mNs ur uw M `43480 MUQ The Banks total income recorded a y-o-y growth of 11.09%
M isl q uwluw 11.09% u MUi WL `48300 MUQ M to reach `48300 crore compared to `43480 crore last
u Se M | Gh u Aaq mU ore Ar 12.68% M u year. While interest from loans and advances increased
by 12.68% to `32066 crore, interest from investments
M xj `32066 MUQ iM mWc uW luz x ore 6.56%
rose by 6.56% to `10924 crore. The percentage share of
M u M xj `10924 MUQ UW | uw 2014-15 q Ms Ar income from loans & advances in total income increased
q Gh u Aaq x Ar M mizi zrU mNs uw M 65% x from 65% last year to 66% in 2014-15.
oRMU 66% W ar |

oM M qZr M AlMs oreiU Ar mNs uw M `3933 In line with the thrust areas for the Bank, non-interest
MUQ M isl q 15.70% M u M xj `4550 MUQ UW | income increased by 15.70% to `4550 crore compared
oreiU Ar M qZr Mqzl, ulqr xuruWU ij Sss to `3933 crore recorded last year. Contribution of major
segments of the non-interest income was Commission,
(`929 MUQ), ulqr slSl x sp (`782 MUQ), o Zi
Exchange & Brokerage ( `929 crore), prot from exchange
q Qs aL Zi x uxs (`381 MUQ), luz M o x transactions (`782 crore), recovery from written off
sp (`1148 MUQ) ij xu mpU u Alr uuk Mqzl accounts (`381 crore), prot on sale of investments
(`1096 MUQ) UW | oreiU Ar M WxxSU Ms Ar ( `1148 crore) and service charges and other miscellaneous
M mNs uw M 9.05 % M isl q uw 2014-15 M sL commission ( `1096 crore). The percentage share of non-
9.42% UW | interest income to total income increased from the last
years level of 9.05% to 9.42% for 2014-15.

rj qc 2015 M eqA mU oM M sai 7.38% iM Mq W The Banks cost of deposits reduced to 7.38% and yield on
ar W ij Aaq mU miTs 10.75% iM oR ar | ore Mqi advances increased to 10.75% as at March 2015. Interest
spread, the difference between cost and yield, was at
sai AiU mNs uw M 3.12% M isl q 3.37% UW |
3.37% compared to 3.12% a year ago.

oM M ore urr mNs uw M `30603 MUQ M The Banks interest expenses increased by 11.38%
isl q 11.38% u M xj `34086 MUQ iM to `34086 crore compared to `30603 crore last year.
Operating expenses grew by 19.45% to `7264 crore from
oR | mUcsl urr mNs uw M `6081 MUQ M isl q
`6081 crore last year. The percentage share of interest
19.45% u M xj `7264 MUQ iM oR | uw 2014-15 M expenditure in total expenditure in 2014-15 has been
sL Ms urr q ore urr M mizi Wxx 83% UW | contained below 83%.

ore Ar, mS ore u oM U Aei ore q AiU mNs The net interest income, the difference between interest
uw M `8944 MUQ M isl q 8.04% M u M xj paid and interest earned by the Bank, increased by 8.04%
`9664 MUQ UW | lus ore qel (lq) qc 2015 M SUl to `9664 crore compared to `8944 crore last year. Net
2.25% UW | Interest Margin (NIM) stood at 2.25% as at March 2015.

me ij AUi lkr Capital and Reserves

oM M lus qsri, rj qc 2014 M `23394 MUQ M Networth of the Bank, as at March 2015, increased to
isl q rj qc 2015 M oRMU `26256 MUQ W | eW oM `26256 crore compared to `23394 crore as at March
M mS me `475 MUQ UW, uW AUi lkr AU Akzw 2014. While total paid-up capital of the Bank was `475
crore, reserves and surplus increased to `31384 crore.
`31384 MUQ iM oR |

uw 2014-15 M SUl pUi xUMU l 31.03.2015 M 1.39 In 2014-15, Government of India infused `570 crore
MUQ DYuO zrU M Akql AoOl U oM q `570 capital in the Bank by way of preferential allotment of
`1.39 crore equity shares on 31.03.2015. On account
MUQ M me M muW Mr | EmU M mUhqxum, oM q
of the above, the Government of Indias shareholding
pUi xUMU M zrUkUi 69% M mu xiU x oRMU 69.91%
in the Bank increased to 69.91% from the earlier
iM W aD | uw M SUl oM l `1500 MUQ M oxs III
level of 69%. During the year, the Bank also raised
Almsi AiU OrU I ohQ eOr exx oM M Ms me `1500 crore Basel III compliant additional Tier I
lk `36137 MUQ W ar | bonds, taking the total capital funds to `36137 crore.

me xUcl Composition of March March
qc 2014 qc 2015
oxs III Capital Basel III 2014 2015

eZq kUi Axir 312226 342248 Risk Weighted Assets 312226 342248

xDO I 23132 25222 CET I 23132 25222

xDO I (%) 7.41 7.37 CET I (%) 7.41 7.37

LO I 859 2238 AT I 859 2238

LO I (%) 0.27 0.65 AT I (%) 0.27 0.65

OrU I me 23991 27459 Tier I Capital 23991 27459

xAULAU (%)(OrU I) 7.68 8.02 CRAR (%)(Tier I) 7.68 8.02

OrU II me 9205 8678 Tier II Capital 9205 8678

xAULAU (%) (OrU II) 2.95 2.54 CRAR (%)(Tier II) 2.95 2.54

xMs me 33196 36137 Total Capital 33196 36137

xAULAU (%) 10.63 10.56 CRAR (%) 10.63 10.56

rj qc 2015 M me mrmii ulrqM 9% M AuzrMi Capital Adequacy Ratio as at March 2015 stood at
M qMos 10.56% UW | me mrmii Almi M iWi xDO 1 10.56% against regulatory requirement of 9%. Within
the capital adequacy ratio, CET 1 ratio stood at 7.37%
Almi 5.5% M AuzrMi M qMos 7.37% ij OrU I me
against requirement of 5.5% and Tier I Capital ratio
Almi 7% M AuzrMi M qMos 8.02% UW | MUoU q was at 8.02% against the requirement of 7%. Adequate
u M ai q ie sl M sL me eOl Wi oM M mx Ao headroom is available for the Bank to raise capital
p mrmi aeCz W | in order to support business growth momentum.

zrUkUM M qsr Shareholders Value

There is consistent increase in the Book Value
oM M oW qsr q lUiU u Wi UW W | rW mu ur uw
of the Bank. It increased further to `552.54 as at March
M `522.76 M isl q rj qc 2015 M AU AkM oRMU
2015 compared to `522.76 for the previous nancial.
`552.54 iM e mWc | lSzM qQs U uw 2014-15 M sL The Board of Directors have recommended a dividend of
105% M spz M xTUz M aD W | 105% by for the year 2014-15.

eq Deposits
mNs uw M `420723 MUQ M isl q rj qc 2015 M Total Deposits grew by 12.63% to reach `473840 crore
oM M Ms eqL 12.63% u Se as at March 2015 compared
MUM `473840 MUQ iM mWc | to `420723 crore a year ago.

uw M SUl oM l `16242 MUQ M During the year, the Bank shed

E sai us eq Uz M lMs `16242 crore worth high cost
SL | mUhqi: E saius jM deposits. As a result, the share
of high cost deposits came
eqA M Wxx qc 2014 M
down from 6.55% as at March
6.55% x bOMU rj qc, 2015 M 2014 to 2.38% as at March 2015.
2.38% W ar |
In line with the industrys
eqA q Ea M qkrq uMx M moderate growth in deposits,
MUh oM M Mx eqL 9.93% Current and Savings Bank (CASA)
M uw SU uw u M xj rj qc deposits of the Bank increased
2015 M `113532 MUQ WD | Sz eqA q Mx M Wxx by 9.93% y-o-y to `113532 crore as at March 2015. The
25.47% UW | rj qc 2015 M oci eqL 9.53% oRMU Banks CASA deposits to domestic deposits constituted
`93686 MUQ WL | ur uw M SUl oM l Mx eqL 25.47%. Savings deposits rose by 9.53% to `93686
crore as at March 2015. To increase CASA deposits, the
eOl M sL SzpU q Aprl csL ij MlU Lxo-el-
Bank launched nationwide campaigns and stressed
uD, MlU eulkU, MlU xuax QTlx EimS, MlU muU on some of the new products/services, like, Canara SB
msx, MlU muse, MlU m Us mMe rel, MlU kluw Gen-Y, Canara Jeevandhara, Canara Savings Defence
AUQ-nsYx u BlsCl oci eq Zi Zsl M xuk Product, Canara Power Plus, Canara Privilege, Canara
ex lL EimS /xuA mU eU Sr ar | Payroll Package Scheme and Canara Dhanvarsha RD-
Flex and online savings deposit account opening facility.
eq aWMua M AkU M oRD el us li M Aluil
MUi WL, xp zZA l Ms 96 sZ x AkM eq Zi Pursuing a strategy of expanding deposits clientele, the
M eQ, exx Ms eq Zi M xZr 5.85 MUQ iM mWc Bank added 96 lakh deposit accounts during the year,
taking the total number of deposit accounts to 5.85 crore.
ar |

Aaq (lus) Advances (net)

In line with the growth recorded by the industry, the
Ea U Se M aD u M AlxU, oM M lus Aaq
Banks advances (net) grew by 9.62% to reach `330036
9.62% u M xj mNs uw
crore compared to `301067 crore
M `301067 MUQ M isl q
a year ago. The Banks diversied
`330036 MUQ iM mWc ar | asset portfolio is spread over
oM M uukMi Axi xupa, various productive segments of the
ex Mw, xq, sb u qkrq Eq, economy, like, Agriculture, Micro,
lri, Aux, z, uWl xWi Small and Medium Enterprises
ZSU Gh u Alr oQ MmUO ij (MSMEs), Exports, Retail, including
olrS xUcl ex up Housing, Education, Vehicle and
EimSl ZQ q Ts WL W | others, large Corporates and
Infrastructure segments.
rj qc 2015 M oM M EkU As at March 2015, the number of
Zi mNs uw M 66 sZ x 72 borrowal accounts increased to
sZ iM oR | over 72 lakh from 66 lakh last year.

oM M Ms MU
MUoU 11.37% M uw SU uw u Se MUi WL Total business of the Bank increased to `803876 crore,
mNs uw M `721790 MUQ M isl q `803876 MUQ iM with a y-o-y growth of 11.37% compared to `721790
mWc ar | crore in the previous year.
uw M SUl oM M aWM AkU 1 MUQ x erS oRMU mNs During the year, the Banks total clientele accounts
uw M 5.55 MUQ M isl q 6.57 MUQ iM e mWc | increased by over 1 crore to 6.57 crore from 5.55 crore
last year.
ZSU Gh mUcsl
Retail Lending Operations
oM M sL lkUi qZr M AlMs ZSU EkU mUcsl
In line with the thrust areas set for the year, the Banks
l uw- SU- uw qeoi uMx Se Mr |
retail lending operations recorded robust y-o-y growth.
(Uz ` MUQ q) (Amt. ` Crore)
rj qc u As at March Growth
ZSU Retail Segments
2014 2015 mq (%) 2014 2015 Quantum (%)

Aux mir 12822 16480 3658 28.53 Housing Direct 12822 16480 3658 28.53

uWl 3099 3770 671 21.65 Vehicle 3099 3770 671 21.65

Alr urM 5845 10540 4695 80.33 Other Personal 5845 10540 4695 80.33

z 4901 5636 735 15.00 Education 4901 5636 735 15.00

xMs ZSU Gh 33529 42298 8769 26.15 Total Retail Loans 33529 42298 8769 26.15

ZSU Gh xupa uw- SU- uw 26.15% M u Se MUi Outstanding retail loans portfolio grew by 26.15% y-o-y to
WL rj qc 2015 M `42298 MUQ UW | uw M SUl up `42298 crore as at March 2015. The disbursals during the
year under various retail lending schemes amounted to
ZSU EkU relA M iWi xuiUi Uz `16590 MUQ
`16590 crore. The outstanding total housing loan portfolio
UW | Aux Gh xupa `22352 MUQ iM oR e Ms ZSU rose to `22352 crore and accounted for 53% of the total
Gh xupa M 53% Wi W | oM retail lending portfolio. The Banks
M uWl Gh u Alr urM Gh Vehicle loans and other personal
loans increased by 21.65% and
q uw- SU- uw qz: 21.65% u
80.33% y-o-y respectively.
80.33% M u WD |
Education Loans
Over the years, the Bank has
z Gh
assisted lakhs of promising
oM l uw x pUi AU uSz q
students to pursue higher
E z mmi MUl M sL sZ education in India and abroad.
mipul N M xWri mWcD The Banks education loan
W| oM M z Gh xupa M portfolio increased to ` 5636

oRMU `5636 MUQ W ar W | rj qc 2015 M oM l 2.75 crore, covering 2.75 lakh students as at March 2015. The
sZ N M Gh mSl Mr | z Gh mU ore AlSl M Bank is designated as the nodal bank for administering
sL MlSr rel M iWi AlSl xcsl M sL oM M subsidy under the Central Sector Scheme for Interest
lQs oM M m q lq Mr ar W | Subsidy on education loans.
ZSU Gh M oRl M sL oM U MD mWs ML aL , exq Several initiatives were undertaken by the Bank to expand
qeS EimS M xj lL ZSU Gh EimS rj, ru Aux Gh, retail credit. These include new retail loan products, viz.,
uU laUM M sL Aux Gh ij MwM M sL uWl Gh Yuva Awas Rin, Housing Loan for Senior Citizens and
AS zqs W | Sz pU q Aprl M Arel, LYxm M Vehicle Loan for Agriculturists along with an array of
xcsl, mixmkiqM SU mU Gh Emsok MUl, mii osQU existing products. Besides, nationwide campaigns, expos,
u MU QsU M xj xqfi oM M ZSU Gh xupa M competitive interest rates, tie-ups with reputed Builders
oRl q xTs x WL | and Car Dealers boosted Banks retail loan portfolio.
Ten new Retail Asset Hubs (RAHs) were opened, taking total
uw M SUl Sx lL ZSU Axi MlS Zs aL exx ZSU number of RAHs to 61 across major centres in the country.
Axi MlS M Ms xZr 61 WD e SzpU q qZr zWU q The Bank entered into Memorandum of Understanding
xji W | oM l qi xeM CQr, OO qOx, qWlS LQ (MoU) with Maruti Suzuki India, Tata Motors, Mahindra
qWlS AS M xj xr mcU u umhl M xqfi ml and Mahindra for joint publicity and marketing. The Bank
Mr | oM l MD iMlM AkUi mWs ex ZSU EkU also undertook several tech-based initiatives like missed
relA M sL qxQ Ms xuk, Aux Gh M Sr ij call facility for retail lending Schemes, informing due dates
u DLqAD Uz xci Mr el ij uo AkUi sQ xel and amount of EMIs for housing loans and introduction of
mhs sa M | web-based lead generation system.


Aggregate investments (net) of the Bank was at `145346
rj qc 2015 M oM M xMs luz (lus) `145346 MUQ
crore as at March 2015. Portfolio modied duration
UW | xupa xzki Auk mNs uw M 4.63 x 4.37 iM
reduced to 4.37 years from 4.63 years last year. The
bO ar | o M sL Emsok xupa xzki Auk rj modied duration of the Available for Sale (AFS) portfolio
mNs uw M 3.83 x bO MU 3.58 WD | uw M sL urmUM reduced to 3.58 years from 3.83 years last year. The
sp mNs uw M `664 MUQ M isl q `1148 MUQ UW | trading prot for the year was `1148 crore as against `664
luz mU miTs 8.00 % UW | crore last year. The yield on investments stood at 8.00%.

The Bank continues to be an active player in the

xUMU mipi oeU q oQ urmU M m q oM xr pa Government Securities market as a Primary Dealer (PD).
si UW W | WqSU ucloiA M Ms Uz `59400 MUQ The total amount of bids submitted for underwriting was
j, exq x pUir Ueu oM U WqSU M sL xuMi `59400 crore, of which, the underwriting commitment
ucloi Uz `34493 MUQ j | mkl urmU MUoU M accepted by the RBI was `34493 crore. With regard to
iWi UeMw os M xok q mirM Ak uwM M SUl 40% Treasury Bills under PD business, as against the minimum
success ratio of 40% to be achieved in each half year, the
xTsi Almi Wxs MUl j | E M q q xioU 2014
Bank has a success ratio of 42.66% for the rst half year
M xqmi mjq Ak uwM M SUl oM M xTsi Almi
ended September 2014 and 58.22% for the second half
42.66% UW ij qc 2015 M xqmi ir Ak uwM M SUl year ended March 2015.
mkl urmU M m q oM M xTsi Almi 58.22% UW |
Foreign Business Turnover of the Bank aggregated
rj qc 2015 M oM M xMs uSz MUoU `176274 MUQ to `176274 crore, comprising `89811 crore under
exports, `51827 crore under imports and `34636 crore
UW exq `89811 MUQ lri, Ari q `51827 MUQ AU
under remittances during the year ended March 2015.
umwh M iWi `34636 MUQ UW | rj qc 2015 M oM M Outstanding export credit stood at `11785 crore as at
oMr lri Gh `11785 MUQ UW| March 2015.

The Banks overseas operations covered 8 countries, with
oM M uSz mUcsl q sSl u sxxOU (r.M.), WaMa u one branch each at London and Leicester (UK), Hong Kong
zbD (cl), qlq (oWUl), eWxoa (Sh ATM) AU lr Shanghai (China), Manama (Bahrain), Johannesburg
rM (rLxL) q LM-LM zZ ij zUeW (rLD) q milk (South Africa) and New York (USA); a Representative
Mrsr ij qxM q Mqzrs oM BT CQr (Ls.Ls.x.) Ofce at Sharjah (UAE) and a Joint Venture Bank, viz.,
Commercial Indo Bank LLC in Moscow (Russia), in
M lq x pUir xOO oM M xj xr Eq M xj 7 Sz
association with State Bank of India.
M muUi MUi W |
All overseas branches recorded improved performance
uw M SUl xqxi uSz zZA l xuki MrlwmSl Se during the year. Total business of seven overseas branches
Mr | qc 2015 M xi uSz zZA M Ms MUoU aggregated to `51831 crore as at March 2015. Overseas
business constituted 6.45% of the Banks total business,
`51,831 MUQ UW | oM M Ms MUoU q uSz zZA M
up from 5.69% last year.
Wxx mNs uw M 5.69 % x oRMU 6.45% UW |
The Bank opened two overseas branches, at Johannesburg
oM l uw M SUl 19.05.2014 M eWxoa (Sh ATM) (South Africa) on 19.05.2014 and New York (USA) on
09.06.2014, during the year.
q ij lr rM (r Lx L) q SlM 09.06.2014 zZL Zs |
The Bank has received approval from the host country
oM M ielr ij SoD AiUr ur MlS (QADLTx) regulators of Tanzania and Dubai International Financial
M ulrqM x qz: SU-D-xsq ij QADLTx q LM Centre (DIFC) for establishing a subsidiary and a branch
respectively at Dar-Es-Salaam and DIFC.
Alwa ij LM zZ xjmi MUl M Alqi mmi WD W |
The Banks international operations are well supported
oM M AiUr mUcsl M 86 Sz q Ts WL 392 xmMMi by a wide network of 392 Correspondent Banks, spread
oM M uxii i M AcN xqjl qs UW W | Alux pUir across 86 countries. Rupee Drawing Arrangements with
M umwh M clsMi MUl Wi 35 ulqr mil ij 13 35 Exchange Houses and 13 overseas banks are also
operational for channelizing the remittances of Non
uSz oM M xj mr AWUh uruxj M aD W | oM xunO
Resident Indians (NRIs). The Bank is also maintaining
LqO 103 qkrq x umwh xuk (ZSU / uherM) mSl MUl Vostro Accounts of 14 overseas banks for facilitating
M sL 14 uSz oM M uxO Zi M p UZ UZu MU UW remittances (retail/commercial) through Swift MT103
W | oM U qz: xMQqO ij mokl MUU M iWi S ulqr mode. The Bank is managing two Exchange Houses viz.,
mil ex, As UeM AiUr ulqr Mml, SoD AU Al Razouki International Exchange Company, Dubai and
Eastern Exchange Est., Qatar under Secondment and
DxOl LYxce LxOoszqO, MiU M mokl Mr MU UW W |
Management Agreement respectively.

oM l `UqO ql' lqM uo AkUi iuUi umwh EimS M The Bank has implemented Remit Money, a Web Based
32 ulqr mil ij sSl, sxxOU, zbD AU Wa Ma M Speed Remittance product by extending it to 32 Exchange
Houses and its 4 overseas branches in London, Leicester,
4 xqSmUr zZA q Mrlui Mr W | oM l qxx rLD
Shanghai and Hong-Kong. The Bank has implemented
LYxce, Ao ko M xWra x nszUqO lqM LM iiMs Flashremit, an instant credit facility in association
Gh xuk Mrlui M W | oM l qxx As UeM AiUr with M/s. UAE Exchange, Abu Dhabi, UAE. The Bank also
ulqr Mml, SoD, qxx DxOl LYxce LxOoszqO, MiU implemented another product Instant Remitmoney an
ij qxx As AlxU LYxce LsLsx, rLD M xj qsMU instant credit facility with M/s. Al Razouki International
Exchange Company, Dubai, M/s. Eastern Exchange
CxOlO UqOql lqM LM iuUi Gh xuk Mrlui M W |
Est., Qatar and M/s. Al Ansari Exchange LLC, UAE.
rW pUi q MlU oM M spj M iiMs u ok UWi umwh This facilitates instant and hassle free remittances to
xuk mSl MUi W | beneciaries of Canara Bank in India.

oM M urmU oMa mpa l UwOr Ueqa mkMUh The Banks Merchant Banking Division handled Private
(LlLcLAD) ij aqh uiMUh MmUzl sqOQ (AUDx) Placement Capital Gain Bond Issues of National
M mCuO msxqO MmOs al oQ laq M Mr M luWl Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and Rural
Mr | uw M SUl UwOr Ueqa mkMUh (LlLcLAD) ij Electrication Corporation Ltd (REC) as Arrangers. The
aqh uiMUh MmUzl sqOQ (AUDx) M mCuO msxqO amount mobilized in respect of Capital Gain Bonds Issue
of NHAI and REC during the year was `81.64 crore. Six
MmOs al oQ x xaWi Uz `81.64 MUQ UW | uw M
specialized assignments of Fair Valuation of Equity were
SUl mpa U DYuO M Eci qsrMl'' M 6 uzwMi
also handled by the Division during the year.
Mr M luWl p Mr ar |
The Bank acted as Collecting Banker for 3 Private
3 le msxqO laq ij LM xkMU laq M sL oM l Placement Issues and one Rights Issue, involving an
xaWMi oMU M m q Mr Mr exM Ms Uz `1185.46 amount of `1185.46 crore. The number of Public and
MUQ W | lq zZA U Au Uz U xqji AuSl Debt Issues handled under Application Supported by
(LLxoL) M iWi lai Mr ar xuelM u Gh laq M Blocked Amount (ASBA) by designated branches was 104
Ms xZr 104 UW AU osM M WD Uz `22.86 MUQ UW | and the amount blocked was `22.86 crore.

The Syndication Group handled projects, involving project

uw M SUl xqWl xqW l mUrelA M luW Mr exM
cost of `7502 crore during the year, with a total debt size
mUrel sai `7502 MUQ UW AU CxM Gh AMU `3536
of `3536 crore. The Group generated fee-based income
MUQ UW | xqW l xqWl mUcsl x `8.97 MUQ M zsM- of `8.97 crore from the syndication operations. The
AkUi Ar M Ael Mr | uzw AjM , Axmis, mul funds were arranged for projects in various segments,
Fe, xU Fe, Cxmi, Acs xm Usu ij xcUh CirS like, SEZ, Hospital, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Steel, Real
ex upll xua q mUrelA M sL lkr M uruxj Estate, Railway and Transmission.
M aD |
The Bank has tie-up arrangements in both life and
oM M oMLzrUlx' Aa M iWi Sl eul ij aU - eul non-life insurance segments under its Bancassurance
oq xua q oM M aP-eQ uruxj W| oM l Aml xrYi arm. The Bank earned a commission income of `26.56
crore from its joint venture, viz., Canara HSBC OBC Life
Eq rl MlU LcLxox Aox eul oq Mml sqOQ
Insurance Company Ltd. Under the Mutual Fund business,
x Mqzl M m q `26.56 MUQ M Ar Ael Mr W |
the Bank earned a commission of `10.90 crore from its
qrcAs TQ MUoU M iWi, oM l Aml xrYi Eq rl
joint venture, viz., Canara Robeco Asset Management
MlU UoM Axi mokl Mml sqOQ x `10.90 MUQ M Company Ltd. A commission income of `15.40 crore was
Mqzl Aei Mr W | qxx rlCOQ CQr oq Mml earned under Non-Life (General) Insurance business from
sqOQ (rADADxLs) M xj Aml aPeQ uruxj M its tie-up arrangement with M/s United India Insurance
eUL aU eul (xqlr) oq MUoU M iWi oM l Mqzl M Company Ltd (UIICL). A commission income of `5.50
m q `15.40 MUQ M Ar Ael Mr W | Aml xuxjr oq crore was earned by the Bank from its Corporate Agency
EimS M umhl M sL oM l qxx Ams qrlM xuxjr Agreement with M/s Apollo Munich Health Insurance
oq Mml sqOQ M xj MmUO Lex MUU Mr exM Co. Ltd for marketing their health insurance products.
mUhqxum `5.50 MUQ M Mqzl Aei WA | mU pUi q The Bank also has Corporate Agency Agreement with
Ts Aml zZA M eUL lri lir M umhl M sL M/s Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India
qxx LYxmO QO aUO MmUzl AT CQr M xj oM for marketing export policies through its branches
l MmUO Lelx M MUU p Mr W | across India.

Under Card Business, the Bank took several initiatives to

MQ MUoU M iWi, QO u QoO-xW-LOLq MQ AkU expand credit and debit-cum-ATM card base. The total
oRl M sL oM l MD mWs ML | rj qc 2015 M oM M debit card base of the Bank increased to 2.55 crore as at
Ms QoO MQ AkU oRMU 2.55 MUQ W ar | MQ MUoU March 2015. Prot under card business during the year
M iWi uw M SUl sp `40.92 MUQ UW | was at `40.92 crore.

oM, SzpU q 38 xjl q Ts 46 lmaU xu MlS M The Bank offers its Depository Services from 46 DP
eUL `lmaU xuL' mSl MUi W | Cl MlS M qkrq x Service Centres, spread across 38 locations in the country.
Through these Centres, the Bank is extending Online
oM Aml Sss Alwa qxx MlU oM xYrUOe sqOQ,
Trading Facility to DP clients from its own broking
qoD M eUL Q m aWM M Bl sCl OQa xuk mSl subsidiary M/s Canara Bank Securities Ltd., Mumbai. All
MU UW W | xp Qm xu MlS M oas xji MlSr Qm DP Service Centers have been networked with the Central
x lOuM M qkrq x eQ ar W | DP at Bengaluru.
Executor, Trustee and Taxation Services outt of the Bank
oM M lwmSM,
lwmSM, lrx u MUkl xuL' CMD U QocU provides services, like, Debenture/Security Trusteeship,
/ mipi lrxkUi, uxrilq u lwmSMMi, lrxkUi, Will and Executorship, Trusteeship, Personal Tax
urM MU xWri ij qZiUlq ex xuL S Assistance and Power of Attorney Services. During the
ei W | uw M SUl oM l E xuA x `1.75 MUQ M year, the Bank earned a fee income of `1.75 crore from
zsM Ar Aei Mr ij MlSr qsr uki MU (xluO) x the above services and `74.26 crore from Central Value
Added Taxes (CENVAT) credit.
`74.26 MUQ Aei Mr |
The Bank handles various Government Business
oM U upll xUMU MUoU EimS elq mir u Amir products comprising Direct and Indirect Tax collections,
MU uxs, MlS xUMU u Uer xUMU M mzl M pail, payment of pensions of Central Government and State
Government, Handling of Postal Transactions and State
mxOs slSl u Uer MUMU M UeMwr slSl, xuelM Government Treasury Transactions, Public Provident
puwr lk rel u uUwP laUM oci rel u pUir Ueu Fund Scheme and Senior Citizens Saving Scheme and
oM M qSxTi xco oQ M laq zqs W | uw M SUl issue of Ination Indexed Bonds of RBI. These products
Cl EimS x Mx q xkU Se Wi WL `100.94 MUQ M contributed to improvement of CASA and also earned a
zsM Ar Aei WA | fee income of `100.94 crore during the year.
The Bank provides several online payment services, viz.,
oM U MD Bl sCl pail xuL, ex qWUwO, iqs lQ, E-payment of Sales Tax/ Commercial Tax in Maharashtra,
MlOM, Ak mSz, oWU, SSU u laU Wus, AQz, meo, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Dadra &
mq oas u Sss q ur MU / uher MU M D- pail, Nagar Haveli, Odisha, Punjab, West Bengal and Delhi,
Virtual Treasury Package in Maharashtra, E-payment of
qWUwO q ucAs OzU mMe, iqs lQ q mUuWl upa M
Taxes to Transport Department in Tamil Nadu, Collection
MU M D-pail, iqs lQ q cllD ij MlOM q oas of Property Tax for the Corporation of Chennai in Tamil
q MmUzl M sL xm MU M uxs, xuelM puwr lk Nadu and Bengaluru in Karnataka, Online opening of PPF
Zi M BlsCl Zsl, fUZQ, EiiU mSz, iqs lQ u Accounts and E- Stamping project in Jharkhand, Uttar
MlOM q D-xOqm mUrel, AS mSl M ei W| Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
The Bank has been authorized as the accredited
oM M qlu xxkl uMx qsr (LqLcAUQ), xxMi banker for Ministry of Human Resources Development
qsr, ru qqs u Zs qsr, pUir mUiiu xuh u (MHRD), Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Youth Affairs
pUir uzwO mWcl mkMUh (rADQLAD), lD Sss M & Sports, Archealogical Survey of India and Unique
Identication Authority of India (UIDAI), New Delhi. The
AkMUM oMU M m q mkMi Mr ar W | oM l
Bank implemented the National Pension System for
xuusol rel M iWi AxaPi M sL UwOr mzl Unorganised Sectors under Swavalamban Scheme and
mhs M Mrlui Mr AU uai S uw q AkU xQa q occupied number 1 position among public sector banks
xuelM M oM q WqU oM mjq xjl mU W | for the last two years.
Agricultural Innovation Centre (AIC) outt of the Bank
oM M Mw lulqwh MlS (LADx) Aa l Ms 80 Mr M handled 80 assignments. These 80 assignments consisted
luWl Mr | Cl 80 Mr q 66 qsrMl, 9 mlUh ij 5 of 66 appraisals, 9 vetting and 5 viability studies. The
uruWri Akrrl zqs j | Cl Mr M Ms mUurr, qrS total outlay of the assignments worked out to a term
Gh bOM M iU mU `316.25 MUQ UW | uw M SUl Cxx oM loan component of `316.25 crore. The Bank earned a fee
l `2.66 MUQ M zsM Ar Aei Mr | income of `2.66 crore during the year.


` 5993 MUQ M Ao iM M All Time High Cash Recovery

xukM lMS uxs at `5993 crore

Ea xiU mU Axi ahuii q eU Sou M oueS AleM The Bank performed relatively well in Non-Performing
Axir M lri MUl q oM M lwmSl AcN UW AU Assets (NPA) management and made record cash
recoveries, despite continued stress at the industry level.
xukM lMS uxs M | xMs AleM Axi `13040 MUQ
With a gross NPA level of `13040 crore, the gross NPA
UW ij xMs AleM Almi (rj qc 2014) M 2.49% x
ratio has increased to 3.89% from 2.49% (as at March
oRMU 3.89% UW | `8740 MUQ M lus LlmL M xj lus
2014). With a Net NPA of `8740 crore, the net NPA ratio
LlmL Almi mNs uw M 1.98% x oRMU 2.65% WA | increased to 2.65% from 1.98% a year ago.

oM l uw 2014-15 M SUl lMS uxs q mNs uw M Cash Recovery during 2014-15 aggregated to a record
`5494 MUQ M isl q `5993 MUQ M u Se M | `5993 crore compared to `5494 crore last year. Recovery
iMlM iU mU o Zi Qs ar Zi x `1351 MUQ Aei from technically written off accounts was at `1351
WA AU rW oMr Uz M 18.29% UW exq Wl Axir crore and accounted for 18.29% to outstanding amount,
including recovery from loss assets at `666 crore. During
x uxs aD `666 MUQ p zqs W | uw M SUl oM l 66
the year, the Bank also sold 66 NPA accounts to Asset
Ll m L Zi M Axi mlxUcl Mmlr (AxO UMxOYzl
Reconstruction Companies (ARCs) for consideration of
Mmlr) M `906 MUQ M Zi M o M | uw M SUl
`906 crore. An amount of `2031 crore was upgraded
Ms `2031 MUQ M xiUrl Mr ar | during the year.

uw M SUl, xUTx Aklrq M iWi Ms `1379 MUQ M During the year, recovery amounting to `1379 crore
uxs M ar | oM l 20,387 uxs oPM M Arel Mr was made under SARFAESI Act. The Bank conducted
exM mUhqxum `843 MUQ Uz uxs M ar | uw M 20,387 recovery meets, which resulted in a recovery
SUl 62,301 qqs sM ASsi M pe ar, elq x 28,029 of `843 crore. 62,301 cases were referred to Lokadalat,
out of which, 28,029 cases were settled, covering an
qqs M lmOl Mr ar, exM Ms Uz `323 MUQ UW |
amount of `323 crore. The Bank took several initiatives
oM l Zi M LlmL q Txsl x UMl M sL AU AiSr
to contain slippages and speed up recovery from overdue
Gh Zi x uxs q oRU sl M sL MD mWs M | Clq,
loan accounts. These include, identication of stressed
xqr mU Souaxi Zi M mlxUcl/mllkUh MUl Wi Zi accounts for restructuring/rephasing in time, conduct
M mWcl MUl, LMqzi lmOl (AOLx) M sL zZ xiU of Canadalats at branch level and mega adalats at Circle
mU MlASsi AU Acs xiU mU qa ASsi M Arel, level for one time settlements (OTS), Lokadalats at district
es xiU mU sMASsi M Arel, Ms MlS M eUL Gh levels and regular follow-up of overdues in loan accounts
Zi q AiSr Uz M lrqi Aluil AU ApaWi Axir through Call Centre and conducting e-auctions for sale
M ur M sL D-lsq, CUSil cMMiA M ZsT xZi of seized assets, initiation of stringent recovery measures
uxs Emr MUl, AS zqs W | oM l ` 10 sZ iM M against Wilful Defaulters. The Bank also formulated a
NO LlmL M lmOl M sL LM uzw rel p mri M Special Scheme for settlement of small value NPAs upto
exq z Gh, OYOU Gh AU `1 MUQ x Mq M LqLxLqD `10 lakh, with a thrust on education loans, tractor loans
and MSMEs below `1 crore.
Gh mU uzw krl MlSi Mr ar |

As at March 2015, the outstanding restructured assets

rj qc 2015 M oMr mlxUci Axi xupa (mlxUci portfolio (including restructured NPA accounts) of the
LlmL Zi xWi) `28371 MUQ UW e xMs Aaq M Bank stood at `28371 crore, accounting for 8.47% of
8.47% W | gross advances.

eZq mokl Risk Management

oxs III me mrmii Rc BASEL III Capital Adequacy Framework and

AU pu Uhlir Future Strategies
mkl Mrsr q oM q upll eZq mokl mWs M xqa An independent Risk Management Wing at the Head
Ofce is functioning as a nodal centre for overall
Mrlurl M sL xui m x lQs MlS M m q eZq
implementation of various risk management initiatives
mokl upa Mr MU UW W | xp 47 Acs Mrsr q across the Bank. Risk Management Sections are
eZq mokl Alpa MrUi W e eZq mokl upa M W functioning at all the 47 Circle Ofces of the Bank as an
uxiUi Aa W | extended arm of the Risk Management Wing.

The Bank has in place risk management policies across

oM q, pasM xiU mU AU xmh eZq mUZ x muUi
geographies and across all risks encompassing the entire
eZq mokl lir W | Clq, Gh eZq mokl, mUcsl gamut of risk prole. These include policies on Credit Risk
eZq mokl, oeU eZq mokl, Axi Sri mokl AU Management, Operational Risk Management, Market
xqW eZq mokl zqs W | Risk Management, Asset Liability Management and
Group Risk Management.
oM q, oxs II AU oxs III M xip 2 M iWi AiUM me
The Bank has in place an Internal Capital Adequacy
mrmii qsrMl mr (ADxLLm) Emsok W | ADxLLm Assessment Process (ICAAP) under Pillar 2 of Basel II and
mr q oM M bUs AU uSz mUcsl, Alwar, xrYi Basel III norms. The ICAAP exercise covers the domestic
Eq, mrei CMCr AU xWra xxj muUi W | ADxLLm and overseas operations of the Bank, the Subsidiaries,
msZ q Sou mUh xok ch zqs W | oQ M eZq Joint Ventures, Sponsored Entities and Associates.
mokl xqi AU lSzM qQs U ADxLLm msZ M Linkages to Stress Test Scenarios are also documented in
ICAAP. The ICAAP document is reviewed and approved by
xq AU AlqSl M ei W |
the Risk Management Committee of the Board and the
Board of Directors.
oM q me Arel xqi MrUi W AU xqi, oM M me
AmA M isl q AU MUoU Uhlir M isl q xq A Capital Planning Committee is in place. The Committee
AjM li M xxmwO ch mSl MUi W | xqi U, eZq articulates macroeconomic scenarios vis--vis capital
requirements of the Bank, in tune with business
pUi Axi M isl q me M EmrYi xiU M Almi olr
strategies. The Committee ensures maintenance of
UZl M oi xli M ei W AU me eOl M sL upll appropriate level of Capital to Risk Weighted Assets Ratio
uMsm M qsrMl Mr ei W | (CRAR) and evaluates various options for raising the
oxs II M iWi Elli SMh Amll
Adoption of Advanced Approaches under Basel II
Gh, oeU AU mUcsl eZq M xok q me M mUMsl In an endeavour to move towards Advanced Approaches
Wi oxs II M iWi Elli SMh Rc M AU oRl M Aml under Basel II for computation of capital for Credit, Market
mrx q LMMi eZq mokl xqkl M qkrq x Eq M and Operational Risk, the Bank has engaged the services
rlurl M Ezr x oM l xur ij xqW CMCr M sL of a Consultant for implementation of Enterprise-wide
mUqzSi M lr M W iM Ami eZq mokl Rc M Integrated Risk Management solution for itself and the
group entities, so as to build requisite risk management
lqh Mr e xM | framework.

Eq M Mrlurl M mum M m q urmM LMMi eZq As a pre-requisite for the implementation of Enterprise-
mokl xUcl - oM l eZq xqkl mmi Mr W exx M wide Integrated Risk Management architecture, the Bank
uW Elli qml SMh M AmA M mi MU xM | has procured a Risk Solution that would enable it to meet
requirements of Advanced Measurement Approaches.
Gh eZq M sL me pU M mUMsl Wi AiUM UOa The Bank has submitted Letters of Intent to RBI for
AkUi SMh (ADAUo) Amll M sL, oeU eZq adoption of Internal Rating Based (IRB) Approach for

M sL me pU M mUMsl Wi AiUM qQs SMh AU calculation of capital charge for Credit Risk, Internal
mUcsl xok eZq M sL me pU M mUMsl Wi Elli Models Approach for calculation of capital charge for
qml SMh Amll M sL oM l pUir Ueu oM M Azr Market Risk and Advanced Measurement Approach for
m mxii Mr W | calculation of capital charge for Operational Risk.

Preparedness for Basel III

oxs III M sL irU
The nal guidelines on Basel III Capital Regulations
oxs III me ulrqus xok Aiq SzlSz 1 Ams, became effective from 1st April, 2013. As per RBI guidelines,
2013 x mpu ol | pUir Ueu oM M SzlSz M AlxU, the transitional period for full implementation of Basel
oxs III me ulrqus M mh rlurl M mUui Auk III Capital regulations is extended up to 31.03.2019. The
M 31.03.2019 iM oR Sr ar W | qc 2019 M Ai iM banks in India need to maintain a minimum Common
pUi q xji oM M 5.50% M lrliq xql DYuO OrU Equity Tier 1 (CET1) capital of 5.50%, Tier 1 capital of
1 (xDO 1) me, 7.00% M OrU 1 me, 9% M Ms me 7.00%, Total Capital of 9% and Capital Conservation
AU 2.50% M me mUUh oTU (xxo) M olr UZl M Buffer (CCB) of 2.50% at the end of March 2019. The
AuzrMi W | oM M eZq AkUi me AmA M banks also have to maintain a minimum Tier 1 Leverage
Ratio of 4.5% during parallel run from 1st January, 2013 to
sWe x uzuxlr mimUM Emr M m q mUss Ul M SUl
1st January, 2017, as a credible supplementary measure to
1 eluU 2013 x 1 eluU 2017 iM 4.5% M lrliq OrU 1
the risk based capital requirements.
suUe Almi p olr UZl W |
The Bank endeavours to remain adequately capitalized
oM mrmi m x meMi UWl M sL mrx MU UW W ij and has drawn plans to meet the capital requirements
xqh SU M SUl pUir Ueu oM U lkUi me stipulated by RBI in transitory phase. The Bank has
AuzrMiA M mi M sL rel irU Mr W | pUi xUMU adequate headroom to raise capital from the market,
x ml:meMUh xqjl mmi MUl xWi oeU x me eOl M including recapitalization support from the Government
sL oM M mx mrmi aeCz W | Aa oRi WL, oM M me of India. Moving ahead, the Banks capital requirement
xok Am M mi - lr DYuO me sal, sp oUMUU shall be met by injecting fresh equity capital, retention
UZl, MUoU M CwOiq xiU iM s el AU me xok rel of prot, optimization of business levers and proactive
u mokl M eUL M e xMi W | capital planning and management.
Credit Risk Management
Gh eZq mokl The Bank has various risk management systems for
Gh eZq M mok MUl M sL oM M mx upll eZq managing Credit Risk with comprehensive policies and
mokl mhsr W AU urmM lir u Mrukr mcsi W | procedures in place.
Gh eZq mokl li q lqlsZi M xok q xmwO SzlSz The Credit Risk Management Policy articulates, among
zqs W: others, the guidelines on:
qsrMl u lhr sl M sL Gh qlSQ Lending norms for appraisal and decision making
EkUMiA M AiUM eZq UOa M AkU mU upll Delegation of credit sanctioning powers to various
authorities/Credit Approval Committees based on
mkMUr / Gh AlqSl xqir M qeU AkMU M
internal risk rating of the borrowers
mirrel |
Entry barriers based on risk rating
eZq UOa M AkU mU zAi AuUk
Risk Based Pricing
eZq AkUi Mqi lkUh
Loan Review Mechanism
Gh xq i
An exclusive Credit Monitoring Policy has been put in
LM uzw eZq laUl li lkUi M ar W | Gh laUl place. The loan review mechanism articulated in the Credit
Monitoring Policy covers the entire gamut of review and
li q EssZi Gh xq i q xq u laUl xok mh
monitoring as an effective tool for evaluating the loan
elMU muUi M ar W exx M Gh mxiM M saiU book continuously. It also intends to bring out qualitative
m x qsrMl Mr e xM | CxM Ezr, Gh mzxl u improvements in credit administration, including Credit
laUl upa U ukui m x lkUi Gh sZmU / eU Audit/ Pre-release Audit, duly administered by the Credit
mu sZmU xWi Gh mzxl q ahuiqM xkU sl W | Administration and Monitoring Wing.

oeU eZq mokl Market Risk Management
oM M oeU eZq Rc M Ezr, eZq LYxmeU u islr The Market Risk framework of the Bank aims at
lrliq qlShQ M isl q oeU eZq LYxmeU M mUqh maximizing the return by providing inputs regarding
M xok q lur mSl MU AkMiq misp mmi MUl W| the extent of market risk exposures, the performance
of portfolios vis-a-vis the risk exposure and comparable
LMMi qkr Mrsr AU eZq mokl upa M LMMi Mw benchmarks.
M qkr Mrsr oeU eZq LYxmeU mU laUl UZi W| Integrated Mid-Ofce and Mid Ofce of Integrated
LYxmeU sqO, ex xOm sx sqO Bl OQa oM, up Treasury of Risk Management Wing is monitoring Market
qSA M xji M oU q COQ u AuUlCO xq, QsU-uU Risk exposures. Exposure limits, such as, Stop Loss Limits
on Trading Book, intraday and overnight limit for various
xq, xMs AiU xq, qS oeU mUcsl M xqL, luz
Currency Positions, Dealer-wise limits, Aggregate Gap
xupa M sL xzki Auk xq AU eZq qsr xq,
Limit, Limits on Money Market Operations, Modied
eZq luUM / EimUM M m q Mr MUl Wi lkUi Mr Duration Limits for investment portfolio and VaR limits
ar W| Alr EimUM M xj SlM AkU mU Cl xqA mU are xed to act as risk mitigants/triggers. These limits,
laUl UZ ei W| oeU eZq M mpu mokl Wi LM along with other triggers, are monitored on a daily
xSR UmOa mhs lkUi M ar W| basis. A robust reporting system is in place for effective
management of Market Risk.
mUcsl eZq mokl Operational Risk Management
oM q mUcsl eZq mokl M Rc, liM qsr, xaPliqM
Operational Risk Management framework in the Bank
xxMi AU xz mUcsl Mrukr mU AkUi W exq is based on ethics, organization culture and strong
MmUO qsr, AiUM lrh xxMi, mpu AiUM UmOa operating procedures, involving corporate values,
AU AMxqM Arel xqWi W| internal control culture, effective internal reporting and
contingency planning.
oM l mUcsl eZq mokl Wi lir M Amlr W exq,
The Bank has adopted polices for management of
mUcsl eZq mokl Rc, BEOxxa aiukr AU xii Operational Risk, which covers various aspects, such as,
uruxr rel ex up mWs zqs W | uiql q oM qs Operational Risk Management Structure, Outsourcing
xMiM SMh (oADL) x oxs III Rc M Elli SMh Activities and Business Continuity Plan. At present,
M Amll M mr q W| oM l Elli SMh M Mrlurl M the Bank is in the process of migration to Advanced
sr ij bOl mokl, qZr eZq xMiM (MAUAD), eZq Approaches of Basel III framework from Basic Indicator
lrh u xu qsrMl (AUxLxL), mUcsl eZq M me Approach (BIA). The Bank has initiated process/activities
for implementation of Advanced Approaches and to put
pU M mUMsl M sL mUSzr uzswh lkUi MUl Wi mr
in place Incident Management, Key Risk Indicators (KRI),
/ aiukr mUp MU S W| Risk Control & Self Assessment (RCSA), Scenario Analysis
to compute capital charge for Operational Risk.
Axi Sri mokl
Axi Sri mokl mhs (LLsLq) cslk AU ore SU Asset Liability Management
eZq xok qqs M xsfi W iM Mqi-sai AiU,
Asset Liability Management (ALM) system addresses
spmSi Lu Sbuk uruWri M oc oWiU xisl olr issues related to liquidity and interest rate risks in order
UZ e xM| oM M lSzM qQs l Axi Sri mokl xok to maintain a good balance among spreads, protability
Mr xWi Axi u Sri M up bOM M sr ore SU and long-term viability. The Board of Directors of the
M lkUh, ElM xUcl, mUmYui u Auk- lkUh M Mr Bank has constituted an Asset Liability Management
M SZUZ MUl Wi Axi Sri mokl xqi (LLsxA) M Committee (ALCO) to oversee ALM functions, including
aPl Mr W| xation of interest rates for various components of assets
and liabilities, its composition, maturity and duration.
oM l SlM 01.01.2015 x iUsi muUh Almi (LsxAU) The Bank has implemented the RBI guidelines with
M xok q pUir Ueu oM M SzlSz M Mrlui Mr respect to Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) with effect from
W | rj 31.03.2015 M oM M LsxAU lrliq ulrqM 01.01.2015. As at 31.03.2015, LCR of the Bank is above
lkUi 60% x AkM W | the stipulated regulatory minimum of 60%.

xqW eZq Group Risk
oM M upll Alwar, xr Eq u mrei CMCr W, e The Bank has various Subsidiaries, Joint Ventures and
oWArq aiukr q sa WL W | oM M Cl xqWM DMCr Sponsored Entities, which are engaged in diversied
q mrmi WxxSU Wl M MUh oM l xqW eZq mokl activities. As the Bank has considerable stake in these
li M Amlr W iM AiU xqW xuruWU M eZq M Group Entities, it has adopted a Group Risk Management
mWcl MUi WL ElM Eci mokl Mr e xM AU xqWM Policy to identify and manage risk in intra Group
transactions and exposures to raise the standard of
CMCr M oc Wi M OMUu x oci WL / Mq MUi WL,
Corporate Governance by reducing /avoiding conicts of
MmUO Apzxl M xiU M EPr e xM AU urmU qlShQ
interest between the Group Entities and also to ensure
M xok q Cl CMCr M oc xui xuruWU M xi'' Arms Length Principle among Entities, in regard to
xli Mr e xM | business parameters.


mjqMi Aaq Priority Sector Advances

oM, Mw, xq Lu sb Eq, z, Aux, xq xZ, MqeU The Bank continues to accord importance to varied
goals under national priorities, including agriculture,
ua AU ulS AsmxZrM xqSr xWi Ur mjqMiA
micro and small enterprises, education, housing, micro-
M up sr M mmi M qWiu Si A UW W| credit, credit to weaker sections and specied minority
rj qc 2015 M oM M mjqMi Aaq 20.94% M
uwluw u Se MUi WL `118234 MUQ mr mWc ar AU Priority Sector Advances of the Bank as at March 2015
40% M Alur qlSQ M isl q xqrei lus oM Gh reached `118234 crore, recording a y-o-y growth of
20.94% and achieved 40.89% to Adjusted Net Bank Credit
(L Ll o x) M mi 40.89% Wxs Mr ar |
(ANBC) against 40% mandated norm.
(Uz ` MUQ q) (Amt. ` Crore)
mjqMi Aaq qc iM u Priority Sector As at March Growth
2014 2015 Uz % Advances 2014 2015 Amount %
Ms mjqMi 97762 118234 20472 20.94 Total Priority Sector 97762 118234 20472 20.94
Mw 48797 58868 10071 20.64 Agriculture 48797 58868 10071 20.64
mir Mw 44268 51437 7169 16.19 Direct Agriculture 44268 51437 7169 16.19

Mw si xZ xuiUh M iWi oM M Aaq 20.64% oRMU With a focus on credit delivery to Agriculture,
`58868 MUQ iM mWc ar W exq 53 sZ x AkM the Banks advances under agriculture portfolio
increased by 20.64% to `58868 crore, covering
Mxl muUi WL W| Mw Gh i iWi oM l 18% Alur
over 53 lakh farmers. Under agriculture lending,
qlSQ M isl q 20.36% mmi Mr W| uw 2014-15 M SUl the Bank achieved 20.36% to ANBC against 18%
oM M Mw M xZ xuiUh 9% M uwluw u M xj mandated norm. During 2014-15, the Banks
`45232 MUQ W ar W| agriculture credit disbursal increased to `45232
crore, with a growth of 9% over the previous year.
mir Mw M iWi oM M Aaq 16.19% M uwluw u M Advances under Direct Agriculture increased by
xj ` 51437 MUQ W ar W| oM l LLlox M iWi 13.5% 16.19% to `51437 crore and achieved 17.79% to
ANBC against 13.5% mandated norm. The Bank
M Alur qlSQ M isl q 17.79% Se Mr W| oM l
undertook special campaigns for extending Crop
Mxl / aU-Mxl M Txs Gh / xqlr QO MQ Loans/General Credit Cards (GCCs) facility to all
(exx) mSl MUl Wi uzw Aprl csr| farmers/non-farmers.

uw M SUl oM l `8653 MUQ M 5.85 sZ Mxl QO During the year, the Bank issued 5.85 lakh Kisan
MQ (Mxx) eU Mr W| rj qc 2015 iM Mxl QO Credit Cards (KCCs), amounting to `8653 crore.
The credit outstanding under KCCs was at `10330
MQ M iWi oM M oMr Gh Uz `10330 MUQ j| oM l
crore as at March 2015. 5.39 lakh Kisan RuPay
5.85 sZ m Zi q x 5.39 sZ M Mxl m MQ eU Cards were issued against eligible accounts of 5.85
MUM 92% M Emsok Wxs M W| lakh, with an achievement of 92%.
uw M SUl oM l Alr mjqMi , ex Uer U mrei During the year, the Bank also extended nancial
Al ei / Al el ei xaPl, Aux AU xq xZ M assistance to other priority sectors, such as, State
iWi AjM xWri mSl M W| sponsored organization for SCs/STs, housing and
micro credit.
oM l up xUMU mrei relA, ex mklq
The Bank actively participated in various
UeaU rel (mLqAUuD), mklq UeaU xel Mrq
Government Sponsored Schemes, such as, Prime
(mLqDem), xuheri aq xuUeaU rel (LxeLxuD), Ministers Employment Generation Programme
xuheri zWU UeaU rel (LxeLxAUuD), qs Rl us (PMEGP), National Rural Livelyhood Mission (NRLM)
M q Lu mlux rel (LxLsAULx), ij upSM ore SU and Differential Rate of Interest (DRI) Scheme.
(QAUAD) rel q xr m x pa sr| As at March 2015, the outstanding advances under
the following Government Schemes aggregated to
rj qc 2015 iM lqlsZi xUMU relA M iWi MUo `960 crore, involving around 2.34 lakh beneciaries.
2.34 sZ spjr mU Ms oMr Aaq `960
960 MUQ UW |
up xUMU mrei relA M iWi Mr lwmSl Performance under various Government Sponsored
(` MUQ q) (Amt. ` Crore)
qc 2015 MARCH 2015
rel M lq Scheme
Zi Uz Accounts Amount
mklq UeaU rel Prime Minister Rojgar Yojana
11258 143 11258 143
(mLqAUuD) (PMRY)
xuheri zWU UeaU rel Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar
13785 104 13785 104
(LxeLxAUuD) Yojana (SJSRY)
xuheri aq xuUeaU rel Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarozgar
26243 159 26243 159
(LxeLxuD) Yojana (SGSY)
qs Rl us M q Lu mlux Scheme for Liberation and Reha-
342 1.36 342 1.36
rel (LxLsAULx) bilitation of Scavengers ( SLRS)
upSM ore SU (QAUAD) 171762 173 Differential Rate of Interest (DRI) 171762 173
mklq UeaU xel Mrq Prime Minister Employment Gen-
11082 380 11082 380
(mLqDem) eration Programme (PMEGP)
Ms 234472 960 Total 234472 960

upSM ore SU (QAUAD) M iWi 1.72 spjr M `173 Advances to DRI stood at `173 crore, consisting of 1.72
MUQ M Aaq mSl Mr exq x aqh u Ak-aqh lakhs beneciaries, of which, advances by rural and semi-
urban branches amounted to `133 crore.
zZA M Sr ar Aaq `133 MUQ UW|
In support of the underprivileged sections of the society,
xqe M xukUWi ua M xqjl q rj qc 2015 M 5.52
the Banks advances to SCs/STs beneciaries amounted
sZ Ae/Aee spjr M oM l `6466 MUQ M Aaq to `6466 crore as at March 2015, covering 5.52 lakh
mSl Mr | Ae / Aee M Sr ar Aaq Ms mjqMi borrowers. The advances to SCs/STs comprised 5.46% of
M Sr ar Aaq M 5.46% UW | total priority sector advances.

xqe M MqeU ua M Sr ar Ms Aaq 29% u M Advances to weaker sections grew by 29% to `38649
xj `38649 MUQ UW e 10% M Alur qlSQ M isl q crore, constituting 13.37% to ANBC against mandated
LLlox M 13.37% UW | norm of 10%.

rj qc 2015 M MqeU ua M Sr ar Aaq M up Various components of Advances to Weaker Sections as

bOM (` MUQ q) at March 2015 (Amt. ` Crore)

oMr Outstanding
Zi Uz Accounts Amount
sb u xqi MwM, pqWl Small & Marginal Farmers,
qM MziMU, MwM u Landless Labourers, Tenant
oODSU Farmers and Share Croppers 3497318 33854
3497318 33854
MUaU, aq AU MOU Artisans, Village and
Ea 50443 729 Cottage Industries 50443 729
A e / A e e spj 551639 6466 SC/ST Beneciaries 551639 6466
Q AU AD Gh 171762 173 DRI Loans 171762 173
LxeLxuD spj 26243 159 SGSY Beneciaries 26243 159
LxeLxAUuD spj 13785 104 SJSRY Beneciaries 13785 104
LxLce/LleA/LqLTAD 112830 2499 SHGs/NGOs/MFIs 112830 2499
LxLsAULx M Aaq 342 1.36 Advances to SLRS 342 1.36

rj qc 2015 M ulS AsmxZrM xqSr M Sr ar As at March 2015, advances to specied minority

Ms Aaq `22766 MUQ UW e 15% M lkUi xiU M isl communities aggregated to ` 22766 crore, accounting
q Ms mjqMi M Sr ar Aaq M 19.26% UW | for 19.26% of the total priority sector advances against
the stipulated 15% norm.
Ur aqh euM qzl
National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM)
aqh uMx qsr U Mrlui AeuM (UwOr aqh Under the Scheme Aajeevika (National Rural
euM qzl) M iWi rj 01.04.2013 M oS Gh xWo Livelihood Mission) implemented by Ministry of Rural
qWs xur xWri xqW (QosrLxLce) M `3.00 sZ Development, Women Self-Help Groups (WSHGs) credit
iM M Uz M sL 7% M SU x Gh xuk qWr MUr linked after 01.04.2013 would be provided credit facilities
eLa | Aa, iuUi m x Gh M cMi MUl us qWs xur at 7% ROI up to `3.00 lakh. Further, prompt repaying
xWri xqW (QosrLxLce) M 3% M AiUYi ore AlSl WSHGs will get additional interest subvention at 3%.
mSl M eLa | uiql q 150 ua - 1 es q rel M Presently, the Scheme is being implemented in 150
Category-I Districts. Canara Bank was selected to act as
Mrlurl Mr e UW W | Cx rel M Mrlui MUl M sL
the nodal bank for implementation of the Scheme and
MlU oM M lQs oM M m q crl Mr ar AU aqh
MoU was signed with Ministry of Rural Development,
uMx qsr, pUi xUMU M xj xWqi ml mU WxiU Government of India. An exclusive web portal was
Mr ar | Bl sCl qkrq x xSxr oM U Su M mxii developed for submission of claims by member banks
M sL LM Asa uo mOs uMxi Mr ar | through online mode.
Ur aq euM qzl (LlAULsLq) l SlM 01.04.2013 NRLM has replaced the existing SGSY Scheme with effect
x uiql xuheri aq xuUeaU rel (LxeLxuD) from 01.04.2013 and the Bank is selected as Nodal Bank
M mixjmi Mr W | WqU oM M uwrai rel M for administration of the subsidy for the subject scheme.
AlSl M mzxl M sL lQs oM M m q crli Mr W |
The consolidated claims handled under NRLM for
LlAULsLq M iWi xcsi MlU oM xWi xp xSxr all member banks, including Canara Bank, are as
oM M Ms Su lqlui W :- under.

(` MUQ q) (Amt. ` Crore)
Zi M xZr Su M aD No of Accounts Amount of
uw Year ( Actual) Subsidy claimed
(uxiuM) AlSl Uz
2013-14 619933 268.41 2013-14 619933 268.41
2014-15 411499 204.10 2014-15 411499 204.10
Ms 1031432 472.51 Total 1031432 472.51

xq, sb u qkrq Eq
Eq (LqLxLqD) EkU Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) Lending
rj qc 2015 M xq, sb u qkrq Eq (LqLxLqD) M Advances to MSMEs increased by 21.11% to `60604 crore
mSl Mr ar Aaq 21.11% u M xj `60604 MUQ W as at March 2015. Credit to Micro & Small Enterprises
ar | xq u sb Eq (Lq u LxD) ua M Sr ar Aaq (M&SE) segments rose to `46305 crore, with a 26.16%
46305 MUQ UW AU Cxq Alur 20% qlM M isl q growth against mandated 20% norm. Share of Micro
26.16% M u Se WD | qkrq u sb Eq (LqLxLqD) q credit in M&SE improved to 60% from 55.84% last year.
xq Gh M Wxx mNs uw M 55.84% M ssl q xkU The number of Micro Enterprises accounts recorded a
Se Wl WL 60% UW | xq Eq Zi M xZr q Alur growth of 33.22% against mandated norm of 10%.
10% M isl q 33.22% M u WD | During the year, the Bank took several initiatives to
uw M SUl oM l LqLxLqD M Gh muW oRl M sL increase the ow of credit to MSME sector.
MD mWs ML | 162 specialized SME branches and 48 SME Sulabhs
(Specialised SME Processing Centres) for faster
Gh mxiu M iuUi mxxMUh M sL Sz pU q 162
processing of credit proposals are functioning
uzwMi LxLqD zZL ij 48 LxLqD xsp (uzwMi
throughout the country.
LxLqD mxxMUh MlS) MrUi W |
To extend nancial assistance to micro and small
xq u sb Eq M MD xmM mipi M ol ij
enterprises without any collateral security and
xUsMi Gh zi mU ur xWri mSl MUl M sL with relaxed lending terms, new segment specic
QYOx cCx, LqLxD xqO, LqLxLqD Mm, LqLxLqD schemes have been launched, such as, Doctors
uWl, LqLxD uei, MlU MlOYOU rel, MlU MUu, Choice, MSE SMART, MSME CAP, MSME Vahan, MSE
nsuU ij LqLxLqD LYxm ex ZQ uzw relA M Vijeta and Canara Contractors Scheme, Canara
z Mr ar | CARAVAN, Flavour and MSME Expo .
uzw YsxOU ij aiukr M mSl M elus Gh M To increase exposure to specic clusters and
oRl M sL lL / YsxOU uzw relA ex Ale activities, new area/cluster specic Schemes have
zsU rel, Ss qs rel, Me mxxU rel AS z been launched/continued, such as, Rice Shellers
Mr / eU UZ ar | Scheme, Dal Mills Scheme and Cashew Processors
eaMi mS MUl M sL qa xZ zuU M Arel
Mr ar ij LqLxLqD M Gh muW oRl M sL Mega Credit camps were conducted to create
xi M AmUh Mr ar | awareness and pool sources for increased credit ow
to MSME sector.
xTs Eqi M sL xW qaSzl u AuzrM elMU
mSl MUl M Ezr x up xUMU upa ij xjlr Summits were arranged at ten centres for start-up
xaPl M AkMUr M zqs MUi WL Sx zWU q lL entrepreneurs, involving functionaries from different
Eqr M sL zZU (xqqO) xqqsl M Arel Mr Government Departments and local industrial
organizations for necessary inputs and guidance for
ar |
successful entrepreneurship.
mUrel UmO irU MUl M sL, qsrMl M sL ij MSME Consultancy Services Cells were established
LqLxLqD Eqr M mUqzS xuL Emsok MUl M in ve major centres for project report preparation,
sL mc qZr MlS q LqLxLqD mUqzS xu M M appraisal and other consultancy services to MSME
aPl Mr ar | entrepreneurs.

Acs Mrsr xiU mU xq Eq M xWri mSl MUl Micro Enterprises Business Centres were established
M sL xq Eq MUoU MlS M xjml M aD | at Circle Ofces for handholding Micro Enterprises.
In order to support the marketing efforts of the
LqLxLqD Eqr M umhl mrx M xWri mSl MUl
MSME entrepreneurs, the Bank has launched a
M sL oM l www.canbankemart.com lq x uoxCO
website www.canbankemart.com and also E-store to
u ElM EimS M mSzl M sL D-xOU z Mr W |
display their products.
oM l LqLxLqD M iWi oM M up mWs M xok q The Bank has launched an exclusive website
Eci elMU M sL www.canaramsme.com uoxCO www.canaramsme.com for easy access and
z M W | understanding of MSME initiatives.
The online submission of MSME applications and
LqLxLqD aWM U LqLxLqD AuSl M mxiiMUh u
tracking thereof by the customers is facilitated and
OMa urmM iU mU Mr ei W |
used extensively by the MSME clientele.
mWs oU oM x Gh AuSl MUl us LqLxLqD The Bank has introduced a Credit Scoring Model to
Eqr M qsrMl MUl M sL LM QO xMUa qQs evaluate the MSME entrepreneurs who apply loan
z Mr W | from the Bank for the rst time
Entrepreneur Development Centre has been set
EpUi Eqr M up AuzrMiA M mi, ex
up at Head Ofce to cater to the needs of budding
LqLxLqD M iWi clir u AuxU x xoki elMUr
entrepreneurs by way of assimilation of information
M Aiqxi MUl, xar M Arel, mzh mWs,
regarding the challenges and opportunities under
xoki xaPl M xj ucU-uqz AS ij lrqi
MSME, conducting of seminars, training initiatives,
mMA M qkrq x E M mcU-mxU M sL upa q interaction with the concerned organizations and
Eq uMx MlS M aPl Mr ar W | propagation of the same through regular bulletins.

LqLxLqD CMCr M laUl u Txsl mokl xok An exclusive set up has been established at Head
mWsA mU aU MUl M sL ij xUMU SzlSz Ofce to look into the aspects of monitoring, slippage
M AlxU LqLxLqD CMCr M mlux u mlaPl M management and handholding in times of stress by
qkrq x qSS MUl Wi upa q LM uzw M M aPl way of rehabilitation and restructuring of MSME
Mr ar W | units as per Government guidelines
The Bank has instituted awards for best performing
ruA M oc Eqi M mixWi MUl M sL ij MSME Entrepreneurs at State level to promote and
AlMUhr oll M sL Uer xiU mU xuq MrlwmSl encourage entrepreneurship amongst the youth.
MUlus LqLxLqD Eqr M sL mUxMU rel mri
M aD W| The Bank received an amount of `21.93 crore from
the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises,
xZ xo me AjM xWri rel (xLsxLxLx) M Government of India, during the year as a Nodal Agency
iWi LqLxLqD M iMlM xiUrl Wi lQs Lelx M m for Technology Upgradation of MSMEs under Credit
q oM l uw M SUl xq, sb u qkrq Eq, pUi xUMU x Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS) and fully released
`21.93 MUQ M Uz mmi M AU uw M SUl Cx mU Uz M the amount during the year. The Bank also received
lqcl Mr ar | CxM xj-xj oM l iMlM xiUrl and released subsidy of `73.21 crore under Technology
lk rel (OrLTLx) M iWi `73.21 MUQ M AlSl, Z Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS), `6.40 crore under Plan
mxxMUh Ea M iMlM xiUrl (LqALTmAD) M iWi Scheme of Technology Upgradation of Food Processing
`6.40 MUQ M ij cl Emq 2014 (LxDLTLLxr)M Industries (MOFPI) and `87 lakh under Scheme for
ur xWri mSl MUl M sL `87 sZ M AlSl mmi Extending Financial Assistance to Sugar Undertakings
Mr u mU Uz M lqcl p Mr ar | 2014 (SEFASU).

ur xquzl Financial Inclusion

uiir xquzl M mi xqa SMh A Holistic Approach to Financial Inclusion

oMa xu M SrU x oWU UW ar eli M oMa M qZrkU With the basic objective of bringing the large unserved
M Aiai sl M qs Ezr x uiir SrU x oWU u uzw population under the banking mainstream, the Bank
m x xqe M xqi ua M ur EimS u xuA M is striving towards a more inclusive growth by making
nancial products and services available to nancially
qWr MUl M sL oM mrxUi W | pUi xUMU u pUir
excluded and marginalized sections of society in
Ueu oM M lSz M AlxU oM ur xquzl M LeQ
particular. As per the Government of India and the Reserve
M up xqW q cU qWiumh Emr, ex oMa xUcl M Bank of India directions, the Bank has been actively
uxiUh, Eci ur EimS M mzMz, maM M urmM pursuing the agenda of Financial Inclusion (FI), with key
AU aWl Emra AU WikUM xWpai M xj xr m x interventions in four groups, viz., expanding banking
Aa oR UW W | infrastructure, offering appropriate nancial products,
making extensive and intensive use of technology and
uw M SUl, oM l SzpU M oM UWi 10049 AoOi au through advocacy of Financial Literacy.
M xTsimuM muUi Mr | oMa xuk UWi au q 270 During the year, the Bank has successfully covered all the
ur xquzl zZL Zs AU Cx mMU zZ qQs M iWi allotted 10049 unbanked villages across the country. The
ur xrquzl us Ms zZL oRMU 806 W aD | oM l Bank opened 270 Financial Inclusion (FI) branches during
il MmUO MUoU milkr (ox) lqi: qxx COa qC the year in unbanked villages, taking the total tally of
xxOqx (m.) sqOQ, qxx Tl mOM ij qxx xLxx FI branches to 806 under branch model. The Bank has
engaged 2459 Business Correspondents Agents (BCAs)
C-aullx xuxe CQr sqOQ M zqs MUi WL MUoU
under Business Correspondents (BC) model by engaging
milk (ox) qQs M iWi 2459 MUoU milk LeO three Corporate BCs, viz., M/s Integra Micro Systems (P)
(oxL) M lrYi Mr W | CxM xj oM l 544 Ai sb Ltd, M/s Fino Paytech and M/s CSC e-Governance Services
zZL Zs exq x 65 M ur xquzl zZA M m India Ltd. Besides, the Bank had opened 544 Ultra Small
q xiUrl Mr ar W | rj qc 2015 M 479 Ai sb Branches (USBs), out of which 65 were upgraded as
zZL MrUi W | FI branches. There were 479 USBs operational as at
March 2015.
uiir xquzl zZA q MUoU eOr el Business canvassed in the new FI Branches

rj qc 2015 M u.x. zZA M MUoU `8670 MUQ M The business of FI branches reached a level of `8670 crore
xiU iM mWc | Cl zZA M eqL Ms eqA M 54% M as at March 2015. The CASA deposits of these branches
xj 2149 MUQ UW | stood at `2149 crore, constituting 54% of total Deposits.

qs oci oM eq (oLxoQ) Zi M xji Position of Basic Savings Bank Deposit (BSBD) Accounts

oM l uw M SUl 54.56 sZ oLxoQ Zi Zs exx qs The Bank opened 54.56 lakh BSBD accounts during
oci oM eq (oLxoQ) Zi M xZr rj qc 2015 M the year, taking the tally of BSBD accounts as at March
2015 to 1.39 crore, with an outstanding deposits of
`2401 MUQ M Ms eq M xj 1.39 MUQ iM e mWc |
`2401 crore.
xZ xoi
Credit Linkage
uiir mWc xlzci MUl M Sz q oM U Mr ar
Financial deepening is yet another endeavour by the
LM AU xjM mrx W eW oM l MlU lr Sz rel Bank in providing various other facilities, like, In-Built
M iWi Cl-osO AuU QnO (ADAQ), Mxl QO MQ Overdrafts (IODs), Kisan Credit Cards (KCCs), General

(Mxx), xqlr QO MQ (exx), upSM ore SU Credit Cards (GCCs), Differential Rate of Interest Scheme
rel (QAUAD), xu xWri xqW (LxLce), xq xZ (DRI), Self Help Groups (SHGs), Micro Credit Groups
xqW (Lqxe), xq oq u xq mzl ex upll Alr (MCGs), Micro Insurance and Micro Pension under Canara
xukL mSl M W | uw M SUl EmU xZ xoi q xkU Nayee Disha Scheme. Improvement in the above credit
lqlui W: linkages during the year is as under.
Cl-osO AuU QnO ADAQ - `66 MUQ Uz x 3.30 IODs - In built OD facility permitted to 3.30 lakh
sZ spjr M Cl-osO AQ xuk M Alqi S beneciaries, amounting to `66 crore.
ar |
KCCs - During the year, the Bank issued
Mxl QO MQ (Mxx) - uw M SUl, oM l `8653 5.85 lakh KCCs, amounting to `8653 crore. As at
MUQ Uz x 5.85 sZ MQ spjr M eU Mr | March 2015, the credit outstanding under KCCs was
rj qc 2015 M Mxx M iWi Gh M oMr `10330 at `10330 crore.
DRIs- During the year, the Bank nanced 70332
QAUAD - uw M SUl oM l QAUAD rel M iWi persons under DRI Scheme, with total assistance of
70332 urr M uiimwi Mr exM Aiai `99 `99 crore. DRI outstanding at the end of year was
MUQ M Ms xWri mSl M ar | uwi iM 1.71 sZ 1.71 lakh accounts, with a balance of `172 crore.
Zi xWi QAUAD q oMr ` 172 MUQ UW |
SHGs - 41319 SHGs were formed during the year and
xu-xWri xqW (LxLce) - uw M SUl 41319 credit linked 42066 SHGs, with credit of `903 crore.
xu-xWri xqW (LxLce) M aPl Mr ar | Ms The outstanding SHGs at the end of the year stood at
`903 MUQ xWi 42066 xu-xWri xqW (LxLce) 114698 accounts, with a balance of `2456 crore.
Gh xo WL | uwi iM 114698 sZ LxLce Zi
Micro Insurance
xWi LxLce q oMr `2456 MUQ UW
The Bank provided life coverage to 70320 BSBD account
xq oq
holders under Micro Insurance Policy during the year.
uw M SUl oM l xq oq li M iWi 70320 oLxoQ
Micro Finance Branches
ZikUM M oq muUh qWr MUr |
The Bank has opened 19 Micro Finance branches in urban
xq uii zZL
centres. These branches mobilized a total business of
oM l zWU MlS q 19 xq uii zZL Zs W | Cl `441 crore as at March 2015.
zZA l rj qc 2015 M Ms `441 MUQ M MUoU Canara Gramodaya Scheme
eOr W |
On 19th November, 2013, the Banks Founders Day, a
MlU aqa rel new Scheme called Canara Gramodaya was launched for
19 luoU 2013 M oM M xxjmM Sux M AuxU mU, oM U holistic development of 65 villages and 3 slums adopted
AaMi 65 au u 3 faa fmQ r M xW qrl q uMx by the Bank for bringing in socio-economic and cultural
xli MUl M Ezr x MlU aqa lqM LM lD rel changes through credit and non-credit support.
M zpUp Mr ar iM xZ u aU-xZ xqjl M eUL Financial Literacy Centres (FLCs)
xqeM - AjM u xxMiM mUuil sr e xM
The Bank has set up 65 FLCs to provide nancial education
uir xUi MlS (LTLsx) to common man. So far, these FLCs have contacted 17
oM l Aq sa M ur xUi mSl MUl M sL 65 lakh persons and counselled 2.05 lakh persons. The Bank
uir xUi MlS xjmi Mr W | Ao iM Cl xUi MlS l has conducted various Financial Literacy activities as
17 sZ sa x xmM Mr W ij 2.05 sZ sa M xsW under:
S W | oM l up xUi rMsm lqlui Arei M W: A comic book on Money and Savings was brought
MqM oM `qS AU oci' 09 pwA q mMzi MU out in 9 languages and distributed to 2 lakh people
MU AkzWU u aqh zZA M qkrq x aqh N u through the rural and semi urban branches to reach
MwM xqSr q 2 sZ sa M uiUi Mr ar | the rural students and the farming community.

iqs lQ, MlOM u MUs q Aah LleA/LxLce M 35 Financial Literacy programmes were organized for
1057 liiu M sL 35 ur xUi Mrq Arei ML 1057 leaders of NGOs/SHGs in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka
and Kerala.
aL |
Financial literacy programme on banking and nance
MlOM Uer aqh xUMU xMs q oMa AU u mU was conducted for the rural Government Schools in
Mrq Arei ML aL exq OosO mx M qkrq Karnataka State through the use of Tablet PC in 26
x 26 xMs q 5000 N spui WL ij EU mSz M schools and about 5000 students were beneted
AaU u AsaR es M 30 aqh xMs q MqM and in 30 rural schools each in Agra and Aligarh
districts in Uttar Pradesh by distributing the comic
oM uiUi MUi WL 30,000 N M spui Mr ar |
books, beneting 30,000 students. Financial Literacy
MlOM M cSa es q 5 aqh xMs q 46 zM programmes were also organized for 46 teachers in
M sL ur xUi Mrq M Arel Mr ar, e ve rural schools in Chitradurga district, Karnataka
oS q N M ur xUi mSl MUa ij Elq ur who in turn will impart nancial literacy to the
eaMi uMxi MUa | students and upgrade their nancial awareness.

20 Yakshagana plays were organized to spread

oM l EU MlU AU zqa es q ur xUi Tsl
nancial literacy to the villagers in the districts of
Wi 20 ral lOM M Arel U 4500 aqh M Shivamogga and Uttara Kannada, beneting 4500
sp mWcr ar | villagers.

WqU aqh u Ak-zWU zZA M qkrq x pUir Financial Diary in Hindi brought out by RBI and
Ueu oM U WlS q mMzi ur QrU sa q distributed to the public through our rural and semi
urban branches, reaching 70000 people.
uiUi MUi WL 70000 sa M spui Mr ar |
Financial Literacy programmes on banking and
MlOM Uer M xSU aqh q 8 sZ sa M MuU nance was broadcast through Community Radio
MUi Wi xqSrM UQr xOzl (90.4 LT Lq) mU oMa Station (90.4 FM) to cover 8 lakh population in remote
u u mU ur xUi Mrq mxUi MUr ar | rural areas in Karnataka State.

mq oas u AQx M sa M xqcU m q uml People of West Bengal and Odisha were educated
on safe parking of their funds through the paper
M eUL mx xUi UZl mU zi Mr ar | advertisements.
sa M xq u, xUi luz, exx, Mxx, 6 Television Commercials (TVCs) made on Financial
oLxoQ Zi u LqLxLqD mU ur xUi mU zi Literacy educating the public on micro insurance,
MUi WL 6 Ou uml irU MU SUSzl M Ur u safe investment, GCCs, KCCs, BSBD accounts and
MSME and telecast during all episodes of RBI quiz
xWrS cls mU pUir Ueu oM M Yue mirai M
telecast through DD National and DD Sahyadri.
xp Mrq q mxUi MUr ar |
100 Street Plays, as a part of Financial Literacy, were
oWU, AQx, EU mSz u mq oas Uer q ur conducted in the States of Bihar, Odisha, Uttar
xUi M m q 100 lYYQ lOM Arei ML aL | Pradesh and West Bengal.

eluU 2015 M SUl 3 xucNM xxjl M xWra x 13 13 Financial Literacy Camps conducted in association
with 3 voluntary agencies, wherein 720 participants
ur xUi Mqm saL aL exq 720 mipar M
were trained during the month of January 2015.
mzi Mr ar |
A Radio talk and interaction programme on Kali
MlOM q AMzuh LTLq mU Ms mz, MOqo Wl'' Purse, Kaitumba Hanawas aired in Karnataka on All
lqM mUcc Mrq mxUi MUi WL mklq elkl India Radio FM, giving all the benets and details
rel M xp sp u uuUh M oii WL sa M slSl of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) and
MUl Wi mixWi Mr ar | motivating the people to do transactions.

ur xUi q ie sl M sL uzw m x LM A Facilitator engaged exclusively for intensifying the
xukmSi M lr M W | Financial Literacy efforts.
Financial Literacy Coordinators were engaged Pan
SzpU q uir xUi xreM UZ aL e Aml Em
India to monitor and motivate the Bank Mitras to
q oM q M laUl u ElW mixWi MUi WL sa M accelerate Financial Literacy in their Sub Service
AkM slSl MUl M sL mixWi MU xM | Areas (SSAs) and encourage the people to do more
oM q M pUir oMa u u CTxOYcU sea
u TClxrs xuxe xxjl M qkrq x mzi Mr Bank Mitras were trained through Indian Institute
of Banking & Finance and Infrastructure Leasing &
ar | ElW oM u MmUO ox U oMa u maM mWs
Financial Services Limited. They were also provided
mU aWl mzh p Sr ar | with extensive training on Banking and Technology
AkU lqMl aspects by the Bank and the Corporate BC.
AADHAAR Enrolments
oM l 7 AkU lqMl Lexr M mlso Mr W | Ao iM
Bank has empanelled 7 Aadhaar Enrolment Agencies. A
Ms 101 sZ lqMl ML e cM W | oM 100 AkU xZr
total of 101 lakh enrolments have been done so far. The
xQa MUi WL xp oM q mjq xjl mU W | Bank occupies number 1 position among all the Banks
mir sp AiUh (QoO) rel Mrlurl in Aadhaar seeding, with 100 lakhs Aadhaar numbers
oM l xzki QoO/ QoOLs M iWi luoU 2014 x Implementation of Direct Benet Transfer (DBT) Scheme
`328.85 MUQ mxxMi MUi WL 81.27 slSl M xTsimuM
Bank has successfully launched modied DBTL from
xcsl Mr W | November 2014. 81.27 lakhs transactions amounting to
mklq el-kl rel (mLqeQuD `328.85 crores have been processed under modied DBT/
oM l mLqeQuD M iWi 64.76 sZ Zi ZsMU xp
Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)
Zi q m QoO MQ eU Mr W | Cl Zi q `858
The Bank opened 64.76 lakh accounts under PMJDY
MUQ Mx eq eOr W |
and RuPay Cards have been issued to all accounts.
oM q D-MuDx Emra M sMmr oll M sL xp These accounts have mobilized a CASA deposit of
zZA ij ox xjl mU D-MuDx AuSl Emsok `858 crore.
MUr W | CxM AiU xqr-xqr mU D-MuDx Aprl To popularize the e-KYC usage in the Bank, e-KYC
p csr ar W | application has been ported in all branches and BC
locations. In addition, e-KYC campaigns have been
oM q M qkrq x pail xuk mSl MUl Wi ElW launched from time to time.
mS WxikUi qzl M m MQ xuMU MUl Wi xqji To provide the facility of payments through the Bank
Mr ar W | Mitras, handheld devices provided to them was
enabled to accept the RuPay Cards.
AixiMi M xj olD aD rel M qkrq x xp
Through meticulous planning, the Household survey
AoOi 3962 LxLxL ij 3371 uQ q mUuU M xuh
was completed in all the allotted 3962 SSAs and
Mr lkUi xqr xq M piU mU Mr ar | AoOi 3371 Wards well within the timeline. Each household
LxLxL ij uQ q mirM mUuU q Mq x Mq 1 Zi in the allotted SSAs and Wards were covered with
Zs aL | oM l 69.67 sZ bU M xuh Mr W ij at least one account per household. The Bank has
mr W M 35 sZ mUuU M mx Aml oM Zi lW W surveyed 69.67 lakh households and found 35 lakh
| oM l 60.38 sZ Zi Zs W ij 10 SxoU 2014 M households were not having their accounts. The Bank
xp LxLxL ij uQ M xbli bwi MU Sr W ij opened 60.38 lakh accounts and declared all the SSAs
and Wards as saturated on 10th of December 2014
pUi xUMU U xUW ar W |
and was appreciated by the Government of India.
oM l 11 luoU 2014 M MUs Uer, eW oM Uer xiUr The Bank declared the State of Kerala as saturated on
oMU xqi (LxLsox) M xreM W, M xbli bwi 11th of November, 2014, where the Bank is Convenor
MU Sr W | of the State Level Bankers Committee (SLBC).

oM l mLqeQuD M iWi Os T loU (1800 425 11 The Bank has put in place a Grievance Redressal
222) mSl MUi WL zMri luUh i xjmi Mr W Mechanism by providing a toll free No (1800 425 11
ij Ex Ur SlM q mMzi MUr ar W | Cx loU M 222) for PMJDY and the same has been published
in national dailies. The number is also published in
WqU xp mLqeQuD M uml, mM,olU u mxOU q
all our PMJDY advertisements, leaets, banners and
mMzi MUr ar W | oM l up xjl mU olU/WQa/ posters. The Bank has put up banners/hoardings/
mxOU u us mOa sar W | qSh u CsYOlM qQr posters and wall paintings at various locations.
M qkrq x mcU xli Mr ar W | Publicity ensured through print and electronic media.
Aah oM rel Lead Bank Scheme
The Bank has been assigned additional lead bank
Ur Uekl Sss M 03 qO es q oM M AiU Aah
responsibilities in 3 Metro Districts of Delhi National
oM EUSriu Sr ar W | CxM xj W oM M Aah oM Capital Territory. With this, the Banks lead bank
EUSriu M xZr oRMU Sz M 29 es q W aD W elq responsibilities increased to 29 districts in the country,
x MlOM q 08, iqslQ q 07 MUs u EUmSz q 05, viz., 8 in Karnataka, 7 in Tamil Nadu, 5 in Kerala, 5 in Uttar
Sss q 03 AU oWU q 01 es q W | MUs q rW oM Pradesh, 3 in Delhi and 1 in Bihar. The Bank is the Convenor
UerxiUr oMx xqi(Lx o Lxs x) M xreM W | of the State Level Bankers Committee (SLBC) in Kerala.
Women Empowerment
qWs xzMUh
Department of Women Empowerment at Head
qWsA M AjM xzMUh M sL mkl Mrsr,oasU Ofce, Bangaluru and Centres for Entrepreneurship
q qWs Eqi uMx MlS (xDQQosr) AU 47 Acs Development for Women at 47 Circle Ofces are working
Mrsr q MlS Mr MU UW W| Cl MlS U uw 2014-15 towards economic empowerment of women. These
M SUl 33126 qWsA M sp mWci WL 391 mzh Centres organized 391 training programmes, benetting
Mrq M Arel Mr ar W elq 184 xqlr /Mzs 33,126 women during 2014-15, including 184 General/
Skill Entrepreneurship Development Programmes
Eqi uMx Mrq (DQm), 78 Eqi eaMi Mrq
(EDP), 78 Entrepreneurship Awareness Programmes, 80
AU 80 xar/MUrU aCQx Mrq zqs W | oM l 49 Seminars/ Career Guidance Programmes and 49 Canara
MlU Eixu /MlU oeU Arei MUi WL qWs Eq M Utsav/ Canara Bazar Marketing Melas. The Centers have
umhl xWri p Emsok MUr | qWs Eqi uMx MlS also assisted in formation of SHGs and credit linkages.
l ClW xur xWri xqW lqh u QO sMe q xWri An exclusive Rural Self Employment Training Institute
M W | MlOM M WUWss q xji aqh xuUeaU mzh was set up at Harohalli, Karnataka to provide EDP skill
xxjl Eqi uMx Mrq U qWsA M Mzs mzh trainings to women in various vocations, enabling them
to take up self employment ventures. 18,569 women
Si W AU up uruxr q xuUeaU Emq z MUl M have been trained since inception, out of which 1061
sL ElW xq oli W | xxjl U xjml M oS x 18569 women have been trained during 2014-15.
qWsA M mzi Mr W, elq x 1061 qWsA M uw
Apart from 2 exclusive Mahila Banking Branches, catering
2014-15 M SUl mzi Mr ar W | to the banking needs of women, the Bank has converted
oM l qWs aWM mU krl Sl Wi S uzwMi qWs oMa 14 branches into All Women Employee Branches across
zZA M Asu SzpU M 14 zZA M mh qWs the country to give a focus to women clientele. The Bank
assisted 23.86 lakh women, with credit outstanding
MqcU zZ'' q mUuii Mr W | oM l rj qc 2015 M to the tune of `37783 crore as at March 2015 and
`37783 MUQ M Gh oMr M xj 23.86 sZ qWsA M achieved 13.07% to ANBC as against RBIs requirement
xWri M W ij pUir Ueu oM M LLlox M 5% M of 5%. Several concessions have been given to women,
Akql AuzrMi M Lue q 13.07 mmi Mr W | qWsA including relaxation in eligibility norms and 0.50%
M AlM Urri S ar W exq NA M z Gh q mi interest concession on educational loans to girl students,
lrq q NO M xj 0.50% ore SU q Urri, `2 MUQ iM 0.50% interest concession for loans and advances to
women beneciaries under Micro & Small Enterprises
M LqLxLqD Gh M iWi qWs spjr M 0.50% ore
upto `2 crore. A new Loan Scheme MSE Vijeta has
Urri zqs W | uw M SUl xq u sb Eq M iWi qWs been introduced during the year for granting loans
spjr M sL `200 sZ iM M Gh M sL LM lD Gh upto `200 lakh to women entrepreneurs under Micro
rel LqLxD uei'' sa M ar W | oM U qWsA M & Small Enterprises. Canara Mahila Savings Scheme, a
sL AlM NO u xukA M xj LM uzw oci oM EimS special Savings Bank Product with many concessions and
MlU qWs oci rel p sa M ar W | facilities, was also launched by the Bank for women.


xLxAU aiukr q Miql xjmi MUl Setting Examples in CSR Activities

oM xxjmM xi u xSr mUl mUqmU M msl MUi WL Following founding principles and century old tradition,
up MmUO xqeM Sriu (xLxAU) aiukr q sa the Bank is engaged in varied Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) activities. CSR initiatives of the
WA W | oM M MmUO xqeM Sriu mWs oWArq W
Bank are multifarious, covering activities, like, training
exq oUeaU aqh ruM M mzi MUl ,mjqM xuxjr unemployed rural youth, providing primary health care,
SZps, mr es, xqSrM uMx, qWs xzMUh u Alr drinking water, community development, empowerment
xqeM mWs zqs W | of women and other social initiatives.

aqh uMx Rural Development

The Bank, through its Canara Bank Centenary Rural
aqh ruA q Eqi uMx u xuUeaU aiukr M
Development Trust (CBCRDT), has established 34
oRu Sl M M sL MlU oM zioS aqh uMx OxO exclusive training institutes, including 26 Rural Self
(xoxAUQO) M qkrq x oM l 26 aqh xuUeaU Employment Training Institutes (RSETIs), 5 Institutes
mzh xxjl, 05 xcl maM xxjl u 03 zsmMU of Information Technology and 3 Artisan Training
mzh xxjl xWi 34 uz mzh xxjl xjmi Mr Institutes to promote entrepreneurship development
among rural youth and encourage them to take up self-
W| uw 2014-15 M SUl Cl xxjl U 27960 Aprjr
employment activities. During 2014-15, these Institutes
M mzi MUl M xj W 73% M mpuzs UeaU SU x trained 27,960 candidates, taking the tally to 2.41 lakh
zAi x Ae iM oUeaU ruM M mzi MUl M xZr unemployed youth since inception, with an impressive
2.41 sZ W aD W | settlement rate of 73%.

oM l xuUeaU Mrq AUqp MUl Wi aqh ruA M The Bank has co-sponsored another 27 Rural Development
and Self Employment Training Institutes (RUDSETIs)
mzh Sl q sa WL 17 Uer q Alr 27 aqh uMx across 17 States, engaged in training of rural youth
AU xulrei mzh xxjl(QxO) M xW-mrei Mr for taking up self-employment programmes. During
W | uw 2014-15 M SUl Cl xxjl U 24092 Aprjr M 2014-15, these Institutes trained 24,092 candidates,
mzi MUl M xj W 73% M UeaU SU x oUeaU ruM taking the tally to 3.70 lakh unemployed youth, with a
settlement rate of 73%.
M mzi MUl M xZr 3.70 sZ W aD W |
The Bank has co-sponsored Andhra Pradesh Bankers
oM l WSUoS q aqh u u Eq uMx Wi Alk mSz oMx
Institute for Rural and Entrepreneurship Development
xxjl/ Wsrs, MlOM q MlU oM SzmQ AULxDOAD, (APBIRED) at Hyderabad, Canara Bank Deshpande RSETI
oasMO, MlOM q MlOM Mxl xxkl MlS (M LT AU at Haliyal, Karnataka, Karnataka Farmers Resource Centre
x) u oasU q pUi U Lq uUr mzh xxjl M (KFRC) at Bagalkot, Karnataka and Bharat Ratna Shri M
xW mrei Mr W| Visvesvaraya Training Institute at Bengaluru.

Cumulatively, the Bank has sponsored/ co-sponsored

xqrM m x oM l 66 mzh xxjl M mrei /xW
65 training institutes, which have trained 6.11 lakh
mrei Mr W eW 73% M lmOl SU M xj AoiM 6.11 unemployed youth so far, with a settlement rate of 73%.
sZ oUeaU ruM M mzi Mr ar W |
The Bank has donated a hi-tech, custom built, solar
oM l qWs Eqr, xur xWri xqW u zsmMU M ElM powered Retail Mobile Marketing Van to assist women
EimS M umhl Wi WD OM, MxOq lqi, xU Ee csi entrepreneurs, SHGs and artisans to market their
`ZSU qoDs umhl ul' Sl Mr W |
During the year, the Bank undertook a number of
uw M SUl oM l xLx AU Mrq M iWi xqSr M sp activities for the benet of the communities as part of
Wi lqlsZi oWxZrM aiukr M W | CSR programmes.

au q QnsUQzl - Uux Bxq
Bxqxx msO: oM l De-uoridation - Reverse Osmosis plants in villages:
cMossmU u MsU es M 217 au q z mr The Bank has undertaken an ambitious project
es xuk Emsok MUl M sL QnsUQzl - Uux of providing De-uoridation - RO plants for pure
drinking water facility in 217 villages of Kolar and
Bxqxx msO M qWiuM mUrel M zAi M
Chickaballapur districts. The estimated cost of the
W | Cx mUrel M sai sapa 17.58 MUQ W | xjml project is about `17.58 crore. The installation work
Mr mai mU W | is under progress.

Aah es M 130 xMs q osMA M sL zcsr Construction of Toilets for Girls in 130 Schools in Lead
lqh: oM l MmUO xqeM Sriu M iWi 26 Aah Districts: The Bank has sponsored the project under
CSR for construction of toilets for girls in 5 Schools in
es M mirM q 05 xMs q 3.52 MUQ sai x zcsr
each of 26 Lead Districts at a cost of `3.52 crore. The
lqh mUrel mrei Mr W | zcsr M lqh Mr construction of toilet is completed in 90 schools.
90 xMs q mU W cM W |
Canara Vidya Jyothi Scheme: As a humble homage
MlU u eri rel: MmUO xqeM Sriu mWs M to Bharat Ratna Dr B R Ambedkar and to encourage
iWi pUi U Q. o AU AqoQMU M pupl es education, a Scheme of extending nancial
u z M oRu Sl M sL aqh CsM M Alxci assistance to SC/ST girl students from rural areas,
viz., Canara Vidya Jyothi Scheme was launched
ei/ elei M NA M ur xWri mWcl Wi
under CSR initiative. Each rural branch of the Bank
`MlU u eri rel' M zAi M aD j | mirM was mandated to extend nancial assistance to
aqh zZ M AkMU M Aiai 06 NA M 6 girl students of their command area. Amount
ur xWri mWcl Alur MU Sr ar j | M 5u of assistance was xed at `2500 per student for
x 7u iM M N M sL xWri M Uz `2500 mi students of class 5th to class 7th and has `5000
N ij 8u x 10u iM M N M sL `5000 mi N per student for students of class 8th to class 10th.
During the year, an amount of `1.52 crore has been
lkUi M aD j | uw M SUl 1.52 MUQ M Uz 3733
disbursed to 3733 students.
N M uiUi M aD W |
Integrated development of villages: Keeping in
au M xqlui uMx: uzs aqh u Ak zWU aWM mind the vast rural and semi-urban client base, the
AkU M krl q UZi WL oM l MlU aqSr rel M Bank has adopted 65 villages and 3 slums for their
iWi 65 au u 03 aS oxir M ElM xqlui uMx Wi integrated development under Canara Gramodaya
Scheme. Budgetary allocation for development
AaMi Mr W | Cl au M uMx M sL oeO AuOl
has also been made for these villages. The Bank is
MU Sr ar W | oM xjD AkU mU mUrel csl M committed to run the project on sustainable basis.
sL mio W |
Support to persons with disability to lead a better
uMsa ur M oWiU eul el M sL xWri: life: A number of programmes in association with
uMsa ur M xWri mWcl M sL xql ucU us like minded agencies have been taken up to support
Lexr; ex LLsADLqxA (Mq Aa lqi) MlmU persons with disability like assistance to ALIMCO
(Articial Limb Manufacturing Company), Kanpur,
M up m x xq sa M sL laQ, qkr mSz; xu
for conducting camps in Nagda, Madhya Pradesh;
lMil, cUZQ UrmU q mzh xW Auxr usr M Seva Niketan, Cherrikhedi, Raipur, for setting up
xjml Wi Mqm sal, LYzl TU LosO QusmqO u training centre cum residential school for differently
ClYsel (LLQ AD), lD Sss M MUrU uMx M M abled persons, Action for Ability Development &
xjml, xlWSm OxO M os Oxmxl CYumqO u uzw Inclusion (AADI), New Delhi, for setting up of Career
Development Cell; Sneha Deep Trust for extending
znOurU U MlS U SWl M MmrOU mzh M sL,
Computer training to visually impaired with special
MlU oM UWi u Msrh xqi oas M os Oxmxl software and Braille transcription equipment, Canara
MlS Erl M sL xWri mSl MUi WL AlM Mrq Relief & Welfare Society, Bengaluru, for upgrading
csL aL | Braille transcription centre.

eUiqS sa M xxu / Cse MUl M sL mii
eUiq Extending nancial support for procuring equipments
Axmis x EmMUh M ZUS M sL ur xWri: by reputed hospitals to serve/treat deserving needy
xqe M AjM m x MqeU ua M Ua M Cse MUl people: Assisted citizen centric hospitals, like,
Sevakshetra Hospital and Jnanasanjeevini Diabetes
M sL laUM MlSi Axmis M xWri ex xu
Hospital, Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular
Axmis AU lxeul QCoOe Axmis, erSu Sciences, Bengaluru for Cardiac Cath Lab, Vittala
CxOO BT MQruxMsU ul oasU M MQrM Institute of Ophthalmology for refurbishment of
Mj so M sL, us CxOO BT BTjsqse M Mobile eye care unit, Sri Venkateshwara Ramnarayan
ADMrU rlO M luMUh M sL, uMOzuU UqlUrh Ruia Government Hospital, Tirupati, for equipping
Cr xUMU Axmis imi M Lqosx, xuq uuMllS with Ambulance, Swami Vivekananda Rural Health
Care centre, Pavagada for Ambulance, District
aqh xuxjr SZps MlS, muaQ M qoCs Lqosx
Hospital, Ernakulam, for Linear Cancer equipment
M sL, xUMU Axmis LlMsq M slrU MxU EmMUh etc., treating patients from economically weaker
CirS M sL xWri mSl M aD | sections of the society.

oM l qWiq ak U xoUqi Aq AWqSoS q xjmi The Bank has provided nancial support amounting
to `56 lakh for providing infrastructure to trainees
xqlj Nsr q mzhjr M qspi xukL mSl
at Somnath Chhatralaya in Sabarmati Ashram,
MUl Wi `56 sZ M xWri mSl M W | Ahmadabad, started by Mahatma Gandhi.

xucN usr Aprl: oM l iqslQ Uer M QQas Swachh Vidyalaya Campaign: The Bank has submitted
u qSU es M 200 xMs q zcsr M lqh Wi willingness to Government of India to participate
5 MUQ AzSl Sl u xucN usr Aprl q xWpai in Swachh Vidyalaya Campaign and contribute an
amount of `5 crore for construction of 200 toilets in
M sL pUi xUMU x CcN eiD W |
schools in the districts of Dindigul and Madurai of
Tamil Nadu State.
AjM m x mNQ mUuU M o M xWri M sL
zhM xxjl M olrS xuk mSl MUl M sL Supporting Educational Institution for development
xWri: es mzxl cMossmU, MlOM M qWs of infrastructure for helping the children from
economically backward families: Financial assistance
Mse M lqh u es mxiMsr Wi, xUxui zz
extended to District Administration, Chikkaballapur,
qlSU xxjl qUP M S usr q MmrOU mSl MUl Karnataka for construction of womens college
ij xMs ox ZUSl Wi, MlU oM eos LQMzl TQ and District Library at Chikkaballapur; Saraswathi
oas M oM oM M xucsiMUh Wi, qssUq zz Shishu Mandir Institutions, Meerut, for providing
uWU oasU M zh M irU MUl Wi, Mwh xql computers to 2 schools and purchasing a school bus;
xMs, siU, qWU M D - zh M irU MUl Wi, Canara Bank Jubilee Education Fund, Bengaluru for
automation of book bank; Malleshwaram Shishu
aeUi Mqx Mse, AWqSoS M D - zh M irU
Vihar, Bengaluru for construction of class rooms;
MUl ij Aeqmqe uusr, oas M qkrq x 25 Sri Kishan Somani School, Latur, Maharastra for
xliMU N M Nu mSl MUl Wi ur xWri setting up e-class rooms; Gujarat Commerce College,
mSl M aD | Ahmedabad for e-class; and scholarships to 25 Post
Graduate students through Azim Premji University,
xxSr xqi U lUh Bengaluru.
uw M SUl xxSr rcM xqi, xxSr Aklxj ukl
Visits by Parliamentary Committees
xqi ij xxSr MqM xjr xqi, xuelM zMri
During the year, Parliamentary Committees on Petitions,
xjr xqi, uk u lrr xjr xqi, xxSr Uepw xqi Subordinate Legislation and Standing Committee on
M ixU Em xqi AU Uepw Mrlurl mU xr Lu AsZ Personnel, Public Grievances, Law & Justice visited
xqi l oM M lUh Mr | the Bank.


zZ lOuM Branch Network

xqmh pUi q Emxji M uxiU Expanding Pan India Presence

During the year, the Bank opened 928 domestic
uw M SUl oM l lD 928 bUs zZL eQ aD W ij
branches across the country and 2 branches overseas at
eWxoa (Sh ATM) u lr rM (rLxL) q 2 uSz Johannesburg (South Africa) and New York (the USA). As
zZL p Zs W | rj qc 2015 M oM M 7 uSz zZL at March 2015, the Bank had 5682 branches, including 7
xWi 5682 zZL W | overseas branches.

zZ lOuM M xUcl Composition of Branch Network

zZA M xZr
uw M SUl No. of Branches Opened
h Category during the
31.03.2014 31.03.2015 Zs aL 31.03.2014 31.03.2015 year
qOmsOl 894 1004 362 Metropolitan 894 1004 362
zWU 928 1111 285 Urban 928 1111 285
Ak zWU 1484 1756 168 Semi-urban 1484 1756 168
aqh 1444 1804 113 Rural 1444 1804 113
uSz 5 7 2 Overseas 5 7 2
Ms zZL 4755 5682 930* Total Branches 4755 5682 930*

* uw M SUl il zZA M usr MU Sr ar | * 3 branches were merged during the year.

The Bank added 26 Specialized Branches during the year,
oM l uw M SUl 26 uzw zZL eQ W exx qc 2015 taking the total tally under the Specialized Branches to
iM uzwMi zZA M Ms xZr 288 W aD W | 288 as at March 2015.

uzwMi zZA M h 31.03.2015 Categories of Specialized Branches 31.03.2015

1. Lx Lq D 161 1. SMEs 161
2. qQ MmUO zZL 34 2. Mid Corporate Branches 34
3. xq u 19 3. Micro Finance 19
4. Axi uxs molkl 16 4. Asset Recovery Management 16
5. mCq MmUO 12 5. Prime Corporate 12
6. uSz 11 6. Overseas 11
7. Mw u 10 7. Agri-Finance 10
8. Alux pUir 6 8. NRIs 6
9. oci 5 9. Savings 5
10. AaM u 3 10. Industrial Finance 3
11. xOM LYxce 2 11. Stock Exchange 2
12. me oeU 2 12. Capital Market 2
13. qWs oMa 2 13. Mahila Banking 2
14. uMsa M sL zZL 1 14. Branch for Physically Challenged 1
15. uzwMi xUMU MUoU zZ 4 15. Specialized Govt Business Branch 4
Ms 288 TOTAL 288

uMsmM QsuU cls q mai Progress in Alternate Delivery Channels
2014-15 M SUl 4021 MlS q Ts oM l UMQ 2221 During 2014-15, the Bank added a record 2221 ATMs,
LOLq Zs exx LOLq M Ms xZr 8533 W aD W | taking the total number of ATMs to 8533, spread across
UrMi oM M h q oM LOLq xZr q Auus W | oM 4021 centres. The Banks ATMs strength was the highest
M QoO MQ AkU qc 2014 M isl q 1.51 MUQ x among nationalized banks. The debit card base of the
Bank rose to 2.55 crore compared to 1.51 crore as at
oRMU 2.55 MUQ W aD W|
March 2014.
oM M crli zZA q LOLq, Aue lSzl xuk r
132 hi-tech e-lounges were functional in select branches
lMS eq MrxM, cM eq MrxM, mxoM xuqSh MrxM, with facilities, like, ATM, Cash Deposit Kiosk with voice
COUlO oMa Oqls, BlsCl OQa Oqls AU MmUO guided system, Cheque Deposit Kiosk, Self Printing
uoxCO LYxx xuk us 132 WD OM D-sle MrUi W | Passbook Kiosk, Internet Banking Terminal, Online Trading
crli D-sle q COUYOu uQr xqqsl xuk p Emsok Terminal and Corporate Website Access. Interactive Video
MUr ar W | Conference System was also made available at select
oM U AmlL aL up uMsmM uiUh cls M mUhq
As a result of various alternate delivery measures adopted
xum mNs uw M 43.84% M isl q rj qc 2015 M
by the Bank, e-transaction ratio increased to 50.21% as at
D-slSl 50.21% iM oR ar |
March 2015 compared to 43.84% last year.
aWM M AlMs xcl iMlM mWs
Customer-friendly InfoTech Initiatives
uw M SUl oM l aWM M xukj MD iMlM EimS /
During the year, the Bank introduced several tech-
xu Emsok MUL | products/services for the convenience of the customers.
mrsO Mrlurl M sL D-MuDx M qkrq x xucsi Automatic Account Opening through e-KYC released
Zi Zsl M xuk mz Mr ar| for pilot implementation.

OosO mx M qkrq x, Oo oMa,

a xUsMi u Mae Tab Banking, a simplied and paperless account
UWi Zi Zsl M xuk | opening facility through tablet PC released.

COUlO oMa q Aui eq oS MUl M xuk xqji RD closure facility enabled in internet banking.
Mr ar | Portals for insurance claims under PMJDY released.
mLqeQuD M Aji oq Su M sL mOs Emsok MUr New Card variants introduced to cater to the
ar | requirements of different segments of customers,
viz., Rupay Platinum Debit Card (rst bank to
up aWM ZQ M AuzrMiA M mi M sL lD introduce), International Travel Prepaid Card in
mMU M MQ, ex m msOlq QoO MQ
MQ (z MUlus foreign currency with multi currency wallet for the
mjq oM), uSz rr M xukj LMkM qS usO convenience of foreign travellers, Business Debit Card
r AiUr mmQ uSz qS MQ, MUoU QoO MQ and Canara World, a premium Credit Card variant for
HNI Customers.
ij E qsrius aWM M sL MlU usQ lq x
mqrq QO MQ, Emsok MUr ar Canara Rewardz Scheme in lieu of the existing
bonus points for Credit Cards for the convenience of
MQkUM M xukj QO MQ M uiql olx mrO
the cardholders.
M eaW mU MlU UuQ x rel |
Canara e-Infobook, an e-passbook, extended to 8
MlU D ClToM - 8 r pwA (WlS, Aae, MQ, regional languages (Hindi, English, Kannada, Tamil,
iqs, qsrsq, isa, qUP u oas) q Emsok D mxoM, Malayalam, Telugu, Marathi and Bengali) in all
e sMU oMa u D-sle sMOU ex uki xuA M mobile platforms, with added facilities, like, locker
xj xp qoCs msOTqx mU Emsok W | appointment booking and e-lounge locator.

MlU Lq-usO-MQ UWi u lMS UWi slSl M sL 2 Canara m-Wallet, a mobile app for cardless and
TYOU mqhMUh xqji qoCs Lmm e WuD, ox OMO cashless transactions across the variety of merchants,
AUh, QOLc Uce ij os pail M urmM Ue q released with 2-factor authentication enabled for
customer convenience and safety for ight, bus
xUi slSl xuk mSl MUi W |
ticket booking, DTH Recharge and a wide range of bill
zwUz mNiN, xmi uuUh, Lq-ml oSsu, lk AiUh payments.
(ur x ur u ur x Zi) xuA M xj Ur USSD Services enabled on National Unied USSD
LMMi rLxLxQ msOTq (Llrrm) mU rLxLxQ xuL Platform (NUUP) with the following services
xqji Mr ar | Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, Change M-Pin,
IMPS Funds Transfer (Person to Person and Person to
sMU LYxx M sL orqOM mqhMUh Account).
muxr M lMS AiUh M sL MlU De Mz mz Mr Biometric authentication for locker access.
ar |
Canara easyCash released for cash transfer to migrant
MlU m-xu (Oc xl MrxM Almra)mz Mr ar | population.

LOLq Cxiqs MUi WL MQ M qkrq x Sz lk AiUh Canara P-Serve (Touch Screen Kiosk Application)
xuk released.

mqO aOu xuA M sL 3 lL LaaOx ex qxx Domestic funds transfer facility through card using
LquOe, xOx m xsrzlx ij m O Lq M xj aPokl ATMs.
Mr ar | Tied up with 3 new Aggregators, viz., M/s EmVantage,
M/s Citrus Pay Solutions and M/s PayTM for Payment
qxx os QxM M xj qsMU os pail M sL oM M
Gateway Services.
uoxO q LMs xOm xCO, ClxO m xqji Mr ar |
Enabled one stop site for bill paymentInstaPay in
WlS u Aae M Asu r pwA (MQ, qsrsq, the Banks Website, in tie-up with Aggregator M/s
iqs, isa, qUP, aeUi, meo) q LOLq slSl mc Billdesk.
M qSh
Printing of ATM receipts in any 3 languages (English,
COUlO oMa q MmUO aWM M sL os pail xuk Hindi and regional language).
xqji Mr ar |
Bill payment facility enabled for corporate customers
ADLqmLx M qkrq x uSz AuM umwh xqji Mr in internet banking.
ar | Foreign Inward Remittance through IMPS enabled.
xunO slSl M sL LxLqLx AsO xqji Mr ar | SMS Alert for SWIFT transactions enabled.
QoOLs (Lsme AlSl M xzki mir sp AiUh)- DBTL (Modied Direct Benet Transfer of LPG
uMsm I (Zi ukMUh) ij uMsm II (ALqx M Zi Subsidy) both Option I (Account Validation) and
uuUh M maWh / mxiiMUh) uMxi MUM eU Mr Option II (capturing/ submitting account details to
ar | OMCs) developed and released.

LlAUDeL pail M sL AkU qma - aqh uMx Aadhaar Mapping for NREGA Payments, Software
Package for processing les sent by the Ministry
qsr U mwi TCs M mxxMUh AU xoLx mMe
of Rural Development and validating and sending
q AkU mu xok elMUr M ukMUh u mwh M sL Aadhaar seeding entries to the CBS developed and
xnOurU mMe uMxi MUM eU Mr ar | released.
MUoU xmMMi Oqls M qkrq x rADQLAD xirml e-KYC Service using UIDAI verication enabled
Cxiqs MUi WL D-MuDx xu xqji Mr ar | through Business Correspondent Terminal.

Sz aWM u Alux aWM M Zi zw ell M Missed call to 092892 92892 to know account balance
sL qx Msx xZr qz: 092892 92892 u 9192892 for domestic customers and 9192892 92892 for NRI
92892 ij Aiq il slSl xok elMU M sL qxQ customers and missed call to 092891 92891 to know
Ms xZr 092891 92891 eU W ij sMmr olr e last 3 transactions continued and popularized.
UW W |
Compliance to International Standards
AiUr qlM M Almsl
The Bank has fully implemented the recommendations of
oM l xcl xU, DsYOlM oMa, iMlM eZq molkl the RBI Working Group (Chairman, Shri G Gopalakrishna)
u xCoU kZkQ M sL pUir Ueu oM MrMU xqW on Information Security, Electronic Banking, Technology
(Akr- e amsMwh) M xTUz M mhmh sa Mr Risk Management and Cyber Frauds. The Bank obtained
W | oM l 12.04.2014 M ADLxA 27001:2013 mqhMUh the ISO 27001: 2013 Certication on 12.04.2014.
mmi MU sr W |
Manpower Prole
elz mTCs
As at March 2015, the Bank had 53984 employees on its
rj qc, 2015 M oM q 53984 MqcU j | rolls.
qc 2014 qc 2015 March 2014 March 2015
MqcUr M Ms xZr 48794 53984 Total No. of Employees 48794 53984
AkMU 20878 23372 Ofcers 20878 23372
YsM 18770 20268 Clerks 18770 20268
Aklxj MqcU* 9146 10344 Sub-Staff* 9146 10344
*AzMsM MqcU xWi (mOD) * includes part-time employees (PTEs)
The Banks staff comprised 43% Ofcers, 38% Clerks and
oM M MqcUr q 43% AkMU, 38% smM u 19%
19% Sub-Staff. Women employees comprising 15303
Aklxj MqcU W | qWs MqcU 15303 W e oM M Ms constituted 28% of the Banks total staff. The total
MqcUr M 28% W | qc 2015 M pimu xlM MqcUr number of ex-servicemen staff as at March 2015 stood at
M Ms xZr 546 W | oM M Us mU uMsa MqcUr M 546. There were 1123 Physically Challenged Employees
xZr 1123 W | on the rolls of the Bank.

uw M SUl, oM l 8296 urr M up MQU q lr During the year, the Bank recruited 8296 persons in
various cadres, out of which, 1762 belonged to Scheduled
Mr W, exq x 1762 Alxci ei (Lxx) x xoki W u
Castes (SCs) and 571 to Scheduled Tribes (STs) categories.
571 Alxci el ei (LxO) x xoki W | Cxq uw M SUl This includes 546 ex-servicemen recruited in various
up MQU q lr WL 546 pimu xlM p zqs W | cadres during the year.

uw M SUl up MQU M iWi 2544 qWs MqcU lr 2544 women employees were recruited and 503 women
WD AU 503 qWs MqcU mSi WD | employees were promoted under various cadres during
the year.
Lxx u LxO M xok q AUh li Reservation Policy in respect of SCs and STs
rj qc 2015 M, Alxci ei u Alxci el ei M As at March 2015, the number of Scheduled Castes and
Ms xZr oM M Ms MqcU xZr M 26.76% W | qc Scheduled Tribes together constituted 26.76% of total
2015 M oM M MqcUr q Lxx / LxO M xrel staff strength of the Bank. The composition of SC/ST
lqlsZi W: employees in the Bank as at March 2015 is as under:
MQU Alxci ei Alxci el ei Cadre Scheduled Castes Scheduled Tribes
AkMU 4105 1631
Ofcers 4105 1631
YsM 3829 1212
Aklxj MqcU Clerks 3829 1212
3120 547 Sub-staff + PTEs 3120 547
+ mOD
Ms 11054 3390 Total 11054 3390

pUi xUMU M SzlSz AlxU Alxci ei u Alxci The Bank has been strictly adhering to the Reservation
el ei M xok q oM AUh li M xZi x Almsl Policy in respect of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled
Tribes as per the Government of India guidelines.
MUi W |
(a) Reservation Policy is implemented through
(M) AUh li mS AkUi UxOU M i M qkrq x Mrlui mechanism of Post Based Rosters. In terms of the
WA W | u qsr, pUi xUMU M SzlSz AlxU directives of the Ministry of Finance, Government
oM l xp MQU Wi mS AkUi UxOU M i mU xuc of India, Bank has since switched over to Post Based
Rosters for all cadres.
AuU MU sr W |
(b) The Bank has been extending Reservation/
(Z) xUMU M SzlSz AlxU Alxci ei u Alxci Relaxations/Concessions in Direct Recruitment
el ei us Aprjr M xok q xk pi M xj-xj as well as in promotions to candidates belonging
mSi Wi p oM l AUh / Urri / NO mSl M W | to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes as per
(a) Alxci ei u Alxci el ei us Aprjr M
(c) Pre-recruitment and pre-promotion training is
mu-lr u mu-mSi mzh Sr ei W | smM given to candidates belonging to SC/ST. In the
u AkMU xua q pi Wi m Aprjr x AuSl Advertisement inviting for the application from the
qalus uml q Lxx/LxO/mQosrQ/AsmxZrM eligible candidates for recruitment to Clerical and
Ofcer Cadres, a specic reference is made with
xqSr/pimu xlM Aprjr M mu-lr mzh SL
regard to imparting of pre-recruitment training
el M xok q LM uzw xSp Sr ei W | Clq x u to candidates belonging to SC/ST/PWD/Minority
Aprj, elWl mulr mzh M uMsm cl W, M Communities/Ex-SM. Such of those candidates, who
sZi mU u xiMU Sl M sr mzh Sr ei W opt for pre-recruitment training are given training
to prepare themselves for written test as well as
| mzh M Auk 2 xmiW M W | Akrrl xqa, lOoM,
interview. The duration of the training, is upto two
xOzlU xp Aprjr M l:zsM Sr ei W | eW p weeks. Study materials, note book, stationeries are
xpu W, xoki Uer xUMU p xUMU / mNQ ua M provided free of cost to all the participants. Wherever
WxOs q UWl M xuk Emsok MUi W | possible, respective State Governments are also
providing the Lodging Facilities in Government/
(b) oM l UxOU M AlUh M u AUh li M Alr mWsA backward class hostels.
M Mrlurl M xli MUl Wi mkl Mrsr q AU (d) The Bank has setup SC/ST Cell at the Head Ofce
xj W Acs Mrsr q p Lxx / LxO M xjmi and also at Circle Ofces to ensure maintenance
Mr W | of Rosters and implementation of other aspects of
Reservation Policy.
(X) AUh li M Mrlurl M xli MUl Wi mkl
(e) Chief Liaison Ofcer has been nominated at Head
Mrsr q qZr xmM AkMU M lqMi Mr W AU Ofce and Liaison Ofcers have been nominated
Acs Mrsr q p xmM AkMU M lqMi Mr ar at Circle Ofces for ensuring implementation of
W | Aa, mir m x r i Lxx/LxO xb M qkrq x Reservation Policy. Further, representations received
from Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe employees,
Alxci ei / Alxci elei x mmi ApruSl mU
either directly or through the SC/ST Associations, are
qZr xmM AkMU/xmM AkMU U krl Sr era | being looked into by the Liaison Ofcer/Chief Liaison
eW p AuzrM W, AuzrM mNiN M era u Emr Ofcer. Wherever required, necessary enquiries
MruW M era | Alxci ei / Alxci el ei are conducted and appropriate action is taken. A
separate register is maintained for recording various
x mmi up ApruSl M UMQa Wi LM Asa x
representations received from Scheduled Caste/
UexOU UZ ei W AU M ar MruW M p UexOU q Scheduled Tribe employees and the action taken is
lO Mr ei W | also recorded in the register.

EmU M Asu, Alxci ei / Alxci el ei In addition to the above, the representatives
MqcU M milkr M oM M qZr MrmsM M xj of majority Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe
Employees Association are invited for Quarterly
iqW oPM Wi osr ei W eW AUh li mU
Meeting with the Chief Executive of the Bank to
SzlSz M Mrlurl mU mUcc M ei W | Acs discuss on the implementation of guidelines on
Mrsr q p iqW oPM M ei W eW UxOU UZ reservation policy. Quarterly Meetings are also held
ei W u rS MD zMri W i xmM AkMU U ExM at Circle Ofces, where Rosters are maintained and
luUh Mr ei W | grievances, if any, are redressed by the Liaison Ofcer.

(f) The Board of Directors of the Bank also review the

(c) oM M lSzM qQs p AUh li q WL Mrlurl mU
progress made in the implementation of Reservation
A uwM u uwM AkU mU xq MUi W | Policy, half yearly and yearly.

qlu xxkl uMx (LcAUQ) aiukr Human Resource Development (HRD) Activities
oSsi WL oMa mUSzr M AlMs Wl Wi oM M qlu The HR policies of the Bank have been revisited to suit
xxkl lir M mUuii Mr ar W | TO sCl MqcUr the changing banking scenario. HR initiatives, like, soft
q uruWUM mUuil sl Wi LcAU mWs ex xnO Mzs skill training programme for bringing attitudinal change
among front line staff, Executive grooming through
mzh Mrq AU mii xxjl M qkrq x MrmsM reputed institutes and other signicant HR tools, like,
M xuUl ij Alr qWiumh LcAU Osx ex xOQ xMs, Study Circles, Staff Meetings and Brain Storming Sessions
MqcU oPM u qxiwM qjl x M mpu Oq lqh AU have been implemented for effective team building
xqWM EiMi M oRu Sl M sL Mrlui Mr ar | and fostering collective excellence. Various Corporate
Communications are brought out to boost the morale
MqcUr M qlos M oRu Sl M sL AU ElW oMa M
of the employees and educate them on various facets
up mWsA x zi MUl M sr up MmUO xmwh of banking.
M sr ar W |
The Bank has in place exhaustive training processes that
oM l uxii mzh mrA M EeaU Mr W e AiUM cover Internal Training, External Training, In-company
mzh, o mzh, Cl-Mml mzh u uSz mzh M Training and Foreign Training. Internally, the Bank has
Staff Training College at Bengaluru and 23 Regional Staff
MuU MUi W | AiUM m x, oM M oasU q MqcU mzh
Training Colleges.
qWusr W AU 23 r MqcU mzh qWusr W |
The Bank trained 66052 employees during the year,
uw M SUl oM l xZ ApqZMUh, umhl Mzs, covering a wide range of functional areas including Credit
AkMUr, Mw uxiUh AkMUr u uzw AkMUr Wi Orientation, Marketing Skills, Induction Programme for
muz Mrq M MuU MUi WL 66052 MqcUr M mzi Ofcers, AEOs and Specialist Ofcers. Out of the trained
staff, 12550 personnel belonged to the Scheduled Caste
Mr W | mzi MqcUr q x 12550 ur Alxci ei
category, 3963 belonged to the Scheduled Tribe category.
ua x xoki W, 3963 ur Alxci elei ua x xoki The total employees trained include 21797 women
W | Ms mzi MqcUr q x 21797 qWs MqcU W | employees. The Bank designed and implemented several
oM l MD lr mzh Mrq mri u Mrlui Mr W ex new training programmes, including Fraud Awareness
kZkQ eaMi u luUh, mjqMi xZ, aqh uMx and Prevention, Priority Credit, Rural Development and
Financial Inclusion, MSME, Service matters, Compliance
u ur xquzl, LqLxLqD, xu qqs, xo SzlSz mU on SEBI guidelines and beyond Core Banking - Customer
Almsl, MU oMa x mU - aWM uzswM AS | Analytics.
oM l LM lM Mrq M Msml M rj, mip oM (OsO The Bank envisioned a novel programme, viz., Talent
oM) e mWcl Mr ar 10 q Mq MUl Wi xqlr Bank to provide opportunities for generalist ofcers to
assume the role of specialists in 10 identied streams.
AkMUr M xq ollus Mrq W | Al us uw q
Establishing a proper Talent Management and Reward
oM M krl Emr mip molkl u miTs mhs M xjml System will be the Banks focus in the coming years. There
MUl Wa | xpui liA M mWcll u Eiq Sriu sl will be concerted efforts to identify potential leaders and
Wi ElM xuUl M sr Px mrx Mr era | groom them to take up higher responsibilities.

Aa, up mii xxjl ex M ADADLq, ADQAUoO, Further, the Banks quest to enhance the competencies
xLo (AUoAD), LlADoLq, ADLqAD, LYxLsAUAD, of the workforce continued through focused and need
ADADxL, xs u LxADoLxOx mU MlSi krl u based trainings at various institutes of repute, like,
AuzrMi AkUi mzh M qkrq x Mros M Si IIMs, IDRBT, CAB(RBI), NIBM, IMI, XLRI, IICA, CRISIL and
SIBSTC. Customized programmes are also organized to
oRl M sL oM M mrx eU W | xulkUi Mrq p
develop expertise in certain niche areas like Credit, Risk
Arei Mr ar W iM MN As q rj, xZ, eZq Management, Treasury Operations and IT.
molkl, Mw mUcsl u xcl maM q uzwi M uMx
Specialized trainings to the Senior Management Level/
Mr e xM |
Top Management Level Executives are conducted based
uU molkl xiU / Eiq molkl xiU M MrmsM Wi on the requirement. The Bank has been able to add
AuzrMi M AkU mU uzw mzh M Arel Mr ar | substantially to the skill level of its ofcials through
training intervention and motivating them to perform
oM Aml AkMUr M Mzs xiU q mzh Wxim u ElW
with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.
luMi iMi u EixW M xj lwmSl MUl M sr mixWi
MUl M qkrq x MT WS iM raSl MUl q xTs UW W | A Sub-Committee of the Board of Directors on HR is in
place to review and improvise the existing HR policies
qlu xxkl mU lSzM qQs M Em xqi M, qlu xxkl and make suggestions to accelerate the employee
lir M xq u xkU MUl Wi AU MqcUr M Mr mWs engagement initiatives.
M xui MUl Wi xfu Sl M sr, aPi Mr ar W | Changes in the Organizational Setup and Effectiveness
xaPliqM mUZ u mpui q mUuil Keeping in view the increased business complexities
and the need for imparting more focus on certain
oRi WL MUoU eOsi ij MN mqZ MrMU mU
key functional areas, the re-organization/re-aligning
AkM krl Sl M AuzrMi M krl q UZi WL mkl functions of Wings at Head Ofce and Circles was
Mrsr M upa u Acs M mlaPl / mllqh Mr M undertaken. Post-reorganization, there are 23 Wings in
Mr ar | mlaPl M mi mkl Mrsr q 23 upa W | Head Ofce.
MrMU EiMi Wi xaPliqM QeCl u xUcl M lUiU The organizational design and structure are continuously
AkU mU SZ ar ij Akrrl Mr ar | zZA u aWM revisited and studied for functional excellence. The Bank
xu M xTiSrM olMU, zZA x o oRMU, UoxO launched Project Shikhar aimed at rejuvenating the
Bank by focusing on several themes, like, energizing
Axi AkU M u MUM u mUcsl qQs q xkU ex
branches and customer service, increasing sales from
MD uwr mU krl MlSi MUl M U oM M MrMsm MUl branches, growing a robust asset base and revamping the
M Ezr x oM l mUrel zZU' M zpUp Mr W | Cx operating model. Global Management Consulting rm
mUuil q oM M xWri asos molkl mUqzS Tq rj, viz., M/s Boston Consulting Group (India) Private Limited
qxx oxOl mUqzS xqW (pUi) mCuO sqOQ (oxe) (BCG) is assisting the Bank in this transformation.
MU UW W | Marketing and Publicity
umhl AU mcU The Bank further strengthened marketing vertical during
the year by inducting specialized personnel into the setup
oM l umhl M AU qeoi oll M sL uw M SUl MD
and also establishing marketing sections in all Circle
uzw MqM M xaPl x eQ AU LM mpu Aah mokl Ofces overseen by dedicated Marketing Executives, with
mhs M xj, xp Acs Mrsr q uzw umhl MrmsM an effective lead management system. Marketing set
U mrui umhl Alpa M aPl Mr | uw M SUl MD up has taken initiatives in cross selling and up selling of
Aprl M qkrq x oM M EimS M ur u mi o MUl Banks products by launching several campaigns during
M sL umhl Rc l MD mWs M | the year.

oM l Aml oQ Nu M AU oRl M sL uw M SUl MD The Bank also launched publicity campaigns for its
several new products and services introduced during the
lL EimS AU xuA M sL mcU Aprl M zpUp Mr
year and used effectively all channels of communication,
AU uml, xqeM qQr AU umhl xmM ex xp including advertising, social media and marketing
xkl M mpu Cxiqs Mr | collaterals to enhance its brand image.

aWMlqZi Customer Orientation
Several initiatives were taken to remain customer
iuUi xu Emsok MUl, uukMi EimS / xuL Sl, aWM M focussed through providing fast service, bringing in
mN-iN M euo u aWM M zMri M luUh MUl M U diversied products/services, responding to customers
oM aWM M AmA M Alm MSq EPi W| oxLxoAD queries and redressal of customer complaints. The Code
of Commitment to Customers issued by the Banking
U eU M aD aWM M mi mioi xWi'' AU xzki
Codes and Standards Board of India (BCSBI) and Revised
laUM cOU'' oM M uoxCO mU Emsok W| zZA U S Citizens Charter are available in the Banks website.
el us aWM xu M qsrMl MUl AU ExM mixcl To assess the quality of customer service rendered by
mmi MUl M sL oM M uoxCO q LM aWM xi xuh the branches and to get the feedback, a Customer
mm'' Emsok MUD aD W| aWM x xfu mmi MUl M sL Satisfaction Survey Form is available in the Banks
website. Customers fortnight was conducted from
uw M SUl 15.11.2014 x 30.11.2014 iM aWM mZuQ M
15.11.2014 to 30.11.2014, inviting suggestions from
Arel Mr ar | customers.

SqSUl xqi M Alzx M AlxU oM l SlM 31.08.2013 As per Damodaran Committee Recommendations, the
Bank has appointed a Chief Customer Service Ofcer
M qZr aWM xu AkMU (xxLxA) M lr Mr W e
(CCSO) on 31.08.2013, who shall act as an Internal
oM M AiUM sMms M iUW Mq MUa | Ombudsman of the Bank.

Ms xOU, LMs xmM xZr 1800 425 0018 M xj WlS Call centre with single point contact Toll free number
AU Aae pw M Asu 6 r pwA rl oas, MQ, 1800 425 0018 is functioning to cater to customers in
6 regional languages of Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam,
qsrsq, qUP, iqs AU isa q aWM M zMri luUh
Marathi, Tamil and Telugu, besides Hindi and English for
xuL Emsok MUi W | uw M SUl mmi Ms sapa 21.59 redressal of grievances. The number of calls received by
sZ j AU aWM zMri luUh M mizi 98% UW| oM l the Call Centre during the year was around 21.59 lakh
MlU xuelM zMri luUh mhs mOs M iWi uoxCO and percentage of complaints redressal was 98%. The
Bank has implemented online grievance redressal facility
q zMri BlsCl Se MUl M sL BlsCl zMri luUh
of customers in the website for lodging grievances online
xuk Mrlui M W| Ms xOU q mmi zMri M p under the portal Canara Public Grievance Redressal
xmeAULx mMe M xj LMMi Mr ar | uw M SUl System (CPGRS). The complaints received at Call Centre
2221 zMri xmeAULx q meMi ML aL ij xp were also integrated with CPGRS package. During the
zMri M lkUi xqr xq M ASU luUh p Mr ar | year, Call Centre registered 2221 grievances in CPGRS
and all grievances were redressed as per prescribed
mzl xcsl M sL ij mzl xok zMri M luUh M
time norms. Centralized Pension Processing Cell has
sL MlSMi mzl mxxMUh M M aPl Mr ar W | Zi been established exclusively for handling pensions and
Zsl M sL p clS eaW mU MlSMi mxxMUh MlS M resolving pension related grievances. Central Processing
xjml M W | Centres are established at selected places for account
opening purposes.
uw M SUl, MsU, AsaR, AaU, MroU, SQas, zZmU, During the year, Town Hall Customers Meet was held at
qSU, il, MsMO, qsmmUq, cUrmh ij zMUmU q Kolar, Aligarh, Agra, Coimbatore, Dindigul, Sheikhpura,
pUir Ueu oM u oxLxoAD oMa sMms M xrel Madurai, Theni, Calicut, Malappuram Channarayapatna
q OEl Ws aWM oPM' M Arel Mr ar | and Shikaripura in association with the Banking
Ombudsman, RBI and BCSBI.
uw M SUl oM l mNs uw M 1265 zMri M xj 108836 With the opening balance of 1265, the Bank received
zMri (98214 LOLq xoki, 1553 sMms qqs, Emp 108836 complaints during the year (including 98214

uuS luUh TUq q se ML aL 86 qqs, xUMU mOs ATM complaints, 1553 Banking Ombudsman Cases, 86
xmeAULLqLx M qkrq x 455 AU 8528 xqlr zMri) Cases lodged at Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum,
mmi ML, exq x 98.6% M luUh ML aL | 455 complaints through Government Portal CPGRAMS
and 8528 General Complaints), of which, 98.6% of the
mi Lu mrL complaints were redressed.
uw M SUl, Bl xCO AU.o.AD.L. M sL crli 2551 Systems and Procedures
zZA / CMCr q eZq AkUi AiUM sZmU (AU. Risk based Internal Audit (RBIA) was conducted in all the
o.AD. L.) xmll M ar / AU.o.L.AD. M xj-xj xcl 2551 branches/units programmed for onsite RBIA during
xU sZmU p xmll M ar / eqA M 71.97% AU the year. Information Security audit was conducted
Aaq M 76.26% M muUi MUi WL 754 crli zZA / along with RBIA. Concurrent/continuous audit was
CMCr q xaq / AuUq sZmU xmll M ar exq conducted in 754 branches/service units, of which 177
x 177 CMCr AiUM sZmUM U xaq / AuUq units were subjected to concurrent/continuous audit by
internal auditors and 577 branches / service units
sZmU M Akl W ij 577 zZL / CMCr o
were subjected to concurrent audit by external auditors,
sZmUM U xaq sZmU M Akl W - 551 zZL covering 71.97% of deposits and 76.26% of advances.
Ar / Uexu sZmU M Akl W exq iqW AkU mU 551 branches were subjected to income/revenue audit,
Ar sZmU M sL crli zZL p zqs W | oxi which included branches identied for income audit on
xP M Akri q xuelM M oM q AiUM u xaq quarterly basis. The Bank ensured full implementation of
sZmU mhs mU aPi xqi M xTUz M oM l mh the recommendations of the Committee on Internal and
m x Mrlurl xli Mr ar W | Concurrent Audit Systems in Public Sector Banks under
the Chairmanship of Shri Basant Seth.
zZA M AU.o.AD.L. M sL uo AkUi mMe M zpUp Web based package for RBIA of branches introduced.
Mr ar W mMe x, ol Mx qlur Wxim M zZA The package arrives at the Risk Rating of the branches
M xui W eZq hMUh lkUh Mr ei W MlU oM El automatically, without manual intervention. The Bank
oM q x LM W exl oxi xP xqi M xTUz mU is one of the few banks to introduce web based package
uo AkUi mMe M sa Mr W | oM l sZmU Mr M as recommended by the Committee on Internal and
Concurrent Audit Systems in Public Sector Banks. The
sL xulu AkMUr M xc q xqqsi Mr AU xjl
Bank has empanelled retired Ofcers for audit works and
mU W xkU MUl ij Ar Uxu M mi sal M sL mixWl also introduced incentive scheme for Spot Rectication
rel p sa Mr | and Detection of Income Leakage.

Aml aWM M elL (M.uD.x.) Know Your Customers (KYC)

oM U Aml aWM M elL (M.uD.x.), kl zkl luUM The Bank took various measures for the effective
(L.Lq.Ls.), AU AiMuS umwh x lmOl (x.LT.O.) M implementation of guidelines on Know Your Customer
(KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Combating
mpu Mrlurl Wi upll Emr Mr ar |
Financing of Terrorism (CFT).
MN mqZ Emsokr Lu Mr ar mWs lqllxU W: Some of the major achievements and initiatives taken
rj 31.03.2015 M oW aWM ADQ M Q-QmsMzl were as under:
Mr M mU Mr ar | Deduplication of multiple customers IDs completed
as on 31.03.2015.
MuDx / LLqLs / xLTO SzlSz M Almsl
xli MUl Wi mhs ec / xukl Emsok W | System checks/enhancements are put in place to
ensure compliance to guidelines on KYC/AML/CFT.
SzlSz M eU MUM ij xqrM mzh M qkrq
Branch staff were sensitized by way of issuance of
x zZ MqcUr M E M xok q Auai MUr ar |
guidelines and periodical training.
Acs Mrsr q MrUi MuDx / LLqLs / xLTO M Nodal Executives for KYC/AML/CFT at the Banks
lQs MrmsM M zZA q E M Almsl xli Circle Ofces were sensitized on guidelines by
MUl M sL MrzsA M qkrq x SzlSz M Auai arranging workshops and to ensure compliance at
MUr ar| branches.

BT xCO laUl: Off Site Monitoring:

LM xuxj BT xCO Almuil mhs (ixU AZ A robust Offsite Transaction Monitoring System, (the
mruh) M zAi M ar iM x.o.Lx. M Emra third eye supervision) introduced, which monitors
the transactions off-site on a near real time basis
MUi WL QxMOm sZmU M qkrq x sapa iiMs
through desktop audit by leveraging Core Banking
AkU mU BT xDO slSl M Almuil Mr e xM | System (CBS).

xiMi uruxj Vigilance Setup

oM M xiMi upa M liiu qW mokM h M qZr xiMi The Vigilance Wing of the Bank is headed by the Chief
AkMU U Mr ei W AU ElM xqjl mkl Mrsr, Vigilance Ofcer (CVO) in the rank of a General Manager.
The CVO is assisted by the Vigilance Ofcers stationed
xp Acs AU r aqh oM AU oM M Alwar M
at Head Ofce, all Circle Ofces, RRBs and the Banks
xiMi AkMUr U Mr ei W | xiMi upa M Ezr
Subsidiaries. The objectives of the Vigilance Wing are to
Alzxl u uMx M xli MUl ij WqU oM M qWl ensure that discipline and development go in tandem
FcCr iM s el W | and help the Bank to reach greater heights.

oM M xiMi mokl q, luUM, xWpai u SQiqM Mr Vigilance Management in the Bank include preventive,
zqs W, exM Ezr xui, lwm, u xuxj uiuUh xli participative and punitive functions, with an objective
to ensure free, fair and healthy environment, which is
MUl W e xaPl M xuah uMx M sL AlMs W | ClW
conducive for all round growth of the organization. These
sr M Amlr ar ij up xkl u cls M qkrq x goals are pursued and promoted through various means
xqji Mr ar W | and channels.

xiMi eaMi Aprl M Az M m q, MlSr xiMi As a part of the Vigilance Awareness campaign and in
Ara M lSz M AlxU, oM U SlM 27 AYioU 2014 x conformity with the directives of the Central Vigilance
Commission, the Bank observed Vigilance Awareness
01 luoU 2014 iM "pcU x xbw maM M xqjM M
Week from 27th October 2014 to 1st November, 2014,
pqM" uwr mU AkM krl M xj xiMi eaMi xmiW with focus on the theme- Combating Corruption,
M Arel Mr ar | m.AU uMO Uu, Em Msmi, CQr Technology as an enabler. During the Vigilance Awareness
rluxO lzls s xMs, oas l SlM 31 AoU, 2014 Week, on 31st October, 2014, Prof. R Venkata Rao, Vice
M oM M xp uU MrmsM ij MqcUr M xoki Chancellor, National Law School of India University,
Bengaluru, addressed all the senior functionaries and
Mr |
other employees of the Bank on the theme.
luUM, ZTr AU xfSU xiMi q xiMi AkMUr M Vigilance Ofcers Conference was held at RSTC, Gurgaon
Mr / pqM M oU q eaMi sl ij xiMi AMwi on 03.11.2014 to sensitize Vigilance Ofcers of the
MUl us zMri / qqs M iUi lmOl q xoki Alpa Bank about the functions/roles of Vigilance Ofcers in
x AukM Aluil MUl Wi, oM M xiMi AkMUr M Preventive, Detection, Proactive, Participative Vigilance
and periodic follow up with the concerned Sections
eaM oll M sL SlM 03.11.2014 M r MqcU
in speedy disposal of complaints / cases, attracting
mzh qWusr, aQau q xiMi AkMUr M xqqsl
vigilance angle.
Arei Mr ar |
During the year, thrust has been given to preventive
uw M SUl oM oM M mir Lu mrA q lUiU xkU vigilance, covering all the areas of banking, including
xWi oMa M xp M zqs MUi WL luUM xiMi'' systemic improvement in the laid down systems and
mU AkM os Sr ar | procedures of the Bank.

xU uru
xj Security Arrangements
Ms 47 Acs Mrsr M 5675 zZA AU 99 qS ieUr Out of 5675 domestic branches and 99 currency chests in
q x oM l 77 zZA M Ecc eZq, 1529 zZA M 47 Circle Ofces, the Bank identied 77 branches as High
qkrq eZq AU 4069 zZA M Mq eZq us zZA Risk, 1529 branches as Medium Risk and 4069 as Low
Risk. These Branches were periodically visited by Security
M m q mWcl M W | xukM Sz-lSz M AlxU xU
Ofcers as per statutory guidelines. All the sensitive
AkMUr U Cl zZA M SU Mr ar | currency chests were visited by the Chief Security Ofcer
during the year.
xp zZA q x.x.O.u. sar ar W |
The following measures were initiated based on the
L.O.Lq q AiUM lqi x.x.O.u. M AiU 1651 instruction from RBI and State Police Authorities.
L.O.Lq q Asa x x.x.O.u. saL aL W |
All branches were provided with CCTVs.
SzpU M 3782 L.O.Lq mU ZiU M xpul M qleU 1651 ATMs provided with stand alone CCTV in
le xU aQ M UZ ar W | addition to the inbuilt CCTV in the equipment.
3782 PAN ATMs guarded with Private Security Guards
mUuz q xkU based on the threat perception and police authorities.
uw M SUl oM M 752 zZA q mUuz xkU Mr MUr
Ambience Improvement
ar AU cs uiir uw M SUl zw 528 zZA q rW Mr
mU Mr eLa - zZU mUrel'' M iWi 550 zZA M During the year, ambience improvement work was carried
sAFO M OMl mSzl uruxj M xj LMs ZQM xu out in 752 branches of the Bank and the remaining 528
branches will be completed during the current nancial
M sL mUuii Mr ar | msZ QeOsMUh M zpUp
year. Under Project Shikar 550 branches layout were
mxiui W e mUuz q AU p xkU sLa | transformed for single window service along with token
display arrangements. Digitalization of the records is on
xcl M AkMU the anvil, which will further improve the ambience of the
xcl M AkMU Aklrq 2005 M iWi, oM l xcl branches.
Sl ij mUSzi sl M sL LM Allr xcl M AkMU
Right to Information
Aklrq MlS M xjml M W | xcl M AkMU Aklrq
Under the Right to Information Act, 2005, an exclusive
M AuzrMi M AlxU AuSM M xcl Emsok MUl M
Right to Information Act outt is functioning to
sL MlU oM l Aml xp 47Acs q el xcl AkMUr
provide information and bring transparency. As per the
ij Amsr mkMUr M lqi Mr W | uw M SUl xcl requirement of the RTI Act, the Bank has nominated
M AkMU Aklrq, 2005 M mukl M AlxU oM l 2827 Public Information Ofcers and Appellate Authorities
xcl M AkMU AuSl, 503 mjq Ams ij 88 ir at Head Ofce and in all its 47 Circle Ofces to provide
Ams mmi M | information to the applicants. During the year, the Bank
received 2827 RTI applications, 503 First Appeals and 88
Second Appeals as per the provisions of RTI Act, 2005.
Uepw M Mrlurl
xqkl uw M SUl, oM l Uepw Mrlurl M Implementation of Ofcial Language
Aiai xUWlr mai M W AU upll xiU mU MD mUxMU The Bank made noteworthy progress under the
mmi ML | implementation of ofcial language and won many
prizes at various levels during the year under review.
rj qc 2015 M sapa 98% MqcUr l WlS q MrxkM
As at March 2015 around 98% of employees have obtained
l Wxs Mr W AU Uepw lrq 1976 M lrq 10(4) M
working knowledge in Hindi and the Bank has notied
Akl 3300 zZA M oM l Akxci Mr W | WlS q 3300 branches under Rule 10(4) of OL Rules 1976. All the
MrxkM l mmi oM M xp MqcUr M WlS Mrzs employees of the Bank possessing working knowledge of
q mzi Mr ar | xqkl uw M SUl oM U Lx Hindi have been trained in Hindi workshops. During the
MqcUr M sL 380 x AkM mlzcr mzh Mrq year under review, Bank has conducted more than 380
Arei Mr ar | refresher training programmes for such employees.

xcl maM M q Uepw M Aqs MUl Wi oM l In the sphere of using Information Technology in the
rlMQ'' M mra oRr AU oM M L.O.Lq. xl q 10 Ofcial Language, the Bank has furthered the use of
Unicode package for word processing and also made
pUir pwA q slSl M mukl eU UZ | OsTl oMa
provision in ATM screens of the Bank for carrying
M xuk WlS AU Aae M xj mqZ 6 r pwA q transaction in 10 Indian languages. Tele banking facility
mSl M e cM W| oM M MmUO uoxCO mhi pw has also been provided in Hindi and English and other 6
W | oM uzw AuxU mU Aml xp aWM M WlS q major regional languages. The Banks corporate website
is made fully in bilingual. The Bank is also giving SMSs
Lx.Lq.Lx. p pei W | oM l 1 esD 2011 x MU oMa
in Hindi to all its customers on special occasions. With
mhs, qoCs oMa, COUlO oMa mOs, LOLq slSl effect from 1st July 2011, the Bank has provided Hindi
UmO u D-CToM q WlS M uMsm Emsok MUr W | option in Core Banking System. Hindi option provided in
WqU oM M CsYOlM pw mi mxiM Mlmi'' M Mobile Banking, Internet Banking portal, ATM transaction
reports and in e-Infobook. The Banks bilingual address
xp zZA M Mrsr q Emsok MUr ar |
booklet CANPATHA is made available to all branches and
ofces in electronic form.
Uepw M mpu Mrlurl M mixWi MUl Wi oM U
MlU oM Uepw Ar rel'' M iWi 182 mUxMU Acs To encourage effective implementation of Ofcial
Language in the Bank, 182 prizes were given to Circle
Mrsr, r MqcU mzh qWusr, zZA u
Ofces, branches, RSTCs and Sections of Head Ofce under
Mrsr M Alpa M mSl ML aL | MlU oM Uepw the award Scheme formulated by the Bank viz., Canara
mUxMU rel'' M iWi 109 MqcUr M mUxMU mSl ML Bank Rajbhasha Akshay Yojana and 109 employees were
aL | oM l Aml MqcUr M sL LM uwM AZs pUir awarded under Rajbhasha Puraskar Yojana. The Bank also
conducted annual All India Hindi Essay Competition for
WlS lok mirai'' p Arei M W AU ueiA M
its employees and prizes were given to winners.
lMS mUxMU SL aL |
Our Half Yearly Hindi journal Canarajyoti 13th and
WqU Ak uwM WlS mM "MlUeri" M 13 u Lu 14 14th issues were brought out during the year. The 13th
u AM eU Mr ar | mkl Mrsr, oasU q WlS Sux issue was released by the C&MD during Hindi Day
Celebration at Head Ofce, Bangaluru and 14th issue
xqUW M SUl WqU Akr Lu mok lSzM U 13u AM was released by Miss Poonam Juneja, Joint Secretary,
M uqcl Mr ar ij 14u AM M uqcl qi mlq Department of OL, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government
ele, xrYi xcu, Uepw upa, aW qsr, pUi xUMU of India. Canarajyoti is brought out to encourage original
U Mr ar | MlUeri WlS q qs sZl M mixWi MUl writing in Hindi. This publication contains articles on
banking related subjects as well as Poetry, Short Stories,
M sL mMzi M ei W | Cxq oM M MqcUr U sZi Travelogues in Hindi written by employees.
oMa xok sZ, Mui, sb Mj, ruiii AS zqs W |
Canarajyoti won ABCI Awards, a Silver Medal under
L.o.x.AD. U MlUeri'' M TcU h q Uei mSM ij Feature category; a Bronze Medal under special column
(Indian Languages) category, for excellence in business
uzw xip (pUir pw) h q Mxr mSM AuQ mSl Mr communications from the Association of Business
ar W | Communicators of India (ABCI).

oM l Uepw AkMUr M 32u AZs pUir xqqsl p 9 The Bank also held the 32nd All India OL Conference of
OL Ofcers at RSTC, Gurgaon on 9th and 10th March 2015.
u 10 qc 2015 M r MqcU mzh qWusr, aQau
q Arei Mr ar | During the year, the Third Sub Committee of Parliamentary
Committee on Ofcial Languages had inspected Kollam
uw M SUl xxSr Uepw xqi M ixU Em xqi l Branch, in the State of Kerala. The Drafting and Evidence
Committee of the Parliamentary Committee on Ofcial
MUs Uer q oM M Mssq zZ M SU Mr | Uepw Languages had inspected Nagpur Circle Ofce and lauded
mU xxSr xqi M xr u AsZ xqi U lamU Acs the efforts put by the Bank in the eld of Ofcial Language
Mrsr M SU Mr ar AU Uepw Mrlurl M q implementation. The Bank is convening the Town Ofcial

oM M mrx M xUWl M aD | oas, MroiiU, AaU AU Language Implementation Committees of Bengaluru,
iulimUq q oM laU Uepw Mrlurl xqi M xreM Agra, Coimbatore and Thiruvananthapuram. Ofcial
W | pUi xUMU M Uepw li M mpu Mrlurl M mi Language Implementation Committees are constituted
in all the branches of the Bank to motivate and guide the
MqcUr M mixWi MUl u qaSzl Sl M sL oM M
employees towards effective implementation of Ofcial
xp zZA q Uepw Mrlurl xqir aPi W | Language Policy of the Government of India.

ZsMS M muil Promotion of Sports

MlU oM OlqO AS M mrei MUl AU mipzs Canara Bank has always been encouraging and
ZsQr M xMsUzm mSl MUM Wqz ZsMS M mixWi supporting sports and has contributed generously to
u xqjl MU UW W AU Sz pU q Zs aiukr M sL ESUi sporting activities all over the country, in the realms of
x raSl Sr W | uw 1982 q oM q ZsMS M Almuil sponsoring tournaments and providing scholarships to
talented sportspersons. A Sports Council at Head Ofce
u mixWl M sL mkl Mrsr q LM ZsMS MExs M
was setup in the year 1982 to monitor / encourage Sports
aPl Mr ar |
in the Bank.
oM M 6 q Oq W, e lqlui W: The Bank has teams in 6 disciplines as under:

AjsOYx qWs 4 xSxr Athletics Women 4 Members

os oQqOl mw 3 xSxr Ball Badminton Men 3 Members
MO mw 15 xSxr Cricket Men 15 Members
WM mw 12 xSxr Hockey Men 12 Members
zOs oQqOl mw 3 xSxr Shuttle Badminton Men 3 Members
Oos Ox mw 2 xSxr Table Tennis Men 2 Members
International Sportspersons in the Banks fold are Shri B
AiUwOr ZsQr ex o M uMOz mxS u xls K Venkatesh Prasad and Shri Sunil B Joshi (Cricket), Shri
ez (MO), uqs MqU (xOs oQqOl), qi Lq Vimal Kumar (Shuttle Badminton), Smt M K Asha, Smt
M Az, qi xq amsMwh u qi Lc Lq eri Suma Gopalakrishna and Smt H M Jyothi (Athletics),
Shri P Shanmugam, Shri Bharath Kumar Chetri (Captain
(AjsOYx), m zhqZq, pUi MqU N(Mmil, pUir Indian Hockey Team, London Olympics-2012) and Shri K
WM Oq, sSl AsmYx-2012) u M Lq xqhh (WM- M Somanna (Senior-Hockey) and Shri K P Dinesh (Junior-
xlrU), M m Slz (WM-elrU) uiql q oM q MrUi Hockey). Some of the above sportspersons have earned
W | E ZsQr l Uer / Ur xiU M OlqO / miraiA laurels while representing the Bank in tournaments/
q oM M milkiu MUM oM M lq Uzl Mr W | M competitions at the State/National levels. Shri K M
Somanna, Player of Hockey Team and Shri D Guruprasad,
Lq xqhh, WM ZsQ u Q amxS, zOs oQqOl Player of Shuttle Badminton Team were bestowed with
ZsQ MlOM Uer xUMU U ZsQr M SL elus EKALAVYA AWARD, highest honour for sports person
xu xqql-LMsur mUxMU'' x lue ar | pUi MqU in Karnataka State. Shri Bharat Kumar Chetri, player of
N mq oas Uer U ZsQr M SL elus xu Hockey Team was bestowed with BENGAL RATNA,
xqql oas U'' mUxMU x lue ar | highest honour for sports person in State of West Bengal.
During the year, Smt H M Jyothi represented Indian
uw M SUl qi Lc Lq eri l asxa, xMOsQ q Athletics 4x100 Mts Relay Team in the Commonwealth
Arei UqQs Zs q 4x100 qOU Us q pUir Oq M Games at Glasgow, Scotland in 2014 (5th Place Finals),
milkiu Mr (TCls q 5u xjl), Clcl, Sh MUr Indian Athletics 4 x 100 Mts Relay Team in the Asian Games
at Incheon, South Korea in 2014 and Karnataka State
q Arei Lzrr Zs q 4x100 qOU Us q pUir Oq
Team in the Inter State Athletic Meet at Lucknow 2014 in
M milkiu Mr | sZlF q Arei AiU Uer AjsOM 100 Mts Individual event and secured Silver Medal with a
qO q mipai MUM 100 qOU q 11.4 xMQ (xox timing of 11.4 Seconds (Personal Best). Shri Deepak Chougle
AcN urai xqr) M xj Uei mSM ei | uw M SUl represented Jharkhand State Cricket Team in the Ranji
SmM cas l Uhe OT MO OlqO q fUZQ Uer Trophy during the year. Shri K B Pawan represented Kerala
State Cricket Team in the Ranji Trophy. Shri Mansur Ali
M mipai Mr | qxU As Zl uw M SUl
Khan was the Bowling Coach of the Karnataka State Cricket
Uhe OT u CUl OT eilus MlOM Uer MO Oq Team that won the Ranji Trophy and Irani Trophy during the
M aSoe Mc j | Q amxS, zOs oQqOl ZsQ year. Shri D Guruprasad, player of Shuttle Badminton Team

l oqbq, rlCOQ MaQq q Arei Bs CasQ oQqOl participated in the All England Badminton Championship
cqmrlzm q mipai M | at Birmingham, United Kingdom, 2015.
oM mkl Mrsr M Oq M Asu Acs Mrsr Apart from the Teams at the Head Ofce, Bank is also
encouraging sports at the Circle level by allotting annual
xiU mU oeO AoOi MUM ZsMS M mixWl Si W,
budget for sports activities, which is monitored by the
exM laUl Acs xmOx MExs U Mr ei W | oM Circle Sports Council. More than 50% of the Banks sports
M 50% x AkM ZsQ Aml xoki Zs q MlOM persons are representing the State in their respective
Uer M milkiu MUi W | sports discipline.


MlU oM l aWM Wi LM xOm oMa' mSl MUl M Ezr Canara Bank, with an objective of offering One Stop
x 1980 SzM M Ai M SUl xWrM Zsl M U uuk Banking facilities for the customers, forayed into
MUoU aiukr q muz Mr | Ae, oM uuk q Mq diversied business activities by opening subsidiaries
x Mq l xWrM / mrei xxjA / xr Eq M xj during late 1980s. Today, the Bank functions as a Financial
Supermarket with as many as nine subsidiaries/ sponsored
LM ur xmUqMO' M m q Mr MU UW W |
entities/ joint ventures in diversied elds.
oM l xqrM qsrMl Wi u oM M xWrM/xWra Wi ZM To unlock the potential in Subsidiaries, Bank had appointed
irU MUl M sr p LM xsWMU M m q qxx MmLqe M/s KPMG Advisory Services Private Limited as consultant
xsWMU xuL mCuO sqOQ lr Mr W | xuMi xTUz for comprehensive assessment and to draw a road map for
M Mrui Mr ar W | oM M xp xWrM / mrei Subsidiaries/Associates. The accepted recommendations
xxjA / xr Eq l uw M SUl xiwelM MrlwmSl have since been implemented. All the subsidiaries/
Se Mr W | sponsored entities/ joint ventures of the Bank recorded
satisfactory performance during the year.
MlTl Wqx sqOQ (xLTLcLs)
MlTl Wqx sqOQ, e M MlU oM M 43.45% kUi M Cann Homes Limited, a Sponsored Entity of Canara Bank is
xj LM mrei xxj W, mqZ Aux u xxjA q x one of the premier housing nance entities in the country,
LM W | 31.03.2015 M xLTLcLs q oM M zrU 43.45% with a stake of 43.45%. The Company sanctioned loans
W | uw M SUl, Mml l `3346 MUQ M xuiUh Uz M amounting to `3670 crore and disbursed loans amounting
xj `3670 MUQ M Gh Uz M qeU S W| rj qc 2015 to `3346 crore during the year. The loan outstanding as at
M Ms oMr Gh `8238 MUQ W | Mml l uw xqml qc March 2015 was `8238 crore. The Company earned a prot
2015 Wi `86.24 MUQ M MU M mi sp Aei Mr W AU after tax of `86.24 crore for the year ended March 2015
2014-15 Wi 70% M spz mxiui Mr W | and proposed a 70% dividend for the year 2014-15.
MlU oM mipi sqOQ (xoLxLs) Canara Bank Securities Limited, (formerly Gilt Securities
MlU oM mipi sqOQ, (mu q, asO mipi OQa Trading Corporation Limited) has diversied into Capital
MmUzl sqOQ) me oeU xoki aiukr q, uzwMU Market related activities, mainly stock broking since
2007 x xOM oMa q xsmi UW W | Mml xxjai u ZSU 2007. The Company offers stock broking services to both
aWM, Sl M sr xOM oMa xuL mSl MUi W | ZSU institutional and retail clients. Online Trading Counter for
aWM M sL BlsCl OQa MEOU qZr EimS W ij qS retail customers is its agship product and has diversied
urim xuk mSl MUi W Lu Mml M aWM AkU 35172 into Currency Derivatives and has a clientele base of
x AkM W | uw xqml 2015 M sr Mml l `6.90 MUQ 35172. The Company has posted a Prot after tax of `6.90
M MU mi sp Aei Mr W AU 12.50% M spz M crore for the year ended March 2015 and paid a dividend
of 12.50%.
pail Mr W |
MlU UoM mUxm mokl Mml sqOQ (xAULLqx) (CRAMC)
MloM qrcrAs TQ M Axir M molki MUl M sr To manage assets of Canbank Mutual Fund M/s Canbank
1993 q qxx MloM luz molkl xuL sqOQ xjmi M Investment Management Services Limited was established
ar j | uw 2007 q MlU oM l Axi molkl Mml M in 1993. In the year 2007, Canara Bank divested 49% stake
49% zrU qxx UoM xqW Ll u M m q uluz Mr of Asset Management Company in favour of M/s Robeco
j exx M MloM qrcrAs TQ M Axir M molkl Groep N V forming a joint venture for managing the assets
Wi LM xr Eq M lqh WA | io x W Mml M MlU of Canbank Mutual Fund. The Company has since renamed
as Canara Robeco Asset Management Company Limited
UoM Axi molkl Mml sqOQ M m q ml:lqi MU
with a majority share of 51% held by the Bank. Assets
Sr ar j exq 51% zrU kUi oM M mx j | Mml M under Management of the Company was `6421 crore
molkl M iWi 5.27 sZ M luzM AkU M MuU MUi WL with investor base of 5.27 lakhs. The Company is currently
Axir `6421MUQ j | uiql q Mml, asQ DLTO xWi managing 29 Mutual Fund Schemes, including Gold EFT.
29 qrcrAs TQ relL xps UW W | uw 2014-15 M sr The Company posted a net prot of `19.42 crore for the
Mml l `19.42 MUQ M lus sp Aei Mr W | year 2014-15.

AiUr xiU mU mii LcLxox oq (Lzr mxTM) An Insurance Joint Venture oated by the Bank in
WsQa sqOQ u AUrOs oM BT Mqx M xWra M association with internationally reputed HSBC Insurance
xj oM M oq xr Eq W | Mml xiqoU 2007 M SUl (Asia Pacic) Holding Limited and Oriental Bank Commerce.
The Company was incorporated during September 2007
laqi WD j AU Aml MUoU mUcsl 16.06.2008 x mUp and commenced business operation from 16.06.2008. The
Mr j | Mml q oM M 51% M oWqi zrUkUh W | uw M Bank has a majority shareholding of 51% in the Company.
SUl Mml `1642 MUQ M Ms MUoU mqrq iM mWc ij During the year, the Company reached total business
`102.90 MUQ M xuklM sp Se ML | premium of `1642 crore and recorded statutory prot of
MloM ucU me Mw sqOQ (xuxLTLs) `102.90 crore.
MloM ucU me Mw sqOQ, MloM ucU me Mw
(xuxLT) M lrx u molkM W AU oM M mh xuqiu Canbank Venture Capital Fund Limited is the Trustee and
us Alwa W | uw 2014-15 M SUl, Mml l MU M oS Manager of Canbank Venture Capital Fund and a wholly
`6.92 MUQ M sp Aei Mr W AU 1000% M spz M owned Subsidiary of the Bank. The Company recorded a
prot after tax of `6.92 crore for the year 2014-15 and paid
pail Mr W | a dividend of 1000%.
MloM TYOx sqOQ oM M LM TYOa Alwa W | uw Canbank Factors Limited is a factoring Subsidiary of the
2014-15 M SUl, Mml l `3072.50 MUQ M Ms MUoU Bank. During 2014-15, the Company achieved a total
OlAuU mmi Mr W ij `14.80 MUQ M MU mi sp business turnover of `3072.50 crore and earned a prot
Aei Mr W | uw 2014-15 M sr Mml l 10% spz after tax of `14.80 crore. The Company has proposed a
mxiui Mr W | pUir xZ UOa xcl xu (xs) l 10% dividend for 2014-15. The Credit Rating Information
ClM Asmuk Gh rel M Eiq L1+ UOa mSl Mr W | Services of India Limited (CRISIL) has rated its Short Term
Debt Programme, the highest A1+.
MloM MmrOU xuxe sqOQ (xxLxLs)
MloM MmrOU xuxe sqOQ mU Sz q rW LMq xnOurU Canbank Computer Services Limited is the only Software
Mml W e xuelM M oM U muii W | MloM MmrOU Company promoted by a Public Sector Bank in the country.
xuxe sqOQ qZrir xcl maM ij xnOurU uMx Canbank Computer Services Limited is primarily engaged
xu, mzh / mUqzS u UexOU u zrU AiUh Lex M in IT and Software development services, training /
m q MrUi W | Mml l uw SUl `6.51 MUQ M MU mi consultancy and registrar and share transfer agency. The
sp Aei Mr W | Company has achieved a prot after tax of `6.51crore for
the year.
MloM TCllzrs xuxe sqOQ (MlTl)
MloM TCllzrs xuxe sqOQ l Qo Zi M iWi
Canbank Financial Services Limited is conning its
m MUr M uxs u AiSr M uxs mU krl MlSi MUl activities to legal matter arising out of past transactions
M Asu Aml aiukr M mipi q mNs xuruWU x in securities, besides concentrating on collection of lease
Eim Mll qqs iM xqi MU Sr W | rentals and recovery of dues under decreed accounts.
xADoLs, MlU oM u pUir xOO oM M xr Eq W CIBL, a joint venture of Canara Bank and State Bank of
e Ams, 2004 x qxM, x q MrUi W | Mml l rj 31 India, has been operational since April 2004 in Moscow,
qc, 2015 M MU mi r Lx $ 1.05 qsrl rLx QsU M Russia. The Company earned a prot after tax of US$1.05
sp Aei Mr W | million as on 31st March, 2015.
r aqh oM (AUAUo)
The Bank has two sponsored RRBs viz., Kerala Gramin Bank,
oM M S mrei r aqh oM W., rj MUs aqh oM, which covers entire 14 districts of Kerala with 565 branches
e MUs M xmh 14 es M 565 zZA M xj MuU MUi and Pragathi Krishna Gramin Bank with 11 districts of
W ij mu MlOM M 11 es q 645 zZA M xj mai eastern Karnataka and 645 branches. RRBs together have
Mwh aqh oM W | r aqh oM M mx Ms qsMU a branch network of 1210 and 412 ATMs. During the year,
1210 zZA u 412 LOLq M lOuM W | uw M SUl, Sl both RRBs have opened 73 branches and 135 ATMs.
r aqh oM l 73 zZL ij 135 LOLq Zs| The aggregate business of the RRBs as at March 2015 stood
rj qc 2015 M r aqh oM M xqa MUoU 40402 at `40402 crore, comprising `20578 crore under deposits
MUQ W exq eq M Aiai 20578 MUQ ij Aaq M and `19824 crore under advances. Kerala Gramin Bank
with a total business of `20940 crore ranked 1st amongst
Aiai 19824 MUQ W | 20940 MUQ M xqa MUoU M xj RRBs, followed by Pragathi Krishna Gramin Bank with

MUs aqh oM M xjl r aqh oM M oc mjq UW, `19462 crore. Both RRBs achieved the mandated target of
exq WqU Aml mai Mxl aqh oM `19462 MUQ M 60% of total advances under priority sector lending. Gross
MUoU M xj ir xjl mU UW | Sl r aqh oM l NPA and Net NPA levels were below the tolerable level of
mjqMi EkU M Aiai Ms Aaq M 60% M Alur 5% of total advances.
sr M mmi Mr | Ms Aaq M Aiai xMs LlmL u lus Both RRBs registered a gross prot of `284.89 crore and
LlmL 5% M xiwelM xiU x lc j | net prot of `101.60 crore during the year. Their capital
adequacy ratio is above the mandatory norm of 9%.
uw M SUl, Sl r aqh oM l `284.89 MUQ M xMs
sp ij `101.60 MUQ M lus sp Se Mr | ElM me RRBs are 100% CBS compliant and are ahead of their peer
mrmii Almi 9% M Akql qlM x AkM W | RRBs under technology front. They are extending IT based
products, like, Mobile Banking, RuPay Debit Card services,
r aqh oM xoLx M 100% Almsl MU UW W AU Cheque Truncation System, e-KYC technology, Aadhaar
maM M qc mU Aml xqM r aqh oM x Aa enabled services and remittance facilities through NEFT/
W | u Aml aWM M xcl maM AkUi EimS ex qoCs NGRTGS/AEPS to their customers. Kerala Gramin Bank
oMa, m QoO MQ xu, cM OMzl mhs, D-MuDx has received Inclusive Finance India Award-2014 for
iMlM, AkU xqji xu ij lnO/AUOeLx M qkrq adaptation and implementation of information technology
x umwh xuL mSl MU UW W | loQ u eADeQ M xj and Pragathi Krishna Gramin Bank as 2nd runner-up,
instituted by M/s Access in partnership with National
xfSU q qxx Lxx U xxjmi ClYsxu TClzrs Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and
CQr AuQ-2014 MUs aqh oM M xcl maM M Deutsche Gesellschaft fr Internationale Zusammenarbeit
Mrurl M sL mmi WA ij mai Mwh aqh oM ir (GIZ).
uei UW |
Implementation of Financial Inclusion and Pradhan Mantri
mrei r aqh oM q ur xquzl u mkl q Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) in the sponsored Regional Rural
el-kl rel Mrurl M xji Banks
mrei r aqh oM, 884 MUoU xmM (ox) u 157 The sponsored RRBs, in addition to branches, are
MrxM M qkrq x zZA M AiU au q AkUpi extending basic banking services to villages through 884
oMa xu mSl MU UW W | ElWl aqh q zZA x Business Correspondents (BCs) and 157 Kiosks. They have
established 22 Financial Literacy Counselling Centers
qkrq x 22 ur xUi mUqz MS (LTLsx) xjmi ML (FLCs) and also organizing nancial literacy camps through
W ij ur xUi zuU M Arel p MU UW W | branches in rural areas.
mklq el-kl rel M Aiai Sl r aqh oM l 7.80 Under PMJDY both RRBs together opened over 7.80 lakh
sZ x AkM Zi Zs W ij xp Zi kUM M m MQ eU accounts and issued RuPay Cards to all the account holders.
Mr | ElWl, AuOi 1847 Em-xu (LxLxL) M xp bU They have covered all households in 1847 Sub-Service
M MuU Mr W AU 375 uQ M Mq-x-Mq LM AkUpi Areas (SSAs) and 375 wards allotted to them with at least
oMa Zi u m MQ x eQ W | D-MuDx iMlM u one basic banking account and RuPay Cards They are the
AkU xqji pail mhs ( LDmLx) Mrui MUl q r rst amongst RRBs to implement e-KYC technology and
aqh oM M oc ElM mjq xjl W | Aadhaar enabled Payment System (AEPS).


In recognition of the varied initiatives, the Bank was
up mWs M Apl q, uw M SUl oM M MD mUxMU conferred with several awards/accolades. The major
mmi ML | Clq x qZr mUxMU lqlui W: awards received are as under:
Lzr LcAUQ Max AuQ-2014 M x xaPl M raSl
Sl Asia HRD Award under the category Contribution to
h M Aiai Lzr LcAUQ AuQ'' | Organization of the Asia HRD Congress Awards, 2014.
xMc TCllzrs CYszl LQ Qmla AuQ-2014 q Platinum Award under the category of Innovation
C l h M Aiai msOlq AuQ | in the Skoch Financial Inclusion & Deepening Award,
MmUO aulx M sL lSzM xxjl,pUi U asQl
Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Governance by
mMM mUxMU | the Institutes of Directors, India.
MqmrOU z u UeaU muil
Mqmr M MmUO xqeM Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya Silver Award for Education
mWs M sL z 2014 Wi mQi qSl qWl qsur Uei 2014 for CSR initiative of Promoting Computer
mUxMU | Education and Employment.
oas M xuq 50 oQ M oc lqq oas oxO oQ Namma Bengalurus Best Brand among Bengalurus
mUxMU | top 50 brands.
MmUO xqeM mWs M iWi xuq MrlwmSl M Assocham Social Banking Excellence Award, 2014
sL xuelM M oM h M Aiai Lxxcq xzs under Public Sector Banks category for excellent
performance under Corporate Social Responsibility
oMa EiMi AuQ 2014 | initiatives.

cqoU BT LqLxLqD (xADLqLxLqD), lD Sss U MSME Banking Excellence Awards, 2014 organized
xcsi LqLxLD oMa LYxsx AuQ-2014 | oM by Chamber of Indian Micro, Small and Medium
M Alr mUxMU M xj xuq oM mUxMU uei x Enterprises (CIMSME) at New Delhi. The Bank has been
lue ar | adjudged as the Best Bank Award-Winner among
other awards.
lriM M muil M sL xuq xqjl xu mSl MUl
Niryat Bandhu instituted by Federation of Indian
Wi pUir lri xaPl qWxb (LTADDA) U Arei
Export Organisation (FIEO) for excellent support
lri ok mUxMU | services rendered for the promotion of exports.
aqh xuUeaU mzh xxjl, zsmMU xxjl, xcl SKOCH Renaissance Award, 2014 under Indias Best
maM xxjl, xqSrM uMx u qWs xzMUh Projects 2014 Category for Rural Self Employment
M sL pUi M Eq mUrel 2014 h M Aiai xMc Training Institute, Institute for Artisans, Institute for
mleaUh mUxMU 2014 | information Technology, Community Development
and Women Empowerment.
lL QqO Zi M mUcsi MUl q saiU SxU uw mjq
xjl mmi MUl M sL LlLxQLs xOU mUTqU AuQ NSDL Star Performer Awards, 2014, for securing rst
2014 ij Zi u q xuq MrlwmSM | position in mobilizing new Demat Accounts for the
second consecutive year and also adjudged Best
mosMzl M sL pUi M xuq Mqmlr mU LM Performer in Accounts Growth.
AsZ q xuelM q oM M oc mjq xjl mSl Ranked 1st among Public Sector Banks in an article
Mr ar | on Indias Best Companies for CSR published in the
oLTLxAD q LcAU mrx M xqqli MUl M sL Corporate Dossier of Economic Times.
qxx QsrO M xj xfSU q oMa TlOrU U oxO Best Inspiring Place to Work (Public Sector) by the
CxmrUa msx O uM (xuelM ) | Banking Frontiers in partnership with M/s.Deloitte in
an effort to recognize the HR efforts of the BFSI sector.
lSzM xxjl, pUi U asQl mMM oelx LYxsx
Golden Peacock Business Excellence Award, 2015, by
AuQ 2015 |
the Institutes of Directors, India.
mLqeQuD Mrurl M Aiai xuq MrlwmSl M PMJDY & Excellence Award, 2015 instituted by M/s
sL qxx Ea urmU u xu xb U aPi mLqeQuD Federation of Industry Trade & Services (FITS) for best
u LYxsx AuQ 2015 | performance under PMJDY implementation.
xuelM M oM M oc ADoL oMa maM Received 4 Awards at IBA Banking Technology
xqqsl, LYxm u AuQ 2015 q 4 mUxMU ei | Conference, Expo & Awards, 2015 amongst Public
Sector Banks.
1. mjq UlU Am - Q
QeOs u cls maM M oWiUl 1. First Runners-up- Best use of Digital and
Emra | Channel Technology.
xu ur mWs
2. mjq UlU Am - xu 2. First Runners-up-Best Financial Initiative
3. ir UlU Am - uw
uw M maM oM
3. Second Runners-up-Technology Bank of the
4. ir UlU Am - xu
xuq pail mWs

4. Second Runners-up-Best Payments Initiative
Aux Gh' mSi h M Aiai AEOsM ql AuQ
Outlook Money awards 2014 under The Best Home
2014 | Loan provider category.
Sss xOO luz els U 6P mLxr AuQ q ZSU Outstanding Performance under Retail Banking in the
oMa M Aiai oWiUl MrlwmSl| 6th PSU Awards 2014 by Dalal Street Investment
MlU C-CToM M sL Tui AuQ 2015 |
Finnoviti Award, 2015 for Canara e-Infobook.
xoLx M sL TaU oxQ orqOM mkMUh M sL Secure IT 2014 award for nger print based Biometric
xYrU ADO 2014 AuQ | Authorization for CBS.
xox AkM xZr q m MQ eU MUl M sL U
r National Payment Excellence Award, 2014 for highest
pail EiMi mUxMU 2014 | RuPay Card issuing bank.
1st Prize under Indira Gandhi Rajbhasha Puraskar
a' q mpu Uepw Mrurl M sL saiU S uw
Yojana for effective implementation of Ofcial
2012-13 u 2013-14 M sL CSU ak Uepw mUxMU Language in Region C for two consecutive years in
rel M Aiai mjq mUxMU | 2012-13 and 2013-14.

oM M AcN iUW x mUpwi lir AU mrA M LM There is a system of well-dened policies and procedures
of the Bank. During the year, concerted efforts were made
mhs W | uw M SUl pUo M ulrqM AuzrMiA, pUi to streamline the policies and procedures of the Bank
xUMU M SzlSz u uiql mUSzr q oM M AMxqM in the light of regulatory requirements of the RBI, the
AuzrMiA M AsM q oM M lir u mrA M xSR directions of the Government of India and the emergent
oll Wi Px mrx Mr ar W | iSlxU, Alr M oc, xZ requirements of the Bank in the present day context.
Accordingly, there has been a sharper focus on policies
eZq molkl, oeU eZq molkl, mUcsM eZq molkl, relating to, among others, Credit Risk Management,
Axi Sriu molkl, cslk eZq molkl, xqW eZq Market Risk Management, Operational Risk Management,
molkl, Sz eZq, mim oM eZq, MmUO mzxl, Asset Liability Management, Liquidity Risk Management,
mMOl, xmM molkl, ilu mUh, Almsl Mr, AmS Group Risk Management, Country Risk, Counterparty
Bank Risk, Corporate Governance, Disclosures, Collateral
mlmmi AU MUoU xii Arel, MUoU sCl, AEOxxa Management, Stress Testing, Compliance Functions,
AU ADxLLm, MuDx, LLqLs, uxs, u luz M xok q Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning,
lir mU ih krl MSi Mr ar W | Business Lines, Outsourcing, ICAAP, KYC, AML, Recovery and
lSzM qQs q mUuil
oM M lSzM qQs M xUcl q uw 2014-15 q lql
Year 2014-15 saw the following changes in the composition
mUuil W | of the Board of Directors of the Bank.
Auk M SUl oM M lSzM qQs q lqlsZi lSzM M Tenure of the following Directors on the Board of the Bank
Mr Auk xqmi W aD | ended during the period.
lr M xu xqmi
lq mSlq Name Designation
Date of Ap- Date of
ij M ij pointment Cessation
Akr u Chairman &
AU M So 11.01.2013 30.09.2014
mok lSzM Shri R K Dubey Managing 11.01.2013 30.09.2014
xil xlW aU AkMUM 17.10.2011 16.10.2014 Part-Time
Shri Sutanu
lSzM Non-Ofcial 17.10.2011 16.10.2014
e.u Shri G V Workmen
milk 21.10.2011 20.10.2014
xqoxu Uu Sambasiva representa- 21.10.2011 20.10.2014
Rao tive Director
AzM MqU MrmsM
28.07.2011 31.10.2014 Shri Ashok Executive
ami lSzM 28.07.2011 31.10.2014
Kumar Gupta Director
qi ql pUo lqi Smt Meena RBI Nomi-
13.10.2011 22.02.2015
WqcS lSzM Hemchandra nee Director
13.10.2011 22.02.2015

lqlsZi lSzM l Auk M SUl Mrsr q MrpU aWh

Following Directors assumed Ofce during the period.
Mr |

lr M xu xqmi Date of Ap- Date of

Name Designation
lq mSlq pointment Cessation
ij M ij

AUoAD Aas ASz Smt Uma RBI Nomi- Until fur-

qi Eq zMU 23.02.2015 23.02.2015
lqi lSzM iM Shankar nee Director ther Orders

WUSz MqU MrmsM Shri Harideesh Executive

11.03.2015 31.05.2017 11.03.2015 31.05.2017
o. lSzM Kumar B Director

uw 2013-14 M SUl oM M lulr lS
lSzM qQs M Brief Prole of the newly appointed Directors of the Board
xmi orU of the Bank during 2014-15
Smt. Uma Shankar
qi Eq z
zMU Smt. Uma Shankar has been nominated on the Board
of the Bank with effect from 23.02.2015 as a Director
qi Eq zMU M 23.02.2015 M mpu x oM M lSzM
representing RBI. Smt. Uma Shankar holds a Master
qQs q pUo M milk lSzM M iU mU lr Mr Degree in Arts and is a Certied Associate of Indian
ar W | qi Eq zMU l Ms xMr q xliMU M Emk Institute of Bankers.
s W ij pUir oM xxjl q xOTCQ LxxLO W |
Smt. Uma Shankar started her career as a direct
qi Eq zMU l Aml MUrU M zAi pUir Ueu oM recruit Grade B Ofcer in RBI in the year 1982 and
q uw 1982 M SUl xk pi us aQ o AkMU M iU mU held important posts in various capacities in the Issue
M ij cD, WSUoS, qqoD u oas Mrsr q eUMi Department, Banking Department, Department of
upa, oMa upa, oMa mruh upa, zWU oM upa u Banking Supervision, Urban Banks Department and other
important departments of RBI in Chennai, Hyderabad,
pUo M Alr qWiumh upa q up rariA q qWiumh
Mumbai and Bengaluru Ofces.
mS mU Mq Mr W |
She is presently working as Chief General Manager,
uiql q uW qZr qW mok, qS mokl upa, pUo,qqoD Department of Currency Management, RBI, Mumbai.
q MrUi W | Cxx mWs uW pUo, oas M r lSzM Prior to this she was the Regional Director of RBI,
j | ElWl MmUO oM u rM oM M lkM qQs q p Aml Bangaluru. She also served on the Boards of Corporation
xu S W | Bank and UCO Bank earlier.

Shri Harideesh Kumar B

WUSz MqU o
Shri Harideesh Kumar B has been appointed as Executive
WUSz MqU o M oM M MrmsM lSzM M m Director of the Bank with effect from the date of his
q pUi xUMU M Akxcl SlMi 10.03.2015 U ElM assumption of charge of the post upto 31.05.2017, the
MrpU aWh MUl M ij x 31.05.2017 iM, ElM xulu date of his attaining the age of superannuation or until
further orders, whichever is earlier, vide Government of
M Eq iM r Aas ASz iM, e p mWs W, M sL lr India Notication dated 10.03.2015. He has taken over
Mr ar W | ElWl 11.03.2015 M MrpU aWh Mr W | charge on 11.03.2015.

WUSz MqU o MlOM M Sh MQ es x W | ElWl Shri Harideesh Kumar B hails from Dakshina Kannada
s q xliMU M Emk s W ij uw 1978 q uer oM M district of Karnataka. He is a Post Graduate with a Degree
in Law and started his banking career with Vijaya Bank in
xj Aml oMa MUrU z Mr | the year 1978.
ElWl SzpU q oM q up rariA us mS mU Mr Mr He has worked in various capacities in the bank across the
W | ElM mii MUrU M 38 uw au, MsMi, qqoD, country. His distinguished career of 38 years spans across
AWqSoS, oas u Sss q oi W | ElWl oMa M up Goa, Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangaluru and Delhi.
He has worked in various operational areas of banking
mUcsliqM q Mr Mr W ij LM elMU u lmh
and is a knowledgeable and an able administrator.
mzxM W |
He has attended various seminars, conferences and
ElWl pUi u uSz q mii xxjl q MD xqlU,xqqsl training programmes at reputed institutions in India and
u mzh Mrq q zUMi M W | abroad.

u uer oM M cQaR, oasU u Sss r Mrsr M He was in charge of Vijaya Banks Regional
ofces at Chandigarh, Bangaluru and Delhi.
mpU UW | ElWl MlU oM q MrmsM lSzM M iU mU He was heading the Banks Delhi Region as
lr x mWs oM M Sss q qW mokM M m q General Manager prior to joining Canara Bank as
MrUi j| Executive Director.

The Directors, in preparation of the annual accounts for the
lSzM, 31 qc, 2015 M xqmi uw M sL uwM sZ M year ended March 31, 2015, conrm the following:
irU q lql M m MUi W : That in the preparation of the annual accounts, the
uwM sZ M irU q qWiumh ucsl x xoki Eci applicable accounting standards had been followed
xmMUh xWi Emr sZMl qlSQ M msl Mr along with proper explanation relating to material
ar W |
That they had selected such accounting policies and
M ElWl El sZMl lir M crl Mr W AU ElM applied them consistently and made judgments and
lUiU Almra Mr W AU lhr sL W ij Alql ML estimates that are reasonable and prudent, so as to
W, e Eci AU uuMmh W iM ur uw M Ai q AU give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the
Auk M SUl oM M sp r Wl oM M xji M xW Bank at the end of the nancial year and of the prot
Lu xm xum mmi W xM | or loss of the Bank for the period.
M ElWl oM M Axir M xU M krl UZi WL That they had taken proper and sufcient care for
the maintenance of adequate accounting records in
AU kZkQ AU Alr uxair M luUh M sL accordance with the provisions of applicable laws
pUi q xji oM M sL sa Mll mukl M Alm governing banks in India for safeguarding the assets of
mrmi sZMl UMQ M AlUh M sL Eci Lu mrmi the Bank and for preventing and detecting fraud and
xukl oUi W | other irregularities.
M ElWl uwM sZ M irU spMU MUoUus xxj That they had prepared the annual accounts on a going
Wl M AkU mU M W| concern basis.

Aml xp WikUM rl zrUkUM, aWM, luzM, xUMU, The Bank made several initiatives to maximize rewards for
all its stakeholders, viz., shareholders, customers, investors,
pUir Ueu oM, MqcUr u qZr m x eli M AkMiq Government, RBI, employees and the public at large.
miTs Sl M sL oM l MD MSq EPL |
The Board wishes to place on record its sincere appreciation
xUh M sL aWM, xWra M sL zrUkUM, qsrul to the customers for their patronage, to the shareholders
qaSzl u xWra M sL xUMU mkMUr u pUir Ueu for their support, to the Government authorities and the
oM, xqkl ur uw M SUl Aml MrMs mU MUl Reserve Bank of India for their valuable guidance and
us lSzM, xWra u xZ M sL Sz u uSz q oM M support, to the Directors who completed their tenure
xmMMiA AU uMx u iU M Cx r q Aml mh during the nancial year under review, to the Banks
Correspondents in India and abroad for their co-operation
xWra Sl M sL xp MqcU xSxr M oQ mzx MUl and goodwill and to all staff members for their full support
cWi W | in the pursuit of organizational growth and excellence.



(xcMUh xqfi M kU 55 M Aiai) (Under Clause 55 of Listing Agreement)
1. Corporate Identity Number (CIN) of the Company: Not
1. Mml M MmUO mWcl x
xZr (xADLl) - sa lW
2. Mml M lq : MlU oM 2. Name of the Company: Canara Bank
3. meMi mi : MlU oM, mkl Mrsr, 112 e x UQ, 3. Registered Address: Canara Bank, Head Ofce, 112,
oas - 560002 J C Road, Bengaluru - 560002
4. Website: www.canarabank.com
4. uoxCO: www.canarabank.com
5. E-mail id: edscrt2@canarabank.com
5. D-qs : edscrt2@canarabank.com 6. Financial Year Reported: 2014-15
6. xci ur uw : 2014-15 7. Sector(s) that the Company is engaged in (Industrial
activity code-wise):
7. exq Mml MrUi W (Ea rMsm MO uU) :
Financial Services, mainly banking.
ur xuL, qZr m x oMa
8. List three key products/services that the Company
8. Mml U lqi / Emsok MUL e UW il EimS / xuL: manufactures/provides (as in balance sheet):
1. jM oMa, 2. ZSU oMa, 3. aqh u Mw oMa 1. Wholesale Banking 2. Retail Banking 3. Rural and
9. Mml U Mil xjl mU rMsm Mr e UW W
9. Total number of locations where business activity is
i. AiUr xjs M xZr (7 qZr xjs oiL) undertaken by the Company
i. Number of International Locations (Provide details
eWxoa (Sh ATM), lr rM (xr Uer
of major 7)
AqUM), sSl u sxxOU (r M), WaMa u zbD
Johannesburg (South Africa), New York (United
(cl eluS mei) ij oWUl (qlq) States of America), London and Leicester (UK),
EmU EssZi xjl M Asu, oM M milk Hong Kong and Shanghai (Peoples Republic of
China) and Bahrain (Manama).
Mrsr zUeW, xr AUo AqUi q W Lu qxM,
x q xr Eq oM W rj, Mqzrs oM BT Besides Locations mentioned above, the Bank has
a representative ofce at Sharjah, UAE and a Joint
CQr, LsLsx | venture Bank in Moscow, Russia, viz., Commercial
ii. Ms Ur xjs M xZr: 5675 Bank of India, LLC.
ii. Number of National Locations: 5675
10. Mml U xuL Emsok MUl M qMO - olS xZr 9 ((i)) 10. Markets served by the Company National and
M iWi EssZi AlxU Ur u AiUr International Market as mentioned under point
number 9 (i).
EmU EssZi xjl M Asu, oM M milk
Besides locations mentioned under Point No.9 (i)
Mrsr zUeW, xr AUo AqUi q W Lu qxM,
above, the Bank has a Representative Ofce at Sharjah,
x q xr Eq oM W rj, Mqzrs oM BT UAE and a Joint Venture Bank in Moscow, Russia, viz.,
CQr, LsLsx | Commercial Bank of India, LLC.

pa Z : Mml M ur uuUh Section B: Financial Details of the Company

1. Paid up Capital (INR): `475.20 crore
1. mS me ((`q
q) `475.20
475.20 MUQ
2. Total Turnover (INR): Total Business: `803876 crore
2. Ms MUoU ((`q
q) : Ms MUoU `803876 MUQ (Ms (Total Deposits: `473840 crore + Net Advances:
eqL: `473840 MUQ + lus Aaq `330036 MUQ) `330036 crore)

3. MU mi Ms sp ((` q) : `2703
2703 MUQ 3. Total prot after taxes (INR): `2703 crore

4. MU mi sp M Mil mizi MmUO xqeM 4. Total Spending on Corporate Social Responsibility

EUSriu mU Ms Zc: (%) : qeUMi mUrel
(CSR) as percentage of prot after tax (%): Sanctioned
2.48% : xuiUh: 1.12%
projects 2.48% Disbursement 1.12%
5. uw 2014-15 M SUl xLxAU M iWi qeU aiukr M
xc: 5. List of activities sanctioned under CSR during 2014-15:

(` sZ q) (` in lakh)
. mrei xuiUi No. of
rMsm qeU Uz Sl Amount Amount
Activity Sponsor-
x. xZr Uz No. Sanctioned Disbursed
L z 395 1296.87 424.67 a Education 395 1296.87 424.67
b Health 136 379.88 290.71
o xuxjr 136 379.88 290.71
c Poverty & 25 268.56 17.91
x aUo AU mwh 25 268.56 17.91 Nutrition

uMsa urr u 39 254.26 85.93 d Persons with 39 254.26 85.93

Q Disability (PwD)&
Old age
D Ms AU xxMi 2 20.00 10.00
e Art & Culture 2 20.00 10.00
LT Mzs uMx 7 2121.00 1348.35
f Skill Development 7 2121.00 1348.35
12 11.10 11.10 g Environment 12 11.10 11.10
e mruUh xU
Lc aqh uMx 11 1852.84 515.94 h Rural Development 11 1852.84 515.94
AD qWs xzMUh 396 60.00 50.00 i Women 396 60.00 50.00
e ur xUi 63 440.00 285.00
j Financial Literacy 63 440.00 285.00
Ms 1086 6704.51 3039.61 Total 1086 6704.51 3039.61

xuMi mrel M ZQ uU uaMUh : Segment-wise classication of Sponsorships sanctioned:

L) z ((` sZ q) a. Education (` in lakh)

. qeUi xuiUi Sl Name of Amount Amount

Sl aW M lq Ezr Purpose
x. Uz Uz No. Donee Sanctioned spent
144.00 0.00 1 Womens college, Construction of 144.00 0.00
1 qWs Mse, Mse pul M
cMossmU lqh Chikkaballapur college building

59.50 0.00
2 qWs Mse, WDOM 2 Womens college, Construction of 59.50 0.00
cMossmU mxiMsr M Chikkaballapur hitech library
1.32 1.32
3 eLxLxLx mzh MlS 3 GSSS Charitable Computers for 1.32 1.32
cUOos TEQzl Wi MmrOU Foundation, training centres

4 xQ xuhuss S M aW M 10.00 0.00 4 Sonda Swarnavalli Construction 10.00 0.00
vidya samsthe, of two class
u xqxj, Wos lqh Hubli rooms
5 MHN Govt. Pre Provided 3.30 3.30
5 LqLcLl xUMU 10 QxMOm 3.30 3.30 University College, 10 desktop
m-rluxO MmrOU Emsok Hubli computers
Mse, Wos MUr ar 6 Swamy Programme at 9.00 4.5
Vivekananda Youth VLEAD Mysore
6 xuq uuMlS uLsDLQ qxU 9.00 4.5 Movement Mysore
rj quqO qxU q Mrq

7 Sri Akhila Havyaka Construction of 10.00 4.00

7 AZs WurM mxiMsr M 10.00 4.00 Mahasabha , library room
qW xp, oas M lqh
8 Madhyamika Solar lighting 1.36 1.17
Shikshana Prasara and water
8 qkrqM zh usr Wi xU 1.36 1.17 Samithi ,Hubli heater for
mxU xqi, mMz AU uOU schools
Wos WOU 9 Higher Primary Computers and 0.93 0.93
school, Balesara LCD portable
9 WrU mCqU 0.93 0.93 projector
xMs, osxU 10 MSV Group of Construction of 10.00 10.00
Institutions , class rooms
10 LqLxu am BT M aW M 10.00 10.00
11 Sri Construction 9.20 3.94
CxOzl, oas lqh Sangameshwara of dining and
Kannada prayer hall
11 xaqU pel AU mjl 9.20 3.94 Higher Primary
MQ WrU mCqU M M lqh school,Bengaluru
xMs, oas 12 Mandya Dist.Admn Renovation of 5.0 0.00
Mandya Govt. school at
12 q es ollaQ q 5.0 0.00 Banangadi
13 Government 4 computers 1.72 1.72
mzxl - q xUMU xMs Higher Primary and accessories
M luMUh school , Bandal 4 for school
computers and
13 aulqO WrU xMs Wi 4 1.72 1.72 accessories for
mCqU xMs, MmrOU u xql school, Hubli
14 Sri Gajanana Providing 8 1.15 1.15
oQs, Wos Vidyavardhaka channel CCTV
Sangha, system to
14 aell xMs M 8 1.15 1.15 Sampakhand school
uukM xb, cls xxOu Sirsi providing
xqmZQ, xUx mhs Emsok 8 channel CCTV
system to school,
MUl Sirsi
15 SELCO Foundation E-shala at 15 7.05 0.00
15 xsM TEQzl, 15 xUMU xMs 7.05 0.00 - E shala at 15 Government
EU MQ es q D-zs Govt. schools, schools
Uttara Kannada
16 uuMllS xMs ox xuUe 14.23 14.22 dist.
zhM xxjl, qeS Emsok 16 Sri Vivekananda Providing 14.23 14.22
Educational school bus
WulWSass MUl Institute, Swaraj Mazda
17 UxOjl mUwS, ul so M 14.25 0.00 17 Rastrothan Setting up 14.25 0.00
oasU xjml Parishad, Science lab

18 Sur Sm cUOos WxOs u M q 9.47 0.00 18 Divya Deep E Llearning 9.47 0.00
OxO, qxU D-sla xuk Charitable trust , facilities and
u xU mMz Mysore solar lighting
to hostels and
19 oq aqh uMx aqh xUMU 4.32 0.00 classrooms
xaPl xMs N M 19 Beem Rural Supplementary 4.32 0.00
AlmUM z Development education
Mrq Organisation programme
supplementary to Rural Govt.
20 mx UqU xMs M MmrOU 10.00 0.00 education school children
aqh z Emsok MUl programme to
xqi, WxSa Rural Govt. school
- zuqa children, Bengaluru
20 Sri Prasanna Providing 10.00 0.00
21 qslQ z clSl xMs M 10.00 10.00 Rameshwara Rural computers to
u aqh uMx xMs ox Education Society, school
xqi, xUx Hosadurga
22 Su zh M M lqh 9.90 0.00 21 Malenadu School bus 10.00 10.00
xqxj, WsMs Education & Rural to Chandana
Dev.society, Sirsi school
23 xqlur OxO os pUi WrU 9.95 0.00 22 Sridevi Shikshana Construction of 9.90 0.00
olSa mCqU xMs q Samsthe, Hulikal class rooms
lqh 23 Samanvaya Trust Construction 9.95 0.00
Bandagadde of Auditorium
24 eos z TQ, oM oM Wi 10.00 10.00 at Balabharathi
Mmx Higher Primary
oas school
25 pUi sM z LMs xMs M 4.00 0.00 24 Jubilee Education Corpus fund for 10.00 10.00
mUwS, lD Sss Amlr el Fund, Bengaluru book bank
25 Bharat Lok Shiksha Adoption of 4.00 0.00
Parishad, New Ekala schools
26 xoUqi Aq, mzA Wi 56.05 56.05 Delhi
AWqSoS zcsr M
lqh 26 Sabarmati Ashram, Construction 56.05 56.05
Ahmedabad of toilets for
27 aeUi aulqO xUMU Mqx 4.81 4.81 trainees
Mqx Mse, Mse q xqO 27 Gujarat Govt Setting up 4.81 4.81
aeUi Ysx M xjml Commerce College, of smart
Gujarat class in Govt
28 mrx xzs 450 N M 10.00 10.00 Commerce
usTrU xxCO, l:zsM z college
TUSoS 28 Prayas Social Free education 10.00 10.00
Welfare Society , to 450 students
29 ql sCT ur xUi u 9.60 0.00 Faridabad
TEQzl, qqoD QO WsmsCl 29 Money Life Financial 9.60 0.00
Foundation, literacy and
30 O Lq Acr sQMr Wi 10.00 10.00 Mumbai credit helpline
xqUM OxO, Nux 30 T M Acharya Hostel for girls 10.00 10.00
uQSU Smarak Trust,
31 Mzl xql D-zs xqO 9.54 0.00
xMs, siU M 31 Shri Kishan Somani E shala smart 9.54 0.00
School, Latur class rooms
32 es mzxl, Mzs uMx 7.50 7.50 32 District Provided 50 7.50 7.50
cU Wi 50 MmrOU Administration, computers
Emsok MUr ar Trichur for skill
33 xUxui zz xMs Wi MmrOU 13.27 13.27 33 Saraswathi Shishu Computers for 13.27 13.27
qlSU, qUP Mandir, Meerut schools
34 Saraswati School bus 9.95 9.95
34 xUxui WqclS xMs ox 9.95 9.95 Hemchand Tyagi
ira xUxui Saraswati Vidya
u qlSU qUP Mandir Meerut

35 Ar l uMx asx AU eri 3.00 0.00 35 Akshay Gyan Vikas Construction of 3.00 0.00
xxjl, sZlF oOx LMQq Sansthan,Lucknow toilets for girls
Wi zcsr M Akshar Jyothi
lqh BTC Academy
T Q x BT LMs xMs M 36 Friends of tribal Adoption of 4.00 0.00
36 4.00 0.00 society,Coimbatore Ekala schools
OCos xxrO, Amlr el
MrqoiU 37 Swachha Vidyalaya Toilet for girls 500.00 0.00
campaign Dindigul in 200 Govt.
37 QQas u qSU QQas u qSU 500.00 0.00 and Madurai dists. schools in
es q xucN es q 200 Dindigul and
usr Aprl xUMU xMs Madurai dists
q sQMr Wi 38 Govt. Tribal Installation of 7.75 0.00
zcsr Residential solar lighting
Primary School, system and RO
38 xUMU OCos xU mMz mhs 7.75 0.00 Karumandurai, water plant
UxQzrs u AUA uOU Salem
mCqU xMs, msO M xjml 39 Construction of Construction 2.6 2.6
MqlSU, xsq toilets at Schools, of toilets at
39 zcsr M xMs q zcsr 2.6 2.6 Purnea Schools
lqh - xMs M lqh 40 Rural Development Construction 0.00
q, mhr Trust Ananthapur of two school 10.00
40 aqh uMx S xMs osQa 0.00 41 District Installation of 2.06 0.00
lrx, AlimU M lqh 10.00 Administration, incinerators
Cuddalore to Govt.High
41 es mzxlp MQsU es q 2.06 0.00 school in
MQsU xUMU WD xMs Cuddalore dist.
q ClxlUOx M 42 Sanathan Dharma Purchase of 0.74
xjml Girls College, computers 0.74
42 xlil kq asx MmrOU M ZUS 0.74 Mussorie
Mse, qxU 0.74 43 Canara Vidya Scholarship 124.60 153.00
Jyothi scholarship to SC/ST girls
43 xp Acs q A.e./A.e.e. 124.60 153.00 Implemented in all students
Mrui MlU NA Wi circles
u eri Nu 44 Ajim Premji Scholarship to 31.25 0.00
Nu University, 25 PG students
44 Aeq mqe 25 me N M 31.25 0.00
Nu 45 Various branches Furniture 110.50 90.50
rluxO, oas of Canara Bank items, Desk &
45 MlU oM M TlcU qS, QxM 110.50 90.50 computers,
up zZL u oc, MmrOU, water purier,
uOU mrUTrU, note books,
lOoM, oa, AS bags etc.,
Ms 1296.87 424.67 Total 1296.87 424.67

o) xuxjr b. Health
(` sZ q) (` in lakh)
. Sl aW qeUi xuiUi Sl Name of Amount
Ezr Purpose spent/
x. M lq Uz Uz No. Donee Sanctioned
1 erSu CxOO MQrM Mjso 75.00 75.00 1 Jayadeva Institute of Installation of 75.00 75.00
BT MQrse - M xjml Cardiology cardiac cardiac cathlab
MQrM Mjso cathlab

2 srx AD WxmOs, EmMUh u 9.64 2 Lions Eye Hospital, Equipments and 9.64 9.64
oUMU elUOU 9.64 Barkur generator

3 Goraguntepalya Blood donation 0.10 0.10

3 aUaOmsr rj U-Sl Mqm 0.10 0.10 Youth Association camp
4 Prajwal M Nayak, Participation in 0.40 0.40
Yogasana International
4 meeus Lq lrM, AiUUr 0.40 0.40 competition
raxl mirai q
5 TSS Shripad Hegde Ambulance for 10.00 10.00
Kadave Institute hospital
5 OLxLx mS WaQ Axmis Wi 10.00 10.00
MSu CxOO Lqosz

6 M/s Arkajyothi Assistance to 5.00 0.00

6 qxx AMeri AsQ Le Wq 5.00 0.00 Welfare Trust old age home
usTrU OxO M xWri
7 Nemmadi Sri Old Age home 7.54 6.70
Lakshminarasimha amenities
7 lqqQ AsQ Le Wq 7.54 6.70 Trust
sqlUxqW OxO xukL

8 xlkr Sm oas Uar Wi xCQ 0.50 0.50 8 Sandya Deepa Side rack for 0.50 0.50
UM Bengaluru patients

9 Omashram Trust Purchase of 3.80 3.80

9 Aqq OxO DM uWl M 3.80 3.80 purchase of Eeco Eeco vehicle
ZUS vehicle

10 Tx - DM u 9.90 9.90
qlur Axmis WqQrsxx
AUuLq TEQzl qzl 10 FOSA Humanitarian Eeco and 9.90 9.90
hospital RVM Haemodialysis
Foundation machine
11 us COUlzls Ei l 9.20 9.20
CxOrO BT SZps M 11 Vittala International Refurbishment 9.20 9.20
Bmjsqse lulMUh Institute of of Advanced
``lrl'' Ophthalmology eye care unit
12 MlU oM UWi u xu Axmis 40.00 20.15
Msrh xqi Wi EmMUh 12 Canara Bank Relief & Equipments 40.00 20.15
Welfare society for Sevakshetra
13 CQrl UQ x qqaT CMD 28.00 17.40
xqi, mh 13 Indian Red Cross, Mammography 28.00 17.40
Society, Pune unit

14 qsoU MxU xOU, Oqm OusU M 9.35 9.35 14 Malabar Cancer Purchase of 9.35 9.35
ZUS centre, Tellicherry tempo traveller
Tempo traveller
15 Anugraha Charitable Purchase of 4.40 4.40
15 AlaW cUOos OxO, qi DM 4.40 4.40 Trust, Ernakulam Eeco ambulance
LUhMsq Lqosx M Maruthi Eeco
ZUS ambulance
16 Navoothan Mobile cancer 10.00 10.00
16 lujl cUOos qoCs MxU 10.00 10.00 Charitable unit
TElQzl rlO Foundation
17 District Hospital Linear Accelator 25.00 0.00
17 es Axmis MxU EmcU Wi 25.00 0.00 Ernakulam device for
LUhMsq UZr iuUM cancer
18 CQrl UQ x MOM osQ oM 7.88 0.00 18 Indian Red Equipments for 7.88 0.00
xxCO, pulU Wi EmMUh Cross Society, Cuttack blood
Bhubaneshwar bank
19 asos MxU qzl, MxU eaMi 7.50 7.50 19 Global cancer Cancer 7.50 7.50
qqoD Mqm mission, Mumbai awareness
20 xUMU es Emxkl M xj 6.51 6.51 20 Government District Force cruiser 6.51 6.51
Axmis, MU Tx eU uWl
Hospital, Karur vehicle with
21 14.80 14.80
uMOU 21 Sri Venkateshwara Procuring 14.80 14.80
UqlUrh Cr Lqosx mmi Ramnarayan Ruia Ambulance
aulqO elUs MUl Govt. General
WxmOs, imi Hospital, Tirupati
22 Swami Vivekananda Mobile Health 14.36 14.36
Institute, care unit
xuq uuMllS qoCs Wsj
22 14.36 14.36 Pavagada
CxOO, muaQ MrU rlO
23 Various branches of Conducting 81.00 61.00
Wsj cM Am Canara Bank health check
up camps,
Mqm, USl
blood donation
Mqm, QOs
camps, dental
cM Am Mqm
MlU oM M up check up camps,
23 Arei MUl, 81.00 61.00 providing
Axmis M medical
qQMs EmMUh instruments to
Emsok MUl hospitals etc.,

Ms 379.88 229.71 Total 379.88 229.71

x) aUo u mwh c. Poverty & Nutrition:
(` sZ q) (` in lakh)

. qeUi xuiUi Sl Name of Amount Amount

Sl aW M lq Ezr Purpose
x. Uz Uz No. Donee Sanctioned spent

1 Arm xucsi UxD 250.00 0.00 1 Akshayapatra Setting up of 250.00 0.00

TElQzl, oas aW M xjml Foundation, Automated
Bengaluru kitchen
2 M Lx AU O Alxkl xWri 8.84 8.84
AD, qxU mS ASuxr 2 KSRTI, Mysore Four wheeler 8.84 8.84
M sL cU for research
mWr uWl assisted tribals
3 Sisters of charity Furniture and 2.32 2.32
3 xxOx BT TlcU u xU 2.32 2.32
cUO BT xO mMz mhs of St Anne, solar lighting
L, oas Bengaluru system
4 Nivasa Smokeless 0.65 0.00
4 lux - bU Wi kqUWi 0.65 0.00 Thimmayandoddi stoves to
jqqrlQQQ xOu households
5 Sri Sai Spiritual Delivery van 6.75 6.75
5 xD xMs N M 6.75 6.75 centre, Bengaluru with aluminium
AkriqM MlS, pel Sl Wi
Asrqlrq container for
MOlU xWi feeding for
QsuU ul school children

Ms 268.56 17.91 Total 268.56 17.91

b. uMsa (m Qosr Q) d. Persons With Disability (PwD):

(` sZ q) (` in lakh)

. qeUi xuiUi Sl Name of Amount Amount

Sl aW M lq Ezr No. Donee
x. Uz Uz Sanctioned spent

1 1 Snehadeep Trust, Computers for 5.35 5.35

xlWSm OxO lWl N Wi 5.35 5.35 computers for blind children
MmrOU blind children
2 2 Shree Ramana Construction 2.05 2.05
Uq qWw ojq / OrsO M 2.05 2.05 Maharshi of bathroom/
LMQq TU lqh Academy for Blind toilets
osCQ, oas Bengaluru

3 MlU oM UWi xu 3 Canara Bank Braille 42.50 0.00

42.50 0.00 Relief & Welfare transcription
u Msrh xqi Axmis Wi os society centre
misZl MS equipments
EmMUh for Sevakshetra

4 4 Karnataka Parents Construction 10.00 0.00
MlOM mUOx qOs UOUQQ urr 10.00 0.00 Association for of building
Lxxrzl Wi osQa M lqh Mentally Retarded for mentally
TU qOs Citizens (KPAMRC) retarded
UOUQQ xOel persons
(MmLLqAUx) 5 Association Renovation of 5.20 0.00
for mentally bathrooms/
5 challenged , toilets
Lxxrzl TU ojq / OrsO M 5.20 0.00
Renovation of
qOs cse, luMUh bathrooms/toilets
6 6 Seva Niketan Construction 70.00 33.93
xu lMil uMsa Wi mzh u 70.00 33.93 Raipur of training and
UrmU mlux MlS M lqh construction rehabilitation
of training and centre for
7 rehabilitation disabled
LYzl TU MUrU uMx M M 59.56 0.00
center for disabled
LosO xjml
7 Action for Ability Setting up 59.56 0.00
QusmqO LQ
Development & of career
ClYsel, lD inclusion, New development
Sss Delhi cell
8 8 ALIMCO Distribution of 30.00 30.00
LsqM - Mq Aa M xuiUh 30.00 30.00 Articial Limb articial limb
Mq Aa lqh Manufacturing
M., MlmU Co., Kanpur
9 Jayadeeban Sports kit for 0.10 0.10
9 sports,Bengaluru International
erSol - AiUUr mirai M 0.10 0.10 competition
xmOx oas sL Zs MO
10 Various branches Assitance to 29.50 14.50
10 of Canara Bank physically/
MlU oM M zUUM / qlxM 29.50 14.50 mentally
up zZL m x Aq M sr challenged,
xWri, uWl, EmMUh, providing
AS mSl MUl vehicles,
Ms 254.26 85.93
TOTAL 254.26 85.93

Q. Ms u xxMi e. Art & Culture:

(` sZ q) (` in lakh)
. Sl aW M lq Ezr qeUi xuiUi Sl Name of Purpose Amount Amount
x. Uz Uz No. Donee spent/
1 qxi uMOz Ua qlSU M 10.00 0.00 1 Sri Masthi Renovation of 10.00 0.00
AraU Ua qlSU luMUh Venkatesh Ranga Mandira
Iyengar Ranga
2 Q. cQqh Nu oll M 10.00 10.00 2 Dr Art of Image 10.00 10.00
llSams Ms Choodamani making
Ms 20.00 20.00 Total 20.00 20.00

c. Mzs uMx f. Skill Development:
(` sZ q) (` in lakh)
. Sl aW M lq Ezr Uz xuiUi Sl Project/Activity Purpose Amount Amount
x. Uz No. spent/
1 uMxl Mzs uMx 3.00 0.00 1 Vikasana IIMB Skill 3.00 0.00
ADADLqo Mrzs social service club development
xzs xux workshop
2 Rotary Club Online 10.00 0.00
2 UOU Yso BT oAUDO xsrzl 10.00 0.00 of Bengaluru coaching
oas, sMxCQ M qkrq x Lakeside through BReT
BlsCl Mca solutions
3 Canara Bank Providing 1468.00 1050.00
3 MlU oM zioS xmh pUiuw q 1468.00 1050.00 Centenary Rural training cost
aqh uMx 26 AUxO, 3 Development Trust of 26 RSETIs, 3
OxO (QxO) AOzl Ola (CBCRD) Artisan Training
CxOO u 5 Institutes and
xoADADO 5 CBIITs all over
M mzh sai India
Emsok MUl 4 Rural 40% training 580.00 260.00
4 aqh uMx xmh pUiuw 580.00 260.00 Development & expenditure of
Lu xuUeaU q xp 27 Self Employment all 27 RUDSETIs
mzh xxjl AUrQxO M training all over India
(QxO) 40% mzh urr institute(RUDSETI)
5 S z mQ a qh SzmQ 50.00 38.26 5 Deshpande Rural Providing 50% 50.00 38.26
uMx mzh AUrQxO, Development of training
xxjl Wsrs M mzh Training Institute expenditure
(Q QxO), urr M 50% (DRUDSETI), of Deshpande
Wsrs Emsok MUl Haliyal RUDSETI,
6 Alk mSz LmoADAUDQ 10.00 0.09 Haliyal
aqh u Eqi xxjl M mzh 6 Andhara Pradesh Providing 10% 10.00 0.09
uMx oMx sai M 10% Bankers Institute of training cost
xxjl Emsok MUr el of Rural and of the APBIRED
(LmoADAUDQ) Entrepreneurship Institute
Total 2121.00 1348.35
Ms 2121.00 1348.35

N. mruUh g. Environment:
(` sZ q) (` in lakh)
. Sl aW Ezr Uz xuiUi Sl Name of Purpose Amount Amount
x. M lq Uz No. Donee spent/
1 MmUzl xO zWU M xTD 10.00 10.00 1 Corporation City cleaning 10.00 10.00
BT mhe, au M Ezr city of Panaji, purpose
- OO OmU Goa Tata
2 mruUh xUh Aprl 1.10 1.10 2 Environment Organising 1.10 1.10
xxjl Arei MUl Protection campaigns
Ms 11.10 11.10 Total 11.10 11.10

e) aqh uMx h. Rural Development:
(` in lakh)
(` sZ q)
Sl Name of Purpose Amount Amount
. Sl aW M lq Ezr Uz xuiUi No. Donee spent/
x. Uz debited
1 KAVFS Bidar Mobile van for 3.82 3.82
1 MLuLTLx, mz cMix 3.82 3.82 veterinary care
oSU SZps Wi
qoCs ul
2 Deshpande Solar lanterns 30.00 0.00
RUDSETI, Haliyal to rural self help
2 SzmQ QxO xur xWri 30.00 0.00 group households
Wsrs xqW M bU Wi 3 Sri Lakshmi Construction of 2.00 0.00
xU ssOl Narasimha Trust, water tank
3 sq lUxqW uOU OM M 2.00 0.00
4 Ramnagar RO RO water plant 7.40 0.00
OxO, qsr lqh water plant, Sirsi installation
4 UqlaU AUA AUA uOU 7.40 0.00 5 Initiatives for Ford Incubation 8.44 0.00
uOU msO, xUx msO xjml Development centre at
Foundation, Belgaum
5 uMx TElQzl osaq q TQ 8.44 0.00 (IDF)
Wi mWs, Fwqrl MlS 6 Construction of Construction 8.75 0.00
(ADQLT) Road & Drainage of Road and
in Chinakarihally Drainage
6 clMUWss es q xQM 8.75 0.00 Vakkalegere
usaU MSU u eslMx M Kadur hobli
Wos cMqasU lqh Chickmagalur
7 OAUADLTDQ - OCos Wl WOU 2.02 2.02
7 TRIFED Training to tribal 2.02 2.02
OCos Wl WOU M mzh
training to Tribal honey hunters
M mzh Honey Hunters
8 iqslQ Mw Oqm OusU 9.51 0.00 8 Tamilnadu Tempo traveler 9.51 0.00
uusr, qSU Lqosx Agricultural ambulance
9 UxmUq laU- zqxl M 5.00 0.00 Madurai
msM - xsq lqh 9 Rasipuram construction of 5.00 0.00
Municipality crematorium
10 AlimU es 5 au q AUA 10.00 0.00 Salem
mzxl msO 10 Ananthapur RO plant in 5 10.00 0.00
District villages
11 S Lxxrzl aqh xqSr 7.90 7.90 Administration
BT MjsM mO uMx Wi
osrU qWlS osU 11 The Association Mahindra Bolero 7.90 7.90
of Catholic Port vehicle for rural
Blair community
12 AUA mr es MsU u 1758.00 91.89 development
xr cMossmU
12 RO drinking Installation of RO 1758.00 91.89
es M 217 water plants drinking water
au q AUA plants in 217
mr es msO villages in Kolar &
M xjml Chikballapur dist.

13 LMMi aS sr ar 63 410.31 13 Integrated Holistic 410.31
aqh uMx au q xqa village development
Mrq uMx development in adopted 63
programme villages
aqa rel) Gramodaya
Ms 1852.84 515.94
Total 1852.84 515.94

AD) qWs xzMUh: i. Women Empowerment :

(` sZ q) (` in lakh)
. mUrel/ Ezr Uz xuiUi Sl Project/ Purpose Amount Amount
x. aiuk Uz No. Activity spent/
1. MlU oM mkl qWsA Wi 60.00 50.00
Mrsr, Acs Eq uMx 1. Canara Organizing 60.00 50.00
Banks entreprenuship
Mrsr qWs Mrq,
Head ofce, development
Eqi uMx mUqz xuL, Circle programmes to women,
MlS qWs Eqr ofces counseling of women,
Wi umhl CEDW organizing marketing
Mqm AEOsO centres camps outslets for
Arei MUl women entrepreneurs

e) ur xUi: j. Financial Literacy :

(` in lakh)
(` sZ q)
Sl Project/ Purpose Amount Amount
. mUrel/ Ezr Uz xuiUi No. Activity spent/
x. aiuk Uz debited
1. 65 MlS eli M l:zsM 440.00 285.00 1. Financial 65 Financial 440.00 285.00
mU ur xUi mUqz xuL Sl literacy literacy centres
MlS Wi es/osM centres at opened at
(LTLsx) xiU mU 65 ur 65 centres District/block
xUi MlS (FLC) levels for giving
free counseling
Zs aL
to public
pa a: Alr uuUh
uuUh Section C: Other Details
1. Yr Mml M MD Alwa Mml / Mmlr W? 1. Does the Company have any Subsidiary Company/
W, Mml M xi bUs Alwar, LM xWra Mml AU Companies?
uSz q LM xr Eq W - Yes. The Company has seven domestic subsidiaries, an
associate company and a Joint Venture at an overseas
M) MloM ucU MmOs TQ s. .
destination, viz.,
Z) MloM TYOU s.
a) Canbank Venture Capital Fund Ltd.
a) MlU oM xYrUUOe s.
b) Canbank Factors Ltd.
b) MloM MmrOU xuxe s. . c) Canara Bank Securities Ltd.
X) MloM TCllxrs xuxe s. d) Canbank Computer Services Ltd.
c) MlU UoM LxO qleqO Mml s. e) Canbank Financial Services Ltd.
N) MlU LcLxox Aox sCT ClzrUlx Mml s. f) Canara Robeco Asset Management Company Ltd.
g) Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance Company Ltd.
e) Ml Tl Wqx s. (xWra Mml) h) Cann Homes Ltd., (Associate Company).
f) LxoAD M xj qxM q Mqzs oM BT CQr i) Commercial Bank of India LLC, in Moscow in
LsLsx (xr Eq) association with SBI (Joint Venture).

2. Yr Alwa Mml/Mmlr oAU mWs q miM Mml 2. Do the Subsidiary Company/Companies participate in
M xj pa si W? rS W W Lx Alwa(r) M xZr the BR Initiatives of the parent company? If yes, then
indicate the number of such subsidiary company(s).
W, LM Alwa Aji MlU LcLxox Aox eul oq Yes. One Subsidiary, viz., Canara HSBC OBC Life
Mml s. oAU mWs q pa si W| Insurance Company Ltd. is involved in BR initiatives.

3. Yr Alr xxj/xxjL (rl AmiM, uiUM AS) e 3. Do any other entity/entities (e.g. suppliers, distributors
M Mml M xj MUoU MUi W, o AU mWs q pa si etc.) that the Company does business with, participate
in the BR initiatives of the Company? If yes, then
W? rS W i Lx xxj/xxjA M mizi SzL| ( 30%
indicate the percentage of such entity/entities? [Less
x Mq, 30-60%, 60% x erS) than 30%, 30-60%, More than 60%].
zlr Nil
pa b : MUoU EUSriu xcl Section D: BR Information
1. oAU M sL EUSr lSzM / lSzM M uuUh 1. Details of Director/Directors responsible for BR
M) oAU msx / msxr M Mrlui MUl M sL eqqSU a) Details of the Director/Directors responsible for
lSzM / lSzM M uuUh : implementation of the BR policy/policies
. orU uuUh S. Particulars Details
x. No.
1 QADLl xZr (rS sa W i) 06701854 1 DIN Number (if applicable) 06701854
2 lq mql xW Uui 2 Name Shri P S RAWAT
3 mSlq MrmsM lSzM 3 Designation Executive Director

Z) oAU mkl M uuUh b) Details of the BR head

. orU uuUh S. Particulars Details
x. No.
1. QADLl xZr (rS sa sa lW 1. DIN Number Not Applicable
W i) (if applicable)
2. lq Lx Lx pO 2. Name Shri S S Bhat
3. mSlq qZr qW mokM 3. Designation Chief General Manager
4. SUpw 080 22128840 4. Telephone number 08022128840
5. D-qs pcw@canarabank.com 5. e-mail id pcw@canarabank.com

2. xi-uU (Llue M AlxU) oAU msx / msxr (W / lW q EU)

.x. mzl m
m11 m
2 m
m33 m
m44 m
m55 m
m66 m
m77 m
m88 m
1. Yr AmM mx ---- M sL msx/msxr W. W W W W W W W W W
2. Yr msx zrUkUM M mUqz M xj olr ar W?

3. Yr msx Ur /AiUr qlM M Alm W? rS W, oiL ( Mus 50

4. Yr msx oQ U AlqSi W? rS W i Yr rW LqQ/xDA/Emr
oQ lSzM U WxiUi W?
5. Yr Mml msx M Mrlurl M mruh MUl M sL oQ/lSzM/
AkMU M MD ulS xqi W?

6. msx M BlsCl SZl M sL sM SzL| $ W W W W W W W W W
7. Yr msx M xp AiUM ij o zrUkUM M xci Mr ar W? W W W W W W W W W

8. Yr Mml q msx/msxr M sa MUl M sL AiUM uruxj W?. W W W W W W W W W

9. Yr Mml q msx/msxr x xoki zrUkUM M zMri M SU
MUl M sL msx/msxr x xoki zMri luUh i W? W W W W W W W W W

10. Yr Mml l Cx msx M rlurl M sL xui sZ mU /

lW lW lW lW lW lW lW lW lW
qsrMl MUur W?

2. Principle-wise (as per NVGs) BR Policy/policies

(Reply in Y/N)
S. No. Questions P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8 P9
1. Do you have a policy/policies for.... Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
2. Has the policy being formulated in consultation with the relevant Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
3. Does the policy conform to any national /international standards? Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
If yes, specify? (50 words)
4. Has the policy being approved by the Board? If yes, has it been signed
by MD/Owner/CEO/Appropriate Board Director. Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

5. Does the company have a specied committee of the Board/ Director/ Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

Ofcial to oversee the implementation of the policy?
6. Indicate the link for the policy to be viewed online? $ Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
7. Has the policy been formally communicated to all relevant internal Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
and external stakeholders?
8. Does the company have in-house structure to implement the policy/ Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
9. Does the Company have a grievance redressal mechanism related to
the policy/policies to address stakeholders grievances related to the Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
10. Has the company carried out independent audit/evaluation of the N N N N N N N N N
working of this policy by an internal or external agency?

M) rS . x 1 M Mx xi M EU lW W i Mmr MUh oiL ( uMsm 2 iM c saL)
.x. mzl m
m11 m
m22 m
3 m
m44 m
m55 m
m66 m
7 m
m88 m
1 Mml xi M lW xqf mD W
2 Mml Ap Ex xji q lW W M ulS xi M sL msx
olL u Ex sa MU mL|

3 Mml M mx Cx Mq M sL ur r qlur xxkl lW W

4 Aas 6 qWl q Cx MUl M rel W

5 Aas 1 xs q Cx MUl M rel W
6 Alr MD MUh ( Mmr oiL) oM l Aml xii uMx ij MmUO xqeM
EUSriu li M mri M W AU ClM
Mrlurl M laUl xii uMx xqi ij
MmUO xqeM EUSriu xqi U Mr
eLa |
2a. If answer to S.No.1 against any principle, is No, please explain why: (Tick up to 2 options)

S.No. Questions P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8 P9
1 The Company has not understood the Principles
2 The company is not at a stage where it nds itself in a
position to formulate and implement the policies on specied
3 The company does not have nancial or manpower resources
available for the task
4 It is planned to be done within next 6 months
5 It is planned to be done within the next 1 year
6 Any other reason (please specify) Bank has formulated its Sustainable
Development and Corporate Social
Responsibility Policy and the implementation
of the same would be monitored by the
Sustainable Development and Corporate
Social Responsibility Committee.

3. oAU x xoki Apzxl 3. Governance related to BR

Mml M oAU M lwmSl M lSzM qQs, oQ M xqi Indicate the frequency with which the Board
of Directors, Committee of the Board or CEO to
r xDA U Mil AiUs mU AMsl Mr ei W| 3
assess the BR performance of the Company. Within
qWl q , 3-6 qWl q, xsl, LM xs x erS 3 months, 3-6 months, Annually, More than 1 year
3-6 qWl 3-6 months
Yr Mml oAU r xjUi UmO mMzi MUi W? Yr Cx Does the Company publish a BR or a Sustainability
UmO M SZl M sL WDmUsM W? Cx Mil AiUs mU Report? What is the hyperlink for viewing this report?
mMzi Mr ei W? How frequently it is published?
The Report published annually and made available
UmO uwM m x mMzi Mr e UW W AU WCmU under the hyperlink www.canarabank.com/english/
sM mU Emsok MUr ar W | scripts/Annualreport.aspx
pa Q. : xi uU lwmSl Section E: Principle-wise Performance
xi 1 : MUoU liMi,
iMi, mUSzi AU euoSW M xj Principle 1: Businesses should conduct and govern
Mr eL ij xur lri W| themselves with Ethics, Transparency and Accountability
1. Yr liMi, UiZU AU pcU x xoki li Mus 1. Does the policy relating to ethics, bribery and
Mml mU W muUi W? W / lW corruption cover only the company? Yes/ No.
Yr rW xqW / xr Eq / AmiMi / PMSU / aU Does it extend to the Group/Joint Ventures / Suppliers/
xUMU xaPl / Alr mU sa W? Contractors/NGOs /Others?
W | oM M oQ U AlqSi MmUO mzxl li W e Yes. The Bank is having a Board approved Corporate
M xp zrUkUM rl eqMA, zrUkUM, aWM, Governance Policy, which is drawn with an overall 3.

EkUMA, MqcUr AU xqe M MmUO qsr, AcU Governance Policy of the Bank extends to its
xWiA ij Alr Eci uruWU M qlM M AlxUh subsidiaries also.
MUi WL xii qsr M AlMsl MUl M xqa Ezr M The Bank has put in place a Group Risk Management
xj irU M ar W| MmUO aulx msx Alwar mU (GRM) Policy with the permission of the Board of the
p sa W| Bank. The GRM Policy of the Bank covers Subsidiaries/
Joint Ventures and the Regional Rural Banks sponsored
oQ M Alqi x oM l xqW eZq mokl (eAULq) by the Bank.
msx olD W| Cx msx M Aiai Alwar/xr Eq
Scrutiny of staff accounts at random is undertaken
/ AU oM U mrei r aqh oM p Ai W|
at the time of RBIA (Risk Based Internal Audit) of
eZq AkUi AiUM sZmU M xqr MNM xOT the branches. The transactions above `50000 in
staff accounts are monitored in Ofine Transaction
Zi M ec M ei W| xOT Zi q `50000/- x
Monitoring system.
AkM M slSl M laUl BTsCl slSl laUl
mhs U M ei W| The Bank has a system of conducting regular
inspection (RBIA) including Information System Audit
oM q zZA/rlO/Mrsr M lS AukMi mU at the branches/ Units/ Ofces at specied periodical
lUh MUl M sL xcl mhs AQO xWi lUh intervals. The Concurrent Audit of identied branches
mhs (AUoADL) W| / ofces is conducted on monthly basis.
2. How many stakeholder complaints have been received
2. uai ur uw q Mil zrUkUM zMri mmi WD W AU 1649 in the past nancial year and what percentage
El q x Mil mizi M mokl U ximuM xsfr was satisfactorily resolved by the management? If so,
ar W? rS W i sapa 50 zoS q uuUh S| provide details thereof, in about 50 words or so.

zrUkUM zMri: uw 2014-15 q oM l zrUkUM x Shareholders Complaints: The Bank received

representations/ grievances from Shareholders during
1649 ApruSl / zMri mmi M ij xp zMri M
2014-15 and all the grievances have been resolved
luUh ximuM Mr ar | satisfactorily.
AkMz zMri spz mmi lW Wl x xoki W| CxM Majority of the representations is on account of
MUh xoki zrUkUM U Aml mi M Ail lW MUl non-receipt of Dividend Warrants. This is due to
W| zMri SU MUi xqr oM l ElM mi Ail MUl, non-updation of the addresses by the concerned
oM uuUh mmi MUl, DxLx AkMU-m (AuzrM Tq shareholders. While resolving the grievances, the
Bank has been taking steps to update their addresses,
Emsok MUMU) sl ex MSq EPL W iM SoU Lx
bank details, ECS Mandate (by providing the necessary
bOlA x oc e xM|
forms) so as to avoid recurrence of such instances.
aWM zMri: uw 2014-15 M SUl oM l 108836 108836 (including 98214 complaints related to ATMs)
zMri mmi M ij 99% M ximuM lmOr ar| complaints were received from customers of which
oM l Aml aWM xu M oWiU oll M sL up 108567 (including 98012 complaints related to ATMs)
EimS / xuL, Ei iMlM, MqcU mzh ij aWM were resolved. The resolved complaints are more
M mNiN M euo u aWM zMri M SU MUl ex owing to previous years few pending complaints.
AlM MSq EPL W| Customer Complaints: During 2014-15, the Bank
received 108836 complaints and 99% of the complaints
aWM x mmi 108836 zMri q x (L O Lq x xoki were satisfactorily redressed. The Bank is taking several
98214 zMri xWi) 108567 zMri M (L O Lq x measures to improve customer service by bringing
xoki 98012 zMri xWi) xqkl Mr ar | xsfL in diversied products/services, updated technology,
aL zMri q x AkM zMri mNs uw M soi staff training and responding to customers queries
zMri W | and redressal of customer complaints.

xi 2 : MUoU Lx EimS u xuL Emsok MUL e Principle 2: Businesses should provide goods and
xUi W ij Aml eul
eul c q xjUi olL UZ | services that are safe and contribute to sustainability
throughout their life cycle
1. Aml 3 EimS r xuA M xc S elM QeCl q 1. List up to 3 of your products or services whose design
xqeM r mruUh ciA, eZq AU/r AuxU M has incorporated social or environmental concerns,
zqs Mr ar W| risks and/or opportunities.
i. Financial Inclusion Campaign - covering varied rural
i. ur xquzl Aprl: up aqh rMsm, ex activities, such as, increasing access to banking services
zZL Zs MU oMa xuA M mWc oR l, MUoU through opening branches, increasing coverage under
xspMi M qkrq x erS iM Tsu, xS Zi Business Facilitators, mobilizing no-frill accounts,
Zsl, Mxx u exx M U Gh Emsok MUl, xq providing credit under KCCs and GCCs, credit linking
SHGs, providing micro-insurance, Aadhar enrollment,
oq Emsok MUl, AkU M meMUh, Mxl Yso M forming farmers clubs, deploying Gramin Vikas Vahini
xjml, ur xUi oRl M sL aqh uMx uWl for enhancing nancial literacy and credit counseling
ili MUl AU aqh eli M sL Gh mUqz Sl| among rural folks.
ii. Rural Development - The Bank has sponsored/
ii. aqh uMx - oM l up q MrUi 64 co-sponsored/ supported 64 self employment
xu-UeaU mzh xxjl M mrei/xW-mrei/ training institutes in varied elds which promote
xWri mSl M W e aqh ruM q Eqi uMx ij entrepreneurship development among rural youth
and encourage them to take up self-employment
ElW xu-UeaU rMsm MUl M sL mixWi MUi
activities. These Institutes have trained more than 5.97
W| Cl xxjl l Ao iM 5.97 sZ oUeaU ruM M lakh unemployed youth so far, with a settlement rate
mzh Sr W elM uruxr mmi SU 73% W| of 73%.
iii. Green Banking - The Bank has introduced several
iii. WUi oMa: oM l up mruUh AlMs Mr ML W ex
environment friendly measures, viz., core banking
xoLx, COUlO oMa, OsoMa, qoCs oMa, LOLq, solution, internet banking, telebanking, mobile
aqh eli M sL xU Fe r or-qOM LOLq AU banking, ATMs, solar powered biometric ATMs for the
MN AiUM MrMsm| CxM Asu oM l S xjl use of rural folk and certain back ofce operations.
Further, the Bank has set up E-lounges with hi-tech
mU LOLq, lMS / cM xuMi, mxoM mOa MrxM,
banking facilities like ATM, cash/ cheque acceptor,
COUlO oMa, BlsCl OQa AU OsoMa ex E passbook printing kiosk, internet banking, online
iMlM oMa xukA M xj D-sEe xjmi ML W ij trading and telebanking at two places and more such
uw M SUl Lx W AU D-sEe M xjml MUl M rel e-lounges are planned during the year. Internally,
the Bank has implemented e-governance for its
W| AiUM m x, oM l qlu xxkl mokl u Mimr Alr
human resources management and certain other
mzxlM M sL D-aulx Mrlui M W| administrative areas.

xU Fe, orax ij mul c mUrelA M url M Bank is encouraging green energy by nancing solar,
U oM WUi Fe M mxWl S UW W | biogas and wind mill projects.
2. For each such product, provide the following details
2. Lx xp EimS M sL mr xxkl (Fe, es, M
in respect of resource use (energy, water, raw material
qs, AS) M xok q lql xci MU (uMsmM): etc.) per unit of product(optional):

i. mNs uw x sMU AoiM qsr Zs M SUl xxa/ i. Reduction during sourcing/production/distribution

EimSl/uiUh M xqr AD Mq? achieved since the previous year throughout the value
sa lW Not Applicable

ii. mNs uw x AoiM Emp U mra ( Fe, ml) q ii. Reduction during usage by consumers (energy, water)
AD Mq? has been achieved since the previous year?

es zkl xr M xjml ij WUi q xkU Wi Setting up of water purication plants and using the
oaul M sL Amz ml M Emra | waste water for gardening for improving the green
3. Yr Mml q xjr xxa (mUuWl xWi) M sL MD 3. Does the Company have procedures in place for
mi W ? rS W, i luzi M Mil mizi xjr m sustainable sourcing (including transportation)? If
x xx Mr ar W? 50 zoS q iixok uuUh S| yes, what percentage of your inputs was sourced
sustainably? Also, provide details thereof, in about 50
xxa M sL oM q lkUi li W exM AlxU words or so.
AmiMiA M Fe EimSl, mSwh q uiuUh M
For sourcing, Bank has a set policy as per which
AlMs maM qlM M mU MUl cWL |
the suppliers should meet the standards of energy
generation, pollution free climate friendly technologies.
4. Yr Mml l xjlr u NO EimSM xWi Axmx M
q MrUi xqSr x qs u xuL ZUSl M MSq EPL W? 4. Has the Company taken any steps to procure goods
rS W i xjlr u NO uiA M qi u rari oRl and services from local & small producers, including
M sL Yr MSq EPL aL W? communities surrounding their place of work? If yes,
what steps have been taken to improve their capacity
and capability of local and small vendors?
xjlr ij NO uiA M kUi ij qi M xkUl
M sL, oM ElM U olL aL EimS M mSzl xW o To improve the capacity and capability of local and
M sL lrqi m x MlU oeU M Arel MUi small vendors, Bank is regularly organizing Canara
W | oM lqqU xj, LM qoCs o ul csi W, e xU Bazaars for display cum sale of products made by
Fe r MxOq osO W exq xur xWri xqW ij them. Bank is running Nammura Santhe - - A mobile
qWs Eqr U lqi EimS M mSzl xW o Wi sales van which is solar powered custom made for
display cum sale of the products made by Self Help
W | Sl xuL oM U lzsM Sr ei W | oM M Ms
Groups, women entrepreneurs. Both the services are
Aaq x sb u qkrq Eq M Wxx 30% W |
offered free of cost by the Bank. Out of total advances
of Bank, Small & Medium Enterprises constitute 30%.
5. Yr EimS u Amz M mlch Wi Mml M mx MD
i W? rS W i Eim
EimS ij Amz M mlch M mizi 5. Does the Company have a mechanism to recycle
Yr W ? (5% x Mq, 5-10%, 10% x AkM, Asa - products and waste? If yes, what is the percentage of
recycling of products and waste (separately as <5%,
Asa oiL) | 50 zoS q iixok uuUh S| 5-10%, >10%). Also, provide details thereof, in about
50 words or so.
sa lW
Not Applicable
xi 3 : MUoU xp MqcUr M psD M oR u S Principle 3: Businesses should promote the wellbeing of all
1. Mmr MqcUr M Ms xZr oiL|
1. Please indicate the total number of employees.
MqcUr M Ms xZr 53984 W|
Total number of employees is 53984
2. Mmr AxjD/xuS/AMxqM AkU mU sL aL MqcUr 2. Please indicate the total number of employees hired
M Ms xZr Cai MU| on temporary/contractual/casual basis.

AxjD/xuS/AMxqM AkU mU sL aL MqcUr M Total number of employees hired on temporary/
Ms xZr zlr W | contractual/casual basis is NIL
3. Mmr xjr qWs MqcUr M xZr Cai MU| 3. Please indicate the number of permanent women
xjr qWs MqcUr M xZr 15303 W| The number of permanent women employees is 15303
4. Mmr xjr uMsa MqcUr M xZr Cai MU| 4. Please indicate the number of permanent employees
with disabilities.
xjr uMsa MqcUr M Ms xZr 1129 W|
The number of permanent employees with disabilities
5. Yr AmM rW MqcU xaPl W e M mokl U qlri is 1129
mmi W ? 5. Do you have an employee association that is recognized
by management.
W 2 xaPl W | 1) AkMU MqcU, 2) MqaU MqcU
Yes. 2 Associations. 1. Ofcer Employees 2. Workmen
6. AmM Mil mmizi lrqi MqcU Cx qlrimmi MqcU Employees.
6. What percentage of your permanent employees is
xaPl M xSxr W?
members of this recognized employee association?
AkMU xb 85.16% Ofcers Association 85.16%
MqcU rlrl 76.11% Workmen Union 76.11%

7. Mmr mNs ur uw q ij ur uw M xqmi mU os 7. Please indicate the Number of complaints relating to

child labour, forced labour, involuntary labour, sexual
q, oaU, AxucNM q, rl EimQ l x xoki soi harassment in the last nancial year and pending, as
zMri M xZr Cai MU | on the end of the nancial year.
S. Category No. of No. of
. h ur uw M ur uw M No. complaints complaints
SUl SrU xqmi mU soi led during pending as on
zMri M zMri M the nancial end of nancial
xZr xZr year year
1 Child labour/
1 os q, oaU, forced labour/ NIL NIL
zlr zlr involuntary
AxucNM q labour
2 Sexual
2 rl EimQl zlr zlr harassment NIL NIL

3 3 Discriminatory
pSpumh UeaU zlr zlr employment NIL NIL

8. mNs uw M SUl lqlMi MqcUr q x Mil mizi 8. What percentage of your under mentioned employees
M xU u Mzs Erl mzh Sr ar? were given safety & skill up-gradation training in the
last year?
xjr MqcU 122% Permanent Employees 122%
lrqi qWs MqcU 142% Permanent Women 142%
AMxqM / Axjr / xuS
zlr Casual/Temporary/ NIL
Contractual Employees
uMsa MqcU 82%
Employees with Disabilities 82%
xi 4: MUoU xp WikUM M Wi M xqql MU Principle 4: Businesses should respect the interests of, and
ij ElM mi xuSlzs W, uzwm x uci, MqeU AU be responsive towards all stakeholders, especially those
Emi M mi| who are disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalized

1. Yr Mml l Aml AiUM AU oWU WikUM M mici 1. Has the company mapped its internal and external
Mr W? W / lW stakeholders? Yes/No
W, oM M zrUkUM q xUMU, luzM, MqcU ij oM Yes. The stake holders of the Bank include Government,
M aWM zqs W| Investors, Employees and the Customers of the Bank.
2. Out of the above, has the company identied the
2. Yr Mml l E q x, MqeU, uci u Emi WikUM disadvantaged, vulnerable & marginalized stakeholders
M mWcl M W?
W. 3. Are there any special initiatives taken by the company
3. Yr Mml uci, MqeU u Emi zrUkUM x eQ l M to engage with the disadvantaged, vulnerable and
sL MD uzw mWs M W? rS W i 50 zoS q iixok marginalized stakeholders. If so, provide details thereof,
uuUh S| in about 50 words or so.
MqcU: oM ei, lxs AU kq M AkU mU MD pSpu Employees: The Bank practices the policy of equal
treatment of all employees without any discrimination
AU muaW M ol xp MqcUr M xj xqlWU M and bias on the basis of caste, creed and religion.
li Amli W| oM xUMU M Sz lSz M AlxU The Bank extends certain special benets/ facilities/
Alxci ei / Alxci elei ua x xoki MqcUr assistance to employees belonging to SC/ST category as
M sL MN uzw sp/xukK/ xWri mSl MUi W| per Government guidelines. Further, the wages/salaries,
CxM Asu, uMsa MqcUr M Alr MqcUr M promotions and other benets extended to employees
xqisr mUqM/uil Sr ei W| oM, MmUO xqeM with disabilities are at par with other employees. The
EUSriu M iWi EQl mUrel M Aiai eqq u MzqU Bank, as part of Corporate Social Responsibility, is training
M oUeaU xliM M mzi u pi MU UW W| and recruiting unemployed graduates from the State of
Jammu and Kashmir under the project Udaan
aWM : xqe M Emi ua M eUi M mU MUl M
sL, oM l, Alr relA M xj, MlU lr Sz rel Customers: In order to cater to the needs of marginalized
M Aiai xS oci Zi rel, xq oq AU xq mzl segments of the society, the Bank has introduced, among
others, No-frill Savings Accounts Scheme, Micro Insurance
rel, zWU aUo M sL xq u zZL, Mxl M and Micro Pension under Canara Nayee Disha Scheme,
sL Mxl QO, xqlr QO MQ, xur xWri xqW micro-nance branches for urban poor, kisan credit cards
M Gh, qlUa qeSU AU xqeM xU mzl M pail for farmers, general credit cards, loans to self help groups,
M sL CsYOlM sp AiUh, orqOM LOLq, upSM electronic benet transfer for payment of MGNREGA
ore SU rel M iWi Gh, qWs Eqr AU. xq Lu Wages and social security pension, biometric ATMs, loans
sb Eq M xWri M sL Gh relL z M W| under Differential Interest Rate Scheme, loans to women
xi 5 : MUoU qlukMU M xqql u mixWl MU| entrepreneurs and support to micro & small enterprises.
Principle 5: Businesses should respect and promote human
1. Yr qlukMU mU Mml M li Mus Mml mU W sa rights
Wi W r xqW / xr Eq / AmiMi / PMSU / aU
1. Does the policy of the company on human rights cover
xUMU xaPl / Alr mU p sa W?
only the company or extend to the Group/Joint Ventures/
oM pUi M xukl q lWi qlukMU M uwruxi x Suppliers/Contractors/NGOs/Others?
mUci W ij xb M xuii AU xqWM xSoe MUl The Bank is aware of the human rights content of
M AkMU M xqql MUi W| the Constitution of India and respects the freedom of
qlu xxkl x xoki lir Mus oM M mUcsl mU associations and the right to collective bargaining.
W sa W| CxM Asu, oM M qlu xxkl lir xp The HR related policies cover the operations of the Bank only.
MqcUr M xqli AU Eci uruWU mSl MUi W ij Further, the HR policies of the Bank are well laid out with equal
Uri, kq, sa, Eq, uMsai, MqcUr M xqeM and fair treatment of all the employees and no discrimination
AU AjM xji r Mll U lw Mx Alr AkU mU is made based on nationality, religion, gender, age, disabilities,
MD pSpu lW Mr ei W| social and economic status of the employees or any other
basis prohibited by the law.
rl EimQ l M UMjq
Prevention of Sexual Harassment
oM Mrxjs mU rl EimQ l M lwk MUi W| xu zi q, The Bank prohibits sexual harassment at work places. In the Service
rl EimQl M UMl M sL uzw mukl W| uzZ u Alr Conditions, there are clauses exclusively for prevention of sexual
olq Uexjl xUMU u Alr M qqs q Eiq lrrsr M harassment at work places. The policy on sexual harassment has
LiWxM Txs U eU SzlSz M AlxU rl EimQl been implemented in terms of guidelines issued by Supreme Court
M li sa M ar W| li M AlxU, qW mokM UM M of India in its landmark judgment in Visakha & Ors. Vs. State of
qWs MrmsM M Akri q LM zMri xqi M aPl Rajasthan & Ors. As per the policy, a Complaints Committee has
Mr ar W exq AkMz xSxr qWsL W W AU LM been constituted headed by a lady Executive of the rank of General
xSxr aU xUMU xaPl x W| xqi M UmO M AkU mU Manager with majority of lady members and an outside member
W oM MUuD MUi W| oM xqr xqr mU xu zi, lrq, from a reputed NGO. The action is taken based on the reports

qWs MqcUr M sp, qWs MqcUr M AkMU ij rl of the Committee. The Bank issues Circulars from time to time
EimQl M UMjq M mpu oll M sL mUm eU MUi W| reinforcing service conditions, rules, benets to women employees,
MqcU zMri luUh li right of women employees, prevention of sexual harassment.
Employees Grievances Redressal Policy
oM l xu zi x xoki uxiuM urai zMri M SU
MUl M Ezr AU ExM iuUi xqkl M sL MqcU zMri The Bank has framed Employees Grievance (s) Redressal Policy
luUh li olD W| Cx li M iWi lkUi xqr M piU with a view to lend to the genuine individual grievances relating
zMri M luUh MU UW W| Acs xiUr luUh xqi M to service condition of the employees and for speedy resolution of
lhr M ZsT Ams M p mukl W | the same. The complaints under this policy are redressed within
the stipulated time. There is also an appeal provision against the
xcl M AkMU Aklrq decision of the Circle Level Redressal Committee.
xcl M AkMU Aklrq, 2005, M mUpw M AlxU MlU Right to Information Act
oM LM sM mkMUh W, CxsL uW eli M xcl mSl Canara Bank is a Public Authority, as per denition of Public
MUl M Sriu M Akl W| Authority in the Right to Information Act, 2005, and thus, is under
up Mr M sL PMSU M xu sl: obligation to provide the information to members of public.
oM Aml mUxU q xus lqh / ui / UZ-UZu Mr Engaging Contractors for various works
M sL PMSU M xu si xqr q Mll uzwiU mU lrliq While engaging the services of Contractors for the civil construction/
qeSU M pail ij Alr xoki qlukMU M msl MUi electrical/maintenance works at its premises, the Bank follows the
W| labor laws especially payment of minimum wages and other related
human rights.
2. mNs uiir uw q Mil WikUM M zMri AD AU
Mil mizi zMri M lmOl mokl M U xiwelM 2. How many stakeholder complaints have been received in
m x Mr ar? the past nancial year and what percent was satisfactorily
resolved by the management?
uw M SUl MD zMri mmi lW WD W |
No complaints have been received during the year.
xi 6: MUoU mruUh M xqql, xU AU Ex mlxjmi Principle 6: Business should respect, protect, and make efforts to
MUl M mrx MU| restore the environment
1. Yr xi 6 x xoki Mml M li Mus Mml iM 1. Does the policy related to Principle 6 cover only the company or
xqi W r xqW / xrYi Eq / AmiMi / PMSU / extends to the Group/Joint Ventures/Suppliers/Contractors/
aU-xUMU xxjl / Alr mU p sa W? NGOs/others.
li Mus oM iM W xqi W| The Policy covers only the Bank.
2. Yr Mml M mx uM mruUh M q ex mruUh q 2. Does the company have strategies/ initiatives to address
oSsu, asos uqa AS M sL MD rel/mWs W ? global environmental issues such as climate change, global
W /lW , rS W i, Mmr uome M WCmUsM S| warming, etc? Y/N. If yes, please give hyperlink for webpage
Gh eZq mokl li M xSp q, oM Lx lr DMCr
M xjml M sL Gh mSl lW MUi elM U Ael In terms of Credit Risk Management Policy, the Bank is not
extending nance for setting up of new units consuming/
ucNSl mSj ex MsUnsU Mol - 11 (xLTx-11),
producing Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) such as
x.LT.x.-12 AU x.LT.x. 11 AU x.LT.x. 12 M Chlorouoro carbon 11 (CFC 11), CFC 12, Mixtures
qh, x.LT.x. - 113, Mol OOYsUCQ, qjCs of CFC 11 and CFC 12, CFC 113 Carbon Tetrachloride,
YsUTq, Tq EimSl, UTeUOU AU LrUMQzlU, LUxs Methyl Chloroform, Halons 1211, 1301, 2402 used in Foam
EimS, xTD M EimS q mr xsuO, Aalzql q mr products, Refrigerators & Air conditioners, Aerosol products,
Wsl - 1211, 1301, 2402, AS M mra Mr ei W| Solvents in cleaning applications, Fire extinguishers.
oM U El NO / qfs xiU M CMCr M uiir No nancial assistance is extended by Bank to small/ medium
xWri lW S ei W e x.LT.x. M mra MU LUxs scale units engaged in the manufacture of the Aerosol Units
CMD M EimSl q sa WL W| using CFC.
OYxM mSj M Eixel MUl us EimSl DMCr M While appraising the credit proposal, of manufacturing units,
Gh mxiu M qsrMl MUi xqr oM Lx mSwi mSj emitting toxic pollutants, the Bank insists upon installation
M uiuUh q NQl x mu mxxMi MUl M sL es of water treatment projects for processing of such pollutants
zkl CMD M xjml M sL Suo Qsi W ij xli before release into the environment and ensures that the
Mr ei W M EkUM MlS / Uer mSwh lrh oQ borrower client also obtains NOC from Central/State Pollution
x Alm mqh m mmi Mr W| Control Board.
3. Yr Mml xpui mruUhr eZq M mWcl AU 3. Does the company identify and assess potential environmental
AMsl MUi W? W/lW risks? Y/N

4. Yr Mml M mx xucN uMx i x xoki MD mUrel 4. Does the company have any project related to Clean
W? rS Lx W i 50 zoS q iixok uuUh S| AU , rS Development Mechanism? If so, provide details thereof, in
W i Yr MD mruUh Almsl UmO SrU M ar W? about 50 words or so. Also, if Yes, whether any environmental
compliance report is led?
oM U up WUi oMa mWs M aD W exq MU Various green banking initiatives undertaken by the Bank
oMa xqkl, COUlO oMa, OsoMa, qoCs oMa, include core banking solution, internet banking, telebanking,
LOLq, aqh eli M Emra M sL xU Fe xcsi mobile banking, ATMs, solar powered biometric ATMs for the
orqOM LOLq, zZA q D- sEe AU Aml xOT use of rural folk, E-lounges in branches and e-governance
ij mzxlM M sL D aulx AU Mae UWi oMa for its staff and administrative areas to promote paperless
M oRu Sl zqs W| banking.
5. Yr Mml l xucN maM, Fe Si, Ar Fe AS 5. Has the company undertaken any other initiatives on clean
mU MD Alr mWs z M W? W / lW, rS W i uome technology, energy efciency, renewable energy, etc. Y/N. If
yes, please give hyperlink for web page etc.
Bank has undertaken a no. of initiatives to promote clean
oM l xucN maM ij Fe Si M MD mWs z technology and energy efciency. Bank gives due weightage
M W | oM mruUh M AlMs Lx WUi mUrelA M and preference to environment friendly green projects which
Eci mjqMi u qWiu Si W e Mol Mq MUi W ex earn the carbon credits, such as, Wind Mills/Solar Power
mul c / xU Fe mUrelL | oM M WUi u xucN projects. Bank has schemes of extending preferential credits
iMlM mUrelA M Akql Gh Sl M relL W | to the Green and clean technology projects.
CxM Asu, oM E Fe Si xli MUl M sL Further, the Bank is changing over to CFLs (Compact Flourescent
xLTLs (MqmYO nsUxO sCOa) Aml xp mUxU q Lightings) in all its premises ensuring higher energy efciency.
The Bank is also following a policy of using Rated Energy Efcient
sal M sL AaxU W| oM p E Fe Si xli
Appliances, viz., Air Conditioners towards ensuring higher
MUl M Sz.q UOQ Fe Mzs EmMUh M Emra MUl energy efciency.
M li M AlxUh MU UW W Aji LrU MQzlU|
The Bank is complying with the CPCB rules (Central Pollution
oM xucN maM Amli WL elUOU M Emra q Control Board) in usage of generators adopting clean
xmxo lrq (MSr mSwh lrh oQ) M msl MUi technology. The Bank is also in the process of deploying solar
W| oM Aml up xjl mU xU Fe xcsi rmLx powered UPS for its various locations and adopting renewable
sal AU Ar Fe M Emra M p Amll M mr energy usage.
q W| 6. Are the Emissions/Waste generated by the company within
the permissible limits given by CPCB/SPCB for the nancial
6. Yr Mml U Eim Eixel/ Amz xci ur uw M year being reported?
sL xmxo / Lxmxo U lkUi xq M piU W?
The Bank is engaged in providing nancial services and hence
oM ur xuL Emsok MUi W | Ai: rW sa lW W| not applicable.
7. ur uw M xqmi iM xmxo / Lxmxo x mmi 7. Number of show cause/ legal notices received from CPCB/
Mll lOx/ MUh oiA lOx M xZr e M soi SPCB which are pending (i.e. not resolved to satisfaction) as
W? ( rl xi M xiU iM lW lmOr ar W) on end of Financial Year.
Principle 7: Businesses, when engaged in inuencing public and
xi 7: MUoU, eo Aqeli AU ulrqM lir M regulatory policy, should do so in a responsible manner
mpui MUi W i Lx eqqSUmuM Mr eL| 1. Is your company a member of any trade and chamber or
1. Yr AmM Mml Mx urmU AU coU r xb M xSxr association? If Yes, Name only those major ones that your
W? rS W i El oQ xxjA M lq oiL elM xj business deals with:
AmM MUoU Wi W? Yes.
W | a) Indian Banks Association (IBA)
M) pUir oM xb ( ADoL) b) Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF)
Z) pUir oMa u u xxjl (ADADoLT) c) Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS)
a) oMa MqM crl xxjl (ADomLx) d) National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM)
b) Ur oM mokl xxjl (LlADoLq)
e) National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)
Q.) pUir Ur pail laq(LlmxAD)
f) The Clearing Corporation of India (CCI)
c) pUir xqzkl laq(xxAD)
N) pUir luz oMU xb, qoD g) Association of Investment Bankers of India, Mumbai

2. Yr Aml elWi M Ei r xkU M sL Emr xb 2. Have you advocated/lobbied through above associations
M qkrq x uMsi / mUu M W? W/lW, rS W i qO for the advancement or improvement of public good? Yes/
iU mU El M oU q oiL (aulx AU mzxl, AjM No; if yes specify the broad areas (drop box: Governance and
xkU, xquz uMx lir lir, Fe, xU, es, Z Administration, Economic Reforms, Inclusive Development
xU, xjD MUoU xi, Alr) Policies, Energy, security, Water, Food Security, Sustainable
Business Principles, Others)
pUi M xuelM M oM Wl M MUh oM mU Sz
M xp u xp ua M oMa xuL mSl MUl M The Bank, being one of the public sector banks of India, is
xqeM EUSriu W| CxM Asu, oM qO iU mU Sz driven by the social objective of extending the benets of
M xjr uMx q raSl M sL AjM AU ur the banking services to all regions of the country and to all
q xkU, xquz uMx AU xql uMx, Ur classes of people. Further, the Bank is adhering to all the policy
mjqMiA AU Z xU M M zqs MUi WL directions/ regulatory guidelines issued by Government of
xqr - xqr mU pUi xUMU AU pUir Ueu oM U India and the Reserve Bank of India from time to time broadly
covering the areas of economic and nancial sector reforms,
eU ML aL xp liai lSz / lrqM Sz lSz M
inclusive growth and equitable development, national
msl MU UW W|
priorities and food security contributing to sustainable
xi 8: MUoU, xquz u AU xql uMx M xos S| development of the country.
1. Yr Mml q xi 8 x xoki li M AlxUh M Principle 8: Businesses should support inclusive growth and
sL uz Mrq / mWs / mUrelL W? rS W i equitable development
iixok orU |
1. Does the company have specied programmes/initiatives/
oM l xquz u u xql uMx M sL AlM Mrq/ projects in pursuit of the policy related to Principle 8? If yes
mWs/mUrelA M csr W| details thereof.
uuUh lqlui W: The Bank has undertaken various initiatives/ programmes/
oM l AuOi xp 10049 au q 806 mUmUM zZA projects in pursuit of inclusive growth and equitable
M ZsMU ij 2459 MUoU milkr M xu sMU development of the society.
oMa xu Emsok MUD W| eul xiU M Ei MUl M sL The details are as under:
uWlr Zc mU oMa xu Emsok MUl W CxM Ezr
W | CxM Mrurl S qQs M iWi Mr ar rl Bank has provided Banking facilities in all the allotted
mUmUM zZL AU MUoU xmM qQs | 10049 villages by opening 806 brick & mortor branches and
engaging 2459 BC agents. The objectives are to provide them
536 au M oM AU qOU qQs AU oc WL 4992 au the banking services at affordable cost in order to improve
M MUoU xmM M qSS x oMa xu Emsok MUr their standard of living. The implementation was done
ar | Cl 4992 au q x, 516 au q MUoU xmM Ai under two models, viz., Brick and Mortar model and Business
sb zZA U LM li xjl mU oMa xu Emsok Correspondent model.
MULa |
Plan for 2015-16: The Bank has plans to cover 76villages
2015-16 M sL rel: oM U uw 2015-16 M SUl during 2015-16 by opening 76 brick and mortar branches.
mUmUM zZL ZsMU 76 au M muUi M rel W|
65 Financial literacy centres (FLCs) opened at District/Block
es/osM xiU mU 65 ur xUi MlS (LTLsx) Zs levels. 1008234 persons have been educated and 79879
aL | Cx uw M qc 2015 iM 1008234 urr M zi persons have been counseled upto March 2015 this year.
Mr ar W Lu 79879 urr M mUqz xuL Emsok
MUr ar W | 2. Are the programmes/projects undertaken through in-house
team/own foundation/external NGO/government structures/
2. Yr Mrq / mUrel AiUM Oq / xu xxjl / o any other organization?
/ aU xUMU xxj / xUMU xxj / r MD Alr xxj
M qkrq x ML ei W? The nancial inclusion projects have been undertaken with the
help of an in-house team. The Bank has a separate Financial
ur xquzl mUrel AiUM Oq M xWri x sa Inclusion Division under Priority Credit and Financial Inclusion
M ar | oM q mjqMi xZ AU ur xquzl upa Wing, headed by a General Manager. Bank is propagating
M Aiai LM Asa ur xquzl mpa W exM mqZ nancial literacy through Financial Literacy Trust.
LM qWmokM W | oM ur xUi lrx M qkrq x
ur xUi M mcU MU UW W | Following are the other Trusts/Societies wherein
Bank is involved for taking up of the projects which
Alr lrx / xxCOr M lq lqlui W eW oM have created an impact in serving the people and
mUrelL sa MUl M sL xqqsi W, exl eli ij the society.
xqe M xu q mpu Eim Mr W :-
1. Canara Centenary Rural Development Trust
1. MlU zioS aqh uMx lrx
2. Canara Financial Advisory Trust
2. MlU ur xsWMU lrx
3. Canara Golden Jubilee Education Fund
3. MlU xuh eri z lk
4. Canara Relief & Welfare Society
4. MlU UWi u Msrh xxCO

oM Aml MmUO xqeM EUSriu M iWi ClW lrx Bank continues to actively fund and also involve in the
M rMsm q xr m x pa si W ij lkrl p activities of these Trusts under its CSR.
MUi W | 3. Have you done any impact assessment of your initiative?
3. Yr Am
l Aml mrx M mpu qsrMl Mr W ? Yes. Major impact of the Bank initiatives is the delivery of the
products to its customers. The major deliverables are:
W | oM mWs M qZr mpu Aml aWM M EimS M
uiUh q W | qZr mSr W :- The Bank has provided Basic Savings Deposit accounts
to 54.55 lakh unbanked people during the year
oM l uw 2014-15 M SUl 54.55 sZ oMa xuUWi 2014-15 and 142.89 lakh unbanked persons since inception
sa ij rel M zAi x sMU AoiM 142.89 sZ of the Scheme.
oMa xuUWi sa M qspi oci eq Zi Emsok During 2014-15, 270 FI Branches have been opened garnering
MUr W| a business of `568 crores in 4.98 lakh accounts and provided a
uw 2014-15 M SUl WqU 270 ur xquzl zZL credit of `273crores benetting 0.43 lakh beneciaries.
Zs W AU 4.98 sZ Zi x `568 MUQ M MUoU The unbanked rural people are provided with Basic Savings
Mr ij `273 MUQ M Gh Emsok MUr exx 0.43 Deposit Accounts, Inbuilt Overdraft Facilities, credit facilities
sZ WikMU splui WL | under products like General Credit Card Schemes, Differential
Rate of Interest Scheme, Kisan Credit Card Scheme, Debt
oMa xu UWi aqh M qspi oci eq Zi, Swapping Scheme and various other credit products.
AilWi AuUQTO xukL, Gh xukL ex xqlr The Bank has also covered the lives of the members of credit
QO MQ rel, upkM ore SU rel, Mxl QO linked SHGs under Group Insurance Scheme by M/s Canara
MQ rel, Gh ASs-oSs (xuma) rel AU MD HSBC OBC Insurance Company, covering the lives of the
xZ EimS Emsok MUL aL | individual members to the extent of `36000 for a nominal
premium of ` 100. About 70320 persons have been
oM l WqU q. MlU LcLxox Aox CzrUx Mml M benetted out of the Scheme.
xqW oq rel M iWi Gh mSi xur xWri xqW M
xSxr M eul M MuU Mr ar W exq mirM xSxr The Bank has participated in implementation of Electronic
Benet Transfer of Govt. benets like Social Security Pension
M eul M `36,000 iM `100 M qqs mqrq M xj in four districts of Karnataka and all districts of Tamil Nadu
MuU Mr ar W | sapa 70320 ur Cx rel M iWi under One District Many Bank Model. The enrollment is in
splui WL W| progress for opening of accounts for disbursement of wages
oM l MlOM M cU es AU iqslQ M xp es under MGNREGA in four districts of Karnataka. This has
q "LM es MD oM qQs" M iWi xUMU sp ex helped the beneciaries under the Scheme in getting the
xqeM xU mzl M CsYOlM sp WxiliUh M timely payment at their doorsteps/ villages.
Mrlurl q pa sr W| MlOM M cU es q qlUa The Bank has also participated in implementation of Direct
M iWi qeSU M pail M sL Zi M Zsl M Mr Benet Transfer of Govt. Benets in 48 identied districts in
mai mU W| Cx rel x spjr M ElM SUue / au Phase I and 78 identied districts in Phase II. During the year
q xqr mU pail mmi MUl q qSS qs W| 2014-15, benets transferred under the scheme to the tune of
` 474 Crores.
oM l mWs cUh q 48 crli es q AU ir cUh q The Bank has provided inclusive growth vehicles called
78 crli es q xUMU sp M xk xjliUi MUl Canara Gramin Vikas Vahini Vehicles & 49 vehicles are
q pa sr W| uw 2014-15 M SUl Cx rel M iWi deployed across the country. These vehicles accompanied
WxiiUi sp `474 MUQ mWc ar W| by an Agriculture Extension Ofcer or general ofcer who
oM l "MlU aqh uMx uWl uWl" lqM xquz are well aware of the Banks various rural development
schemes visit the villages regularly for creating awareness
uMx uWl Lu 49 uWl mU Sz q ili ML W| Cl uWl
among the rural mass about banking. The vehicles are also
q Mw uxiUh AkMU r xqlr AkMU xj ei provided with the account opening forms and pamphlets of
W elW WqU up aqh uMx relA M AcN various schemes.
elMU Wi W AU r lrqi iU mU aqh q oMa M
4. What is your companys direct contribution to community
oU q eaMi mS MUl ei W| Cl uWl q Zi Zsl development projects - Amount in INR and the details of the
M Tq ij Alr relA M mqmsOx Wi W| projects undertaken. The Bank has sanctioned a sum of
4. xqSrM uMx mUrelA M sL AmM Mml M `67.05 Crores (sponsorships) engaged in various community
mir raSl Yr W ? Uz pUir mr q ij z ML development and socio-economic welfare activities (Pl. refer
aL mUrelA M uuUh | to Section B Point No.5).
5. Have you taken steps to ensure that this community
oM l up xqSrM uMx AU xqeM - AjM development initiative is successfully adopted by the
Msrh aiukr q sa xaPl M `67.05 MUQ M Uz community? Please explain in 50 words, or so.
qeU M W| (Mmr oS 5 M pa 2 M xSp s)
The Bank is obtaining a Certicate issued by a Chartered
5. Yr Cx xqSrM uMx M mWs M xqSr U Accountant of the donee organization/ Institute conrming
xTsimuM AmlL el M xli MUl M sL Aml the end use of the donation for the purpose for which the
MSq EPL W? Mmr 50 zoS q oiL| donation was sanctioned by the Bank.

oM SlaW xaPl / xxjl x xlS sZMU U eU The grants for the projects are disbursed in stages depending
mqh m mmi MUi W e m MUi W M ex Ezr M upon the progress of the developmental work and after
sL oM U Sl qeU Mr ar j ExM Aiq Emra conducting pre-developmental and post-developmental site
Mr ar W| visits. The assistance are handed over by organizing public
mUrelA M sL EmSl up cUh mU uMx Mr function involving the community members ensuring their
participation in the projects.
M mai M AkU mU ij xCO mU mu-uMxiqM u
uMxmUi SU M mi xuiUi Mr ei W | xqSr The Bank has a mechanism to ensure that the community
M sa M zqs MU xuelM Mrq Arei MUM adopts to the developmental process.
mUrelA q ElM xWpai xli MUi WL xWri Principle 9: Businesses should engage with and provide value to
xm Sr ei W | their customers and consumers in a responsible manner
xqSrM uMx M mr M Amll xli MUl M 1. What percentage of customer complaints/consumer cases are
sL oM M mx i W pending as on the end of nancial year.
xi 9: MUoU eqqSU x Aml aWM AU EmpA x 1.41% (1534) of the 108836 customer complaints
eQ AU ElW xqql mSl MU| received were pending as at the end of the
nancial year.
1. ur uw M xqmi mU Mil mizi aWM zMri/
Emp qqs soi W? 2. Does the company display product information on the product
label, over and above what is mandated as per local laws? Yes/
ur uw M xqmi mU 108836 aWM zMri M 1.41% No/N.A. /Remarks(additional information)
(1534) soi j | The information about the products and services offered
2. Yr Mml, xjlr lrq M Aluri M Asu, EimS by the Bank are made available in the branches through
sos mU EimS M xcl mSzi MUi W? W / lW / sa pamphlets and brochures and is also made available in the
lW / Ommhr ( AiU xclL) Banks website.
oM M EimS AU xuA M oU q elMU mqTsOx AU 3. Is there any case led by any stakeholder against the
ozU M qkrq x zZA q Emsok MUr ei W AU company regarding unfair trade practices, irresponsible
Cx oM M uoxCO q p Emsok MUr ar W| advertising and/or anti-competitive behavior during
3. Yr mNs mc uw M SUl Alci MUoU uruWU, aU the last ve years and pending as on end of nancial
year. If so, provide details thereof, in about 50 words
eqqSUl uml AU / r mixmk uUk uruWU M Mx
or so.
p qqs M oU q Mml M ZsT Mx p zrUkUM U
qqs SrU Mr ar W AU e ur uw M xqmi iM Nil.
soi W? rS Lx W i 50 zoS q iixok uuUh S| 4. Did your company carry out any consumer survey/ consumer
zlr satisfaction trends?
4. Yr AmM Mml l Mx p Emp xuh / Emp To assess the quality of customer service rendered by the
Banks branches and to get the feedback directly from the
xi fl M mi sar W?
customers, a self contained, prestamped questionnaire was
oM, zZA U mSl M el us aWM xu M ahu made available to all branches for distributing the same to
M AMsl MUl M sL AU Aml aWM x xk mir customers for providing their feedback. The nding of the
mmi MUl M sL, LM xu- lWi, xOmr mzlus xp Survey is as under:
mir sl M sL aWM M uiUi MUl sL oM M 1. 93% of the customers were satised with ATM
zZA M Emsok MUr ar j| xuh M lwMw Cx related services.
mMU W:
2. 82% of the customers were satised with internet
1. 93% aWM LOLq xoki xuA x xi W| services.
2. 82% aWM COUlO xuA x xi W| 3. Overall 90% of the customers were satised with the
3. xqa m x 90% aWM oM M xuA x xi j | Banks services.

MmUO aullx mU lSzM
qQs M UmO

MmUO aullx
lx mU lSzM Report of the Board of Directors on
qQs M UmO Corporate Governance
1)) MmUO aullx mU oM M Szl: 1) Banks philosophy on Corporate Governance
"MmUO aullx, xp zrUkUM M xxjU uMx M Corporate Governance is the application of best
sL xmS M mpu mokl u ExM uiUh ij xqeM management practices, compliance of law in true
letter and spirit and adherence to ethical standards
Sriu lpl M sL xuq mokl AcUh M Almra,
for effective management and distribution of wealth
xW qrl q Mll M Almsl Lu liM qlM M and discharge of social responsibility for sustainable
AlxUh MUl W|" development of all stakeholders.

MlU oM M xMsml Axi xupa, aWMlqZi, The vision of Canara Bank is to emerge as a World
EimS lulqwh, spmSi M q xuq AcUh ij Class Bank with best practices in the realms of Asset
Portfolio, Customer Orientation, Product Innovation,
zrUkUM M xuki qsr M xj u xiUr oM M
Protability and enhanced value for stakeholders. In
m q EpUl W| Cx xMsmi sr M mmi MUl M Sz
its endeavour to attain the goal visualized, the bank
q Aml mrx q oM MmUO aullx M mpu mhs is laying maximum emphasis on the effective system
mU xo x erS eU S UW W| lSzM qQs, uU mokl of Corporate Governance. The interaction between
i AU MrmsM M oc q Aiuism Lx Wi W M the Board, Senior Management and the Executives is
ExM LM oeQ AU Asa pqM W iM Zx iU mU so congured as to have a distinctly demarcated role
so as to derive enhanced value to its stakeholders in
Aml zrUkUM M AU AqiU mU eli M xuki qsr
particular and society in general.
mmi W xM|
The overall objective is to optimize sustainable
xqa Ezr Mml qsr, AcU xWiA ij xqci value to all stakeholders-depositors, Shareholders,
uruWU M Alr qlM M msl M eUL xqxi WikUM- customers, borrowers, employees and society through
eqMiA, zrUkUM, aWM, EkUMiA, MqcUr adherence to Corporate values, Codes of conduct and
AU xqe M Ciq xxjU qsr Emsok MUl W| other standards of appropriate behaviour.

2) Board of Directors:
2) lSzM qQs:
The Board of the Bank has been constituted under
oM M lSzM qQs M aPl, oMa Mml (Emq M Section 9(3) of the Banking Companies {Acquisition &
AkaWh ij AiUh) Aklrq 1970 (rj xzki) M Transfer of undertaking} Act 1970 (as amended) and
kU 9(3) Lu UrMi oM (mokl Lu uuk mukl) Nationalized Bank (Management & Miscellaneous
rel 1970 (rj xzki) M AlxU Mr ar W| Provision) Scheme 1970 (as amended).

The Board of the Bank consists of eminent

oM M oQ q ahqlr ur W, elWl oMa AU iixok personalities, who through their rich and varied
Alr q Aml oWuk Lu SbMsM Alpu x oM experiences in Banking and other related elds have
M mai q EssZlr xWra mSl Mr W| made signicant contribution towards the progress
of the bank.

oQ M xSxr M xqqh Lu oPM q ElM The composition of members of the Board and the
Emxji xok uuUh mUz "M" u "Z" q Sr details of attendance at the meetings are given in
ar W| appendix A & B.

3) sZmU xqi: 3) Audit Committee:

oQ M sZmU xqi (L x o) M aPl, pUir Ueu The Audit Committee of the Board (ACB) has been
oM ij pUi xUMU M SzlSz M AlxU Mr ar W| constituted by the bank as per guidelines of Reserve
Bank of India and the Government of India.
i) rW xqi oM M xqa sZmU Mr M mruh M
xj-xj lSz p mSl MUi W | i) ACB provides directions and also oversees the
operation of the total Audit function of the Bank.
ii) oQ M sZ mU xqi M qZr Mr lqlui W:
ii) The main functions of the committee are as
M. oM M ur UmOa mr M mruh MUl Lu under:
xW, mrmi Lu uxlr mMOl xli MUl | a. To oversee the banks nancial reporting
process and ensuring correct, adequate and
Z. sZMl lir AU uruWU mU uzw os Si
credible disclosure of nancial information.
WL ur uuUh x xoki sZMl qlSQ
AU Mll AmA M Almsl xli MUi b. Reviewing with the management, the
WL mokl i M xj ur uuUh M xq nancial statements with special emphasis
on accounting policies and practices,
MUl, ij
compliance with accounting standards
a. o Lu AiUM sZmU, AiUM lrh M and other legal requirements, concerning
mrmii, ahu Lu mpuzsi M xq MUl, nancial statements and
uwM sZ AU UmO M Aiq m Sl M mWs c. Review the adequacy, quality and
o sZmUM M xj cc MUl ij oM M effectiveness of external and internal audit,
u Lu eZq mokl lir M xq MUl | internal control system, interaction with
external auditors before nalization of
iii) rW xqi oQ M sZ mU xqi U sla Tq Annual accounts and reports, review Banks
sZ mU UmO q EPr ar qqs M oU q xji nance and risk management policies.
M xq MUi W |
iii) ACB reviews the position with regard to issues
iv) rW xqi pUir Ueu oM M lUh UmO q EPr raised in the Long Form Audit Report (LFAR).
ar xp qqs / Ommhr M Aluil p MUi W | iv) It follows up on all the issues / concerns raised in
the Inspection Report of RBI.
v) oQ M sZ mU xqi Almsl M, AiU-zZ
sZ xqkl Alpa AS x mmi UmO M xq v) ACB also makes a review of reports received
p MUi W | from Compliance Cell, Inter-Branch Account
Reconciliation (IBAR) section, etc.
pUir Ueu oM l Aml m AUoAD/2010-11/269-QoLx. The Reserve Bank of India, vide their letter RBI/2010-
LAULx.ox xZr: 4/08.91.20/2010-11, SlM 10.11.2010 11/269-DBS.ARS.BC.NO. 4/08.91.20/2010-11, dated
U xq MshQU xci Mr W ex oQ M sZ mU 10.11.2010, conveyed the Calendar of Reviews to
xqi M Aqs MUl W | Cl qS M AukM xq M sL be followed by the Audit Committee of the Board.
These items have been incorporated in the Corporate
oM M MmUO Apzxl li q zqs Mr ar W AU ClW
Governance Policy of the Bank for periodical review
xq MshQU M qioM sZ mU xqi M xql ukui
and are duly placed before the Audit Committee as per
UZ ei W | Calendar of Reviews.
sZ mU xqi M xSxr M xqqh Lu oPM q The composition of members of Audit Committee and
ElM Emxji xok uuUh mUz "M" u "Z" q Sr the details of attendance at the meetings are given in
ar W | Appendix A &B.

4) (i) lqMl xqi: 4) (i) Nomination Committee :
pUir Ueu oM M xxcl QoAQ x. ox x. In terms of RBI Communication DBOD No. BC.
47/29.39.001/2007-08 SlM 01.11.2007 M xSp q No. 47/29.39.001/2007-08, dated 01.11.2007, the
oM M lSzM qQs l pUir Ueu oM M SzlSz Board of the Directors of the Bank had constituted
M AlxU qeS luci zrUkUM lSzM / mxiui a Nomination Committee to undertake a process
of due diligence to determine the Fit and Proper
EqqSuU M Emri u qMsi xji lkUi MUl M
status of the existing elected Shareholder Directors/
xqci mr z MUl M Ezr x LM lqMl xqi Proposed Candidates as per the guidelines of RBI.
M aPl Mr ar | xqi AuzrMilxU oPM Arei The Committee shall meet as and when required.
MUa | zrUkUM lSzM M lucl mr lW Wl M It didnt meet during 2014-15, since there was no
MUh ij luci zrUkUM lSzM U rj 31.03.2014 process of election of Shareholder Directors and also
M mxii bwhA (eul u) q MD qWiumh mUuil lW no signicant changes in the declarations (bio-data)
submitted by the elected Shareholder Directors as on
Wl M MUh uw 2014-15 M SUl xqi M MD oPM
31.03.2014 for conducting due diligence exercise.
Arei lW M aD |
(ii) Remuneration Committee:
(ii) mUqM xqi:
In terms of GOI Letter F.No 20/1/2005-BO.I
pUi xUMU M m LT x. 20/1/2005-oA.AD, SlM Dt. 09.03.2007, the Board of Directors of the Bank
09.03.2007 M xSp q pUi xUMU M SzlSz M had constituted a Remuneration Committee to
AlxU mhMsM lSzM M MrlwmSl M qsrMl evaluate the performance of whole time directors
MUl M mrelj oM M lSzM qQs l mUqM as per GOI guidelines. During the nancial year
2014-15, the Bank has paid the performance linked
xqi aPi M W | ur uw 2014-15 M SUl, oM
incentives pertaining to the nancial year 2013-14
l mhMsM lSzM M ur uw 2013-14 x xoki
to the Whole-time Directors. The composition of
MrlwmSl xo mixWl Uz M pail Mr | mUqM members of Remuneration Committee and the
xqi M xSxr M xqqh AU oPM q Emxji M details of attendance at the meetings are given in
uuUh Alok "M" ij "Z" q Sr ar W | Appendix A &B.
(iii) Remuneration to Directors:
(iii) lSzM M mUqM:
a) Remuneration to Directors is paid as per
M) lSzM M mUqM, pUi xUMU M SzlSz M
Government of India guidelines. The details of
AlxU AS Mr ei W | uw 2014-15 M SUl oM M salary paid to the whole-time Directors of the
mhMsM lSzM M mS uil uuUh lqlui W : Bank, during the year 2014-15 are as under:

lq u mSlq Uz (`) Name & Designation Amount (`)

u Lx MwhMqU Shri V S Krishna Kumar
MrmsM lSzM 23,01,470.00 Executive Director 23,01,470.00
mql xW Uui Shri Pradyuman Singh Rawat
MrmsM lSzM 21,26,323.00 Executive Director 21,26,323.00
WUSz MqU o Shri Harideesh Kumar B
MrmsM lSzM 95,550.00 Executive Director 95,550.00
Ueu MzU So Shri R K Dubey
pimu Akr u mok lSzM Ex-Chairman & Managing Director
(SlM 30.09.2014 iM) 24,15,716.00 (up to 30.09.2014) 24,15,716.00
AzM MqU ami Shri Ashok Kumar Gupta
pimu MrmsM lSzM (SlM Ex-Executive Director
31.10.2014 iM) 18,85,077.57 (up to 31.10.2014) 18,85,077.57
Ms 88,24,136.57 TOTAL 88,24,136.57

M) aU MrmsM lSzM M pUi xUMU U lkUi b) Non - Executive Directors are not being paid any
oPM zsM M Asu Mx p mMU M mUqM other remuneration except Sitting Fees as xed
Uz lW S e UW W | xui lSzM M mS oPM by Government of India. The sitting fees paid to
the Directors is given in the Appendix C.
zsM mUz 'a' q S aD W |
5) Stakeholders Relationship Committee (Previously
5) WikUM xok xqi (mu q zrU kUM / luzM zMri Shareholders/ Investors Grievances Committee) :
luUh xqi): The Shareholders/Investors Grievances Committee
(SIGC) has been constituted in terms of Clause
xcMUh MUU M ZQ 49 M AlxU zrUkUM / luzM
49 of the Listing Agreement. As per the revised
zMri xqi (Lx AD e Lx) M aPl Mr ar W| guidelines of Clause 49, the same has been renamed
ZQ 49 M xzki SzlSz M AlxU E xqi M as Stakeholders Relationship Committee (SRC). The
WikUM xok xqi (Lx AU x) M m q ml:lqMUh Committee monitors the redressal of the grievances
Mr ar W | Cx xqi U zrU M AiUh, isl m mmi of the security holders of the Bank including
complaints related to transfer of shares, non- receipt
l Wl, bwi spz uUO mmi l Wl AS xWi mipi
of balance sheet, non-receipt of declared dividend
kUM M zMri M luUh M Almuil Mr ei W | warrants.

zrUkUM zMri xZrM Shareholders Grievances Statistics:

mmi zMri M xZr 1649 Complaints Received 1649
Lx zMri elM xqkl x zrUkUM Complaints not solved to the satisfaction
zlr Nil
xi lW WL of shareholders
soi zMri zlr Pending complaints Nil

Emr zMri q x LM p zMri LM qWl x AkM soi None of the above complaints were pending for more
lW j | than a month.
xcMUh MUU M ZQ 47(L) M AlxU o laz oo, Mml In terms of Clause 47(a) of the Listing Agreement, Shri
xcu oM M Almsl AkMU W | B Nagesh Babu, Company Secretary is the Compliance
WikUM xok xqi M xSxr M xqqh Lu oPM q ElM Ofcer of the Bank.
Emxji xok uuUh mUz M ij Z q Sr ar W | The Composition of members of Stakeholders
Relationship Committee and details of attendance at the
WikUM xok xqi M xSxr M xqqh Lu oPM q ElM meeting are given in appendix A & B.
Emxji xok uuUh mUz M ij Z q Sr ar W |
Other Committees:
Alr xqir: (a) Management Committee:
(M) mokl xqi: The Management Committee of the Board
is constituted as per the clause 13 of the
oQ M mokl xqi UrMi oM (mokl u uuk
Nationalised Banks (Management and
mukl) rel 1970 (rj xzki) M mukl M Miscellaneous Provisions) Scheme, 1970 (as
AlxU aPi M aD W| mokl xqi U xZ mxiu amended). The Management Committee
exercises all the powers vested with the
M qeU, Gh, o Zi sZl M mxiu M xqfi
Committee in respect of sanctioning of credit
/ lmOl, me AU Uexu urr M AlqSl, mUxU proposals, compromise/ settlement of loans,
M AkaWh AU MUr mU sl, uS / Ams M write-off proposals, approval of capital and
revenue expenditure, acquisition and hiring of
SrU MUl, luz, Sl AU oQ M xqi M xSpi
premises, ling of suits/ appeals, investment,
r mirrei Alr qqs M xok q oQ U mS donations and any other matter referred to or
xp AkMU M mra Mr ei W | delegated to the Committee by the Board.

mokl xqi M xSxr M xqqh Lu oPM q The composition of members of Management
ElM Emxji uuUh mUz M ij Z q Sr Committee and the details of attendance at the
ar W | meetings are given in Appendix A&B.
(b) Risk Management Committee:
(Z) eZq mokl xqi:
The Bank has evolved suitable Risk Management
oM M AMU, eOsi M xiU, eZq mTCs AU Policies consistent with the size of the Bank,
oM M mUcsl M urmi M Alm oM l Eci level of complexity, risk prole and scope of
eZq mokl lir mri M W | operations of the Bank.

oM M sL LMMi eZq mokl mi Wi li Lu A Board Level Risk Management Committee

has been formed, with the responsibility of
Uhli mri MUl M sL oQ xiUr eZq mokl
devising policy and strategy for integrated Risk
xqi M aPl Mr ar W |
Management System for the Bank.
cM eZq mokl mi M xqi SMh M qkrq As the Risk Management system is required
x Mrlui MUl W, cU E xiUr xqir Aji to be implemented through a Committee
xZ eZq mokl xqi, oeU eZq mokl xqi approach, four high level committees viz.
Lu mUcsliqM eZq mokl xqi xjmi W e Credit Risk Management Committee, Market
eZq mokl x xoki xp xqlr eZq x Risk Management Committee, Operational
Risk Management Committee and Group Risk
muUi qxs M xpsi W | Cl cU xqir M
Management Committee are in place to deal
Akr oM M mok lSzM u qZr MrMU AkMU
with the issues relating to Risk Management
r MrmsM lSzM W ij uU MrmsM U Cx covering all generic risks. The MD&CEO or
qqs q ElM xWri M ei W | ED of the Bank is the Chairman for all the
four Committees, assisted by the Senior Level
oQ M eZq mokl xqi M xSxr M xqqh
Executives of the Bank.
AU oPM q ElM Emxji M uuUh mUz M
ij Z q Sr ar W | The composition of members of Risk
Management Committee of the Board and the
(a) Axi Sri mokl xqi: details of attendance at the meetings are given
in appendix A & B.
pUir Ueu oM M lSz M AkU mU oM l
AiUM Axi Sri mokl xqi M aPl Mr W, (c) Asset Liability Management Committee:
exM Akri oM M mok lSzM u qZr MrMU Based on RBI directives, the Bank has set up an
AkMU r MrmsM lSzM U M ei W | internal Asset Liability Management Committee
xqi M Alr xSxr q oM M uU MrmsM (ALCO) headed by MD&CEO or ED of the Bank.
zqs Wi W| The other members of the Committee include
the Senior Executives of the Bank.
Axi Sri mokl xqi M Mr M urmi
The scope of ALCO functions is as follows:
lqlMi W :
(A) Liquidity risk management
M) iUsi eZq mokl
Z) oeU eZq mokl (B) Management of market risk
a) urmUM eZq mokl (C) Trading risk management
b) lkrl Lu me Arel (D) Funding and capital Planning
X) sp Arel Lu uMx Arel (E) Prot Planning & Growth Planning

Axi Sri mokl xqi lus ore Ar mU Axi u Sri The ALCO deliberates in detail over the liquidity position
Sl M ore SU q mUuil x Wlus mpu Lu iUsi xji and the impact of changes in the interest rates of both
M oU q uxii m x ucU uqz MUi W| assets and liabilities on the Net- Interest Income.

6)) xqlr oPM: 6) General Body meetings:

mNs il uwM xqlr oPM M uuUh lc The details of last three Annual General Meetings
mxii W: held are furnished here below:

SlM xqr xjl Date Time Venue

leri BQOUrq, Jnanajyothi Auditorium,
04 28.06.2012 4 pm Central College, Palace Road,
28.06.2012 xOs Mse,
AmU Bengaluru - 560 001
msx UQ, oas- 560 001
leri BQOUrq, Jnanajyothi Auditorium,
10 22.07.2013 10 am Central College, Palace Road,
22.07.2013 xOs Mse,
mu Bengaluru -560 001
msx UQ, oas- 560 001
Auditorium - 1, NIMHANS
xpaW 1, lqWx, Convention Centre,
3.30 Muxl xOU, WxU ql UQ, 21.07.2014 3.30 pm Hombegowda Nagar,
AmU WqoaQ laU, Hosur Main Road,
oas - 560 029 Bengaluru - 560 029

mNs xqlr uwM oPM (Aji SlM 21.07.2014 M One special resolution was put through in last Annual
Arei oM M oUWu xqlr oPM) q MD uzw xMsm General Meeting (ie., 12th AGM of the Bank held on
lW UZ ar j ij QM qiSl p lW Mr ar | 21.07.2014) and there were no postal ballot exercise.

oUWu xqlr oPM q Emxji lSzM M uuUh mUz 'Z' Details of attendance of Directors at the 12th Annual
General Meeting are given in Appendix B.
q Sr ar W |
The Bank has conducted an Extraordinary General
oM l SlM 27.03.2015 M `10/- AMi qsr M 1,39,38,134
Meeting on 27.03.2015 for the purpose of obtaining
DYuO zrU `398.95/- M mqrq xWi `408.95/- M laq
consent of the shareholders by way of a Special Resolution
qsr mU laqi / AoOi MUl M sL zrUkUM M xWqi to issue / allot 1,39,38,134 equity shares of face value of
mmi MUl M Ezr x LM uzw xMsm M qkrq x LM ` 10/- each for cash at an Issue Price of ` 408.95 including
AxkUh xqlr oPM Arei Mr | premium of ` 398.95.

7) mmMOl: 7) Disclosures:
The Related Party Transactions of the Bank are
oM M xoki mO x slSl rj 31.03.2015 M islm
disclosed in the notes on accounts schedule 18 of the
M sZ xok Ommh Alxc 18 q mMO Mr ar W |
Balance Sheet as on 31.03.2015.
oM l Aml zrU M xcMUh MUl M oS me oeU
The Bank has complied with all matters related to
x xoki xp qqs M Almsl Mr W | ai il uw capital market since its listing of shares. There are
M SUl me oeU x xoki Mx p qqs q xOM no penalties or strictures imposed on the Bank by
LYxce r xo Aju Mx p Alr xukM mkMUh the stock exchanges or SEBI or any other statutory
U oM mU l MD SQ sar ar W AU l W MD miMs authorities on any matter related to capital Markets,
Ommh M aD W | during the last three years.

oM l pUi xUMU M SzlSz M AlxU uWxs The Bank has drawn Whistle Blower Policy as per the
osAU li irU Mr W ij uWxs osAU xU mSl GOI guidelines and the protection has been extended
Mr ar W to the Whistle Blower.

oM l Aml ulrqM mkMUr U lkUi xU The Bank has complied with all the mandatory
requirements prescribed by Regulatory Authorities.
AkSziqM AmA M Almsl Mr W |
The extent of implementation of non-mandatory
xcMUh MUU M ZQ 49 M aU-AkSziqM AmA
requirements of clause 49 of the Listing Agreement
M Mrlurl lqlui W: are as under:

aU-AkSziqM Sl. Non Mandatory Status of Implementation

Mrlurl M xji
qM Am
No. Requirement

1. oQ oQ M aPl oMa Mml

1. The Board Board is Constituted
aU MrmsM (Emq M AkaWh ij A non-executive as per Section (9)(3) of
Akr, Akr M AiUh) Aklrq 1970 M Chairman may Banking Companies
Mrsr M xpsl kU 9(3) M AlxU Mr be entitled (Acquisition and Transfer
Wi AW Wa| ar W | Ai: rW ZQ oM to maintain of Undertaking) Act, 1970.
M sL sa lW W| a Chairmans Hence this clause is not
ofce. applicable for the Bank.

2. zrU kUM M oM l uw M SUl ML 2. Shareholder The Bank has sent Annual

AkMU aL EssZlr uMx x Rights Financial Results along
xoki xU xm xWi with the summary of
uwM ur mUhq xU signicant developments
zrUkUM M pe W | during the year, to all the

3. sZ mU xukM sZmUM l
rarir 3. Audit Statutory Auditors
SlM 31.03.2014 M
qualications have not issued any
xqmi uw M sL Aml
qualications in their
sZmU UmO q MD audit report for the year
rariL eU lW M W | ended 31.03.2014

4. Akr u qZr oQ M aPl oMa Mml

4. Separate Posts Board is Constituted
MrMU AkMU (Emq M AkaWh ij of Chairman and as per Section (9)(3) of
M Asa-Asa mS AiUh) Aklrq 1970 M CEO Banking Companies
kU 9(3) M AlxU Mr (Acquisition and Transfer
ar W | of Undertaking) Act, 1970.

5. AiUM sZmUM qW mokM, lUh upa
5. Reporting of The General Manager,
M UmOa (AiUM sZmU) Internal Auditor Inspection Wing (Internal
ij ElM U lqMi Audit) and the ofcials
AkMUr M xp nominated by him have
unrestricted access to all
ApsZ, Axir,
records, assets, functions
MrMsm ij MqM AU
and personnel & have
oQ M sZmU xqi full and free access to
u uU mokl i q mh u the Audit Committee
Amioki Apaq W | of the Board and Senior

8) Means of communication:
8) xmwh M q

MlU oM, oM x xoki elMU qZrir oM M uwM Canara Bank provides information relating to Bank
through its Annual Report which contains Report
UmO M eUL Si W, exq MmUO aullx mU lSzM
of the Board of Directors on Corporate Governance,
qQs M UmO, lSzM M UmO, sZmUi sZ, lMS
the Directors report, audited accounts, cash ow
muW uuUh AS zqs W | zrUkUM M AZoU q statements, etc. The shareholders are also intimated
mMzl, xOM LYxce M xcl, mx umir Lu oM of its performances, through publication in news
M uoxCO AS M eUL p elMU S ei W | oM, papers, intimation to stock exchanges, press releases
Mrsrl xqcU umir / mxiiMUh p uoxCO q and through website at www.canarabank.com.
mSzi MUi W | The Bank also displays ofcial News releases,
presentations in its website.
xcMUh MUU M ZQ 41 M AlxU ur mUhq AU
In terms of Clause 41 of the Listing Agreement,
qsr q xuSlzsi xok Alr xclL xOM LYxce
Financial Results and other price sensitive
M S ei W | informations are furnished to Stock Exchanges.

mUhq M mMzl: Publication of Results:

xqmi mMzl M xqcU m Quarter Date of Newspaper

iqW iUZ Ended Publication
Sz pwL Ur Vernacular National
31.03.2014 06.05.2014 meuh oelx xOhQQ
31.03.2014 06.05.2014 Prajavaani Business
(Aae u WlS),
oelx sCl, (English & Hindi),
CMhqM OCqx Business Line,
u Ql WUsQ Economic Times
and Deccan

30.06.2014 22.07.2014 MQ oelx 30.06.2014 22.07.2014 Kannada Business

mp xOhQQ Prabha Standard

30.09.2014 07.11.2014 uer oelx xOhQQ 30.09.2014 07.11.2014 Vijay Business
MlOM (Aae u WlS) Karnataka Standard (English
& Hindi)
31.12.2014 05.02.2015 uer oelx xOhQQ 31.12.2014 05.02.2015 Vijay Business
MlOM (Aae u WlS) Karnataka Standard (English
& Hindi) and
u oelx sCl Business Line

9) zrUkUM M xqlr xcl: 9) General Shareholders Information:

ur MshQU Financial Calendar
ur uw 2014-2015 Financial year 2014-2015
oW oS Wl M iUZ 27.06.2015 - Book Closure Date 27.06.2015 -
(Sl Sl xWi) 14.07.2015 (Both days inclusive) 14.07.2015
mYx Tq mmi MUl M Aiq iUZ 09.07.2015 Last Date for receipt of proxy forms 09.07.2015
uwM xqlr oPM M iUZ 14.07.2015 Date of Annual General Meeting 14.07.2015
spz pail M iUZ 14.07.2015 Dividend Payment Date 14.07.2015
spz uUO M mwh M Probable date of dispatch of
xpui iUZ 21.07.2015 21.07.2015
dividend warrants

Listing on Stock Exchanges :

xOM LYxce q xcMUh :
Canara Bank shares are listed at the following
lqlMi xOM LYxce q MlU oM M zrU M xcMUh
Stock Exchanges. Stock Codes of respective stock
Mr ar W | xoki xOM LYxce M xOM MO ElM
exchanges are furnished against their names.
lq M Aa Sr ar W |

1 oqo xOM LYxce sqOQ 532483 1 Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. 532483

2 lzls xOM LYxce BT CQr CANBK 2 National Stock Exchange of India CANBK
sqOQ Limited

uw 2014-15 M sL xOM LYxce M uwM xcMUh zsM Annual Listing fee to stock exchanges for the year
M pail lkUi Sr ij M ASU Mr ar W | 2014-15 has been paid within the prescribed due date.

oeU qsr AMQ
qW uw oqo xOM LYxce sqOQ lzls xOM LYxce BT CQr s.

Ak- lrliq zrU M q AkMiq lrliq zrU M q

Miq (`) (`) (`)
Ams 2014 299 250 55,18,019 299 258 5,78,52,466
qD 2014 492 273 1,68,84,328 492 273 13,93,92,664
el 2014 498 418 77,82,747 498 416 7,87,09,399
esD 2014 470 382 62,88,147 470 382 6,74,88,041
Aaxi 2014 414 357 43,62,936 414 356 4,31,22,487
xioU 2014 419 335 61,84,509 419 335 4,94,56,088
AoU 2014 403 344 34,11,885 404 344 2,85,05,383
luoU 2014 422 380 35,53,058 422 380 3,90,35,145
SxoU 2014 454 390 56,40,798 454 390 6,26,85,899
eluU 2015 478 431 33,26,743 479 431 3,44,77,931
TUuU 2015 461 392 59,84,439 462 392 4,78,62,095
qc 2015 451 346 41,39,563 452 346 3,52,26,561

Market Price Data

Month Year Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.

High Low Volume High Low Volume

(`) (`) No. (`) (`) No.
April 2014 299 250 55,18,019 299 258 5,78,52,466
May 2014 492 273 1,68,84,328 492 273 13,93,92,664
June 2014 498 418 77,82,747 498 416 7,87,09,399
July 2014 470 382 62,88,147 470 382 6,74,88,041
August 2014 414 357 43,62,936 414 356 4,31,22,487
September 2014 419 335 61,84,509 419 335 4,94,56,088
October 2014 403 344 34,11,885 404 344 2,85,05,383
November 2014 422 380 35,53,058 422 380 3,90,35,145
December 2014 454 390 56,40,798 454 390 6,26,85,899
January 2015 478 431 33,26,743 479 431 3,44,77,931
February 2015 461 392 59,84,439 462 392 4,78,62,095
March 2015 451 346 41,39,563 452 346 3,52,26,561

Alr mMOOl: Other Disclosures:
xo l Aml mUm xADAU/xLTQ/QADLs/10/2010 The SEBI, vide its Circular CIR/CFD/DIL/10/2010, dated
SlM 16.12.2010 U DYuO sxOa MUU M ZhQ 5 L q 16.12.2010, made amendments to Clause 5A of the
Equity Listing Agreement. As per the amendment, for
xzkl Mr | xzkl M AlxU, xuelM r Mx Alr Czr
shares issued in physical form pursuant to a public issue
M mUhqxum piM m q eU Mr ar zrU, e ASu or any other issue, which remain unclaimed, the issuer
UW ei W, M sL eUMi Mml U Exq lkUi mr company has to follow the procedure prescribed therein.
Amll W | Clause 5 A - The Bank had gone for IPO during 2002-03
and issued 41 Crore Equity Shares of face value of `10/-
ZhQ 5 L: oM l 2002-03 M SUl ADmA eU MUM to the investors both under Physical mode and Demat
luzM M `10/- AMi qsr M 41 MUQ DYuO zrU piM mode.
AU upiM Sl m q eU Mr | In terms of Clause 5A of the Listing Agreement,
the Unclaimed shares of the Bank in respect of Physical
xcMUh MUU M ZQ 5L M AlxU, piM zrU M qqs shares shall be credited to a demat suspense account
q ASu zrU eUMi oM U lmaU xWpa M xj opened by the issuer with one of the depository
Zs aL Eci Zi q eq Mr el W | iSlxU oM l MlU participants. Accordingly, the Bank had opened a Demat
Account with Canara Bank, DP Cell, Bengaluru. The details
oM, Qm M, oas q LM upiM (QqO) Zi Zs W |
are as under :
iSxok elMU lqllxU W :
Name of the Account: Canara Bank Unclaimed
Zi M lq: MlU oM - ASu Eci Zi - piM zrU Suspense Account Physical Shares DPID ID / Client ID
QmADQ ADQ / aWM mWcl xZr : 301356 / 20552606 Number: 301356 / 20552606
uuUh zrU mqhm zrU M Particulars No. of Share No. of
M xZr xZr Certicates Shares
rj 01.04.2012 M 4(ASu) 2200 As on 01.04.2012 4 (Unclaimed) 2200
2012-13 q ASu Eci Zi 2 1200 Transferred to Unclaimed 2 1200
M AiUi (EmrlxU) Suspense Account
mWcl ML aL / Q AU O (as stated above) in 2012-13
1 500
qqs Identied / DRT Case 1 500
mWcl ML aL ij 2013-14 1 500 Identied & handed over in 1 500
q WxiiUi 2013-14
rj 31.03.2015 M soi -- -- Pending as on 31.03.2015 -- --
rj 31.03.2015 M xji -- -- As on 31.03.2015, the position -- --

urmM AkU xcMM M mi MrlwmSl / Performance in comparison to Broad Based Indices

UexOU u AiUh LeO Registrar and transfer Agent
Mu MmrOUzrU mDuO sqOQ Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd
rlO: MlU oM Unit: Canara Bank
Mu xslrq OuU o, msO x.31-32, Karvy Selenium Tower B, Plot No. 31-32
aous, llqaQ ur es Gachibowli, Financial District, Nanakramguda
WSUoS - 500 032 HYDERABAD 500 032
zrU AiUh mhs Share Transfer System
(a) Physical Shares:
(M) piM zrU:
The Original Share Certicates along with
zrU M AiUh / mwh M sL AiUh usZ M xj qs transfer deed should be forwarded to M/s Karvy
zrU mqhm, oM M UexOU u zrU AiUh LeO qxx Computershare Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, the Registrar
Mu MmrOUzrU mCuO sqOQ, WSUoS M Aawi MUl and Share Transfer Agents of the Bank for transfer /
cWL | transmission of shares.

(Z) upiM m q zrU: (b) Shares in Demat form:

In case the shares are in demat form, Delivery
upiM m q zrU W i, ElM AiUi MUl M sL Instructions are to be given to the concerned
xoki lmaU xWpa (Qm) M xmSa AlSz Sl W| Depository Participant (DP) for transfer of shares.

zrU kUh M xuiUh Distribution of Shareholding

huU (31.03.2015) Category wise (31.03.2015)

h # zrU M zrU kUh Sl Category # No. of shares % of share

x xZr M % No. holding
Government of
1 pUi xUMU (*) 332196971 69.91 1 (*) 332196971 69.91
2 oM u ur xxjL 3170453 0.67
Banks & Financial
2 3170453 0.67
3 oq Mmlr 36534724 7.69 Institutions
4 qrcrAs TQ 23093947 4.86 Insurance
3 36534724 7.69
5 MmUO lMr 4492269 0.94
4 Mutual Funds 23093947 4.86
6 Ll AU AD / A x o 612713 0.13 5 Bodies Corporate 4492269 0.94

lux ur / Aup 6 NRIs/OCBs 612713 0.13

7 WlS mUuU / lrx 24821672 5.22 Resident
AS 7 Individuals/HUF / 24821672 5.22
Trust etc.
uSz xxjai Foreign
8 50274222 10.58
luzM 8 Institutional 50274222 10.58
investors / FPIs
Ms 475196971 100 TOTAL 475196971 100
# mirM zrU M lqq qsr `10/- W # Nominal value of each share is `10/-
(*) lO: oM l SlM 31.03.2015 M Akqli AkU mU pUi xUMU M (*) Note: The Bank had issued / allotted 1,39,38,134 equity shares to
1,39,38,134 DYuO zrU laqi / AoOi Mr | Government of India on Preferential basis on 31.03.2015.

qsr uU: (31.03.2015)

zrU kUh M zrUkUM M

% zrU M xZr %
lqq qsr (`) xZr

5000 iM 132611 93.85 15014231 3.16

5001 x 10000 6435 4.55 5289380 1.11

10001 x 20000 1220 0.86 1798912 0.38

20001 x 30000 293 0.21 736930 0.16

30001 x 40000 113 0.08 396177 0.08

40001 x 50000 119 0.08 536853 0.11

50001 x 100000 162 0.11 1196803 0.25

100001 u Exx 365 0.26 450227685 94.75


Ms 141318 100 475196971 100

Value wise: (31.03.2015)

Shareholding No. of % No. of Shares %

Nominal Value (`) Shareholders

Up to 5000 132611 93.85 15014231 3.16

5001 to 10000 6435 4.55 5289380 1.11

10001 to 20000 1220 0.86 1798912 0.38

20001 to 30000 293 0.21 736930 0.16

30001 to 40000 113 0.08 396177 0.08

40001 to 50000 119 0.08 536853 0.11

50001 to 100000 162 0.11 1196803 0.25

100001 and above 365 0.26 450227685 94.75

TOTAL 141318 100 475196971 100

zrU M
M upiMMUh AU lMS: Dematerialisation of shares and liquidity:
oM M zrU M ZUS-TUZi Alurir upiMMi m q The Banks shares are traded compulsorily in
W Mr ei W | Aml zrU M upiMMUh M sL oM qxx dematerialized form only. The Bank has entered into
lzls xYrUOe QmeOU sqOQ (LlLxQLs) AU qxx agreement with M/s National Securities Depository
Limited (NSDL) and M/s Central Depositories Services
xOs QmeOUx xuxe (CQr) sqOQ (xLxQLs) M
(India) Limited (CDSL) for Dematerialisation of the
xj MUU q mu WA | oM zrU M sL AoOi ADLxADLl Banks shares. The ISIN allotted to the Banks shares is
ADLlD.476L01014 W | zrU M upiMMUh ElM Axl INE476A01014. Dematerialisation of the shares ensures
lMSMUh xli MUi W | easy liquidity.

oM M zrU M upiM m q W ZUS TUZi Wl M Since the shares of the Bank are traded in demat mode,
MUh piM m q zrU M kUh MUlus zrUkUM M the shareholders holding shares in physical form, have
to open Demat Accounts with any of the Depository
Mx lmaU xWpa M mx upiM Zi ZsMU zrU
Participant (DP) and surrender their original share
M upiM m q oSsl M sL xoki lmaU xWpa M certicates to the concerned Depository Participant (DP)
pel W e ElW Aa qxx Mu MmrOUzrU mCuO sqOQ, for onward transmission to M/s Karvy Computershare
WSUoS M pea, e zrU M upiM m q mUuil M sr Private Limited, Hyderabad, the R & T Agents of the Bank,
oM M UexOU u AiUh LeO W | for conversion of shares in demat form.

upiMMi / piM m x kUh (31.03.2015

(31.03.2015) Demat / Physical Holding (31.03.2015)
zrUkUM % zrU M % Number of % Number of %
M xZr xZr Shareholders Shares
piM 27216 19.26 20194556 (*) 4.25 Physical 27216 19.26 20194556 (*) 4.25
CsYOlM-LlLxQLs 85156 60.26 129304976 27.21 Electronic-NSDL 85156 60.26 129304976 27.21

CsYOlM-xQLxLs 28946 20.48 325697439 68.54 Electronic-CDSL 28946 20.48 325697439 68.54

Ms 141318 100 475196971 100 TOTAL 141318 100 475196971 100

lO: oM l SlM 31.03.2015 M Akqli AkU mU

(*)l (*)Note: The Bank had issued / allotted 1,39,38,134 equity
shares to Government of India on Preferential basis on
pUi xUMU M 1,39,38,134 DYuO zrU laqi / AoOi
31.03.2015. Since the application money received from GOI
Mr | SlM 31.03.2015 M pUi xUMU x mmi AuSl Uz on 31.03.2015, has been accounted for in Balance Sheet as on
rj 31.03.2015 M isl m M me u zrU mqrq Zi q 31.03.2015 under Capital and Share Premium accounts, the
zqs ML el M MUh AoOi zrU x Q Lx Ls M xj allotted shares were kept in Physical Mode before crediting to
pUi xUMU M Q qO Zi q eq MUl x mu piM m q UZ aL| the demat account of GOI with CDSL. Otherwise, the shares in
physical mode would have been at 1.32 % and demat shares in
Alrj, oM M Ms laqi zrU q x piM m q Emsok zrU
CDSL category at 71.47 % in the total issued shares of the Bank.
1.32% ij x Q Lx Ls h q Q qO m q Emsok zrU 71.47 j |
There are no outstanding GDRs / ADRs / Warrants or any
eQAU / LQAU / uUO r MD mUuilr sZi oMr lW W |
convertible instruments

mcU M mi Address for Correspondence


mok lSzM u qZr MrMU
AkMU M xcusr
mkl Mrsr, 112, e x UQ HEAD OFFICE, 112, J C ROAD
oasU - 560 002 BENGALURU - 560 002
D-qs mi: hosecretarial@canarabank.com EMAIL ID: hosecretarial@canarabank.com

mUz M
i. lSzM qQs M xqqh (31.03.2015

x lq mMU MrMs Alr oQ q xSxri

1. u Lx Mwh MqU M l 04.04.2013-30.04.2015 8

2. mql xW Uui M l (A m- 05.08.2013-31.05.2016 zlr
-m l)
3. WUSz MqU o M l 11.03.2015-31.05.2017 zlr

4. Q. Uei pau p x Nominated on 26.07.2013 zlr

5. qi Eq zMU p U o Nominated on 23.02.2015 zlr

6. e u qhqUl A l 03.01.2014-02.01.2017 zlr

7. xls WYqcS McO aU M l- 06.12.2013-05.12.2016 1 (zrUkUh)

x s
8. xDUq pxMU qcUs aU M l 05.12.2013-04.12.2016 2
9. UelSU MqU ars z l 27.07.2013-26.07.2016 8
10. xer el z l 27.07.2013 -26.07.2016 1 (xfSU)

Appendix A


1. SHRI V S KRISHNA KUMAR ED 04.04.2013-30.04.2015 8
2. SHRI PRADYUMAN SINGH RAWAT ED 05.08.2013-31.05.2016 Nil
charge - MD &
3. SHRI HARIDEESH KUMAR B ED 11.03.2015-31.05.2017 Nil
4. Dr. RAJAT BHARGAVA GOI Nominated on Nil
5. SMT UMA SHANKAR RBI Nominated on Nil
6. SHRI G V MANIMARAN OD 03.01.2014-02.01.2017 Nil
7. SHRI SUNIL HUKUMCHAND KOCHETA NED - CA 06.12.2013-05.12.2016 1(shareholding)
8. SHRI SAIRAM BHASKAR. MOCHERLA NED 05.12.2013-04.12.2016 2
9. SHRI RAJINDER KUMAR GOEL SD 27.07.2013-26.07.2016 8
10. SHRI SANJAY JAIN SD 27.07.2013 -26.07.2016 1 (Partner)

ii. 2014-15 M SUl MrMs xqmi lSzM M orU

1. Ueu MzU So A u m l 11.01.2013 30.09.2014 s.l.

2. AzM MqU ami M l 28.07.2011-31.10.2014 s.l.

3. qi ql WqcS p U o 13.10.2011-22.02.2015 s.l.

4. e u xozu Uu Mq. l 21.10.2011-20.10.2014 s.l.

5. xil xlW aU M l 17.10.2011-16.10.2014 s.l.


1. SHRI R K DUBEY C&MD 11.01.2013 30.09.2014 NA

2. SHRI ASHOK KUMAR GUPTA ED 28.07.2011-31.10.2014 NA

3. SMT MEENA HEMCHANDRA RBI 13.10.2011-22.02.2015 NA

4. SHRI G V SAMBASIVA RAO WD 21.10.2011-20.10.2014 NA

5. SHRI SUTANU SINHA NED 17.10.2011-16.10.2014 NA

xMi / KEY

A u m l / C&MD Akr u mok lSzM / Chairman & Managing Director

m l u q M A / MD & CEO mok lSzM u qZr MrMU AkMU / Managing Director & Chief Executive Ofcer

M l / ED MrmsM lSzM / Executive Director

p x / GOI pUi xUMU lSzM / Government of India

p U o / RBI pUir Ueu oM lSzM / Reserve Bank of India

A l / OD AkMU lSzM / Ofcer Director

aU Ml / NED aU-MrmsM lSzM / Non-Executive Director

z l / SD zrUkUM lSzM / Shareholder Director

Mq. l / WD MqaU lSzM / Workmen Director

s l / NA sa lW / Not Applicable



Akr xSxr / MEMBERS

mokl xqi u Lx MwhMqU mql xW Uui / Shri Pradyuman Singh Rawat

Management Committee Shri V S Krishna Kumar WUSz MqU o / Shri Harideesh Kumar B

qi Eq zMU / Smt Uma Shankar

e u qhqUl / Shri G V Manimaran

UelSU MqU ars / Shri Rajinder Kumar Goel

xer el / Shri Sanjay Jain

eZq mokl xqi Risk u Lx MwhMqU mql xW Uui / Shri Pradyuman Singh Rawat

Management Committee Shri V S Krishna Kumar WUSz MqU o / Shri Harideesh Kumar B

xDUq pxMU qcUs/ Shri Sairam Bhaskar Mocherla

UelSU MqU ars / Shri Rajinder Kumar Goel

xer el / Shri Sanjay Jain

sZmU xqi xDUq o. qcUs / u Lx MwhMqU / Shri V S Krishna Kumar

Audit Committee Shri Sairam Bhaskar mql xW Uui / Shri Pradyuman Singh Rawat
Mocherla WUSz MqU o / Shri Harideesh Kumar B

Q. Uei pau / Dr. Rajat Bhargava

qi Eq zMU / Smt Uma Shankar

xls WYqcS McO / Shri Sunil Hukumchand Kocheta

zrUkUM / luzM UelSU MqU ars u Lx MwhMqU / Shri V S Krishna Kumar

M zMri xqi Shri Rajinder Kumar mql xW Uui / Shri Pradyuman Singh Rawat
Stakeholders WUSz MqU o / Shri Harideesh Kumar B
Relationship Committee xls WYqcS McO / Shri Sunil Hukumchand Kocheta

mUqM xqi Q. Uei pau qi Eq zMU / Smt Uma Shankar

Remuneration Dr. Rajat Bhargava xDUq pxMU qcUs/ Shri Sairam Bhaskar Mocherla
Committee xer el / Shri Sanjay Jain

mUz Z
lSzM M Emxji M orU
mokl sZ eZq mNs
Lx.AU.x.* kUi zrU
lq oQ oPM xqi mU mokl xqi uwM
x oPM M xZr
oPM oPM oPM xqlr oPM
Emxji/ Emxji/ Emxji/ Emxji/ Emxji/
Arei Arei Arei Arei Arei
1. u Lx Mwh MqU 12/13 23/23 9/9 1/1 7/7 10
2. mql xW Uui 10/13 18/23 8/9 1/1 6/7 zlr
3. WUSz MqU o 1/1 1/1 1/1 -- 1/1 s l zlr
4. Q. Uei pau 7/13 -- 2/9 -- -- X zlr
5. qi Eq zMU 2/2 1/2 1/1 -- -- s l zlr
6. e u qhqUl 13/13 19/19 -- -- 5/5 zlr
7. xls WYqcS McO 12/13 18/19 7/7 1/1 5/5 zlr
8. xDUq pxMU qcUs 11/13 7/8 5/5 -- 2/2 zlr
9. UelSU MqU ars 12/13 17/17 -- 1/1 5/5 s l 100
10. xer el 13/13 15/15 -- -- 4/4 200

uw 2014-2015 M SUl MrMs xqmi lSzM M Emxji M orU

1. AU M So 7/7 12/12 -- -- 4/4 Nil
2. AzM MqU ami 5/8 8/13 4/5 -- 2/4 Nil
3. qi ql WqcS 6/11 9/20 4/8 -- -- x Nil
4. e u xozuUu 6/7 5/6 -- -- -- Nil
5. xil xlW 7/7 4/4 5/5 -- -- Nil

up oPM M iUZ
mokl sZ eZq mN-
oQ oPM xqi mU mokl xqi s uwM DeLq
oPM oPM oPM xqlr oPM
28.04.14 08.04.14 05.05.14 09.03.15 28.04.14 21.07.14 27.03.15
05.05.14 28.04.14 26.05.14 14.06.14
26.05.14 14.05.14 14.06.14 26.08.14
23.06.14 26.05.14 21.07.14 27.09.14
21.07.14 14.06.14 08.09.14 30.12.14
26.08.14 23.06.14 06.11.14 24.02.15
30.09.14 07.07.14 04.02.15 19.03.15
31.10.14 01.08.14 23.02.15
06.11.14 26.08.14 23.03.15
10.01.15 13.09.14
04.02.15 18.09.14
09.03.15 27.09.14
23.03.15 15.10.14
Me: Lx AD e x: zrUkUM / luzM mUuS xqi M oPM s l: sa lW

Appendix B
Attended/ Attended / Attended / Attended / Attended /
Held Held Held Held Held
1. SHRI V S KRISHNA KUMAR 12/13 23/23 9/9 1/1 7/7 10
2. SHRI PRADYUMAN SINGH 10/13 18/23 8/9 1/1 6/7 Nil
3. SHRI HARIDEESH KUMAR B 1/1 1/1 1/1 -- 1/1 NA Nil
4. DR. RAJAT BHARGAVA 7/13 -- 2/9 -- -- X Nil
5. SMT UMA SHANKAR 2/2 1/2 1/1 -- -- NA Nil
6. SHRI G V MANIMARAN 13/13 19/19 -- -- 5/5 Nil
7. SHRI SUNIL HUKUMCHAND 12/13 18/19 7/7 1/1 5/5 Nil
8. SHRI SAIRAM BHASKAR 11/13 7/8 5/5 -- 2/2 Nil
9. SHRI RAJINDER KUMAR GOEL 12/13 17/17 -- 1/1 5/5 100
10. SHRI SANJAY JAIN 13/13 15/15 -- -- 4/4 200


1. SHRI R K DUBEY 7/7 12/12 -- -- 4/4 Nil
2. SHRI ASHOK KUMAR GUPTA 5/8 8/13 4/5 -- 2/4 Nil
3. SMT MEENA HEMCHANDRA 6/11 9/20 4/8 -- -- x Nil
4. SHRI G V SAMBASIVA RAO 6/7 5/6 -- -- -- Nil
5. SHRI SUTANU SINHA 7/7 4/4 5/5 -- -- Nil


28.04.14 08.04.14 05.05.14 09.03.15 28.04.14 21.07.14 27.03.15
05.05.14 28.04.14 26.05.14 14.06.14
26.05.14 14.05.14 14.06.14 26.08.14
23.06.14 26.05.14 21.07.14 27.09.14
21.07.14 14.06.14 08.09.14 30.12.14
26.08.14 23.06.14 06.11.14 24.02.15
30.09.14 07.07.14 04.02.15 19.03.15
31.10.14 01.08.14 23.02.15
06.11.14 26.08.14 23.03.15
10.01.15 13.09.14
04.02.15 18.09.14
09.03.15 27.09.14
23.03.15 15.10.14
KEY: SRC: Stakeholders Relationship Committee Meeting. NA: Not Applicable

mUz a
uw 2014-15 M sL lSzM M mS Emxji zsM

mS Emxji zsM
x lSzM M lq

1 e u xozu Uu (20.10.2014 iM) 85,000

2 e u qhqUl 2,60,000

3 xls WYqcS McO 3,00,000

4 xil xlW (16.10.2014 iM) 1,25,000

5 xDUq pxMU qcUs 2,00,000

6 UelSU MqU ars 2,75,000

7 xer el 2,70,000

Appendix C

Sitting Fees paid

Sl. No. Name of the Director

1 Shri G.V.Sambasiva Rao (up to 20.10.2014) 85,000

2 Shri G.V.Manimaran 2,60,000

3 Shri Sunil Hukumchand Kocheta 3,00,000

4 Shri Sutanu Sinha (up to 16.10.2014) 1,25,000

5 Shri Sairam Bhaskar Mocherla 2,00,000

6 Shri Rajinder Kumar Goel 2,75,000

7 Shri Sanjay Jain 2,70,000

mok lSzM u qZr MrMU AkMU M bwh

oM M lSzM qQs Lu uU mokl MqM l 31.03.2015 M xqmi uw M sL

oM M AcUh xWi M Almsl MUl M m M W |

xjl : oasU
mql xW Uui
SlM : 01 el, 2015 MrmsM lSzM
(mok lSzM u qZr MrMU AkMU-AiU mpU)


The Board of Directors and the Senior Management Personnel of the Bank
have afrmed conrming to the Code of Conduct of the Bank for the year
ended 31.03.2015.


Place : Bengaluru
Date : 01st June, 2015 (Additional Charge as MD & CEO)

xu q, To,

The Members of Canara Bank

MlU oM M xSxr
We have examined the compliance of conditions of
Wql MlU oM U 31 qc, 2015 M xqmi uw M sL
Corporate Governance by CANARA BANK for the year
MmUO aulx M zi M Almsl M mUh Mr W, ex M ended 31st March, 2015 as stipulated in Clause 49 of
xOM LYxce M xj E oM M xcMUh MUU ZQ 49 q the Listing Agreement with the Stock Exchanges.
lkUi W|
The compliance of conditions of Corporate Governance is
MmUO aullx M zi M Almsl mokl M eqqSU W| the responsibility of the Management. Our examination
WqU mUh MmUO aullx M zi M Almsl xli MUl was limited to procedures and implementation thereof,
adopted by the Bank for ensuring the compliance of
M sL oM U Amlr ar rukr u ElM Mrlurl iM
conditions of the Corporate Governance. It is neither
xqi j| rW l i oM M ur uuUh M sZ mU W AU an audit nor an expression of opinion on the nancial
l W Ex mU Apqi M Apur W| statements of the Bank.

oM U AlUi UMQ u msZ ij Wq mSl M aD xcl On the basis of the records and documents maintained
u xmMUh M AkU mU, WqU Ur q, xOM LYxce M by the Bank and the information and explanations given
xj ML aL FmU EssZi xcMUh MUU q lkUi MmUO to us, in our opinion, the Bank has complied with the
conditions of Corporate Governance as stipulated in the
aullx M zi M oM l Almsl Mr W ij pUir Ueu
above mentioned Listing Agreement to the extent these
oM M SzlSz M Essbl lW Mr W | do not violate RBI guidelines.
Wq bwi MUi W M WikUM M xok xqi (mu q We state that no investor grievance is pending for
zrUkUM/ luzM M zMri luUh xqi) U UZ aL a period exceeding one month against the Bank as
UMQ M AlxU oM M ZsT LM qWl x AkM Auk M per the records maintained by the Stakeholders
sL MD p luzM zMri soi lW W| Relationship Committee (previously Shareholders /
Investors Grievance Committee).
Wq Aa rW p bwi MUi W M Lx Almsl oM M pu
We further state that such compliance is neither an
uruWri M xok q l MD Axl W AU l W uW oM M
assurance as to the future viability of the Bank nor the
Mr Mzsi r mpuzsi M oU q Axl W exM xj efciency or effectiveness with which the Management
mok i l oM M MUoU csr W| has conducted the affairs of the Bank.

Mi L. AU. Sx LQ LxxLOx For A. R. Das & Associates

xlS sZMU Chartered Accountants

mrs ox Piyali Basu

xfSU Partner
oas Lq. l. 054704 Bengaluru M.No. 054704
09.05.2015 LT AU Ll l. 306109 D 09.05.2015 FRN N0. 306109E

MlU oM M isl m, sp u Wl sZ
ij lMS muW uuUh

xu q, To,
pUi M Umi The President of India
ur uuUh mU UmO Report on the Financial Statements
1. We have audited the accompanying financial statements
1. Wql rj 31 qc 2015 M MlU oM M xsal u
of Canara Bank as on 31st March, 2015, which comprise
uuUh M sZ mU M W elq rj 31 qc 2015 M the Balance Sheet as at 31st March, 2015, Profit and
isl - m, io xqmi uw M sp-Wl sZ AU lMS Loss Account, the Cash Flow Statement for the year then
muW uuUh, qWiumh sZMl lir ij Alr xmMUM ended, and a summary of significant accoun ng policies
and other explanatory informa on. Incorporated in
elMUr (sZ xok Ommhr) zqs W | Cl u
these financial statements are the returns of 20 branches
uuUh q WqU U sZ mUi 20 zZA M, zZ audited by us, 2671 branches audited by statutory branch
sZ mUM U sZ mUi 2671 zZA AU xjlr auditors and 6 foreign branches audited by local auditors
sZ mUM U sZ mUi 6 uSz zZA M in respec ve countries. The branches audited by us and
those audited by other auditors have been selected by
uuUhr zqs M aD W | WqU U AU Alr sZ
the Bank in accordance with the guidelines issued to the
mUM U sZ mUi zZL pUir Ueu oM U Bank by the Reserve Bank of India. Also incorporated in
lai qalSz M qioM oM U crli M aD W | the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Account are
Cxq sZ mU lW M aD 3116 zZA M uuUhr the returns from 3116 branches which have not been
subjected to audit. These unaudited branches account
p zqs M W | sZmU lW M aD zZr 4.97%
for 4.97 per cent of advances, 16.39 per cent of deposits,
Aaq, 16.39% eq, 4.18% ore Ar AU 14.54% ore 4.18 per cent of interest income and 14.54 per cent of
aPi MUi W | interest expenses.
ur uuUh M sL mokl i M EUSriu : Managements Responsibility for the Financial Statements

2. oMa ulrq Aklrq, 1949 M AlxU Cl ur uuUh 2. The banks management is responsible for the prepara on
of these financial statements that give a true and fair
M irU MUl M sL mokl i EUSr W, exx ur view of the financial posi on, financial performance and
xji, ur MrlwmSl, u oM M lMS muW M pUir cash flows of the Bank in accordance with the Banking
Ueu oM ulrq Aklrq 1949, pUir Ueu oM M Regula on Act 1949, Reserve Bank of India guidelines
SzlSz u pUir xlS sZMU xxjl U sa M and recognized accoun ng policies and prac ces,
including Accoun ng Standards issued by Ins tute of
AlxU xW u xir fsM mxii M e xM | Cx EUSriu Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), as applicable. This
q kZkQ M MUh W r O M MUh, uximUM AmMjl responsibility of the management includes maintenance
x q ur uuUh M irU MUl M sL xo AiUM of adequate accoun ng records in accordance with the
lrh, m-x AU Mrlurl p xqWi Wi W | provisions of applicable laws for safeguarding the assets
of the Bank and for preven ng and detec ng frauds
mokl M Cx eqqSU q oM M Axir M xU ij and other irregulari es; the selec on of and applica on
kZkQ UMl u luUh M sL mrmi sZMl ApsZ of appropriate accoun ng policies; making judgments
M UZUZu, Eci sZMl li M crl u sa Mr and es mates that are prudent; and the design,
el, uuM mh Txs u Alql, u AiUM ur lrh implementa on and maintenance of internal financial
controls, that were opera ng eec vely for ensuring
M mMl, Mrurl u UZUZu. zqs W e sZMl the accuracy and completeness of the accoun ng
ApsZ M mhi u xOMi xli MUi W ij ur records, and risk management systems relevant to the
uuUhr M irU x xoki eZq mokl mhs e prepara on and presenta on of the financial statements
xir u lwm fsM mxii MUi W ij kZkQ r Sw that give a true and fair view and free from material
misstatement, whether due to fraud or error, which have
eli Azr UWi W, e EmU uhi M AlxU oM been used for the purpose of prepara on of Financial
mokl U ur uuUh irU MUl M sL mra q sr Statements by the management of the Bank, as aforesaid.

ar W | ux eZq qsrMl M xqr mokl l El AiUM In making those risk assessments, the management has
lrh M Mrui Mr W e ur uuUh M lqh implemented such internal controls that are relevant to
the prepara on of the financial statement and designed
x xoki W ij mUxjir M AlMs mr lqi M
procedures that are appropriate in the circumstances so
W exx oM M xp rMsm M sL AiUM lrh that the internal control with regard to all the ac vi es of
mpu W | the Bank is eec ve.

sZ mUM M EUSriu : Auditors Responsibility

3. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these

3. WqU sZ mU M AkU mU Cl ur uuUh mU ucU financial statements based on our audit. We conducted
ur MUl WqU EUSriu W | Wql pUir xlS sZMU our audit in accordance with the Standards on Audi ng
xxjl U lai sZ mU qlM M AlxU sZ mU issued by the Ins tute of Chartered Accountants of
Arei M | r qlM rW Am MUi W M Wq liM India. Those standards require that we comply with
ethical requirements and plan and perform the audit to
AmA M Almsl MUi WL, relo iUM x sZ obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial
mU Arei MU iM u uuUh M mUmr q xai statements are free from material misstatement.
Axl mmi W xM M u uximUM AmMjl q W |
4. An audit involves performing procedures to obtain audit
evidence about the amounts and disclosures in the
4. sZ mU q ur uuUh q Uzr AU mMOl M oU
financial statements. The procedures selected depend
q sZ mU xr mmi MUl M mrA M Amll on the auditors judgment, including the assessment
Wi W | cl aD mrL sZ mUM M lrr-lhr mU of the risks of material misstatement of the financial
lpU MUi W exq kZkQ M MUh W r O M ur statements, whether due to fraud or error. In making
those risk assessments, the auditor considers internal
uuUh q uximUM AmMjl M ere sl M eZq
control relevant to the Banks prepara on and fair
p UWi W | Cl eZq M ere sl q mUxjir M presenta on of the financial statements in order to
AlMs sZ mU mrL AiUM lrh M krl q design audit procedures that are appropriate in the
UZi W | sZ mU q mr sZ lir M xqcii circumstances, but not for the purpose of expressing an
opinion on eec veness of the en tys internal control.
mokl i U Mr ar sZ Alql M Acir M xj-
An audit also includes evalua ng the appropriateness
xj u uuUh M xqc mxiiMUh M qsrMl Mr of accoun ng policies used and the reasonableness of
el p zqs Wi W | the accoun ng es mates made by management, as well
as evalua ng the overall presenta on of the financial
5. sZ mU mU WqU ucU ur MUl M sL Wql e statements.
xr LMi Mr W uW mrmi AU xqci W - rW WqU
ux W | 5. We believe that the audit evidence we have obtained is
sucient and appropriate to provide a basis for our audit
WqU ucU
6. WqU ucU q, oM oWr q SZL aL M AlxU AU WqU
elMU ij Wq Sr ar xmMUh M AlxU :- 6. In our opinion, as shown by the books of the Bank, and
to the best of our informa on and according to the
explana ons given to us:
(i) sZ lir AU El mU M aD Ommhr M xj mPi
isl - m xmh AU xai isl - m W exq xU I. the Balance sheet, read with the significant accoun ng
AuzrM uuUh xW iUM x irU ML aL W iM pUi policies and the notes thereon is a full and fair Balance
Sheet containing all the necessary par culars, is properly
q xqlrir xuMr sZ-xi M AlxU rj 31 qc
drawn up so as to exhibit a true and fair view of state of
2015 M oM M uruWU M xW AU Eci c Szr e aairs of the Bank as at 31st March, 2015 in conformity
xM; ij with accoun ng principles generally accepted in India;

(ii) sZ lir AU El mU M aD Ommhr M xj mPi II. the Profit and Loss Account, read with the significant
sp - Wl sZ, ExM U muUi uw M sL pUi q accoun ng policies and the notes thereon shows a true
balance of profit, in conformity with accoun ng principles
xqlrir xuMr sZ-xi M AlxU sp M xW
generally accepted in India, for the year covered by the
xisl Szi W | account; and

(iii) lMS muW uuUh Ex iUZ M xqmi uw M sL lMS III. the Cash Flow Statement gives a true and fair view of the
muW M xW AU Eci c Szi W | cash flows for the year ended on that date.
Emphasis of Matter
krl Sl rar oi
7. We draw a en on to the Schedule 18: Notes to
7. Wq Alxc 18: q lqlsZi M xok q 'sZ mU lOx' Accounts regarding:
M AU krl AM MUi W:
I. Note 6.19 to the financial statement, which provide
i. lO 16, e pUir Ueu oM M m SlMi 27 el 2014 details of credi ng Sundry Liability(Interest Capitalisa on)
on account of past period FITL directly from the Revenue
U Alqi M AlxU, Uexu AUi lk x LMoUa
Reserve as a one me measure, as permi ed by Reserve
Emr M iU mU miri: mNs Auk LTADOLs M sZ
Bank of India vide their le er dated June 27, 2014.
mU uuk SriL (ore meMUh) eq MUi xqr uuUh
mSl MUi W | II. Note 6.17 (a) and (b) to the financial statements, which
provide details of iden fica on and adjustment during
ii. lO 6.17 (L), (o) e pUir Ueu oM M mUm SlMi 9 the year regarding amor za on of pension and gratuity
TUuU 2011 U Alqi M AlxU mzl u EmSl SriA liability as permi ed by Reserve Bank of India vide their
M mUzkl M xok q uw M SUl mWcl u xqrel M circular dated February 9, 2011.
uuUh mSl MUi W | III. Note 6.20 to the financial statements, which provide
details of staggering of provision of Rs.801.07 crores
iii. lO 6.20, e pUir Ueu oM M m SlMi 15 qD 2015 for certain non-performing advances as permi ed
U Alqi M AlxU Mimr aU-lwmSl us Aaq M by Reserve Bank of India vide their le er dated
sL 801.07 MUQ M pMsM mukl M uuUh mSl May 15, 2015.
MUi W |
Our opinion is not qualified in respect of the above stated
E qqs M xok q WqU Ur rar lW W | ma ers.
Report on Other Legal and Regulatory Requirements
Alr ukM u ulrqM AuzrMiA mU UmO :
8. The Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Account have
8. isl m AU sp-Wl sZ qz oMa ulrq Aklrq, been drawn up in Forms A and B respec vely of the
1949 M ixU Alxc M mm 'M' u 'Z' q irU Mr Third Schedule to the Banking Regula on Act, 1949.
ar W |
9. Subject to the limita ons of the audit indicated in
9. EmU mU 1 x 5 q xci sZ ec M xqA M paragraph 1 to 5 above and as required by the Banking
Akl ij oMa Mmlr (Emq M AiUh AkaWh) Companies (Acquisi on and Transfer of Undertakings)
Act, 1970/1980 and a subject also to the limita ons of
Aklrq 1970/1980 ij Elq lWi mMOl M xqA
disclosure required therein, we report that;
M AuzrMi M AlxU Wq lqlui UmO MUi W:
a) We have obtained all the informa on and explana ons
M) Wql Aml xuq elMU u ux q WqU sZ ec which to the best of our knowledge and belief, were
M Ezr x AuzrM xp xclL u urZrL mmi M W necessary for the purposes of our audit and have found
ij ElW xiwelM mr W | them to be sa sfactory;

Z) oM M slSl, e WqU xcl q W, oM M zr M b) The transac ons of the Bank, which have come to our
no ce have been within the powers of the Bank;
piU W |
c) The returns received from the oces and branches of
a) WqU oM M Mrsr u zZA x mmi uuUhr WqU the Bank have been found adequate for the purposes of
sZ ec M Ezr x mrmi mD aD W | our audit;

10) WqU ucU x isl - m, sp - Wl Zi u lMS muW 10) In our opinion, the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account
sa sZMl qlM M Almsl q W | and Cash Flow Statement comply with the applicable
accoun ng Standards.

Mi m cmQ LhQ Mi L AU Sx LhQ Mi Lx x uxSu For P. Chopra & Co. For A.R. Das & Associates For S. C. Vasudeva & Co.
Mml LxxLOx LhQ Mml Chartered Accountants Chartered Accountants Chartered Accountants
xlS sZMU xlS sZMU xlS sZMU FRN : 004957N FRN : 306109E FRN : 000235N
Tq meMUh xZr : Tq meMUh xZr : Tq meMUh xZr :
004957Ll 306109D 000235Ll

(UMz el) zrqs MqU lrM (Azw Aaus) (Rakesh Jain) (Syamal Kumar Nayak) (Ashish Agarwal)
xfSU xfSU xfSU Partner Partner Partner
xSxri xZr : xSxri xZr : xSxri xZr : Membership No. Membership Membership
087925 051353 093790 087925 No.051353 No.093790

For Vinay Kumar & Co. For Ram Raj & Co. For V K Niranjan & Co.
Mi ulr MqU LhQ M Mi Uq Ue LQ M Mi u M lUel
Chartered Accountants Chartered Accountants Chartered Accountants
xlS sZMU xlS sZMU LQ M
FRN : 000719C FRN : 002839S FRN : 002468S
Tq meMUh xZr : Tq meMUh xZr : xlS sZMU
000719x 002839Lx Tq meMUh xZr :

(Vinay Kumar Agrawal) (K Siva Subramanya Prasad) (Niranjan V K)

(ulr MqU Aaus) (M xu xoqhr mxS) (lUel u M)
Partner Partner Partner
xfSU xfSU xfSU
Membership Membership Membership
xSxri xZr : xSxri xZr : xSxri xZr :
No.013795 No.024456 No.021432
013795 024456 021432

xjl : oas Place: Bengaluru

SlM: 25 qD 2015 Date: 25th May, 2015

rj 31 qc, 2015 M isl m
Alxc rj 31.03.2015 M rj 31.03.2014 M
Schedule As at 31.03.2015 As at 31.03.2014
(` 000) (` 000)
me / CAPITAL 1 475 19 70 461 25 88
AUi lkr AU Akzw / RESERVES AND SURPLUS 2 31384 03 55 29158 85 44
eq / DEPOSITS 3 473840 10 31 420722 81 82
EkU / BORROWINGS 4 25671 56 75 27230 63 66
Alr SriL ij mukl / OTHER LIABILITIES AND PROVISIONS 5 16629 66 17 14348 28 63

eQ / TOTAL 548000 56 48 491921 85 43

pUir Ueu oM q lMS AU zw
CASH & BALANCES WITH RESERVE BANK OF INDIA 6 21971 95 41 22153 78 08
oM q zw AU qa u Asm xcl mU miSr Uz
AND SHORT NOTICE 7 26669 14 03 22674 92 99
luz / INVESTMENTS 8 145346 18 40 126828 25 50
Aaq / ADVANCES 9 330035 51 45 301067 47 88
xjU Axir / FIXED ASSETS 10 6949 44 73 6641 56 23
Alr Axir / OTHER ASSETS 11 17028 32 46 12555 84 75

eQ / TOTAL 548000 56 48 491921 85 43

AMxqM SriL / CONTINGENT LIABILITIES 12 275355 21 88 223051 44 98

uxs M sL os / BILLS FOR COLLECTION 21903 47 31 16268 91 63
sZ xok Ommhr / NOTES ON ACCOUNTS 18

Lq xuqljl u xMqU Ll xuzMUl Ll xsuUel WUSz MqU o

qQs mokM qQs mokM Em qW mokM qW mokM MrmsM lSzM
mql xW Uui Eq zMU e u qhqUl xls WYqcS McO qcUs xDUq pxMU
MrmsM lSzM (mok lSzM u qZr lSzM lSzM lSzM lSzM
MrMU AkMU - AiU mpU)
UelSU MqU ars xer el
lSzM lSzM

xqxZrM ij M WqU UmO M AlxU

Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi
m cmQ LhQ M. L AU Sx LhQ LxxLOx Lx x uxSu LhQ M. ulr MqU LhQ M Uq Ue LhQ M u M lUel LhQ M
xlS sZMU xlS sZMU xlS sZMU xlS sZMU xlS sZMU xlS sZMU

UMz el zrqs MqU lrM Azz Aaus ulr MqU Aaus M zu xoqhr mxS lUel u M
xfSU xfSU xfSU xfSU xfSU xfSU
25 qD, 2015

rj 31 qc, 2015 M xqmi uw M sp u Wl Zi
Alxc rj 31.03.2015 M rj 31.03.2014 M
Schedule xqmi uw xqmi uw
For the Year ended For the Year ended
31.03.2015 31.03.2014
(` 000) (` 000)
Aei ore / INTEREST EARNED 13 43750 04 26 39547 61 18
Alr Ar / OTHER INCOME 14 4550 25 03 3932 75 62
eQ / TOTAL 48300 29 29 43480 36 80


urr Mr ar ore / INTEREST EXPENDED 15 34086 37 44 30603 16 54
mUcsl urr / OPERATING EXPENSES 16 7263 55 13 6081 01 03
mukl AU AMxqM urr /
eQ / TOTAL 45597 66 87 41042 17 34
III. uw M lus sp / III. NET PROFIT FOR THE YEAR 2702 62 42 2438 19 46


xukM AUi lkr / STATUTORY RESERVES 680 00 00 650 00 00
me AUi lkr / CAPITAL RESERVES 122 40 00 87 50 00
luz AUi lk Zi / INVESTMENT RESERVE ACCOUNT 360 80 00 -
Uexu AUi lk / REVENUE RESERVE 387 69 62 1107 07 99
uzw AUi lkr / SPECIAL RESERVE 500 00 00 -
AiUq spz / INTERIM DIVIDEND - 299 81 95
mxiui spz / PROPOSED DIVIDEND 540 96 68 207 56 52
spz MU / DIVIDEND TAX 110 76 12 86 23 00
eQ / TOTAL 2702 62 42 2438 19 46
sZ xok Ommhr / NOTES ON ACCOUNTS 18
mi zrU Ael (qs u ilMi) / EARNINGS PER SHARE
(BASIC AND DILUTED) (` q / in `) 58.59 54. 48






For For For For For For
Chartered Accountants Chartered Accountants Chartered Accountants Chartered Accountants Chartered Accountants Chartered Accountants

Partner Partner Partner AGRAWAL PRASAD Partner
Partner Partner
MAY 25,2015

rj 31 qc, 2015 M isl m M Az ollus Alxcr
rj 31.03.2015 M rj 31.03.2014 M
As at 31.03.2015 As at 31.03.2014
(` 000) (` 000)
Alxc 1 - me / SCHEDULE 1 - CAPITAL
I. mkMi me / AUTHORISED CAPITAL 3000 00 00 3000 00 00
(mi zrU `10/ M 300,00,00,000 DYuO zrU /
(300,00,00,000 EQUITY SHARES OF `10/- EACH)
i) MS xUMU U kUi mi zrU `10/- M 33,21,96,971 DYuO zrU |
mNs uw `10/- M 31,82,58,837 DYuO zrU
i) 33,21,96,971 EQUITY SHARES OF RS.10/- EACH PREVIOUS YEAR 31,82,58,837
ii) Alr U kUi mi zrU `10/- M 14,30,00,000 DYuO zrU
ii) 14,30,00,000 EQUITY SHARES OF `10/- EACH HELD BY OTHERS 143 00 00 143 00 00
475 19 70 461 25 88
Alxc 2 - AUi lkr ij Akzw / SCHEDULE 2 - RESERVES AND SURPLUS
(oMa ulrq 1949 M kU 17 M AlxU AUi lk)
Ajzw / OPENING BALANCE 7303 00 00 6653 00 00
uw M SUl mUukl / ADDITIONS DURING THE YEAR 680 00 00 650 00 00
eQ / TOTAL 7983 00 00 7303 00 00


Ajzw / OPENING BALANCE 5498 25 33 2033 24 03
eQ: uw M SUl mlqsrMl / ADD : REVALUATION DURING THE YEAR - 3569 47 57
5498 25 33 5602 71 60
bOr: sp u Wl Zi M AiUh / xqrel
eQ / TOTAL 5405 85 08 5498 25 33

Z. uSz qS mUuil AUi lkr / b. FOREIGN CURRENCY

Ajzw / OPENING BALANCE 221 67 98 99 29 84
eQ: uw M SUl mUukl / ADDITIONS DURING THE YEAR - 122 38 14
eQ / TOTAL 196 62 03 221 67 98

a. Alr / c. OTHERS
Ajzw / OPENING BALANCE 1356 27 07 1268 77 07
eQ: uw M SUl mUukl / ADDITIONS DURING THE YEAR 122 40 00 87 50 00
eQ / TOTAL 1478 67 07 1356 27 07

rj 31 qc, 2015 M isl m M Az ollus Alxcr
rj 31.03.2015 M rj 31.03.2014 M
As at 31.03.2015 As at 31.03.2014
(` 000) (` 000)
Ajzw / OPENING BALANCE 2716 94 12 2235 20 00
uw M SUl mmi / RECEIVED DURING THE YEAR 556 06 19 481 74 12
eQ / TOTAL 3273 00 31 2716 94 12


Ajzw / OPENING BALANCE 8357 70 94 8440 27 95
uw M SUl mUukl / ADDITIONS DURING THE YEAR 387 69 62 1107 07 99
8745 40 56 9547 35 94
bOr: uw M SUl MOir / LESS: DEDUCTIONS DURING THE YEAR 264 31 50 1189 65 00
eQ / TOTAL 8481 09 06 8357 70 94

Z uzw AUi lkr / b. SPECIAL RESERVE

{ArMU Aklrq 1961 M kU 36 (1) (VIII) M AlxU}

Ajzw / OPENING BALANCE 3500 00 00 3500 00 00

uw M SUl mUukl/ ADDITIONS DURING THE YEAR 500 00 00 -
eQ / TOTAL 4000 00 00 3500 00 00


Ajzw / OPENING BALANCE 205 00 00 205 00 00
uw M SUl mUukl / ADDITIONS DURING THE YEAR 360 80 00 -
565 80 00 205 00 00
eQ / TOTAL 565 80 00 205 00 00

b sp u Wl Zi q zw / d. BALANCE IN PROFIT & LOSS ACCOUNT - -

eQ / TOTAL 31384 03 55 29158 85 44

rj 31 qc, 2015 M isl m M Az ollus Alxcr
rj 31.03.2015 M rj 31.03.2014 M
As at 31.03.2015 As at 31.03.2014
(` 000) (` 000)
Alxc 3 - eq / SCHEDULE 3 - DEPOSITS

i. oM x / FROM BANKS 1042 08 10 888 36 61

ii. Alr x / FROM OTHERS 18803 83 00 16855 42 27
eQ / Total 19845 91 10 17743 78 88

II. oci oM eq / SAVINGS BANK DEPOSITS 93686 33 32 85535 60 57

eQ / Total 93686 33 32 85535 60 57


i. oM x / FROM BANKS 28153 78 66 19060 88 04
ii. Alr x / FROM OTHERS 332154 07 23 298382 54 33
eQ / Total 360307 85 89 317443 42 37
eQ / Total 473840 10 31 420722 81 82


i. pUi q / IN INDIA 444702 00 45 398852 91 65
ii. pUi M oWU / OUTSIDE INDIA 29138 09 86 21869 90 17
eQ / Total 473840 10 31 420722 81 82


i. pUir Ueu oM / i. RESERVE BANK OF INDIA - -
ii. Alr oM / ii. OTHER BANKS 131 25 00 -
iii. Alr xxjL ij Lexr / iii. OTHER INSTITUTIONS AND AGENCIES 1915 69 68 5128 71 54
(ADmQAD AU ah Gh) / (IPDI AND SUB-ORDINATED DEBT) 10514 60 00 9778 10 00
eQ / Total 12561 54 68 14906 81 54


i. Alr oM / i. OTHER BANKS 11547 49 96 10825 93 82
(ah Gh) (SUB-ORDINATED DEBT) 1562 52 11 1497 88 30
eQ / Total 13110 02 07 12323 82 12
eQ / Total 25671 56 75 27230 63 66

rj 31 qc, 2015 M isl m M Az ollus Alxcr
rj 31.03.2015 M rj 31.03.2014 M
As at 31.03.2015 As at 31.03.2014
(` 000) (` 000)
I. Sr os / I. BILLS PAYABLE 1020 71 10 1174 10 14
II. AiU Mrsr xqrel (lus) / II. INTER OFFICE ADJUSTMENT (NET) 306 21 01 218 47 77
III. Emci ore / III. INTEREST ACCRUED 1711 54 72 1471 13 36
IV. Axjai MU SriL / IV. DEFERRED TAX LIABILITY 1406 83 00 1760 50 00
V. Alr (mukl xWi) / V. OTHERS (INCLUDING PROVISIONS) 12184 36 34 9724 07 36
eQ / TOTAL 16629 66 17 14348 28 63

Alxc 6 - pUir Ueu oM q lMS AU zw /

I. UMQ zw / I. CASH IN HAND 1850 63 10 1140 51 29
cs Zi q / IN CURRENT ACCOUNT 20121 32 31 21013 26 79
eQ / TOTAL 20121 32 31 21013 26 79
eQ / TOTAL 21971 95 41 22153 78 08

Alxc 7 - oM q zw ij qa u Asm xcl mU miSr Uz/

I. pUi q / I. IN INDIA
i. oM q zw / i. BALANCE WITH BANKS
M . cs Zi q / a. IN CURRENT ACCOUNTS 38 02 99 163 07 73
eQ / TOTAL 38 02 99 163 07 73

ii. qa u Asm xcl mU miSr Uz / ii. MONEY AT CALL AND SHORT NOTICE
M. oM q / a. WITH BANKS - -
eQ / TOTAL - -
eQ / TOTAL 38 02 99 163 07 73


i. cs Zi q / i. IN CURRENT ACCOUNTS 4518 27 69 5406 24 25
ii. Alr eq Zi q / ii. IN OTHER DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS 21592 29 23 15104 44 91
iii. qa u Asm xcl mU miSr Uz / iii. MONEY AT CALL AND SHORT NOTICE 520 54 12 2001 16 10
eQ / TOTAL 26631 11 04 22511 85 26
eQ / TOTAL 26669 14 03 22674 92 99

rj 31 qc, 2015 M isl m M Az ollus Alxcr
rj 31.03.2015 M rj 31.03.2014 M
As at 31.03.2015 As at 31.03.2014
(` 000) (` 000)
I. pUi q luz: xMs
I. INVESTMENTS IN INDIA: GROSS 144518 69 04 126779 65 35
bOr: qsrx u Ll m AD M sL mukl
pUi q lus luz / NET INVESTMENT IN INDIA 144409 62 94 125973 79 64
i. xUMU mipir /
i. GOVERNMENT SECURITIES 125529 28 48 107592 82 59
ii. Alr AlqSi mipir /
iii zrU /
iii SHARES 1722 35 66 1549 14 09
iv. QocU AU ohQ /
iv. DEBENTURES AND BONDS 7278 65 77 8407 94 82
v. Alwar AU/r xr Eq /
vi. Alr /
vi. OTHERS 9081 76 36 7756 38 55
eQ / Total 144409 62 94 125973 79 64
mUmYui M sL kUi / HELD TO MATURITY 103118 72 50 85242 12 28
o M sL Emsok / AVAILABLE FOR SALE 40343 46 21 40574 80 13
urmU M sL kUi / HELD FOR TRADING 947 44 23 156 87 23
eQ / Total 144409 62 94 125973 79 64
II. pUi M oWU luz- xMs /
bOr: qsrx u Ll m AD MsL mukl /
pUi M oWU lus luz /
(xjlr mkMUh xWi) /
ii. Alwar AU/ r xr Eq /
iii. Alr luz / OTHER INVESTMENTS 863 33 35 781 23 75
eQ / Total 936 55 46 854 45 86
mUmYui M sL kUi / HELD TO MATURITY 98 75 46 77 79 34
o M sL Emsok / AVAILABLE FOR SALE 837 80 00 776 66 52
urmU M sL kUi / HELD FOR TRADING -- --
eQ / Total 936 55 46 854 45 86
eQ / Total 145346 18 40 126828 25 50

rj 31 qc, 2015 M isl m M Az ollus Alxcr
rj 31.03.2015 M rj 31.03.2014 M
As at 31.03.2015 As at 31.03.2014
(` 000) (` 000)
Alxc 9 - Aaq / SCHEDULE 9 - ADVANCES
M. i.
M ZUS ar ij o mU plL ar os /
A. i. BILLS PURCHASED & DISCOUNTED 10644 88 62 10172 54 20
ii. UMQ EkU, AuU QnO AU qa mU Gh M cMi /
iii. qrS Gh / iii. TERM LOANS 188425 64 65 173811 14 25
eQ / Total 330035 51 45 301067 47 88

Z. i. qi Axir U mipi / B. i. SECURED BY TANGIBLE ASSETS

(oW Gh xWi / INCLUDING BOOK DEBTS) 263935 17 80 242130 83 43
ii. oM/ xUMU aUOr U muUi /
ii. COVERED BY BANK / GOVT. GUARANTEES 9364 08 69 9933 90 69
iii. Amipi / iii. UNSECURED 56736 24 96 49002 73 76
eQ / Total 330035 51 45 301067 47 88

a. I.
i. mjqMi / i. PRIORITY SECTOR 106928 90 32 96652 16 40
ii. xuelM / ii. PUBLIC SECTOR 31624 64 14 31777 93 93
iii. oM / iii. BANKS 2 49 69 37 75 12
iv. Alr / iv. OTHERS 168786 72 14 153375 62 85
eQ / Total 307342 76 29 281843 48 30


oM M Asu Alr x oMr)
i. ZUS ar ij o mU plL ar os /
i. BILLS PURCHASED AND DISCOUNTED 3435 05 61 1507 34 83
ii. qrS / xqWl Gh
ii. TERM / SYNDICATED LOANS 9354 61 82 8444 87 26
iii. Alr / OTHERS 9903 07 73 9271 77 49
eQ / Total 22692 75 16 19223 99 58
eQ / Total 330035 51 45 301067 47 88

rj 31 qc, 2015 M isl m M Az ollus Alxcr
rj 31.03.2015 M rj 31.03.2014 M
As at 31.03.2015 As at 31.03.2014
(` 000) (` 000)
Alxc 10
10-- Acs Axir / SCHEDULE 10 - FIXED ASSETS
sai mU / mNs isl m M AlxU qsrMl /
BALANCE SHEET 6591 34 99 2919 01 71
uw M SUl mUukl / ADDITIONS DURING THE YEAR 58 29 78 104 68 51
6649 64 77 3023 70 22
uw M SUl mlqsrMl /
6649 64 77 6593 17 79
uw M SUl MOir / DEDUCTIONS DURING THE YEAR 66 93 1 82 80
6648 97 84 6591 34 99
Ail qsrx / DEPRECIATION TO DATE 697 97 11 594 69 99
5951 00 73 5996 65 00
(TlcU AU eQlU xWi /
mNs islm M AlxU sai mU /
AT COST AS PER LAST BALANCE SHEET 2385 81 67 1996 36 77
uw M SUl mUukl /
ADDITIONS DURING THE YEAR 779 98 38 442 46 81
3165 80 05 2438 83 58
uw M SUl MOir / DEDUCTIONS DURING THE YEAR 92 34 78 53 01 91
3073 45 27 2385 81 67
Ail qsrx / DEPRECIATION TO DATE 2077 20 27 1743 09 44
996 25 00 642 72 23
mNs islm M AlxU sai mU /
75 26 84 81 14 04
75 26 84 75 26 84
Ail qsrx / DEPRECIATION TO DATE 70 57 07 69 76 11
4 69 77 5 50 73
bOL: mSU Aiq xqrel sZ
2 19 00 2 19 00
eQ (I, II AU III) / Total (I, II and III) 6949 44 73 6641 56 23

rj 31 qc, 2015 M isl m M Az ollus Alxcr
rj 31.03.2015 M rj 31.03.2014 M
As at 31.03.2015 As at 31.03.2014
(` 000) (` 000)
Alxc 11 - Alr Axir / SCHEDULE 11 - OTHER ASSETS
I. Emci ore / I. INTEREST ACCRUED 4450 75 55 4153 25 62
II. Aaq m q mS MU/ xi mU MU MOi (lus)/
SOURCE (NET) 6071 04 67 4038 94 36
III. sZl xqa u xOqm / III. STATIONERY AND STAMPS 11 58 88 11 68 35
IV. Su M xi q mmi M aD aU oMa Axir
V. Alr / V. OTHERS 6494 61 23 4351 63 33
eQ / TOTAL 17028 32 46 12555 84 75
Alxc 12 - AMxqM SriL /
I. oM M u Su elW Gh M m q xuMU lW Mr
ACKNOWLEDGED AS DEBTS 8744 39 85 8015 15 49
II. Azi: mS luz Wi SriL / II. LIABILITY FOR
III. oMr urS ulqr xuSA M MUh SriL /
FORWARD EXCHANGE CONTRACTS 207080 71 69 158715 01 00
IV. xbOM M AU x S aD aUOr /
M. pUi q / a. IN INDIA 39353 06 07 35822 84 52
Z. pUi x oWU / b. OUTSIDE INDIA 98 31 86 44 98 42
39451 37 93 35867 82 94
V. xuMir, mMl AU Alr okriL /
OTHER OBLIGATIONS 18578 35 95 19813 70 43
VI. Alr qS elM sL oM xqi m x
M. ml: plL ar ulqr os /
Z. Alr / b. OTHERS 1500 00 46 614 39 12
1500 00 46 614 39 12

eQ / TOTAL 275355 21 88 223051 44 98

rj 31 qc, 2015 M sp u Wl Zi M Av oll us Alxcr
rj 31.03.2015 M rj 31.03.2014 M
As at 31.03.2015 As at 31.03.2014
(` 000) (` 000)
Alxc 13 - Aei ore / SCHEDULE 13 - INTEREST EARNED
I. Aaq/os mU ore / MOi / I. INTEREST /
DISCOUNT ON ADVANCES / BILLS 32066 12 17 28457 32 65
II. luz mU Ar / II. INCOME ON INVESTMENTS 10923 75 29 10251 07 96
III. pUir Ueu oM q zwUz AU AiU oM lkr mU
OTHER INTER BANK FUNDS 759 79 04 730 81 88
IV. Alr / IV. OTHERS 37 76 108 38 69
eQ / TOTAL 43750 04 26 39547 61 18

Alxc 14 - Alr Ar / SCHEDULE 14 - OTHER INCOME

I. Mqzl, ulqr, AU Sss / I. COMMISSION,
EXCHANGE AND BROKERAGE 928 60 19 939 83 01
II. luv M ur mU sp/ II. PROFIT ON SALE OF
sp / PROFIT 1160 78 96 681 51 88
bOL : Wl / LESS : LOSS 12 36 00 1148 42 96 17 81 76 663 70 12
III. luv M mlqsrMl mU sp / III. LOSS ON
bOL : Wl / LESS : LOSS 103 48 53 (103 48 53) 160 74 51 (160 74 51)
IV. pq/ pul AU Alr Axir M ur mU sp /
sp / PROFIT 3 88 36 2 76 58
bOL : Wl / LESS : LOSS 2 52 35 1 36 01 1 66 48 1 10 10
V. ulqr sl-Sl mU sp /
sp / PROFIT 781 73 03 669 72 92
bOL : Wl / LESS : LOSS - 781 73 03 - 669 72 92
VI. uSz/ pUi q xjmi Alwar/MmlrAU r xr
Eq x spz AS U Aei Ar /
VII. uuk Ar / VII. MISCELLANEOUS INCOME 1712 45 45 1748 88 69
eQ / TOTAL 4550 25 03 3932 75 62

rj 31 qc, 2015 M sp u Wl Zi M Av oll us Alxcr
rj 31.03.2015 M rj 31.03.2014 M
As at 31.03.2015 As at 31.03.2014
(` 000) (` 000)
Alxc 15 - urr Mr ar ore
I. eq mU ore / I. INTEREST ON DEPOSITS 32025 85 21 28657 80 32
II. pUir Ueu oM/ AiU oM EkU mU ore
III. Alr (OrU I ij OrU II ohQ ore xWi) /
956 55 66 1247 21 99
eQ / TOTAL 34086 37 44 30603 16 54

Alxc 16 - mUcsl urr

I. MqcUr M pail AU ElM sL mukl /
4274 25 70 3672 38 11
II. MUr, MU, Uzl / II. RENT, TAXES, LIGHTING 658 89 77 546 80 97
III. qSh u sZl xqa / III. PRINTING AND STATIONERY 51 41 98 41 72 81
IV. uml u mcU / IV. ADVERTISEMENT AND PUBLICITY 43 74 07 66 16 23
V. oM M xm mU qsrx (mlqsrMl AUi lkr x AiUh M oS M
lus) V. DEPRECIATION ON BANKS PROPERTY 427 06 18 228 46 57
1 38 95 1 43 64
VII. sZ mUM M zsM AU urr (zZ sZ mUM xWi) /
VIII. uk mpU / VIII. LAW CHARGES 27 16 44 23 46 52
IX. QM, iU, OsTl AS /
52 50 44 46 04 39
X. qUqqi AU AlUh / X. REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE 199 01 17 181 16 74
XI. oq / XI. INSURANCE 391 27 02 299 80 89
XII. Alr urr / XII. OTHER EXPENDITURE 1085 37 58 926 40 24
eQ / TOTAL 7263 55 13 6081 01 03

Alxc- 17 SCHEDULE 17
[1](a) Basis of Preparation:
(M) irU M AkU:
[1](M) The accounts are prepared under the historical
LiWxM sai mUmU M Aiai sZA M irU Mr cost convention and conform to the statutory
ar W ij r Alrj xci M NQ MU xukM mukl provisions and prevailing practices, except as
u uql mhsr M Alm W| otherwise stated.
(b) Use of Estimates:
(Z) Alql M Emra: The preparation of nancial statements requires
xqMi ur uuUh M irU M sL mokl i M the management to make estimates and
assumptions that affect the reported amount of
Axir, SriA, urr, Ar ij AMxqM SriA assets, liabilities, expenses, income and disclosure
M mMOl M mpui MUlus Uz M xok q ur of contingent liabilities as at the date of the
uuUh M iUZ M Alql ij kUhA M oll nancial statements. Management believes that
these estimates and assumptions are reasonable
M AuzrMi W | mokl M qll W M r Alql u
and prudent. However, actual results could differ
kUhL Eci u uuMmh W | ijm, uxiuM mUhq from estimates. Any revision to accounting
Alql x Asa W xMi W | sZMl Alql q Mx estimates is recognized in current and future
xzkl M uiql ij puwr q qlri Sr eLa | periods.
[2] Foreign Currency Translation / Conversion of
[2] uSz qS AiUh / uSz qS xmUuil Foreign Currencies
2.1 Foreign currency monetary items are initially
2.1 uSz qS qSM qS M MsmlM SU mU mUpM iU recorded at a notional rate. Foreign currency
monetary items are restated at the rate published
mU ApsZi Mr ar W | uSz qS qSM qS M by Foreign Exchange Dealers Association of India
pUir uSz qS urmU xb (TQD) U mMzi SU (FEDAI) at the end of each quarter. Exchange
mU ml: uhi Mr ar W | Cx mMU M qS M ml: difference arising on restatement of such items at
uhl x Eim Wlus ulqr AiU M qxM SU mU the quarterly rates is recognised in Prot and Loss
sp-Wl Zi q qlri SMU ApsZi Mr ar W |
2.2 Transactions and balances of foreign branches are
2.2 uSz zZ M xok q slSl Lu zw M Ap classied as non-integral foreign operations. Such
transactions and balances are consolidated by the
uSz mUcsl M m q uaMi Mr ar W | Lx
bank on a quarterly basis.
sl-Sl ij zw Uz M oM U iqW AkU mU
Assets and Liabilities (both monetary and non-
xqMi Mr ar W |
monetary as well as contingent liabilities) are
mUxmr Lu SriA (Sl qSM u aU-qSM ij translated at the closing spot rate of exchange
announced by Foreign Exchange Dealers
AMxqM SriL) M AiUh pUir xlS sZMU Association of India (FEDAI) as at the end of each
xxjl M sZMl qlM 11- "uSz ulqr SU quarter. Income and Expenditure items of the
mU mUuil M mpu" M Alm Lu pUir Ueu oM foreign branches are translated at the quarterly
M lSz M AlxU, mirM iqW M Ai q TQD average rate published by FEDAI in accordance
with Accounting Standard (AS) 11- The effect
U bwi Aiq WeU ulqr SU mU Mr ei
of Changes in Foreign Exchange rates issued by
W | uSz zZA M Ar Lu urr qS M TQD the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
U mMzi iqW Axi xqml SU mU AiUi Mr (ICAI) and as per the guidelines of Reserve Bank
ei W | of India (RBI) regarding the compliance of the said
mUhqxum Wlus ulqr sp / Wl M, uSz qS The resultant exchange gain/loss is credited /
AiUh mUi q eq / lq Mr eLa | debited to Foreign Currency Translation Reserve.

2.3 urS ulq
r xuSL: 2.3 Forward Exchange Contracts
xp urS ulqr xuSA M mUp q Eim Wlus Premium or discount arising at the inception of
mqrq r QxMEO M urr r xuS mU Wlus Ar all forward exchange contracts are amortized as
M m q mUzki Mr ar W | urS ulqr xuSA expense or income over the life of the contract.
Prot/ Losses arising on cancellation of forward
M AmUzki mqrq r QxMEO xWi AxqrM
exchange contracts, together with unamortized
UMUh mU Wlus sp / Wl, rS W i, xqmi iUZ premium or discount, if any, is recognized on
mU qlri S aD | urS xuSA mU ulqr AiU M the date of termination. Exchange differences
UmOa Auk, eW ulqr SU mUuii WL W, mU sp on such contracts are recognized in the Prot &
u Wl Zi q qlri S aD | Loss account in the reporting period in which the
exchange rates change.
2.4 oMr urS ulqr xuSA, aUOr, xuMir,
2.4 Contingent liability in respect of outstanding
mMl ij Alr okriA M xok q AMxqM
forward exchange contracts, guarantees,
SriA M mUMsl TQD U mMzi Aiq SU M
acceptances, endorsements and other obligations
AlxU isl m q Mr ar W| are stated in the balance sheet at the closing rates
published by FEDAI.
[3] luz
[3] Investments
3.1 luz M xuaMUh pUir Ueu oM M SzlSz M
AlxU Mr ar W | oM M xmh luz xupa il 3.1. Classication of investments is made as per
the guidelines of the RBI. The entire investment
xua q upei Mr ar W, ex 'mUmYui M sL
portfolio of the bank is classied under three
kUi', 'o M sL kUi' AU 'urmU M sL kUi' | categories viz. Held to Maturity (HTM), Available
Cx iUW M uaMUh mipir M ApaWh M xqr mU for Sale (AFS) and Held for Trading (HFT). Such
lkUi Mr ar W | classication is decided at the time of acquisition
of securities.
luz M N: xua q mMO Mr ei W ex (M)
xUMU mipir (Z) Alr AlqSi mipir (a) zrU Investments are disclosed in the Balance Sheet
under six classications viz: (a) Government
(b) QocU AU oQ (X) Alwar ij xr Eq AU
securities (b) Other approved securities (c) Shares
(c) Alr (d) Debentures & Bonds (e) Subsidiaries and Joint
Ventures & Associates and (f) Others.
3.2 luz M AkaWh sai M lkUi MUl M sL:
3.2. In determining the acquisition cost of investment:
M) mipir M ZUS M xqr Elx xoki Sss,
Mqzl AS ex sai M sp u Wl Zi M (a) Cost such as brokerage, commission etc.,
relating to securities at the time of purchase
mpUi Mr ei W |
are charged to Prot & Loss Account.
Z) AkaWh / lmOl iUZ iM Gh sZi mU ZQi (b) Broken period interest on debt instruments up
Auk ore M Uexu M m q ql ei W | to the date of acquisition / disposal is treated
as revenue.
3.3 luz M qsrMl pUir Ueu oM U eU ML aL
SzlSz M AlxU Mr ei W e lqlui W : 3.3 The valuation of Investments is done in accordance
with the guidelines issued by the RBI as under:
M) mUmYui M sL kUi
Auk xqmi Wi kUi xua M Aiai luz mU
Investments under Held to Maturity category are
ApaWh sai, lus mizkl, AaU MD W i ExM
carried at acquisition cost, net of amortisation, if
AkU mU Mr el W | AMi qsr x rS MD AkM any. The excess of acquisition cost, if any, over the
ApaWh sai W i Ex zw Auk q mUzki Mr face value is amortized over the remaining period
ei W | of maturity.

Alwar AU xr Eq q luz M UZu sai mU Investments in Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures
qsrMi Mr ei W | qsr q MD p xjr x W & Associates are valued at carrying cost. Any
i ExM mhi: mukl Mr ei W | diminution in the value other than temporary in
nature is fully provided for.
r aqh oM AU Alr lrx zrU q luz M
Investment in sponsored Regional Rural Banks
sai qsr mU UZ ei W | (RRB) and other Trustee Shares are valued at
carrying cost.
ucU me lkr (uxLT) q SlM 23.08.2006 M
oS M aD luz M il uw M AUpM Auk M sL Investment in units of Venture Capital Funds
LcOLq h M iWi uaMi Mr ei W ij sai mU (VCFs) made after 23.08.2006 are classied under
HTM category for initial period of three years and
qsr lkUh Mr ei W |
valued at cost.
Cx xua M iWi uaMi mirM mipi qxM AkU Investments classied under this category are
mU oeU M sL AMi W ij pUir Ueu oM M mark to market on quarterly basis and valued
SzlSz M AlxU mirM iqW M Aiq iUZ as per Reserve Bank of India guidelines at the
market rates available on the last day of each
(isl m iUZ) M Emsok oeU SU mU e xOM
quarter (Balance Sheet date) from trades/quotes
LYxce mU urmU / MO, pUir lri Ar qS oeU on the stock exchanges, prices/yields declared by
AU urim xb (LTADLqLqQL) U bwi qsr / the Fixed Income Money Market and Derivatives
Ar M AkU mU qsrMi Mr ei W | Association of India (FIMMDA). Unquoted
securities are also valued as per the Reserve Bank
mirM h / uaMUh M iWi mirM ua M xok q of India guidelines.
lus qsrx Emsok Mr ei W AU lus qsru
The net depreciation under each category/
lMU ei W | mirM mipir M qsrMl oeU M
classication is fully provided for whereas the
sL AMi ML el mU Ex mipi M oW qsr q MD net appreciation, if any, is ignored. The book value
mUuil lW Wi W | of the individual securities does not undergo
any change after these are valued at mark to
il uw M Auk M mi ucU me lkr (uxLT) market basis.
q AiUi LcOLq h M CMCr M ucU me lkr
Units of Venture Capital Funds (VCF) transferred
M sZmUi ur uuUh M AlxU lus Axi
from HTM category after a period of three years
qsr mU qsrMi Mr ei W | rS 18 qWl M sL (Refer paragraph 3.3(a) are valued at NAV as per the
Lx sZmUi ur uuUh Emsok lW W i, CMCr audited nancial statements of Venture Capital
M `1 mi ucU me lk M AkU mU qsrMi Mr Funds. In case such audited nancial statements
ei W | are not available continuously for 18 months
as on the date of valuation, units are valued at
a) urmU Wi kUi Re. 1 per VCF.

Cx xua M iWi uaMi luz M oeU MO, pUir c) HELD FOR TRADING
lri Ar qS oeU AU urim xb (LTADLqLqQL) Investments classied under this category are
U bwi qsr / Ar M AlxU xmiWM AkU mU valued at rates based on market quotations, price/
qsrMi Mr ei W | yields declared by FIMMDA on a weekly basis.
The net depreciation under each security held is
mirM h / uaMUh M iWi lus qsrx M qlri fully provided for whereas the net appreciation,
S aD ij xukl, rS MD W i, lMU ar | mirM if any, is ignored. The book value of the individual
mipir M qsrMl oeU M sL AMi ML el mU securities do not undergo any change after marked
oW qsr q MD mUuil lW Wi W | to market.

3.4 LM h x SxU h q zrU M AiUh lqllxU 3.4. Transfer of scrips from one category to another is
Mr ei W : carried on the following basis:
M) mUmYui M sL kUi (LcOLq) h x o M sL (a) HTM to AFS/HFT category at acquisition price/
Emsok (LLTLx) / urmU M sL kUi (LcLTO) book value. In case the investments under HTM
h M AiUh AkaWh qsr / oW qsr mU Mr category are placed at premium originally the
ei W | rS Lc O Lq h M iWi luz M qs transfer is made at amortised cost.
m x mqrq mU UZ ei W i mUzki sai mU (b) AFS/HFT to HTM category at lower of the book
AiUh Mr ei W | value or market value.
Z) L LT Lx / Lc LT O h x Lc O Lq h q
(c) AFS to HFT category or vice versa, at the
AiUh oW qsr r oeU qsr M lql qsr mU Mr carrying value. The accumulated depreciation,
ei W | if any, to be transferred to the provision for
a) L LT Lx x Lc O Lq h r CxM umUi depreciation against HFT securities and vice
M UZu sai mU AiUi Mr ei W | Emci versa.
qsrx, rS MD W i, Lc LT O mipir
M mi qsrx M sL mukl M AiUi Mr 3.5. Non performing Investments Security Receipts
ei W | issued by Securitisation / Reconstruction Company
(SC/RC) in respect of nancial assets sold by the
3.5 mipiMUh / mllqh Mml (mM / mM) M oM U Bank to the SC/RC are valued at the lower of the
oc ar AleM luz ur mUxqmr M qqs q redemption value of the Security Receipt and
mM / mM U eU mipi UxS M mipi UxS M the Net Book Value of the nancial asset. The
miSr qsr AU ur mUxm M lus oW qsr q Investment is carried in the books at the price
x lql xiU mU qsrMi Mr ei W | oWr q ClM determined as above until its sale or realisation
luz EmrlxU lkUi qsr mU ClM ur r uxs and on such sale or realisation, loss or gain is dealt
iM Mr ei W AU Lx ur / uxs mU Wl r sp with as below:.
lqllxU mz Mr ei W :- (a) If sale is at a price below Net Book Value (NBV), the
M) rS ur lus oW qsr (Llou)x Mq qsr shortfall is recognised as per Reserve Bank of India
mU W i, iSxok Mq M pUir Ueu oM M guidelines.
SzlSz M AlxU qlri Sr ei W | (b) If the sale is for a value higher than NBV, the
Z) rS ur lus oW qsr x E qsr mU W i, excess provision is not reversed but utilized to
AiU mukl M umx lW Mr ei W, sMl meet shortfall/loss on account of sale of other
mM / mM M Alr ur Axir M ur x nancial assets to SC/RC.
Wlus Mq / Wl M mi M sL Mr ei W |
3.6. Securities included in any of three categories
3.6 il q x Mx p h q zqs ML aL mipir where interest/principal is in arrears for a
M qqs q eW ore / qs Uz LM lkUi Auk M specied period, are classied as Non performing
sL oMr W i AleM luz M m q uaMi Mr Investment. Interest Income on such securities
ei W | Lx mipir mU ore Ar M ahl lW M is not reckoned and appropriate depreciation/
ei W ij luz M qsr mU AuzrM x / mukl provision in value of Investments is made.
olr ei W | Lx AleM luz M mi qsrx Deprecation in respect of such Non Performing
M Alr AeM Axir M mi qsru x xqel lW Investments is not set off against appreciation in
Mr ei W | other performing securities.
3.7. Prot on sale of Investments
3.7 luz M o mU sp
Prot on sale of Investments in respect of Available
o M sL Emsok ij urmU M sL kUi'' hr for Sale and Held for Trading categories is
M iWi luz M o mU sp M sp u Wl Zi q recognized in Prot & Loss Account.
qlri Sr ei W |
Prot on sale of Investments in respect of Held
mUmYui M sL kUi'' h M xok q luz M to Maturity category is rst taken to the Prot
o mU Emsok sp M mjqM iU mU sp u Wl & Loss Account and an equivalent amount of
Zi q sr ei W ij sp M xqisr Uz M Prot is appropriated to the Capital Reserve (net
AUi me (MU u AUi lk M AiUi M elus of taxes and amount required to be transferred to
Uz M lus) q ulrei Mr ei W | Statutory Reserve).

xp il hr q luz M o mU Wl M sp u Loss on sale of Investments in all the three
Wl Zi q qlri Sr ar | categories is recognized in Prot & Loss Account.
3.8 Um / miui Um M sZMl u cslk xqrel 3.8. Accounting for Repo/Reverse Repo and Liquidity
xuk (LsLLT) Adjustment Facility (LAF)
Um / miui Um M iWi xWqi zi mU LM MUU M The securities purchased/sold with an agreement
xj ZUS / oc aD mipir (LsLLT M Asu) M to repurchase on the agreed terms under Repo /
ml:ZUS M EkU M m q sZMi Mr eLa| Reverse Repo (other than LAF) are recognized as
LsLLT M iWi pUir Ueu oM x ZUS / oc aD borrowing / lending.
mipir M luz Zi q lq / eq Mr ei W AU The securities purchased/sold under LAF with RBI
mUmYui mU ExM umx Mr ei W| are debited/credited to Investment account and
[4] urim xuSL reversed on maturity.

oM ore SU ASs-oSs AU qS urimr q [4] Derivative contracts

uruWU MUi W | oM U uruWU Mr e UW ore SU The Bank deals in Interest Rate Swaps and
urimr mr ore SU ASs-oSs, mUxmU slSl M Currency Derivatives. The Interest Rate Derivatives
qS ore SU ASs-oSs AU urS SU MUU W | oM dealt by the Bank are Rupee Interest Rate Swaps,
U uruWU M e UW qS urimr uMsm AU qS Cross Currency Interest Rate Swaps and Forward
ASs-oSs W | Rate Agreements. Currency Derivatives dealt by
Lx urim xuSA M lqllxU qsrMi Mr the Bank are Options and Currency Swaps.
ei W : Such derivative contracts are valued as under:
M) urmU M sL mra M elus urim xuSL a. Derivative contracts dealt for trading are valued
oeU M sL AMi M ar W AU lus qsrx on mark to market basis, net depreciation is
M mWcl M aD W ij lus qsru M lMU recognized while net appreciation is ignored.
ar W |
b. Derivative contracts undertaken for hedging
Z) miU M sL Emra q sr e UW urimr are:
lqllxU W : i. Derivative contracts designated as hedges
i. urim xuSL oeU M sL AMi lW M are not marked to market unless their
ei W, eo iM AkUpi Axir / SriL underlying asset is marked to market.
oeU M sL AMi lW M ei W | ii. Income / Expenditure is recognized on
accrual basis for Hedging swaps.
ii. miU ASs-oSs M sL Emci AkU mU
Ar / urr M sZ Mr ar | [5] Advances
[5] Aaq 5.1 Advances are classied as performing and
non-performing assets in accordance with the
5.1 Aaq M AeM AU AleM Axir M m q
xuaMi Mr ar W AU pUir Ueu oM U lkUi prudential norms issued by RBI.
uuMmh qlSQ M AlxU mukl ML aL W | 5.2 Advances are classied into Standard, Sub Standard,
5.2 Aaq M EkUMiuU qlM, AuqlM, xSak ij Wl Doubtful and Loss assets borrower wise.
Axi M m q xuaMi Mr ar W | 5.3 Provisions for domestic advances are made for
5.3 bUs Aaq Wi AeM / AleM Aaq M sL performing/non - performing advances in
pUir Ueu oM SzlSz M AlxU mukl ML accordance with the RBI Guidelines.
aL W | 5.4 Provisions for performing/ non-performing
5.4 uSz zZA M AeM / AleM Aaq M sL advances with foreign branches are made as per
mukl xjlr ulrq / Ex Sz M lrq, pUir local regulations / regulations of host country
Ueu oM U lkUi qlM, e p AkM xZi W, M according to the norms prescribed by RBI,
AlxU Mr ar W | whichever is more stringent.

5.5 isl m q EssZi Aaq, AleM Axir, QO 5.5 Advances stated in the Balance Sheet are net of
aUO xxjl x mmi Su AU mlplD M sL ML aL provisions made for Non Performing Assets, claims
mukl M lus W | received from Credit Guarantee Institutions and
5.6 AleM Aaq q ML aL AzM uxsr M xqrel
mjqi: mpU u ore, iimi xqfi lmOl / Msii 5.6 Partial recoveries in Non Performing Advances are
Gh M qs kl M mi Mr ei W | uxsr M apportioned rst towards charges and interest,
mjqi: qs kl M xj xqrei Mr ei W | thereafter towards principal with the exception of
non performing advances involving compromise
settlements/ Loan Past Due advances, the
5.7 mipiMUh / mllqh Mml M oc ar ur
recoveries are rst adjusted towards principal.
Axir M qqs q, qsrMl, Ar lkUh pUir
Ueu oM M SzlSz M AlxU Mr ei W | 5.7 In case of nancial assets sold to SC/ RC, the
valuation, income recognition is being done as per
(6) Acs mUxmr RBI guidelines.

6.1 oM M mUxU q q pq AU mus pq xm (6) Fixed Assets

Sl zqs W | pq AU pul M meMUh WxiiUh 6.1 The premises of the Bank include freehold and
m / AoOl m / m MUUlq, Sbuk mus leasehold properties. Land and Buildings are
xmr AU / r xm M piM kUh M AkU mU capitalised based on conveyance / letters of
Wi W | allotment / agreement to lease, deposit made on
long term leasehold properties and / or physical
6.2 eW mlqsrMl Mr ar W ElW NQMU mUxU AU possession of the property.
Alr Acs mUxmr M LiWxM sai mU oir
6.2. Premises and other Fixed Assets are stated at
ar W | mlqsrMl mU qsr u, rS MD W i, Ex
historical cost except wherever revalued. The
'mlqsrMl AUi lk' Zi q eq Mr ei W |
appreciation on revaluation, if any, is credited to
xuki qsr M MUh Wlus qsrx / mUzkl M the Revaluation Reserve Account. Depreciation /
AiUh mlqsrMl AUi lk x sp u Wl Zi q Amortization attributable to the enhanced value is
qsrx q eq Mr eLa | transferred from Revaluation Reserve to the credit
of Depreciation in the Prot and Loss Account.
(7) qsrx
[7] Depreciation
7.1 MmrOU M NQMU, Acs mUxmr M qsrxi
qsr mi M iWi iixok mUxm M Emrer eul 7.1. Fixed Assets excluding Computers are depreciated
mU mUMsi qsr M AkU mU mokl U lkUi SU under Written Down Value Method at the rates
M AlxU qsrx Mr ei W | pUir Ueu oM M determined by the management on the basis
of estimated useful life of the respective assets.
SzlSz M AlxU, MmrOU mU qsrx M xk
As per the guidelines of RBI, depreciation on
MOi mhs M AkU mU 33.33% mpUi MUi WL Mr
Computers including ATMs is charged at 33.33%
ei W |
on Straight-Line Method.
7.2 mki xm mUxU mU mS mqrq ExM mU m 7.2. Premium paid on leasehold properties is charged
Auk M sL mpUi Mr ei W | off over the lease period.
7.3 Acs mUxm q xukl mU qsrx M ApaWh 7.3. Depreciation on additions to xed assets is
iUZ M ahl ML oaU xmh uw M sL mpUi Mr charged for the full year irrespective of the date of
ar W | o / lmOl uw M SUl qsrx M sL acquisition. No depreciation is provided for in the
mukl lW Mr ar W | year of sale/disposal.

(8) Axir M Wl [8] Impairment of Assets

mirM isl m iUZ M Mx Axi M Amrl An assessment is made at each balance sheet
M xMi W r lW M lkUh Mr ei W | rS MD date whether there is any indication that an
xMi mr ei W i uxs rar Uz M LM Alql asset is impaired. If any such indication exists, an
estimate of the recoverable amount is made and
olr ei W ij rS MD Amrl W i, mukl Mr
impairment loss, if any, is provided for.
ei W |
[9] Revenue Recognition
(9) Uexu M mUMsl
9.1. Income and expenditure are generally accounted
9.1 Ar u urr M sZMl xqlrir, lqlsZi M on accrual basis, except the following:
NQMU, Emci AkU mU Mr Mr ei W :
a) Interest on Non-Performing advances and non
M) pUir Ueu oM U lkUi qlSQ M AlxU performing investments is recognized as per
AleM Aaq ij AleM luz mU ore M norms laid down by Reserve Bank of India.
qlri Sr ar W | b) Interest on overdue bills, Commission (other
Z) AiSr os, Mqzl ( xUMU MUoU M Asu), than Government business), Exchange,
ulqr, Sss ij sMU MUr mU ore M ahl Brokerage and rent on lockers are accounted
uxs mU Mr ar W | on realization.

a) spz M ahl io Mr eLa eo ExM mmi c) Dividend Income is recognized when the right
MUl M AkMU xjmi Mr ei W| to receive the same is established.
d) In case of suit led accounts, related legal and
b) qMSq SrU ML aL sZ M qqs q xoki
other expenses incurred are charged to Prot
ukM ij Alr urr M sp-Wl Zi q mpUi
& Loss Account and on recovery the same are
Mr eLa ij uxs mU ExM ahl Ar M m accounted as Income.
q M eLa | |
(10) Employee Benets
(10) MqcU sp
10.1 Dened Contribution Plans
10.1 mUpwi AzSl relL Dened Contribution Plans such as Provident /
mUpwi AzSl relL : mUpwi AzSl relL Pension fund are recognized as an expense and
ex puwr lk / mzl lk M urr M m q qlri charged to Prot & Loss account.
Sr ar W ij sp-Wl Zi q mpUi Mr ar W | 10.2 Dened Benet Plans

10.2 mUpwi Wisp relL a) Gratuity: The employee Gratuity Fund Scheme
is funded by the Bank and managed by a
M) EmSl: MqcU EmSl lk rel M lkrl oM separate trust who in turn manages their
U Mr ei W exM mokl Asa lrx U funds as per guidelines. The present value
Mr ei W e SzlSz M AlxU ElM lk of the Banks obligation under Gratuity is
M mokl MUi W | EmSl M iWi oM M okriA recognized on actuarial basis as at the year
M uiql qsr M rj uwi M oqMM AkU mU end and the fair value of the Plan assets is
ij rel xm M Eci qsr M lus AkU mU reduced from the gross obligation to recognize
okriA M qlri Sl M sL xMs okriA x the obligation on a net basis.
Mq Mr ar W |
b) Pension: The employee Pension Fund Scheme
is funded by the Bank and managed by a
Z) mzl: MqcU mzl lk rel M lkrl oM U separate trust. The present value of the Banks
Mr ei W exM mokl Asa lrx U Mr obligations under Pension is recognized on
ei W | mzl M iWi oM M okriA M uiql the basis as at the year end and the fair value
qsr M rj uwi AkU mU ij rel xm M of the Plan assets is reduced from the gross
Eci qsr M lus AkU mU okriA M qlri obligation to recognize the obligation on a
Sl M sL xMs okriA x Mq Mr ar W | net basis.

a) Gh mUzkl : oM M MqcUr M sL mzl uMsm c) Amortization: The additional liability/expenditure
Sl x Wlus Sri / urr M ij EmSl pail arising consequent upon the reopening of
Aklrq, 1972 q xzkl M mi EmSl q Wlus Pension Option to the employees of the bank
xukl M xql AkU mU ur uw 2010-11 x z and enhancement in gratuity limit pursuant to
Wlus uw x mc uw M sL mUzki Mr ar W | amendment to Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 has
been amortized equally over a period of ve years
10.3 uzwkMU N M Sbuk sp ql ar W ij beginning with the nancial year 2010-11.
mirM isl m iUZ M Alqli CMD xZ mi'
10.3 The privilege leave is considered a long term
M xui oqMM qsrMl M AkU mU qlri Sr
benet and is recognized based on independent
ei W |
actuarial valuation on Projected Unit Credit
method at each Balance Sheet date.
(11) MUkl M sL mukl
(11) Provision for Taxation
M) cs ij Axjai Sl MU M sL MU mukl
Mr ar W | a) Provision for tax is made for both Current and
& Deferred Taxes.
Z) xqr-Auk q AiU M MUh Eimll Wlus upSM
MU Axir AU SriA e M oS M Aukr b) Deferred Tax assets and liabilities arising on
account of timing differences and which are
M SUl miuil rar W M Aklrqi MU M
capable of reversal in subsequent periods are
SU u lrq Aju oS q isl-m M iUZ mU
recognized using the tax rates and laws that
Aklrqi MU M SU u lrq M mra MUi WL
have been enacted or substantively enacted as
qlri S ar W |
of the balance sheet date.
a) upSM MU Axir M qlri io iM lW S c) Deferred tax assets are not recognized unless
ei W eo iM rW mU iUW x li lW W there is virtual certainty that sufcient
ei M mrmi pu MUrar Ar Emsok W era future taxable income would be available
exM mi Lx upSM MU Axir M qlri S against which such deferred tax assets can be
era | recognized.

(12) lus sp (12) Net Prot

12.1 Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent

12.1 mukl, AMxqM SriL AU AMxqM Axir
I. pUir xlS sZMU xxjl U eU sZMl
I. In conformity with AS 29, Provisions, Contingent
qlM 29 AMxqM SriA ij AMxqM Axir
Liabilities & Contingent Assets issued by the
M sL mukl" M AlxU oM U mukl M qlri Institute of Chartered Accountants Of India, the
Sr ar, eo :- bank recognizes provision only when :
M) muui bOl M mUhq M m q uiql q MD a. it has a present obligation as a result of past
Sriu W | event.

Z) rW xpu W M Ex Sriu M lpl M sL AjM b. it is probable that an outow of resources

sp r xi M oWaql Sriu lmOl M sL embodying economic benets will be required
AuzrM W, ij to settle the obligation, and

a) eo Sriu Uz M Eci mUMsl Mr e c. when a reliable estimate of the amount of the

xMi W | obligation can be made.

II. lqlsZi M sL MD mukl lW Sr ar :- II. No provision is recognized for:

M) mu M bOlA x Eim Wlus Mx xpui a. Any possible obligation that arises from
Sriu AU exM Axiiu M m Mus LM r past events and the existence of which will
Exx AkM Ali pu bOlA, eM mh m be conrmed only by the occurrence or non
x oM M lrh M piU W, M bOl r l bOl mU occurrence of one or more uncertain future
W M eLa | events not wholly within the control of the
Z) rW mirzi lW W M AjM Wi x xxqm
b. It is not probable that an outow of resources
xxkl M oWaql Sriu M lmOl M sL
embodying economic benets will be required
AuzrM W Aju
to settle the obligation or
a) Sriu M Uz M uxlr Alql lW sar e c. A reliable estimate of the amount of obligation
xMi | cannot be made.
Lx okriA M AMxqM SriA M m q ApsZi Mr Such obligations are recorded as Contingent Liabilities.
ar W | CxM lrqi AiUs mU lkUi Mr ei W ij These are assessed at regular intervals and only that
okri M Ex Wxx exM sL AjM sp r xi M part of the obligation for which the outow of resources
oWaql xpu W, M sL mukl Sr ar W | eW mU uxlr embodying economic benets is probable, is provided
Alql olr lW e xMi, uW mukl lW Sr ar W | for, except in the extremely rare circumstances where no
reliable estimate can be made.
III. AMxqM SriA M ur uuUhr q qlri lW
III. Contingent Assets are not recognized in the
Sr ar W |
nancial Statements.
12.2 lus sp 12.2 Net Prot
sp-Wl Zi q lus sp lqlsZi M mi W : The Net Prot in the Prot & Loss Account is after:-
M) luz mU qsrx M sL mukl a) Provision for depreciation on Investments.
Z) MUkl M sL mukl b) Provision for Taxation.
a) Gh Wlr M sL mukl c) Provision on loan losses
b) qlM Axir M sL mukl d) Provision on Standard Assets.
X) AleM luz M sL mukl e) Provision for Non Performing Investments.
c) Alr xqlr u AluzrM mukl f) Other usual & necessary Items.

[13] mi zrU Ael [13] Earning per share:

oM, sZMl qlM 20 M AlxU mi zrU M qs The Bank reports basic and diluted Earnings Per
u ilMi Ael M UmO MUi W | mi zrU qs Ael Share in accordance with AS 20. Basic Earnings Per
M ahl MU mi lus sp M uw M SUl oML Share is computed by dividing the net prot after
DYuO zrU M pUi Axi xZr x upei MUM tax by the weighted average number of equity
Mr ei W | shares outstanding for the Year.

Alxc 18 SCHEDULE 18
Alxc 18- sZ xxok Ommhr
1 luz:
1 Investments:
i) rj 31.03.2015 M "mUmYui M sL kUi" ua M
i) The percentage of investments under Held to
iWi luz M mizi xukM iUsi Almi (Lx
Maturity category SLR as on 31.03.2015 was
Ls AU) oM M qa AU qrS Sri M 22.23%
22.23% of Demand and Time Liability of the
j (mNs uw 21.66%), e pUir Ueu oM M
Bank (Previous year 21.66%), which is within the
SzlSzlxU Alqi xq M piU W |
permissible limit as per RBI guidelines
ii) Alxc-8 q Alwar ij / r pUi M xr Eq
ii) Investment in Subsidiaries/Joint Ventures/
q luz q r aqh oM q zrU M AuOl
Associates in India in Schedule-8 includes
soi UWl M MUh zrU me M mi luz M aD
Rs.29.40 Crore (Previous year Rs.29.40 Crore)
Aaq `29.40 MUQ (mNs uw `29.40 MUQ) M p
being advance towards share capital in Regional
xqWi Mr ar W |
Rural Banks pending allotment of shares.
2 AiU-zZ slSl: 2 Inter-Branch Transactions:
31.03.2015 iM AiU-zZ slSl M Akl xqkl M The initial matching of entries received at Head
Ezr x mkl Mrsr q mmi mur M mUpM qsl Ofce for the purpose of reconciliation under Inter-
Mr ar W | oM mur M qsl MUl ij zw oMr Branch transactions upto 31.03.2015 has been done.
mu M bOl M Aml mrx M eU UZ UW W | However, Bank is continuing its efforts to reconcile
and reduce the remaining outstanding entries.
3 mUxU:
3 Premises:
mUxU q `211.35 MUQ (mNs uw `211.35 MUQ) M Premises include certain properties having original
MN xmr zqs W elM xSp q oM M m q AiUh cost of `211.35 Crore (Previous year `211.35 Crore)
usZ M lwmSl soi W| in respect of which conveyance deeds are pending
4 pUir Ueu oM M AuzrMilxU mMOMUh:
4 Disclosure as per RBI Requirements:
4.1 me:
4.1 Capital:
(` MUQ q) (` In Crore)
oxs II oxs III Particulars Basel II Basel III
31.03.2015 31.03.2014 31.03.2015 31.03.2014 31.03.2015 31.03.2014 31.03.2015 31.03.2014
(i) xAULAU 10.98 11.14 10.56 10.63 (i) CRAR 10.98 11.14 10.56 10.63
(ii) x D O 1 (ii) CET 1 Ratio (%) --- --- 7.37 7.41
Almi (%) --- --- 7.37 7.41
(iii) Tier I Capital
(iii) OrU I me Ratio (%) 8.30 8.00 8.02 7.68
Almi (%) 8.30 8.00 8.02 7.68
(iv) Tier II Capital
(iv) OrU II me Ratio (%) 2.68 3.14 2.54 2.95
Almi (%) 2.68 3.14 2.54 2.95 (v) Percentage of
(v) oM q Shareholding
pUi xUMU of the
M zrUkUh Government
M mizi of India in the
(%) Bank 69.91 69.00 69.91 69.00
69.91 69.00 69.91 69.00
(vi) AiU (vi) Amount of
mmi OrU I
Tier 1 capital
me Uz 1500.00 -- 1500.00 -- raised 1500.00 -- 1500.00 --

(vii) AiU mmi (vii) Amount of
OrU II me Tier 2 capital
raised; of
Uz; exq x
which Debt
Gh me capital
sZi: zlr 2500.00 zlr 2500.00 instrument: Nil 2500.00 Nil 2500.00
Akql zrU
Share Capital
me sZi: zlr zlr zlr zlr Instruments: NIl NIl NIl NIl

4.2 luz: 4.2 Investments:

(1) luz M qsr: (1) Value of Investments:
(` MUQ q) (` in Crore)
uuUh 31.03.2015 31.03.2014 Particulars 31.03.2015 31.03.2014

i. luz M xMs qsr 145455.24 127676.17 i. Gross Value of Investments 145455.24 127676.17

M. pUi q 144518.68 126779.65 a. In India 144518.68 126779.65

Z. pUi x oWU 936.56 896.52 b. Outside India 936.56 896.52

ii. qsr
rx, Ll m AD M sL ii. Provisions for Depreciation,
mukl 109.06 847.92 NPI 109.06 847.92

M. pUi q 109.06 805.86 a. In India 109.06 805.86

Z. pUi x oWU - 42.06 b. Outside India - 42.06

iii. luz M lus qsr 145346.18 126828.25 iii. Net Value of Investments 145346.18 126828.25

M. pUi q 144409.62 125973.79 a. In India 144409.62 125973.79

Z. pUi x oWU 936.56 854.46 b. Outside India 936.56 854.46

(2)) luz mU qsrx M sL ML aL mukl q EiU - (2) Movement of Provisions held towards depreciation
cR u AU Ll m AD : and for NPI on Investments:
(` MUQ q) (` in Crore)
uuUh 31.03.2015 31.03.2014 Particulars 31.03.2015 31.03.2014

i. mUpM zw 847.92 217.71 i. Opening Balance 847.92 217.71

ii. eQ: uw M SUl olr ar 56.17 756.00

ii. Add: Provisions made 56.17 756.00
mukl during the year

iii. bOr: uw M SUl AiU iii. Less: Write back of excess

mukl M o 795.03 125.79 provisions during the year 795.03 125.79
Zi Qsl

iv. Ci zw 109.06 847.92 iv. Closing balance 109.06 847.92

4.2.1. ml: ZUS (Um) slSl:
i. oeU Um (` MUQ q)
uw M SUl
uw M SUl uw M SUl rj
uuUh miSl Axi
lrliq oMr AkMiq oMr 31.03.2015 M
Um M iWi ui mipir
i) xUMU mipir 5.00 7242.05 570.18 zlr
ii) laq Gh mipir zlr zlr zlr zlr
mi Um M iWi ZUS ar mipir
i) xUMU mipir 30.00 8903.20 1242.86 zlr
ii) MmUO Gh mipir zlr zlr zlr zlr

4.2.1 Repo Transactions-

i. Market REPO (` in Crore)
Minimum Maximum Daily Average
As on
Particulars outstanding outstanding outstanding
during the year during the year during the year
Securities sold under repo
i) Government Securities 5.00 7242.05 570.18 NIL
ii) Corporate Debt Securities NIL NIL NIL NIL
Securities purchased under reverse repo
i) Government Securities 30.00 8903.20 1242.86 NIL
ii) Corporate Debt Securities NIL NIL NIL NIL

ii. pUir Ueu oM M xj cslk xqrel xuk (LsLLT)

(` MUQ q)
uw M SUl
uw M SUl uw M SUl rj
uuUh miSl Axi
lrliq oMr AkMiq oMr 31.03.2015
Um M iWi ui mipir
i) xUMU mipir 104.00 12033.84 2942.51 5876.00
ii) MmUO Gh mipir zlr zlr zlr zlr
mi Um M iWi ZUS ar mipir
i) xUMU mipir 104.00 7696.00 436.19 2600.00
ii) MmUO Gh mipir zlr zlr zlr zlr

ii. Liquidity Adjustment Facility (LAF) with RBI

(` in Crore)
Minimum Maximum Daily Average
As on
Particulars outstanding outstanding outstanding
during the year during the year during the year
Securities sold under repo
i) Government Securities 104.00 12033.84 2942.51 5876.00
ii) Corporate Debt Securities NIL NIL NIL NIL
Securities purchased under reverse repo
i) Government Securities 104.00 7696.00 436.19 2600.00
ii) Corporate Debt Securities NIL NIL NIL NIL

4.2.2 aU-xukM cslk Almi luz xupa:
i) aU-xukM cslk Almi luz M eUMi ulrx: (` MUQ q)

"Mq luz
"aU-UOQ" "Axcai"
le xjl h"
x. eUMi Uz mipir M mipir M
lrel xq mipir M
xq xq
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
(i) xuelM Emq 4805.52 4284.35 zlr zlr 12.89
(ii) ur xxjL 5077.06 4506.81 zlr zlr zlr
(iii) oM 5004.40 4210.58 10.00 31.25 31.25
(iv) le MmUO 1616.93 1011.69 118.70 zlr zlr
(v) Alwar / xr Eq 869.29 869.29 zlr zlr zlr
(vi) Alr 2529.90 2362.99 zlr zlr zlr
(vii) bOL : qsrx ij LlmAD M sL mukl 108.46 -- -- -- --
Ms 19794.64 17245.71 128.70 31.25 44.14
Msq 4,5,6, u 7 M iWi UmO M aD Uzr mUxmU Allr lW W|

4.2.2 Non-SLR Investment Portfolio:

i) Issuer composition of Non SLR Investments: (` in Crore)

Extent of
Extent of Below Extent of Extent of
No. Issuer Amount Private Investment Unrated Unlisted
Placement Grade Securities Securities

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

(i) PSUs 4805.52 4284.35 NIL NIL 12.89

(ii) Fis 5077.06 4506.81 NIL NIL NIL

(iii) Banks 5004.40 4210.58 10.00 31.25 31.25

(iv) Private Corporate 1616.93 1011.69 118.70 NIL NIL

(v) Subsidiaries/ Joint Ventures 869.29 869.29 NIL NIL NIL

(vi) Others 2529.90 2362.99 NIL NIL NIL

(vii) Less: Provision held towards depreciation 108.46 -- -- -- --

and NPI

Total 19794.64 17245.71 128.70 31.25 44.14

Amounts reported under columns 4,5,6 and 7 above are not mutually exclusive.

ii) AleM aU-xukM cslk Almi luz : ii) Non-Performing Non SLR Investments:
(` MUQ q) (` in Crore)
uuUh 31.03.2015 31.03.2014 Particulars 31.03.2015 31.03.2014
mUpM zw 284.81 225.76 Opening balance 284.81 225.76
1 Ams M oS uw M SUl 81.83 122.31 Additions during the year 81.83 122.31
xukl since 1st April 2014
Emr Auk M SUl 35.08 63.26 Reductions during the above 35.08 63.26
MOi period
Ci zw 331.56 284.81 Closing balance 331.56 284.81
kUi Ms mukl 281.40 219.81 Total Provisions held 281.40 219.81

4.2.3 mUmYui iM kUi (LcOLq) ua M / x o AU AiUh :

Lc O Lq ua M / x mipir M o AU AiUh M qsr rj 01.04.2014 iM Lc O Lq ua kUi luz M oW qsr
M mc mizi x AkM lW W |
4.2.3 Sale and transfers to/from HTM Category:
The value of sale and transfers of securities to/from HTM category during the year does not exceed ve percent
of the book value of the investment held in HTM category as on 01.04.2014.

4.3 urimllr:
4.3.1 urS SU MUU / ore SU ulqr:
(` MUQ q)
uuUh 31.03.2015 31.03.2014

i. ulqr MUU M Msmi qskl 6692.50 6461.07

ii. MUU M iWi okri M mi m U mU lW Mr el mU WD i 230.23 272.24

iii. ulqr q muz mU oM U xmM M AuzrMi zlr zlr

iv. ulqr x Wlus xZ eZq M xMSh zlr zlr

v. ulqr oW M Eci qsr 229.47 269.62

4.3 Derivatives:
4.3.1 Forward Rate Agreement / Interest Rate Swap: (` in Crore)
Particulars 31.03.2015 31.03.2014

i. The notional principal of swap agreements 6692.50 6461.07

ii. Losses which would be incurred if counter parties failed to fulll their obligations 230.23 272.24
under the agreements

iii. Collateral required by the Bank upon entering into swaps NIL NIL

iv. Concentration of credit risk arising from the swaps NIL NIL

v. The fair value of the swap book 229.47 269.62

4.3.2 ulqr urmU ore SU urim : (` MUQ q)
qM uuUh Uz
uw M SUl sr ar ulqr urmU ore SU urim M Msmi qskl M Uz (sZi-uU)
a) 8.83 CL 23 MAT 12.12.2041 654.84
b) 8.40 CL MAT 28.07.2024 104.88
rj 31 qc 2015 M ulqr urmU ore SU urim M Msmi qskl Uz zlr
(ii) (sZi-uU)
ulqr urmU ore SU urim oMr M Msmi qskl Uz ij
(iii) erS mpu lW (sZi-uU) zlr

ulqr urmU ore SU urim oMr M SlM oeU qsr ij

(iv) erS mpu lW (sZi-uU) zlr

4.3.2 Exchange Traded Interest Rate Derivatives

(` in Crore)
Sl.No. Particulars Amount

(i) Notional principal amount of exchange traded interest rate derivatives undertaken during
the year ( Instrument Wise ) 654.84
a) 8.83 CL 23 MAT 12.12.2041 104.88
b) 8.40 CL MAT 28.07.2024
(ii) Notional principal amount of exchange traded interest rate derivatives outstanding as on
31st March 2015 (instrument- wise)
(iii) Notional principal amount of exchange traded interest rate derivatives outstanding and not
highly effective (instrument- wise)
(iv) Mark-to-market value of exchange traded interest rate derivatives outstanding and not NIL
highly effective (instrument-wise)

4.3.3 urim q eZq xq xok mMOMUh: 4.3.3 Disclosure on risk exposure in derivatives:
I Qualitative Disclosure
I ahiqM mMOMUh
The Treasury Risk Management Policy for using Derivative
oM M Axir / SriA M ocu uruxj M sL urim
Instruments to hedge banks Assets/Liabilities has been
sZi M Emra xok q lSzM qQs U AlqSi UeMw approved by the Board of Directors.
eZq mokl li W |
A) The Investment Portfolio of the Bank consists of
M) oM M luz xupa q xjU ore SU, eU Mml AU assets with characteristics such as xed interest rate,
zero coupon and oating interest rates and is subject
Axjr ore SU ex uzwiA us Axir lWi to interest rate risk. The Bank also has Tier II bonds
W AU rW ore SU eZq M Akl W | oM M mx hedged for interest rate swaps which do not have
OrU II oQ p W AU rW me sai xjU SU mU W AU exit options. The policy permits hedging the interest
Cxq oWaql uMsm lW W | rW li Cx Sri mU ore SU rate risk on this liability as well.
x xoki eZq x ocu M p Alqi Si W | Bank is permitted to use FRA and IRS (only plain vanilla
transactions are permitted). These instruments are
l Mus luz xupa q osM oeU lqh q p ore used not only for hedging the interest rate risk in the
SU eZq x ocu M sL oM M urS SU MUU (LT investment portfolio but also for market making.

AU L) AU ore SU xum (ASs-oSs) (AD AU Lx) Bank has been undertaking derivatives trades like IRS,
AU osMs xS (msl uls) MUoU M mra MUl M FRAs, etc for the purpose of hedging Foreign Currency
Alqi W | liabilities. Options and Swaps are also undertaken on
behalf of clients on back to back basis. The Bank is yet
uSz qS SriA x xoki eZq x ocu x Ezr x to start Option book running.
oM urS SU MUU (LT AU L) AU ore SU xum (ASs-
oSs) (AD AU Lx) ex urim M mra MU UW W | During the year Bank has not undertaken
mUxmU qS M AkU mU WqU aWM M AU x uMsm AU derivative trades in Interest Rate Swaps (IRS) of the
xum M p mra Mr e UW W | oM U uMsm oM Investment Portfolio and Trading Swaps / Currency
Ua mUp MUl oM W | Derivative / Forward Rate Agreements (FRA) were
also not undertaken.
uw M SUl oM l luz xupa M ore SU ASs-oSs
(ADAULx) q urim M mra lW Mr W AU urmU B) The risk management policies and major control
ASs-oSs/qS urim/urS SU MUU p lW Mr W | limits like stop loss limits, counterparty exposure
limits, PV01, etc. approved by the Board of Directors
Z) oQ U AlqSi eZq mokl lir AU mqZ lrh are in place. These risk limits are monitored and
xqL ex xOm sx xqL, mim eZq xqL, m u reviewed regularly. MIS/Reports are submitted
01, AS Mrzs W | Cl eZq xqA M lrqi m periodically to Risk Management Committee. The
x laUl AU xq M ei W | eZq mokl xqi M hedge effectiveness of the outstanding derivative
mok xcl mhs / UmO AukM m x mxii Mr ei deals are monitored in relation to the underlying
W | oMr urim slSl M ocu uruxj mpuzsi M asset/liability on an ongoing basis.
lUiU AkU mU AilWi Axi /Sri M xok q laUl
M ei W | C) Hedge Positions
a) ocu M xji Accrual on account of interest expenses/ income on
the IRS are accounted and recognized as expense/
ore urr M Emcr / ore SU xum (AD AU Lx) mU Ar
M Uexu Zi q ql ei W |
Hedge effectiveness of the outstanding derivative
oMr urim Mr M laUl ASs-oSs AU AilWi
deals are monitored in relation to the fair value of
Axi / Sri M Eci qsr M xok q ocu uruxj
the swap and underlying asset/liability. Bank has
uruWU M U M ei W | oM LTADLqLqQL qsrMl
used the FIMMDA pricing method i.e. relevant G
mi Aji e LxDx miTs ij MmUO qQs M
SEC yield + corporate bonds spread for arriving at
Amli WL ASs-oSs AU AilWi Axi / Sri M
the fair value of the underlying Asset/Liability. If the
Eci qsr M lkUh MUi W | AaU ocu mpuMU lW hedge is not effective, hedge swaps is accounted as
Wi W i ocu ASs-oSs M OQa ASs-oSs M m trading swaps. If swap is terminated before maturity,
q sr ei W | rS mUmYui x mu xum M xqmi MU the MTM loss / gain and accruals till such date are
Sr ei W i Ex iUZ iM Lq O Lq Wl / sp AU accounted as expense/income under Interest Paid /
Emcr M ore SU xum (ASs-oSs) (AD AU Lx) mU received on IRS.
pail M aD / mmi ore M iWi sZMl Mr ei W |
Trading Positions
OQa M xji
Trading swaps are marked to market at frequent
xqlr AiUs q OQa xum M oeU mU AMi intervals and changes are recorded in the income
Mr ei W AU Ar uuUh q mUuil M UMQ Mr statements.
ei W | Accrual on account of interest expenses/ income on
the IRS are accounted and recognized as expense /
ore urr M Emcr / ore SU xum (AD AU Lx) mU Ar
M urr / Ar ql ei W |
Gains or losses on termination of swaps are recorded
xum M xqmi mU sp r Wl M E zwM M iWi as immediate income or expense under the above
iiMs Ar r urr M m q UMQ Mr ei W | head.

II mUqhiqM mMOMUh
(` MUQ q)

. x. uuUh qS urim ore SU urim

1 urim (Msmi qskl Uz)

- ocu uruxj zlr 6592.50

- OQa 1121.32* 100.00

2 oeU xjir mU AMi

- Axir (+) zlr 230.23

- SriL (-) -0.01 -0.76

3 Gh eZq zlr 0.65

bUs xqSmUr

qS ore SU qS ore SU
urim urim urim urim

ore SU q LM mizi mUuil M xqlr

mpu [100* mu01]-

- ocu uruxj urimr mU zlr zlr zlr 1.01

- OQa urimr mU zlr 0.0058 zlr zlr

uw M SUl mL aL AkMiq u lrliq

100* mu01

- ocu uruxj urimr mU zlr zlr zlr zlr

- OQa urimr mU zlr 0.0155/0.0055 zlr zlr

urS xuS [100%mu01] M iWi oMr xji mU ulqr SU q LM mizi mUuil M xqlr mpu : `0.41 MUQ
M sp

*Currency future in NSE/MCX

II Quantitative disclosure
(` in Crore)

Sl. Particulars Currency Derivatives Interest Rate Derivatives


1 Derivatives (Notional principal amount)

- Hedging Nil 6592.50

- Trading 1121.32* 100.00

2 Marked to Market positions

- Assets (+) Nil 230.23

- Liabilities (-) -0.01 -0.76

3 Credit Exposure NIL 0.65

Domestic Overseas

Currency Interest Rate Currency Interest Rate

Derivative Derivatives Derivative Derivatives

4 Likely impact of one percentage change

in interest rate [100*PV01]

- on hedging derivatives NIL NIL NIL 1.01

- on trading derivatives NIL 0.0058 NIL NIL

5 Maximum and minimum of 100*PV01

observed during the year.

- on hedging NIL NIL NIL NIL

- on trading NIL 0.0155/0.0055 NIL NIL

6 Likely impact of one percentage change in exchange rate on outstanding position under forward contract
[100%PV01]: Gain of `0.41 crore.

*Currency future in NSE/MCX

4.4 Axi ahu:
4.4.1 AleM Axir:
(` MUQ q)
uuUh 31.03.2015 31.03.2014
(i) lus Aaq mU lus LlmL (%) 2.65 1.98
(ii) LlmL M EiU- cRu (xMs)
M. mUpM zw 7570.21 6260.16
Z. uw M SUl xukl 10869.53 8443.62
a. uw M SUl Mq 5399.78 7133.57
b. Ci zw 13039.96 7570.21
(iii) lus LlmL M EiU-cRu
M. mUpM zw 5965.46 5278.07
Z. uw M SUl xukl 8174.41 8443.62
a. uw M SUl Mq 5399.78 7756.23
b. Ci zw 8740.09 5965.46
(iv) LlmL Wi mukl M EiU-cRu (qlM Axi xok mukl M NQ MU)
M. mUpM zw 1560.84 932.96
Z. qS AxjUi ij Alr M sL mukl -3.25 30.46
a. uw M SUl Mr ar mukl 4175.71 2238.03
b. o Zi q Qsl / AkM mukl umx MUl 1479.62 1640.61
X. Ci zw 4253.68 1560.84

4.4 Asset Quality:

4.4.1 Non-Performing Assets:
(` in Crore)
Particulars 31.03.2015 31.03.2014
(i) Net NPAs to Net Advances (%) 2.65 1.98
(ii) Movement of NPAs (Gross)
a. Opening balance 7570.21 6260.16
b. Additions during the year 10869.53 8443.62
c. Reductions during the year 5399.78 7133.57
d. Closing balance 13039.96 7570.21
(iii) Movement of Net NPAs
a. Opening balance 5965.46 5278.07
b. Additions during the year 8174.41 8443.62
c. Reductions during the year 5399.78 7756.23
d. Closing balance 8740.09 5965.46
(iv) Movement of provisions for NPAs (excluding Provision on Standard Assets)
a. Opening balance 1560.84 932.96
b. Adjustment towards Exchange Fluctuation & others -3.25 30.46
c. Provisions made during the year 4175.71 2238.03
d. Write off / (Write back) of excess provision 1479.62 1640.61
e. Closing balance 4253.68 1560.84

4.4.2 ml: xUci Zi M uuUh:
(` MUQ q)
ml:xUcl M mMU xQAU i M iWi LxLqD Gh ml:xUcl i M iWi

Axi uaMUh
qM qlM AuqlM xSak Wl Ms qlM AuqlM xSak Wl Ms
42 6 9 1 58 2644 1538 3848 2545 10575
rj ur uw xZr
M 01 Ams M
1 oMr Uz 4485.45 802.12 274.15 239.30 5801.02 524.94 188.80 143.76 46.03 903.53
ml:xUcl Zi
(mUpM AMQ) iSxok
156.99 125.05 212.61 239.30 733.95 18.37 34.80 78.62 46.03 177.04
23 2 5 0 30 7618 614 15 11 8258
uw M SUl lD
2 oMr Uz 2192.40 73.53 731.37 0.00 2997.30 418.55 53.97 2.85 0.08 475.45
76.51 11.03 433.89 0.00 521.42 11.00 8.53 1.31 0.08 20.92
4 -3 -1 0 0 209 -98 138 -236 13
ur uw M SUl
3 ml:xUci qlM oMr Uz 528.70 -500.72 -26.98 0.00 1.00 41.62 -35.59 11.04 -7.01 10.05
h M xiUrl
18.50 0.00 0.00 0.00 18.50 1.46 0.00 9.85 -5.72 5.59

ur uw M EkUMiA M
17 0 0 0 17 590 0 0 0 590
xqmi mU EiU xZr
muklMUh ij/
oMr Uz 1253.81 0.00 0.00 0.00 1253.81 83.19 0.00 0.00 0.00 83.19
r AiU eZq
pU AMwi
MUlus ml:xUci
qlM Aaq M
Aas ur uw iSxok
5.02 0.00 0.00 0.00 5.02 0.21 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.21
q ml: xUci mukl
qlM Aaq M
m q SZl M
AuzrMi lW W

-16 11 7 1 3 -924 497 286 169 28
ur uw M SUl
5 ml:xUci Zi M oMr Uz -1601.31 772.54 829.73 122.22 123.19 -136.03 125.66 102.11 90.46 182.20
-56.05 -159.71 403.14 122.22 309.61 -4.76 -5.17 18.29 73.51 81.88

-12 -5 2 0 -15 670 505 -19 -23 1133
ur uw M SUl
6 o Zi Qs aL oMr Uz -2554 -803 404 0 -2953.08 188 83 21 5 297.12
ml:xUci Zi
-51 -322 221 0 -152 6 -2 -13 9 -1

48 21 18 2 89 8287 2046 4306 2512 17151
ur uw M 31
7 qc M ml:xUcl oMr Uz 6905.67 1950.12 1404.46 361.52 10621.77 577.88 249.93 239.04 124.06 1190.92
Zi (Ci AMQ)
241.70 298.25 829.14 361.52 1730.60 20.23 39.86 121.33 104.54 285.96

4.4.2 Particulars of Accounts Restructured:
(` in Crore)

42 6 9 1 58 2644 1538 3848 2545 10575
1 ON APRIL 1 OF 4485.45 802.12 274.15 239.30 5801.02 524.94 188.80 143.76 46.03 903.53
156.99 125.05 212.61 239.30 733.95 18.37 34.80 78.62 46.03 177.04
23 2 5 0 30 7618 614 15 11 8258
2 RESTRUCTURED 2192.40 73.53 731.37 0.00 2997.30 418.55 53.97 2.85 0.08 475.45
76.51 11.03 433.89 0.00 521.42 11.00 8.53 1.31 0.08 20.92
4 -3 -1 0 0 209 -98 138 -236 13
3 STANDARD 528.70 -500.72 -26.98 0.00 1.00 41.62 -35.59 11.04 -7.01 10.05
18.50 0.00 0.00 0.00 18.50 1.46 0.00 9.85 -5.72 5.59
17 0 0 0 17 590 0 0 0 590
1253.81 0.00 0.00 0.00 1253.81 83.19 0.00 0.00 0.00 83.19
5.02 0.00 0.00 0.00 5.02 0.21 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.21
-16 11 7 1 3 -924 497 286 169 28
5 -1601.31 772.54 829.73 122.22 123.19 -136.03 125.66 102.11 90.46 182.20
-56.05 -159.71 403.14 122.22 309.61 -4.76 -5.17 18.29 73.51 81.88
-12 -5 2 0 -15 670 505 -19 -23 1133
6 -2554 -803 404 0 -2953.08 188 83 21 5 297.12
-51 -322 221 0 -152 6 -2 -13 9 -1
48 21 18 2 89 8287 2046 4306 2512 17151
7 6905.67 1950.12 1404.46 361.52 10621.77 577.88 249.93 239.04 124.06 1190.92
241.70 298.25 829.14 361.52 1730.60 20.23 39.86 121.33 104.54 285.96

(` MUQ q)
ml:xUcl M mMU ml:xUcl M mMU Alr

Axi uaMUh Axi
qM qlM AuqlM xSak Wl Ms qlM AuqlM xSak Wl
uuUh uaMUh

13291 1345 2668 1023 18327 15977 2889 6525 3569 28960
rj ur uw M 01
1 Ams M ml:xUcl oMr Uz 17946.54 660.22 1055.28 236.27 19898.31 22956.93 1651.14 1473.20 521.60 26602.87
Zi (mUpM AMQ)
628.12 100.54 494.19 236.27 1458.96 803.49 260.39 785.42 521.60 2370.90
22183 948 109 92 23332 29824.00 1564 129 103 31620.00
uw M SUl lD
2 oMr Uz 4365.96 58.16 48.27 1.04 4473.43 6976.91 185.66 782.50 1.12 7946.19
173.40 9.52 24.31 1.04 208.28 260.91 29.08 459.51 1.12 750.62
536 -298 -54 -147 37 749.00 -399 83 -383 50.00
ur uw M SUl xZr
3 ml:xUci qlM h oMr Uz 479.89 -474.03 -1.19 -2.28 2.38 1050.20 -1010.34 -17.14 -9.28 13.43
M xiUrl iSxok
16.80 0.02 1.25 -1.10 16.97 36.76 0.03 11.10 -6.82 41.06
ur uw M EkUMiA M
1595 0 0 0 1595 2202.00 0 0 0 2202.00
xqmi mU EiU xZr
muklMUh ij / oMr Uz 2173.38 0.00 0.00 0.00 2173.38 3510.37 0.00 0.00 0.00 3510.37
r AiU eZq
pU AMwi MUlus
4 ml:xUci qlM
Aaq M Aas iSxok
ur uw q ml: 24.49 0.00 0.00 0.00 24.49 29.71 0.00 0.00 0.00 29.71
xUci qlM Aaq
M m q SZl M
AuzrMi lW W
-1738 973 547 398 180 -2678.00 1481 840 568 211.00
ur uw M SUl xZr
5 ml:xUci Zi M oMr Uz -247.48 -60.17 322.56 64.38 79.28 -1984.82 838.03 1254.40 277.06 384.67
Aulrl iSxok
-8.66 -115.14 118.09 64.38 58.67 -69.47 -280.01 539.52 260.11 450.16
4439 530 74 40 5083 5097.00 1030 57 17 6201.00
ur uw M SUl xZr
6 o Zi Qs aL oMr Uz 1210 -186 504 102 1628.92 -1156.55 -942.00 928 107 -1027.04
ml:xUci Zi iSxok
115 -64 136 103 289 69 -387 343 112 137

28238 2438 3196 1326 35198 36573.00 4505 7520.00 3840.00 52438.00
ur uw M 31 qc xZr
7 M ml:xUcl Zi oMr Uz 19161.84 370.53 920.99 197.77 20651.12 26645.40 2570.59 2564.49 683.35 32463.82
(Ci AMQ )
670.66 58.86 502.28 197.71 1429.51 932.59 396.97 1452.75 663.77 3446.07

(` in Crore)

13291 1345 2668 1023 18327 15977 2889 6525 3569 28960
1 17946.54 660.22 1055.28 236.27 19898.31 22956.93 1651.14 1473.20 521.60 26602.87
628.12 100.54 494.19 236.27 1458.96 803.49 260.39 785.42 521.60 2370.90
22183 948 109 92 23332 29824.00 1564 129 103 31620.00
2 4365.96 58.16 48.27 1.04 4473.43 6976.91 185.66 782.50 1.12 7946.19
173.40 9.52 24.31 1.04 208.28 260.91 29.08 459.51 1.12 750.62
536 -298 -54 -147 37 749.00 -399 83 -383 50.00
3 479.89 -474.03 -1.19 -2.28 2.38 1050.20 -1010.34 -17.14 -9.28 13.43
16.80 0.02 1.25 -1.10 16.97 36.76 0.03 11.10 -6.82 41.06
1595 0 0 0 1595 2202.00 0 0 0 2202.00
2173.38 0.00 0.00 0.00 2173.38 3510.37 0.00 0.00 0.00 3510.37
24.49 0.00 0.00 0.00 24.49 29.71 0.00 0.00 0.00 29.71
-1738 973 547 398 180 -2678.00 1481 840 568 211.00
5 -247.48 -60.17 322.56 64.38 79.28 -1984.82 838.03 1254.40 277.06 384.67
-8.66 -115.14 118.09 64.38 58.67 -69.47 -280.01 539.52 260.11 450.16
4439 530 74 40 5083 5097.00 1030 57 17 6201.00
6 1210 -186 504 102 1628.92 -1156.55 -942.00 928 107 -1027.04
115 -64 136 103 289 69 -387 343 112 137
28238 2438 3196 1326 35198 36573.00 4505 7520.00 3840.00 52438.00
7 19161.84 370.53 920.99 197.77 20651.12 26645.40 2570.59 2564.49 683.35 32463.82
670.66 58.86 502.28 197.71 1429.51 932.59 396.97 1452.75 663.77 3446.07

4.4.3 Axi ml:xUcl M sL Mml mipiMUh / Mml 4.4.3 Details of nancial assets sold to Securitization/
ml:xUcl M oc aD ur Axir M uuUh: Reconstruction Company for Asset Reconstruction:
(` MUQ q) (` In Crore)

uuUh 31.03.2015 31.03.2014 Particulars 31.03.2015 31.03.2014

i. Zi M xZr 66 60 i. No. of accounts 66 60

ii. Lxx / AUx M oc ar ii. Aggregate value (net of

Zi M xqa qsr (lus provisions) of accounts
mukl) 497.51 709.96 sold to SC/RC 497.51 709.96

iii. xqa miTs* 906.00 1166.36 iii. Aggregate consideration* 906.00 1166.36

iv. mu M uw q AiUi iv. Additional consideration

Zi M xok q uxs realized in respect of
Mr ar AiU accounts transferred in
miTs sa lW sa lW earlier years NA NA

v. lus oW qsr mU v. Aggregate Gain over Net

xqa sp 408.49 456.40 Book Value 408.49 456.40

4.4.4 ZUS / oc aD AleM ur Axir M uuUh: 4.4.4 Details of non-performing nancial assets
purchased / sold:

M) ZUS aD AleM ur Axir M uuUh A. Details of non-performing nancial assets

(` MUQ q) (` In Crore)
uuUh 31.03.2015 31.03.2014 Particulars 31.03.2015 31.03.2014
1 M. uw M SUl zlr zlr
1 a. No. of accounts NIL NIL
ZUS ar Zi
purchased during
M xZr
the year

Z. xqa sa lW sa lW b. Aggregate NA NA
miTs consideration

2. M. Elq x uw M sa lW sa lW 2. a. Of these, number of NA NA

SUl ml xUclMi accounts restructured
Zi M xZr during the year

Z. xqa oMr sa lW sa lW b. Aggregate outstanding NA NA

Z) oc ar AleM ur Axir M uuUh: B. Details of non-performing nancial assets sold
(` MUQ q) (` In Crore)

uuUh 31.03.2015 31.03.2014 Particulars 31.03.2015 31.03.2014

i. oc ar Zi M xZr 66 60 i. No. of accounts sold 66 60

ii. xqa oMr 1200.11 1479.74 ii. Aggregate outstanding 1200.11 1479.74

iii. mmi xqa 906.00 1166.36 iii. Aggregate consideration 906.00 1166.36
miTs received

4.4.5 mipiMi Mqmlr (Lx x) / mlxUci Mqmlr (AU x) M AleM ur Axir oc el:
(` MUQ q)

LlmL U xqji AilWi M iU mU

LlmL U AilWi M iU
uuUh Alr oM/ur xxjl/aU oMa Ms
mU oM U oc ar
ur Mqmlr U oc ar

mipi UxS q mNs uiql mNs uiql mNs uiql

luz M oW qsr uw uw uw uw uw uw

709.96 497.51 zlr zlr 709.96 497.51

4.4.5 Sale of non-performing assets (NPAs) to Securitisation Company (SCs)/Reconstruction

Companies (RCs).
(` In Crore)

Backed by NPAs sold by other

Backed by NPAs sold by banks/ nancial institutions/ non
Particulars Total
the Bank as underlying banking nancial companies as

Book value
Previous Current Previous Current Previous Current
of investments in
year year year year year year
security receipts

709.96 497.51 Nil Nil 709.96 497.51

4.4.6 qlM Axi xok mukl: 4.4.6 Provisions on Standard Asset:
(` MUQ q) (` In Crore)

uuUh 31.03.2015 31.03.2014 Particulars 31.03.2015 31.03.2014

qlM Axir mU 1870.25 1715.38 Provisions towards Standard 1870.25 1715.38

mukl Assets

4.5 MUoU Almi: 4.5 Business Ratios:

uuUh 31.03.2015 31.03.2014 Particulars 31.03.2015 31.03.2014

i. Mrzs lk M 8.88 8.80 i. Interest income as a 8.88 8.80

mizi M m q ore percentage to Working
Ar (%) Funds (%)

ii. Mrzs lk M 0.92 0.87 ii. Non-interest income as 0.92 0.87

mizi M m q aU-ore a percentage to Working
Ar (%) Funds (%)

iii. Mrzs lk M 1.41 1.51 iii. Operating Prot as a 1.41 1.51

mizi M m q percentage to Working
mUcsliqM sp (%) Funds (%)

iv. Axir mU miTs (%) 0.55 0.54 iv. Return on Assets (%) 0.55 0.54

v. mi MqcU MUoU (eq 1435.02 1438.38 v. Business (Deposits plus 1435.02 1438.38
ij Aaq M qsMU) Advances) per employee
[` sZ q] [` in lakhs]

vi. mi MqcU sp 0.05 0.05 vi. Prot per employee 0.05 0.05
[` MUQ q] [` in crore]

4.6 Axi Sri mokl:
Axi ij Sri M MNM qS M mUmYui xum: (` MUQ q)
uSz qS uSz qS
uuUh eq Aaq luz EkU Axir SriL
1 Sl 4072.31 17135.04 211.25 1100.00 3600.93 860.24
(5866.00) (9488.00) (237.97) (3000.00) (1532.26) (1239.95)
2 x 07 Sl iM 15662.94 11513.17 2500.00 287.48 1744.34 3886.11
(26984.00) (13636.00) (549.02) (1936.43) (3461.26) (3305.22)
8 x 14 Sl iM 12729.60 8622.58 5.00 0.00 3073.59 3287.62
(12565.00) (11119.00) (55.63) (275.61) (1475.28) (1410.29)
15 x 28 Sl iM 16211.67 14575.33 347.54 446.06 2564.25 2205.90
(14254.00) (16231.00) (630.41) (149.79) (2271.01) (1492.02)
29 Sl x 3 qWl iM 46182.82 28135.10 6867.80 3740.43 9798.76 11351.41
(41560.00) (20701.00) (2406.82) (2261.38) (7551.54) (7586.70)
3 qWl x 6 qWl iM 38531.94 20837.77 3394.47 1347.27 4882.25 7781.87
(35584.00) (21463.00) (1340.02) (2158.69) (6054.11) (9633.45)
6 qWl x 1 uw iM 132437.70 47128.30 5081.73 1726.27 10926.29 9678.39
(128792.00) (40135.00) (2227.65) (1265.20) (8566.44) (4805.09)
1 uw x 3 uw iM 167375.63 82604.60 16868.52 5984.34 6240.47 1506.87
(129055.00) (76365.00) (12332.09) (5735.17) (3825.78) (5279.81)
3 uw x 5 uw iM 21443.81 35902.27 32567.18 3450.09 2874.14 4041.56
(11232.00) (27975.00) (30092.29) (4358.77) (1972.76) (3026.43)
5 uw x FmU 19191.68 63581.35 77502.69 7589.60 3561.01 4666.06
(14832.00) (63954.00) (76998.41) (6089.60) (2306.04) (1237.52)
Ms 473840.10 330035.51 145346.18 25671.57 49266.03 49266.03
(420724.00 (301067.00) (126870.31) (27230.64) (39016.48) (39016.48)
(mNs uw x xoki AMQ MM q Sr aL W)
(rj mokl U xMsi u mqhMi ij sZ mUM U Ai)

4.6 Asset Liability Management:

Maturity pattern of certain items of assets and liabilities: (` in Crore)
Foreign Currency Foreign Currency
Particulars Deposits Advances Investments Borrowings Assets Liabilities
1 day 4072.31 17135.04 211.25 1100.00 3600.93 860.24
(5866.00) (9488.00) (237.97) (3000.00) (1532.26) (1239.95)
2 to 7 days 15662.94 11513.17 2500.00 287.48 1744.34 3886.11
(26984.00) (13636.00) (549.02) (1936.43) (3461.26) (3305.22)
8 to 14 days 12729.60 8622.58 5.00 0.00 3073.59 3287.62
(12565.00) (11119.00) (55.63) (275.61) (1475.28) (1410.29)
15 to 28 days 16211.67 14575.33 347.54 446.06 2564.25 2205.90
(14254.00) (16231.00) (630.41) (149.79) (2271.01) (1492.02)
29 days to 3 months 46182.82 28135.10 6867.80 3740.43 9798.76 11351.41
(41560.00) (20701.00) (2406.82) (2261.38) (7551.54) (7586.70)
3 months to 6 months 38531.94 20837.77 3394.47 1347.27 4882.25 7781.87
(35584.00) (21463.00) (1340.02) (2158.69) (6054.11) (9633.45)
6 months to 1 year 132437.70 47128.30 5081.73 1726.27 10926.29 9678.39
(128792.00) (40135.00) (2227.65) (1265.20) (8566.44) (4805.09)
1 year to 3 years 167375.63 82604.60 16868.52 5984.34 6240.47 1506.87
(129055.00) (76365.00) (12332.09) (5735.17) (3825.78) (5279.81)
3 years to 5 years 21443.81 35902.27 32567.18 3450.09 2874.14 4041.56
(11232.00) (27975.00) (30092.29) (4358.77) (1972.76) (3026.43)
Over 5 years 19191.68 63581.35 77502.69 7589.60 3561.01 4666.06
(14832.00) (63954.00) (76998.41) (6089.60) (2306.04) (1237.52)
Total 473840.10 330035.51 145346.18 25671.57 49266.03 49266.03
(420724.00 (301067.00) (126870.31) (27230.64) (39016.48) (39016.48)
(Figures in brackets relate to previous year)
(As compiled and certied by the management and relied upon by the auditors)

4.7 Gh eZq:
4.7.1 xjuU xmS q Gh eZq:
(` MUQ q)
h 31.03.2015 31.03.2014
M) mir Gh eZq 21622.52 17039.39
Auxr okM 18019.93 14210.20
- Auxr xmii M okM U Gh mh m x xUi W e EkUMi U ApaWi Mr eLa
r MUL mU Sr ar W |
- exq x urai Aux Gh mjqMi Aaq q zqs ML el M sL m W 9071.83 8984.47
(ii) uherM xjuU xmS 3601.96 2828.19
- uherM xjuU xmS mU okM M U xUi EkU (Mrsr pul, UOs xmx, oW Ezr
uherM mUxU, oW mUuU lux pul, AaM r urUWEx xjl, WOs, pq Ael, uMx
u xUcl AS)| eZq q aU-lk AkUi xq p zqs W|
(iii) okM xqji mipi (LqoLx) q luz ij Alr mipi Gh eZq 0.63 1.00
M. Auxr 0.63 1.00
Z. uherM xjuU xmS zlr zlr
Z) Amir Gh eZq 7808.02 9515.30
Ur Aux oM (LlLco) ij Aux u Mmlr (LcLTx) xok lk AkUi ij aU 7808.02 9515.30
lk AkUi Gh eZq
xjuU xmS M Ms Gh eZq 29430.54 26554.69
(rj mokl U xMsi u mqhMi ij sZ mUM U Ai)

4.7 Exposures:
4.7.1 Exposure to Real Estate Sector:
(` in Crore)
Category 31.03.2015 31.03.2014
a) Direct Exposure 21622.52 17039.39
(i) Residential Mortgages 18019.93 14210.20
- lending fully secured by Mortgages on residential property that is or will be occupied
by the borrower or that is rented
- Of which, individual Housing Loans eligible for inclusion in priority sector advances 9071.83 8984.47
(ii) Commercial Real Estate 3601.96 2828.19
- Lending secured by mortgages on commercial real estates (ofce buildings, retail
space, multi-purpose commercial premises, multi-family residential buildings, multi-
tenanted commercial premises, industrial or warehouse space, hotels, land acquisition,
development and construction, etc). Exposure also include non-fund based (NFB) limits.
(iii) Investments in Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) and other securitized exposures - 0.63 1.00
a. Residential 0.63 1.00
b. Commercial Real Estate NIL NIL
b) Indirect Exposure 7808.02 9515.30
Fund based and non-fund based exposures on National Housing Bank (NHB) and Housing 7808.02 9515.30
Finance Companies (HFCs)
Total Exposure to Real Estate Sector 29430.54 26554.69
(As compiled and certied by the management and relied upon by the auditors)

4.7.2 me oeU q Gh eZq:
(` MUQ q)

uuUh 31.03.2015 31.03.2014

i. DYuO zrU, mUuilr okm, mUuilr QocU AU DYuO ElqZ mUxmU lkr q 1281.39 1064.79
mir luz exM AUpM lk lii m x MUmUO Gh q lu lW M aD

ii. zrU / oQ / QocU r Alr mipir M Lue q r oeqli AkU mU zrU 10.30 zlr
(ADmA/DLxmA xWi), mUuilr oQ, mUuilr QocU ij qrcAs TQ ElqZ
DYuO CMDr q luz Wi urr M Sr ar Aaq

iii. Mx Alr mrel M sL Aaq eW zrU r mUuilr okm r mUuilr QocU r 61.40 673.58
DYuO ElqZ mUxmU lkr M CMDr M mjqM mipi M m q sr ar W |

iv. Aaq r mUuilr okm r mUuilr DYuO ElqZ mUxmU lk M CMDr M 77.00 zlr
xmM mipi U mipi Mr el iM Mx Alr mrel M sL Aaq rl zrU
/ mrel oQ / mUuilr QocU / DYuO ElqZ mUxmU lkr M CMDr M NQMU
mjqM mipi Aaq M mhir muUi lW MUi |

v. xOM oMU M mipi AU Amipi Aaq AU xOM oMU ij umh lqiA M m 662.27 730.70
q lai aUOr

vi. xi M LMi MUl M mirz q lD Mmlr q DYuO MUl M sL mreM M 0.10 zlr
AzSl mU MUl M sL zrU / oQ / QocU M mipi q r Alr mipir M mipi
M Lue q r ozir MmUO M xuMi Aaq |

vii. mirzi DYuO muW / CzrA M Lue q Mmlr M mUM Gh | NIL zlr

viii. zrU r mUuilr okm r mUuilr QocU r DYuO ElqZ mUxmU lk M rlO M NIL zlr
AUpM Czr M qqs q oM U s aD WqSU ucloir |

ix. qel urmU M sL xOM oMU M u mwh NIL zlr

x. ucU me lkr q xU eZq meMi AU AmeMi, Sl me oeU q Ms eZq 363.96 411.15

me oeU M Ms Gh eZq 2456.42 2880.22

4.7.2 Exposure to Capital Market:
(` in Crore)

Particulars 31.03.2015 31.03.2014

i. Direct Investment in Equity Shares, convertible bonds, convertible debentures 1281.39 1064.79
and units of equity oriented mutual funds the corpus of which is not exclusively
invested in corporate debt.

ii. Advances against shares/bonds/debentures or other securities or on clean basis 10.30 NIL
to individuals for investment in shares (including IPOs/ESOPs), convertible bonds,
convertible debentures and units of equity oriented mutual funds.

iii. Advances for any other purposes where shares or convertible bonds or convertible 61.40 673.58
debentures or units of equity oriented mutual funds are taken as primary security.

iv. Advances for any other purposes to the extent secured by the collateral security of 77.00 NIL
shares or convertible bonds or convertible debentures or units of equity oriented
mutual funds i.e. where the primary security other than shares/convertible bonds/
convertible debentures/units of equity oriented mutual funds does not fully cover
the advances.

v. Secured and unsecured advances to stockbrokers and guarantees issued on behalf 662.27 730.70
of stock brokers and market makers

vi. Loans sanctioned to corporate against the security of shares/bonds/debentures 0.10 NIL
or other securities or on clean basis for meeting promoters contribution to the
equity of new companies in anticipation of raising resources.

vii. Bridge loans to companies against expected equity ows/issues NIL NIL

viii. Underwriting commitments taken up by the Banks in respect of primary issue of NIL NIL
shares or convertible bonds or convertible debentures or units of equity oriented
mutual funds

ix. Financing to stockbrokers for margin trading NIL NIL

x. All exposures to Venture Capital Funds (both registered and unregistered) 363.96 411.15

Total Exposure to Capital Market 2456.42 2880.22

4.7.3 eZq huU Sz M Gh eZq:
Lx Sz M xSp q eW oM M lus lkM Gh eZq ExM Ms Axir M 1% r erS W i oM M Sz-eZq
M mukl MUl M AuzrMi W| rj 31.03.2015 M rlCOQ MaQq (lahr eZq - L1) u WaMa (lql eZq L2 -
h) M xj oM M lus lkM Gh eZq CxM Ms Axir M 1% x erS WA W ij AuzrM mukl olr ar
(` MUQ q)
rj 31.03.2015 rj 31.03.2015 rj 31.03.2014
rj 31.03.2014
eZq h M Gh eZq M kUi M Gh eZq
M kUi mukl
(lus) mukl (lus)

lahr 12659.96 6.17 10775.60 zlr

Mq 20367.49 8.12 21876.47 6.84

xqlr 1568.85 zlr 2223.46 zlr

E 7.05 zlr 82.19 zlr

oWi erS 96.61 zlr 0.87 zlr

mioki 0.00 zlr 0.00 zlr

BT- QO 2.73 zlr 1.75 zlr

Ms 34702.69 14.29 34960.34 6.84

4.7.3 Risk Category-wise Country Exposure:

In respect of the Country for which the Banks net funded exposure is 1% or more of its total assets, the Bank is
required to make provision for Country Risk. As on 31.03.2015 in the case of United Kingdom (Insignicant Risk
A1) & Hong Kong ( Low Risk category A2) the Net funded exposure exceeds 1% of the total assets, for which the
required provision is made.
(` in Crore)
Exposure (net) Provision held Exposure (net) Provision held
Risk Category as at as at as at as at
31.03.2015 31.03.2015 31.03.2014 31.03.2014
Insignicant 12659.96 6.17 10775.60 NIL
Low 20367.49 8.12 21876.47 6.84
Moderate 1568.85 NIL 2223.46 NIL
High 7.05 NIL 82.19 NIL

Very High 96.61 NIL 0.87 NIL

Restricted 0.00 NIL 0.00 NIL

Off-credit 2.73 NIL 1.75 NIL

TOTAL 34702.69 14.29 34960.34 6.84

4.7.4 oM U u M ar LMs EkUMi xq (LxeLs) 4.7.4 Details of Single Borrower Limit (SGL) / Group
ij xqW EkUMi xq (eoLs) M uuUh: Borrower Limit (GBL) exceeded by the Bank:
oM M Mx p xqW Zi M qqs q lkUi uuMmh The Bank has not exceeded the prudential credit
Gh eZq xq x AkM lW W ij AkUpi xUcl exposure limits prescribed for group accounts and
mUrelA q r Brs Mmlr M sL LMs EkUMi single borrower engaged in infrastructure projects
M lrei Mr ar W | or for Oil Companies.

4.7.5 aU eqli Aaq: 4.7.5 Unsecured Advances:

(` MUQ q) (` in Crore)

uuUh 31.03.2015 31.03.2014 Particulars 31.03.2015 31.03.2014

Ms aU eqli Aaq 56736.25 49002.74 Total Unsecured Advance 56736.25 49002.74

exq x Out of which

i) xmM M m q oM mU 5094.56 4863.02 i) Amount of advances 5094.56 4863.02
outstanding against charge
mpUi Aqi mipir ex
over intangible securities
AkMU, sCxx, mkMUh such as rights, licenses,
AS M mpU mU oMr Aaq authorizations etc. charged
M Uz to the Bank as collateral

ii) Lx Aqi mipir 7689.29 9276.59 ii) The estimated value of such 7689.29 9276.59
(E (i) M AlxU) M intangible securities (as in (i)
xpui qsr above)

(rj mokl U xMsi ij sZ mUM U Ai) (As Compiled by Management and relied upon by Auditor)

4.8 uuk: 4.8. Miscellaneous:

4.8.1 uw M SUl ArMU Wi Mr ar mukl M Uz: 4.8.1 Amount of Provisions made for Income Tax during
the year:
(` MUQ q) (` in Crore)
uuUh 31.03.2015 31.03.2014 Particulars 31.03.2015 31.03.2014
ArMU Wi mukl 795.00 625.00 Provision for Income Tax 795.00 625.00
(xm MU ij Axjai (including Wealth tax and
MU xWi) Deferred tax)
4.8.2 pUir Ueu oM U sar
sar ar SQ M mMOMUh: 4.8.2 Disclosure of Penalties imposed by RBI:
ur uw 2014-15 M SUl oM ulrq Aklrq, 1949 During the nancial year 2014-15, the Bank has
M kU 47L(1)(x) M xj mPlr kU 47A(1) ij Tq been subjected to an aggregate penalty of Rs 0.10
M kU 11 M Em kU (3) M AlxU pUir Ueu oM Crore in terms of Section 47A(1) of the Banking
U ulS lrq r zi M Almsl lW ML el M Regulation Act, 1949 for non compliance of the
sL oM mU `0.10 MUQ M SQ sar ar W| oM l Reserve Bank of India instructions. Bank has paid
penalty amount of Rs.0.10 Crore to Reserve Bank of
SlM 04.08.2014 M pUir Ueu oM M `0.10 MUQ
India on 04.08.2014.
M E SQ Uz mSl Mr W |
5. Accounting Standards:
5. sZMl qlSQ: In compliance with the guidelines issued by the
pUir xlS sZMU xxjl U eU Mr aL uuk RBI regarding disclosure requirements of the
sZMl qlSQ M iWi mMOMUh AmA M xok q various Accounting Standards issued by Institute of
pUir Ueu oM U eU Mr aL SzlSz M Almsl Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), the following
q, lqlsZi xcl M mMOMUh Mr ei W: information is disclosed:

5.1 sZMl qlSQ 5 - lS Auk M sL lus 5.1 Accounting Standard 5 Net Prot/Loss for
sp / Wl, muuk qS AU sZMl lir q the period, prior period items and changes in
mUuil: accounting policies:
CxM mWs M Auk M MD qS lW W | There are no material prior period items
5.2 sZMl qlSQ 15 - MqcU Wisp 5.2 Accounting Standard 15 Employee Benets
EmSl, mzl ij uzwkMU N SriA M uiql The actuarial assumptions in respect of gratuity,
qsr AU oM M raSl M lkUh MUl M sL up pension and privilege leave, for determining the
qlM M lkUi MU lqlsZi M sL oqMM present value of obligations and contributions
Alql Mr aL W : of the bank, have been made by xing various
parameters for
- qSxTi, uUi, mSi AU ClxOO BT cOQ
- Salary escalation by taking into account
AMElOOx BT CQr U eU Mr aL sZMl ination, seniority, promotion and other factors
qlSQ 15(xzki) M Alr bOM M krl q UZi mentioned in Accounting Standard 15(Revised)
WL uil q oRU M ei W | issued by ICAI.
- uai uw AU mirzi puwr M Alpu M xSp q - Attrition rate by reference to past experience
x SU AU Cxq qir M NQMU Alr xp AWUh and expected future experience and includes
sMl uMsai M MUh WL AWUh zqs W | all types of withdrawals other than death but
- Axuxji AuMz M sL sZ-oW q mukl lW including those due to disability.
olL aL W YrM CxM lMSMUh lW Mr e - Provision towards sick leave has not been
xMi W, eo MD MqcU Axuxji AuMz si made in the books of account due to the reason
W i Ex MqcU M oSs q MD AiU MqcU that the same is not encashable, no additional
mSl lW Mr ei W ij Axuxji AuMz M staff being provided when an employee avails
sick leave and there will not be any pay out on
sL MD Lue pail lW Mr ei W | account of sick leave.

qskl oqMM Alql

uuUh EmSl mzl uzwkMU N
Urri SU 8.00% 8.00% 8.00%
Axir mU mirzi UOl 9.15% 9.15% zlr
uil q oRU 5.50% 5.50% 5.50%
mzl q oRU zlr 2.00% zlr
AD L Ls Lq AD L Ls Lq AD L Ls Lq
qir SU
(2006-08) AkUpi (2006-08) AkUpi (2006-08)AkUpi

Principal Actuarial Assumptions

Particulars Gratuity Pension Privilege Leave
Discount Rate 8.00% 8.00% 8.00%
Expected Return on Assets 9.15% 9.15% NIL
Salary Escalation 5.50% 5.50% 5.50%
Pension Escalation NIL 2.00% NIL
Mortality IALM (2006-08) IALM (2006-08) IALM (2006-08)
Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate

Sriu ij Axir q 31 qc, 2015 M xqmi uw M SUl mUuil
(` MUQ q)
M. mUpwi Sriu sp q mUuil
EmSl mzl uzwkMU N
1 uw M zAi q Q o A 1610.34 9035.86 724.22
2 xu sai 37.88 182.60 35.91
3 ore sai 138.28 805.27 66.99
4 oqMM Wlr / (sp) 108.81 269.80 (26.74)
5 sp pail (230.77) (660.39) zlr
6 uw M Ai q Q o A 1664.54 9633.14 800.38

Z. Axir M Eci qsr q mUuil EmSl mzl uzwkMU N

1 uw M zAi q relai Axir M Eci qsr 1567.50 8896.09 -
2 relai Axir mU mirzi UOl 140.91 800.69 -
3 uxiuM Mml AzSl 175.68 369.54 -
4 oqMM sp / (Wlr) (135.52) (205.77) -
5 sp pail (230.77) (660.39) -
6 uw M Ai q relai Axir M Eci qsr 1517.79 9200.16 -

Change in obligation and assets over the year ending 31 Mar 2015
(` in Crore)
A Changes in Dened Benet Obligation (DBO)
Gratuity Pension Privilege Leave
1 DBO at beginning of the year 1610.34 9035.86 724.22
2 Service Cost 37.88 182.60 35.91
3 Interest Cost 138.28 805.27 66.99
4 Actuarial Losses / (Gains) 108.81 269.80 (26.74)
5 Benet Payments (230.77) (660.39) Nil
6 DBO at end of the year 1664.54 9633.14 800.38

(` in Crore)
B Changes in Fair Value of Assets Gratuity Pension Privilege Leave
1 Fair Value of Plan Assets at beginning of the year 1567.50 8896.09 -
2 Expected Return on plan assets 140.91 800.69 -
3 Actual company contributions 175.68 369.54 -
4 Actuarial Gain / (Loss) (135.52) (205.77) -
5 Benets payments (230.77) (660.39) -
6 Fair Value of Plan Assets at the end of the year 1517.79 9200.16 -

Alpuai CiWx
(` MUQ q)
EmSl mzl uzwkMU N
1 uw M Ai q mUpwi Sriu sp 1664.54 9633.14 800.38
2 uw M Ai q relai Axir 1517.79 9200.16 -
3 lkrl xji (146.75) (432.99) (800.38)
4 relai SriA q Alpuai xqrel 61.98 260.77 (133.13)
5 relai Axir q Alpuai xqrel (135.52) (205.77) -

Experience History
(` in Crore)
Gratuity Pension Privilege Leave
1 Dened Benet Obligation at end of the year 1664.54 9633.14 800.38
2 Plan Assets at end of the year 1517.79 9200.16 -
3 Funded Status (146.75) (432.99) (800.38)
4 Experience adjustments on plan liabilities 61.98 260.77 (133.13)
5 Experience adjustments on plan assets (135.52) (205.77) -

(` MUQ q)
rj 31 qc, 2015 M islm q qlri mmi lus Axi / Sri
EmSl mzl uzwkMU N
1 Sriu sp M uiql qsr 1664.54 9633.14 800.38
2 relai Axir M Eci qsr 1517.79 9200.16 -
3 lkrl xji (Akzw / (bO) (146.75) (432.99) (800.38)
4 islm q qlri mmi lus Axi / (Sri) (146.75) (432.99) (800.38)

(` in Crore)
Net Asset (Liability) Recognized in Balance Sheet - 31 March 2015
Gratuity Pension Privilege Leave
1 Present value of Dened Benet Obligation 1664.54 9633.14 800.38
2 Fair Value of Plan Assets 1517.79 9200.16 -
3 Funded Status [Surplus/(Decit)] (146.75) (432.99) (800.38)
4 Net Asset / (Liability) recognized in the Balance Sheet (146.75) (432.99) (800.38)

31 qc, 2015 M xqmi uw M sL lr urr mMOl
(` MUQ q)
lr urr M bOM
EmSl mzl uzwkMU N
1 uiql xu sai (mhir oqMi xukA M sL
eZq mqrq xWi) 37.88 182.61 35.91
2 ore sai 138.28 805.27 66.99
3 relai Axir q mirzi UOl (140.91) (800.69) -
4 oqMM Wlr / (sp) 244.33 475.56 (26.74)
5 sp-Wl Zi q qlri mmi Ms lr urr 279.75 662.75 76.16

Disclosure of Employer Expense for the year ending 31 Mar 2015

(` in Crore)
Components of Employer Expense
Gratuity Pension Privilege Leave
1 Current Service Cost (including risk premiums for
fully insured benets) 37.88 182.61 35.91
2 Interest Cost 138.28 805.27 66.99
3 Expected Return on Plan Assets (140.91) (800.69) -
4 Actuarial Losses / (Gains) 244.33 475.56 (26.74)
5 Total Employer Expense recognized in P&L 279.75 662.75 76.16

islm q qlri mmi lus Axi / Sri - 31 qc, 2015

(` MUQ q)
EmSl mzl uzwkMU N
1 Sriu M uiql qsr 1664.54 9633.14 800.38
2 relai Axir M Eci qsr 1517.79 9200.16 -
3 lkrl xji (Akzw / (bO) (146.75) (432.99) (800.38)
4 islm q qlri mmi lus Axi / (Sri) (146.75) (432.99) (800.38)

Net Asset/(liability) Recognised in Balance Sheet - 31 Mar 2015

(` in Crore)
Gratuity Pension Privilege Leave
1 Present value of Dened Benet Obligation 1664.54 9633.14 800.38
2 Fair Value of Plan Assets 1517.79 9200.16 -
3 Funded Status [Surplus / (Decit)] (146.75) (432.99) (800.38)
4 Net Asset / (Liability) recognized in the Balance Sheet (146.75) (432.99) (800.38)

uw xqml 31.03.2015 Wi oslx zO q mkMi lus Axir / SriA M xqkl
(` MUQ q)

EmSl mzl uzwkMU N

1 Auk M AUp q lus Axi/(Sri) (42.84) (139.77) (724.22)

lr urr
2 278.59 662.75 76.16

lr AzSl
3 175.68 369.54 -

AkaWh / MUoU xrel

4 - - -

Auk M xqml mU lus Axi / (Sri)

5 146.75 432.99 800.38

Reconciliation of Net Assets/Liabilities recognized in Balance Sheet for the year ended 31.03.2015
(` in Crore)

Gratuity Pension Privilege Leave

1 Net Asset/(Liability) at the beginning of the period (42.84) (139.77) (724.22)

2 Employer Expenses 278.59 662.75 76.16

3 Employer Contributions 175.68 369.54 -

4 Acquisitions/Business Combinations - - -

5 Net Asset/(Liability) at the end of the period 146.75 432.99 800.38

5.3 sZMl qlSQ- 17
- ZQ UmOa:
pa M - MUoU ZQ: (` MUQ q)
xqmi uw
31.03.2015 31.03.2014
(M) ZQ Uexu
1 UeMw mUcsl 12201.37 11079.17
2 ZSU oMa mUcsl 12582.47 10788.38
3 jM oMa mUcsl 22818.09 20806.56
4 Alr oMa mUcsl 0.00 0.00
5 aU AuOi 698.36 806.26
Ms 48300.29 43480.37
(Z) ZQ mUhq
1 UeMw mUcsl 1569.12 1463.00
2 ZSU oMa mUcsl 1221.35 1722.43
3 jM oMa mUcsl 3548.66 2946.74
4 Alr oMa mUcsl 0.00 0.00
Ms 6339.13 6132.17
(a) aU AuOi Ar / urur 611.24 664.02
(b) mUcsl sp 6950.37 6796.19
(X) mukl AU AMxqMiL 3452.74 3733.00
(c) Ar MU 795.00 625.00
(N) lus sp 2702.63 2438.19
(e) ZQ Axir *

1 UeMw mUcsl 192632.54 167100.83

2 ZSU oMa mUcsl 117466.87 99619.98
3 jM oMa mUcsl 217195.46 209370.03
4 Alr oMa mUcsl 0.00 0.00
5 aU AuOi Axir 15299.84 10332.76
Ms 542594.71 486423.60
(f)) ZQ SriL
1 UeMw mUcsl 50848.56 51466.11
2 ZSU oMa mUcsl 251281.63 183552.33
3 jM oMa mUcsl 183254.51 199789.78
4 Alr oMa mUcsl 0.00 0.00
5 aU AuOi SriL 30756.63 27493.52
6 me AU AUi lkr* 26453.38 24121.86
Ms 542594.71 486423.60
( mlqsrMl AUi lk M NQMU)

5.3 Accounting Standard-17 -Segment Reporting:
Part A Business Segment:
(` in Crore)
Year ended
31.03.2015 31.03.2014
(a) Segment Revenue
1 Treasury Operations 12201.37 11079.17
2 Retail Banking Operations 12582.47 10788.38
3 Wholesale Banking Operations 22818.09 20806.56
4 Other Banking Operations 0.00 0.00
5 Unallocated 698.36 806.26
Total 48300.29 43480.37
(b) Segment Results
1 Treasury Operations 1569.12 1463.00
2 Retail Banking Operations 1221.35 1722.43
3 Wholesale Banking Operations 3548.66 2946.74
4 Other Banking Operations 0.00 0.00
Total 6339.13 6132.17
(c) Unallocated Income/Expenses 611.24 664.02
(d) Operating Prot 6950.37 6796.19
(e) Provisions and Contingencies 3452.74 3733.00
(f) Income Tax 795.00 625.00
(g) Net Prot 2702.63 2438.19
(h) Segment Assets*