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SEMESTER 1 2016/2017




Please mark () where appropriate. The answer should be either Yes or No only.

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1. In reinforced concrete design, BS5910 should be asscociated

together with EC2 in order to calculate bending moment.
3 3

2. Transient is refer as design situation during a period much

shorter than the design working life.
3 3

3. The limit states in the reinforced concrete design must fulfill

the deflection, cracking, durability and fire resistance.
3 3

4. Dimension of beam is governed by thickness of brickwall, fire

resistance and span.
3 3

5. For continuous beam, load cases is concerned with the

arrangement of actions to give the most favourable
conditions. 3 3

6. The rectangular-parabolic stress block represents the

distribution at failure when the compressive strain are within
the elastic range, 3 3

7. A structure is safe, if it is able to resist without distress and

with sufficient margin of safety, all forces which are likely to
act on it during its life time. 3 3

8. Structures under category S4 refer to the building structures

and must be designed for 100 years working life.
3 3

9. The minimum area of reinforcement is provided to control

thermal and shrinkage cracking within acceptable limits.
3 3

10. Slabs with varying depth are generally used in the

commercial buildings to provide economical design.
3 3