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Lesson Plan: How to Write a Date: Oct.

19, 2016 Grade: Secondary 5

Duration: 75 min Group:
Dystopian Short Story. 56-04

Final Project For Term 1

Objective By the end of this lesson, the students will be able to:

Develop their critical thinking skills

Enhance collaboration and
communication skills
Students will identify the elements of a
short story and the elements of dystopian

Materials: PowerPoint, hand out of guidelines to writing
a dystopian short story and brainstorming sheet.

Subject Competency:

Competency 1. Uses language/talk to communicate and to learn

Competency 3: Produces texts for personal and social purposes

Cross Curricular Competencies:

Competency 8. Cooperates with others
Competency 9. Communicates appropriately
Time Lesson

Powerpoint: The lesson will start with a hook by

10 min showing a short clip called These are the 5
things which introduces the elements of a short
story. This will be a quick review.

Short review of what dystopian is. Students have

already been introduced to dystopia in another
lesson. Therefore, this will also be a quick
35 min Development:

Hand out the guidelines to writing a dystopian

short story and go over every step together as a

25 min
Give each student a brainstorming sheet on how
to write a dystopian short story
Students will work on their brainstorming sheet
for the rest of the class time.

Advise students that they will have more time to
complete their brainstorming next class, and will begin
writing their short story.

PROFESSIONAL Competency 2: To communicate clearly in the

COMPETENCIES ADDRESSED: language of instruction, both orally and in writing, using
correct grammar, in various contexts related to teaching.

Competency 5: To evaluate student progress in learning

the subject content and mastering the related

Competency 6: To plan, organize and supervise a class

in such a way as to promote students learning and
social development.

Competency 8: To integrate information and

communications technologies (ICT) in the preparation
and delivery of teaching/learning activities and for
instructional management and professional development