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Running head: Integrated Marketing Communications in Program Development 1

Integrated Marketing Communications in Program Development

Dan O'Brien

AET 552

January 16, 2017

Dr. Charity Jennings



Integrated marketing campaigns have been proven to allow organizations to not only

market a product but to also establish branding and direct communications with the public and

stakeholders. What integrated marketing has done with recent technologies is to allow the active

participation of program participants, stakeholders and program planners. Traditional marketing

techniques that utilize brochures, promotional items and product information are not necessarily

eliminated but are combined in an integrated marketing approach (Combs & Davis, 2010).

Organizations across the globe are employing integrated marketing campaigns to promote

educational institutions, business of all types along with advocacy groups. This report will focus

on a business that manufactures and sells computer numerically controlled (CNC), machine

tools, an educational focused organization and a sports centered company that manufactures

mountain bicycles.

What is Integrated Marketing?

According to, Shimp & Andrews (2013), integrated marketing is a mix of coordinating a

variety of promotional elements that includes advertising, public relations, sales promotion,

personal selling, direct marketing paired with an online social media marketing program.

As with most communications with individuals or groups one has to have some

knowledge of the audience for a successful exchange to take place and this is the first

consideration in integrated marketing. Todays marketing techniques go beyond just placing

advertisements, handing out brochures and attending events. There are multiple communication

technologies that must be utilized for such a campaign. A consistent message and uniform look

to all communications verbal, textual and visual. Integrated marketing seeks to create and build

relationships with participants that will affect their future behavior (Shimp & Andrews, 2013).

Integrated marketing includes the use of social media to accomplish its goals. The use of

such technologies can be employed by having celebrities use products during public events to

boost sales. Social marketing can also be utilized to encourage people to change behaviors such

as eating healthier, exercising and to stop smoking. A wide range of organizations use social

marketing as a tool to bring positive social change (International Social Marketing Association,


Application of Integrated Marketing Communications in Programs

The following programs represent three different organizations that utilize integrated

marketing techniques to accomplish its goals and objectives.

Haas Automation is an American manufacture of computer numerically controlled, CNC,

machine tools, also known as metal cutting machines. When one loads the Haas Automation

website one will find just many elements of a highly successful integrated marketing campaign.

Haas has all the traditional product offerings and product information but includes many more

features for consumers to utilize and participate in. Haas has a consistent logo, mission and

vision since its start in nineteen eighty three. One of the goals of Haas is to offer unique

products that utilize the input of the users to constantly improve products and services. This

organizational philosophy has helped make Haas Automation one of the largest machine tool

manufactures in the world. Haas did not get to this position with its exceptional products and

services alone. A social media marketing campaign utilizing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr,

Google+, Instagram, and an E-newsletter are all employed to help accomplish company goals.

Haas produces how to videos on the use of its products and openly takes questions from users

who access the website. Haas also is a generous supporter of manufacturing education and gives

millions of dollars to machining related schools across the world every year (Haas Automation,

Inc. 2017).

Fullerton College is a California community college that offers academic and vocational

skills programs. The Fullerton College website offers what would be expected of any community

college with access to course schedules, departments, programs, services, faculty and staff

contact information, campus events and news are also included. Application and registration

procedures are all easy to find and easy to use. The college also utilizes social media sites such as

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to inform current and prospective students on campus

activities and also allow their input. Testimonials from students can be found in multiple

locations throughout the site displaying satisfaction with college programs and services. Students

are encouraged to participate in discussions and comment on the college social media websites.

There are other local community colleges that have similar offerings but Fullerton College stays

ahead of its competition by allowing active participation of the students, offering a consistent

uniform message, creating a community with the students and faculty and by utilizing todays

communication technologies (Fullerton College, 2017).

Pivot Cycles produces high end off road bicycles. Pivots product offerings can be viewed

on their website to include all details and options for prospective customers. The website

features an easy to use drop down style of menu system. Pivot also includes news and press

releases, technical tips and video section showing professional riders on their bikes. Detailed

information and part drawings are also included for each bicycle model. Upcoming demo events

where prospective customers can take the bikes for rides on their local trail areas are kept up to

date. A user input area is provided for customers to share their experiences using the product and

provide up to date customer testimonials. Pivot is also active with social media with active

participation on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Pivot lists its affiliation with several

associations that are respected within the off road cycling community (Pivot Cycles, 2017).


Organizations that only employ traditional marketing methods are not reaching out and

informing prospective customers of their products and services, Marketing campaigns require a

full integrated marketing approach utilizing social media and the input of the end user to be

successful. Organizations today need to reach out to customers and program participants in a

way that involves their active participation. Integrated marketing communications offers a path

for such organizations to accomplish these goals.



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