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Question: Describe Thesis Title 1

Answer: My research is dont add or delete any process in a system, only
change structure to improve the effective for the system. For a simple
example, there are two bank account window, we can call A and B, its very
busy in A, but the B is very idle. We dont need to add a new account
windows. The new windows we can call them process. We just change
workload from A to B. Therefore, we increase the efficiency without add or
delete any process.
2. Question: Describe Thesis Title 2
I finished the system many years ago. Its most opinion to improve my
programmer skill. I became more professional about how to make a system,
such as structure and maintain.
3. Introduce myself
Hello, everyone my name is Sunner. I started my work before 3 years ago
and IBM is my first full-time job. My role is team leader of a mainframe team.
There are 9 people in my team and they work as a shift, so we can provide
maintain service to Japanese customers throughout the 24 hours. I often
manage the risk quality and members skill and so on. Moreover, I often
used MS office to manage my team and hold meeting with Japanese project
manager. I have achieved 500 days no operation miss in my work.
Consequently, I acquired thanks letter form DPE last October.
In addition to being a team leader, Im a lecturer in IBM form last June. I
share my skill about how to use IBM Notes more effectively. Im responsible
for teaching two courses. The new employee course and notes subject
course. After evaluation for my course, I acquired the client funded award in
the Share Expertise Practice from the senior manager.
That's all. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself.
4. I experienced the transition and deliver procedure, because I manage two
projects from the beginning. I make a good communicate with DPE,
Transition manager, Chinese and Japanese PM and the other people during
three years.
5. How to do time management?
I need to make clearly about two parts. First, whats the level of each
member? Second, whats the situation about Japanese member? I had
several meeting to talk with Japanese project manager to make it clear. And
then, I need to match the two parts to make a plan how long we can finish
6. How to avoid transition risk?
There are two important points can affect transition. The first point is
operation instruction, I will reviewed all the instructions firstly and talk with
the PM what our team need. The second is control transition time clearly,
according to our meeting and actual situation, I will make a proper schedule.
7. How to decide scope of transition?
We decide the scope to three parts which are regular, irregular and alert
work. According to three parts, we can decide the scope of part. Such as
regular work, we can sum up a list from Japanese PM. According to list, we
can decide which part we can accept.
8. Whats the content about monthly meeting?
I report team performance to project team. The main contents as follows, no
miss of length, member skill situation, workload, ideal log and project issues.