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Exit Exam for PHYSICS SET A

DIRECTION: Choose the answer from the given choices and shade the letter of your choice on the
answer sheet provided.

1. Consider the following forces acting on an object:

F1 = 10 N due north F2 = 20 N due south east F3 = 5 N west
What is the magnitude of the resultant force?
a. 10 b. 20 c. 31 d. 35

2. Given three vectors A, B, C: A 5i 4 j k , B i 2 j 3k , C 4i 7 j 4k

What is the sum of A & B ?
a. 6i 2 j 4k
6i 6 j 4k
6i 2 j 4k
6i 6 j 4k
3. If the two vectors A & B are perpendicular, the vector product is
a. AB b. 0 c. 1 d. - 1

4. A 10-kg block is pushed along a rough, horizontal surface. A horizontal force of 50 N is required
to keep the block moving with constant speed. Find the coefficient of kinetic friction
a. 0.15 b. 0.51 c. 0.2 d. 0.196

5. Three identical blocks are pulled or pushed across a horizontal surface by a force F, as shown in
the drawings. The force F in each case has the same magnitude. Rank the kinetic frictional
forces that act on the blocks in ascending order (smallest first).

a. B, C, A b. B, A, C c. C, A, B d. C, B, A

6. What is the maximum height will be reached by a stone thrown straight up with an initial speed
of 35 m/s?
a. 98 m b. 160 m c. 41 m d. 63 m

7. A 0.25-kg ball attached to a string is rotating in a horizontal circle of radius 0.5m. if the ball
revolves twice per second, what is the tension in the string?
a. 2 N b. 0.5 N c. 20 N d. 1O N

8. The radius of the earth is 6.38 X 106 m and its mass is 5.98 X 1024 kg. What is the acceleration
due to gravity at a height of 1.28 X 107 m above the earths surface?
a. 1.08 m/s2 b. 2.15 m/s2 c. 9.80 m/s2 d. 0.66 m/s2
9. A force of 50 N stretches a spring by 10 cm. What is the elastic potential energy of the spring?
a. 50 J b. 5 J c. 25 J d 2.5 J

10. A 0.50-kg ball is dropped from a height of 10.0 m. What is the kinetic energy of the ball when
it is 2.50 m
above the ground?
a. 12.25 J b. 36.75 J c. 24.5J d. 49 J

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11. Two balls with the same mass had a perfectly inelastic head-on collision. Before the collision,
the first ball
was moving at a certain speed while the second ball at twice the speed but in the opposite
What percentage of the systems kinetic energy is lost in the collision?
a. 10 % b. 60% c. 30% d. 90 %

12. The shaft of a motor turns at a constant rate of 3000 rev/min. In 10 s, it will turn through
a. 500 rev b. 157 rev c. 314 rev d. 80 rev

13. A disk has a moment of inertia of 3.0 x 10 4 kgm2 and rotates with an angular speed of 3.5
rad/sec. What net
torque must be applied to bring it to rest within 3 s?
a. 4.5 x 103 Nm b. 3.5 x 104 Nm c. 7.5 x 104 Nm d. 5.0 x 104

14. Fluid at rest at the bottom of a container is

a. under less pressure than the fluid at the top
b. under more pressure than the fluid at the top
c. under the same pressure as the fluid at the top

15. The pressure at the bottom of the vessel filled with liquid does not depend on the
a. area of the liquid surface c. height of the liquid
b. acceleration of gravity d. liquid density

16. Buoyancy occurs because, with increasing depth in a fluid, the

a. pressure increases c. density decreases
b. pressure decreases d. density increases

17. For most solids. The coefficient of volume expansion is __________ the coefficient of linear
a. same as b. proportional to c. twice d. 3 times

18. A rectangular metal plate has a circular hole in it. The metal plate undergoes an increase in
temperature such that the plate has a new area that is equal to 110% of the original area. If
the original area of the hole is Ahole, what is the new area of the hole?
a. 1.10Ahole c. 90Ahole
b 110Ahole d. 0.90Ahole

19. An echo is sound reflected from a distant object, such as a wall or cliff. Since the speed of a
wave can be considered more or less constant, it is easy to calculate how far away an object is
by emitting sound and then timing how long it takes for the sound to come back as echo. This,
in essence, is how sonar works. Which of the following equations can be used to calculate how
far away the object is?
a x = vt c. x = 2vt
b x = vt d. x = vt2

20. Which one of the following statements is true concerning the magnitude of the electric field at
a point in space?
a. It is a measure of the electric force per c. It is a measure of the electric force on any
unit charge on a test charge. charged object.
b It is a measure of the ratio of the charge d. It is a measure of the ratio of the charge
. on an object to its mass. on an object to the force acting on it.

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21. What is the equivalent resistance for these 3.00- resistors?
a. 1.33 c. 3.00
b. 2.25 d. 7.50

22. The current through, and the potential difference across, a circuit element are to be measured.
How should the ammeter and the voltmeter be connected to the circuit element?
a. The voltmeter should be connected in parallel with the element and the ammeter in series with
the element.
b Both meters should be connected in series with the element.
c. It doesnt matter how the meters are connected as long as they form a complete circuit.
d. The ammeter should be connected in parallel with the element and the voltmeter in series with
the element.

23. The two ends of an iron rod are maintained at different temperatures. The amount of heat that
through the rod by conduction during a given time interval does not depend upon
a. mass of the rod. c. the thermal conductivity of iron.
b the temperature difference between the d. the length of the iron rod
. ends of
the rod

24. A simple series circuit contains a resistance R of 20 ohms and an ideal battery of 20 volts. If a
resistor 20 ohms is connected in parallel with R, which of the following statements is correct?
a. the voltage across R is 10 volts c. the current through R is 1.0 A
b. the current thru the second resistor is 0.5A d. the total resistance is 10 ohms

25. What type of mirror can form a virtual image and same size of an object?
A. plane mirror
B. convex mirror
C. concave mirror
D. two concave mirror facing each other

26. Due to refraction, an underwater swimmer sees a bird in the sky appearing to be
a. farther from the water surface c. nearer the water surface
b. at its actual size d. on the water surface

27. Two parallel wires in free space are 10 cm apart and they carry currents of 10 A each in the
direction. The force each wire exerts on the other per meter of length is
a. 2x10-7 N, attractive c. 2x10-7 N, repulsive
b. 2x10 N, attractive d. 2x10-4 N, repulsive

28. How many turns of wire must be in a solenoid 1.1 m long in order that a current of 5.5A may
produce a
magnetic induction of 0.006 web/m2 at its center?
a. 128 turns b. 287 turns c. 1287 turns d.
955 turns

29. If an electron is moving in a magnetic field and experiences no force at all, what orientation of
path from the field must it trace?
a. 0o b. 45o c. 30o d. 90o

30. A convex lens can form an image described as real, inverted and same size,
a. when object distance is less than twice the focal length.
EXIT EXAM Set A First Quarterm AY 2009 - 2010
b. when object distance is more than twice the focal length
c. when object distance is less than the focal length.
d. when object distance is equal to twice the focal length.

EXIT EXAM Set A First Quarterm AY 2009 - 2010