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Chevening is looking for individuals that will be future leaders or influencers

in their home countries. Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear
examples of your own leadership and influencing skills to support your
answer. 500 words*

Leadership is an essential skill, it is the art of influence, the art of

motivating people to achieve their goal.
A good leader must have a vision, in addition to being able to analyze
the reality and solve the current problems.

Just after my graduation from medical school, I joined the staff of a

newly opened hospital in my city, I was among a group of young
doctors who must prepare the hospital for its opening day. It was a
challenge, because the hospital was so understaffed, but I managed to
lead my colleagues through the difficult condition and enormous

As a young doctor I faced the numerous drawbacks of the health sector

in Libya, I understand the obstacles and the difficulties that resulted in
the current abysmal health services in Libya.

I hope Chevening Scholarship will help gain the necessary knowledge

and skills that will help me inspire people in my country to improve the
situation in the health sector.

Leadership is not a trait acquired at birth and leaders are built through dedication, hard
work and experience. Hence, my first leadership experience came from being group
leader in inter-school competition during high school in Peshawar, Pakistan where our
group ranked in the top 3 among 20 schools. After high school graduation, I couldn't
stay back on the path of my education and obtaining higher education. Therefore, I
started my bachelor's degree in computer science at Kabul University and completed it
with obtaining 92%. During which I was learning my 2nd leadership lessons through
leading group of 8 class fellows almost in all class assignments and projects.

My work experience with private, national and international organizations has taught me
one big thing that leadership is not doing everything by your own, but rather influencing
or motivating group of people and choosing the right group to do the job. With having
more than 7 years of work experience, I have learned both how to lead and follow.
Therefore, recently in National Solidarity Program (NSP), one of the flagship, successful
and biggest community development driven program in history of Afghanistan executed
by Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), I was promoted as a
senior database development team leader to lead team of 7 senior database
developers at national level and more than 90 database officers and assistants at
provincial level. It was the biggest challenge and an inspiration to lead more than 90
people with different ideas and capacities. To overcome this challenge, I established
nine groups and subordinated the authority to the team and deputy team leader. This
helped me to share the work with groups and eventually each group felt responsible to
deliver their task on time.

In addition, I visited more than 25 provinces in my country where I took part in helping
the rural people building awareness and understanding their community priorities
projects, such as schools, canals, roads, clinics, etc. Furthermore, I had the opportunity
to represent NSP MIS department in numerous occasions inside and outside
Afghanistan like MoF, MAIL, World Bank, Indonesian PNPM and India.

Sport is another way to deliver positive message and motivate young people to take
part in other social activities. Hence, I established and have been leading MRRD
football team since 2013 and have participated in several tournaments. We received
best character team award in 2014 among 8 teams in Roshan telecommunication
football tournament.

I believe I have had good achievements in my life so far. Though, it's not the end. I
strive hard to move forward and complete many of the dreams I have yet to fulfill and to
enrich my experiences and return with lots of ideas and strategies to improve
Afghanistan and to help thousands of young people who look to people like me to give
them a hand.
To achieve success at a young age is what most people would aspire to. However, making an impact within the
organization is an equally important aspiration to me. As per today, the most substantial and satisfying leadership
achievement of my life is one that isnt a workplace accomplishment. It involved volunteering for a cause that I believe
in and being able to accomplish a goal that has helped achieve organizations goals.

My remarkable leadership development process unexpectedly started in 2011 when I had lunch with my college
friends. A friend of mine shared her unforgettable exchange experience that has inspired me to join [NAME OF ORG].
After enrolling in [NAME OF ORG], [NAME OF PROJECT] Project was my first exchange experience where I was an
English Language and Culture Assistant. Instead of lecturer, government staff or partner representative, my key target
had transformed into international students who barely knew English. This was a defining moment for me, as I felt
unprepared as a leader. How can I develop a child whose opening greeting to me is an ignorance? I thought. Since I
always embark on a new venture with great enthusiasm, my high energy level enables me to motivate people, get
along with everyone and create a fun and supportive environment. This can be projected in my method to approach
students by creating a friendly get-together with ice cream served as an icebreaker. I carried out further sessions in
the congenial setting of the school park and the students slowly opened up after I shared my life experiences. I was
able to earn their trust by being honest yet fun.

I had to constantly remind myself reasons of this journey, which are to test my boundaries to develop as a person and
make a positive impact in other peoples lives, no matter how small. Although the project was anything but easy, it was
worth it when the individuals who took part in my classes came and told me that they had enjoyed and learned
something new that they may use in their lives.

Personally, I progressed as a leader by tackling dynamic challenges. I was forced to step out of my comfort zone to
grow and later I discovered that I had changed from a talker to a doer. Instead of complaining about how awful and
unfair the world is, I learned how to act. Despite my miniscule efforts, I always remind myself that my actions have a
ripple effect that can grow larger beyond my expectations.
Upon my return home, I gained confidence to run for higher position in [NAME OF ORG], which was to become
[NAME OF POSITION]. In my tenure, I had not only increased the number of exchange participants but also matured
as a leader by learning that leading is as much about accomplishing your objective as it is about holding your team
together and developing others. These profound experiences have helped me to progress in my professional career.

2. Chevening is looking for individuals with strong networking skills, who will
engage with the Chevening community and influence and lead others in their
chosen profession. Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear
examples of your networking skills, and outline how you hope to use these
skills in the future.

3. Outline why you have selected your chosen three university courses, and
explain how this relates to your previous academic or professional experience
and your plans for the future.
*Please do not duplicate the information you have entered on the work
experience and education section of this form.
4. Chevening is looking for individuals who have a clear post-study career plan.
Please outline your immediate plans upon returning home and your longer
term career goals. You may wish to consider how these relate to what the UK
government is doing in your country.

idden leaders display four key identifiers: they demonstrate integrity, lead through
relationships, focus on results, and remain customer-focused no matter what role they have
in the organization. Lets look at them one by one:

Demonstrate Integrity. Edinger and Sain believe that this is the absolute bottom-line
requirement of hidden leadership. It means a consistent display in thoughts and actions of
a strong ethical code of conduct that is focused on the welfare of everyone. Their
consistent adherence to their beliefs makes them predictable and therefore dependable.
They have the courage to do the right thing even when it is difficult.

Lead Through Relationships. Leading through relationships is the basis of leadership.

They get along with others and value others. They lead and inspire because of who they are
and how they interact with others. They dont depend on their position or lack of it to
influence the actions of others.

Focus on Results. The hidden leader maintains a wide perspective and acts with
independent initiative. They use the end to define the means, which can mean working
outside of strict processes to achieve the end result. They aim for the end they are supposed
to produce so they feel responsible and accountable, not just for the demands of their jobs
but also for successful outcomes for stakeholders involved.

Remains Customer Purposed. This is different than customer service; it is an

awareness of how an action in a specific job affects the customer. It is a big-picture focus
and having a deep understanding of the value promise of an organization.

For some hidden leaders one characteristic may dominate and others may need to be fully
developed, but a hidden leader who lacks integrity, isnt a hidden leader. Any leader needs
support from other leaders in the organization and a good leader will make a priority out of
developing others.

Hidden leaders are easier to spot in flatter organizations and those that provide a greater
number of areas to contribute. Listening to people at all levels is a big part of that.

By recognizing hidden leaders we help to create a culture that develops more leaders. The
hidden leaders are there. It is a leaders responsibility to discover and develop them.

Tips para ensayos de los programas

Usted es el hijo de la globalizacin y quiere conocer realidades

diferentes para aplicar modelos exitosos en Colombia. No olvide
mencionar que tiene toda la disponibilidad para ser estudiante de
tiempo completo.
Proyectos sociales que beneficien su entorno en un futuro. En este
punto es importante que indique en los textos que la becano es un
paseo para pasarla rico en otro pas sino que es una inversin social,
la cual usted va a compartir para otros postulantes.

Never give up on a dream is a phrase that I hear from close people who love me. Achieve all
your goals and do not stop trying to do what really makes you happy I repeat it over and over. I
started this writing with the previous words because that is exactly what motivates me to apply
for this scholarship in Development Practice. I am Maria Alejandra Betancourt and since a
couple of years, I knew about the project created by McArthur Foundation and Columbia
University. I was fascinated just to know that I could be part of those professionals worried about
development, who would contribute to have a different tomorrow.

I feel a great passion for the idea of letting a sustainable place for future generations. Also, I
have always thought that after receiving great benefits from this world, it is a duty to return it
knowledge and best practices in order to preserve what we currently have, which is the result of
a world that advances without measures. The scholarship from prestigious institutions like
Trinity Dublin College/The University of Dublin represents for me a very valuable opportunity to
absorb as much knowledge as I can in order to be a change agent in my country. Colombia that
little by little emerges from the shadows with peace negotiations attempts deserves
professionals willing to take changes on and to contribute in the construction of the future.

There was a moment I felt that being a professional in Modern Languages limited me to get
involved in social projects. However, I understood that Social workers, Architects, Receptionists
and Modern Language professionals like me, all belong to this world and it is expected from us
to respect it and demonstrate it more commitment with all our behaviors and practices. After I
started working for an African Gold mining company six years ago, I had the opportunity to
approach to the security and social situation of some countries in the continent. Since then,
something inside me changed and I started getting involved more and more in these areas. For
that reason, I realized that it is vital to complement my previous studies and I am sure that the
MDP gives me the necessary tools to complete my formation and this way contribute all the
acquired knowledge to the sustainable development in my country, which will be in an important
development transition after a possible peace agreement.

Although Colombia is an emerging country and is growing positively, the economic situation is
hard and it is required big efforts for students studying postgraduate courses. This important
economic help from the MDP would be a privilege for me; due to it will give me the opportunity
to grow both professionally and personally. However, I dont want to focus only into the
economic side, but instead I would like to give more importance to the merits. I consider that for
this Master, more than previous knowledge and investigations, it is required a vital ingredient
which is the special interest in preserving and letting a sustainable place for everybody. That is
my case; I have a great interest in being a professional who contributes to the sustainable
development of her country and that is my best and honest reason for being part of your
respected institution.
Your attention is highly appreciated.