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Standard Statement 2

Standard 2. Promoting Child Development and Learning

1a. Knowing and understanding childrens characteristics and needs, from birth
through age 8
1b. Knowing and understanding the multiple influences on early development and
1c. Using developmental knowledge to create healthy, respectful, supportive, and
challenging learning environments for young children

Knowledge and Competence:

My understanding of promoting child development and learning is that each child learns
at their own pace and each child has different needs. I feel that it is important to create
safe and healthy Learning environments by using safe equipment and creating an
atmosphere that is inclusive to all. I feel that it is also important to be supportive in the
classroom by making sure that there are tools and learning aids that challenge each
child. It is also important that emphasis is placed on social skills and emotional growth.


I apply what I know by remaining aware of each childs social-emotional, physical,

cognitive, language and literacy needs. I do this by making sure that learning
experiences are planned to meet a variety of experiences throughout each day. I also
take into consideration each childs individual needs pertaining to their skill strengths
and weaknesses, readiness and each individuals interests.
A second way that I apply what I know is to incorporate activities that assist each child
in their interaction with peers and with adults. I feel that it is very important to teach
children social skills at a young age. This way they can have a lifetime of success when
it comes to how they interact with others.
Growth over time:

I have changed in my understanding of promoting child development and learning by

becoming more aware of how each different dimension is important. Before taking
Early Childhood Education classes I did not have the understanding behind why I was
working on different areas with the children in my class. I just went through the motions
because I was told it was important. I now know why each different dimension is
important in a childs growth.

Future Goals:

I hope to grow and improve in this standard by further studying the different theorists in
Early Childhood education and continuing to remain aware of how important it is to
teach while being conscious of these of each childs individual needs. It is my goal to
continue to grow in my knowledge of how children grow and how I can be an effective
teacher in the classroom with each child.