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Converting UHTML file into HTML

I am too lazy to write a program that will convert UC Browser Saved Pages File
(.uhtml) into a Hyper Text Markup Language (.html) file. So I am not writing any
application that will convert but I will tell you how to convert. I am writing this
because of a request of a UC Forum member. Dont ask me to write any such
program, because, as usual, I have my own homework to do. This is not a tutorial but
similar to a tutorial. I give you a method and you convert it.

1. First you need to have a UHTML file to convert. Go to www.boltbrowser.com. I

chose this site because it is a simple site without any complex design. And
also it is small. So that we can easily convert.
2. Save the file on to your memory card and connect your memory card to a PC
with a card reader.

3. Open the file in HxD (hex editor)

4. You must see something like this:

5. Open the file in TextPad.

6. Notice that there is a null character between every readable
character. This happens because of the UTF-8 Encoding rather
than ASCII or ANSI Encoding. We will remove the null character
7. Open HxD. Click on Search>Replace (Shortcut: Ctrl+R)

8. You will get an error like this

Click OK. This will remove the 00 null character after every
readable character.
9. Look the file now. This looks neater now.

10. Save HxD File. Do not worry. HxD will create a backup file. In case
you want the original file you can find the Bolt
Browser.uhtml.bak in the same folder.
11. Open TextPad and you will get this error.
12. Click yes and you will see this:

This looks better than the previous one.

13. Open a new Notepad File and type <html><head><title>

14. Browse to the bottom of the Bolt Browser.uhtml and there you
will find the title of the file. Make sure that the Word Warp is
turned on.

15. Paste it on the Notepad file.

16. Type </title></head>. Press Enter and type <body>. Press

Enter again.
17. Open Textpad. Select the whole body and copy it.

18. Paste it on Notepad.

19. Replace all the with <br>. But Remember there are some

places where will not replace the with <br>. Those are the
places just before the hyperlinks.

20. The red marks are the hyperlinks. If you replace those with <br>
then you will not be able to add the hyperlinks.
21. Open HxD and look at these parts. These are the links.

These are only some parts of the hyperlink that we need. But to
create the valid hyperlink, we need the whole parts. Just add the
address of the current page and we get the full hyperlink.
22. Complete the hyperlink
Just write /bolts2.jad as
http://www.boltbrowser.com/bolts2.jad and our hyperlink is
23. Go ahead and write the entire hyperlinks on the main documents.
First one first.

24. Once all the hyperlink has been added now add
</body></html> at the end and save it as back2Figure1.html
or any suitable name.
25. Once you have saved it open the file in your browser (Google
Chrome or whatever) and the exact html file of the uhtml has
been made.

26. We are now successfully converted The UC Browser file into a

HTML file.

Note: In this whole tutorial I showed how to convert uhtml file into a
html file but there are only text and hyperlink. Since UC Browser
doesnt support javascript, nothing has been written about javascript.
For images you can use TARGA (.tga) or Portable Network Graphics
(.png) may have been used. I am not sure. Use Adobe ImageReady
and you will get the image encodings. I am skipping the images
because it will really take a long time to write the whole process.

You can write a C++ or a J2ME program to do the whole thing

automatically. But I am too lazy to write the program, so dont ask me.

You will need Notepad, TextPad, HxD (hex editor) to complete this
tutorial. Back2Figure1