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Spy WatchInstructions For Use

I Specification

Item Specification
Camera CMOS 0.3 Mega pixels
Memory Unit Micro TF 1GB16GB
USB Transmission Rate USB2.0
Battery Hi Li ion rechargeable battery (3.7V)
Charging Time 2 3 hours
Battery Life About 2 hours continuous playtime when fully charged
Format AVI
Pixels 640*480
Frame rate 20-30 FPS
Supports video and voice recording function
Operating System Windows XP/VISTA or above

II Charge
1. This WiKi Spy Watch uses a built-in chargeable lithium battery. Please connect the USB cable
to the watch using the charger or connect to the USB port of a PC. Once charging the LED light
should start flashing. When the battery is fully charged, the LED will be on, you can then stop

2. During recording, the WiKi Spy watch may be turned off automatically if the battery is low.
However the recorded file will be stored before the power turns off.

III Operation
1. Turn on
Press and hold the ON button, the WiKi Spy Watch will go into the standby mode, LED
lights should appear on.
2. Video
From standby mode press the ON button, the LED should blink 3 times, then start
recording. LED light flashes three seconds after entering the video state.
3. Turn off
During recording, press and hold theON button to save the recording file and then it will
be turned off. (The LED will flash 3 times)
4. Photo
From standby mode, press the Photo button, like a photo shoot the LED light flashes
5. Reset
Please press Photo and ON button together to restart.
6. Set date
-In the text file format settings routinely look like: 2009-04-18 10:18:00, documents are
saved as: time, and filed on the watches internal memory. Time will automatically run.
-Or use the tool "Write Time" which can be found in the folder marked TOOL in sub
folder Update time in Drive directory removable storage device, only when the watch
is connected via the USB, the system drive will search for the watch and once found, you
can select to "update" enter a new value and again "exit". Pull out the USB and restart the
WiKi Spy watch system and the time should be updated.

1) If the memory space is not enough, the watch may stop and turn off
2) Press and hold means press the key for more than 3 seconds, and Press
means press the key once for less than 2 second.

IV Connect to computer
1. When the WiKi Spy watch is connected correctly, it can be used as a moveable disk.
2. Camera driver installation- Once the WiKi Spy watch is connected to the computer the camera
software should automatically be installed on your system..
3. Camera Functions:
Once the WiKi Spy watch has been shut down, press and hold the "Photo" button and insert the
USB cable to connect the WiKi Spy watch with the computer. After the LED flashes during
connection, you have installed the driver; you will be in "My Computer" so select find "Standard
Camera" of the equipment, at this time you'll be able to control the camera in use.
4. Removing USB drive.
a. Double click on the icon Safely delete the hardware (the green arrow under the right of the
b. Click stop in the screen Safely delete the hardware.
c. Choose the drive you need to stop, select confirm, and the drive will be deleted safely.
(The message: USB Mass Storage Device will appear, this drive can safely be disconnected
from the device)
d. Close the Safely delete hardware screen.
e. Pull out the drive & disconnect from the computer.

Imported by Bunkerbound Limited, Unit 2 Old Amersham Farm, High

Street, Old Amersham, Bucks, HP7 0HR
For warranty support, please contact your original place of purchase.

Please retain these instructions for future use