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Masculinity and the

Objectification of Men in
In my dissertation I will be encompassing the stigma surrounding the
perception of men in film and television, and how the objectification of
them has been less controversial then for women, I will also look at
how the relationship between masculinity and homoerotica.
I will achieve this by investigating the definitions of masculinity in
culture, and the negative effects that can come from enforced
As well as looking at the blurred grey area between appreciating
another man for his manliness and
Chapter 1
History of objectification, The Idea that Sex Sells, What is masculinity, Controversy of
body image
Chapter 2
What does it mean to be a man, What damage is done by enforcing the ideals of
masculinity to young men, Why do straight men enjoy seeing Hyper-masculinity in film,
How does one become "Hyper-masculine"
Chapter 3
Investigating the line between Hyper-masculinity and Homo Erotica, Looking at the grey
area between Admiration and Attraction, Case study of a film example of positive Hyper
Masculinities Raewyn W.Connel
Discusses that masculinity is only a human idea and our own definitions of identity can vary, but how we can also project it
onto others.
You Tarzan Pat Kirkham

Goes over some of the topics that are less talked about in this area like "un-named feelings' and under tones in film, and the
meaning of the male relationship
Popular Culture and the Male Body: A New Challenge Joseph Prud Homme

Discusses how male objectification has been mostly ignored and how this effecting the new generation of men coming of age,
and how they feel they're under pressure to meet new expectations
The Increasing Sexualization of men in Media The Economist
Included Statistics about sexualization in film.
On Hyper-masculinity: The Objectification of Men in Magic Mike XXL Movie Mezzanine

Discusses the issues and controversy surrounding the film and how its sole purpose appears to be sex appeal.
Men are now objectified more than women Martin Daubney

Talks about how there now seems to be almost a hype about male sexualisation in media and how the fact it is objectification
is mostly ignored due to gender.
The Mask You Live In - Jennifer Siebel

In this Documentary the notions of the

identity surrounding Masculinity are
discussed, and how boys today are being
subconsciously formed into what there
idea of being a man is, whether they agree
with it or not.

It also goes over what comes with this, and

how boys are being taught to repress their
worries, emotions, and problems in fear of
being viewed of as "Weak" and not "Manly"