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February 22, 2017


Kyler Fisher brings
home silver for
Southeast Valley
Lawrence has tough matches...
Sophomore 170 pounder Kyler Fisher became

Pearl Valley of Gowrie emphasizes

Southeast Valley's first State place winner in dramatic
fashion finishing as a State runner-up Saturday night in
front of a sold out crowd in Wells Fargo Arena.

high quality of care for residents

Kyler's run to the finals began Thursday night
with a hard fought 7-5 decision over #6 Sr. Drake Roller
of Atlantic. In the Quarter-finals Friday afternoon, Ky-
ler defeated #5 Sr. Michael Kent of Iowa Falls 7-5 in an
exciting nail biter scoring a takedown in the final twenty
seconds of the match securing a spot in the semi-finals Pearl Valley Rehabilitation & Health Care. . .
against #3 Sr. Tucker Morrison of Columbus Junction. By Glenn Schreiber and Director of Nurses Lynda Roper.
Controlling the match, Kyler scored a 4-1 decision to Pearl Valley Rehabilitation & Health Care of Dale is a great person, shares in our mission,
earn his first trip to the State Finals Saturday night. Gowrie is the new name of the nursing home in Gowrie and he has confidence in our leadership, noted Mr.
Kyler ran into a buzzsaw Saturday night against and a new management company is emphasizing high Chaper.
top ranked Sr. Brock Jennings of Osage losing by fall late quality of care for its residents. Dale now has the support he didnt necessarily
in the first period earning a silver medal. Kyler finished Our top priority is to ensure the best quality of have before, stated Chaper. And in management we
the season 48-4. care for our residents, affirmed Jake Chaper, Executive are working to make our organization structurally ef-
"Coming into the tournament as a District run- Director of MB Health Care, the new management com- ficient.
ner up probably not a lot of people had Kyler on their pany. Hidden treasure
radar to make finals but the coaching staff felt he could We care about our residents, said Chaper. in city of Gowrie. . .
definitely hang with the big boys down at the State tour- We are here to make a difference. We want our resi- Chaper stated that the independent living apart-
nament and that he did. dents to be as comfortable as possible. ments in the rear of Pearl Valley in Gowrie nursing home
Kyler wrestled with poise and confidence. He We are very impressed with the local popula- have not been fully utilized or promoted.
won the close matches with his conditioning. As a sopho- tion, said Chaper. We are looking to give back to the We have great independent living units that are
more, to come in and be a match away from a State title community. We will be support our Gowrie area com- a good plus for community, stated Chaper.
is truly incredible, it was a great learning experience for munity. Residents residing in the independent units re-
him and he learned what it takes to come back and hope- The new management company, MB Health ceive many services including meals, cleaning services,
fully win a State title. Care, provides management services for a few other Iowa laundry services, and have access to nursing services.
He conducted himself admirably through out nursing homes, including one in Perry, IA. We .have a very good support system and per-
the tournament and the coaching staff, family, and com- We do check on our facilities but we believe in haps many people dont know about it, said Chaper.
munity are very proud of him. having good staff people who render outstanding care for The updated units are well maintained and resi-
Southeast Valley's other State Qualifier Jr. 132 our residents. And we do have the right people in place dents have many options. There is private parking, air
pounder Trey Lawrence finished 0-2 and did not place. in Gowrie. He added, We treat our staff like family. conditioning and wi-fi service is available.
Trey lost the opening match to Jr. Jarret Miller of Bal- The staff is headed by administrator Dale Gould
lard-Huxley in a close 6-5 decision. In the cono's Trey
lost another close match 3-1 to Jr. Austin Gutknecht of
State wrestling
Gowrie Developmental Commission
continued on page
11... (GDC) strategic planning session
Summitted By GDC to assist in promoting the community and agenda.
Everyone in Gowrie, Iowa knows that there Phillip DeCastro, GDC President and owner of
is Go in Gowrie but taking that message be- The Drill Barbershop commented, I will say that I am
yond the communitys city limits is an important very happy with the turnout. Not only quantity of people,
part of the strategic planning by the Gowrie De- but quantity of representation of the local groups, orga-
velopment Com- nizations, and community

members outside of the
mission (GDC).
To begin
am very optimistic for this City Council and Gowrie
the session, led by next year and beyond in Development Commission
Jerry Chizek from Gowrie. We keep coming out members. timistic for
I am very op-
this next year
Iowa State Univer-
sity Extension of these Strategic Planning meet- keep coming out and beyond in Gowrie. We
of these
and Outreach, ings stronger and even more fo- Strategic Planning meet-

the group
reviewed cused than before. GDC President ings stronger and even
progress from more focused than before.
Housing develop-
last years plan. As the second largest city in ment plays an important part in the growth of the com-
Webster County, Iowa, Gowrie has made munity. Incorporating the building trade program from
strides over the last year in defining impor- Southeast Valley Schools and a Tax Increment Financing
tant development issues that include housing, (TIF) project for new homes and downtown commercial
quality of life, image of the community and construction was identified as a giant step forward over the
increasing the membership of the commission GDC Continued on page 3...
Visit www.daytongowrienews.com for your local news...
2 February 22, 2017

Thursday, Feb 23
Potential threat
to Iowa health care. . .
To the Editor:
Stewart Memorial Community Hospital is one
of 118 Iowa community hospitals offering a broad range
of health care services to local and area patients. Our
team is committed to our mission of providing quality
health and wellness for you and your family. For this rea-
son, we are concerned about a discussion happening at
the state level at the capitol. We want you to be aware of
this potential threat that could negatively impact health-
care in Iowa.
As you may know, Iowa has one of the high-
est quality, lowest cost health care systems in the United
States. And at the heart of that system are over one-hun-
dred community hospitals that stand ready, day and night,
to serve everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. A
significant reason for health care excellence in Iowa has
been state oversight of institutional health care services
through the Certificate of Need law.
Iowas Certificate of Need regulations were Rosalie Bernice Gaworski, 92
first enacted in 1977 for the express purpose of provid-
Rosalie Bernice Gaworski passed away peace-
ing for the orderly and economical development of health
fully on February 17, 2017 at the age of 92 after a brief
care services, thereby avoiding unnecessary duplication
stay at the Paula J. Baber Hospice House in Fort Dodge,
of services, controlling the growth of overall health care
costs and ensuring the stability of community hospitals.
Funeral services were held at 1:00 p.m. Tues-
Since that time, these regulations have been re-examined
day, February 21, 2017 at Faith Lutheran Church,
multiple times and each time the same conclusion was
Harcourt, with Pastor Rod Meyer officiating. Burial was
reached: Iowa needs Certificate of Need.
in Lost Grove Township Cemetery, Harcourt.
As the name implies, Certificate of Need en-
Rosie was born in Fort Dodge, Iowa on Novem-
sures that new medical services are truly needed at the
ber 21, 1924, to Orin and Blanche Johnson of Harcourt.
community level. This is important because new facilities
She was raised on the family farm and attended school
(including nursing homes, ambulatory surgical centers
in Harcourt where she graduated in 1942. She admit-
and hospitals, among others) must have sufficient patient
ted many times that she didnt enjoy school, but loved
volumes to support proficiency among medical staff and
playing basketball. After graduation, she worked for Fort
ensure high-quality care. The same applies to existing fa-
Dodge Wholesale Grocery where she met her husband,
cilities, yet without Certificate of Need, new, for-profit
Joseph Gaworski. They were married shortly after (in
facilities would spring up all over the state and deplete
the midst of a blizzard) on January 18, 1948 at Faith Lu-
patient volumes across the board.
theran Church in Harcourt, Iowa. The couple established
Not only would this compromise the quality of
their home in Fort Dodge and Rosie worked for Fort
care for everyone, but these new facilities would target
Dodge Laboratories for several years. Sadly, they lost
lucrative lines of medical service while not providing
two infant children: Karen Ann and Robert Joseph. They
emergency care, charity care and other unprofitable ser-
were delighted when Jeanne Rae was born a few years
vices that are at the core of the community hospital mis-
later, on December 16, 1958, and then Judith Renee came
sion. If Iowas community hospitals are left with only un-
three years later, on November 15, 1961. In 1964, Rosie,
profitable services and only care for complicated patients
Joe and the girls moved to Harcourt where Joe built their
who are on Medicaid or uninsured, their ability to survive
home. They became life-long, active members of Faith
and continue providing high-quality, community-focused
Lutheran Church. Rosie was a dedicated participant of
care to everyone will be jeopardized.
the LCW, seldom missing a group meeting in fifty-three
In fact, repeal of the law in other states has led to
years. She became a go-to person who was always
hospitals closing. Furthermore, nearly all of these states
available to serve for funerals or bring baked goods or
have instituted a different review process that is highly
soup for church events. She enjoyed attending weekly
services and especially hosting a table at the yearly Table
One of Iowas greatest strengths is its health
Affair. Her church family became very important to her.
care system. Not only do Iowas health care providers
After the girls graduated from high school, Rosie kept
deliver excellent, accessible and efficient care, but health
busy by working part-time for a few years at the Harcourt
care employs more than 200,000 people, injecting some
Grocery, the Harcourt Post Office and even cleaning jew-
$11 billion into the states economy. More than 71,000
elry for one of her friends. Rosie and Joe celebrated their
of these workers are employed by hospitals, which alone
53rd Wedding Anniversary in 2000 and Joe passed away
have an economic impact of $4.3 billion.
in 2001 just before their 54th. Rosie was never one for
Certificate of Need, which exists in 36 states,
sitting still and enjoyed bowling until the age of 85 and at
not only ensures the stability of these major employers
one point was on two different leagues. She was always
and economic engines, but it also supports the collabora-
planning a trip to visit her family in Winterset, Iowa or
tive spirit that fosters communication and cooperation
Buffalo, Minnesota, or taking a day trip to a casino with
among Iowa health care providers, which, again, leads to
a close friend. Rosie and her friends enjoyed finding an
better health care for everyone.
area church dinner each Sunday that they could attend.
Today, with the uncertainties surrounding the
Each week she would say with a smile that she simply
future of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Iowas
didnt want to cook that day.
Medicaid program and even Medicare, the constancy of
Preceded in death by her parents, Orin and
Certificate of Need is more important than ever. During
Blanche (Anderson) Johnson; her husband, Joseph Ga-
this time of significant change in the health care industry,
worski; and children, Karen and Robert Gaworski.
Wednesday, Feb 22 the stability provided by this law allows hospitals to more
Rosie will be dearly missed by her survivors:
Farnhamville Fire Dept., 7:30 p.m. at the confidently plan and respond to the needs of the commu-
daughters, Jeanne Jacobson (Tony) and Judith LaPlant
nities they serve.
fire station. (Doug); granddaughters, Lindsay Wurm (Kyle) and
In all parts of the state, Iowans depend on their
Melissa Berkenes (Chad); great-grandchildren, Hudson
community hospitals being there all day, every day. That
Monday, Feb 27 Wurm and Aurora Berkenes; and many close friends.
level of access and preparedness is jeopardized by those
Harcourt TOPS, 8:00 a.m. at Faith Memorials may be left to the discretion of the
who would significantly change or repeal Certificate of
Lutheran Church Harcourt. family.
Cindy Carstens, CEO
Tuesday, Feb 28 Stewart Memorial Community Hospital Zinnel recieves DMACC
foundation scholarship
Farnhamville Senior Citizens (cards),
1:00 p.m., Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. Brushy Creek ice
To have the date and time of your organizations
meeting listed here, call the Gowrie News at 352-
thickness shrinks Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC)
students from the Ackley area have received scholarships
3325 or email us at gnews@wccta.net Ice degrading fast. . . from the DMACC Foundation for the spring semester.
The recipients include: Cassandra Zinnel, Financial
Brushy Creek Lake--Ice thickness was 8-10 Administration, Farnhamville, $500 Bill & Marguerite
inches off the north ramp on Feb. 15th. Fishing activity Hartley Endowment.

It Pays to Advertise!
has been minimal this last week. Ice in the south area of
the lake and near inflows is likely unsafe. Ice will degrade
~ Email your news to gnews@wccta.net ~ fast with the warmer temperatures. Use extreme caution
if venturing out and avoid areas with flow.
February 22, 2017

Pictured are students from each elementary grade level at Southeast Valleys Prairie Valley Elementary.

Prairie Valley Elementary receives

new playground equipment
PV Elementary has received some new play- some new equipment for the students to use. Recess al-
ground equipment from their PTA! As one might imagine, lows children to exercise, take a break, play, build social
the equipment at an elementary school is used nearly ev- skills, and it can help students focus in the classroom.
eryday by many students. The Elementary PTA helps our students, our
s Its understandable that the equipment needs to teachers, and our school! PV Elementary thanks our PTA
be replaced from time to time. Therefore, one of the many, and our communities for their support!
many things the PTA uses its fundraising for is to purchase



1108 Market Street, P.O. Box 473

r Gowrie, IA 50543-0473
A strategic planning session hosted by the Gowrie
h Development Commission (GDC) took place on January GDC... Ph.: 515-352-3325 Fax: 515-352-3309
email: gnews@wccta.net www.daytongowrienews.com
26th and included Gowrie City Council members, Gowrie Continued from front page...
e Municipal Utilities board members as well as a number of STAFF
people from the community. The goal of strategic planning last year. Glenn Schreiber, Editor and Publisher
r is to identify the Gowrie, Iowa community assets and action Another component of this planning session in- Tonya Harrison, Graphic Designer,
y steps to move the community forward and the result from cluded a vision of the future of Gowrie. What does that com- Mary Ann Young, Clerical Manager and Sales
e the planning session is currently being used by the commit- munity look like? Telling the story about the quality of life Jeff Heck, Photographer
. tees of the GDC as an outline to use for future development. that residents experience in the community is an important
t factor that young families are looking for along with great ca-
ARE YOU READY FOR reer opportunities. With Webster County and the surround- Official County Newspaper (USPS 224-240). A local news-
paper as prescribed by law. Published weekly by The Gowrie
ing region experiencing several corporations and businesses
r SOME BROADWAY? expanding and hiring, the community provides many of the News, 1108 Market Street, Gowrie, Iowa 50543. Periodicals
postage paid at the Post Office at Gowrie, Iowa 50543.
y amenities that are attractive to families moving to fill these
r jobs. Excellent school system, new downtown development SUBSCRIPTION RATES
t and housing, healthcare facilities and a very safe community Within the State of Iowa - $3000 Per Year
s are all identified in the planning as positive assets to promote. Out of state - $3300 Per Year
I walked out of this Strategic Planning Meeting Snowbird - $32 00 Per Year

h with a strong appreciation for what makes Gowrie great and Card of Thanks................................................$650 20 per
first 15 words,
word thereafter
n the importance of identifying what it will take to not just ADDRESS CHANGES
. maintain our community, but to allow it to flourish. - Mindy POSTMASTER: Send address change to
y Swieter, GDC Vice-President from Security Savings Bank. THE GOWRIE NEWS
The strategic planning summary is available for P.O. Box 473, Gowrie, IA 50543
viewing at http://www.gowrie.org/about-gdc.
~ www.daytongowrienews.com ~
STARRING NFL LEGEND Towne Veterinary Clinic
FEBRUARY 24 & 25 7:30 PM
JOIN US FOR A PRE-SHOW DINNER ON FRIDAY, Wednesday, Feb 22 - Beef & Noodles, Stewed Tomatoes, Broccoli Raisin
FEBRUARY 24! Dinner tickets are available for Salad, Peach Crisp
purchase at 515-294-2479 or in person at the Thursday, Feb 23 - Baked Chicken, Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy, Cranberry
Stephens Auditorium Ticket Office. Brussel Sprouts, Cinnamon Applesauce
Friday, Feb 24 - COOKS CHOICE
Monday, Feb 27 - Ham & Bean Soup, Corn Bread, Carrots Strawberries &
Bananas, OJ
Tuesday, Feb 28 - Turkey Roast, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Pumpkin
Present this ad for one FREE non-alcoholic beverage at the show! Custard
Wednesday, March 1 - Egg & Potato Casserole Asparagus, Fresh Apple
BUY YOUR TICKETS TODAY! Fruit Oat Muffin, Tomato Juice
Stephens Auditorium Ticket Office
ticketmaster.com 1-800-745-3000 DT
4 February 22, 2017

Pheasants Forever annual banquet

at Webster County Fairgrounds
Saturday, March 18. . .
The Webster County Chapter of Pheasants year to Webster County youth, ages 12-15, to attend
Forever will hold its 32ND Annual Banquet on Satur- Conservation Camps at Springbrook State Park and other
day, March 18 at the Webster County Fairgrounds, Fort locations.
Dodge. Anyone interested should contact the
Social hour is scheduled from 4:30pm until Webster County Conservation office
6:15pm, followed by a New York Strip dinner, a short (515-576-4258) or the Chapters Treasurer,
program and fund raising activities, including raffles,
Live and Silent auctions.
Tickets for the banquet are $50, which includes
Jerry Beck (515-571-7406).
Special auction items this year will include can-
vas edition prints by Rosemary Millette, Terry Redlin &
Fire destroys Otho
the annual membership fee to Pheasants Forever. Spouse
and youth Ringneck tickets are $20. Tickets may be pur-
David Maass, Turkey Feather paintings by Eddie Simp-
son and a wood carving from Lynn Anderson.
home, man injured
chased from committee members and will be available at Main raffle items this year will be a twenty On Wednesday, February 15, the Webster
the door. For additional banquet information or to order (20) gun raffle, featuring a Limited Edition Browning County Emergency Communications Center received a
tickets you can contact Banquet Chairman, Jerry Beck at A5 Sweet Sixteen, a Terry Redlin signed & numbered call reference a house fire at 605 N Hwy St in Otho. The
(515-571-7406). print and a Pheasants Forever, 20TH Anniversary Lim- Otho, Duncombe, Moorland Fire Departments, and the
Pheasants Forevers main purpose is to generate ited Edition Beretta Onyx O/U shotgun with a deluxe Webster County Sheriffs Department were dispatched to
funds for the preservation, establishment and manage- Pheasants Forever gun case. the residence.
ment of wildlife habitat. All monies raised by each local In addition, numerous guns will be given away Deputy Chris OBrien with the Sheriffs Depart-
chapter, except for the annual membership fee, remains as raffle and attendance prizes during the evening. The ment was first on scene and observed that the residence
with the local chapter. youth raffle table main prize will be a complete hunting was completely engulfed in flames. Deputy OBrien also
Since the Webster County chapter was estab- outfit including a gun. observed a male outside of the residence who he assisted
lished in 1985, over $1,000,000.00 has been raised and The ladies raffle table main prize is a $750.00 until the ambulance from Unity Point Hospital in Fort
put back into habitat, education and youth projects in diamond pendant donated by Riddles Jewelry, Fort Dodge arrived.
Webster and surrounding counties. Dodge store. All auction items will be available for view- Fire crews were able to extinguish the flames
A scholarship fund has been established by the ing by the public at the Fairgrounds on Saturday, March quickly and got the fire under control. Investigation re-
Chapter for Webster County graduates who will be pur- 18 from 11:00am-3 pm. vealed that the fire was caused by items too close to an
suing Degrees in Conservation, Natural Resources, Wild- Again, anyone needing further information con- electric fireplace. The male was identified as 62-year-old
life Biology or Animal Ecology. Two annual scholarship cerning Pheasants Forever, the banquet or to order ban- Douglas James of Otho. Douglas was the only occupant
awards of $1,000.00 are available. Applications are avail- quet tickets may contact the Banquet Chairman, Jerry of the house aside from dogs which did not survive the
able at all Webster County schools. Beck, at (515-571-7406). fire.
The Chapter also provides camperships each Douglas was transported to Unity Point Hospital
via ambulance for his injuries. The residence was a total
The Otho Fire Department was assisted by the
COUNTY NAME: NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING -- BUDGET ESTIMATE CO NO: Duncombe and Moorland Fire Departments, the Webster
Webster Fiscal Year July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018 94 County Sheriffs Department, The Otho/Duncombe Po-
The County Board of Supervisors will conduct a public hearing on the proposed Fiscal Year County budget as follows: lice Department, and the Dayton Police Department.
Meeting Date: Meeting Time: Meeting Location:
3/7/2017 10:00 am Webster County Courthouse, Fort Dodge, IA
At the public hearing any resident or taxpayer may present objections to, or arguments in favor of, any part of the proposed budget. This notice represents
Boys basketball tourney
at ICCC in Ft. Dodge
a summary of the supporting detail of revenues and expenditures on file with the County Auditor. A copy of the supporting detail will be furnished upon
Average annual percentage changes between "Actual" and "Budget" amounts for "Taxes Levied on Property", "Other County Taxes/
TIF Tax Revenues", and for each of the ten "Expenditure Classes" must be published. Expenditure classes proposing "Budget" amounts,

Saturday, March 3 . .
but having no "Actual" amounts, are designated "NEW".
County Web Site (if available): County Telephone Number:
www.webstercountyia.org (515) 573-7175
Iowa Department of Management Budget Re-Est Actual AVG Iowa Central Mens Basketball will be hosting a
Form 630 (Publish) 2017/2018 2016/2017 2015/2016 Annual 3 on a 3 boys basketball tournament on Saturday, March
REVENUES & OTHER FINANCING SOURCES % CHG 25 at ICCC in Fort Dodge. Cost for the event is $50 per
Taxes Levied on Property* 1 12,254,412 11,678,410 13,536,080 -4.85 team, no walk ins will be allowed.
Less: Uncollected Delinquent Taxes - Levy Year 2 0 0 Brackets will be split into grades; 3rd-4th, 5th-
Less: Credits to Taxpayers 3 768,931 724,667 775,730 7th, 8th-9th, High School and an Open Division(anyone
Net Current Property Taxes 4 11,485,481 10,953,743 12,760,350
out of high school).
Delinquent Property Tax Revenue 5 0 10,004
Penalties, Interest & Costs on Taxes 6 0 109,500 125,140
To sign up, please go to the Iowa Central Mens
Other County Taxes/TIF Tax Revenues 7 3,958,820 4,008,174 2,567,393 24.18 Basketball website, www.ictritons.com/mens_basketball.
Intergovernmental 8 13,143,170 12,230,016 11,916,622 All games will be played in Hodges Fieldhouse. Any
Licenses & Permits 9 69,775 49,700 80,463 questions, please contact Chad Helle at 515-570-5948 or
Charges for Service 10 977,260 1,024,600 1,219,666 Nate West 256-453-1235.
Use of Money & Property 11 208,715 281,300 342,614

Card of Thanks!
Miscellaneous 12 608,600 284,850 273,090
Subtotal Revenues 13 30,451,821 28,941,883 29,295,342
Other Financing Sources:
General Long-Term Debt Proceeds 14 0 4,500,000 0
Operating Transfers In 15 5,314,538 4,355,598 4,100,177
Proceeds of Fixed Asset Sales 16 480,000 400,000 41,087 The Family of L. Jean Cafferty
Total Revenues & Other Sources 17 36,246,359 38,197,481 33,436,606 would like to thank everyone for their caring
concerns, prayers, food and flowers in the loss
Public Safety and Legal Services 18 5,599,646 5,407,766 5,020,771 5.61 of our mom, grandma and great-grandma. To
Physical Health and Social Services 19 4,187,263 3,570,114 3,216,172 14.1 the staff at the Eastern Star Home in Boone
Mental Health, ID & DD 20 2,453,627 2,189,957 2,125,521 7.44
County Environment and Education 21 1,989,858 2,109,683 1,562,165 12.86 who took such good care of her. To Pastors
Roads & Transportation 22 8,940,000 8,900,000 8,193,931 4.45 Annette and Dave Kruse for the memorial
Government Services to Residents 23 1,051,160 984,993 1,247,440 -8.2
Administration 24 3,094,349 2,931,137 2,767,545 5.74
service and to the ladies of the church who
Nonprogram Current 25 265,000 150,000 19,487 268.77 served the lunch. Everything was greatly
Debt Service 26 1,745,786 2,606,109 1,497,770 7.96 appreciated. May God bless you.
Capital Projects 27 4,055,900 5,234,100 1,254,304 79.82
Subtotal Expenditures 28 33,382,589 34,083,859 26,905,106 Wayne Cafferty
Other Financing Uses: Marj Johnson
Operating Transfers Out 29 5,314,538 4,355,598 4,100,177 Ben, Max and Kaleb Johnson
Refunded Debt/Payments to Escrow 30 0
Carrie and Chris Lee Brooklyn and Boedy
Total Expenditures & Other Uses 31 38,697,127 38,439,457 31,005,283
Nathan and Laura Johnson
Excess of Revenues & Other Sources
over (under) Expenditures & Other Uses 32
Tanner Johnson
-2,450,768 -241,976 2,431,323
Beginning Fund Balance - July 1, 33 16,611,669 16,853,645 14,422,322
Increase (Decrease) in Reserves (GAAP Budgeting) 34 0
Fund Balance - Nonspendable 35 0
Fund Balance - Restricted 36 0
Fund Balance - Committed 37 0
Fund Balance - Assigned 38 0
Fund Balance - Unassigned 39 14,160,901 16,611,669 16,853,645
Total Ending Fund Balance - June 30, 40 14,160,901 16,611,669 16,853,645
Proposed property taxation by type: Proposed tax rates per $1,000 taxable valuation:
Countywide Levies*: 9,334,341 Urban Areas: 5.95477
Rural Only Levies*: 2,920,071 Rural Areas: 9.61712
Special District Levies*: 0 Any special district tax rates not included.
TIF Tax Revenues: 1,353,646
Utility Replacmnt. Excise Tax: 841,538 Date:
Explanation of any significant items in the budget:
Down Memory Lane
February 22, 2017
Southeast Valley
Schedule of Events B Y S A R A D O W N S

Week of Feb 22nd to March 1st Be my Valentine...

Wednesday, Feb 22 Did you celebrate or observe Valentines Day? I like some flowers and your deserve them. Arent those the
FFA Leadership Contests @ ICCC know some people make quite a deal out of it. While I nicest kind of surprises instead of so-called special days?
have nothing against Valentines Day, it has never been high Nonetheless, I hope you all had a good day, know-
Thursday, Feb 23
on my priority celebration list at least for myself. ing someone loves you, whether you received a valentine or
End of 1st Trimester I remember when down in the lower grades in not.
Friday, Feb 24 school we sometimes brought a shoe box or another small
Woodward-Granger Jazz Festival box and decorated it in art class and had it ready for the
Saturday, Feb 25 day. We all (our mothers, that is) got the packages of little
District Individual Speech Contest cutsie kid valentines and carefully read them to make sure,
7p.m. B Varsity Basketball 2A SUBSTATE - Ames even with their simple little greetings, they were the right
Sunday, Feb 26 ones for the persons we were giving them too. We didnt
DECA State CDC @ SE Polk Feb 26 thru 27 want any one of the opposite sex to get one that would lead
Tuesday, Feb 28 them to think we might like them yet perhaps we girls wanted
Dayton Elementary Book Fair from 3:00 - 4:30 & to subtly tell a certain boy we liked him specially. The thing
r was that one boy might get some valentines that were alike.
5:30 - 8:00
a After all there was only Woolworths or Sears and Mon-
Early Dismissal @ 2:20PM key Wards where Moms would find those little packaged
e PVES - NO Preschool
e cheapies good enough for the school exchange.
Grades K-4 P/T Conferences 4-8pm There was usually a little party at the last half hour
4:00 p.m. JH Wrestling @ Burnside or so of the school day. Wed get our boxes and open them
and start reading. The teacher or a mother or two may have
*Schedule is pulled from the SV website for your convenience*
e www.southeastvalley.org
volunteered to make some cupcakes or cookies, frosted in
o ***Schedules are subject to change at anytime*** red, white and pink. At about fourth or fifth grade we out-
grew this and from then on it was elective as to exchanging or
t giving of valentines to anyone! I suppose there may have
been some going on in high school but I just dont think any
s big deal was made of it. All through my school years money
was not easily obtained for anyone and even those who may
n have had a little fuller pockets did not spend lavishly or fool-
ishly as parents, especially fathers would have said.
I have noted in the last twenty or thirty years there
e seems to be more Valentine merchandise offered in the vari-
ous stores. Some of it is very nice, some cute, some so-so,
l and especially the many floral offerings. I saw an ad in our
l Sunday paper offering a dozen big red roses (not even sure if
in a container) for would you believe - $75.00 a dozen. As
e well as I like flowers, if I were to get them Id probably have
r to hold myself back from chastising the giver. I would think
of all things that $75.00 plus delivery would buy that would
last or how many groceries it would buy for someone who is
hungry. My favorite floral gifts are the patio Mothers Day
plants or a single (cheap} rose in a little rose bowl.
My colleague at church only has four grandchil-
dren so she not only gives each a valentine but puts a gen-
erous folding green gift in each one. I am so busy all year
round sending out 50 plus birthday cards during the year that
Valentines Day just comes and goes. I no longer can keep
the dates all in my head but have to keep a list, purchasing
a and addressing each months cards at once and marking the
FRIDAY, MARCH 3 7:30 pm birthday on the stamp corner of each one. Even then I some-
times goof and they are late in getting them.
The bonding company I worked for and from
which I retired after over 31 years was located on one end of
Support for Cirk La Putyka Slapstick Sonata provided by the Iowa Arts Council, a division the third floor of a sister company. One of those last years,
of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, and the National Endowment for the Arts on Valentines Day, there seemed to be a constant parade of
s floral gifts of all sizes and colors and as we walked through
. Present this ad for one FREE non-alcoholic beverage at the show! our floor would see all of the various flowers. One of my
y colleagues mentioned to me, Youll probably get a pretty
bouquet too. I replied, Not today. If I get flowers it will be
START tomorrow. Of course she asked why and I replied, Theyll
AT $25!
be on sale at Hy-Vee tomorrow and still be pretty. Yes, I
had a friend at that time and I did occasionally get flow-
BUY YOUR TICKETS TODAY! ers. Valentines Day finds restaurants crowded and rushed
Stephens Auditorium Ticket Office
and we mutually agreed, that since he liked to cook, a spe-
DT ticketmaster.com 1-800-745-3000
cialty meal to be enjoyed leisurely would be prepared and
we would go out a different night when we wouldnt feel
crowded and rushed. After all we werent kids anymore.
I dont remember if I got any flowers at all that year
but just knowing someone cares every day and not just on
Valentines or other special holidays is a nice feeling. A few
years later, just before my retirement I moved back to the
Birthdays Southside and amidst the putting away of stuff and furni-
22-Feb Tami George, Vanessa King ture arraning my friend walked in with a beautiful bouquet of
23-Feb Kim Bendkickson housewarming flowers. I was delighted and surprised and
24-Feb Jennifer Pudenz, Gloria West asked, Did Hy-Vee have a sale? NO! I just thought youd
25-Feb John David Ewing, Paulette Green
Grant Kail, Cheryl Pearson
Barb Seil, Shelby Wright
26-Feb Phyllis Frohlick, Betty Peterson

Michael Vosberg
Renae Lane, Elayne Palmer Dylan Fiala
Sue Peterson, Shawna Seil Congratulations to
28-Feb Jerry Geisler, Alan Jacobson Dylan Fiala for being
selected as Jaguar of the
Lori Prince, Kevin Vote (Somers) Week. Dylan was selected
1-Mar Mark Klingson, Jennifer Miller because he is respectful to
Kristen Schoeberlein others, he always comes
prepared for class and he
Anniversaries is responsible and ready to
22-Feb Tim and Rosemary Stickrod. work in class every day.
24-Feb Gordon and Joyce Erritt. Congrats Dylan!
28-Feb Tim and Tami Barrett Jaguar of Week recognition is made by a different
staff member on a rotating basis each week at Southeast
~ Email your news to gnews@wccta.net ~ Valley High School.
6 February 22, 2017

Jaguar JVR Boys team sen with 4 points, Luke Samuelson with 4 points, Gavin
Richman with 3 points, Dillon Systma with 2 points and

finishes a great season; 4 rebounds, and Ethan Pliner with 1 point and 3 steals.
As a team, the young Jags totaled 22 offensive rebounds

record of 11-4 in the game, only committed 4 turnovers and went 7-11
from beyond the 3-point arc. Every player that entered
the game contributed in the scoring production. End of
The JVR Boys Jaguar Basketball team finished Quarter Scores: Q1 SV 19, Ogden 4; Q2 SV 35, Ogden
off a successful season on 2/9/17, defeating Ogden by the 4; Q3 SV 51, Ogden 7; Q4 SV 62, Ogden 12.
score of 62-12. The JVR finished the year on a 7 win Coach Johnson, Coach Gutshall, and Coach
stretch, resulting in a 11-4 campaign. Dahlstrom congratulate the JVR team on a great season
Leading statistical leaders for the Ogden contest and look forward to continued success and dedication in
was Hunter Kruse with 11 points and 4 rebounds, Chase the years to come.
Swieter with 10 points and 7 rebounds, Carter Lane with
9 points and 4 rebounds, Ross Halligan with 7 points
and 5 rebounds, Joel Lambert with 6 points, 3 rebounds,
JV Jaguar boys defeats
and 3 steals, Lincoln Miller with 5 points, Robert Jep- Ogden; finishes season 15-4
The Southeast Valley JV Boys Basketball team
wrapped up their season with a 15-4 record, On Thurs-
day, Feb. 9 by the score of 34-63.
Leading statistical leaders for the Jags were
Nyles Johnson with 6 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 steals,
Jackson Meyers with 6 points, 4 rebounds, Kenny Blunk
with 5 points, Kyle Zika with 4 points, and 4 rebounds,
Max Davis with 3 points and 2 rebounds, JJ Graves with
3 points, 4 rebounds, and 4 steals, Mason Ackerson with Morgan Castenson drives around the Rocket de-
2 points, 1 rebound and 2 steals and Zach Graves with 2 fense. Photo by Lisa Peterson.
points and 6 rebounds.
The team finished the season and I'm proud of SV JV Girls basketball
each of them, commented Coach Gutshall.
team finishes season
SV Varsity boys basketball
Southeast Valley Junior Varsity girls played
team defeats South Hardin their final game of the season Tuesday, February 6th.
Hosting Manson Northwest Webster in Gowrie. The Jag-
in second round of Districts uars put up a strong fight, but fell to the Cougars 32-46.
Delaney Conrad led the Jaguar offense with an
The SV Boys' Basketball team played South impressive 11 points. Shooting a perfect 2 of 2 from the
Hardin in the 2nd round of district play on Thursday, Feb. free-throw line. Mackenzie Crampton brought her game
16 and won by the score of 60-42. to score 6 for the Jags. Jaynie Ferrari went to work inside,
Leading the scoring for the Jaguars was Kaleb producing 6 points. Haylee Kraft sparked the Jaguar of-
Jondle 16, Keegan Goodwin 14, Myles Davis 13, Alex fense with a jump-shot and drained a three-pointer to fin-
Chase Swieter receives tough defense from St. Ed- Pliner 6, Tommy Lennon 5, Dakota Jaeschke 4, and No- ish the game with 5 points. Cassi Berglund and Taegen
monds. Photo by Lisa Peterson. lan Brand 2. Long contributed hustle on defense, collecting 2 points
The Jaguars re- apiece for the Jags.
CITY OF GOWRIE cord is now 17-5 and will
face South Hamilton in the
Enough can not be said about the effort these
young players put into their season. The transition from
District final at Gilbert on junior high to high school is difficult in so many ways. In
Tuesday, February 21st, at athletics, the mental aspect of the game is definitely the
7pm. hardest aspect to grasp.
Having good leaders on and off the floor really
City of GOWRIE , Iowa made a difference with this group. Along with that, the
freshmen really brought the hustle, which resulted in ev-
The City Council will conduct a public hearing on the proposed Budget at Community/Civic Center eryone working harder. These ladies showed tremendous
on 3/8/2017 at 7 P.M. growth throughout the season and we could not be more
proud of them all! Thank you for a wonderful and fun
The Budget Estimate Summary of proposed receipts and expenditures is shown below. season!
Copies of the the detailed proposed Budget may be obtained or viewed at the offices of the Mayor, The Jaguars JV girls finished the season with a
City Clerk, and at the Library. 6-12 record. The Jaguar JVR finished the season with a
The estimated Total tax levy rate per $1000 valuation on regular property . . 16.25724 2-1 record.
The estimated tax levy rate per $1000 valuation on Agricultural land is . . . . 3.00375
At the public hearing, any resident or taxpayer may present objections to, or arguments in favor of,
any part of the proposed budget.
515-352-399 Danielle Clancy/Gowrie City Clerk
phone number City Clerk/Finance Officer's NAME

Budget FY Re-est. FY Actual FY

2018 2017 2016
(a) (b) (c)

DENTAL Insurance
Revenues & Other Financing Sources
Taxes Levied on Property 1 413,455 441,752 430,456
Less: Uncollected Property Taxes-Levy Year 2 0 0 0
Net Current Property Taxes 3 413,455 441,752 430,456
Delinquent Property Taxes 4 0 0 0
TIF Revenues 5 0 0 0
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company
Other City Taxes 6 2,047 149,623 146,285
Licenses & Permits 7 0 250 2,066 A less expensive way to help get
the dental care you deserve
Use of Money and Property 8 0 26,600 25,182
Intergovernmental 9 11,639 134,616 166,928
Charges for Services 10 1,461,505 1,555,896 1,463,156
Special Assessments 11 0 0 0 If youre over 50, you can get coverage for about $1 a day*
Miscellaneous 12 60 78,529 226,035
Other Financing Sources 13 0 0 0
Keep your own dentist! NO networks to worry about
Transfers In 14 122,620 146,264 100 No wait for preventive care and no deductibles you could get a
Total Revenues and Other Sources 15 2,011,326 2,533,530 2,460,208
checkup tomorrow
Expenditures & Other Financing Uses Coverage for over 350 procedures including cleanings,
Public Safety 16 0 202,893 111,085 exams, fillings, crownseven dentures
Public Works 17 0 199,054 270,666
Health and Social Services 18 0 81,374 71,075 NO annual or lifetime cap on the cash benefits you can receive
Culture and Recreation 19 0 272,812 291,304
Community and Economic Development 20 0 10,500 800
General Government 21 0 103,523 92,003
Debt Service 22 0 172,735 170,075 FREE Information Kit
Capital Projects 23 0 104,853 497
Total Government Activities Expenditures 24 0 1,147,744 1,007,505
Business Type / Enterprises 25 1,508,561 1,443,784 1,471,163 www.dental50plus.com/dayton
Total ALL Expenditures 26 1,508,561 2,591,528 2,478,668
Transfers Out 27 122,620 146,264 100
Total Expenditures/Transfers Out 28 1,631,181 2,737,792 2,478,768 *Individual plan.
Product not available in MN, MT, NH, RI, VT, WA. Acceptance guaranteed for one insurance policy/certificate of this type. Contact us for com-
Excess Revenues & Other Sources Over plete details about this insurance solicitation. This specific offer is not available in CO, NY;call 1-800-969-4781 or respond for similar offer.
(Under) Expenditures/Transfers Out 29 380,145 -204,262 -18,560 Certificate C250A (ID: C250E; PA: C250Q); Insurance Policy P150(GA: P150GA; NY: P150NY; OK: P150OK; TN: P150TN)
Beginning Fund Balance July 1 30 1,842,956 2,047,218 2,065,778 6096C MB16-NM001Cc

Ending Fund Balance June 30 31 2,223,101 1,842,956 2,047,218

February 22, 2017
Southeast Valley Middle School Wrestling Meet

A few precious days

with my daughter. . .
I wrote this column in November of 2010. I
was visiting my daughter Joanna who was earning her
doctorate at Michigang Technical Institute, Hough-
ton, MI. She now has her doctorate and teaches at
Georgia Southern.
The lake air was refreshing as I walked to the
Suomi Restaurant in Houghton, MI, in the Upper Pen-
nisula. I met my daughter Joanna for breakfast on this fall
You look tired honey. How many hours of
sleep did you get last night?, I asked.
There isnt enough time for sleep, she said af-
Southeast Valley
ter taking a sip of coffee. I have too much work to do. I
probably had three hours of sleep.
Joanna is getting her doctorate in technical com-
Middle School hosts munications at Michigan Technical Institute. She is an
assistant in the communications department, she teaches

first wrestling meet a college class, and she was busy preparing for a compre-
hensive exam.
I ordered pannukakku, an oven-baked, custard
Monday night there was a great rumble in like pancake served with warm rasberry sauce. Joanna
Burnside. Southeast Valley Middle School hosted their had Finnish French toast. And both of us were drinking
first wrestling meet of the year. coffee.
The Jags welcomed middle schools from East Over the past year-14 months Joanna has read
Sac, Pocahontas Area/ Laurens- Marathon, Ogden, South 100 books in three areas of technical communications.
Central Calhoun, and Manson Northwest Webster. Sometimes a reading would involve numerous trade jour-
The Jags wrestled hard, ending the evening nals, which would be the equivalent of a book. There
with a record of 26-28. Harley Bryson, Jesse Hansen, would be one long question in each of the three fields of
Mark Hughes, Max Miller, Lathe Muench, Dameon Rae, communications on the comprehensive exam, and then
Wyatt Sprecher, Carson Suchan, Jaxon Carlson, Logan one question which combined all three areas.
ONeal, Jonah Siebert, and Quinton Sorenson all battled For four wonderful days I had breakfast every
for one win. Parker Garcia, Everett Lahr, Noble Nowell, morning with Joanna, then we would have a late after-
and Memphis Simpson fought for two victories. Ryllie noon walk with Zoe, her dog, on one of the many trails in
Ferrari and Aaron Graves had three impressive wins. Our the area, and we would always have dinner together. She
next wrestling competition will be in Gilmore city next was so busy, but she made a few hours for me each day.
Monday. We had some great conversations, mostly about
family, her work, her goals in life. At 10 a.m. I would
always go back to Dayton Review work for several hours
until I would see her again in the late afternoon. It was a
good routine.
In the Suomi Restaurant, 54 Huron Street,
Houghton, there are many historical photos on the walls.
From Jan. 20-29 in 1939, the was an usually bad snow
storm. There was a picture taken showing the snow drifts
above the telephone lines. One young woman was ma-
rooned in a farm house for four days, but was eventually
saved by farm hands.
While this was a record snow accumulation, the
area does average more than 300 inches of snowfall each
year. ats the lake effect from Lake Superior.I do get
concerned about you being here in the winter, I men-
Its really not a problem, she said. They are
so good about prompt snow removal here---its like full-
time work for many people. The roads are always plowed
promptly and I use snow shoes to take Zoe for walks.
The time went too fast on this family trip that started in
Wisconsin. Houghton is a beautiful area where mining
once dominated. Tourism seems to be the big industry
Joanna is writing her prospectus, which will
serve as a plan for her dissertation. Her dissertation will
basically involve research and writing a book on some
field in technical communications.
This was my first visit at MTI since Joanna had
started her doctorate program. I am so glad I took the time
to share some precious days with her. Now I understand
what she is really doing, what is involved, and I have a
much greater appreciation for all the hard work it entails.

Zion Lutheran Church

to host a Lenten Soup
Supper at Zion
Wednesday, March 1...
Wednesday, February 22 Youth Bells will begin at
4 p.m. ConFest Event will begin at 5:45 p.m.
Tuesday, February 28 a Church council Meeting will
be held at 7 p.m.
Wednesday, March 1 Youth Bells will begin at 4 p.m.
A Lenten Soup supper at Zion will begin at 6 p.m. Ash
Wednesday Service at Zion will begin at 7 p.m.

~ Email your news to gnews@wccta.net ~

8 February 22, 2017

Central Plains FFA Gowrie members. . .

Great Plains FFA Gowrie members are, left to right, Emma Graves, President; Collin Nordin, Vice President;
Mason Bahr, Secretary; Morgan Castenson, Treasurer, Keanna Taylor, Reporter; Cassidy Lambert, Sentinel; Ryan
Jondle, Chaplain; Alex Pliner, Historian; Jaden Cline, Junior Advisor; and Nick Eslick, Parliamentarian.

Central Plains FFA Chapter, Gowrie,

celebrates National FFA Week
The Central Plains FFA Chapter in Gowrie, portunities in the food, fiber and natural resources indus-
Iowa will celebrate National FFA Week, Feb. 18-25, try. National FFA Week is sponsored by Tractor Supply
2017. This years theme is Transform Purpose to Action, Company.
and it embraces more than 89 years of FFA traditions The National FFA Organization provides leader-
while looking forward to the organizations future. ship, personal growth and career success training through
Nearly 650,000 members will participate in Na- agricultural education to 649,355 student members who
tional FFA Week activities at local, state and national belong to one of 7,859 local FFA chapters throughout the
levels. These members have a passion for agriculture. U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Designated a national week in 1947, the week of
George Washingtons birthday, National FFA Week runs
from Saturday to Saturday and gives FFA members an
opportunity to educate the public about agriculture. Dur-
ing the week, chapters conduct a variety of activities to
help others in their school and community learn about
FFA and agricultural education.
Todays FFA members are the innovators and
leaders of tomorrow. Through agricultural and hands-on
learning, they are preparing for 235 unique career op-

Great Plains FFA

Chapter, Gowrie,
North Iowa Tractor Ride
makes a difference starts July 27 in Boone,
The Central Plains FFA Chapter (Gowrie, Iowa)
makes a positive difference in the lives of our members
by transforming our message in agricultural education.
runs through Dayton
Through our voices, we can put the purpose of Stratford, Pilot Mound,
FFA into action and show the importance of promoting
our potential for premier leadership, personal growth and Frazer also on route. . .
career success through agricultural education.
Todays FFA members are tomorrows lead- The North Iowa Tractor Ride, presented by Auto
ers of Americas number one industry, agriculture. Visit Edge of Mason City and hosted by North Iowa Broad-
FFA.org today for more information! casting, will head to central Iowa for its 10th annual ride,
July 27th through the 29th, 2017. The ride is a coopera-
tive effort of 3 north Iowa radio stations in Mason City,
and New Hampton.
The 2017 North Iowa Tractor Ride will kick off
on Friday, July 28 from The Boone County Fairgrounds
in Boone. Nearly 200 tractors are expected to roll out of
the parking and camping area early Friday morning.
Tractors will be parked on the fairgrounds start-
ing on Thursday, July 27, and will be on public display
starting at 6:00pm when the opening ceremony takes
place. The ride will tour some of the most visited scenic
areas of Central Iowa, including Ledges State Park.
The ride starts at 7:20 am on Friday, July 28, in
Boone and will visit Stratford, Yell, Ridgeport, Dayton,
Pilot Mound and Fraser. On Saturday, the parade of trac-
tors will tour Ledges State Park, Luther, Woodward and
For more information on the North Iowa Tractor
Ride presented by Auto Edge, please visit: www.northio-
February 22, 2017

7,859 FFA chapters in United States

Includes Gowrie chapter. . .
The National FFA Organization is a national of public instruction in agriculture.
youth organization of 649,355 student members as part The U.S. Department of Education provides
of 7,859 local FFA chapters in all 50 states, Puerto Rico leadership and helps set direction for FFA as a service to
and the U.S. Virgin Islands. state and local agricultural education programs. For more,
The FFA mission is to make a positive differ- visit the National FFA Organization online at FFA.org
ence in the lives of students by developing their potential and on Facebook, Twitter and the official National FFA
for premier leadership, personal growth and career suc- Organization blog.
cess through agricultural education. The National FFA
Organization operates under a federal charter granted by
the 81st United States Congress and it is an integral part
Beginning Farmer Night,
February 22 at 6 p.m.
National FFA
Getting started in agriculture can be a daunting

Foundation has undertaking that requires a significant amount of resourc-

es. To help beginning farmers, both young and not so
young, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is
many partnerships providing a Beginning Farmer Night at 6pm on February
22 in Rockwell City, IA.
The National FFA Foundation builds partner-
The presentation starts at 6pm and will be held
at the Calhoun County Extension office located at 325
ships with industry, education, government, other foun- Court Street. This meeting will focus on state and USDA
dations and individuals to secure financial resources that programs designed to help new and some existing farm-
recognize FFA member achievements, develop student ers find the capital resources to start or expand their op-
leaders and support the future of agricultural education. eration.
Governed by a 19-member board of trustees Existing farmers and landowners may be inter-
comprised of educators, business leaders, individual do-
nors and FFA Alumni, the foundation is a separately reg-
Farmer Night Continued on page 12...
istered nonprofit organization.
About 82 percent of every dollar received by the
foundation supports FFA members and agricultural edu-
cation opportunities. For more, visit FFA.org/Give.

Central Plains FFA, Gowrie, Degree recipients. . .

The 2016 Iowa FFA Degree Recipients for the Central Plains FFA Chapter are, left to right, Owen Oeltjen-
bruns, Anna Heatherington, Allie Berg, Josh Carlson, and Bryce Scott.
10 February 22, 2017

Grandparent scam reported in Iowa; The series covers key issues designed to equip
caregivers to meet the needs of their family member; in

scare tactics done via phone calls

addition, it highlights ways to protect the caregivers own
financial well-being.
For most working Americans, becoming a
Dont be fooled!. . . caregiver affects their finances, whether by reducing
earnings or increasing expenses, explains Barb Wollan,
ISU Extension Human Sciences Specialist in Family Fi-
A Northwest Iowa grandmother recently re- calling 1-877-FTC-HELP. nance. Caregivers can reduce financial risk by consider-
ceived a disturbing phone call. According to Ehlers, This scam highlights the ing and planning for their own long-term financial well-
The caller told her, You dont know me, but dangers of wiring money, or providing prepaid money being even while caring for a loved one.
your granddaughter is in jail in Michigan and needs card numbers or bank account information to strang- The programs dual focus on the well-being of
money wired immediately, noted Carol Ehlers, a human ers by telephone. The Iowa Attorney General indicates both caregiver and care receiver is useful for family mem-
sciences specialist in family finance with Iowa State Uni- that these types of transactions, which generally transfer bers who provide support many ways. Being a caregiver
versity Extension and Outreach. funds abroad, often are nearly impossible to trace. does not necessarily mean having someone living in your
The caller also said, Im calling from a pay The Iowa Attorney General requests that victims home, Wollan points out.
phone and you cant call back. The grandmother identi- contact the local law enforcement agency and file a re- Caregiving includes many different roles, in-
fied this as a scam, didnt send the money and hung up! port. Because it generally originates from overseas, the cluding assisting with transportation or household tasks.
Ehlers said. grandparent scam can be difficult, if not impossible, to It may mean reducing work hours or leaving work en-
According to Ehlers, recent Iowa police depart- successfully investigate and recover lost funds. tirely, which has substantial impact on both short-term
ment and Federal Trade Commission reports indicate Contact Office of the Attorney General of Iowa, and long-term finances.
scammers are posing as relatives or friends, calling or Consumer Protection Division at consumer@iowa.gov or Finances of Caregiving helps caregivers to
sending messages to urge people to wire money immedi- 515-281-5926, (888-777-4590 outside of the Des Moines gather information, become aware of resources, and con-
ately. metro area). sider the overall financial impact of caregiving in order to
Theyll request cash to help with an emergency
like getting out of jail, paying a hospital bill or needing
to leave a foreign country. Their goal is to trick you into
Caregiving workshops make the best possible decisions for all who are involved.
The registration fee for Finances of Caregiv-
ing is $35 per person or family. Partial scholarships are
sending money before you realize its a scam, Ehlers ex-
start March 7 available through Elderbridge Area Agency on Aging:
Contact Mary Lamphier at 515-955-5245.
Ehlers recommends following the steps recom-
mended by the FTC if someone calls or sends a message
at County Extension Pre-registration is required by March 3; contact
Webster County Extension at 515-576-2119. Fees for
claiming to be a family member or a friend desperate for service will be used to offset direct expenses and to sup-
money: Five part series. . . port the Human Sciences County Extension program.
Resist the urge to act immediately, no matter
how dramatic the story is. Is caregiving in your future and will you and
Verify the persons identity by asking questions your family be prepared?
that a stranger couldnt possibly answer. Finances of Caregiving, a new five-part series
Call a phone number for your family member or from ISU Extension and Outreach, will be held Tuesdays
friend that you know to be genuine. from March 7 through April 4 at the Webster County Ex-
Check the story out with your family or circle of tension office in Fort Dodge.
friends, even if youve been told to keep it a secret. Two sessions are being offered: an afternoon
Dont wire money and dont send a check or session from 3:00-4:30 or an evening session from 6:30-
money order by overnight delivery or courier. 8:00. When you pre-register, choose the time that works
Report possible fraud at ftc.gov/complaint or by best for you.



City of Farnhamville , Iowa City of Callender , Iowa

The City Council will conduct a public hearing on the proposed Budget at Council Chambers The City Council will conduct a public hearing on the proposed Budget at CITY HALL
on 3/13/2017 at 6:30 pm on 3/7/2017 at 6:00 PM

The Budget Estimate Summary of proposed receipts and expenditures is shown below. The Budget Estimate Summary of proposed receipts and expenditures is shown below.
Copies of the the detailed proposed Budget may be obtained or viewed at the offices of the Mayor, Copies of the the detailed proposed Budget may be obtained or viewed at the offices of the Mayor,
City Clerk, and at the Library. City Clerk, and at the Library.
The estimated Total tax levy rate per $1000 valuation on regular property . . 8.10000 The estimated Total tax levy rate per $1000 valuation on regular property . . 11.28847
The estimated tax levy rate per $1000 valuation on Agricultural land is . . . . 3.00375 The estimated tax levy rate per $1000 valuation on Agricultural land is . . . . 3.00375
At the public hearing, any resident or taxpayer may present objections to, or arguments in favor of, At the public hearing, any resident or taxpayer may present objections to, or arguments in favor of,
any part of the proposed budget. any part of the proposed budget.
515-544-3619 Emily Bendickson 515-548-3859
phone number City Clerk/Finance Officer's NAME phone number City Clerk/Finance Officer's NAME

Budget FY Re-est. FY Actual FY Budget FY Re-est. FY Actual FY

2018 2017 2016 2018 2017 2016
(a) (b) (c) (a) (b) (c)
Revenues & Other Financing Sources Revenues & Other Financing Sources
Taxes Levied on Property 1 149,335 145,083 142,610 Taxes Levied on Property 1 84,900 83,232 76,169
Less: Uncollected Property Taxes-Levy Year 2 0 0 0 Less: Uncollected Property Taxes-Levy Year 2 0 0 0
Net Current Property Taxes 3 149,335 145,083 142,610 Net Current Property Taxes 3 84,900 83,232 76,169
Delinquent Property Taxes 4 0 0 0 Delinquent Property Taxes 4 0 0 511
TIF Revenues 5 0 0 0 TIF Revenues 5 0 0 0
Other City Taxes 6 33,610 30,000 29,686 Other City Taxes 6 49,729 45,000 50,996
Licenses & Permits 7 200 0 0 Licenses & Permits 7 100 100 0
Use of Money and Property 8 4,000 4,000 2,165 Use of Money and Property 8 9,484 9,484 8,741
Intergovernmental 9 297,312 200,259 60,244 Intergovernmental 9 85,027 56,065 54,858
Charges for Services 10 800,034 773,500 737,467 Charges for Services 10 492,727 544,266 452,367

Special Assessments 11 0 0 0 Special Assessments 11 0 0 0
Miscellaneous 12 5,100 0 120,501 Miscellaneous 12 8,212 26,710 41,928
Other Financing Sources 13 0 0 0 Other Financing Sources 13 0 0 0
Transfers In 14 0 0 353,594 Transfers In 14 0 71,740 18,614
Total Revenues and Other Sources 15 1,289,591 1,152,842 1,446,267 Total Revenues and Other Sources 15 730,179 836,597 704,184

Expenditures & Other Financing Uses Expenditures & Other Financing Uses
Public Safety 16 42,026 39,400 29,706 Public Safety 16 21,289 20,625 21,145
Public Works 17 104,510 84,000 69,756 Public Works 17 60,953 153,611 69,466
Health and Social Services 18 2,300 2,100 1,993 Health and Social Services 18 1,500 1,450 1,450
Culture and Recreation 19 54,205 24,500 27,597 Culture and Recreation 19 64,815 59,129 57,317
Community and Economic Development 20 232,494 152,000 0 Community and Economic Development 20 0 0 0
General Government 21 82,460 164,500 128,570 General Government 21 40,414 51,953 40,226
Debt Service 22 0 0 0 Debt Service 22 0 0 0
Capital Projects 23 0 0 0 Capital Projects 23 20,000 8,000 26,802
Total Government Activities Expenditures 24 517,995 466,500 257,622 en
Total Government Activities Expenditures 24 208,971 294,768 216,406
Business Type / Enterprises 25 752,114 563,000 642,707 Business Type / Enterprises 25 554,137 598,439 467,308
Total ALL Expenditures 26 1,270,109 1,029,500 900,329 Total ALL Expenditures 26 763,108 893,207 683,714
Transfers Out 27 0 0 353,594 Transfers Out 27 0 71,740 18,614
Total Expenditures/Transfers Out 28 1,270,109 1,029,500 1,253,923 Total Expenditures/Transfers Out 28 763,108 964,947 702,328
Excess Revenues & Other Sources Over Excess Revenues & Other Sources Over
(Under) Expenditures/Transfers Out 29 19,482 123,342 192,344 (Under) Expenditures/Transfers Out 29 -32,929 -128,350 1,856
Beginning Fund Balance July 1 30 540,934 417,592 225,248 Beginning Fund Balance July 1 30 319,909 448,259 446,403 c
Ending Fund Balance June 30 31 560,416 540,934 417,592 Ending Fund Balance June 30 31 286,980 319,909 448,259 L
February 22, 2017
Shared Blessings Food
Pantry; Our Saviour's
Lutheran Church
Saturday, Feb. 25...
Wednesday, Feb. 22 Wednesday Night Supper
& Sunday School will begin at 5:30 p.m. Confirmation,
Fireside Room; Youth WNW will begin at 6 p.m.
Thursday, Feb. 23 Dorcas/Lydia Circle will begin in
the Fireside Room at 9 a.m. Mary/Martha Circle will be
held in the Fireside Room at 2 p.m. Choir Rehearsal will
begin at 6:30 p.m.
Saturday, Feb. 25 Mens Group will begin at 9 a.m.
in the Fireside Room. At 10 a.m. the Sound Workshop
with Andrea M. & Nathan Lawrence, Nave will begin.
The Shared Blessings Food Pantry will be open from 10
a.m. to Noon.
Sunday, Feb. 26 Worship; Choir sings will begin at
9:15 a.m. There will be no Fellowship Coffee or Adult
Forum.Sunday School will begin at 10:30 a.m. The Ro-
tisserie Roast Beef Fundraiser Dinner will be held from
11a.m. to 2 p.m.in the Fellowship Hall. The Public is in-
Monday, Feb. 27 the Bible Study with Don Doo-
little in the Fireside Room will begin at 7 p.m
Tuesday, Feb. 28 from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Creative-
Christian Crafters will meet in the Fireside Room.
Wednesday, March 1 there will be no Wed. Night Confir-
mation Class. Ash Wednesday Worship with Holy Com-
munion will begin at 7 p.m.
Kyler Fisher and Trey Lawrence along with the Southeast Valley wrestling coaches get a wonderful send off from the
high school as they make their way to the state wrestling meet Thursday afternoon. The students lined the halls, the band
played the school song, the cheerleaders had a banner and gifts for the guys and the town police officer gave them an official
escort out of town! Photo by Lisa Peterson.

State wrestling...
continued from front page...
Trey was disappointed after losing a
couple of close matches and also gained some insight on
what it takes to become a place winner Saturday night.
He wrestled hard but had some trouble in the
down position in both matches that cost him. The coach-
ing staff were also proud of Trey and the season he had,
finishing 38-11.

Kyler Fisher

Kyler Fisher is being honored during the 2017 state wrestling meet
Saturday evening down in Des Moines. Photo by Emilea Lundberg.

Revenue Protection for

Your Crops
Talk with your Rain and Hail agent to
At the State Wrestling Tournament pictured left to right are Coach learn how Revenue Protection can
Winklebauer, Kyler Fisher, and Coach Miller. Photo by Emilea Lundberg. provide replacement dollar coverage for
your crops.

Security Realty & Insurance Disclosure:

Not a deposit. Not FDIC Insured. Not
insured by any Federal Government
Agency. Not guaranteed by Security
Saving Bank.

For details contact:

Security Realty &
PO Box 189
1015 Market Street
Gowrie, IA 50543
Phone: 515.352.3333
The Southeast Valley Cheerleaders are all smiles as they wait to
Toll Free: 800.871.8171
cheer on Kyler and Trey during the state wrestling meet. Photo by Emilea security@wccta.net
This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
12 February 22, 2017

Senator Grassley
begins 99 county
meeting tour
U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley will begin holding
meetings with Iowans in every county this new year with
meetings that started on Monday, Jan. 16, in Grundy and
Black Hawk counties.
With these meetings, Grassley will begin his
37th year holding meetings in every one of Iowas 99
counties. Grassley has held at least one meeting with
Iowans in every county, every year since he was first Dr. Margaret Vitiritto, Nicole Kock and Kelly nity Hospitals Lunch Connection on Thursday, March 2nd
elected to the U.S. Senate in 1980. Hays will present an educational program on Choose at noon. Reserve your seat by February 23rd.
Representative government is a two-way street, Wisely: Antibiotic or Not? at Stewart Memorial Commu-
and its strengthened by dialogue between elected offi-
cials and the people we represent, Grassley said. I look
forward to events and meetings where I listen to com-
SMCH to host Lunch Connection on
ments, hear concerns and respond directly to questions.
Im committed to keeping in touch with Iowans.
In order to hear from the greatest cross-section
Choose Wisely: Antibiotic or Not?
of Iowans, Grassley holds these meetings in a variety of Come join us for a lunch connection at Stew- Lunch Connection is held in the Lower Level
settings: county courthouses, community centers, hos- art Memorial Community Hospital on Thursday, March Conference Room at Stewart Memorial Community
pitals, factories, schools, places of business and others. 2, 12 noon. Dr. Margaret Vitiritto, pharmacist Nicole Hospital. Cost of $5 includes program and lunch. The
This is to allow Iowans to meet with and ask questions Kock, and SMCH Lab Director Kelly Hays will discuss menu will include oriental chicken salad, a fruit cup and
of their U.S. Senator where they work, where they live, Choose Wisely: Antibiotic or Not? They will present ginger cheesecake dessert.
where they worship and where they study. Grassley also a program that touches on several topics related to best Call Jennifer Snyder at 712-464-4214 to make
frequently holds more than one meeting in each county practices with antibiotics, such as how antibiotics work, reservations by Thursday, February 23rd. To learn more
each year in order to visit with as many Iowans as pos- the differences between viruses and bacteria, how they about the services Stewart Memorial Community Hos-
sible. are each diagnosed and treated and how antibiotics can pital has to offer, visit us at www.stewartmemorial.org.
interact with other medications. Find us on Facebook at smchlakecity.
Farmer Night Continued from page 9...
ested to learn about programs that reward them for men-
toring or leasing land to beginning farmers. Speakers
C.J. Danielson, born in Sweden in 1844,
will include Steve Ferguson of the Iowa Finance Author-
ity, Mary Roberts with USDA Farm Service Agency, and survives cholera, moves to Dayton in 1868
Shane Ellis, ISU Farm Management Specialist.
This will be an excellent opportunity for cur- Arriving in Iowa in seven wagons. . .
rent and future producers to learn about the beginning C. J. Danielson was born in Sweden in 1844 Wendell Carlson home. Then, shortly after this, he bought
farmer programs and loans available directly from pro- and came to Andover, IL in 1852. They came by sailboat the farm (now the home of Oliver Carlson), where the
gram administrators. Bring your questions for an open from Sweden and it took eleven weeks to cross the ocean. writer of this history was born in 1880. In the early 1880,
and friendly group discussion. When they arrived in Andover, his father had he made two trips to Minnesota.
A light meal will be served starting at 5:45pm. $30 in money and invested it in a cow. He and his father He took horses from here and traded them for
There is no cost to attend. For more information and to moulded bricks for the first Andover church. their oxen, so they drove horses up and oxen back. Then
RSVP, please call the Calhoun County Extension office In the early 1850s, the cholera epidemic took the he traded farms with his stepfather Adolph Strand. This is
at (712) 297-8611. lives of many members of the various families of settlers. the place that is the home of Russell Anderson family.

His father and others dug the graves for nine people in He rented this farm of Charles Luderlund, Swen
one day in the old Andover cemetery. Ecklund, V. Kullbegs and Albert Strand. He traded farms
The family lived on an 80 acre farm near Ando- with his step brother. Then he traded this place to Law-
ver when the Civil War broke out. C. J. Danielson was rence Burkgren for the Old Ford 80, and later sold this

Worship Schedule too young to enter the Army. His father and a sister died
about this time in a typhoid epidemic. That left a widow
with six children with C. J. the oldest.
80 to John Skoglund for $3200, and it still belongs to the
Skoglund family.
In 1883, he moved to town and built a house,
HOLY TRINITY LUTHERAN, FARNHAMVILLE After the Civil War, an Army Veterinarian made which later became M. M. Campbell residence and also
his home with the family. This is where he and his brother bought C. J. Swanstroms interest in the furniture store
8:30 a.m. Sunday School; 9:30 a.m. Worship
received early training in veterinary work. All of this vets and formed a partnership with S. P. Lofgren.
FIRST UNITED CHURCH, FARNHAMVILLE equipment was left to them at the death of this Army vet. They also made furniture, washing machines,
10:30 a.m. Sunday Worship, 9:45 a.m. Fellowhip Coffee C. J. worked for farmers then bought a team of bed springs and also the first hearse, used in Dayton.
OUR SAVIOUR'S LUTHERAN, CALLENDER horses for $300. Then he farmed his mothers farm un-
9:15 a.m. Sunday Worhip til his marriage in 1866 to Christina Lindquist, who was

Gowrie Police Report

UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, GOWRIE born in Sweden in 1844 and who had come to America in
9:00 a.m. Sunday School; 10:15 a.m. Worship In 1868, they came to Iowa in a company of
ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH, GOWRIE seven wagons. They came to Boonesburo and crossed the January 12, 2017 to January 23, 2017
9:30 a.m. Sunday School; 10:30 a.m. Worship Des Moines river at Centerville, on a ferry. January 12- 11:30- Car accident in the 1100
FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH, HARCOURT Easter Sunday occurred on their trip and it was block of Riddle St.
10:30 a.m. Worship; 9:30 a.m. Fellowhip a very stormy snowy day and they had to blanket their 14:05- Return phone call reference a
horses. But they had eggs, so they had them for Easter scam phone call.
breakfast. 18:53- Out at High School for intoxicated
8:30 a.m. Worship; 9:40 a.m. Sunday School They followed the mail route to Cassidy Cor-
UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, HARCOURT juvenile female. Juvenile charged with Public In-
ners. A mile east of the Gustafson school house they toxication.
9:00 a.m. Worship unloaded their wagons at the home of Daniel Danielson, 22:38- LEC- 500 block of Market St. for
UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, SOMERS who lived south of the J. C. Richey farm that was then the out of control juvenile. Juvenile had run away prior
9:00 a.m. Worship home of Walter and Parker Vontrees. to officers arrival. Searched for missing juvenile.
Then they moved to West Dayton and lived with Juvenile located at Caseys.
FULTON LUTHERAN CHURCH, ROELYN two other families by the name of Little Edlund and Bow-
9:00 a.m. Worship January 13th- 00:30- Took burglary report for
man. residence in the 1200 block of Park St.
This place was then the home of Philip Fredolf- 21:50- LEC- Return phone call to resi-
son. Then he moved a house off the present main street dent reference an issue with an eviction.
and on the main road into Dayton at that time (this was 22:43- Out at a residence in the 1600
the house that was the Walter Long house for many block of Lincoln St. reference the above phone
years.) call.
The main road at that time crossed Skillet creek January 14th- 17:43- LEC- Return phone call
below the home of Numa Odell and turned into the busi- to resident about the eviction and property in the
ness district at the corner where Hub Peterson lived. house.
This was their home until 1869. Then he and his January 15th- Routine activity reported.
brother bought 80 acres of land, southwest of Dayton on January 16th- Four emergency snow parking ban
the present Olger Strand farm. parking tickets issued.
They built a shanty and lived in it the first winter 17:00- Return phone call to individual
with only a dirt floor in it. One night, when he came home reference parking ticket.
from the timber where he had been working, he found the 23:55- Spoke with male at Caseys ref-
roof burned off his house. erence curfew hours. Advised they were headed
In 1870, he and his brother donated three acres home.
of land to the Lutheran congregation to be used for locat-
ing a church and a cemetery. *Note: All charges are merely an accusation. All defendants are
This is the land on Highway 169 across from the presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.
February 22, 2017
North Central Iowa Classifieds Your Local
Class A CDL Drivers/ Sergeant Bluffs, Iowa - Family
Tankers. Great Pay, Home Center, Friday 4PM-9PM,
Weekends, and Benefits! Saturday 9AM-5PM, Sunday
Potential of $60,000 plus per 9AM-3PM, Large selection of
year! Contact Tony 608-935- guns & ammunition for sale,
0915 Ext 16 www.qlf.com Info: 563-608-4401 (INCN)


INCLUDES: 3 Nights Lodging, 3 meals, 5 shows
Clay Cooper Soul Brothers Haygoods Family Show Acrobats of China
Legends in Concert
9 Day College of the Ozarks Tour Historic Homestead Tour
Washington D.C. &AlsoGettysburg
includes motorcoach & tour coordinator
March 20-23, 2017

INCLUDES: 8 nights lodging, 10 meals, Professional Tour Coordinator,

roundtrip motorcoach transportation and all admissions
Departures from:
JULY 14-22
BusBus1 -Departs
Sioux City, Onawa, Mo. Valley, Co. Bluffs
July 14 from

$ Rochelle Guess, FNP C

Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Coralville, Burlington

Bus 2 - Pella,
$ Oskaloosa,
799 Ottumwa, Bloomfield
Bus 3 - Denison, Harlan, Avoca, Atlantic
Tour also includes all major monuments and memorials, P.P.D.O. Adam Swisher, DO
Kari Swisher, ARNP-C
Smithsonian Museum, the National Archives, Arlington
4 - Des Moines, Osceola, Lamoni
National Cemetery, Library of Congress and more! $399 Single

Margaret Vitiritto, DO.
Hours: Monday-Friday
APRIL 21 - APRIL 23, 2017 Y-CAMP, BOONE, IA Phone 352-3891
After Hours: 1-800-262-2614
Diabetic youth of LEARN from diabetes
ALL AGES are encouraged health professionals and
to attend with family MEET other families
members. Great for newly experiencing the same
diagnosed children! diabetes-related challenges.


A weekend designed specically for teens with diabetes.
All teens 13-17 are encouraged to attend.
To register (April 17th deadline) or learn more:
www.CampHertkoHollow.com or 855-502-8500
Always buy your CRP seed from
Professional Seedsmen -
supplier of excellent quality seed.

Years in
the prairie experts Business

11009 542nd Street Lucas, IA 50151

800-582-2788 or 641-766-6790
Fax: 641-766-6795 CALL NOW 1-800-320-3984
john@prairieseedfarms.com 1108 Market Street,
www.prairieseedfarms.com Gowrie, IA 50543
We Accept: 712-297-5218 Ph. 515.352.3325email:
Check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover & Bank Letter of Credit
712-465-5335 gnews@wccta.net

How You Can Avoid

$5,000 SIGN ON BONUS! 7 Costly Mistakes if
www.1866GetAPro.com Hurt at Work
Each year thousands of Iowans
are hurt at work, but many fail to
learn the Injured Workers Bill of
Rights which includes:
1. Payment of Mileage at $.54 per
mile 2. Money for Permanent
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IowaWorkInjury.com. Guarantee- Corey stands behind his
book and if you do not learn at least one thing call us and we
will donate $1,000 to your charity of choice.
14 February 22, 2017
Webster County Claims Register 2-7-2017
UNIT 232
Regular Meeting AULT, RAY MILEAGE 55.00 Farnhamville City Council
February 7, 2017 AUREON COMMUNICATIONS PHONE SERVICE 2,302.10 Regular Meeting Minutes
BADGER LIBRARY LIBRARY PAYMENT 2,473.13 February 13th, 2017
The Board of Supervisors met in Session on the above date with BLACK HILLS ENERGY UTILITIES 1,631.90 The Farnhamville City Council met on Monday February 13th 6:30
the following members present: Leffler, Campbell, Dencklau, Carlson and BOONE COUNTY SHERIFF SERVE PAPERS 81.55 p.m. at the City Hall Council Chambers, called to order by roll call by
Thode. Absent: None. BURGOS-LOZADA, JOSE INTERPRETER FEES 160.00 Mayor Frank Morgan, with council members Alex Farley, Barb Gregg,
Moved by Campbell seconded by Carlson to move agenda item for CALHOUN-BURNS & ASSOCIATES INC Troy Jepsen, Rita Kail and Jeff Kick I ighter. Others present were A Ian
Webster County Official Newspaper up on the Agenda to follow Drainage PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 613.80 Jorgensen, Roger Kopecky, and Bruce McCormack, Roxanne Carsick,
Claims and accept the agenda. Motion carried unanimously. CANON, CORRINE MILEAGE 80.00 Keaton Hildreth and Mike Terwilliger.
Moved by Dencklau seconded by Campbell to approve the February CASTOR CONSTRUCTION SNOW REMOVAL/SALT 2,870.00 Motion by Kail, seconded by Farley to approve the February agenda
1, 2017 meeting minutes as presented. Motion carried unanimously. CENTRAL IA JUVENILE DET CENTER, DETENTION SERVICES 342.00 and the meeting minutes from January 9th meeting. Motion carried.
No Drainage Claims were presented. CENTRAL IOWA DISTRIBUTING INC., SUPPLIES 769.20 Following discussion motion by Gregg seconded by Kicklighter to
Moved by Campbell seconded by Carlson to receive and place on CHICKASAW COUNTY SHERIFF JVJV305441,442,443 34.26 approve the payment of the bills presented at the meeting. Motion carried.
file newspaper subscription numbers list for the appointment of official CLARE LIBRARY LIBRARY PAYMENT 2,182.18 Motion by Kail, seconded by Jepson to approve the monthly finance
Newspapers in Webster County from: The Messenger, Dayton Leader, COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER INMATE MEDICAL 144.00 report as presented. Motion carried.
Dayton Review and Gowrie News. Motion carried unanimously. CONSOLIDATED MANGEMENT CO INC., FOOD SERVICE 7,374.62 Verbal Police Report was given by McCormack.
Moved by Thode seconded by Dencklau to receive and place on file CRIMMINS LAW FIRM LEGAL REPRESENTATION 60.00 Representatives Carisch, Hildreth, and Terwilliger from Calhoun
approval of salary adjustment for April Wicklein from $18.01 per hour to DANIEL PHARMACY INMATE MEDS 113.97 County REC were on hand to discuss the yearly report.
$19.19 per hour pursuant to the clerks contract per recommendation of DAYTON PUBLIC LIBRARY LIBRARY PAYMENT 2,764.09 Motion by Farley, seconded by Kail to approve Resolution No-N-
Jennifer Benson, Webster County Attorney. Motion carried unanimously. DAYTON REVIEW PUB BRD PROC 523.23 2016-Revised. Motion carried.
Moved by Dencklau seconded by Campbell to receive and place on DAYTON, TOWN OF UTILITES 258.67 Motion by Farley, seconded by Kicklighter to approve Ordinance
file employment change for Dale Iles from Class C Equipment Operator DE LAGE LANDEN TAX COPIER LEASE 142.73 6-2016-Revised. Motion carried.
at the rate of $22.99 per hour to acting District 1 Road Foreman effective DEARBORN NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE 561.44 Motion by Gregg, seconded by Kicklighter to set March 13th, 2017 for
February 20, 2017; and to District 2 Road Foreman effective April 3, 2017 DELL MARKETING LP LAPTOP 1,104.37 the Budget Public Hearing. Motion carried.
at the rate of $25.36 per hour as recommended by Randy Will, Webster DOOLITTLE OIL CO INC OIL & PARTS 1,774.73 Motion by Kicklighter, seconded by Kail to approve the software/
County Engineer. Motion carried unanimously. DOORS INC CLARE SHED 48.00 hardware support for our hand held meter reader. Motion carried.
Moved by Campbell seconded by Carlson to approve and authorize DORSEY, TOM MILEAGE 80.00 Motion by Gregg, seconded by Jepsen to accept the resignation of
County Engineer to fill vacancy in Secondary Road Department due to DRUG TASK FORCE BUY MONEY 2,000.00 Alan Jorgensen, effective May 26th, 2017. The mayor, council and the
employment change for Dale Iles. Motion carried unanimously. DUNCOMBE LIBRARY LIBRARY PAYMENT 2,545.87 residents extend a big THANK YOU to Alan for his 40 years of service to
Moved by Carlson seconded by Thode to adopt the following EGEMO, WILLIAM R RENT & EXPENSE 500.00 the City of Farnhamville and wish him well in his retirement.
resolution: ELECTRICAL ADVANTAGE INC MAINTENANCE 792.08 After some discussion motion by Kicklighter, seconded by Farley to
WHEREAS, the Webster County Compensation Board meets ELECTRICAL MATERIALS CO STOCK 16.06 donate $250.00 to Calhoun County Economic Development Corp. Motion
annually to recommend a compensation schedule for elected officials ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING RADIOS 3,342.65 carried.
for the fiscal year immediately following, in accordance with Iowa Code EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT FUND, QUARTERLY PAYMENT 36,898.75 Motions by Gregg, seconded by Kicklighter to have Advance Lawn
Chapters 331.905 and 331.907, and FAMILY PET MEDICAL CENTER K-9 BOARDING 25.50 Care apply (fall) broad leaf control at the City Parks. Motion carried.
WHEREAS, the Webster County Compensation Board met on FASTENAL COMPANY STOCK 35.55 Motion by Gregg, seconded by Farley to write off non-residents bills
January 25, 2017 and made the following salary recommendations for the FIDELITY SECURITY LIFE FEB PREMIUM PAYMENT 11.80 from the year 20 IO and before. Motion carried
following elected officials for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2017: FORCE AMERICA INC STOCK & PARTS 2,833.91 Next council meeting will be Monday March 13th, 2017 at 6:30 pm.
Elected Official, Current Salary, Proposed Increase, Recommended Salary FORT DODGE FORD INC OIL CHANGE 85.67 Motion by Farley, seconded by Jepsen to adjourn the meeting. Motion
Auditor $ 64, 821 2.5% $ 66,442 FORT DODGE HOUSING AGENCY, RENT & EXPENSE 500.00 carried.
County Attorney $101,512 2.5% $104,050 FORT DODGE PUBLIC LIBRARY LIBRARY PAYMENT 16,111.74 Spring clean-up days will be April I oth - 131h with dumpsters
Recorder $ 64,821 2.5% $ 66,442 FORT DODGE WATER DEPT WATER 245.37 available on Hardin Street.
Sheriff $ 85,731 2.5% $ 87,874 FREEMAN, SUSAN WAGES 1,270.50
Supervisor $ 35,875 2.5% $ 36,772 FRONTIER PHONE/INTERNET SERVICE 127.89 2016 Gross Salaries
Supervisor $ 36,900 2.5% $ 37,823 FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS PHONE 881.17 Emily Bendickson $25,380.50
Treasurer $ 64,821 2.5% $ 66,442 GARGANO, MARK, MEDICAL EXAMINER EXPENSE 600.00 Alex Farley $360.00
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Webster County Board of GOVCONNECTION INC MONITORS 1,914.23 Barbara Gregg $320.00
Supervisors approve the following salary adjustments for the following GOWRIE MUNICIPAL UTILITIES UTILITIES 417.18 Judy Harvey $1,376.80
elected officials for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2017: GOWRIE NEWS LEGAL 523.23 Troy Jepsen $60.00
Elected Official Approved Salary Approved Increase GOWRIE PUBLIC LIBRARY LIBRARY PAYMENT 2,691.35 Alan Jorgensen $49,364.37
Auditor $ 66,442 2.5% GRAY SANITATION SANITATION 44.00 Rita Kail $420.00
County Attorney $104,050 2.5% GREATER FORT DODGE GROWTH ALLI, ANNUAL DUES 964.50 Jeff Kicklighter $280.00
Recorder $ 66,442 2.5% GROUP SERVICES INC PREMIUM 22,964.75 Roger Kopecky $34,957.71
Sheriff $ 87,874 2.5% GUNDERSON FUNERAL HOME INC., MEDICAL EXAMINER EX.900.00 Bruce McCormack $23,492.16
Supervisor $ 36,772 2.5% HAMILTON COUNTY SHERIFF SERVE PAPERS 21.00 Frank Morgan $2,400.00
Supervisor Chair $ 37,823 2.5% HARCOURT COMMUNITY LIBRARY, LIBRARY PAYMENT 2,327.66 Clint VanKley $240.00
Treasurer $ 66,442 2.5% HEITRITTER, TRACEY WAGES 196.85
Approved this 7th day of February 2017. HEMOCUE AMERICA/RADIOMETER, SUPPLIES 2,565.00 Emily Bendickson Frank Morgan
Webster County Board of Supervisors HEPP, BLAINE, ANIMAL CONTROL/CONTRACTED WAGES 2,654.31 City Clerk Mayor
s/Merrill Leffler s/Mark Campbell s/Keith Dencklau HERITAGE LIBRARY LIBRARY PAYMENT 2,545.87
s/Nick Carlson s/Robert D Thode Attest: s/Doreen Pliner HUMBOLDT COUNTY SHERIFF SERVE PAPERS 41.00 ALAN JORGENSEN INS. DEDUCTIBLE 500.00
Supervisor Supervisor Webster County Auditor IACCVSO SCHOOL OF INSTRUCTION 60.00 BLACK HILLS ENERGY GAS 36.84
Moved by Carlson seconded by Thode to approve letter of IOWA COUNTY RECORDERS ASSC, BROWN SUPPLY CO TREATMENT PLANT 404.01
authorization for the Webster County Recorder to establish a bank CERTIFICATION AT ISAC CONFERENCE 220.00 CALHOUN COUNTY ELECTRIC COOP, DECEMBER 43,344.64
account with Northwest Bank for the purpose of depositing funds from IOWA METHODIST MEDICAL CENTER, MEDICAL RECORDS 10.50 CALHOUN COUNTY ELECTRIC COOP, REC-JANUARY 36,804.58
the Recorders Office and designating Lindsay S. Laufersweiler and Shelly ISAC SCHOOL OF INSTRUCTION 170.00 CARNEGIE-EVANS PUBLIC LIB BOOKS 76.00
Hearn as official signers for the account. Motion carried unanimously. ISAC - GROUP HEALTH PROGRAM, SCHOOL OF INSTRUCTION 100.00 CARROLL REFUSE SERVICE LLC, GARBAGE/RECYCLING 2,900.00
Moved by Thode seconded by Dencklau to receive and place on file JDM MANAGMENT RENT & EXPENSE 500.00 CHAMPION CHRYSLER CENTER INC, POLICE VEHICLE 296.96
Manure Management Plan for Webster Pork, Section 22, Township 87, JIFI PRINT INC OFFICE SUPPLIES 165.10 COMBAT MEDICAL, STOP BLEED KIT 650.00
Range 29, Clay Township, Webster County. Motion carried unanimously. JOLA PUBLICATIONS IOWA MEDICAL DIRECTORY 165.00 DATA TECHNOLOGIES INC UTILITY BILLING 2,082.00
Moved by Campbell seconded by Thode to allow administration of KIMBALL MIDWEST STOCK 469.62 DESIGN ELECTRONICS COMPUTER/PRINTER 1,915.90
General Relief Fund to Public Health. Motion carried unanimously. LAMPMAN, AMY BOND REVIEW 24.50 ECOLAB PEST ELIMINATION PEST CONTROL 109.14
The Board of Supervisors received a membership plaque from LEHIGH LIBRARY LIBRARY PAYMENT 2,727.72 EFT PS FED/FICA TAX 3,125.24
Dennis Plautz, Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance. LEHIGH VALLEY COOP TELE UTILITIES 182.35 EMILY BENDICKSON BCBS SUPPLEMENT 259.95
Upper Des Moines Opportunity presented their program to the Board LINN COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH RADON TEST KITS 300.00 FRANK MORGAN TRAVEL 26.75
of Supervisors and requested funding. No action taken. LINN COUNTY SHERIFF SERVE PAPERS 56.25 HARCOURT EQUIPMENT SNOW PLOW 96.08
Moved by Campbell seconded by Carlson to allow Claims. Motion MAIL SERVICES LLC PRINT AND POSTAGE 1,052.10 HUMANA INSURANCE CO DRUG PLAN EMILY 17.00
carried unanimously. MARCO INC OFFICE SUPPLIES 218.81 IOWA ONE CALL EMAIL 11.70
Chairman Leffler recessed the meeting until 11:02 a.m. MARCO TECHNOLOGIES LLC CONTRACT BASE RATE 59.66 IOWA UTILITIES BOAR DUES 320.00
Chairman Leffler reopened the meeting, and turned it over to Dennis MCGILL, ANDREW L PHONE 50.00 IPERS IPERS-REGULAR 1,845.97
Plautz with the Growth Alliance to give a Tax Increment Finance Workshop. MEDIACOM CABLE 184.43 JERRY BOOTH SNOW PLOW REPAIR 120.00
Moved by Campbell seconded by Carlson to adjourn. Motion carried MENARDS - FORT DODGE SHED SUPPLIES - CENTRAL 952.84 MID AMERICAN, BOOKS 68.85
s/Doreen Pliner s/Merrill Leffler MIDAMERICAN ENERGY METER NO:SO34511245 384.72 NAPA AUTO PARTS SNOW PLOW 92.14
Webster County Auditor Chairman, Board of Supervisors MIDWEST WHEEL CO STOCK 3,506.86 PAUL KAIL MEETING/TRAVEL 38.19
The Board of Supervisors met in Session on the above date with NETSMART TECHNOLOGIES INC, MONTHLY MAINTENANCE FEE 80.66 USDA LOAN -WATER
the following members present: Leffler, Campbell, Dencklau, Carlson and OFFICE ELEMENTS SUPPLIES 358.15 245.00
Moved by Dencklau, seconded by Campbell to approve the Agenda. OLSON, STACI, MEDICAL EXAMINER EXPENSE 150.00 VISA BOOKS 653.81
Moved by Campbell, seconded by Carlson to approve the February PATTERSON DENTAL SUPPLY INC., SUPPLIES 788.25 WCCTA PHONE 387.46
7, 2017 meeting minutes as presented. Motion carried unanimously. PAYNE, KELLY RENT & EXPENSE 350.00 WELLMARK BC/BS HEALTH INS CITY 1,534.74
Moved by Carlson, seconded by Thode to receive and place on PETERSON, ANN RENT & EXPENSE 450.00 TOTAL ACCOUNTS PAYABLE 111,760.17
file a merit based salary adjustment from $61,000 to $63,000 for Dustin PHILLIPS, MICHELLE M TRANSCRIPT 10.50 PAYROLL CHECKS 8,471.23
Gomez effective February 16, 2017, per Jennifer Benson, Webster County PITNEY BOWES INC POSTAGE 3,000.00 **** PAID TOTAL***** 120,231.40
Attorney. Motion carried unanimously. POLK COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE, SUBPOENA 25.35 **** SCHED TOTAL***** 36.84
Moved by Thode, seconded by Dencklau to approve the tentative POSTMASTER POSTAGE 358.40 ***** REPORT TOTAL***** 120,268.24
agreement reached between Webster County and PPME Local 2003 POTTAWATTAMIE CO SHERIFF TRANSPORTATION 20.00 GENERAL 14,108.74
(Secondary Roads). (Copy on file in Auditors Office). Motion carried PPS SOFTWARE SOFTWARE 449.00 LIBRARY 936.32
Moved by Dencklau, seconded by Campbell to approve tentative EXTINGUISHER INSPECTION 779.50 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 3,880.00
agreement reached between Webster County and Teamsters Local RESERVE ACCOUNT POSTAGE 1,869.27 WATER 10,772.57
238 (Deputy Sheriffs). (Copy on file in Auditors Office). Motion carried RISE BROADBAND, COMPUTER SERVICES/INTERNET 484.24 SEWER 3,029.78
unanimously. ROSALEZ LOCK & KEY KEYS 4.00 ELECTRIC 85,296.68
Moved by Campbell, seconded by Carlson to approve tentative SCHOON, KAREN L PHONE 50.00 JANUARY REVENUE
agreement reached between Webster County and Teamsters Local SCHUSTER, MARY RENT & EXPENSE 500.00 GENERAL 5,575.78
238 (Courthouse Unit). (Copy on file in Auditors Office). Motion carried SECRETARY OF STATE NOTARY 30.00 LIBRARY 3,881.88
Moved by Carlson, seconded by Thode to approve tentative SLP INC RENT & EXPENSE 450.00 LOST 2,931.52
agreement reached between Webster County and Teamsters Local 238 SMILEMAKERS INC SUPPLIES 919.74 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 3,880.00
(Jail Unit). (Copy on file in Auditors Office). Motion carried unanimously. STOREY KENWORTHY/MATT PARROTT, OFFICE SUPPLIES 350.95 WATER 11,615.08
Moved by Thode seconded by Dencklau to approve Employment STRATFORD LIBRARY LIBRARY PAYMENT 124.72 SEWER 5,960.94
Contract and Agreement with Randall J. Will, Professional Engineer and TCB SANITATION GARBAGE 240.00 ELECTRIC 54,792.11
Professional Land Surveyor. (Copy on file in Auditors Office). Motion THE GARAGE DOOR COMPANY INC., LEHIGH SHED 281.00 TOTAL 92,117.68
carried unanimously. THE MESSENGER PUBLICATION 36.53

Moved by Dencklau seconded by Campbell to approve contract for TOWN & COUNTRY VETERINARY CLIN, DOG POUND 75.00
Underwriter in Issuance of Bonds with DA Davidson, Scott Stevenson. TREASURER STATE OF IOWA, CONSERVATION BOARD EXPENSE 105.00
Moved by Dencklau, seconded by Campbell to approve appointments TRUCK COUNTRY OF IOWA PARTS & STOCK 1,506.82
of official Newspapers for Webster County per recommendation of County
Attorneys Office. Moved by Campbell seconded by Dencklau to amend
motion to include The Messenger, Gowrie News and Dayton Leader
as the official Newspapers for Webster County. Amendment carried VINSON, ANGELA MILEAGE 81.96
Moved by Dencklau, seconded by Campbell to approve The Regular meeting was held February 13, 2017, 6:25 PM at the utilities
WALTERS SANITARY SERVICE INC., GARBAGE SERVICE 280.40 building with the following board members present: Lane, Boerner, and
Messenger, Gowrie News and Dayton Leader as the Official Newspapers WEBSTER CALHOUN COOP TELE, TELEPHONE 124.07
for Webster County. Motion carried unanimously. Carpenter. Rittgers arrived at 6:45pm.
WEBSTER COUNTY AUDITOR POSTAGE 80.46 Motion by Carpenter to approve minutes & finance reports, second
Moved by Carlson seconded by Thode to approve a Farm Lease for WEBSTER COUNTY AUDITOR FEBRUARY RENT 2,597.82
the Webster County Farm located in Section 3, Township 88 North, Range Lane. Carried-all ayes.
WEBSTER COUNTY EMS PASS THRU GRANT 4,639.00 Bills allowed on motion by Lane, subject to audit, second Carpenter.
29 West; Elkhorn Township with Iowa Central Community College. Motion WEBSTER COUNTY HEALTH DEPT.,
carried unanimously. Carried-all ayes.
Moved by Thode seconded by Dencklau to approve final plans for WEBSTER COUNTY SHERIFF
Bridge Replacement Project FM-CO94(111)-55-94 on Paragon Avenue ANGSTROM, CHUCK CELL PHONE 80.00
over quarry haul road approximately 2100 feet south of 210th Street and WELLMARK INC - FLEXIBLE BENEFI, ADMINISTRATION FEES 930.25
authorize project to be let by Iowa DOT on May 16, 2017 (Copy on file in ARAMARK, BLDG & MAINT SUPP/UNIFORM EXP 196.20
Engineers Office). Motion carried unanimously. WILLIAM, N. PATZ, CONSTRUCTION EASEMENT 7,413.06
There being no further business it was moved by Campbell seconded JIM BLAIR SANITATION, RECYCLING-384 CUSTOMERS 1,728.00
by Carlson to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously. COMPUTER SERVICES/INTERNET 159.85 CINTAS FIRST AID & SAFETY FIRST AID SUPPLIES 105.97
s/Doreen Pliner s/Merrill Leffler YANKTON COUNTY SHERIFF SERVE PAPERS 60.00
Webster County Auditor Chairman, Board of Supervisors EMC , OPER SUPPLIES/MATERIALS 1,072.00
ZUERCHER TECHNOLOGIES LLC., SOFTWARE 29,650.40 GMU Legal Continued on page 15...
February 22, 2017

Senator Tim Kraayenbrink District 5

Chamber News - Restoring Local Control
This was a big week in the Iowa Senate. Senate
Republicans passed Collective Bargaining Reform. This
law has remained unaddressed for more than 40 years and
February 16, 2017 during that time it has become clear it is an area in need of
Week six is slowly coming to an end. I started modernization.This was not a popular vote but it was the
this MWM Wednesday night while we were on a break right vote for our state. This bill puts more control back
during the collective bargaining debate. We started de- into the hands of local school boards, boards of supervi-
bate Tuesday, continued all day Wednesday, and we will sors, city councils, etc.
try to wrap up sometime this afternoon. Over the past several days, I have talked with
I want to thank all of you that shared comments superintendents, teachers, association presidents, DOC
thanking me for my attempt at an explanation on this very officers, and city employees. I have heard many concerns
complicated bill. I know there are some of you that did and opinions both in disagreement and in support of this
not like this bill at all. I would ask you to understand, bill. Throughout the legislative process, Senate Republi-
this week I have received the most malicious and cruel cans listened to Iowans. As a result, Republicans support-
emails, texts, phone calls, and Facebook posts I have ever ed a number of updates to the initial proposal regarding
had during my seven years as a Legislator. I am sorry collective bargaining reform.
you feel the need to do this I know you are upset. Im Some of those updates include retaining proper
also sorry you feel that I am attacking you. This is not cause for termination of public employees in law. Griev-
personal, and I am not trying to destroy anyones life, but Famous Iowan Ashton Kutcher is a grassroots ances, seniority, and release time will be permissible sub-
leader working to end human trafficking and get the full
let me say this, the path we are on is not sustainable. If we jects for employees and employers to negotiate. The bill
force of the federal government behind the cause.
want to stay on the current course then you are asking me will ensure specific portions of public employees are in-
to vote to raise your income taxes or forcing counties to cluded in collective bargaining units to ensure no federal
raise your property taxes and I am not going to do that. your thoughts: funding will be lost due to federal regulations. Finally,
Im truly trying to keep up with correspondence We will start working on the voter integrity it ensures employees are able to take their employment
from my constituents but with everyone from the entire bill in State Government. This bill will make us use our claims to district court if they deem it necessary, among
state emailing on both sides of this issue, as well as all of drivers license to vote. If you do ot have a license, the a number of other updates made based on feedback from
the other issues people are concerned about plus spend- State of Iowa will furnish you with a voter card that you Iowans on the reform package.
ing all day in debate it is hard keeping up. I have said this will use. It also moves school board elections to the same I know there is a lot of fear and misinforma-
many times in the last week, I represent 31,000 citizens time as the general election and may add language to end tion out there. I have listened to people on both sides of
in four counties. They are from all walks of life. Some are voting at eight instead of the current time of nine, it may this issue and it saddens me that the information that has
rich and some are poor, some have multiple jobs, there include other changes but I am unsure of those at this been circulated has put a lot of unnecessary stress on the
are self-employed, private employed, and government time as I have yet seen the bill. constituents in my district. Thank you again for the time
employees, but all of these people live in my district. Those of you that have followed my career youve taken to share your personal concerns and opin-
I have examples of all of these people that are family, know that I have run several alcohol bills. Once again I ions with me.
friends and neighbors that I have known for almost all my have been assigned as the floor manager for another al- Texting while Driving
life. Voting for this bill is not personal, but that is how the cohol bill. HSB 108 is a bill from the Alcohol Beverage The issue of texting while driving has been dis-
other side has portrayed it. Division. It makes changes to the rules and permits gov- cussed a few times in the Capitol before. There is another
Im voting for this bill because I believe it is erning establishments in Iowa. It also adds some changes bill this year, SSB 1002, that would make texting while
the right thing to do for Iowa. Im not doing it for any to allow micro-distilleries to operate more like wineries driving a primary offense.
retaliation or vengeful reasons. I have stated that if this and brew pubs. Currently, texting while driving is a secondary
bill damages education or causes undo financial or work Pass It On offense, which means you cannot be pulled over solely
place hardships on my government employees I will be If you have family, friends, or co-works that you for that offense. There must be another violation to cause
the first person to stand up and say we need to fix these think would also enjoy MWM please forward this to them the officer to pull the person over, and texting while driv-
short comings. I have heard that Im not listening to the so they can read it and deicide to be on our mailing list. ing can be added on as an additional charge.
citizens that elected me, I believe that Im not only listen- If you are reading this and would like to subscribe to our This bill has many vocal supporters and those
ing but Im representing my district. Just because you do newsletter, Minute with Mike, please send us an email in opposition. Those in support of it say the bill will in-
not agree with me does not mean Im not listening to you. letting us know. crease safety by reducing the amount of distracted drivers
Many of you have threatened to do whatever you can to We have created a Facebook page that I will on Iowa roads because officers would no longer have to
make sure Im not re-elected, and that is your right, but be using to add comments about what is going on in the wait for another violation before pulling someone over to
until then I will fight for and work hard every day to rep- Capitol and the House floor. This page will also be used enforce this law.
resent my district to the best of my ability. I do this job to make comments as bills are being debated on the floor. There are several arguments being made to ex-
because a feel a need to give back to my community. I put Please go to https://www.facebook.com/citizensforsex- pand the bill. Some say it doesnt go far enough to ad-
my life in Gods hands a long time ago and that includes ton or search for State Representative Mike Sexton on dress the change in phone technology and phones can be
this elected office. If he believes it is time for me to leave Facebook and like it so you can stay informed about leg- distracting in many different ways, such as taking videos,
this position and return home to my wife and farm, Im ok islation we are working on. photos, using the GPS, playing video games, etc. Some
with that. While we are in session, please remember that also say it is difficult for an officer to prove a person was
With that being said, here are a few items that Senator Kraayenbrink and I will be on the Devine Inter- texting while driving as opposed to using their phones for
we will start working on next week. Please let me know vention Radio Show with Mike Devine on KVFD 1400 something else, like using their phones GPS.
every Friday morning from 7:30 to 8:30. This is a call in The legislative process will allow all parties
GMU Legal Continued from page 14... show so use this opportunity to talk to both of us and let to voice their concerns and address the issue of texting
us know your feelings on the current issues facing Iowa while driving.
GMU UTILITY SERVICE 5,384.46 citizens.
HACH COMPANY CHEMICALS FOR TESTING 891.12 Please let me know what you are thinking! Feel
HAWKINS INC CONTAINER DEMURRAGE 5.00 been awarded and executed, but no longer than 30 days. No Bidder may
ACHFILE-HEARTLAND BANK ACHFILE 32.10 free to contact me at my legislative email at mike.sex- withdraw his bid within 30 days after opening of bids.
SINKING FUNDS-HEARTLAND SINKING FUNDS 10,505.00 ton@legis.iowa.gov. The successful Bidder will be required to furnish a Performance
IAMU, 2017 ELECTRIC MEMBER DUES 2,336.00 Bond and Labor and Material Payment Bond in an amount equal to one
IOWA ONE CALL SERVICE LOCATES 18.90 hundred percent (100%) of the Contract Sum, issued by a responsible


KRIZ-DAVIS COMPANY TOOL REPAIR 271.49 Surety approved by the Board of Education and shall guarantee the faithful
MANGOLD ENVIRON TESTING WW COMPOSITES 990.00 performance of the Contract and terms and conditions therein contained
MENARDS, BLDG & MAINT SUPPLIES/MATERIAL 2.57 and the maintenance of said improvements pursuant to the provisions of

NAPA, MOTOR VEH SUPPLIES & MAINT 109.30 the Contract Document.
UNITYPOINT CLINIC MEMBERSHIP DUES 35.00 The bidder should not include sales tax in the bid. A sales tax
SALES TAX SALES TAX 2,808.00 exemption certificate will be available for all material purchased for
WCCTA TELEPHONE 295.15 incorporation in the project.
SIMECA POWER PURCHASED 41,278.33 All proposals shall be accordance with Bidding Documents prepared
EFTPS FED/FICA TAX 10,598.48 SECTION 00 11 16 by FEH DESIGN, which Bidding Documents are made a part of this Notice
WELLMARK BLUE CROSS, HEALTH INSURANCE/JAN & FEB 17 8,644.92 Interested PRIME BIDDERS and interested PRIME Subcontractors
PRINCIPAL LIFE LIFE INSURANCE/FEB 2017 77.41 ENTRANCE ADDITION & FAADE REPLACEMENT AT (mechanical, plumbing and electrical) may obtain ONE FULL SET of
IPERS IPERS 3,974.24 PRAIRIE VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL Bidding Documents from the Architect. One Hundred Dollars ($100 per
BROWN SUPPLY COMPANY FULL CIRCLE CLAMP 131.29 Prairie Valley Community School District set) refundable plan deposit required. No refund will be made for sets not
CIPCO, 2ND HALF EXCESS PROPERTY TAXES 5,059.00 in good condition, missing pages or addenda, or returned later than thirty
DSG 2-RR ELEC METERS 323.61 REQUEST FOR BIDS: Sealed bids for Additions and Alterations will (30) days after the bids are opened. Other Subcontractors and suppliers
TAYLOR CLEANING OFFICE CLEANING 90.00 be received by the Secretary of the Board of the Prairie Valley Community may purchase partial plans and specifications from Sioux City Blue Print
BUSINESS CARD, OFFICE SUPP/SHREDDER,STAMPER 312.78 School District, in the Prairie Valley High School Library, 1005 Riddle Company, Phone 712-258-6840.
METERING & TECHNOLOGY SOL, RR WATER METERS 5,010.50 Street, Gowrie, Iowa, 50543, until 2:00 p.m. (local time) on Thursday, Published upon order of the Prairie Valley Community School
BANKCARD MERCHANTS CHOICE, MONTHLY FEE 161.00 March 9th, 2017. District, Gowrie, IA.
EPROCESSING NETWORK MONTHLY GATEWAY FEE 5.85 Bids will be received for the following:
CANON FINANCIAL SERVICES COPIER LEASE CONTRACT 73.50 General Construction including all Civil, Mechanical, Plumbing and Lisa Willardson
ECHO GROUP INC ELEC DIST SUPPLIES 13.05 Electrical work. Secretary Board of Education
MUNDT'S SERVICE CENTER PICKUP REPAIRS 2001 FORD 389.44 Sealed bids will be opened and tabulated at 2:00 p.m. on March 9th, Prairie Valley Community School District
PAYROLL CHECKS TOTAL PAYROLL CHECKS 25,724.48 2017 in the Library of the Prairie Valley High School for consideration by Gowrie, Iowa
Total revenues for month $123,687.64. Total expenses for month the Board at a meeting scheduled the following week. The Board of the
Prairie Valley Community School District reserves the right to reject any
s $125,396.08. and all bids.
d No additions or deletions from the agenda. Agenda was approved by
The work under the contract shall commence upon approval of the
The RFP that Chuck received from JEO Consultants needed to contract by the Board with work being completed by August 1, 2017.
d Each bid shall be made on a form furnished by the Architect and
be converted from a PDF to a word document in order to modify it. He
must be accompanied by a certified check or cashiers check drawn on
. just received it in document form but did not have a chance to make any an Iowa bank or a bank chartered under the Laws of the United States,
changes before the meeting.
Lane moved to approve the FY 17-18 budget as proposed, second or a Bid Bond to be executed by a corporation authorized to contract as a
surety in the State of Iowa, in the amount equal to five percent (5%) of the
0 Carpenter. Carried-all ayes. amount of the base bid, made payable to the Treasurer, Prairie Valley
0 Rittgers moved to waive the tap fee of $125 for new construction
Community School District, Gowrie, Iowa, and may be cashed by the
0 of commercial and residential customers, second Lane. Carried-all ayes. Owner as liquidated damages in the event that the successful bidder
1 (Effective 2-14-17)
fails to enter into a Contract and file a bond satisfactory to the Board of
0 Motion by Rittgers to adjourn, second Carpenter. Meeting adjourned
Education assuring the faithful fulfillment of the Contract and maintenance
0 7:05 PM. of said improvements as required by the law, the provisions of this Notice
7 Next regular meeting to be held Wednesday, March 15, 2017, 6:15
and the Contract Documents within ten (10) days after acceptance of the
2 PM at the utilities building. lowest responsible bid. All bids shall be sealed and plainly marked. Any
0 ________________________________ alteration of the Bid Form may be cause for rejection of the bid.
Patrice Klingson Jeff Boerner
Sec of Board Chair Protem Bid Security of two lowest Bidders will be retained until contract has
16 February 22, 2017

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