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Cynthia Shepherd


Mrs. Shepherds Expectations of Science Students

Classroom Expectations:
1. Students will be on time for class, in their seats when the bell rings, if not the student will be
marked as tardy
2. Students will be prepared for class with all materials (books, notebooks, pens/pencils, iPads,
completed homework, etc.)
3. Students will sit in their chairs and keep hands, feet, objects, etc. to themselves
4. Students will be attentive to the teacher and refrain from unrelated conversations and activities

1. No cell phones-phones will be collected at the beginning of class. See student handbook for
Lyle School cell phone policy
2. iPads will be necessary to access 8th grade, biology, and chemistry textbooks

Assignment/Homework Expectations:
1. Students are responsible for writing down their homework assignment
2. All assignments/homework/labs etc. will be written legibly and will have the proper heading
1. First Name, Last Initial c. Assignment
2. Date d. grade or class
b. Students are responsible for completing assignments on time and handing them in on time
c. Late work will not be accepted after the end of the unit/chapter

Laboratory Expectations:
1. Safety will be maintained in the lab at all times
2. No eating or drinking in the lab
3. Students will work in lab groups due to the necessity of sharing equipment
4. All students will participate equally within their lab group
5. Students are responsible for listening to instructions, reading lab materials, and asking for
assistance when needed
6. Students who choose to not meet these expectations will receive zero credit for the activity and
will not be allowed to make up the time
7. Continued failure to follow these expectations will mean removal from the lab environment

1. Schoology will be used to post documents, links, etc. for student access
a. 7th Grade Life Science code: VK6WM-WR8JQ
b. Biology code: ZHKBN-VFDX2
c. Anatomy & Physiology code: DBQ78-MDGK3
d. 8th Grade Earth Science code: DFBS8-PWQXC
e. Chemistry code: P6SZN-Q4JRR

1. Missed work due to excused absence:
1. homework may be turned in within two days
2. lab or in class work should be rescheduled with the teacher to accommodate both parties
Cynthia Shepherd

To ensure all students and parents are aware of these expectations, please sign and return the bottom
portion of this form for 5 pts of homework credit by Friday Sept 9, 2016

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(Parent/guardian signature, date) (Student signature, date)