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Personal Statement

Riyan Benny Sukmara

I work as a lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering at Institut
Teknologi Kalimantan (ITK), Indonesia. ITK is a new institute of technology
establishes in 2012. The establish of ITK aims to accelerate the development of
human resources and technology in the eastern part of Indonesia.
As one f young lecturer in ITK, I believe that studying in the doctoral program
would benefit me in several ways. First, earning PhD would advance my academic
career. My academic career goal is to become a professor in ITK (especially in Water
Resources Engineering). Second, studying PhD abroad would enhance my
knowledge and research expertise. Third, studying PhD abroad would enrich my
experience in both academic and cultural aspects.
Personally, I enjoy doing research in the areas of water resources
engineering, drainage and flood engineering, and disaster mitigation. I obtained an
associate degree in Civil Engineering (Hydraulic Structure) from Institut Teknologi
Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya, Indonesia with distinction in 2011. After that, I
continued my study in bachelor degree in Civil Engineering in ITS Surabaya,
Indonesia. In bachelor, I worked as a freelance engineer with several projects such
as Study of Drainage Building in Surabaya, assistant engineer at Project of Drainage
Masterplan design of Gresik City, Indonesia. After I graduated from bachelor degree,
I continued my study by taking masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and
Management (Department of Civil Engineering) ITS Surabaya, Indonesia.
After completing masters degree, I worked as a lecturer in ITK, Indonesia. I
worked in Department of Civil Engineering. I teach several subjects such as
Hydrological Analysis, Port Engineering, Water Resources Management, Drainage
and Irrigation Systems. In 2016, I become a guest lecturer in Department of Urban
and Regional Planning ITK and teach about Disaster Mitigation. Beside as a lecturer,
I ever join with Department of Research and Community Service (LPPM) of ITS for
the project of Drainage Masterplan Design of Ujoh Bilang City, Mahulu, Indonesia as
an assistant engineer.
I am interested in doing research in water resources engineering, because in
the Indonesia have many cities which are they still growing up until now. They have
many problems with city drainage infrastructure which must be solved before late.
So, this is a challenge for me to make innovation in the drainage system, especially
in flooding problem.
I very interested in applying for the doctoral degree in Graduate Institute of
Hydrological and Oceanic Science, National Central University (NCU), Taiwan
because I look on the website, this program provide subject and knowledge about
Water Resources Engineering. Upon the completion of my PhD, I will continue my
research and come back to work in ITK, Indonesia.