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Media Plan for Audi A3 in rural markets for Punjab and Haryana

The automotive industry of India is the largest in the world with an annual
production of 23.4 million in the financial year 2015-16. Audi currently has 40
dealerships in 11 states and 2 union territories. Audi pvt. Ltd India is a division of
the Audi and Volkswagen group.

Consumer psychology of the rural market

According to 3rd annual report of Accenture Masters of rural market rural
consumers are striving to purchase branded and high quality goods. Report
suggest that better networking between consumers and their tendency to
proactively seek information via different sources to be better informed is the
highlight. Aesthetics, utility, etc. are also given importance with low cost.

1. To create consumer preference for Audi A3 using ATL and BTL activities.
2. To create relationship with the help of brand endorser.
3. To use Integrated marketing channels to get maximum frequency of
4. To keep costs low and effectively use communication mix at all levels from
high to low.

Current scenario
1. Effect of demonetization has been higher in the rural markets because
cash transaction s are higher.
2. Leading companies in these sectors have registered single digit growth.

For understanding the current scenario we need to do an internal and external

survey. For this purpose, we do a SWOT analysis.

1 Powerful engine: 2.0 (0-60 in 5.8 sec)
2 Quattro all wheel drive.
3 Neat design appealing to masses.
4 Associated with a powerful brand name. Hence, has a strong brand image.

1 Only offered in black headliner.
2 Engine doesnt have same luxury feel compared to other larger Audi.
3 Small and cramped backseat area.
4 Limited differentiating factor compared to other hatchbacks.

1 Increasing PCI and disposable income of people.
2 Various lending institutions and infrastructural development.
3 Change or shift towards luxury purchasing behavior of consumers.

1 Increasing fuel costs.
2 Competition has various functional differentiating factors.
3 Currently shortage of spending habit.

For Audi A3 media plan needs to have at least 2 out of the 3 points to maximize their brand

Let us divide the consumer base into 2 categories namely, Upper class or niche segment and Higher
middle class.
I Upper class:
To have a media plan for this class, we can use the following strategies-
i Gift guides:
o It is very easy to obtain the information of high end individuals in todays time.
o A letter of appreciation and the brochure can be sent as a gift during holidays.
ii Go live with periscope:
o It is a very young social media network, with great potential which acts as a live
streaming tool.
o Early adopters often do very well on the long term social media.
o Here, we can offer a demo of the car, Q&A sessions and also take car enthusiasts to
the factory to show them how does the company do things.
iii Referral marketing:
o Popularly known as word of mouth. The company can promote A3 model through the
existing customers.
o Today one can also use the web for referral marketing.