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SWINGTEL GROUP is one the fastest growing Electronic
www.maxictech.com Distribution group,delivering value at every stage of the Supply
Chain. No wonder it is rated very highly for its services.
SMART led solutions MAXIC Technology Corporation, popularly known as MAXIC is one of
Swingtel promotes Direct Distribution Lines as well as functions
Leading Lighting Driver IC Design and Solution Companies in the
World. . as Independent Distributor for Global Sourcing & Kitting purpose.

MAXICs Global Design and Development Centre in the Silicon Valley, Preferred vendor to LIGHTING, POWER & AUTOMOTIVE, Swingtel
USA is the catalyst driving its Technology Strategy. Maxic Teams in has set a rapid pace in winning customers mindshare with its
China and India, works very closely with Lighting Leaders like Credibilty, Quality, Commitment, Service, Speed & Support.
HAVELLS, OSRAM etc to creating a Better and Brighter WORLD Amongst the top supply chain partners,Swingtel is leaving no
stones unturned to be a strong partner to its customers...
Winner of Red Herring 100 Asia,Silicon 60, "EE Times Award, "IC
Top Potential Times Award", "Beijing Top Scientific Award and more. Genuine Products * Genuine Prices * Genuine People
Having registered more than 40 patents, MAXIC is creating value for its
customers, partners, team and shareholders for sustainable growth... our prestigious clientele

o p t i m i z e d s o l u t i o n s f o r p e r f e c t r e s u lt s

APFC Non-isolated APFC isolated Linear constant

AC-DC AC-DC current

MT7830A MT7930 MT7603

MT7832A MT7936 MT7604
MT7834A MT79332 MT7605
MT7842 MT79335
MT7844 MT79338 smart
mt7845 mt79328
Non-isolated Isolated mt7860
AC-DC lpf AC-DC lpf mt7815 and more...
L ighting up the F uture MT7811 MT7950H
MT7813 MT7952
MT7815 MT7965a S W I N G T E L C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P V T. LT D
MT7822 MT7966a MT7201C+
MT7823 MT7967a MT7261 15-16, Mistry Building, 3rd floor, 635/637
mt7828 mt7968a MT7282 J.S.S. Road, Off Marine Lines, Mumbai - 400 002. India.
MT7285 +91 22 22000123 info@swingtel.com www.swingtel.com
Mumbai | Delhi | Pune | Singapore | China | USA

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