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Stand back!

This might be dangerous Exploding out of Lancashires arts scene,

the jaw dropping, daredevil skills of Mischief Mafia have been inspiring awe
across the region for the past two years. Their gang of multi-talented performing
artists, originally banded together in Preston, now run a successful racket of fire-
performers, dancers, acrobats and musicians at events internationally.

Their myriad skills and toys bring a sexy kind of danger to their performances
flaming hula girls entice crowds while fire-staff spinners confuse with impossible
combinations, body burners and fire-eaters show a near mystical resilience to
pain and parkour trickers seem to defy the laws of physics, spending more time
upside down than right-side up! When asked about the stunts most likely to wow
the crowd, Mischief Mafia don, Ryan Seven told the LEP, with a cheeky grin:
Back-flipping through fireballs. We can see how that would do it. We asked the
beauteous Miss Mafia Leah Sophia what it is that has made Mischief Mafia so
successful, There is an intangible something when we perform, an unspoken
conversation between each-other and the crowd, its very rare to find performers
that really get that. Its a kind of magic.

In the last year Mischief Mafia have enforced their skills at festivals all over the
country, from the very local NW Roots and Beat Herder to the uber-festivals like
Boomtown and Shambala, internationally theyve taken their brand of madness
to Italy, Spain, Portugal and Croatia, theyve been on stage with big names such
as Basement Jaxx, Goldie, Dub FX and Pendulum. Wheres next for these fun
loving criminals? Theyll be bringing some heat to the Alps during the festivities
and upon return they plan to run their own firm of events to enflame and

Mischief Mafia can be found on Facebook, Youtube and at