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Fascination Course

The Power of Breathing.

Breathing is fundamental for our health. There is a real development you can achieve through
breathing. It is fundamental for developing interpersonal power. The reason why being healthy and
energetic also gives us more interpersonal power is rooted in our deepest brain. Our deepest brain
has some reactions that are bound to our past
How was possible, in prehistoric ages, to ascertain the status of a person?

Physiology was fundamental. A healthy person was deemed stronger. This idea that a healthier
person is stronger stays in our deepest mind even now. The fascinator strives to achieve a specific
change in his physiology, in order to be a different person. This change is visible. Therefore it is
important to develop the power of the gaze, posture and obviously breathing.

This lesson is about breathing. Breathing is fundamental in many cultures. For example a specific
branch of Yoga, called Pranayama, is only devoted to breathing.

With breathing we achieve not only a physiological change, but also we can also get more mental
energy. Through breathing we create a connection between our inner reality and the exterior reality.
In this way, we will further develop some concepts that we have already developed in the lesson
about concentration on the body parts.

Air is inside before and outside afterwards. And we can do even more: we can impregnate breathing
with our thought and bring them to life. Each morning on rising, and at the earliest period of the day
when fresh air can be obtained, the adept should stand erect, with chest well thrown out, mouth shut,
and inhale slowly through his nostrils, and fully expand his lungs. It may be several weeks before he
can take good long breaths and retain them, say, one minute in the lungs before exhaling. He should
not exhale rapidly - on the contrary, exercise as much control over the last act as the former two,
namely, the inspiration of the air and the power of retaining it in the lungs.


One key element is being able to exercise two types of respiration:

The first one (we will call "first type") begins from the upper chest and filling the belly.
This kind of breathing in energizing.

The second one (we will call it "second type") begins from the belly and then fills the upper part. This
kind of breathing is soothing.


A useful respiration (use the first type of respiration)

This kind of breathing will give you more "power"
Inspire for 7 seconds
Hold for 3 seconds
Expire for 7 seconds
Hold for 3 seconds

Do this breathing exercise looking straight ahead and without blinking.

This kind of breathing is very useful for accumulating power. It is important while you inspire to think
you are bringing into yourself the energy of the universe. While you hold this energy starts diffusing
itself in your body.

Another useful breathing is the following (use the second type of breathing)
Inspire for 5 seconds
Hold for 20 seconds
Expire for 10 seconds
The most important is the rhythm and the ratio between these times: you can also do 6 24 12, or 4 16

With experience, instead of the seconds, you can use heartbeats.

Don't overdo these exercises, and remember the mental side is the most important!