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gold.ac.uk/anthropology Undergraduate
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Anthropology at Goldsmiths
is fast and contemporary. Why choose Anthropology
Youll focus on how Anthropology at Goldsmiths?

can help us understand society Were interdisciplinary. Youll be able to look
INTRODUCTION at this small but intense discipline in relation to
and our place within it, by a whole range of others, from politics and religion
applying it as a lens to explore to philosophy and psychology.

everything from myth and ritual Were offering breadth and depth. Youll
delve into universal issues covering questions
to new technologies. of power, ethnicity, and gender identity, and
discover areas such as the anthropology of art.
Youll also apply anthropologys distinctive
Anthropology deals with a ethnographic method closer to home, through
fieldwork focusing on local life.
number of issues that are

currently being debated in Were interested in you. Youre an individual
with your own particular experiences and gifts,
the media and other spheres so youll never be just a number. Your lectures,
small group seminars, practical workshops, film
of contemporary society: screenings and field trips are led by a committed
globalisation, migration, and approachable team.

refugees, human rights, Were rated highly. Weve been ranked
joint top in the UK for effective teaching in the
minorities, development, 2016 Guardian University Guide league tables
religious fundamentalism, for this subject, and 36th in the world in the
QS World University Rankings by subject, 2016.
drug policies, and the role of
health care. Its the scientific
and holistic study of the human
species, from the politics of food
to social reconciliation.

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Year 1
Compulsory modules:

BA (Hons) Anthropology Introduction to

Social Anthropology
3 years full-time, or 4 years part-time Ethnography of a
gold.ac.uk/ug/ba-anthropology Selected Region I
Anthropological Methods
Ethnographic Film
Youll be introduced to the key issues, Anthropology Today
themes and problems that have shaped
Anthropology in London
BA (Hons) Anthropology anthropological thought since the
19th century. Youll study all kinds of
Anthropological Ideas
human society and culture, and develop
BA (Hons) Anthropology & Media an understanding of the relevance
Year 2
of anthropology for understanding
BA (Hons) Anthropology & Sociology contemporary cultural issues. Compulsory modules:
Anthropology of Religion
BA (Hons) Anthropology In your first and second years, youll Anthropology and the Visual I
& Visual Practice concentrate on key anthropological concepts Politics, Economics and
such as kinship, politics, economics, ritual, Social Change
BA (Hons) History & Anthropology world systems, and development. Youll look Ethnography of a
at the methods of studying and analysing Selected Region II
these concepts, including the use of video,
BA (Hons) Politics, Philosophy film and written texts. Over these two years
General Principles in
Social Anthropology
& Economics youll also choose two ethnographic regions
of the world to study in depth.
BA (Hons) Religion Year 3
In your final year, you have the choice Compulsory module:
Integrated Degree in Anthropology between completing a standard-length
Individual Project
individual project or a longer, extended
(including Foundation Year) project. Youll complete this alongside your
choice of advanced anthropology modules Extended Individual Project
These degrees can be taken as Four-Year Degrees (with that reflect Goldsmiths fresh approach Plus five or six advanced
International Foundation Year). Designed especially for anthropology options
international students, they include modules that support
to anthropology (see page 12).
(see page 12)
language and academic skills development. Visit gold.ac.uk/

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BA (Hons)
TYPICAL MODULES BA (Hons) Anthropology
Anthropology & Media & Sociology
3 years full-time Year 1 3 years full-time Year 1
gold.ac.uk/ug/ba-anthropology-media Compulsory modules: gold.ac.uk/ug/ba-anthropology-sociology Compulsory modules:
Introduction to Critical Readings: The Emergence
Social Anthropology of Sociological Rationality
Youll combine your passion for anthropology Anthropology and Sociology are a pair of subjects
Anthropological Methods Modern Knowledge,
and ethnography studies with two areas that together enjoy a shared tradition, dealing
Ethnography of a Modern Power
of media practice, from journalism, with human behaviours in their social context
photography, TV production, illustration, Selected Region 1 yet separately offering different perspectives. Introduction to
animation, radio, and creative writing. Media History and Politics Social Anthropology
While Anthropology looks comparatively at Anthropological Methods
Key Debates in Media Studies
In your first year youll learn about the society from pre-history to the present through
Culture and Cultural Studies Ethnography of a Selected Region 1
main sub-fields within social anthropology environmental and social relations, and culture,
political anthropology, economic Film and the Audiovisual Sociology focuses more on historical societies after
anthropology, and kinship. the transition to modernity. Year 2
Year 2 Compulsory modules:
For the media element, youll be introduced to In your first year, youll get to know the
Compulsory modules: main theories within anthropology and Central Issues in
key debates in media studies, and examine the
understand ethnography and anthropological Sociological Analysis
way in which media texts construct meaning. Anthropology of Religion
methodological practice. The Making of the Modern World
Anthropology and the Visual 1
In your second year, youll master the main Anthropology of Religion
theories in social anthropology and complete Politics, Economics and In your compulsory sociology modules, youll look
Social Change at the subjects key texts and thinkers and come Anthropology and the Visual
your first hands-on media practice module.
Media Production option 1 to understand the disciplines development Politics, Economics and
Your third year is all about designing your and distinguishing features. Social Change
Plus two options from:
learning experience by choosing the thematic, Methodological and
regional or practical areas that interest you Communications Psychology In your second year youll choose one sociology
Philosophical Issues in
most. Youll complete your second media and Experience option then take six compulsory modules: two from
Sociology and Anthropology
practice module and choose from advanced Media Economy and Society sociology, three from anthropology and a link
module which is taught jointly by both departments. Plus one sociology option such as:
anthropology and media options. Culture, Society and
Sex, Drugs and Technology
the Individual Youll consider the anthropology of religion,
morals and symbolism, and explore interactions
between current changing economic and political Marxism
Year 3
structures. In the link module, youll become
Compulsory module: familiar with methodological and philosophical Year 3
Media Production option 2 issues in both disciplines.
Compulsory module:
Plus four advanced anthropology
The link module in your third year allows you to Theorising Contemporary Society
modules (see page 12)
examine how the world has changed since classical At least two advanced anthropology
Plus advanced media options sociological theory was produced. options (see page 12), plus at least
such as:
two sociology options such as:
Media, Ethnicity and Nation Youll complete a supervised dissertation on
the topic of your choice, or select from a range Privacy, Surveillance and Security
Political Communications,
of sociology options. Youll also choose from Race, Racism and Social Theory
History and Culture
a selection of anthropology options. Making Data Matter
After New Media
Optional Dissertation
5 6
BA (Hons) Anthropology BA (Hons)
& Visual Practice History & Anthropology Year 1
Compulsory modules:
3 years full-time Year 1 3 years full-time, or 4-5 years part-time Introduction to
gold.ac.uk/ug/ba-anthropology-visual-practice Compulsory modules: gold.ac.uk/ug/ba-history-anthropology Social Anthropology
Introduction to Anthropological Methods
Social Anthropology Ethnography of a Selected Region
Youll be provided with a comprehensive and Youll explore the two disciplines that are key to
Ethnography of a Concepts and Methods in History
imaginative exploration of the field of social understanding human life, culture and society in
Selected Region I
anthropology and receive practical training in the past and present, considering contemporary Plus one first-year
photography, video-making and editing. This will Anthropological Methods cultural issues from an historical perspective. history module from:
culminate in the production of a documentary Ethnographic Film As a student in the Department of History, Dictators, War and Revolution
film in your third year. Anthropological Ideas youll also have the opportunity to undertake
Religion, Peace and Conflict
a professional work placement through our
In your first year, youll take five introductory Introduction to Visual Practice History at Work scheme. Ideas and Identities
anthropology modules and your first visual
practice module. Youll get hands-on training in a Your first-year modules cover the key methods
range of equipment and software in a laboratory Year 2 and perspectives in history and anthropology.
Year 2
environment. Youll learn how to produce digital Compulsory modules: Youll learn about the role of ethnography by
photographic work (and moving image), use a focusing on the linguistic and cultural groupings Compulsory modules:
variety of professional software packages, make General Principles of of a particular region. Anthropology of Religion
high quality audio recordings, and work with Social Anthropology
Anthropology and the Visual
sound files. Economics, Politics and In your second year, youll investigate the
Social Change classic theories on religion, magic, myth, ritual, Economics, Politics and
In your second year youll be introduced to morality, symbolism and belief, then explore Social Change
Advanced Visual Practice
specialist topics in anthropology and take your the interactions between changing economic Plus two free-choice history
second visual practice module. Youll become Anthropology and the Visual and political structures in modern life via options such as:
adept at producing photographic and moving Plus: ethnographic examples. This will be alongside Nationalism, Democracy and
images using a variety of digital technology. Ethnography of a Selected two free-choice history options. You can also Dictatorship in 20th-Century
Youll also develop a command of software, Region II take a module in a foreign language or take Eastern Europe
allowing you to edit material for both web and a related study module a module from
or Modern South Asia: Disease,
documentary film. another department.
Anthropology of Religion Medicine, Empire and Nation
Your independent film project in your third In your third year, youll explore in depth the c.1600-1947
year will see you working under the supervision tensions and connections between history and
of a personal tutor to complete an independent Year 3 anthropology. Your individual project is a chance
investigation into an anthropologically and to develop your own personal interests across Year 3
Individual Project
sociologically informed area. Youll also choose the two disciplines. Youre free to choose from
Plus three advanced Compulsory modules:
modules from a range of advanced anthropology a range of history and anthropology options,
options (see page 12). anthropology modules including a Special Subject module, which is History and Anthropology
(see page 12) one you can take from another University of Individual Project
London institution. One or two advanced
history options
And one or two advanced
anthropology options (see page 12)

7 8
BA (Hons)
Politics, Philosophy Religion*
& Economics Year 1
Compulsory modules:
3 years full-time
3 years full-time Introductory Economics
gold.ac.uk/ug/ba-politics-philosophy-economics Problems of Ethics
Issues in Cultural and
Youll gain an understanding of the world around Political Economy This degree explores critically the
you through Goldsmiths unique approach to Plus one of these modules: relationships between religion and other
the combination of subject areas known as PPE. aspects of society as diverse as culture,
World Politics
Through a critical exploration of the core themes communication, politics, economy, nation,
and ideas in politics, philosophy and economics, UK and European Comparative education, gender, law and ethnicities. It
youll be introduced to new approaches and Governance and Politics will give you the knowledge and expertise
viewpoints, which youll use to challenge The Politics of Other Cultures urgently needed in International Relations,
established political and economic policies, local government, NGOs, charities, politics,
institutions and methods. media, corporate social responsibility,
Year 2 education and the arts.
Our PPE programme takes you through
Compulsory modules:
contemporary, real-world problems so that you Bringing together academic expertise
can hit the ground running when you start your Knowledge and Subjectivity from across the Departments of Sociology,
career in public policy, NGOs, media, consulting Aesthetics Anthropology, and Politics and International
or social innovation. Economics, Politics and Relations, this degree will immerse you
Social Change in the interdisciplinary approaches to this
In your first year, youll take five compulsory influential subject.
modules that cover the foundations of economics, Plus selection from:
philosophy, and contemporary issues in political Political Economy Unlike a traditional theology or Religious
economy. Youll then choose from The Politics International Trade Studies course focusing on the specifics of
of Other Cultures, World Politics, or UK and religious beliefs, this degree examines how
International Monetary
European Comparative Politics. religious and non-religious people negotiate
the tensions and nuances of contemporary
Your second year becomes more Plus two from a selection of societies.
interdisciplinary and critical. In your economics 15-credit politics modules
modules youll look at economic anthropology Erasmus+ exchange Work placements
and explore the nature of money, property You will be encouraged to take a work
and markets. The philosophy module brings placement module in the summer term
in elements of continental philosophy and Year 3 with organisations such as: think tanks,
critical theory. Youll also choose from a range pressure groups, media, NGOs. You may
Compulsory modules:
of politics modules. also choose to work with a particular ethnic
Global Cultural Politics group, undertake advocacy for refugee or
By your third year, youll see the various Dissertation disability rights or work in the field of visual
connections between the separate fields of cultures. Your third year dissertation will be
politics, philosophy and economics, and be able empirically based and you will be encouraged
to combine them in critical and imaginative Three to six relevant to conduct research during your placement.
ways. Youll also have the chance to develop your politics module choices
original ideas into a dissertation of your choice. Optional work placement *New programme: subject to validation.

9 10
Integrated Degree in
Anthropology (including Advanced anthropology
Foundation Year) options in Year 3
1 year (Foundation) + 3 years
(undergraduate degree) Anthropology and the Environment

This degree is ideal if you are thinking about

Anthropology and Gender Theory

re-entering education after some time away
from formal study. Anthropology and the Visual 2
Youll combine your passion for anthropology
with the skills and confidence to progress Anthropology and the Visual:
to the BA Anthropology degree following
successful completion of the foundation year. Production Course
In this foundation year youll take two
modules that introduce you to anthropology
Anthropology of Art
and set you up with the study skills youll
need to succeed. Anthropology of Development
Ways of Seeing
Anthropology of Health,
Youll examine how culture shapes the way
we think about the world and how we Medicine and Social Power
understand and interact with others. Youll
be introduced to the history and methods of
anthropology, and focus on understanding
Anthropology of Rights
anthropological approaches to human society,
culture and cultural difference. Anthropology of Violence
Contemporary Issues
History and Anthropology
Youll explore the cultural dimensions of
globalisation and investigate the way people
see the world and interact with other cultures Please note that modules Material Culture
in the face of rapid social, cultural and listed in this booklet were
technological change. Youll also examine the
visual aspect of anthropology, including its
correct at the time of Psychological Perspectives
uses of film and photography.
printing (September 2016)
and may change year to year
in Anthropology
Throughout the programme, youll receive depending on staff research
individual tutorial support and academic leave. You can find the most Urban Anthropology
guidance from the programme tutor and
up-to-date information about
attend a study skills course.
our degree programmes

11 13
Anthropology and Gender Theory interventions and/or policies participation and
empowerment, gender awareness, sustainable
Youll explore the interrelationships of gender, development, community development, NGOs,
sexuality and the body by bringing together ideas from and environmental conservation.
contemporary Western social/cultural theory (including
psychoanalytic, feminist and queer theories), detailed
ethnographic and historical case studies, and some Urban Anthropology
classic anthropological theories and issues. In doing As we enter the third millennium, the percentage of
this, youll explore the ways in which the body, gender urban dwellers exceeds 50% of the worlds population.
and sexuality have been produced/imagined differently The sub-field of urban anthropology was born as
in different times and places. The themes youll cover ethnographers followed rural migrants to cities; but
include the status of the body; sex and gender as at the beginning of the 20th century, the emergence
biological or cultural; the sex/gender distinction; kinship of anthropology as a professional discipline was
and concepts of the person. Youll examine, in depth, intertwined with a fascination with the urban locus
various different approaches to gender, sexuality and across a wide range of arts and social sciences.
the body, including their historical and current roles Through historical and ethnographic perspectives this
in discourses and politics of race colonialism, and module considers the changing use and valorisation
of different urban spaces at different times; how cities

resistance and power.
are represented; ideas of order and disorder, of public
and domestic places, of control and resistance through
Anthropology of Violence carnival, informal economies and kinship networks.
The module covers both third-world and Euro-American
In this module, youll look at the ways in which cities, and supplements theoretical discourses and
anthropologists have explained violence, the ethnographies with films and novels.
methodological problems of researching the topic,
the complicity of anthropologists in military projects,
and other issues. Youll explore the ethical and practical Anthropology and the Visual 2
complexities of researching, writing and engaging with
violence through anthropological sources. In this module youll creatively explore the role of
visual representation in anthropology in terms
of both the history of its use within the discipline,
Anthropology of Development and also the potential it holds for new ways of working.
Youll look at work in a wide range of media
This module will enable you to explore the theoretical photography, film/video, sound and the ways in
concepts underpinning development, the history of which they might be used in an anthropological
development and its institutions from NGOs to the context, and this will involve looking at work from
World Bank and IMF while considering diverse case outside anthropology such as photojournalism and
studies from around the world. You will also explore contemporary art, as well as the work of visual
the historical role of anthropologys involvement in anthropologists. Youll be provided with a strong
development, as official mediators between the West theoretical base and be offered a challenging and
and the rest through imperial conquest, colonial creative view of the potentials of visual material
administration and a post-war development industry. within anthropology.
As a central component of the module you will
critically analyse current trends that have emerged
to dominate the field of global political and economic

13 14

BA History & Anthropology

Goldsmiths gave me great

practice in research whilst
Fadah letting me research what
BA Anthropology & Media I was interested in. The
tutors and lecturers I chose
The joint Anthropology to discuss my courses
and Media degree expanded with were very attentive
my perceptions and to where I wanted to go
thoughts in ways I could not and encouraged me to try
anticipate. Anthropology out various methods of
shaped my outlook but researching and of looking
more importantly it at things.
changed how I interpret,
assess and gather Megan
information critically, all of BA Anthropology
which are invaluable tools
for journalism and media. World-renowned lecturers
Goldsmiths is a vibrant and deliver exciting and
enriching place. interesting lectures each
week on a variety of topics:
colonialism, religion,
Hannah witchcraft, ritual, gift
BA Anthropology exchange and detailed
& Sociology ethnographies to name
just a few. Followed by your
I have been able to use chance to discuss all of
much from my sociology these topics in seminars,
courses as they were to it encourages you to voice
do with understanding your opinion and debate
how people react to and on something that you find
engage with society. stimulating and important.

15 16
Youll take
a fresher
approach to the Anthropology
subject than can help us
the traditional understand
anthropology society and our
taught at other place within it.

Youll look at
anthropology from
Anthropology at
a contemporary
Goldsmiths has been
perspective, which
ranked joint top in the
means that what you
UK for effective teaching
learn in the classroom
in the 2016 Guardian
will be relevant in
University Guide league
a variety of public
tables for this subject.
domains, in Britain
and elsewhere.
working on the museums
photography gallery
Media Space.

The community and

reputation of Goldsmiths
as an institution helped
me to embrace all aspects
of my course, London life
and the wider art world.
Youll have the skills to succeed This rich and stimulating
Career journey environment, combined with
across a range of areas: Terri (BA Anthropology &
History, 2011), Collections
my own desire to examine
and reassess our shared
Information officer, experiences from different
Film making and other Science Museum perspectives, incited the
co-founding of my blog,
media careers I always feel proud
to say that I graduated
The Ministry of Curiosity
from Goldsmiths. blogspot.co.uk). The
Journalism Our particular emphasis
on public anthropology Studying anthropology and
blog attempts to publish
perspectives from behind
encourages you to explore history furnished me with the scenes at Londons
Museum curating options in practice-based and
public sector career paths.
the critical thinking and drive
to pursue a career in the
museums, to report on issues
which affect the museum and
museum and gallery sector. museum staff such as cuts
Applied or advocacy Thinking outside the box
Undertaking an
in funding, and to dismantle
peoples preconceived
and on your feet
work for NGOs and Being a thinking graduate
interdisciplinary course was
a great option for me. I loved
notions about museum work.

from Goldsmiths means how the pulse of Goldsmiths Thanks to my blog I regularly
development agencies youll have the transferable
skills that will set you up for
ran on critical core theories present sessions to museum
through all subjects and professionals of all ages at
success across any sector and eventually I got to grips Museums Association and
Postgraduate research and any role. These skills include: with how anthropology Collection Trust conferences.
and history complemented When you study at
teaching in higher education Communication
(including public
each other whilst also being
independent studies.
Goldsmiths there is no going
back, you learn its ok to
speaking, developing
question, challenge and
and presenting an
Since graduating in 2011 critique life, art, politics and
argument, note taking,
I have pursued a career knowledge. It changes your
report writing)
working in numerous perspective for life.
Analytical thinking museum and gallery roles
at Tate and the National Watch Goldsmiths
Awareness of Maritime Museum, and graduates talk about
social, political and I am now a Collections how their experiences
cultural processes Information Officer at the at university have given
Science Museum. In this them a real advantage in
Awareness of social role I organise the loans for their career: vimeo.com/
and cultural differences exhibitions, predominantly channels/career

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