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Fourth Grade Pacing

Week Reading Writing Word Study Math Inquiry
8.29-9.2 Making Reading Lives Setting up Writers L.4.1 Nouns 4.NBT.1 Recognize that in What is Inquiry?
-Setting goals as avid readers Workshop - proper nouns a multi-digit whole number, Expectations of Inquiry
with goals for reading stamina -What is Writing Workshop? - common nouns a digit in one place Stations; Goals of a week in
-Choosing just right books -Student responsibilities, - singular and plural nouns represents ten times what it Inquiry
-Make reading partnerships teacher responsibilities - possessive nouns represents in the place to
-Shopping for books- Level -Intro to writing process its right. For example, Where is North Carolina?
M/N 4-6 books per week; Components of writing recognize that 700 70 = -Difference between a
Level N-Q 2-4 books per process 10 by applying concepts of continent, country, state,
week; Level R-T 1-3 books -Quick ride through the place value and division. city, county.
per week. process -Where are you from?
-Transitions: arriving/departing -What do I do if I am done? -Map skills, use map to
from carpet; turning and -Good writers are never locate country/state/town of
talking done! origin.
-How to record on reading log -Using a compass on a map
-How to be a partner -Bodies of water important
-How to use readers to North Carolina.
notebook -North Carolina has a
-Readers need protected time history. First people in NC
for reading and protected time were Indians.
to talk with their partners
about reading
-Conferencing roles
Teacher/student expectations
9.5- 9.9 Practicing Independent Setting up Writers L.4.1 Pronouns 4.NBT.2 Read and write 4.H.1.1 Summarize the
*4 day Reading/Small Group time Workshop - relative pronouns who, multi-digit whole numbers change in cultures,
wk -Procedural practice. SW -What is Writing Workshop? whose, whom, which, that using base-ten numerals, everyday life and status of
practice reading -Student responsibilities, - Person of a Pronoun- who is number names, and indigenous American Indian
the speaker-POV-Possessive
independently throughout the teacher responsibilities expanded form. Compare groups in NC before and
week. Mini-lessons are -Intro to writing process two multi-digit numbers after European exploration.
centered around procedures, Components of writing Flocabulary Grade 4, Unit 1 based on meanings of
holding attention on a text, process the digits in each place, Big Ideas:
and transitioning to a small -Quick ride through the using >, =, and < symbols
group. process to record the results of -The types of government,
-What do I do if I am done? comparisons. To read language, food, shelter, and
-Good writers are never numerals between 1,000 cultural traditions of various
done! and 1,000,000, students American Indian groups.
need to understand the role
of commas. Comparing and -How the culture, everyday
rounding life and status of American
Indian groups changed after
the arrival of Europeans.
9.12- RL4.3/RL4.1 Describe a Cycle 1 Task Description: L.4.5 (c) Adjectives 4.NBT.3 Use place value 4.H.1.2 Explain how and
9.16 character, setting, or event in I created an original - positive and negative understanding to round why
a story or drama, drawing on character and wrote one adjective - feelings vs. multi-digit whole numbers
specific details of the text paragraph that focused on Character traits to any place. The NC was established.
(characters thoughts, words, internal character traits - Superlative expectation is that students Colonies were established
actions) relying on thoughts, - Comparative have a deep understanding for political and economic
-Describing ourselves- inside feelings, and physical of place value and number reasons
and out mannerisms. (W.4.3) Flocabulary Grade 4, Unit 2 sense and can explain and
-Difference between feelings reason about the answers 4.H.1.4 Analyze how NC's
and character traits? Formal Literacy Grade 1 they get when they round. role in major conflicts and
-Describing ourselves with Students should have wars from the Pre-colonial
evidence - our actions and numerous experiences period through
words using a number line and a reconstruction.
-Why do we need evidence to hundreds chart as tools to
help describe each other and support their work with -Political, economic, and
characters rounding. cultural conditions can
-Describing characters- jotting create conflict and war.
down actions, words, and
thoughts- to help us
summarize what character is
-Using the best vocabulary to
describe characters?

9.19- RL.4.3/RL4.1 Describe in W.4 Brainstorming- L4.6 Verbs 4.NBT.4 Fluently add and 4.H.2.1 Explain why
9.23 depth a character, setting, or Character Narrative W.3 subtract multi-digit whole important buildings, statues,
event of a story drawing on - Planning singular/plural verbs numbers using the monuments, and place
specific details in the text - Organizing our thoughts - First, second, third person standard algorithm. names are associated with
- present tense the state's history.
(characters thoughts, words, into a logical sequence.
or actions) - Character timeline of - past tense Place value assessment -Communities often use
- How do characters interact events. - future tense
buildings, statues,
with each other? - Feelings chart monuments and places to
- How do minor characters -Selecting a plot, problem, Flocabulary Grade 4, Unit 3 honor and commemorate
influence the story? and solution. the past contribution of
- When thinking about -Using mentor texts to help people.
characters, we envision, us write.
predict and think!
-Character actions-what do 4.H.2.2 Explain the historical
they tell the reader? significance of North
SL4.1/4.2-Accountable Carolinas state symbols.
discussions about
characters. -People often use symbols
to honor the culture and
history of places.
9.26- RL.4.2/RL4.1 Determine a W.3 First Draft- Narrative- L.4.3 Adverbs 4.OA.1 Interpret a 4.L.1.1 Students know that
9.30 theme of a story, drama, or - Writing complete - time multiplication for any particular
poem from details in the text, sentences - place equation as a comparison, environment, some kinds of
summarize the text. - Sequencing event - manner- regularly e.g., interpret 35 = 5 7 as plants and animals survive
Comparative, well, some survive less well
-Authors write to teach us - Audience a statement that 35 is 5
and some do not survive at
something -Purpose times as many as 7 and 7
-Superlative all. When the insect
-Characters learn things as -Conferencing times as many as 5. population grows in an area
they face challenges in the Flocabulary Grade 4, Unit 4 Represent verbal that is frequented by insect
story- we learn along with statements of multiplicative eating birds, this is
characters comparisons as advantageous for the birds.
-Summarize the text- the most multiplication equations. Conversely, if the insect
important things that happen populations are decreased
in the text *This standard extends by disease in a similar
-Difference between important for two weeks; now is a scenario, the population of
detail and extra details good time to review facts, birds would be stressed and
likely, reduced.
-Lessons are called theme- fact practice, and ensure
big message students have learned
-Why are there recurring multiplication facts 0-12.
themes within books? Fact practice should be Big Question:
continuously cycled
9/30-Character/Theme through workshop. How can changes in an
Assessment. Formal environment negatively and
Literacy Grade #2. positively impact
10.3- RL4.3/RL4.1 Building theories Revise W.5 L.4.1 Prepositions 4.OA.1 Interpret a 4.L.1.2 Students know that
10.7 about characters - Peer conferences - What they are multiplication animals collect information
-Readers notice characters in - Colorful adjectives - Prepositional phrases equation as a comparison, about the environment
*4 day books doing, saying or - Visualizing e.g., interpret 35 = 5 7 as using their senses. Animals
week thinking stuff and grow - Descriptive writing Flocabulary Grade 4, Unit 5 a statement that 35 is 5 also exhibit instinctive
theories or hunches about - Sensory writing times as many as 7 and 7 (inborn) behaviors that help
them to survive. Students
those characters. - Details times as many as 5.
know that in animals, the
-Readers know that Represent verbal brain processes
characters are complicated: Edit W.5 statements of multiplicative information, and signals the
they are not just one way. Peer editing comparisons as performance of behaviors
-To grow nuanced and Supportive feedback multiplication equations. that help the organism
complex ideas about Do I need to revise again? survive.
characters, it helps to think When am I actually done? *This standard extends
deeply about times when a for two weeks; now is a
person acts out of character. Narrative Due-Formal good time to review facts,
-Sometimes these unusual Literacy Grade #3. fact practice, and ensure Big Question:
acts are signs a character is students have learned
changing. multiplication facts 0-12. How do animals
-Readers know that Fact practice should be adapt their behavior
characters are not real and continuously cycled and appearance to
that authors make characters through workshop. survive in their
the way they are on purpose. habitat?
The author made the 4.0A.1 Assessment
character change, so readers
need to think

10.10- RL.4.4 Determine the Publish W.6 Flocabulary Grade 4, Unit 6 4.OA.4 Find all factor pairs
10.14 meaning of words and - Technology- computer for a whole - number in the
phrases as they are used in a skills - Best Work range 1100. Recognize
text - Using a Rubric to self and that a whole number is a
-Paying attention to clues partner assess multiple of each of its
authors give us to figure out - Sharing my piece factors. Determine whether
unknown words a given whole number in
-Filling in the blank with a SL4.5 Add audio recordings the range 1100 is a
familiar word to come up with and visual displays to multiple of a given one-digit
the meaning presentations when number. Determine whether
-Is the meaning of the word appropriate to enhance the a givenwhole number in the
critical to understand the text? development of main ideas range 1100 is prime or
----Do you have to know this or themes. composite.
word in order to move on and
understand the text?
-Do I know this word from SL4.4 Report on a topic or
somewhere else? What parts text, tell a story, or recount
look familiar? Looking at an experience in an
prefixes and suffixes to come organized manner, using
up with word meanings appropriate facts and
-How long do I need to read relevant, descriptive details
on to figure out what the to support main ideas or
unknown word means? themes; speak clearly at an
*Cycle one assessment understandable pace
10.14. Formal Literacy
Grade #4.
10.17- RI.4.2 Determine the main W.4 Planning- Conjunction- FANBOYS- 4.OA.5 Generate a number 4.L.1.3 Students know that
10.21 idea of a text and explain how Argumentative W.1 - For, and, nor, but, or, yet, or shape pattern that humans can adapt their
it is supported by key details- so follows a given rule. Identify behavior in order to
box, bullet, bullet, bullet - How do I support my apparent features of the conserve the materials and
-What is the big idea that the opinion? - Why is my Flocabulary Grade 4, Unit 7 pattern that were not preserve the ecological
text is trying to teach me?- opinion important? - Do I explicit in the rule itself. For systems that they depend
look for chunks in text that go have facts to support? example, given the rule on for survival.
together, categorize based on Add 3 and the starting
topics. Mini Task#1 Description number 1, generate terms Big Questions:1. How can
in the resulting sequence we adapt our behavior to
Use a graphic organizer to and observe that the terms preserve our
plan an opinion piece using appear to alternate environment?2. What
evidence to support the between odd and even effects do we have on the
claim. numbers our environment?

Factors, multiples,
patterns assessment

10.24- RI.4.1 Referring to text for st Prefixes- Anti -post - 4.OA.2 Multiply or divide to 4.L.1.4 Students know that
W.1 Argumentative- 1
10.28 evidence-What is the authors Counter - pro solveword problems there is variation among
main point for writing this? involving multiplicative individuals of one kind
Q1 Ends What evidence helps you Flocabulary Grade 4, Unit 8 comparison, e.g., by using within a population.
- How do I organize my
understand that? opinion? drawings and equations Students know that
-Where in the text did the with a symbol for the sometimes this variation
author give you the most - Good introductions? unknown number to results in individuals having
important information? represent the problem, an advantage in surviving
-What evidence supports - Who is my audience? distinguishing multiplicative and reproducing. Survival
______. comparison from additive advantage is not something
- Readers dig for information. - What is the purpose? comparison that is acquired by an
- Readers stop and think when organism through choice;
reading to collect their - Good conclusion, call to *Ensure students know rather it is the result of
thoughts. action when to multiply and when characteristics that the
to divide organism already

Big Question:How do
differences in animals
within the same
population affect their
ability to survive?

10.31- RI 4.1 Using evidence to W.5 Revise and Edit - Para 4.NBT.5 Multiply a whole 4.C&G.1.1 Summarize the
11.4 support inferences in number of up to four digits key principles and revisions
nonfiction text-What does the - Peer editing/revising - Peri by a one-digit whole of the North Carolina
(4 day author suggest in the text but number, and multiply two Constitution;
week) does not write? - Is my opinion clear? - Poly two-digit numbers, using
-What evidence can you use strategies based onplace -People have rights to life,
- All components of rubric? Flocabulary Grade 4, Unit 9 liberty, and the pursuit of
to support your inferences? value and the properties of
operations. Illustrate and happiness, and there are
- Adjectives, Verbs? articles in the state
explain the calculation by
using equations, constitution that outlines
- Did I persuade my
rectangular arrays, and/or those and other basic
area models. rights.

*Word problems! 4.C&G.2.1 Analyze the

preamble and articles of the
North Carolina Constitution
in terms of rights and

11.7- RI1.5-Determining overall W.6 Publish and share - Extra -quad 4.NBT.6 Find whole- 4.C&G.1.2 Compare the
11.11 (3 text structure number quotients and roles and responsibilities of
day -cause and effect -Intra -self remainders with up to four- state elected leaders
week) -problem/solution -computer skills digit dividends and one-
-chronological order -adding a visual Flocabulary Grade 4, Unit digit divisors, using -What are the different roles
-being a good listener 10 and responsibilities of state
-description strategies based on place
-comparison -giving constructive value, the properties of
feedback operations, and/or the elected leaders?
-listening to the other side relationship between
of the argument multiplication and division. -Local governments are
Illustrate and explain the similar to that of a states
calculation by using government.
equations, rectangular
arrays, and/or area models.

*Place value vocabulary

11.14- RI4.5-Determining overall W.4.1 Write opinion pieces - Mono -ultra - Multi -Tri 4.NBT.6 Find whole- 4.C&G.1.3 Analyze the
11.18 text structure on topics or texts, number quotients and influence of the colonial
-cause and effect Flocabulary Grade 4, Unit 11 remainders with up to four- history of North Carolina on
supporting a point of view
-problem/solution with reasons and digit dividends and one- the governing documents of
-chronological order information digit divisors, using our state;
-description strategies based on place
-comparison value, the properties of 4.C&G1.4 Compare North
Mini Task#2 Description
operations, and/or the Carolinas government with
relationship between local governments.
Write an opinion paragraph
with support that can be multiplication and division.
Illustrate and explain the -How is North Carolinas
used in a class debate on a government similar to local
specific topic. calculation by using
equations, rectangular governments?
arrays, and/or area models.

11.21- RI.4.4 Determine the meaning W.4.1Write opinion pieces How to use prefixes when I 4.NBT.6 Find whole- Scientific Method
11.25 *2 of general academic and on topics or texts, come to a word I dont number quotients and
day domain specific words or supporting a point of view know. remainders with up to four-
week phrases in a text with reasons and digit dividends and one-
Flocabulary Grade 4, Unit
-We can break up the word information digit divisors, using
into root, prefix, and/or suffixto strategies based on place
help us determine meaning Mini Task#3 Description value, the properties of
- When we are pretty sure we operations, and/or the
know a word, can we Create a brief commercial relationship between
substitute with a synonym Can script that grabs the multiplication and division.
we find definitions within the audiences attention, states Illustrate and explain the
text by authors clues? a clear opinion, and calculation by using
Test Prep-Nonfiction includes a compelling equations, rectangular
-Test takers pay close argument with evidence. arrays, and/or area models.
attention to all test features;
read for details.
-Non-fiction passages give us
important information.
-Skills to use to read
nonfiction passages.
-Finding evidence in the test
to support your answers.
-Using context clues for
vocabulary questions.
11.28- RI.4.4 Determine the meaning Suffixes 4.OA.3 Solve multistep 4.C&G.2.2 rights and
12.2 of general academic and word problems posed with responsibilities of citizens
domain specific words or - Able whole numbers and having according to North Carolina
phrases in a text whole-number answers Constitution.
-We can break up the word - ant using the four operations,
into root, prefix, and/or suffixto including problems in which -Citizens have rights and
Flocabulary Grade 4, Unit responsibilities that are
help us determine meaning remainders must be
- When we are pretty sure we interpreted. outlined by a states
know a word, can we government.
substitute with a synonym Can *Close reading
we find definitions within the -Both democratic
text by authors clues? *Find the main idea of the government and its citizens
Test Prep-Nonfiction word problem have rights and
-Test takers pay close responsibilities.
attention to all test features; *Visualize the situation
read for details.
-Non-fiction passages give us
important information.
-Skills to use to read
nonfiction passages.
-Finding evidence in the test
to support your answers.
-Using context clues for
vocabulary questions.
Cycle 2 Assessment
12.5- RI 4.7-3 days-Interpret W.4.1 - Ful 4.OA.3 Solve multistep 4.C&G.2.3 Differentiate
12.9 information presented Finishing up word problems posed with between rights and
visually and explain how it writing/presentations/debat - Ist whole numbers and having responsibilities reflected in
contributes to the overall es whole-number answers the North Carolina
understanding of the text. - Ize using the four operations, Constitution.
(Part 1-interpreting text including problems in which
features) Flocabulary Grade 4, Unit remainders must be
(part 2-using the information interpreted.
we gain from text features to
understand a text). *Close reading

*Find the main idea of the

word problem

*Visualize the situation

12.12- RI 4.7-Interpret information W4.2-Write -less 4.NF.1 Explain why a 4.L.2.1 Classify substances
12.16 presented visually and informative/explanatory fraction a/b is- equivalent to as food or non-food items
explain how it contributes to texts and examine a topic -ment a fraction (n a)/(n b) by based on their ability to
the overall understanding of and convey ideas and using visual fraction provide energy and
the text. (Part 1-interpreting information clearly. models, withattention to materials for survival,
text features) W4.7-Research a topic and -ness how the number and size of growth and repair of the
(part 2-using the information create mini-task #1 the parts differ even though body.
we gain from text features to (paragraph explaining one Flocabulary Grade 5, Unit 1 the twofractions themselves
understand a text). subtopic from research). are the same size. Use this 4.L.2.2 Explain the role of
principle to recognize and vitamins, minerals and
generate equivalent exercise in maintaining a
fractions. healthy body.

12.19- RI4.8 Authors Claim W4.2-Write How to use 4.NF.2 Compare two 4.L.2.1 Classify substances
12.23 Explain how an author uses informative/explanatory prefixes/suffixes to fractions with different as food or non-food items
reasons and evidence to texts and examine a topic understand new words numerators and different based on their ability to
(3 day support particular point. and convey ideas and denominators, e.g., by provide energy and
week) -Opinion essay: what points information clearly. Flocabulary Grade 5, Unit 2 creating common materials for survival,
did the author list? What W4.7-Research a topic and denominators or growth and repair of the
evidence supports his points? create mini-task #2 numerators, or by body.
-Informational Text-What (paragraph and a comparing to a benchmark
supports the authors supporting text feature fraction such as 1/2. 4.L.2.2 Explain the role of
research? (Ex: What points explaining one subtopic Recognize that vitamins, minerals and
support why animals cannot from research). comparisons are valid only exercise in maintaining a
survive in a desert) when the two fractions refer healthy body.
-Biography-What points to the same whole. Record
support why ______ was a the results of comparisons
great leader? with symbols >, =, or <, and
justify the conclusions, e.g.,
by using a visual fraction

1.2-1.6 RI4.8 Authors Claim W4.2-Write Roots .4.NF.3 Understand a 4.P3.1 Recognize the basic
Explain how an author uses informative/explanatory fraction a/b with 12/13 a > 1 forms of energy (light,
(3 day reasons and evidence to texts and examine a topic -Calor as a sum of fractions 1/b. sound, heat, electrical, and
week) support particular point. and convey ideas and magnetic) as they ability to
-Carn a. Understand addition and cause motion or create
-Opinion essay: what points information clearly.
did the author list? What W4.7-Research a topic and -Chron
subtraction of fractions as change.
evidence supports his points? create mini-task joining and separating parts
-Informational Text-What #3(choose Flocabulary Grade 5, Unit 3 referring to the same
supports the authors a topic related to sci/ss to whole.
research? (Ex: What points study and write an
support why animals cannot informative paper on-use
survive in a desert) multiple sources)
-Biography-What points b. Decompose a fraction
support why ______ was a into a sum of fractions with
great leader? the same denominator in
more than one way,
recording each
decomposition by an
equation. Justify
decompositions, e.g., by
using a visual fraction

1.16- RI.4.3 Explain events, W4.2 -clam 4.NF.3 Understand a 4.P.1.1 Explain how
1.20 procedures, ideas, or -Select topic fraction a/b with 12/13 a > 1 magnets interact with all
*4 day concepts in a historical text, -Gather multiple sources things made of iron and with
week including what happened and -Begin drafting -geo as a sum of fractions 1/b. other magnets to produce
why, based on specific motion without touching
information in text. -equi c. Add and subtract mixed them.
-Identify a historical text-When numbers with like
Flocabulary Grade 5, Unit 4 denominators, e.g., by 4.P.1.2 Explain how
we read a historical text, we
replacing each mixed number electricity charged objects
can record what happened
with an equivalent fraction,
and why. push or pull on other
and/or by using properties of
operations and the
electrically charged objects
relationship between addition and produce motion.
and subtraction.

1.23- RI.4.3 Explain events, W4.2- -graph 4.NF.3 Understand a 4.P.3.2 Recognize that light
1.27 procedures, ideas, or Drafting/Editing/Revising fraction a/b with 12/13 a > 1 travels in a straight line until
concepts in a historical text, -phon as a sum of fractions 1/b. it strikes an object or travels
including what happened and from one medium to
-photo d. Solve word problems
why, based on specific another, and that light can
information in text. involving addition and be reflected, refracted, and
-tele subtraction of fractions
-Identify a historical text-When absorbed.
referring to the same whole
we read a historical text, we Flocabulary Grade 5, Unit 5 and having like denominators,
can record what happened e.g., by using visual fraction
and why. models and equations to
represent the problem. (3
4.NF.4 Apply and extend
previous understandings of
multiplication tomultiply a
fraction by a whole number.
(2 days)

a. Understand a fraction
a/b as amultiple of 1/b. For
example, use a visual
fraction model to represent
5/4 as the product 5
(1/4), recording the
conclusion by the equation
5/4 = 5 (1/4)..
Review for Cycle 3 W4.2-Presentations Using/root words to 4.NF.4 Apply and extend 4.EF.1.1 Understand the
assessment-RI 4.3, 4.5, 4.8 understand unknown words previous understandings of basic concepts of a market
multiplication tomultiply a economy: supply, demand,
Flocabulary Grade 5, Unit 6 fraction by a whole number scarcity, productivity, and
b. Understand a multiple of
a/b as amultiple of 1/b, and 4.EF.1.2 Understand how
use thisunderstanding to scarcity and choice in a
multiply a fractionby a market economy impacts
whole number. For business decisions.
example, use a visual
fraction model to express 3 4.EF.1.3 Analyze the
(2/5) as 6 (1/5), historical and contemporary
recognizing this product as role that major North
6/5. (In general, n (a/b) = Carolina industries have
(n a)/b.) played in the state, nation,
and world.
c. Solve word problems
involving multiplication of a 4.EF.2.1 Explain how
fraction by a whole number, personal financial decisions
e.g., by using visual fraction such as spending, saving,
models and equations to and paying taxes, can
represent the problem. For positively and/or negatively
example, if each person at affect everyday life
a party will eat 3/8 of a
pound of roast beef, and 4.EF.2.2 Explain how limited
there will be 5 people at the personal financial resources
party, how many pounds of affect the choices people
roast beef will be needed? make based on their wants
Between what two whole and needs.
numbers does your answer

1.30-2.3 RL4.3 W4.2-Presentations Finding new root words as 4.NF.5 Express a fraction 4.EF.1.1 Understand the
Students will carefully examine a we come to words we do with denominator 10 as an basic concepts of a market
characters thoughts, words, not know...What if I dont equivalent fraction with economy: supply, demand,
and/or actions, review the setting know the root word? denominator 100, and use scarcity, productivity, and
of the story, and/or analyze a this technique to add two entrepreneurship
specific event or events within
fractions with respective
the story from specific details in Flocabulary Grade 5, Unit 7 denominators 10 and100. 4.EF.1.2 Understand how
the text. For example, express 3/10 scarcity and choice in a
as 30/100, and add 3/10 + market economy impacts
4/100 = 34/100. Students business decisions.
who can generate
equivalent fractions can 4.EF.1.3 Analyze the
develop strategies for historical and contemporary
adding fractions with unlike role that major North
denominators in general. Carolina industries have
But addition and played in the state, nation,
subtraction with unlike and world.
denominators in general is
not a requirement at this 4.EF.2.1 Explain how
grade. personal financial decisions
such as spending, saving,
and paying taxes, can
positively and/or negatively
affect everyday life

4.EF.2.2 Explain how limited

personal financial resources
affect the choices people
make based on their wants
and needs.

2.6-2.10 RL4.3 W.4.1/W.4.9 Using the right word: 4.NF.6 Use decimal 4.EF.1.1 Understand the
Mini Task #1 (Theme notation for fractions with basic concepts of a market
Notice and Paragraph) - I will create a -a, an denominators 10 or 100. economy: supply, demand,
remember attributes paragraph and state my For example, rewrite 0.62 scarcity, productivity, and
and actions that will -your, youre
opinion about the theme in as 62/100; describe a entrepreneurship
help in understanding my text and provide length as 0.62 meters;
character development -their, theyre, there
reasons to support my locate 0.62 on a number 4.EF.1.2 Understand how
opinion Flocabulary Grade 5, Unit 8 line diagram. scarcity and choice in a
market economy impacts
inferences about
business decisions.
multiple characters and
complex plots, with
some subplots 4.EF.1.3 Analyze the
historical and contemporary
Provide role that major North
details that are Carolina industries have
important to played in the state, nation,
understanding the and world.
relationships among
plot, setting, and 4.EF.2.1 Explain how
character traits personal financial decisions
such as spending, saving,
and paying taxes, can
positively and/or negatively
affect everyday life

4.EF.2.2 Explain how limited

personal financial resources
affect the choices people
make based on their wants
and needs.

2.13- RL4.5 W.4.1/W.4.9 Using the right word: 4.NF.7 Compare two 4.C.1.1 Explain how the
2.17 Explain major differences Mini Task #1 (Theme decimals to hundredths by settlement of people from
between poems, drama, and Paragraph) - I will create a -piece, peace reasoning about their size. various cultures affected the
prose and refer to the structural paragraph and state my Recognize that development of regions in
elements of poems (e.g., casts of -blew, blue
opinion about the theme in comparisons are valid only North Carolina (languages,
characters, settings,
my text and provide Flocabulary Grade 5, Unit 9 when the two decimals foods, and traditions).
descriptions, dialogue, stage
directions) when writing or
reasons to support my refer to the same whole.
opinion Record the results of 4.C.1.2 Explain how the
speaking about a text
comparisons with the artistic expression of
Students will explain the symbols >, =, or <, and various groups represents
differences between several justify the conclusions, e.g., the cultural heritage of
different types of texts, paying by using a visual model North Carolina.
attention to structural elements,
when writing or speaking about a

2.20- RL4.6 W.4.1.d/W.4.9 Using the right word: 4.NF Review 4.P.2.1 Compare the
2.24 Compare and contrast the point Mini-Task #2 (Powerful physical properties of
of view from which different Concluding Paragraph) - I -hole, whole samples of matter (strength,
stories are narrated including the will create a concluding hardness, flexibility, ability
difference between first- and -knew, new
paragraph in which I restate to conduct heat, ability to
third- person narrations.
and extend upon the claims conduct electricity, ability to
Students will compare and made in my essay. buy, by, bye be attracted by magnets,
contrast two texts written on the reactions to water and fire.)
same topic, paying close Flocabulary Grade 5, Unit
attention to the difference in 10
narration between first and third

2.27-3.3 RL4.6 W.4.1/W.4.4/W.4.9 -board, bored 4.NBT.4 Fluently add and 4.P.2.2 Explain how
Culminating Task - Literary subtract multi-digit whole minerals are identified using
Recognize Essay/Book Review - I will -desert, dessert numbers using the tests for the physical
the narrator of the text create a literary essay in standard algorithm. properties of hardness,
and identify point of Flocabulary Grade 5, Unit 11
which I had a clear thesis color, luster, cleavage and
view about the theme of a story streak.
and supported it with 4.NBT.5 Multiplication of
evidence from the text. whole numbers 1 x 4
how the point of view 4.NBT.6 Division of whole
choice (first or third
person) contributes to
the effectiveness of the
Meant to be a review as the
writing and/or the
interpretation/understan upcoming 4.MD.2 will
ding of the theme, require students to use all
problem/solution, etc. four operations to solve
word problems involving
units of measurement

3.6-3.10 RL4.4 W.4.1/W.4.4/W.4.9 Context Clues-Looking for 4.MD.4 Make a line plot to 4.P.2.3 Classify rocks as
Determine the meaning of words Culminating Task - Literary synonyms to help me display a data set of metamorphic, sedimentary
and phrases as they are used in Essay/Book Review - I will determine word meaning. measurements in fractions or igneous based on their
a text, including those that allude create a literary essay in of a unit (1/2, 1/4, 1/8). composition, how they are
to significant characters found in Flocabulary Grade 5, Unit
which I had a clear thesis Solve problems involving formed and the processes
mythology (e.g., Herculean). 12
about the theme of a story addition and subtraction of that create them.
Students will use information and supported it with fractions by using
from the text to determine the evidence from the text. informationpresented in line
meaning of words and phrases. plots. For example, from a
line plot find and interpret
the difference in length
between the longest and
shortest specimens in an
insect collection.

4.MD.2 Use the four

operations to solve word
2/21 problems involving
distances, intervals of time
liquid volumes, masses of
objects, and money,
including problems
involving simple fractions or
decimals, and problems
that require expressing
measurements given in a
larger unit in terms of a
smaller unit. Represent
measurement quantities
using diagrams such as
number line diagrams that
feature a measurement
3.13- RL4.2 W.4.1/W.4.4/W.4.9 Context Clues-Looking for 4.MD.1 Know relative sizes 4.G.1.4 Explain the impact
3.17 Determine a theme of a story, Culminating Task - Literary antonyms to help me of measurement units of technology
drama, or poem from details in Essay/Book Review - I will determine word meaning within one system of units (communication,
the text; summarize the text. create a literary essay in including km, m, cm; kg, g; transportation, inventions,
Students will use details from the Flocabulary Grade 5, Unit
which I had a clear thesis lb, oz.; l, ml; hr, min, sec. etc.) on North Carolinas
text to determine an appropriate 13
about the theme of a story Within a single system of citizens, past and present.
theme and summarize the text.
and supported it with measurement, express
Identify and discuss the
evidence from the text. measurements in a larger
problem, the events of the story, unit in terms of a smaller
and the problem resolution unit. Record measurement
equivalents in a two-column
Summarize longer narrative table. For example, know
texts with multiple episodes that 1 ft is 12 times as long
either orally or in writing as 1 in. Express the length
of a 4 ft snake as 48 in.
Remember the story problem Generate a conversion
and significant details over the table for feet and inches
reading of a longer text in order listing the number pairs (1,
to construct meaning 12), (2, 24), (3, 36)
Write summaries that reflect 4.MD.2 Use the four
literal understanding of a text operations to solve word
2/21 problems involving
Reflect awareness of the
distances, intervals of time
authors underlying messages
liquid volumes, masses of
objects, and money,
including problems
involving simple fractions or
decimals, and problems
that require expressing
measurements given in a
larger unit in terms of a
smaller unit.

3.20- RL4.2 Context Clues-Looking for 4.MD.3 Apply the area and 4.G.1.1 Summarize
3.24 Determine a theme of a story, W.4.4/W.4.9 Cartoon Frame antonyms to help me perimeter formulas for changes that have occurred
drama, or poem from details in Ending determine word meaning rectangles in real world and in North Carolina since
the text; summarize the text. I will analyze the theme of a mathematical problems. statehood (population
Students will use details from the text by developing a Flocabulary Grade 5, Unit For example, find the width growth, transportation,
text to determine an appropriate 14
cartoon strip that of a rectangular room given communication, landscape).
theme and summarize the text.
demonstrated the lesson the area of theflooring and
learned by a main the length, by viewing the 4.G.1.2 Explain the impact
Identify and discuss the
character. area formula as a that human activity has on
problem, the events of the story,
and the problem resolution multiplication equation with the availability of natural
an unknown factor. resources in North Carolina.
Summarize longer narrative
texts with multiple episodes
either orally or in writing

Remember the story problem

and significant details over the
reading of a longer text in order
to construct meaning

Write summaries that reflect

literal understanding of a text

Reflect awareness of the

authors underlying messages
3.27- RL4.5 W.4.4/W.4.9 Cartoon Frame Context Clues: Using words 4.G.1 Draw points, lines, 4.H.1.3 Explain how people,
3.31 Make connections between the Ending and phrases around the line segments, rays, angles events and developments
*4 day text of a story or drama and a I will analyze the theme of a unknown word. (right, acute, obtuse), and brought about changes to
week visual or oral presentation of the text by developing a perpendicular and parallel communities in various
text, identifying where each cartoon strip that lines. Identify these in two- regions of N.C.
version reflects specific
Q3 ends demonstrated the lesson dimensional figures.
descriptions and directions in the 4.G.1.4 Explain the impact
learned by a main
character. 4.G.2 Classify two- of technology
Students will make connections
between printed text, visual dimensional figures based (communication,
presentations, and oral on the presence or transportation, inventions,
presentations by identifying absence of parallel or etc.) on North Carolinas
common similarities. perpendicular lines, or the citizens, past and present.
presence or absence of
Recognize and discuss the angles of a specified size.
artistic aspects of a text, Recognize right triangles as
including how illustrations and a category, and identify
narrative from a cohesive whole right triangles
Interpret and respond to

Derive and record information

from graphics

Summarize ideas from oral

presentations or reading

Draw information from both text

(print) and non-text (photos,
sound effects, animation,
illustrations, variation in font and
color) elements.
4.3-4.7 RL4.7 W.4.4/W.4.9 Graphic EOG VOCAB REVIEW 4.G.3 Recognize a line of 4.E.2.1 Compare fossils
*4 day Organizer/Compare and symmetry for a two- (including molds, casts, and
week Contrast I will use a graphic dimensional figure as a line preserved parts of plants
organizer to compare and across the figure such that and animals) to one another
contrast a common theme the figure can be folded and to living organisms.
in two or more texts. along the line into matching
parts. Identify line- 4.E.2.2 Infer ideas about
symmetric figures and draw Earths early environments
lines of symmetry. from fossils of plants and
animals that lived long ago

4.17- RL4.9 W.4.2 Compare/Contrast EOG VOCAB REVIEW 4.MD.5 Recognize angles 4.E.2.3 Give examples of
4.21 Compare and contrast the the Development of a as geometric shapes that how the surface of the earth
treatment of similar themes and Common Theme I will are formed wherever two changes due to slow
topics (e.g., opposition of good compare and contrast two rays share a common processes such as erosion
and evil) and patterns of events familiar stories and write endpoint, and understand and weathering, and rapid
(e.g., the quest) in stories, myths, about the development of concepts of angle processes such as
and traditional literature from
the common theme. measurement: landslides, volcanic
different cultures.
Students will compare and eruptions, and earthquake
contrast common themes across a. An angle is measured
several different genres of text. withreference to a circle
Students will compare and with its centerat the
contrast common themes across common endpoint of the
texts from various cultures. rays,by considering the
fraction of thecircular arc
Make connections to other texts between the pointswhere
by topic, major ideas, authors the two rays intersect the
styles, and genres circle. An angle that turns
through1/360 of a circle is
Use knowledge form one text to
called a one degree
help understand diverse cultures
and setting encountered in new angle, and can be used to
texts measure angles. b. An
angle that turns through n
Make connections to other texts one degree angles is said
by topic, major ideas, authors to have anangle measure
styles, and genres of n degrees.

4.24- RI.4.9 W.4.2 Compare/Contrast EOG VOCAB REVIEW 4.MD.6 Measure angles in 4.E.1.1 Explain the cause of
4.28 the Development of a whole number degrees day and night based on the
Common Theme I will using a protractor. Sketch rotation of Earth on its axi
compare and contrast two angles of specified
familiar stories and write measure. 4.E.1.2 Explain the monthly
about the development of changes in the appearance
the common theme. 4.MD.7 Recognize angle of the moon, based on the
measure as additive. When moons orbit around the
an angle is decomposed Earth
into non-overlapping parts,
the angle measure of the
whole is the sum of the
angle measures of the
parts. Solve addition and
subtraction problems to find
unknown angles on a
diagram in real world and
mathematical problems,
e.g., by using an equation
with a symbol for the
unknown angle measure

5.1-5.5 EOG PREP W.4.4 Research Questions EOG VOCAB REVIEW EOG PREP EOG PREP
I will select a social issue
that is important to me and
my community. I will create
research questions relevant
to the topic and conduct
research using an organizer
to plan my writing.

Paragraph I will create an
introductory paragraph
about a social issue topic
using a technique that
hooks the reader.

5.19 News Article - I will write an
informational news article
based on my research
during the mini tasks

5.22- EOGs EOGs EOGs EOGs EOGs


5.29-6.2 Book Clubs W.4.2/W.4.4/W.4.6/W.4.9.a Math Research Projects Cultural Rotations

*4 day News Article - I will write an
week informational news article
based on my research
6.5-6.9 during the mini tasks