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Name: Joanna
Class: 9.1

My website link: http://ISrchk91jlactivism.com


These are all the issue choices we were given for this project.
The highlighted issues are ones that I was interesting in finding out more about and possible
creating my activism website on.

Race issue Gender issue LGBT issue
Anti refugee/immigration
Law that prevents women car Law against homosexuality in
feeling in UK (Brexit and Hate
drivers in Saudi Arabia. Uganda.

Black Lives Matter Gender pay and earnings gap

Same sex marriage in
Persecution of black people Europe and/or ASIA and/or
by police in the USA USA.

Bathroom bill in Texas USA

(The law would restrict the
Racial discrimination against Child brides in Yemen use of lavatories to those
Aboriginal people in Australia whose biological sex
matched the pictogram on the

Immigrant Asian maids Law that prevents

Attacks on women in India and
maltreatment and being propaganda of non-
the apparent lack of equal
refused right of permanent traditional sexual relations in
legal rights with men.
residency in Hong Kong Russia (anti-gay law)

After doing a little research on each of the highlighted issues, I decided that I want to create my
activism website on the gender issue laws that prevents women car drivers in Saudi Arabia.
I chose this issue because I thought it was quite interesting and something I actually dont know
much about. But also because it is quite straightforward which is important because I need to
complete the website before a deadline, and having an issue that is very complicated would make
that more difficult.

ISSUE= Laws that prevents women car drivers in Saudi Arabia

Possible elements of my issue I could study (you may add more):
1. Gender inequality around the world
2. Gender inequality/womens rights in Saudi Arabia
3. Specifics of driving law in Saudi Arabia

Issue element #1 Issue element #2 Issue element #3
What do I already know? What do I already know? What do I already know?
- Gender equality refers to the - Saudi Arabia is a very male - I know that women are not
equal rights, responsibilities and dominant country. allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.
opportunities of men and - Men are treated as superior to - Not all women in Saudi Arabia
women. women in Saudi Arabia. are for lifting the driving ban.
- Different parts/countries in - Women are not allowed to go - The driving ban is there due to
the world have attained outside uncovered in Saudi Arabia. religious/cultural rules.
different levels of gender - Women in Saudi Arabia have
equality. recently been given the right to
- Different factors such as vote.
education, economic and social,
also have different levels of


- Culture and religion are one of
the most common factors that
influence gender equality.

What do I need to find out? What do I need to find out? What do I need to find out?
- What factors are keeping us - What are the main causes behind - Is there a law in Saudi Arabia
from achieving complete gender gender inequality in Saudi Arabia? that explicitly states that it is
equality? - What other examples are there illegal for women to drive?
of gender inequality in Saudi - Why are women in Saudi Arabia
Arabia? not allowed to drive?
- Have there been any previous - Have there been any previous
protests against the gender gap in campaigns to lift the ban of
Saudi Arabia?? women driving in Saudi Arabia?
- What do people in Saudi Arabia
think about this issue?

What search terms should I use? What search terms should I use? What search terms should I use?
Gender equality in the world Gender inequality in Saudi Saudi Arabia driving laws
Arabia Why are Saudi Arabian women
Gender equality statistics
Womens rights in Saudi Arabia not allowed to drive
Everyday things women in Saudi Activism against driving ban in
Arabia cant do Saudi Arabia
What are the main reasons Saudi Arabian women opinions
behind the gender gap in Saudi on lifting driving ban
Female activism in Saudi Arabia

ACTION PLAN: (add more rows if needed)
SOURCES of Information: Dont just say Library, Books or Google. For example, Library Database eg
Time Magazine, Biography in Context, Issues: Understanding Controversy & Society etc

Fill this table in BEFORE and DURING your research.

What information do I need to What SOURCES could I use to get
How useful was this source?
find? this information? (be specific)

1) This source was quite useful.

The source had lots of detailed
information about gender
equality, but I used it mainly to
double check some for the
I need to find out about gender 1) Wikipedia-Gender equality:
information I already knew
equality around the world in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gen
about gender equality (since I
general. der_equality
already knew quite a bit) and it
actually gave me a good idea on
what key information and facts I
should include in this section on
my website.
1) This source was quite useful
because it was very specific and
covered all of different sections
of the issue. It helped me get a
better idea of the general
situation in Saudi Arabia with
1) Wikipedia-Womens rights in gender equality currently, since
Saudi Arabia: I really didnt know that much
at the beginning of this project.
2) I think this website was
really useful because it was
2) Independent-5 things Saudi
short and to the point. It gave
Arabian women still cannot do:
me a list of 5 basic things that
I need to find out more about http://www.independent.co.uk/n women in Saudi Arabia still
general womens rights in Saudi ews/world/middle-east/five- cannot do in the 21st century
Arabia currently. things-that-saudi-arabian-women- with brief explanations for each,
still-cannot-do-a6765666.html which is one of the things I
wanted to find for this section
3) World Economic Forum 2016 (link to other gender equality
http://www3.weforum.org/docs/ issues in Saudi Arabia).
3) I think this source was pretty
useful. I actually wasnt
originally planning/expecting to
find anything appropriate for
my website on this source, but I
actually did find a few
interesting statistic that I ended
up including in my website.
1) This source was not very
useful. It was kind of messy and
difficult to navigate and didnt
really have much information
that I wanted to include in this
section. But, it actually gave me
some good ideas, such as to
look at The World Economic
Forum's 2016 report, where I
1) Gender Inequality in Saudi found a couple statistics that I
Arabia- Myth and Reality: used in the section above (in
the Issue-Saudi Arabia tab
of my website).
I need to find out why women do

not have so many basic rights in 2) This source gave lots of
Saudi Arabia (main factors that are 2) NYTimes-Talk of womens
quotes from Saudi Arabian
hindering the advancement of rights divides Saudi Arabia:
women on their opinion on
gender equality) http://www.nytimes.com/2010/0 lifting the driving ban and
6/01/world/middleeast/01iht- womens lack of freedom in
saudi.html?pagewanted=1&src=m general which I thought was
e really interesting because a lot
of them actually have totally
different opinions than what we
might think (e.g. they are happy
with the ways things are and
they dont want the driving ban
to be lifted) and I think it is
important to acknowledge
these different viewpoints and
opinions of Saudi Arabian

1) This source was really useful.

It was clear and easy to
understand. It gave me lots of
1) Wiki gender-Mobility of Saudi basic information on the
women: reasons behind the driving ban
in Saudi Arabia which is exactly
what I wanted to find for this

I need to find out about the specifics 2) The Atlantic-Why Saudi
of the rule against women driving in 2) This source wasnt that
women arent allowed to
Saudi Arabia. useful because it talked more
about some protests and
https://www.theatlantic.com/inte campaigns that have taken
rnational/archive/2013/10/- place in Saudi Arabia previously
negative-physiological-impacts- than the actual reasons behind
why-saudi-women-arent-allowed- why there is a rule against
to-drive/280343/ women driving in Saudi Arabia.
However, I did end up using
some quotes found on this
1) I think that this source was
really useful because it had
examples of both existing
I need to find out about existing activism groups/organizations
activism groups that work on gender 1) Wiki gender-Womens activism and individual activists in Saudi
equality issues and specifically the in Saudi Arabia: Arabia with a short description
issues in Saudi Arabia and if so what http://www.wikigender.org/wiki/ of each organization/person
they do, who is a part of it, how womens-activism-in-saudi-arabia/ explaining what they aim is,
successful they have been, etc. some previous things they have
done (e.g. campaigns, petitions,
etc.) and anything they are
working on currently.

Methods or tools I will use to COLLECT & RECORD my information are: (give some
detail be clear about HOW you will collect & record)
eg Tools: easybib, diigo, word, evernote, scoopit etc.
eg Methods: Notetaking, summarising, paraphrasing, mindmapping, brainstorming, cutting & pasting
relevant notes etc

Fill in BEFORE you start your research Fill in AFTER you finish researching

What TOOLS or METHODS will

Why will I use them/do this? (justify
I use to collect & record What did I actually do?
why you chose this/these methods)
information? (include detail)

I will be using weebly to create my

website. I chose to use weebly
Weebly because I have tried a couple other I used weebly to create my
https://www.weebly.com websites (such as wix) and website.
personally thought weebly was the
easiest to use.
I used RefMe to create my
bibliography. But instead of
making the bibliographies after
completing all the research, I
I will be using RefMe to create a
actually made them as I was
bibliography for all the sources
RefME researching. I decided to do this
(websites, books, videos, image
https://app.refme.com/home because I thought it would be
sources, etc.) I use during the
quicker because this way, I didnt
research stage.
have to reopen all the sources
again to fill in the information for
the bibliography (e.g. title,
author, publish date, etc.).

I will be using Microsoft word to

complete my action plan because the I used Microsoft word to
Microsoft word
given action plan template was on complete my action plan.
I actually used Microsoft word
I will be using pages to take notes instead of pages for notetaking,
during my researching stage. I chose because my action plan was
Pages to use pages because that is the already on word, I thought it
software that I usually use for would be easier to just use word
notetaking. for researching/notetaking as

I will be taking notes during my I did take notes and copy and
research stage of any important paste important statistics and
information I find and copy and quotes. But I also briefly
Notetaking + copy and pasting pasting any specifics facts, quotes summarized the information I
relevant notes and statistics that I might want to found on each source as it
include in my website, because I makes it easier when turning my
think this is the most effective notes into paragraphs for the
method for me when I do research. website.

I brainstormed some
organization names and
narrowed down to three that I
liked the most: We Can Drive,
I will be brainstorming different
Let Her Drive, Drive for
names for my organization and
Womens Right to Drive. I then
possible activism ideas. I chose
asked my friends which one they
brainstorming because this way I
preferred and used the most
Brainstorming can be as creative as I want and I
popular one as the name of my
can ask my friends for feedback on
which ones they like and if they
I liked my original idea of
have any organization name /
spreading awareness through
activism ideas.
social media, since it is such a
key part of everyones lives, so I
actually didnt do much
brainstorming for activism ideas.

Pages needed to complete my website: What information and links will I need

Fill this table in BEFORE and DURING your website creation.

What Pages could I use to get
What information do I need to
this information across to the How can I link the pages together?
audience? (be specific)
My website layout/outline:
Gender inequality and womens I will include this in my gender Home (tab 1):
rights in the world today. (Issue inequality page, which will be - Introduction
element #1) found under the issue tab. - About the site (about us, our
mission, etc.)

The issue (tab 2):

Gender inequality and womens I will include this in my Saudi
rights in Saudi Arabia. (Issue Arabia page, which will be - Mini tab 1: Background
element #2) found under the issue tab. information on the global issue
gender inequality (issue element
- Mini tab 2: Womens rights
Specifics of the issue of women I will include this in my Saudi issues in Saudi Arabia (issue
being prohibited to drive in Arabia page, which will be element #2)
Saudi Arabia. (Issue element #3) found under the issue tab. - Mini tab 2: the women driving
ban issue (issue element #3)
- Mini tab 3: Reasons Saudi Arabia
still has such a large gender gap
Factors that are hindering Saudi (resistance to reform)
Arabias advancement towards I will include this in my

gender equality. Activism (tab 3):

- Mini tab 1: get involved with our
- Mini tab 2: current activism
Current activists and activism groups/activists/first-hand
I will include this in my
groups that work towards accounts
activism page, which will be
gender equality and womens
the third tab on my website.
rights. Action plan (tab 4)

Bibliography (tab 5)

TIMEFRAME: (add more rows if needed)

Steps in the Process: Briefly outline (list)
the steps you will work through to
complete this assessment. You should
include planning BEFORE researching, If dates differ briefly explain why.
Intended Actual
WHEN you will research, then WHEN you (If the dates are the same, you
Dates Dates
will put together the final product. Fill in do not need to fill this in)
the Actual Dates as you go.
Break the steps down to be clear and
specific. You need a minimum of SIX steps.
I spent a little more time than I
expected researching about the
1. Choose my issue. Jan 24th Feb 8th issues I was interested in and I didnt
end up deciding which one I wanted
to do until the next lesson.
I thought I would only need one
lesson to complete the planning
Feb 8th - stages of my action plan, but it
2. Work on my action plan. Feb 8th
10th actually took around one and a half
lessons (because I was a little unsure
of what to do in some parts).
3. Plan out what I will include for each
Feb 8th Feb 8th
page of my website

I use RefMe to keep a record of all

the sources I use in my research
4. Create a folder in RefMe so I can
stage, and since I started researching
quickly create a bibliography for any Feb 8th Feb 10th
on the 10th, I made the RefMe folder
sources that I use
on the 10th as well (instead of the
I started researching on gender
inequality on the 10th, but since I
5. Research about gender inequality in
used part of the lesson to work on
general. Feb 10th-
Feb 10th th my action plan and I didnt have
(+Work on the sources of information 11
time to finish researching during
section of action plan.)
that lesson, so I finished it off at
We actually missed a lesson on the
6. Research about female rights in Saudi
14th for a Chinese field trip, so
Arabia and the specifics of the driving law.
Feb 14th Feb 16th instead of doing the research during
(+Work on the sources of information that lesson, I did it in the next lesson
section of action plan.) which was on the 16th.

7. Research about existing activism

I also planned to do this on the 14th,
groups that work on gender equality and
but since we missed that lesson, I
womens rights. Feb 14th Feb 16th
worked on this on the lesson on the
(+Work on the sources of information 16th as well.
section of action plan.)

I couldnt work on this during the

8. Brainstorm and plan an activism idea for lesson on the 16 because I was still
Feb 16th Feb 17th
my organization. finishing up my research, so I worked
on this part at home.

Because my timeframe/plan for

researching was pushed back a little,
Feb 16th- Feb 19th I had to work on constructing my
9. Construct my website
17th -20th website at home (since I used the
final lesson on the 16th to work on
my research).

I had to complete my entire website

and action plan before I could work
on the evaluation, and since I didnt
10. Reflect and complete the evaluation on
Feb 18th Feb 21st finish constructing my website until
the action plan.
the 20th, I couldnt work on my
evaluation on the intended date


Things that need
Things that went well Ways of improving

I think I did will in creating a I didnt really do I think that I could spread out
detailed action plan that well in staying on my time more evenly and give
was easy to follow, I schedule and doing myself more time to do each
planned out what I wanted things on the dates part/step. And if I dont
Creating &
to include in my website I planned to. complete something I planned
and had a good idea of how to do in class, I should finish it
I also think I spent a
much information I wanted little too much time at home instead of waiting
to find for each section, on the planning until the next lesson to finish it,
which made the researching so that by next lesson I will be
stages of my action
process a lot faster. plan. back on track with my
I think I did well in finding I think I could have Instead of adding in-text
useful and reliable sources. done a better job in citation at the end after I have
I also think I did pretty well adding in-text completed all my research, I
in organizing my notes, I citation to the should add them while I am
had all my notes on one information I found researching, this way I wont
Collecting documents with subtitles and keeping a have to spend this going back
and for each separate section, record of where I to the source I found each
Recording and only taking notes of the found each image. fact/statistic/etc. to add the
key information that I knew citation.
I needed so that I didnt As for images, I need to
have too much information remember to copy and paste
that I could have to delete the source where the image is
when constructing my from so when I am creating my
website. website, I dont have to
backtrack each image.
I think I did well in creating I think my website I think I could have made my
a clear and organized looks a little plain website a little more visual by
website that is easy for and it doesnt really adding more images and
Creating someone to navigate, my grab a viewers videos. Maybe I could also use
website website is split into three attention. more colours, e.g. instead of
main sections: home, issue having a plain white

and activism all the background I could use a

different sections/pages of different shade of a specific
my website can be found in colour of each page (that way
the navigation bar. my website it more colourful
and interesting to look at but
still has a theme).