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Thank you for booking with Easy Trip Planners Pvt Ltd Your booking is confirmed.

Please carry a valid identity proof along with this e-ticket. We recommend you check-in 2 hours prior to departure

Confirmation ID : 19061605759829 Booking date : 19 June 2016

Passenger Details : 4 Adults
Sr No. Name Ticket Number Frequent Flyer Number

1 Makwana / Brijesh Mr (ADT) (Booked) L6T5SF -

2 Parmar / Trushar Mr (ADT) (Booked) L6T5SF -

3 Patel / Vishal Mr (ADT) (Booked) L6T5SF -

4 Manat / Bhavesh Mr (ADT) (Booked) L6T5SF -

Delhi To Ahmedabad(Booked)
Delhi Ahmedabad Airline PNR
Indira Gandhi International, 6E-
IndiGo Wednesday
Wednesday L6T5SF
6E - 517 29/06/16 at 07:55 Hrs
29/06/16 at 06:25 Hrs

Terms and conditions of IndigoAir :

FARE BREAKUP All Guests, including children and infants, must
present valid identification at check-in.
Check-in begins 2 hours prior to the flight for seat
Basic Fare : 4X1150 Adult, assignment and closes 60 minutes prior to the
scheduled departure.
0X0 Child, Carriage and other services provided by the carrier
are subject to conditions of carriage, which are
0X0 Infant, hereby incorporated by reference. These
Total Base Fare : INR 4600 conditions may be obtained from the issuing
Indian allows its Guests to check-in up to 15 kg of
luggage per paying passenger. Baggage in
Total taxe and fees : INR 4480 excess of 15 kg is subject to a fee to be paid at
the airport at check-in.
Cancellation Charges shall be as per airline rules.
Grand Total : INR 9080 For any queries please contact IndiGo at
18001803838/9910383838 for all MTNL/BSNL
Please check the figures / timings as they may
change time to time without any notice to the
For Delhi- Mumbai Travel Sectors / Customer
Needs to recheck the departure and arrival
terminals again with the airlines prior 24 hours of
flight scheduled timings .

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