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1. Gyjtsenek a gyerekek egszsges illetve egszsgtelen teleket.

(tblra mehet:
healthy/unhealthy food)
2. Typical Hungarian/English dishes Milyen telek jhetnek ide, melyik egszsgesebb.
3. Gymlcsk/zldsgek, gyjtsenek minl tbbet.
4. Junk food
5. 5 Sports: Outdoor/ indoor
6. Individual / team sports

Health and Sports

To keep fit and healthy, you should follow a healthy and balanced diet everyday. You have to eat a lot of
fruits, vegetables, and protein.
However, typical Hungarian dishes are rather heavy. We eat a lot of meat, potatoes and spicy food. We
shouldnt eat red meat, junk foods, caffeine, and sugar. We also have to avoid soft drinks or canned fruit juices. To
be healthy we should choose a variety of fresh fruits, vegetable salads, freshly made fruit juices, milk, etc.
Foods can be classified into two types, unhealthy (junk) and healthy food.

Healthy food:

Unhealthy food:

Ready made foods can contain ingredients that are harmful. Healthy food can be found in fruits,
vegetables, meat, nuts, seafood and dairy foods. Unfortunately these days the young frequently eat in fast food
restaurants. Their favourites are hamburger, pizza, chips and soft drinks. Frozen and ready-cooked meals are
popular with busy people. I prefer healthy foods because I believe its beneficial for the body.
For a healthy life sufficient sleep is important. Lack of sleep can make you feel tired the next day. You
have to sleep at least 8 hours a day to be healthy.

Im an active person and I go running / swimming, / I do some sports in order to keep fit. In my school I can choose
from several different sports, such as:
We have PE lessons a week. Im quite good at .. but I dont like ..

Sports can be generally divided into more groups:

1. indoor and outdoor sports.
Indoor sports are gymnastic, dance, basketball, ...
Martial arts such as kung fu/aikido/judo can be indoor sports as well.
Outdoor sports depends on weather so we can talk about summer or winter sports.
Typical summer sports are athletics sports, cycling race, sailing, water skiing, wind-surfing and swimming.
In summer I often go ..
Typical winter sports are skiing, skating, snow-boarding and tobogganing / sledging. In winter I go
2. team and individual sports
Team sports such as basketball, handball, water polo or volleyball are exciting because the game is all about
team spirit and working together.
Individual sports such as running, doing exercises at home, are both physical and mental challenges.

The most popular games are football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, water polo and ice-hockey. Football is one of
the most popular sports in Hungary.
Hungarians are also good at swimming, kayaking-canoeing and water polo.

Im not familiar with / Im familiar with technical sports.

I sometimes / often watch Formula One/NASCAR / football matches on TV.

Im not interested in / Im interested in extreme sports. Extreme sports are hang-gliding (srknyrepls) white-
water rafting (vadvzi evezs), bungee jumping, mountain climbing,
I would like to try out . / I will never try out
The best way, how people can keep theirselves in good condition,
look healthy, feel very good, have enough energy to work or
study, is to practice some sports and games. Sport is also
certain symbol of peace and friendship among people of all
countries and nations. The Olympic games are some "holiday of
Sport gives people enjoyment, happiness, friendship, health,
popularity, the feeling of victory, possible money and power, but
on the other hand it may also be boring, cause sadness, sorrow,
injuries and, in some causes even death.
Sport is a very old activity. The physical activities that
held first place among primitive people were activities of
warlike nature and of hunting. In time of peace they were
practised as a dance and recreational pastimes. The ancient
Greeks admired the beauty of the human body and harmony of body,
and the Romans, principally a militaristic nation, who prefered
military and gladiatorial games and professional exhibitions. The
Middle Ages were famous for their tournaments with knights or
religious festivals occuring on the great feast days of the
church, which offered the people a certain amount of recreation.
Sports can be generally divided into indoor and outdoor sports.
Indoor sports can be practised all the year round (typical indoor
sport is gymnastic). Many of outdoor sports (athletics) depend on
weather and therefore can be practised mostly in summer. Typical
summer sports are athletics sports, cycling race, sailing,
yachting, water skiing, wind-surfing and swimming. Typical winter
sports are skiing, skating, snow-boarding and tobogganing. Skiers
can practise giant slalom, downhill race or ski jumps in ski
resorts, where there are good snow conditions. Figure skating and
speed skating are practised on skating-rinks. Snow-boarding
belongs to the new sports, and it is very popular among young
people. An atypical division of sport is into two major groups:
team and individual sports. Team sports (games) are those sports
in which at least two players are involved. The most popular
games are football, american football, basketball, volleyball,
rugby, cricket, golf, baseball, water polo and ice-hockey.
Some sports:

ICE-HOCKEY is a fast and wild game and very popular. There are
three twenty-minute periods. Every minute is full of action. Two
groups of 6 players hit the small flat puck across the ice with
their sticks. The aim of the game is to score as many goals as

FOOTBALL is one of the most favorite sports in the Slovakia. It

is played by two teams of 11 players and this game takes 90
minutes with a break in the middle of this time. The aim of this
game is to get the ball into opponent's net.

GOLF is a famous English and American outdoor game that isn't

very famous in our country. Golf is played by one, two or three
persons or two pairs. The object is to hit the ball into each of
the eighteen holes in as few strokes as possible.

SKIING events are divided into Nordic events and Alpine events.

Nordic events are:

CROSS COUNTRY SKIING is the sport of skiing for pleasure across
the country side, usually long distance running over various
terrain. A very popular activity is ski touring, as opposed to
downhill skiing.
SKI JUMPING is a competitive event in which individuals jump for
distance after skiing down along, sloping hill. The most common
distances in international competition are 70 m and 90 m from the
point of take-off to the nearest likely landing point.
BIATHLON combines cross-country skiing with shooting.

Alpine events are:

RACING DOWNHILL - the athlete seeks for the fastest direct route
down the slope.
SLALOM - race in which the skier must pass between pairs of poles
set in various combinations.

COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING consists of single skating for men and

women, pairs and there is ice dancing there too.