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Intelligent operations in insurance

Improve operations with embedded analytics

Client Accurate forecasts for

Models built in
Leading Fortune 500 insurer optimal capacity planning
Policy processing transactions for 24 segments of

Business case Commercial Lines required various teams. Depending

Policy processing transaction volume on the number of transactions received, the number
Weekly level
varied daily, which frequently led of agents needed varied at the segment level daily. variance reduced by
to over- or under-staffing. EXLs The client had trouble forecasting its workload,
embedded analytics, powered by

frequently under- or over-staffing, which is costly and
MicroAnalytix, improved the staffing
inefficient. The insurer leveraged EXLs embedded
model, optimizing operations.
analytics capabilities to optimize operations. Data-
instances of understaffing and overstaffing
Scope driven processes improved transaction volume

Developed forecasting models to forecasts, which improved staffing, reduced overtime,

predict future transaction volumes and decreased attrition.

Maintained and updated models on

and accurate forecasts for
an ongoing basis transactions in the next year

ExlService Holdings, Inc. 2006-2015

Improve operations with embedded analytics

Approach Outcome and Next Steps

The combined efforts led to better forecasts About EXL
EXLs analytics team learned from the clients previous for transactions in the next year, which reduced
forecasting methods, then deployed a hybrid approach: instances of erroneous staffing. Furthermore,
EXLs methodology powered EXL (NASDAQ: EXLS) is a leading business
errors in forecasts declined by 50%. The efforts
by MicroAnalytix leveraged strengths of time series have incrementally improved the insurers overall process solutions company that helps
and regression modeling along with business operations.
intelligence. EXLs superior data cleansing coupled with companies drive business impact and adapt
operations expertise resulted in much more accurate Though an initial impact has been made, periodic
faster to the changing global marketplace.
forecasting models. revisions in forecasts will continue to ensure ongoing
improvement. These models will be built and EXL provides operations management,
Overall, EXL built the gamut of models for all implemented in partnership with the client on an embedded analytics and technology
segments in three months. Validation was based on ongoing basis. Future forecasts will be generated
real-time data captured in three months. using these improved models. platforms to organizations in the banking and
financial services, healthcare, insurance,
EXL executed:
utilities, transportation and logistics, and travel
Review of trends at daily level Global Acclaim in Analytics
Imputation of missing values (e.g. holidays) using industries. With 23,000 people around the
suitable statistical methods EXL participated in the worlds biggest-ever data
world, we work with
Development of hybrid models mining competition, the Heritage Health Challenge.
(Time Series Forecasting Exponential Participants were tasked with the development of a our clients as strategic partners to execute
Smoothening Approach and Linear Regression) predictive algorithm to identify at-risk patients. EXLs operations, identify opportunities to gain a
Validation of results on test sample and analytics representatives finished in 2nd place.
competitive edge, and create new channels
comparison of findings with existing model
Forecast of future transactions for growth and savings. Headquartered in New
Real-time validation of data flows York and operational since 1999, EXL is present
Roll-out in the U.S., U.K., Singapore, Romania, the
Philippines, India, Germany, Czech Republic
and Bulgaria.


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