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Bending the Mold

An Action Kit for trAnsgender students

Table of conTenTs
Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
How Does Your School Measure Up? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
How to Be a Transgender Ally . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Your Social Change Toolkit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Preventing Violence and Bullying . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Securing Freedom of Gender Expression . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Promoting Transgender-Inclusive Policies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Building Community and Fighting Invisibility . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Protecting Confidentiality . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Making Bathrooms & Locker Rooms Accessible . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Fighting for Equality in Sports Teams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Accessing Health Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Glossary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Appendix: Sample Model School Policy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

A joint publication by Lambda Legal and the National Youth Advocacy Coalition (NYAC)

Dedicated to Lawrence King, 1993-2008, whose memory inspires us to keep building a world in which gay, lesbian, bisexual,
transgender and gender non-conforming youth can live freely and without fear.
Transgender and gender-nonconform- students is an ever-present danger.
ing students come out every day all The February 12, 2008 shooting of A May 2007 Gallup poll found that
over the country, and they deserve to Lawrence King, a gender-nonconforming 68 percent of people are in favor of
be treated with respect and fairness. junior high school student in Oxnard, expanding federal hate crimes laws
Some schools are already supportive of California, was a tragic reminder of the to cover sexual orientation, gender
gay, lesbian and bisexual students, but hate and fear that still haunt us. and gender identity.
need more education around transgen- In Focus: Hate Crimes, Gay & Lesbian Alliance
der issues. Other schools discourage Whether youre transgender or Against Defamation, www.glaad.org

diversity in both sexual orientation and gender-nonconforming, questioning or

gender identity, and suppress or punish an ally, this kit is designed to help you The total number of victims
certain forms of gender expression. make your school a safer place. Weve reporting anti-LGBTQ violence
But transgender people of all ages included ideas and information to in 2007 was 2,430. Two hundred
are steadily organizing, advocating help you advocate for change. Theres and eighty-eight (16%) of the
and winning legal battles, and those also an extensive list of resources to total incidents reported in
victories are strengthening our suc- help you connect with the transgender 2007 were, in whole or in part,
cesses in the classroom. Transgender community and find support. transgender-specific.
and gender-nonconforming youth are Anti-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
Violence in 2007, A Report of the National Coalition
a key part of the transgender rights Our rights are most valuable when we of Anti-Violence Programs, www.ncavp.org
movement, and momentum is building. know about them and use them. Use
Our voices can be heard everywhere. the information in this kit to get started,
and reach out to each other and
At the same time, violence against Lambda Legal for help. The world is
transgender and gender-nonconforming changing, one voice at a time.

lambda legal Bending the Mold: An action kit for transgender students 1
Some Potential Sources
of Legal Protection
State or local statutes in your jurisdic- protection of the laws, the right to free
tion may ban educational discrimina- expression and the right to due process.
tion or bullying on the basis of gender Your state constitution may have similar
identity. Other state or local protections or stronger provisions. Schools and
may outlaw discrimination on the basis other government bodies must present
of sex or perceived sexual orientation, valid reasons for treating one group
prohibit discrimination in places of differently from another before they can
public accommodation (like schools in infringe on these important rights.
some instances and other places like
restaurants or shopping centers) or Instead of resorting to lawsuits, which
protect privacy. can take years, most transgender
students resolve school problems
Federal statutes, including the Equal through negotiation. There is no one-
Access Act or Title IX of the Education size-fits-all formula for addressing any
Amendments Act of 1972 (which bans given scenario involving discrimination,
sex discrimination in education), may and there is no way to know what legal
provide protections. remedies might be available without
consulting the laws in your jurisdiction.
The U.S. Constitution offers a host of See page 13 for more information on
protections, including the right to equal where to start looking.

2 lambda legal Bending the Mold: An action kit for transgender students
Beyond the
Although this toolkit focuses on the
problems transgender and gender-
nonconforming youth face in schools,
a host of other challenges exist outside
the classroom. Too often, transgender
youth are kicked out of their homes
after they come out to their family,
or endure mental or physical abuse
that may lead them to run away from
home. Homeless transgender youth
may discover that shelters dont respect
their gender identity. Mistreatment in
foster care placements and juvenile
justice facilities is common. Problems
with police harassment; discrimination
in employment, housing and public
benefits; and trouble obtaining identity
documents bearing the correct infor-
mation may create yet more hardships.
Transgender youth facing these and
related problems are encouraged to
consult the Resources list at the end
of this toolkit and to contact Lambda
Legal for assistance.

lambda legal Bending the Mold: An action kit for transgender students 3
Has your school published guidelines Do counselors provide helpful
The following questions will help to promote the respectful treatment resources and referrals?
you measure how effectively your of transgender students?
school supports transgender Are students allowed to express their
youth. If you are not sure of the Are gender identity and expression gender at events like school dances,
answers, check with teachers, your included in your schools nondiscrimi- field trips and graduation?
principal or your school board. If nation policy?
your school doesnt measure up, Do students experience prejudice
you may wish to contact Lambda Do faculty and staff members respect or intimidation due to their gender
Legal, NYAC or one of the other and honor students gender identity identity?
organizations listed in Resources and expression?
on page 26. Do students know what to do and
Are teachers, counselors and staff who to talk to if theyre intimidated,
trained on transgender issues? threatened or harassed because of
their gender identity or expression?
Does your school hold assemblies
and/or invite guest speakers to Are restroom facilities safe and
discuss transgender issues? accessible for transgender students?

If there is a school dress code, does it

respect gender identity?

Do school records, identification

cards, class rosters and transcripts
reflect transgender students gender
identity and preferred name?

4 lambda legal Bending the Mold: An action kit for transgender youth
Dont make assumptions Examine your own Understand what
Dont assume that you can tell what privilege and biases gender identity means
gender a person is, what restroom We live in a society with rigid gender Each persons gender identity is
someone belongs in or what pronoun roles, where were often rewarded for authentic for that person. Some people
someone prefers just by looking. If falling squarely in one category or an- have gender identities and expressions
youre not sure, consider asking: other male or female, masculine or that challenge the binary of female and
Do you mind if I ask which pronoun feminine. We call this a binary system, male. Dont be afraid to ask respectful
you prefer? where any in-between or crossover is questions of a trusted transgender
either ignored or discouraged, and friend or family member, but remember
Create a safe and open people who do not fit clearly in one of that transgender people even your
environment these categories face discrimination. friends and family are not solely
Work toward creating an affirming A person who does fit within this responsible for educating you. Finally,
environment where individual gender binary can rely on their privilege the dont forget that gender identity and
expression is supported and where privilege of being in a dominant group expression are only two aspects of a
there is room for dialogue and that is more accepted than the minor- whole person.
discussion. Challenge homophobic ity to stifle difference or to ignore
and transphobic remarks and jokes. hardships the minority group faces. To Walk the walk
Use inclusive, non-gender-specific be a true ally, it helps to notice your Support your friend or family mem-
language. Support others who chal- comfort level with different types of bers gender identity and expression.
lenge inappropriate behavior. What gender expression and see how this Volunteer for a transgender rights
are you? or What genitals do you affects your interactions with others. organization or community group.
have? are never appropriate ques- Educate yourself about dismantling Admit when youre wrong and dont
tions to ask. privilege and challenging prejudice. get defensive. Listen and learn.

lambda legal Bending the Mold: An action kit for transgender youth 5
Keep in mind: Start a conversation with parents and Become a member of your school
Only you can decide how visible and teachers about transgender issues. board, if it has student members, and
vocal you wish to be. Speaking out create policy yourself.
about respect for transgender and Hold a community discussion or make
gender-nonconforming students a presentation to teachers, staff, the Advocate for transgender issues
can lead to increased harassment or school board or the PTA. with elected officials and school
discrimination. It can also lead to a administrators. Call or write a letter
greater sense of empowerment and Start a transgender students group to your city council representatives or
self-respect, and it may lead to changes or trans-inclusive GSA to take the state legislator and ask for a meeting
that make your community safer for you lead on transgender issues in your to discuss transgender rights.
and others. Each person must evaluate school.
the potential risks and rewards in Start a campaign to have your local
deciding which actions to take. Join or create a coalition with school board adopt policies and
transgender advocacy groups in your directives for transgender support in
community. school.

Draft a petition to show support for Write a letter to the editor, an opin-
making trans-friendly changes in your ion article and press releases about
school, and submit the petition to the your activities. Take advantage of free
principal or the superintendent. advertising in community listings.

6 lambda legal Bending the Mold: An action kit for transgender youth
Use some of the following ideas to advocate
for yourself and other transgender and
gender-nonconforming youth.

Create a poster campaign to ad- Write a poem or an article for your

vertise a meeting or rally or to raise school newspaper.
awareness about your cause.
Show a film or documentary about
Raise money for your transgender transgender rights, or make one of
education campaign by holding a your own.
party or performance, writing a
grant proposal or selling artwork. Set up an activist email network, start
an email petition or join a chat group.
Distribute information about
transgender issues to community Lobby to change school policies to be
members. inclusive of transgender students.

Get people together for a town Hit the road and attend a conference
hall meeting or community rally to or training on transgender issues.
promote transgender visibility or to Find out if your school has a fund to
protest transphobic policies. help you pay for expenses.

Make T-shirts and give them away Educate yourself about other forms
in exchange for donations to your of oppression, like racism, sexism,
campaign. homophobia, classism and ableism.

lambda legal Bending the Mold: An action kit for transgender youth 7
PreVenting Violence
And Bullying

8 lAMBdA legAl Bending the Mold: An Action Kit

it for tr
trAnsgender students
Transgender and gender-nonconform-
ing students are regularly harassed,
bullied and otherwise targeted for
tAKe Action:
violence and abuse in school. Research
shows that transgender and gender- 1. gET SAFE
nonconforming youth are abused First and foremost, take steps to find physical and emotional safety for
in school at disproportionate rates, yourself. Reach out to sympathetic friends, family, teachers, youth hotlines,
leading to high numbers of absences community groups or any other source of support you can find. Some
and drop-outs in an effort to find safety. potential sources of support are listed in the Resources section.
Other students are not the only source
of abuse; harassment, cruelty and 2. REPORT THE ABUSE
violence are sometimes perpetrated by School administrators cant take action to end abuse if they dont know
teachers and staff as well. Your school about the problem. And the less they know, the less likely that they can be
has a duty to keep you safe, and you held accountable. Report all forms of abuse to the school principal verbally
have the right to express your gender and in writing. Keep track of the dates, locations and details of harassment.
identity without harm. Ask about your schools complaint procedures and follow them. Collect
names of witnesses to the abuse, and ask them to write detailed and signed
Some states that have passed safe statements about what they saw. Keep copies of everything you submit.
schools laws that prohibit bullying Also, move up the ladder: If your principal does not respond in a timely or
on the basis of gender identity (as of effective manner, contact the superintendent or the school board.
2008) include California, Iowa, Maine,
Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey and
School administrators may want to respond to complaints but could be
vermont. Other places have passed
unsure about what to do other than impose discipline that might not be
gender-identity nondiscrimination laws
effective. There are a variety of ways to address harassment and discrimina-
that apply to education, including Iowa,
tion before it happens. Educational materials can be distributed and
Maine, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon,
videotapes can be shown to classes and assemblies. Teachers can promote
Washington State and Washington, D.C.
and create LgBTQ-inclusive curricula. Speakers and trainers can be invited
Additional gender-identity protections
to the school. Nondiscrimination policies can be expanded and enforced.
may exist on the city or county level. But
even in states with no such protections,
you still have legal rights, and you can
still enforce them.

lAMBdA legAl Bending the Mold: An Action Kit

it for tr
trAnsgender students 9
securing freedoM of
gender eXPression

10 lAMBdA legAl Bending the Mold: An Action Kit

it for tr
trAnsgender students
Some schools maintain separate
dress and grooming codes for male
and female students, and sometimes
tAKe Action
transgender students are forced to
comply with the code that matches 1. DO YOUR RESEARCH, KNOW YOUR HISTORY
the sex assigned to them at birth. This Remember that, in the words of the U.S. Supreme Court, students do not
hurtful treatment can have disastrous shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the
consequences for a students health schoolhouse gate (tinker v. des Moines independent community school
and well-being and has resulted in district). Schools must maintain an orderly and safe environment and are
successful lawsuits against school therefore allowed to restrict disruptive speech, but they are not allowed
administrators. For example, in 2001, to stifle expressive conduct without a valid reason. The Supreme Court
a Massachusetts court ruled in the has also held that students political speech is entitled to protection, such
case of Doe v. Yunits that a middle as in the 1969 tinker
inker case upholding high school students right to wear
school had to permit a transgender armbands protesting the vietnam War.
girl to wear the feminine clothing that
expressed her female gender identity. 2. INFORM SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS
The court described her female identity Inform school administrators that clothing and accessories expressing
as her quintessence her true self. gender are an integral part of transgender students identities. Schools
All schools should permit transgender should also permit students to wear clothing, stickers and the like with a
students to dress in accordance with transgender symbol (see below) or slogans like Question gender.
their gender identity, whether it be in 3. START A T-SHIRT/PATCH/ARMBAND CAMPAIgN
the classroom, at prom or at any other Use this transgender symbol:
school-related event. Protections for
gender expression may be rooted
in local, state or federal laws and in
constitutional guarantees.

lAMBdA legAl Bending the Mold: An Action Kit

it for tr
trAnsgender students 11

12 lAMBdA legAl Bending the Mold: An Action Kit

it for tr
trAnsgender students
An increasing number of school
districts are adding gender
identity and expression to their
tAKe Action
nondiscrimination policies. This
is a critical first step that sends a 1. EXAMINE NONDISCRIMINATION POLICIES
strong signal about equal treatment Advocate for the revision of your school districts nondiscrimination policy
and conforms to the protections to include the term gender identity and expression. A list of K-12 schools
in effect in many jurisdictions. But with inclusive policies can be found on genderPACs website (www.gpac.
nondiscrimination policies can be org/genius). Once the policy is adopted, make sure it is published in student
insufficient when addressing all the handbooks, on the school districts website, on posters and through word of
questions that might arise about mouth. Protections wont be enforced if people dont know about them.
respecting transgender students.
Some school districts have adopted 2. ISSUE BROADER gUIDELINES
comprehensive guidelines on dress Work with your school to create and adopt comprehensive guidelines for the
codes, name and sex designation respectful treatment of transgender students, like the ones in effect in Los
changes in school records, restroom Angeles and San Francisco or the sample one in the appendix of this toolkit. If
and locker room access, privacy and your school administrators have questions, contact Lambda Legal or another
confidentiality, and so on. A sample organization in the Resources section of this guide to help them find answers.
policy appears in the appendix on 3. ADDRESS HARRASSMENT
page 30. Learn whether your state or school district has antibullying laws or
programs. Create a forum for antiviolence discussions with other students,
or work with a teacher to have an assembly program, which could include
guest speakers, focused on antibullying.


Ask a librarian at your local public library Your teachers, principal or school board Online resources
resources, such as the online library
or law library (if your town has one) about members can help you find copies of school at www.municode.com or legal information
looking up state laws and local ordinances. district policies, such as nondiscrimination websites like www.findlaw.com, may help you
your school librarian can also point you in the
y policies. school counselors may also have learn more about the protections that exist in
right direction. access to helpful resources. your jurisdiction. check your school or towns
website to see if they list any policies.

lAMBdA legAl Bending the Mold: An Action Kit

it for tr
trAnsgender students 13
And fighting

14 lAMBdA legAl Bending the Mold: An Action Kit

it for tr
trAnsgender students
Other transgender, gender-
nonconforming and allied students
can be a profound source of support
and organizing power. Although the
Internet and national organizations
may make it easier to connect with 1. Form a transgender students organization or
others, your ability to find community a trans-inclusive gay-straight alliance (GSA)
may vary greatly based on where As long as your school accepts public funds and lets other nonacademic
you live and what resources you can clubs meet (and most do), then you have the right to form a transgender
access. Nevertheless, sometimes students association. This is one of the most important ways to advocate
just one person with the courage to for transgender issues within your school. To learn about the federal Equal
come out and speak up will lead to Access Act, and for more information on starting a student group, see the
the emergence of a whole community. Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) website at www.glsen.org
You have the right to form a student or the GSA Network website at www.gsanetwork.org.
organization and to speak out about
your identity and experience. And you
can help make it a safer climate for 2. Develop a public education campaign
others to come out. Inform your teachers and classmates about transgender issues. Explain the
differences between gender identity and sexual orientation. Organize a
Transgender Day of Remembrance event at your school each November.
Start a petition for gender-neutral bathrooms. Write postcards to legislators
in support of laws that include gender identity. Hang posters around school.

3. Talk to your friends about transgender issues

Change society one mind at a time. The more people who understand
gender identity and expression, the safer our schools and society will be for
you and others.

lambda legal Bending the Mold: An action kit for transgender students 15

16 lAMBdA legAl Bending the Mold: An Action Kit

it for tr
trAnsgender students
Your school should never disclose
your transgender identity or
anyone elses without express
permission. Breaking confidentiality
can expose you to discrimination 1. start the discussion
and violence from family, school Educate teachers, staff and administrators about transgender issues and
personnel, students and others in the the importance of using the name and pronoun that you prefer, while also
community. At the same time, you protecting your privacy. Invite guest speakers to share their experiences as
have the right to be out if you choose transgender youth or adults. Many community organizations have speakers
to be, which means that teachers and bureaus that can provide such guests. Share poems, art, testimony and
administrators should treat you with stories about your own experiences.
respect by using your preferred name If your school refuses to refer to you by your preferred name and pronoun,
and pronoun and letting you express ask trusted allies who support your gender identity (including any sup-
your gender in other ways. portive family members) to encourage school administrators to respect your
identity. If your school claims that it will only address students by their legal
names, explain how that policy harms your identity and well-being, and
ask them to make an exception. If they continue to refuse, contact Lambda
Legal for assistance.

2. report any problems

If you think confidentiality is violated in any way, ask your school counselor
to identify the process for reporting a complaint. If your counselor cant
help you, take your problem to the next level (e.g., vice principal, principal,
superintendent, school board).

3. Talk to each other

Support students struggling with coming out by holding a support/discus-
sion group or staffing a peer helpline. (For more information, see NYACs
website at www.nyacyouth.org.)

lambda legal Bending the Mold: An action kit for transgender students 17
BAthrooMs &
locKer rooMs

18 lAMBdA legAl Bending the Mold: An Action Kit

it for tr
trAnsgender students
If youve faced the challenge and
outrage of others assuming youre
in the wrong restroom, you may find
yourself hesitating or even dreading
trips to the bathroom or locker room. 1. demand a safe space
Some transgender people avoid public Talk to your teachers and school counselor about your safety and privacy
restrooms altogether, which can lead concerns and why its important to have a safe space to change clothes or
to health risks if physical needs are use the restroom. The school should make every effort to accommodate
constantly ignored. Also, negotiating you, instead of simply instructing you to use the facility that corresponds
the locker room can be difficult and with the sex you were assigned at birth.
dangerous. Creating accommodations
for transgender students is often 2. gather support
simpler than many schools expect, Organize a petition to have gender-neutral bathrooms created in your
and may be as easy as putting up a school. You may want to begin your petition drive by promoting it with an
shower curtain or designating a private article in your student paper. For more information, read about the film
space where the student is comfortable Toilet Training on the Sylvia Rivera Law Projects website (www.srlp.org).
changing clothes, or making a unisex 3. be vocal
restroom available. When transgender Speak up when you see teasing or harassment in bathrooms, locker rooms
students fear for their safety, teachers or anywhere on school grounds.
restrooms may be an acceptable alter-
native. Many colleges and universities
have already taken the lead in offering
multi-stall gender-neutral bathroom
and shower areas. See the Sylvia Rivera
Law Projects website (www.srlp.org)
and GenderPACs website (www.gpac.
org/genius) for a list of these schools
and other resources to help you advo-
cate for trans-friendly bathrooms and
locker rooms at your school.

lambda legal Bending the Mold: An action kit for transgender students 19
fighting for eQuAlity
in sPorts teAMs

20 lAMBdA legAl Bending the Mold: An Action Kit

it for tr
trAnsgender students
Student athletic associations are increas-
ingly recognizing the importance of
allowing transgender athletes to play
tAKe Action
on sports teams in accordance with
their gender identity. School districts 1. HELP SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS FIND RESOURCES
may adopt a case-by-case approach to Put them in touch with the Sports Project at the National Center for Lesbian
athletic participation, consulting with Rights or another organization that advocates for transgender athletes.
the student to determine which team
is safest and most appropriate for the 2. CHALLENgE MYTHS AND STEREOTYPES ABOUT TRANS-
individual. Some teams and athletic gENDER ATHLETES
associations are new to this issue, and Some people mistakenly believe that transgender athletes will have unfair
education on basic issues of respect for advantages on the playing field, or wont be accepted by their teammates.
gender identity may be necessary. These myths are false: Transgender athletes participate in athletics all the
way from recreational leagues to the Olympics.


Support individuals in their efforts to participate in sports and activities
according to their gender identity.

lAMBdA legAl Bending the Mold: An Action Kit

it for tr
trAnsgender students 21
Accessing heAlth cAre

22 lAMBdA legAl Bending the Mold: An Action Kit

it for tr
trAnsgender students
Accessing fair and unbiased health care
can be difficult for transgender people
of all ages, particularly youth. Doctors
tAKe Action
may be dismissive, condescending,
abusive or uneducated about transgen- 1. CONTACT A TRANSgENDER HEALTH CARE ADvOCATE
der health needs. Transgender youth Check out the annual Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, an organiza-
may be told that they cannot consent tion like the Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition or another online
to gender transition on their own. It source of transgender health resources.
can also be difficult to get insurance
coverage for transition-related care. 2. CITE EXPERT OPINION
Many transgender people find that their Medical research shows that social and medical support for gender
access to treatment is contingent upon transition improves the well-being of transgender people. This consensus
receiving a diagnosis of gender Identity is recognized by medical experts and professional organizations. The
Disorder (gID), a recognized serious National Association of School Psychologists states that the gender identity
health condition. and expression of transgender youth should be honored and respected.


A parent or guardian can consent to
health care for youth under 18, and
Ask transgender people in your community if they can recommend a
providers may offer transition-related
doctor, or contact the clinics listed in the Resources section of this toolkit.
care if a parent or guardian agrees or a
court has ordered treatment. In addition,
transgender youth can consent to their
own health care if they are emancipated
or in other circumstances that vary
by state. For example, in New York,
youth who meet the legal definition of
a mature minor may be allowed to
consent to their own health care.

lAMBdA legAl Bending the Mold: An Action Kit

it for tr
trAnsgender students 23
Heres a quick reference for some of ableism: a system of institutionalized gender: a set of social, psychological
the most commonly used terms in the practices and individual actions that and emotional traits, often influenced
transgender community. Remember benefits able-bodied people over people by societal expectations, that classify an
that people defy labels and not every- with disabilities. individual as feminine, masculine, androgy-
nous or other.
one will fit into a definition, label or
biological sex, sex: a term used historically
box, no matter how large we make it. and within the medical field to refer to the gender binary: the concept that everyone
chromosomal, hormonal and anatomical must be one of two genders: man or
characteristics that are used to classify an woman.
individual as female or male.
gender expression: The outward manifes-
classism: a system of institutionalized prac- tation of internal gender identity, through
tices and individual actions that benefits clothing, hairstyle, mannerisms and other
people who have wealth and power. characteristics.

crossdresser: a person who, on occasion, gender identity: the inner sense of being
wears clothing associated with another a man, a woman, both or neither. Gender
sex, but who does not necessarily desire to identity usually aligns with a persons sex,
change his or her sex. Many crossdressers but sometimes does not.
identify as heterosexual but can have any
sexual orientation. gender dysphoria: an intense, persistent
discomfort resulting from the awareness
drag king / drag queen: a performer who that the sex assigned at birth and the
wears the clothing associated with another resulting gender role expectations are
sex, often involving the presentation of inappropriate. Some consider gender dys-
exaggerated, stereotypical gender char- phoria to be a symptom of Gender Identity
acteristics. The performance of gender by Disorder, a health condition recognized by
drag queens (males in drag) or drag kings the American Psychiatric Association. Many
(females in drag) may be art, entertainment transgender people do not experience
and/or parody. gender dysphoria.

FTM (female to male), transgender man: genderqueer: a term used by some people
terms used to identify a person who was who may or may not identify as transgender,
assigned the female sex at birth but who but who identify their gender as somewhere
identifies as male. on the continuum beyond the binary male/
female gender system.

24 lambda legal Bending the Mold: An action kit for transgender students
gender-nonconforming: behaving in a oppression: the acts and effects of domina- transgender or trans: an umbrella term
way that does not match social stereotypes tion of certain groups in society over others, used to describe those who challenge social
about female or male gender, usually caused by the combination of prejudice and gender norms, including genderqueer
through dress or physical appearance. power. Systems of oppression include rac- people, gender-nonconforming people,
ism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia. transsexuals, crossdressers and so on.
gender role: the social expectation of how People must self-identify as transgender in
an individual should act, think and feel, post-op, pre-op, non-op: terms used to order for the term to be appropriately used
based upon the sex assigned at birth. identify a transgender persons surgical to describe them.
status. Use of these terms is often con-
gender transition: the social, psychological sidered insulting and offensive. Surgical transphobia: the irrational fear of those
and medical process of transitioning from status is almost never relevant information who challenge gender stereotypes, often
one gender to another. Gender transition for anyone except a transgender persons expressed as discrimination, harassment
is an individualized process and does not medical providers. and violence.
involve the same steps for everyone. After
gender transition, some people identify privilege: social and institutional advan- transsexual: a person who experiences
simply as men or women. tages that dominant groups receive and intense, persistent, long-term discomfort
others do not. Privilege is often invisible to with their body and self-image due to
hormone therapy: administration of those who have it. the awareness that their assigned sex is
hormones and hormonal agents to develop inappropriate. Transsexuals may take steps
characteristics of a different gender or to racism: a system of institutionalized prac- to change their body, gender role and
block the development of unwanted gender tices and individual actions that benefits gender expression to align them with their
characteristics. Hormone therapy is part white people over people of color. gender identity.
of many peoples gender transitions and is
safest when prescribed and monitored by a sex reassignment surgery (SRS): any one
health care professional. of a variety of surgeries involved in the
process of transition from one gender to
intersex: a health condition, often present another. Many transgender people will not
at birth, involving anatomy or physiology undergo SRS for health or financial reasons,
that differs from societal expectations of or because it is not medically necessary for
male and female. Intersex conditions can them.
affect the genitals, the chromosomes and/
or other body structures. People with sexism: a system of institutionalized
intersex conditions should not be assumed practices and individual actions that
to be transgender. benefits men over women.

MTF (male to female), transgender

woman: terms used to identify a person
who was assigned the male sex at birth but
who identifies as female.

lambda legal Bending the Mold: An action kit for transgender students 25
Lambda Legal SUPPORT
120 Wall Street, Suite 1500
FTM International Survivor Project
New York, NY 10005 601 Van Ness Ave. Suite E327 P.O. Box 40664
T 212-809-8585 San Francisco, CA 94102 Portland, OR 97240
Help Desk Toll Free Number: T 877-267-1440 T 503-288-3191
866-542-8336 www.ftmi.org www.survivorproject.org
info@ftmi.org info@survivorproject.org
F 212-809-0055
International organization providing support Support for transgender and intersex
www.lambdalegal.org and services to FTMs. Publishes a newslet- survivors of domestic and sexual violence.
legalhelp@lambdalegal.org ter and resource guide. Links to additional
National civil rights organization resources. TransYouth Family Allies
PO Box 1471
seeking equality for LGBT people
Gay & Lesbian Medical Association Holland, MI 49422-1471
and people with HIV through the 459 Fulton Street, Suite 107 T 888-462-8932
court system, advocacy and public San Francisco, CA 94102 http://imatyfa.org/
education. T 415-255-4547 info@imatyfa.org
F 415-255-4784 Partners with educators, service providers
www.glma.org and communities to develop supportive
National Youth Advocacy info@glma.org environments in which gender may be
Coalition (NYAC) Organization seeking to support and expressed and respected.
1638 R Street, NW, Suite 300 advocate health care equality for LGBT
Washington, DC 20009 people. Has trans-friendly health care
T 800-541-6922 provider listings online.
F 202-319-7365
PFLAG Transgender Network
www.nyacyouth.org 1726 M Street, NW
nyac@nyacyouth.org Suite 400
National social justice organization Washington, D.C. 20036
that advocates for lesbian, gay, T 202-467-8180
F 202-467-8194
bisexual, transgender youth. www.pflag.org/TNET.tnet.0.html
Support for parents, friends and families
of transgender people. Resources for
transgender people.

26 lambda legal Bending the Mold: An action kit for transgender students
Advocates for Youth GLSEN Gay-Straight Alliance Network
2000 M Street NW, Suite 750 90 Broad Street, 2nd Floor 1550 Bryant St., Suite 800
Washington, DC 20036 New York, NY 10004 San Francisco, CA 94103
T 202-419-3420, ext. 30 T 212-727-0135 T 415-552-4229
F 202-419-1448 F 212-727-0254 F 415-552-4729
www.youthresource.com www.glsen.org www.gsanetwork.org
angel@advocatesforyouth.net glsen@glsen.org info@gsanetwork.org
Provides information and peer support to The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education GSA Network is a youth leadership organi-
LGBTQ youth. Great listing of resources Network strives to assure that each member zation that connects school-based GSAs to
and articles for transgender youth. of every school community is valued and each other and community resources.
respected regardless of sexual orientation
American Civil Liberties Union or gender identity/expression. National Center for Lesbian Rights
LGBT Project Schools and Youth (NCLR)
125 Broad Street, 18th Floor Gender Spectrum Education and Training 870 Market Street, Suite 370
New York, NY 10004 1122 E Pike St #796 San Francisco CA 94102
T 212-549-2500 Seattle WA 98122 T 415-392-6257
www.aclu.org/lgbt/youth T 877-809-4159 F 415-392-8442
aclu@aclu.org www.genderspectrum.org www.nclrights.org
The ACLUs LGBT Project fights discrimina- info@genderspectrum.org info@nclrights.org
tion and moves public opinion on LGBT An organization that provides education, NCLR is a national legal organization
rights through the courts, legislatures and resources and training to help create a committed to advancing the civil and
public education. more gender sensitive and supportive human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual,
environment for all people, including and transgender people and their families
Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders gender variant and transgender youth. through litigation, public policy advocacy
(GLAD) and public education.
30 Winter Street, Suite 800 GenderPAC
Boston, MA 02108 1731 Connecticut Avenue NW National Center for Transgender Equality
T 617-426-1350 Fourth Floor 1325 Massachusetts Ave., Suite 700
www.glad.org Washington, D.C. 20009 Washington, DC 20005
gladlaw@glad.org T 202-462-6610 T 202-903-0112
GLAD is New Englands leading legal rights www.gpac.org F 202-393-2241
organization dedicated to ending discrimi- gpac@gpac.org www.nctequality.org
nation based on sexual orientation, HIV GPAC works to ensure that classrooms, ncte@nctequality.org
status and gender identity and expression. communities, and workplaces are safe for NCTE is a social justice organization
everyone to learn, grow, and succeed dedicated to advancing the equality of
whether or not they meet expectations for transgender people through advocacy,
masculinity and femininity. collaboration and empowerment.

lambda legal Bending the Mold: An action kit for transgender students 27
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force
Sylvia Rivera Law Project
322 8th Avenue
1325 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Suite 600
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001
Washington, DC 20005 T 212.337.8550 General LGBTQ Youth Support Lines
T 202-393-5177 F 212-337-1972 These toll-free lines are staffed by either
F 202-393-2241 www.srlp.org trained LGBTQ youth or adults, or by trained
www.thetaskforce.org info@srlp.org youth or adults that are LGBTQ friendly.
info@thetaskforce.org SRLP works to guarantee that all people are
The Task Forces mission is to build the free to self-determine gender identity and Los Angeles Gay and
grassroots power of the LGBT community. expression, regardless of income or race, Lesbian Youth Hotline
Transgender-specific legislative policy and without facing harassment, discrimina- (ages 23 and under)
resources. tion or violence. 800-773-5540
Mon-Fri, 12pm-8pm EST
Safe Schools Coalition Transgender Law Center
870 Market Street, Room 823 GLBT National Help Center Hotlines:
Public Health - Seattle & King County
San Francisco, CA 94102 National Youth Helpline
10501 Meridian Ave. N
T 415-865-0176 800-246-PRIDE
Seattle, WA 98133
F 877-847-1278 Mon-Fri, 8pm-12am EST
T 206-632-0662, ext. 49
www.transgenderlawcenter.org Sat, 12pm-5pm EST
info@transgenderlawcenter.org GLBT National Hotline (youth and adults)
Offers resources on LGBT issues as a starting 888-843-4564
point for educators, parents/guardians and A civil rights organization advocating for
Mon-Fri, 4pm-12am EST
youth. transgender communities.
Sat, 12pm-5pm EST

The following toll-free numbers are open to

the general public but are LGBTQ friendly.
They are open 24/7 unless otherwise noted:

The Trevor Helpline

T 866-4-U-TREVOR (866-488-7386)
Nationwide around-the-clock crisis and
suicide prevention helpline for gay and
questioning youth.

Covenant Houses Nine Line

A crisis line for youth and their families.

28 lambda legal Bending the Mold: An action kit for transgender students
Callen-Lorde Community Health Center Lyon-Martin Womens Health Services
356 West 18th Street 1748 Market Street, Suite 201
Centers for Disease Control New York, NY 10011 San Francisco, CA 94102
and Prevention T 212-271-7200 T 415-565-7667
HIV/AIDS/STD Line: 800-342-2437 www.callen-lorde.org F 415-252-7512
healtheduation@callen-lorde.org www.lyon-martin.org
HIV/AIDS Treatment Info Services info@lyon-martin.org
800- 448-0440 Chase Brexton Health Services
TDD: 888-480-3739 1001 Cathedral Street Legacy Community Health Services
Mon-Fri, 12pm-5pm EST Baltimore, MD 21201 215 Westheimer
T 410-837-2050 Houston, TX 77006
National Runaway Hotline www.chasebrexton.org T 713-830-3000
800-231-6946 F 713-830-3023
Fenway Community Health www.legacycommunityhealth.org
Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline 7 Haviland Street
800-422-4453 Boston, MA 02115 Mazzoni Center
T 617-267-0900 1201 Chestnut Street, 3rd Floor
The National Domestic Violence Hotline www.fenwayhealth.org Philadelphia, PA 19107
800-799-7233 T 215-563-0652
TDD: 800-787-3224 Hartford Gay and F 215-583-0664
Lesbian Health Collective www.mazzonicenter.org
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Hotline 1841 Broad Street info@mazzonicenter.org
800-821-4357 Hartford, CT 06114
T 860-278-4163 Tom Waddell Health Center
Focus on Recovery: National 24-Hour F 860-278-5995 50 Lech Walesa Street
Drug Abuse Hotline www.hglhc.org San Francisco, CA 94102
800-888-9383 info@hglhc.org T 415-355-7400
Howard Brown Health Center TomWadell.htm
4025 N. Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL 60613 Whitman-Walker Clinic
T 773-388-1600 1407 S Street, NW
www.howardbrown.org Washington, DC 20009
T 202-797-3500
L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center www.wwc.org
1625 N. Schrader Boulevard wwcinfo@wwc.org
Los Angeles, CA 90028
T 323-993-7400
lambda legal Bending the Mold: An action kit for transgender students 29
Model School Policy Regarding Transgender and
Gender-nonconforming Students
This policy is intended to advise school administration and staff Student Self-Identification
regarding issues relating to transgender and gender-nonconforming Students, including transgender and gender-nonconforming
students in order to provide equal educational opportunities to all students, may use a variety of terms to describe their gender, gender
students and ensure that schools maintain environments free from expression and gender identity. Not all students who fall within the
unlawful discrimination or discriminatory harassment. broad definitions of transgender and gender-nonconforming set
forth above will use these terms to self-identify. School personnel
should not label students unnecessarily, and should respect the
For the purposes of this policy:
terms students adopt to identify themselves. Whenever possible,
Transgender Students refers to students whose gender identity is
school forms to be filled out by students should allow students to
different from their sex assigned at birth.
fill in their gender (or to decline to answer) rather than force them to
Gender Identity refers to ones understanding of oneself as a girl choose between male and female.
(or woman), boy (or man), or both, or neither, regardless of ones
sex assigned at birth. Privacy and Confidentiality
All persons, including students, have a right to privacy; this includes
Gender Expression refers to the way a person expresses her or the right to keep ones transgender status private. Absent consent
his gender, through dress, grooming habits, choice of name and from the student, school personnel should not disclose a students
pronoun, mannerisms, activities, etc. transgender status to others, such as students, parents or school
Gender-nonconforming Students refers to students who personnel, unless there is a specific need to know (for example,
have a gender identity or expression that does not conform to a health emergency). A students transgender status may also be
stereotypical expectations, such as feminine boys, masculine girls disclosed to others to the limited extent necessary to investigate
and androgynous students. Examples of gender-nonconforming and/or resolve a claim of discrimination or harassment brought by
students include boys who come to school wearing what is com- that student.
monly considered to be girls clothing (such as a skirt or dress), or Names and Pronouns
girls who play games on the playground that might be perceived as Students may request to be addressed by a name and pronoun
boys games (like football). that corresponds to their gender identity without changing the
legal name designated in their official records and school-wide
informational systems. All school staff and faculty must honor such
requests. If the student consents, such requests must also be noted

30 lambda legal Bending the Mold: An action kit for transgender students
in any materials that are shared with or accessible to staff and faculty, a single-stall bathroom shall be a matter of the students choice; no
in order to inform teachers and other staff of the name and pronoun student should be compelled to use such a bathroom.
to use when addressing the student.
Locker Room Accessibility
Teachers should privately ask transgender or gender-nonconforming Students shall have access to locker room facilities that correspond
students at the beginning of the school year how they prefer to to their gender identity. In locker rooms that require undressing in
be addressed at school and how they prefer to be addressed in front of others, students who desire increased privacy for any reason
correspondence to the home or at conferences with their parents. (for example, because of their gender identity, a permanent or
In cases where students and parents disagree about the name and temporary disability, etc.), shall be provided with accommodations
pronoun to be used at school, school officials may refer families to that best meet their needs and privacy concerns. Based on avail-
appropriate internal and/or external counseling or support services. ability and the nature of the privacy concerns, such accommodations
could include, but are not limited to:
Official Records
A school shall change the legal name designated in a students Use of a private area in or near the locker room (e.g., an area
official records upon receipt of a court order documenting a legal separated by a curtain, the physical education instructors office,
change in name. However, upon the request of the student, the a nearby restroom or nurses office, etc.), or a separate changing
students official record shall include a notation indicating the schedule (using the locker room before or after other students).
preferred name even in the absence of such documentation.
Physical Education Classes and Sports
Any school records indicating a students gender should do so in Transgender and gender-nonconforming students are to be provided
accordance with the students gender identity. the same opportunities to participate in physical education as all
other students, shall not be forced to have physical education out-
Dress Codes
side of the assigned class time, and shall be permitted to participate
Students have the right to dress in accordance with their gender
in any gender-segregated activities in accordance with their gender
identity. A students clothing shall not be deemed to violate any
identity. Generally, students shall also be permitted to participate
applicable dress code on the ground that it does not conform in
in any gender-segregated recreational and competitive athletic
whole or in part to stereotypes or gender norms associated with the
activities, including extracurricular activities, in accordance with their
sex assigned to that student at birth.
gender identity. If a dispute arises with regard to a transgender
Restroom Accessibility students participation in competitive athletics or contact sports, such
Students shall have access to restroom facilities that correspond to disputes shall be resolved on a case-by-case basis.
their gender identity. Where available, a single-stall restroom or other
Other Instances of Gender Segregation
alternate restroom, such as one in a health or nurses office, shall be
Generally, in any circumstance where students are separated by
used by any student with a need for increased privacy (for example,
gender in the course of a school activity, students shall be permitted
because of his or her gender identity, a permanent or temporary
to participate in accordance with their gender identity. If such
disability, etc.) regardless of the underlying reason. The use of such

lambda legal Bending the Mold: An action kit for transgender students 31
an activity raises privacy concerns for any transgender or gender Safety Transfers
nonconforming student, for any reason, staff shall make a reasonable Generally, schools should endeavor to keep transgender and gender-
effort to provide an accommodation to address such concerns. If no nonconforming students at their school site. Incidents of harassment
such accommodation is available, concerns shall be addressed on a or discrimination against a transgender or gender-nonconforming
case-by-case basis. student should not result in an automatic transfer to another school.
However, transfers should be considered and/or granted when it
Access to Information
would be in the students best interest to be in a different social
Schools should endeavor to include in their libraries or health offices
environment or when a transfer is necessary for the protection or per-
(or other appropriate locations) books, pamphlets and/or other
sonal welfare of the student. In such cases, the decision to transfer a
materials that provide accurate information about gender identity
student should be made in close consultation with the student and
issues and related matters. Students should be permitted to access
the students parent(s) or guardian(s) in order to determine whether a
these materials confidentially and, if possible, anonymously.
transfer is in the best interest of the student.
Schools must take effective steps to provide transgender and
gender-nonconforming students with a safe school environment.
This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that any incident of
discrimination, harassment or violence is promptly investigated and
all appropriate corrective actions are taken.

Complaints alleging discrimination or harassment based on some-

ones actual or perceived sex, gender identity and/or gender expres-
sion are to be handled in the same manner as other discrimination
or harassment complaints. School authorities may not discipline
students or pressure them to alter their gender expression because
other students react to that expression in a disruptive manner.

32 lambda legal Bending the Mold: An action kit for transgender students
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