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Determining Personality Types Session #4
Due 9/14

After completing this session, you will have 3 documents to submit.

Based on the ideas of Carl Jung and Elizabeth Myers-Briggs, David Kiersey created a
questionnaire that divides people into 16 basic temperaments. Although no two
people are alike and every individual has a unique set of characteristics that make up
his personality, people belonging to one temperament group will tend to act and
think more alike than people in other groups.

Some of the benefits of this personality typing include: a better understanding of

work and personal relationships, an opportunity to develop a more objective view of
other peoples personalities, and a chance to excel in ways that complement ones
natural abilities. People tend to have the most satisfaction in careers where they can
express and use their preferences.

You have already taken one personality test. You will now take a second and use the
information that you receive from participating in those two personality tests to
shape your responses in the career inventory and the journal prompts.

Follow the instructions for each step of the process.

1. Take the 70-question personality quiz on http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-


2. Copy your results page (should be 4 letters with percentages) and paste it
into a your website

3. Copy the descriptions of your personality type and paste them into your
website. Click on the links just below the resultsone is by D. Deirsey and the
other is by J. Butt and M.M. Heiss.

4. List your top 3-5 dream jobs and do some research. Salary? Skills necessary?

Psychologist- $70,700
Teacher- $58,260
Accountant- $47,563

5. Complete the career inventory on the following page based on research on

one of the careers that you listed above and your results from the two
personality tests that you completed. Post the completed document on your
Name Yotam Ben-Bassat Personality Code (4 letter

Career #1: Psychologist

Job description:
A professional who evaluates the studies behavior and mental processes.

Aptitudes necessary for the job:

Love of people
Great at helping

Skills necessary for the job:

Educational requirements:
Bachelors Degree

Unusual aspects of this career:

Crazy people

Top schools for study of this field:


Job market forecast for the next 5 -10 years:

Pretty good for sports psychologists and clinical psychologists

Starting salary/ advancement possibilities:

$39,200 Starting Salary

Top 5% earns around $250,000

Advantages to this career:

You get to help people.

Disadvantages of this career:

Can be very stressful

How does particular career support your personality/interest survey?

Being extroverted helps with speaking to new people and getting them to open up.
6. Write a brief journal-style reflection (about 4 paragraphs) on these questions
and this process. Be sure to answer the following questions with specifics as
part of your journal:

Do you think your results are accurate? Why or why not?

How does your personality type influence your relationship with family,
friends, teachers?
How does your personality type influence your educational experiences?
How does your personality type influence your career choices?

The results I found on psychology careers are factual and accurate because
they came from reliable sources. They all had a work cited to prove their research
and had credible authors. My personality type allows me to clearly communicate
with my family. When with friends in group settings, I can be outgoing and have
fun and feel in my element. I am not afraid to speak with teachers when I do not
understand a concept.

When in school, being extraverted helps in many ways. It makes it easier

to ask questions in class and allows for good communication during group
projects and assignments. Also, presentations are seen as a way to express ones
self instead of something to get out of the way. For me, I would lean towards
careers that are more creativity based or something that has a social aspect to it.
Examples of this include teaching, psychology, and many others.