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Full Circle


ISSUE #1 1 8 - February 201 7
Photo: Kazuky Akayashi (Flickr)

full circle magazine #1 1 8 1
Fu ll Ci rcle M a g a zi n e i s n e i th e r a ffi li a te d wi th , n o r e n d o rse d b y, Ca n o n i ca l Ltd . contents ^

p.1 8
Full Circle
Linux News p.04

Keep Linux Trim p.20 Command & Conquer p.1 6 Chrome Cult p.33 p.XX

Program Ubuntu Touch p.23 Linux Labs: Digital Video p.36 Linux Labs: rClone p.38 My Story p.42

Kdenlive p.31 Book Review p.40 Letters p.XX KODI Room p.XX

Inkscape p.27 Q&A p.44 Interview p.XX Ubuntu Games p.46

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A s ever, we have Python, Inkscape, Kdenlive part 2, and a couple of reviews. This month also
marks the start of a new series. This one is on programming for Ubuntu Touch. The series will
cover a wide range of topics and I'm assured, by the author, that the series will take into account
future Ubuntu Touch releases which may include Snaps and the like. Another interesting HowTo
this month is one on keeping your Linux install slim and trim. As it says in the article: just be wary
before running any software, or command, that is deleting things.
Last month I came across rclone and a nice GUI for it. So, I thought I'd write an article about it.
Basically, rclone (and the GUI) helps you move files from cloud host to cloud host. So, for
example, you could have rclone copy files from your Google Drive to your Dropbox. You can also Find Full Circle on:
use it to upload, and download, files to various cloud hosts. It's a bit fiddly to set up since adding goo.gl/FRTMl
hosts has to be done in the terminal, but thankfully it's quite easy.
Only two more issues and Full Circle will be ten years old. Speaking of which: the a poll I made magazine
is still up. Which I hope you'll fill in. It's located at: https://goo.gl/Q8Jm4S. I'm interested in what twitter.com/#!/fullcirclemag
you like/dislike about FCM. I'll publish the results in FCM#1 20. The big tenth anniversary issue. http://issuu.com/fullcircle
All the best, and keep in touch! http://www.magzter.com/
ronnie@fullcirclemagazine.org publishers/Full-Circle
Weekly News:

full circle magazine #1 1 8 3 contents ^

Submitted by Arnfried Walbrecht

ALPINE LINUX 3.5.1 cURL 7.52.1 , FFmpeg 2.8.1 0, ssh-

getkey-ldap 0.1 .2, Ruby 2.1 with a
month, the Linux Mint developers
had to wait a little longer to
RELEASED WITH LINUX fix for a libressl error, LDoc 1 .4.6, publish the Beta version of Linux
KERNEL 4.4.45 LTS, N EW aconf 0.6.3, python2-tkinter 2.7.1 3, Mint 1 8.1 "Serena" KDE because
SECURITY U PDATES mkinitfs 3.0.9 with support for
decrypting apkovl, Docker 1 .1 2.6,
they wanted to offer users access
to the latest KDE Plasma 5.8 LTS
FCM POLL A nnounced a little over a
month ago, Alpine Linux 3.5 is
and Samba 4.5.4.
The libxpm 3.5.1 2, BIND 9.1 0.4-P5,
desktop environment from the
Kubuntu Backports PPA.

I a major release sporting support Irssi 0.8.21 , libgit2 0.24.6,

've set up a poll which I for the ZFS file system as root, phpMyAdmin, MariaDB So basically, Xfce users had to wait
hope you'll fill in. It's support for the AArch64 (ARM64) 1 0.1 .21 , Firejail, Opus-tools for the KDE edition to be finished
located at: hardware architecture, improved 0.1 .1 0, eudev 3.2.1 , PCSC-Lite before they were able to download
https://goo.gl/Q8Jm4S. Python 3 support, replacement of 1 .8.20, and Quagga 1 .1 .1 packages and install the new version on their
OpenSSL libs with LibreSSL, as well are also pre-installed in this first PCs. Both editions benefit from the
We're interested in what as support for the OCaml, R, and maintenance update to the major same long-term support services as
you like/dislike about FCM. JRuby programming languages. Alpine Linux 3.5 series. the main Cinnamon and MATE
What I can change/add, and editions released last year.
anything else you want to The Alpine Linux 3.5 series is based Source:
add. on the musl 3.5 libc library branch, http://news.softpedia.com/news/al Based on the Ubuntu 1 6.04 LTS
and today's first bugfix release pine-linux-3-5-1 -released-with- (Xenial Xerus) operating system,
We'll publish the results in upgrades the long-term supported linux-kernel-4-4-45-lts-new- both the Xfce and KDE editions are
a future issue. Linux 4.4 packages to the recently security-updates-51 231 7.shtml powered by the long-term
released Linux 4.4.45 LTS kernel. Of supported Linux 4.4 kernel, along
LINK: https://goo.gl/Q8Jm4S course, it also includes all the LINUX M INT 1 8.1 "SERENA" with linux-firmware 1 .1 57.5, and
include pretty much the same
latest security updates and various
other under-the-hood
XFCE AND KDE EDITIONS internals as their bigger brothers.
improvements. ARE O FFICIALLY O UT, Of course, the Xfce flavor uses the
D OWNLOAD N OW latest Xfce 4.1 2 desktop
environment with the Whisker

Among the updated packages
shipped with Alpine Linux 3.5.1 , we hile the Xfce flavor entered Menu 1 .6.2.
can mention both the PHP 7.0.1 5 Beta testing earlier this
and 5.6.30 branches, H2O 2.0.5, Linux Mint 1 8.1 Xfce Edition also
full circle magazine #1 1 8 4 contents ^
includes all in-house built Some smaller Linux-based faster than anything else on the Source:
applications that the Linux Mint operating systems are still worthy market. http://news.softpedia.com/news/c
developers are creating as part of of attention, however, and one anonical-announces-lxd-2-8-pure-
their XApps project, such as Xed such distro is Bodhi. Based on LXD 2.8 comes approximately one container-hypervisor-for-ubuntu-
text editor, which sports a new Ubuntu, the lightweight OS is very month after the previous 1 6-04-and-1 4-04-51 2279.shtml
search bar and various UI unique thanks to the Moksha maintenance update, and while it's
improvements, Xplayer video desktop environment. Because of mostly a bugfix release that
player with monitor blanking its familiarity, that DE makes Bodhi patches a total of 45 issues M OZILLA FIREFOX 51 .0.1
functionality, as well as Xviewer a smart choice for Windows users reported by users lately, it includes AND THUNDERBIRD 45.7
image viewer and Xreader
document reader.
looking to switch to Linux. Today,
Bodhi reaches version 4.1 .0.
a bunch of interesting
improvements and new additions,
such as the ability to use Weblate U BUNTU OSES
Source: While this update isn't chock full of for its translations.
http://news.softpedia.com/news/li major changes, the bug fixes alone anonical released both Mozilla
nux-mint-1 8-1 -serena-xfce-and- are worth the upgrade. The new It also implements proper Firefox 51 .0.1 and Thunderbird
kde-editions-are-officially-out- theme might only be superficial, reporting of virtual LAN (VLAN) 45.7.0 to the stable channels of
download-now-51 231 5.shtml but I think it looks quite sharp. device types to the API Ubuntu 1 2.04 LTS (Precise
(Application Programming Pangolin), Ubuntu 1 4.04 LTS
(Trusty Tahr), Ubuntu 1 6.04 LTS
B ODHI LINUX 4.1 .0 Source: Interface) and client, allows
https://betanews.com/201 7/01 /27 unprivileged users to run the (Xenial Xerus), and Ubuntu 1 6.1 0
U BUNTU -BASED DISTRO NOW /bodhi-linux-4-1 -0-ubuntu/ dnsmasq instance that LXD uses to (Yakkety Yak), allowing users to
AVAILABLE WITH UPDATED manage bridges, and adds support enjoy the latest new features and
security improvements that landed
KERNEL AND NEW THEME CANONICAL ANNOUNCES for the client to display the date
when an LXC image was last used. in these updates.
T here are so many Linux
distributions nowadays, that it
can be hard to be excited by them.
1 6.04 AND 1 4.04
LXD 2.8 also makes exec sessions
that are killed by a signal to report
the respective signal number as
Mozilla Firefox 51 .0 already
received its first minor security
update, versioned 51 .0.1 , which

Linux Mint, for example, releases made the multiprocess
too many versions of its operating anonical announced the part of their exit code and delivers
an initial rewrite of the Go client incompatibility to correctly
system; news of an update can availability of the LXD 2.8 register with various add-ons, as
become rather ho-hum. Major pure-container hypervisor API, which contains a brand-new
well as to fix geolocation support
Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu designed from the ground up to let API module with all REST API on Windows systems.
and Fedora, remain exciting, users run unmodified Linux-based definitions. Check out the
however. operating systems and apps with changelog attached below for
details about all the bugs fixed in On the other hand, the Mozilla
virtual machine-style operations Thunderbird 45.7.0 email and news
this release.
full circle magazine #1 1 8 5 contents ^
client is a bugfix and security Collabora's Emil Velikov, has stored on their server.
release that attempts to improve already hit the xenial-proposed LINUX DEVICES WITH
the message preview pane with and yakkety-proposed channels of STANDARD SETTINGS Based on its pattern, researchers
support for renaming or moving of the Ubuntu 1 6.04.1 LTS (Xenial INFECTED BY noted that Linux.Proxy.1 0 takes
IMAP folders, and fixes the "Move Xerus) and Ubuntu 1 6.1 0 (Yakkety over those devices which are
To" button on the "Search Yak) operating systems. LINUX.PROXY.1 0 MALWARE already infected with another

Messages" panel. malware or have standard settings.
So if you have the proposed he Linux operating system was The Linux.Proxy1 0 also comes with
In Thunderbird 45.7, Mozilla's repository (pre-release updates) once known to be the most BackDoor.TeamViewer, a Spy-
developers also made it possible enabled on your Ubuntu PC, you secure OS in the world, but things Agent administrator panel and a
for the built-in Calendar to accept could update to Mesa 1 2.0.6 right have changed since security build of Windows malware from a
or decline email invitations from now by enabling proposed updates researchers have found malware known family of Trojan spyware.
email messages that are being in Software & Updates. However, like Mirai and Bashlite infecting
stored in the same folder, as well Mesa 1 2.0.6 being the last in the Linux-devices turning them into Source:
as to finally display recipients for series, it's recommended that you DDoS botnets. Now, another https://www.hackread.com/new-
emails sent to "undisclosed move to the Mesa 1 3 branch from a malware has been discovered linux-malware-linux-proxy-1 0/
recipients," which was broken stable third-party PPA, such as targeting Linux.
since Thunderbird 38. Padoka Stable Mesa.
Dubbed Linux.Proxy.1 0 by U BUNTU 1 7.04 ZESTY
Source: With that in mind, and considering researchers at Dr. Web; the ZAPUS ALPHA 2 RELEASED,
http://news.softpedia.com/news/ the fact that Canonical will release malware has been developed to ISO AND TORRENT FILES
mozilla-firefox-51 -0-1 -and- the second Ubuntu 1 6.04 LTS point run Socket Secure (SOCKS), an AVAILABLE
thunderbird-45-7-land-in-all- release in only three days, it would Internet protocol that routes
51 2335.shtml
appear that Xenial users will stick network packets between a client
with Mesa 1 2.0.6 after all and not a and server through a proxy server
recent Mesa 1 3 version as initially by freeware source code of the
Satanic Socks Server.
Y ou might be knowing that
Ubuntu 1 7.04 Alpha 1 was
scheduled to arrive on December
M ESA 1 2.0.6 H ITS THE believed. But, it looks like users
will get newer Mesa builds soon
29. But, as the developers were
U BUNTU 1 6.04 LTS AND after the launch of Ubuntu 1 6.04.2 According to Dr. Webs blog post,
busy due to the Christmas and
New Year holidays, they canceled
U BUNTU 1 6.1 0 PROPOSED LTS. To distribute Linux.Proxy.1 0,
cybercriminals log into the the first Alpha and planned to
REPOSITORIES Source: vulnerable devices via the SSH release the next Alpha.

I t would appear that Mesa 1 2.0.6

3D Graphics Library, which was
announced last week by
http://news.softpedia.com/news/ protocol, and at the same time the
mesa-1 2-0-6-hits-the-ubuntu-1 6- list of devices, as well as the logins
04-lts-and-ubuntu-1 6-1 0-proposed- and passwords (IP address: login:
repositories-51 2358.shtml password) that go with them, are
Now, Canonical has released the
second and final Alpha of Ubuntu
1 7.04 Zesty Zapus. You might find
full circle magazine #1 1 8 6 contents ^
the naming a little absurd as its System76's fastest Ibex Pro companies looking to implement Zesty Zapus release, a new
just the first Alpha. Well, this is with Ubuntu Server 1 6.1 0 packs machine learning for tasks like approach will be needed.
how things are. some crazy horsepower with Intel's speech and image recognition.
latest 22-core Xeon E5 v4 chips and Beyond just the somewhat trivial
For the Ubuntu 1 7.04 Alpha 2 eight Nvidia Tesla P1 00 graphics Source: nature of what the Ubuntu 1 7.1 0
release, the participating flavors processors. http://www.pcworld.com/article/3 release will be named,
are Lubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, 1 6301 9/computers/meet-the- Shuttleworth also provided some
Ubuntu GNOME, Kubuntu, Ubuntu It's got the same number of GPUs 1 1 4725-ubuntu-server-with-eight- direction on how the Ubuntu Linux
Kylin, and Ubuntu Budgie. Notably, as Nvidia's superfast DGX-1 , which nvidia-tesla-p1 00-gpus.html distribution will evolve and
this release marks the first Budgie is being used for deep learning. progress over the course of 201 7.
testing snapshot after it became
an official Ubuntu flavor.
System76 is targeting the Ibex Pro A LOOK AT WHAT' S N EXT One area where he expects Ubuntu
to continue to grow is with the
-- which is a rack server -- at the FOR U BUNTU LINUX IN 201 7 emerging internet of things (IoT)
same market as the DGX-1 . The

Ubuntu 1 7.04 comes loaded with server has fewer, but newer, CPUs, world.
many software updates that are ark Shuttleworth's company
compared to the DGX-1 . Canonical has been
ready for testing. Also, these Ubuntu Core is a version of Ubuntu
builds are powered by Linux kernel developing Ubuntu Linux for more that has been optimized for small
An entry-level Ibex Pro priced at than a decade, with two new major
4.9. US $9,575 will run Ubuntu Server form factor and embedded device
milestone releases debuting every deployments, while Snappy is an
1 6.1 0, with a six-core Intel Xeon E5- year. In 201 7, the first release will
Specifically, Ubuntu GNOME 1 7.04 2603v4 chip, 1 6GB of memory, a open-source packaging approach
Alpha 2 ships with GNOME 3.22 be Ubuntu 1 7.04, codenamed the that helps to enable rapid updates.
Tesla K40 GPU, and 250GB of 'Zesty Zapus' set to debut in April.
and Ubuntu Budgie 1 7.04 ships storage. The security elements of IoT are a
with Budgie 1 0.2.9. The big question that Ubuntu Linux primary concern to Shuttleworth
fans have though is what the and it's an area where he sees
A fully loaded system is priced at Ubuntu 1 7.1 0 release will be
Source: $1 1 4,725, and will come with two Snappy playing a role in keeping
https://fossbytes.com/ubuntu-1 7- called, when it is released in devices and users safe.
22-core Xeon E5-2699v4 CPUs, October.
04-alpha-2/ 1 .5TB of DDR4 DRAM, eight Tesla
P1 00 GPUs, 2TB of NVMe-based The other area that Ubuntu
In a video interview, Shuttleworth
M EET THE $1 1 4,725 SSD storage, and an additional provides some insight into how he
continues to work on is its LXD
hypervisor for enabling increased
U BUNTU SERVER WITH EIGHT 32TB of SSD storage. will handle naming for Ubuntu, container density and security. The
N VIDIA TESLA P1 00 GPU S after the 1 7.04 release and the end
System76 has made its name as an of the alphabet with the letter Z. LXD effort was first announced in

Ubuntu PC maker, but the Ibex Pro Ubuntu has been following a November 201 4 and has been
he Ibex Pro is one is one of its handful of Ubuntu steadily improving ever since.
supercharged machine that logical alphabetical progression for
servers. The server is targeted at code names and with the 1 7.04
will probably hurt your electric bill.
full circle magazine #1 1 8 7 contents ^
However, encfs is executed with
the -S switch which means it's
system for the 32-bit (i386)
hardware architecture.
-apps/a-look-at-whats-next-for- supposed to read the password I NCLUDES O PEN SSL FIXES
ubuntu-linux-in-201 7.html


from stdin without a prompt.
Previously, encfs was bugged and
didn't quite do this. A bugfix
corrected its operation to match its
If some of the most popular
GNU/Linux distributions have
started dropping support for 32-bit
(i686/x86) installations or plan to
U buntu users are being urged
to update their operating
systems to address a handful of
LINUX ENCRYPTION APP documentation which made it do so in the near future, many are recently patched OpenSSL
CRYPTKEEPER HAS incompatible with Cryptkeeper's still installable on older computers vulnerabilities which affect Ubuntu
and its derivatives.
UNIVERSAL PASSWORD : ' P' assumptions. from 1 0 years ago.

L So that's why Cryptkeeper sets all CentOS 7.3 (1 61 1 ) is the latest Developers with Canonical, the
inux encryption app company that oversees the Linux
Cryptkeeper has a bug that its directory passwords to "p": addition to the list of 32-bit
encfs was updated and that broke supported Linux-based operating distribution, announced the
causes it to use a single-letter updates on Tuesday, encouraging
universal decryption password: "p". Cryptkeeper's interface. systems, thanks to a group of hard
Debian developer Simon McVittie working people from the CentOS users to install the latest OpenSSL
package versions depending on
The flawed version is in Debian has recommended the app be AltArch SIG initiative trying to
which distribution theyre running.
9 (Stretch), currently in testing, but pulled from the Linux distro create alternative architecture
not in Debian 8 (Jessie). The bug entirely. support for CentOS Linux.
The updates resolve several of the
appears to be a result of a bad vulnerabilities fixed by the
interaction with the encfs Source: The good news, however, is that
https://www.theregister.co.uk/201 today's release of CentOS 7.3 cryptographic library OpenSSL last
encrypted filesystem's command Thursday.
line interface: Cryptkeeper invokes 7/01 /31 /cryptkeeper_cooked/ (1 61 1 ) Linux distro for 32-bit
encfs and attempts to enter hardware architectures also comes
The update also fixes an issue in
paranoia mode with a simulated 'p' CENTOS 7.3 (1 61 1 ) LINUX with a couple of Live ISO images
which OpenSSL used undefined
bundled with the GNOME and KDE
keypress instead, it sets
passwords for folders to just that
D ISTRO N OW AVAILABLE desktop environments.- behavior when performing pointer
letter. FOR 32-B IT (I 386) arithmetic, and another in which it
incorrect handled certain warning
http://news.softpedia.com/news/c alerts. A remote attacker could

Cryptkeeper's developer appears exploit both vulnerabilities and
to have abandoned the project. entOS developer and entos-7-3-1 61 1 -linux-distro-now-
available-for-32-bit-i386- cause a denial of service, according
Luckily, it's not used by that many maintainer Johnny Hughes to Ubuntus advisory.
people although it makes the bug announced the immediate architectures-51 2400.shtml
no less tragically hilarious. availability of the latest CentOS 7.3
(1 61 1 ) GNU/Linux operating
full circle magazine #1 1 8 8 contents ^
snap.yaml is desktop free,
implements proper error colors for
to adoption of the OS. After all,
taking a perfectly good PC, nuking
ARCH LINUX 201 7.02.01
ubuntu-update-includes-openssl- login failures to the Snappy Store, Windows, and replacing it with an AVAILABLE FOR D OWNLOAD
fixes/1 2351 3/ fixes sso_host for developer single unfamiliar OS can seem a lot like LAST ISO RELEASE WITH
sign-on (SSO), adds support for performing open-heart surgery to 32-BIT SUPPORT
CANONICAL RELEASES gradle and gradlew to the Gradle an inexperienced user. When you
plugin, and introduces the use of
an XDG directory for sources.
take into account that there are
precious few laptops with Linux
preinstalled, its no wonder that
T he Arch Linux devs have rolled
out their freshly baked Arch
Linux 201 7.02.01 ISO images. This
1 6.04 LTS, 1 6.1 0 Among other noteworthy features desktop Linux adoption numbers
implemented in the Snapcraft 2.26 are so grim. (There are other
release is an important one as its
the last ISO shipping with the
S nappy is Canonical's
application sandboxing and
release, we can mention support reasons too, but I wont go into
for adding Ubuntu users to sudoers those here.)
distribution framework and Snap is on every ADT platform for tests,
support for 32-bit architecture.
After this, future releases will only
run on 64-bit machines. Powered
a universal binary format designed multi-arch support for stage One of the few laptops to come by Linux kernel 4.9.6, the users can
to allow devs to distribute their packages, the ability to preserve correct with a Linux OS is Dells grab the images from Archs
apps across multiple Linux-based symlinks to directories for sources, XPS 1 3 Developer Edition. I got a download page. The existing users
operating systems without having and support for the Python plugin chance to benchmark the 201 5 have the option to perform an
to create a special package for to download all required packages model a few months ago, and upgrade by running a single
each distro. Snapcraft is the tool to with a single command. really enjoyed playing with the command.
build the Snap packages. little ultrabook. Physically, its
Source: virtually identical to the consumer Arch Linux is famous for being a
The latest version, Snapcraft 2.26, http://news.softpedia.com/news/c version of the XPS 1 3, only it came highly customizable Linux
comes approximately two weeks anonical-releases-snapcraft-2-26- loaded with Ubuntu 1 4.04. Flash distribution. The die-hard Linux
after the release of version 2.25 snap-creator-tool-with-gui-support- forward, and Dell has updated its fans love it. Also, its a well-
and promises to introduce a bunch in-snaps-51 2453.shtml Developer Edition with Intels Kaby established fact that installing
of new features, such as support Lake CPU and Ubuntu 1 6.04. I have Arch Linux needs more time and
for GUI (Graphical User Interface) THE NEW D ELL XPS 1 3 to say, theres not much to dislike
about the revamp.
commitment, as compared to
in Snaps, a new plugin directory
location, support for
D EVELOPER EDITION IS THE other beginner-friendly Linux
distros. However, this feature,
snapcraft.yaml in a Snap directory, LITTLE LINUX LAPTOP THAT Source: surprisingly, makes it a
as well as support for go-packages. CAN http://www.pcworld.com/article/3 recommended Linux distro for a
1 61 861 /linux/the-new-dell-xps-1 3-

beginner user. Well, thats the
Snapcraft 2.26 also removes the nstalling Linux on a laptop is one developer-edition-is-the-little- beauty of Linux where learning is
snapd "submodule," makes sure of the biggest stumbling blocks linux-laptop-that-can.html an integral part of the experience.
full circle magazine #1 1 8 9 contents ^
Source: this avoids conflicts with semi-finished Teres 1 laptop for derivatives, such as Kubuntu,
https://fossbytes.com/arch-linux- applications/software that 224 ($240), which is shipped as a Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu MATE,
201 7-02-01 -released-feature- depends on the platform kit that buyers assemble Ubuntu GNOME, Ubuntu Kylin,
download/ unixODBC Driver Manager. themselves. Ubuntu Studio, Edubuntu, or
Mythbuntu, are affected by the
Source: If buyers follow the instructions following issue.
https://mspoweruser.com/odbc- correctly, they should end up with
ODBC D RIVER 1 3.1 FOR driver-1 3-1 -linux-mac-released/ a 980gm (2.1 6lb) laptop featuring a Affecting only the Ubuntu 1 2.04
LINUX AND M AC RELEASED quad-core Allwinner A64 64-bit LTS and Ubuntu 1 4.04 LTS releases,

Ciortex-A53 processor, an 1 1 .6-inchthere's a security flaw documented
icrosoft announced the
release of ODBC Driver 1 3.1
DIY LINUX LAPTOP: B UILD LCD screen, 4GB flash storage, Wi-
Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a
as CVE-201 6-9555 and discovered
by Andrey Konovalov in Linux
for Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat and YOUR OWN FOR $240 WITH camera, and 7,000mAh battery. kernel's SCTP implementation,
SUSE) which enables access to SQL FULLY OPEN SOURCE O LIMEX which made it to improperly
Server, Azure SQL Database and
Azure SQL DW from any C/C++
TERES I Source: handle validation of incoming data,
http://www.zdnet.com/article/diy- allowing a remote attacker to
application on Linux.
New features are the BCP API
B ulgarian open-source
hardware outfit Olimex has
released the final designs and
linux-laptop-build-your-own-for- crash the affected system via a
240-with-fully-open-source-olimex- denial of service.
Additionally, Ubuntu 1 2.04 LTS is
Support where you can use components for DIY fans to build
functions through the ODBC driver their own modular Linux laptop. affected by multiple memory leaks
on Linux. There is support for user
defined KeyStoreProvider for
I MPORTANT KERNEL (CVE-201 6-9685) in the XFS file
system support, which could allow
Always Encrypted,
Buyers have two choices for their
machine. Devoted DIY builders can
U PDATES PATCH 7 a local attacker to cause a denial of
download Olimex's CAD files for VULNERABILITIES IN ALL service. Users are urged to update
so you can now user building the Teres I on its GitHub
defined/created AE Column Master page, which offer schematics for
SUPPORTED U BUNTU OSES their systems as soon as possible
to linux-image-3.2.0-1 21 .1 64 for
Key keystore providers. New
Ubuntu 1 6.1 0 support with a
package developed for Ubuntu
hardware components such as
printed circuit boards (PCB),
keyboard and so forth, as well as
I n the new Ubuntu Security
fact that the Ubuntu 1 2.04 LTS
Ubuntu 1 2.04 LTS or linux-image-
Notices, the company notes the 3.1 3.0-1 08.1 55~precise1 for
Ubuntu 1 2.04.5 LTS, as well as
linux-image-3.1 3.0-1 08.1 55 for
1 6.1 0 to ensure an apt-get install all the Linux software components (Precise Pangolin), Ubuntu 1 4.04
experience. It has also dependency necessary to operate the LTS (Trusty Tahr), Ubuntu 1 6.04 LTS Ubuntu 1 4.04 LTS or linux-image-
on the platform unixODBC Driver hardware. (Xenial Xerus), and Ubuntu 1 6.1 0 4.4.0-62.83~1 4.04.1 for Ubuntu
Manager instead of the custom (Yakkety Yak) distributions, as well 1 4.04.5 LTS.
unixODBC-utf1 6 Driver Manager, The other option is to buy the as all of their officially supported
full circle magazine #1 1 8 10 contents ^
Source: collection of GNOME 3 apps and Source: Stylus tablet support was also
http://news.softpedia.com/news/i tools. http://news.softpedia.com/news/g enhanced in GIMP 2.8.20 so it
mportant-kernel-updates-patch-7- entoo-based-calculate-linux-1 7-os- works correctly when crossing the
vulnerabilities-in-all-supported- Taking a closer look under the now-has-a-cinnamon-spin-and-it- edge of a dock if using the Multi-
ubuntu-oses-51 2591 .shtml hood of the Calculate Linux looks-great-51 2539.shtml Window mode, which is enabled by
Desktop 1 7 Cinnamon edition, we default for the GIMP 2.8 series.
can notice it includes the GIMP 2.8.20 O PEN - Users will also be happy to know
G ENTOO -B ASED CALCULATE Cinnamon 3.2.7 desktop
environment with the Nemo 3.2.0 SOURCE I MAGE EDITOR that toggling of the Color Picker
mode of the Paint tools was made
LINUX 1 7 OS N OW H AS A file manager, Mozilla Firefox 50.1 RELEASED FOR LINUX, more robust.
CINNAMON SPIN , AND I T as default web browser, the MACOS, AND WINDOWS
LOOKS G REAT LibreOffice office suite, Source:

T he Calculate Linux Desktop

Cinnamon (CLDC) flavor has
GIMP 2.8.1 4 image editor, and
Rhythmbox 3.4.1 music player. G IMP 2.8.20 is now the latest
and most advanced version of
the popular and powerful image
been released today at the request The Pidgin 2.1 1 multi-protocol editor that comes pre-installed on and-windows-51 2545.shtml
of many users for the latest instant messenger, Totem (Videos) numerous Linux-based operating
Calculate Linux 1 7 stable series of 3.20.1 video player, Evolution
3.20.5 email, groupware and
systems. It comes approximately U BUNTU LINUX DADDY
the GNU/Linux distribution, which
was announced last year on calendar client, along with various
six and a half months after the
previous point release of the
December 30 with the Xfce, KDE, other common tools from the stable GIMP 2.8 series, namely CARROTS FOR U NITY 8?
and MATE desktop environments, GNOME 3.20 Stack, are also pre- GIMP 2.8.1 8.
as well as three Server editions installed in the new Cinnamon ew year, new Linux or, in the
and a Linux Scratch one. flavor of Calculate Linux 1 7. There are many bug fixes, case of Ubuntu, two. As in
translation updates, and various years past, Canonical's distro gets
Considering the fact that Calculate The developer informs those who other under-the-hood two updates in 201 7 the spring
Linux 1 7 doesn't ship with a want to use the Calculate Linux improvements implemented in the and autumn releases numbered
GNOME flavor, we can't blame fans Desktop 1 7 Cinnamon spin in new GIMP 2.8 version, but those 1 7.04, and 1 7.1 0.
of the Gentoo-based OS for combination with Calculate that caught our attention are
requesting a Cinnamon spin, which Directory Server (CDS) that the better saving to existing .xcf.gz As ever there will be UI and
pretty much resembles the former will inherit all the server and .xcf.bz files without them experience fiddling Zesty Zapus
modern GNOME 3 desktop settings automatically without the being too large, and better sees changes in windows
because it's a fork of it. Of course, need for any kind of system visibility of slider handles when management, the organisation of
Calculate Linux Desktop 1 7 administration-related tasks. using dark themes. applications and a new Mir
Cinnamon features a great abstraction is planned called Miral.

full circle magazine #1 1 8 11 contents ^

What about some really big
changes, like the Unity 8 shell and
regardless of mouse or touch. Put
Ubuntu running Unity 8 on a phone
included in the Kali Linux Official
Documentation. It describes two
Mir itself? and it'll render as a phone, put it general concepts of putting Kali on I MPROVES M ELLANOX,
on a PC and it'll render as a PC, put
a Pi, either using a pre-built RENESAS AND B ROADCOM
Ubuntu 1 6.1 0, October 201 6, it on a tablet and it'll render as ainstallation image, or by creating a E THERNET D RIVERS
marked the seventh stab at a pre- tablet. That's the idea anyway, and custom build. I will stick to the pre-
release version of Unity 8 but no
actual final product.
it was analogous to ideas floating
around Redmond for a single
version of Windows running on
built version for the time being,
but I am sorely tempted to make a
custom build of Kali with the i3
Just like Linux kernel 4.9.8, the
Linux 4.4.47 LTS kernel is here
only two days after its previous
And what an incomplete release it PCs, phones and tablets the same desktop for the Raspberry Pi. point release, in this case Linux
was: not working with proprietary UI and same "experience". One kernel 4.4.46 LTS, and according to
Nvidia and AMD Radeon GPUs or brand, development and runtime. If all goes well with the pre-built the appended shortlog, it's yet
virtualisation software and installation, I am very likely to do another small patch that changes a
suffering poor 3D. Source: that. total of 22 files, with 1 41
https://www.theregister.co.uk/201 insertions and 55 deletions. The
Speaking after 1 6.1 0, Canonical 7/02/06/shuttleworth_unity_8_carr The installation images are patch includes only networking
product manager Richard Collins ots/ available on the Offensive Security improvements, both for core
was reported to have claimed the ARM Images Downloads area, networking and the drivers stack.
next "big target" was "to evolve where you will find custom images
the Unity 8 experience so that it
runs as both a touch and a desktop
K ALI LINUX ON THE not only for the Raspberry Pi, but
for a variety of other ARM SBC
As mentioned before, Linux kernel
experience". RASPBERRY PI : 3, 2, 1 , AND systems (Beaglebone, BananaPi, 4.4.47 LTS is all about networking
changes with various
ZERO etc.) and even ARM-powered improvements to the Mellanox,

All eyes on you then, Zesty Zapus, Chromebooks from HP, Samsung Broadcom, and Renesas Ethernet
in a few months' time. his promises to be great fun! and Acer. The really exciting news drivers (memory leak fixes), the
I'm going to be combining two for me, though, is that there are Broadcom BCM63xx PHY driver,
But what is Unity 8 and why's it a of my favorite things: Kali images not only for the Pi 2/3, but the Realtek RTL81 52/RTL81 53 USB
big deal? GNU/Linux software and various also for the original Pi. Ethernet driver, and a couple of
models of Raspberry Pi hardware. I other USB drivers. On the other
Unity as a name and project began have been looking forward to Source: hand, the networking stack was
life in 201 0 as a new UI for doing this since I first heard that http://www.zdnet.com/article/kali- updated with AX.25, IPv4, IPv6,
desktops and laptops and it arrived there was a Kali Linux installation linux-on-the-raspberry-pi-3-2-1 - Open vSwitch, Bridge, and DSA
swiftly in the following year. image for the Raspberry Pi. and-zero/ (Distributed Switch Architecture)
However, the idea morphed to changes.
offer the same screen and user The general information about Kali
experience on all devices Linux for the Raspberry Pi is
full circle magazine #1 1 8 12 contents ^
You're reading that right, these
updated Fedora 25 Linux ISO
images will save you approximately
675MB of downloaded packages
A s you probably know already,
the Ubuntu Linux developers
discussed last year the removal of
ubuntu-1 7-04-zesty-zapus-
support for 32-bit PowerPC
ethernet-drivers-51 2620.shtml when installing the operating systems, which means that starting longer-be-developed-51 2659.shtml
system on a new computer, as they with Ubuntu 1 7.04 (Zesty Zapus)
U PDATED FEDORA 25 ISO S already include all the latest
updates that have been released in
there won't be any ISO images OPEN SUSE TUMBLEWEED
SHIP WITH LINUX KERNEL the official software repositories
available to let you install Ubuntu
or any of the official flavors on the
4.9.6, LATEST SECURITY until February 2, 201 7, when these PowerPC (PPC) 32-bit architecture. GCC 6.3.1 , WINE 2.1 , AND
At the moment, Ubuntu MATE and
n the good tradition of these Therefore, if you want to deploy Lubuntu appear to be the only f you're using the openSUSE
updated Fedora Live ISOs, which Fedora 25 on a new PC, we official flavors to offer PowerPC Tumbleweed operating system
are now built using the new recommend downloading the F25- install mediums, but it looks like on your personal computer, we'd
Livemedia Creator utility that's 201 70202 (link above) ISO image the Lubuntu team will stop like to inform you today about the
included by default in all the with your favorite desktop developing them after the Feature latest software updates that
official images of the GNU/Linux environment. They are exactly like Freeze development stage of arrived in the distro's repositories
operating system sponsored by the official ISOs, so all you have to Lubuntu 1 7.04, which starts next during last week and the first days
Red Hat, the recently released F25- do is to write them on a USB flash week on February 1 6, 201 7. of this one.
201 70202 Live ISOs ship with a drive that you'll have to insert on
new kernel and all the latest your computer to boot from and According to Simon Quigley, it According to openSUSE's Douglas
security patches. install the OS. looks like the Lubuntu PowerPC DeMaio latest report, it would
daily build ISO image will be appear that a total of six snapshots
Linux kernel 4.9.6 powers all these Source: removed from the main server on have been published since last
updated Fedora 25 Live ISO http://news.softpedia.com/news/u February 1 3, 201 7, and new ones time we told you what goodies
images, which are offered with all pdated-fedora-25-isos-ship-with- will no longer be made available to arrived for Tumbleweed, and they
the officially supported desktop linux-kernel-4-9-6-latest-security- download. Therefore, if you still brought even more of the latest
environments, including GNOME patches-51 2656.shtml want to install Lubuntu on older GNU/Linux and Open Source
(Fedora 25 Workstation), KDE, PowerPC 32-bit systems, which is technologies.
Xfce, Cinnamon, MATE Compiz, LUBUNTU 1 7.04 (ZESTY NOT recommended because it
LXDE, as well as SoaS (Sugar on a
Stick), for 64-bit (x86_64)
ZAPUS) POWERPC D AILY won't be supported, you can still
download the ISOs.
For example, the operating system
is now powered by Linux kernel
architectures. B UILD ISO S TO N O LONGER 4.9.7, and users have also received
B E PRODUCED the latest NetworkManager 1 .6.0,
full circle magazine #1 1 8 13 contents ^
NetworkManager-applet 1 .4.4, shortlog, the new patch changes a Source:
GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) total of 50 files, with 1 59 ESCUELAS LINUX 5.1 http://news.softpedia.com/news/e
6.3.1 , Mercurial 4.1 , Wine 2.1 , insertions and 351 deletions. O FFICIALLY RELEASED WITH scuelas-linux-5-1 -officially-
Epiphany 3.22.6, Krita 3.1 .2.1 ,
Snapper 0.4.3, GStreamer 1 .1 0.3, It brings an updated networking
LIBREO FFICE 5.3 AND released-with-libreoffice-5-3-and-
vivaldi-browser-51 2801 .shtml
as well as Vulkan 1 .0.39.1 . stack with Bluetooth, Bridge, IPv4, VIVALDI B ROWSER
IPv6, CAIF, and Netfilter
It also looks like there's the new improvements, a couple of x86 s the Escuelas Linux
VirtualBox 5.1 .1 4 update that adds fixes, and a bunch of updated USB, developers have explained, O PEN -SOURCE M ULTIMEDIA
support for the latest Release SCSI, ATA, media, GPU, ATM, HID, Escuelas Linux 5.1 ships with so
many changes that it's hard to list
Candidate of the Linux 4.1 0 kernel,
and cups-filters 1 .1 3.3, fprintd
MTD, SPI, and networking
(Ethernet and Wireless) drivers. them all in a single story. However, D OWNLOAD
0.7.0, xauth 1 .0.1 0, xconsole 1 .0.7,
xkeyboard-config 2.20, hxtools
201 701 1 4, isl 0.1 8, libpinyin 1 .7.0,
sgml-skel 0.7.1 , and many YaST2
Of course, this being the last
we think that the best new feature
of this major update is the ability
maintenance update in the series, for users to customize the Escuelas
you are urged to move to a newer Linux desktop as they see fit. The
F Fmpeg 3.2.4 is the fourth
update to the FFmpeg 3.2
"Hypatia" stable series, and it's
here to address a total of five
packages have landed as well. LTS branch, such as Linux kernel 4.9 default desktop environment reported bugs, including the
or 4.4, which are far more secure remains the lightweight
Enlightenment ported from the clearing of ref_counts on
Source: and performant than Linux 3.1 8 redundant slices for h264_slice, a
http://news.softpedia.com/news/o was. Bodhi Linux distribution.
heap allocation wrap in both
pensuse-tumbleweed-users-get- mov_read_uuid and
linux-4-9-7-gcc-6-3-1 -wine-2-1 -and- But Linux 3.1 8 appears to be used Escuelas Linux 5.1 comes with
many of the latest open source mov_read_hdlr, a logic error
new-vulkan-51 2779.shtml by Google and other vendors on a pictordec, and setup of codecpar in
bunch of Android-powered applications, including but not
limited to the LibreOffice 5.3, add_codec().
LINUX KERNEL 3.1 8 devices, and even some
Chromebooks use Linux kernel FreeOffice 201 6 and OnlyOffice
REACHES END OF LIFE, 3.1 8 on Chrome OS, If you still office suites, Rosa Media Player, The new version also includes the
libavutil 55.34.1 00, libavcodec
U SERS U RGED TO M OVE TO want to use the Linux 3.1 8 kernel, LibreCAD CAD application,
Openshot video editor, Minetest 57.64.1 01 , libavformat 57.56.1 00,
LINUX 4.9 OR 4.4 at least please upgrade to version
3.1 8.48 as soon as possible. Minecraft game, LiveCode cross- libavdevice 57.1 .1 00, libavfilter

L platform rapid app development 6.65.1 00, libavresample 3.1 .0,

inux kernel 3.1 8.48 LTS is here runtime environment, as well as libswscale 4.2.1 00, libswresample
and is the last in the series, Source: 2.3.1 00, and libpostproc 54.1 .1 00
http://news.softpedia.com/news/li GeoGebra free dynamic
which was marked for a January mathematics software. library versions. As usual, you
201 7 extinction since mid-April last nux-kernel-3-1 8-reaches-end-of- should check out the full Git
year. According to the appended life-users-urged-to-move-to-linux- changelog for all the technical
4-9-or-4-4-51 2755.shtml
full circle magazine #1 1 8 14 contents ^
details about the changes. whether it be legacy, container orIf you've read our previous report,
some combination of the two, he you know that we provided users
Source: added. with detailed instructions on how
http://linux.softpedia.com/blog/ff to upgrade their Mesa graphics
mpeg-3-2-4-hypatia-open-source- Windows protection tends to focus stack from version 1 2.0.6 to 1 3.0.4,
multimedia-framework-available- on "find the bad executable," but it now looks like Canonical's The Ubuntu Podcast covers all
for-download-51 2839.shtml which makes sense in that Timo Aaltonen has prepared a PPA the latest news and issues facing
environment because bad (Personal Package Archive) for Ubuntu Linux users and Free
CAPSULE8 LAUNCHES executables are ubiquitous in an
attack, noted Capsule8's Viega.
Ubuntu 1 6.04 LTS and Ubuntu
1 6.1 0 with Mesa 1 3.0.4.
Software fans in general. The
show appeals to the newest user
LINUX-B ASED CONTAINER and the oldest coder. Our
SECURITY PLATFORM However, that approach doesn't "Mesa 1 3.0.x is not going to be in discussions cover the
work well in a Linux environment,
1 6.04 LTS. And it has only been development of Ubuntu but
C ybersecurity startup Capsule8
this week announced that it
has raised US$2.5 million to launch
so Capsule8 focuses on detecting
and protecting against system
days since it received the 'dated'
1 2.0.6 release as an SRU together
compromise, he told LinuxInsider.
with 1 6.1 0," said Timo Aaltonen,
arent overly technical. We are
lucky enough to have some
great guests on the show, telling
the industry's first container- Hardware Enablement, Field us first hand about the latest
aware, real-time threat protection Source: Expert Squad Team Lead at exciting developments they are
platform designed to protect http://www.technewsworld.com/st Canonical. "That said, 1 3.0.4 is now working on, in a way that we can
legacy and next-generation Linux ory/84297.html available on PPA for both 1 6.04 all understand! We also talk
infrastructures from existing and and 1 6.1 0." about the Ubuntu community
potential attacks. and what it gets up to.
CEO John Viega, CTO Dino Dai Zovi
CANONICAL N OW O FFERS Timo Aaltonen informs those who
are interested in bumping their The show is presented by
and Chief Scientist Brandon M ESA 1 3.0.4 FOR U BUNTU Mesa 3D Graphics Library version members of the UKs Ubuntu
Edwards, all veteran hackers, 1 6.04 LTS AND U BUNTU to the 1 3.0 series that the Linux community. Because it is
cofounded the firm. They raised
seed funding from Bessemer
1 6.1 0 IN A PPA packages are compiled against
LLVM 3.9.1 , which adds various
covered by the Ubuntu Code of
Conduct it is suitable for all.
Venture Partners, as well as
individual investors Shandul Shah
of Index Ventures and ClearSky's
Jay Leek.
As we reported earlier this
Ubuntu 1 6.04.2 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
improvements for AMD Radeon
week, the soon-to-be-released users.
The show is broadcast live every
fortnight on a Tuesday evening
(British time) and is available for
operating system won't ship with
the latest Mesa 1 3.0.x 3D Graphics http://news.softpedia.com/news/c download the following day.
Capsule8 is solving the difficult Library, but with Mesa 1 2.0.6. anonical-now-offers-mesa-1 3-0-4-
problem of providing zero-day for-ubuntu-1 6-04-lts-and-ubuntu- podcast.ubuntu-uk.org
threat protection for Linux, 1 6-1 0-in-a-ppa-51 2853.shtml
full circle magazine #1 1 8 15 contents ^
Written by Lucas Westermann
Ba cku ps
A s anyone who has used a
computer for any period of
time will know - sometimes, things
redundancy for these files, as I can
easily download them again. For
some files that I want a bit of
thanks to the variables). It
essentially skips a few folders that
I dont want backed up, and backs
outlined above. This also includes a
text file in Dropbox listing some
fixes Ive implemented for some
disappear. This can be from a safety for, I copy it to multiple up my home folder to the NAS, bugs my particular setup has dealt
power outage, careless deleting, drives. Theyre irregular, and, as while compressing it. After the with.
or hardware failure. As such, such, not worth automating. backup is complete, old backups
backups are always necessary. are pruned down - daily backups Defaults
There are a number of ways to go Lastly, the backups I call for a week, 4 weekly backups, and
about this, so today I will outline defaults. These are mostly dotfiles 6 monthly backups. This helps to These are files like my
my personal approach, and the (configuration files) that I will re- keep the space requirements configuration for i3, my git
thoughts behind it. use if I ever set up a new computer, down. settings, and some system-wide
or have to reset my computer for files that Ive changed. The script
D ISTINCTIONS some reason. I save these in a git
repository, saved to a private
I focus mainly on the home
folder, as those are the files I want
listed above contains an array of
files and directories. The if
I segment my backups into gitlab repository. The actual safe. I hardly make any changes to statements then check if the file is
three tiers - automatic, manual, copying and committing happens the root filesystem, and the in /etc/ or in my home folder. It
and defaults. Automatic backups through a shell script, which can be important configuration files I then creates a version of the file
are pretty simple - I run Borg once found here: want to keep are covered in my path without the leading slash or
a day at 5pm to create a snapshot http://pastebin.com/1 HUAVGHh defaults backup. the home path. This is then saved
of my system. You can compare it in my repository folder. If the file
to Time Machine on OS X. The Borg E XPLANATIONS Ive never had to restore
anything from Borg, but using borg
ends in a slash - i.e. is a directory -
then creates the directory if it
backups are saved on my NAS (2 extract should allow you to extract doesnt exist in the repository, and
disks, in a RAID). The script for that Borg all (or some) files from the backup. copies the contents over.
can be found here: The Borg documentation is fairly Otherwise it just copies the file. In
http://pastebin.com/nMbuRubx The script for Borg is pretty
simple - I set up a few variables thorough. the else statement, the -r switch is
Manual backups are ones I do which will need to be updated. The not really necessary for rsync, but I
by hand - typically for large files script also has one optional switch Manuals left it there just in case something
(such as Linux ISOs), and that I save -p, which shows the progress of slips through the if statement.
on an external hard drive. Im not the backup when run manually. The I just use Thunar or a Terminal
typically too worried about borg command itself is pretty self- to copy files around. The thought I also used rsync instead of cp,
explanatory (though less legible process on why I do this by hand is in order to be able to avoid .git
full circle magazine #1 1 8 16 contents ^
folders (as they cause permission
errors), and because rsync will copy
a file only if there are changes. Ive been using these solutions
for a few years, and while I havent
The script also creates a list of had any cases of having to restore
packages installed. Since I run Arch from Borg, I have had a few
Linux, the script uses pacman. For external drives fail. And Ive also
Ubuntu, replacing line 1 5 with set up a few new devices in that
pkglist=apt list --installed > time. While there can be some
pkglist.txt should work. You can hiccups, its been a pretty smooth
then reinstall the packages with process overall.
cat ~/pkglist.txt > sudo dpkg
--set-selections && sudo apt- I hope this article is helpful to
get dselect upgrade anyone who may be uncertain as to
backup approaches. If you already
The very last command simply have a setup, feel free to share it
commits and pushes the changes with me at
to the git repository. lswest34+fcm@gmail.com. I also
welcome any questions, or article
The reason for doing it this way suggestions.
is so I can easily recreate my setup
- whether its on a new computer,
or if I need to recover after
extensive hardware failure. Since
the files are pretty small, I pop
them into a git repository to keep
many versions of it, and then save
it to gitlab, so I have access to it,
even on other computers. I tend to
run the command by hand after
editing any of the files it contains.
However, you can easily use cron Lucas has learned all he knows from
to run it. repeatedly breaking his system, then
having no other option but to
discover how to fix it. You can email
Lucas at: lswest34@gmail.com.

full circle magazine #1 1 8 17 contents ^

Written by Greg D. Walters P yth on I n Th e Rea l World - Pt 75
B efore we get too far along,
there is a new version of the
Arduino IDE (1 .8.0) available at
Once again, for our first two
projects, well use the same
wiring/breadboard setup even
https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/S though the potentiometer is not
oftware#/?, so it would be a good used in the sweep program.
idea if you download and install it
before continuing. If you arent And for those who are
using your RPi for your Arduino interested, heres the schematic
programming, go ahead and dust it
off and install the new Arduino IDE
on it so youll be ready for next
month. This sample code (next page,
top right), and the next sample, are
This month, well be controlling from the Arduino IDE Examples, so
the Servo motor we used a few you really wont need to copy the
months ago on the RPi. code. Just open the IDE, Select File
| Examples | Servo. and the Sweep
THE H ARDWARE code. The code is already well
documented, so we wont need to
Our hardware requirements discuss much about it.
this time are very simple and you
should already have everything Plug in your Arduino, upload
needed: the code to it, and youll see that
5 VDC Servo Motor the servo starts sweeping back and
Arduino Uno (or clone) forth.
1 0K Potentiometer
Just as in the sweep program,
WIRING the example code is found in the
Arduino IDE under File | Examples |
full circle magazine #1 1 8 18 contents ^
by BARRAGAN <http://barraganstudio.com>
Servo | Knob. And again, the code This example code is in the public domain.
is very well documented already, modified 8 Nov 2013
so no major discussion will be by Scott Fitzgerald
needed. */
#include <Servo.h>
Again, pull up the code in the Servo myservo; // create servo object to control a servo
// twelve servo objects can be created on most boards
IDE, upload it to your Arduino, and int pos = 0; // variable to store the servo position
when you turn the potentiometer, void setup() {
you should see the servo swing in }
myservo.attach(9); // attaches the servo on pin 9 to the servo object
response to the position of the void loop() {
potentiometer. for (pos = 0; pos <= 180; pos += 1) { // goes from 0 degrees to 180 degrees
// in steps of 1 degree
myservo.write(pos); // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'
As I said earlier, next month we delay(15); // waits 15ms for the servo to reach the position
will be working with the Raspberry }
for (pos = 180; pos >= 0; pos -= 1) { // goes from 180 degrees to 0 degrees
Pi to control the Arduino, so break myservo.write(pos); // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'
it back out, and get ready. delay(15); // waits 15ms for the servo to reach the position

Controlling a servo position using a potentiometer (variable resistor)
by Michal Rinott <http://people.interaction-ivrea.it/m.rinott>
modified on 8 Nov 2013
by Scott Fitzgerald
#include <Servo.h>
Servo myservo; // create servo object to control a servo
int potpin = 0; // analog pin used to connect the potentiometer
int val; // variable to read the value from the analog pin
void setup() {
myservo.attach(9); // attaches the servo on pin 9 to the servo object
void loop() {
Greg Walters is owner of RainyDay val = analogRead(potpin);
Solutions, LLC, a consulting company // reads the value of the potentiometer (value between 0 and 1023)
in Aurora, Colorado, and has been val = map(val, 0, 1023, 0, 180);
programming since 1 972. He enjoys // scale it to use it with the servo (value between 0 and 180)
cooking, hiking, music, and spending myservo.write(val);
time with his family. // sets the servo position according to the scaled value
// waits for the servo to get there
full circle magazine #1 1 8 19 contents ^
Written by S. Parthasarathy Keep Li n u x Tri m
Y ou just created a shiny new
Linux system with all the bells
and whistles? Happy to see your
down and eliminate them before
they take control of the hard disk.
You can take the following
preventive measures to avoid
localizations, shred logs, and
delete temporary files.

new babe giggle and dance, as you

play with her? You want it to be the
Occasional mishaps, like
unexpected disk crashes, or
same way all the time? It is unintentional power failures, may CALL THE PROFESSIONALS COMMANDS
important to do some house- leave your disk with a lot of
keeping once in a while. inaccessible fragments. Computer Janitor is an Read all the corresponding man
application to fix these kinds of pages before you use these tools.
Over time, a computer system A badly configured application problems. It attempts to find
tends to get cluttered for many may quietly chew up your disk, till software packages that can be ncdu - ncdu is a disk usage
reasons. For example, software there is no more free space left. removed, and tweaks the system analyzer with an ncurses interface.
packages that are no longer Or, a runaway process or shell configuration in useful ways. It is designed to find space hogs on
needed can be uninstalled. When script may keep filling up your disk Do not use this program if you a remote server where you don't
the system is upgraded from over and over again. The result want to clean your system. All it have an entire graphical setup
release to release, it may miss out could be a dramatic lockout for does is remove packages it "thinks" available, but it is a useful tool
on configuration tweaks that you. are not necessary. For example, even on regular desktop systems.
freshly installed systems get. the interface of the Janitor doesnt Ncdu aims to be fast, simple, and
Updating your system through the Linux offers an amazing explain to a user what it intends to easy to use, and should be able to
default updating tool will collection of options for you to do. run in any minimal POSIX-like
gradually cause the accumulation remove the cobwebs from your Ubuntu Tweak is capable of a lot environment with ncurses
of packages and the filling of the system. more than just system cleaning, installed. The application can be
cache. This can have a larger but it is one aspect of the run from any directory, including
application that remains the root directory. The output will
impact when you're uninstalling
software packages, and their
A HEALTH CHECK FOR YOUR unsurpassed in terms of ease-of- tell you the disk usage of each file
dependencies are left behind for DISKS use and features. Best of all, it and directory, with the ability to
no reason. doesnt trash your system! drill down into any listed directory.
The following will reveal a lot BleachBit quickly frees disk
Over the time, you could have a about potential health problems: space, removes hidden junk, and If youre not familiar with it,
dozen copies of the same file lying easily guards your privacy. Erase ncdu is an ncurses interface for du,
in different corners of your system.
sudo parted /dev/sda print cache, delete cookies, clear the tool used for estimating file
The best place is to hunt them df -h
Internet history, remove unused space usage on Linux distributions.
full circle magazine #1 1 8 20 contents ^
du is installed out-of-the-box, but A common source is the thumbnails can increase some add-ons may cause
ncdu is not, so if you wish to use it, automatic backup or autosave files dramatically. Moreover, the malfunctions in other add-ons, or
first install it using the following often created by various editors. thumbnail cache will eventually even in the browser itself.
commands: These files usually have a name contain many superfluous
sudo apt-get update
ending with the tilde ~ character
e.g.somefile.txt~ A simple script
thumbnails of pictures that don't
exist anymore.
sudo apt-get install ncdu
can help you locate files which are Symbolic links are often used to
of no use to you: Clear the thumbnails every six store multiple copies of the same
You can uninstall ncdu and its months or so. The quickest way is file in different places but still
dependent packages. To remove
# Define DRDT appropriately
to use the terminal commands as reference to one file. What
the ncdu package and any other find $1 -iname "*~*" -exec mv follows: happens if I delete the original file
{} $DRDT \;
dependant package which are no # Now you can deal with files rm xyz/.cache/google-
but not the link? The link will
longer needed: in DRDT any way you want chrome/Default/Cache/* remain but will point to a file that
does not exist. This is called an
sudo apt-get remove --auto-
xyz/.cache/chromium/Default/C orphaned or dangling link.
remove ncdu
ache/* Symbolic links are like shortcuts or
CACHES references to the actual file or
If you are not that fussed about rm xyz/.compiz/session/*
directory. One easy way to locate
cleaning cruft with an application, Use the tools provided by your (and then remove) such broken
you can still free up some space by
running the following commands
browser. G ET RID OF POLLUTED links is :
once in a while: SETTINGS IN YOUR WEB
find /path/to/search -type l
-exec test ! -e {} \; -print
sudo aptitude autoremove
For each shown picture, Ubuntu Firefox and Chromium/Chrome
sudo apt-get clean automatically creates a thumbnail, FSCK
add-ons and extensions: don't
for viewing in the file manager. It trust them blindly. And keep their
Ubuntu doesn't get polluted stores those thumbnails in a fsck fsck stands for File
much over time with one notable number down anyway: don't turn System Consistency checK. fsck is
hidden directory in your user Firefox and Chromium/Chrome
exception, namely old kernels. It account (names of hidden used to check and optionally repair
even doesn't need into a Christmas tree. The more one or more Linux filesystems.
directories and hidden files start extensions you install, the bulkier
defragmentation. with a dot, like .cache or Filesys can be a device name (e.g.
your browser becomes. Polluted /dev/hdc1 , /dev/sdb2), a mount
.bash_history. The dot makes them settings in Firefox, Chrome or
G ET RID OF COBWEBS hidden). Chromium are sometimes caused
point (e.g. /, /usr, /home), or an
ext2 label or UUID specifier (e.g.
by rotten, shady or rogue add-ons UUID=8868abf6-88c5-4a83-98b8-
Remove junk files. Over time, the number of and extensions. Furthermore,
full circle magazine #1 1 8 21 contents ^
bfc24057f7bd or LABEL=root). Just like regular exercise helps
sudo apt-get clean you reduce your belly fat and
You shouldn't need fsck for keeps you fit, frequent
modern filesystems anyway since This will flush the local cache housekeeping will ensure that your
they have journaling functions and from the retrieved package files. Linux system works effortlessly
should be able to recover from and flawlessly. This article has
crashes. sudo apt-get autoclean given an overview of the options
which Linux offers you for
You will need root/superuser This will clear out only the housekeeping.
permission to run the fsck absolutely not necessary packages
command. that cannot be found in the
repositories anymore, or a newer
# fsck /dev/sda6 version of them is located.
#Output of fsck follows
fsck from util-linux 2.20.1
sudo apt-get autoremove
e2fsck 1.42 (29-Nov-2011)
This command will remove
/dev/sda6:clean,95/2240224fil packages that were installed as
es,3793506/4476416 blocks
dependencies for another package
that has been removed, and so are
During the filesystem check, if no longer needed.
errors are detected, you can get
fsck to auto repair the filesystem
with the -y flag. For example: FSLINT
fsck -y /dev/sda2 fslint is a utility to find and
clean various forms of lint on a
If you have installed and filesystem, especially duplicate
uninstalled a lot of applications, files and broken symlinks.
chances are your system is
infected with a lot of To install fslint:
dependencies files that you have
absolutely no use for. Here are sudo apt-get install fslint
some useful commands to get rid
of any partial package and remove I N CONCLUSION
any unused dependencies:

full circle magazine #1 1 8 22 contents ^

Written by Miguel Menndez Carrin Prog ra m m i n g For U bu n tu Tou ch Pt.1
T his course is a new project to
learn how to program
applications that work on Ubuntu
The documentation will be
structured as a book. Its access is
free and any user can read it in a
required. In this course we will
mainly use QML for the user
interface and JavaScript or C/C++
The main objective of the
course is to learn how to program
applications for Ubuntu Touch
Touch. In the process, I will browser or as a PDF, ePub or Mobi for the logic. It helps to know while having fun. Programming is a
generate documentation with all file. It is possible to add comments either of the two languages, time-consuming task, and you have
the phases of development of an to the book, although it is although it will not be critical. Each to like what you are doing.
application: requirements necessary to have an account chapter will explain the basic Applications can be simple or
acquisition, implementation, and created in Gitbook. The source elements and a bibliography will complex, the important thing is
distribution in the Ubuntu store. code for the examples and be included for the user to consult that they solve a need that we
One of the problems found in applications will be hosted on if in doubt. have. For example, an application
Ubuntu Touch is the lack of Launchpad using Bazaar as version that has a list of plants in the
applications, both in number and in control. On the same page there is The Ubuntu Touch Software garden and lets us know when we
functionality. I do not expect to a mailing list in which you can ask Development Kit (SDK) is being have to water them.
change this situation in the short questions. Additional to the released for the Ubuntu
term, but one way to change it is resources mentioned earlier, there distribution. It will therefore be A good design in the logic of
by programming applications and is also a Trello board with the necessary to use Ubuntu or any of the application can greatly reduce
helping other users do the same. course status. the distributions that take it as a development time. In the same
Only in this way will it be possible base. Not meeting this way, a bad design can cause us to
to change this situation. Finally I want to thank the users requirement is not a serious throw the code to the recycle bin
who have encouraged me to start problem either, because you can and start over, because it is easier
This course is not a masterclass this madness, among them are do the same in a virtual machine or to start with a different approach.
in which I explain something and kain_X_X and LarreaMikel. A course using a Live USB.
others repeat them automatically.
The idea is to publish chapters and
of this type can not be done by a
single user. Evolving and achieving To make it easier to follow the TYPES OF APPLICATIONS
complete the course larger goals is possible only when course, I will include only the most
documentation with the feedback important parts of the source Ubuntu Touch has three types
many people contribute. of applications. We can find Web
of the other users. If a particular code. The rest of the files will be in
block gets more interest, it can be a source repository in Launchpad. Applications (WebApps), Scopes,
extended later. There is no PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE It would be helpful knowing the and Native Applications.
problem in asking questions in the basic commands of Bazaar.
resources associated with the Due to the subject of the course A web application (next page,
itself, some programming skills are bottom left) is basically a web
full circle magazine #1 1 8 23 contents ^
browser tab that runs This scope shows information from
independently. It has its own icon different applications.
in Unity (the application launcher)
and can contain remote Finally we have native
information of any type. For applications (top right). In this case
security reasons, a Web application the applications can access all the
does not have access to the local resources of the phone, and are,
content of the terminal. eventually, more complex than the
Web applications and the scopes.
The scope (bottom right) is the Applications are confined in
second type of application found Ubuntu Touch and can only access
in Ubuntu Touch. To some extent it their own information. If we want
behaves like a screen that shows to access information from other
information to the user. The applications, we need to pass it
information can be external, for through the content-hub. As an
example the weather forecast, or example of a native application, we
internal in the form of information have the calendar.
aggregator. An example of this
case would be the "Today" scope.

full circle magazine #1 1 8 24 contents ^

EVOLUTION OF THE COURSE user continues with his attitude, he
will be asked to leave the mailing
One detail that I want to point list. I hope I never have to get to
out (and that you will get tired of that end.
reading throughout the course) is
that this course is not a This course is not set as a whole
masterclass. It is important that and therefore I will write it week
you participate with either after week. For this reason, it is
questions, suggestions or errors. possible that some error appears.
The order of the chapters can vary If this is the case, do not hesitate
and chapters that were already to warn me in order to correct it.
closed can be opened to add new This course is an opportunity to
content. This course is alive and create content and give a boost to
can be improved only if we all get Ubuntu Touch.
involved. It doesnt matter if
questions are very basic or what RESOURCES
the other users would say. The
main reason for following this Mailing List:
course is learning. Remember: The https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-
only stupid question is the one touch-programming-course
that you dont ask.
Access to the mailing list is
open, and only a Launchpad COLLABORATED
account is needed. There is no
censorship except several cases of Larrea Mikel: revision of the
common sense: chapter in Spanish.
The questions must be related to
the course. Cesar Herrera: revision of the
Spam of any kind is not allowed. English translation.
Attacking other users is not
allowed. Joan CiberSheep: revision of the
English translation.
If any of these rules is broken, I
will warn the person first. If the
full circle magazine #1 1 8 25 contents ^
full circle magazine #1 1 8 26 contents ^
Written by Mark Crutch I n k s ca p e - P a r t 5 8
I 'm going to take a slight
departure from the usual format
for the first part of this month's
was HTML re-cast as an XML
language, bringing with it more
scope for interoperability with
implement them, was not one that
would work in practice.
XHTML purity, and embraced the
work of WHATWG, such that the
HTML standard is now nominally
article and talk about politics. other XML languages, including What followed was a period of back in their hands. But
Not Trump, Brexit or the rise of SVG. stagnation for the web. No structurally, things have changed:
populism, but rather the politics of browser wanted to introduce any no longer can the W3C write specs
open formats and browsers. As academically pure as the radically new syntax into HTML or and expect browsers to implement
aims of XHTML were, they fell CSS for fear of re-kindling the bad them; now the browser vendors
First, a very brief (and down in the real world. HTML had old days of proprietary extensions. agree what to implement amongst
simplified) history lesson: SVG, the thrived partly because it was so But eventually, the browser themselves, and then the
file format used by Inkscape, was lax. Browsers would do their best companies began to talk amongst specification is written to match
created under the auspices of the to interpret even the most themselves about ways to push the the implementations. Okay, in
World Wide Web Consortium malformed syntax, which greatly web forward again. The result was practice it's more nuanced than
(W3C) the organisation that was lowered the barrier to entry for the formation of another that, but the key point is that,
also charged with creating the non-programmers to create their standards body, WHATWG, whose these days, specs are largely driven
specifications for HTML and CSS. own web pages. Lowering it remit was to improve the old HTML by what browsers are prepared to
HTML was already an established further still were applications such specs largely by documenting what implement.
language, but loosely defined, and as Dreamweaver and HoTMetaL, the browsers already did, making it
with a host of differences between which would allow users to create easier for all the vendors to bring This has an impact on Inkscape
the various browser web pages as easily as they would their programs up to the same because, as an SVG editor, its
implementations. The W3C tidied a Word document. HTML level of compliance. They also feature set follows the capabilities
things up, but ultimately decided continued to proliferate online, added a few new features to written into the SVG specification.
that the best way to get everyone and it would have been commercial HTML, branding it as HTML5, But the SVG spec, in practice, can't
writing good, cross-browser HTML suicide for any browser to render although we're now several years gain any new capabilities without
was to effectively abandon the only XHTML. For all its purity and on and many of their more useful support from the browser vendors.
undisciplined language it had technical superiority, XHTML ideas still haven't been universally Yet those vendors are loath to
become, and move to a rigorously inevitably lost out to the looser implemented (how are those date implement many of the new
defined and structured alternative, standard, and the W3C's work and time pickers coming along, features, given that there are
XHTML. This was also part of a became largely irrelevant. It was Mozilla?). barely any files online that use
larger plan to promote XML, which clear that the approach of having a them. Users, meanwhile, are
can be thought of as a language standards body to write the specs, Eventually the W3C gave up on equally loath to create content
for defining languages. XHTML and only then for the browsers to their philosophical march towards using these new features because
full circle magazine #1 1 8 27 contents ^
no browser supports them. The stand-alone format, and requires formats, can do to help ensure that leading the way for this approach.
authoring tools (such as Inkscape) non-browser applications to SVG has a future? Since it's largely The recent 0.92 release adds
would like to implement them, but, comply with standards that often in the hands of the browser support for rendering several SVG
without browser support, the spec don't sit easily outside the web vendors, the best we can to is to 2 features, although,
is unlikely to be finalised and environment, diminishing SVG's show them that there is a demand unfortunately, UI support for
supported so any work they do position as an independent file for the format, and for the new creating them in the first place is
could be rendered obsolete if the format. additions that are being made to it. somewhat more limited.
specification changes. We need to create more SVG Nevertheless, there are a couple of
With more features moving to documents, especially those with SVG 2 features that you can start
And so we go round in circles: CSS, and the vendors showing little features from the SVG 2 using in your Inkscape drawings
no files using the new features interest in implementing those specification, and post them today, the first of which I'll cover in
online means no browser support; that remain part of SVG, there's online. And we need to encourage this article, and the second next
no browser support means the even been talk of not renewing the others to do the same. But this time.
specs don't stabilise; unstable SVG Working Group's charter approach isn't without its
specs make authoring tools less beyond a short period to stabilise problems. The first step towards using
likely to support the features; no the work that has been done on these new features is, of course, to
support in authoring tools makes the SVG 2 specification over the The SVG 2 spec isn't yet install version 0.92.x of Inkscape.
users less likely to create and post past couple of years. That would finalised. Creating documents Windows users can just download
files that use the new features; no mean no SVG 3, and no new using the current version could an installer from
files using the new features online features in the future. Given how render them obsolete if there are https://inkscape.org/en/download/
means no browser support... and many great ideas were dropped further changes to the windows/ whereas MacOS users
so on. from SVG 2 with the promise that specification before it's finally are left behind somewhat, with no
they could be revisited for later ratified. So any files you create official .dmg files available at the
To be fair, some limited support specs, this would be a tragedy. now might require some (hopefully time of writing (see
for new SVG features has made it Sure, Inkscape would likely minor) fixes if they are still to work https://inkscape.org/en/download/
into browsers but mostly in areas continue, probably adding in a year's time. A bigger problem mac-os/ for more details and
where the SVG Working Group has proprietary extensions to SVG to for most people is how to create alternative options).
relinquished ownership in order to support new features as time goes them in the first place. Hand-
move the feature to CSS. This is on. But the promise of an open coding SVG is certainly possible, Linux installation instructions
both good and bad news: CSS is vector format that could be used but it's probably not a practical vary between distributions, but
one of the cornerstones of the cross-application, and rendered option for most people, which there's now a distribution-
web, so adding features there, natively on the web, would have means that the only way to get independent Snap package
rather than in SVG, makes them died. new features into your files is to available. Systems that aren't
more likely to be adopted by wait for them to become available based on Ubuntu may have to
browsers; conversely it further Is there anything that we, as in authoring tools. Thankfully, install the snapd daemon
weakens the position of SVG as a users and advocates of open Inkscape is, to some extent, separately (see
full circle magazine #1 1 8 28 contents ^
https://snapcraft.io/docs/core/inst from an icon might leave you with
all for details), but if you're already no Inkscape window, and no sudo apt-get install inkscape
on Ubuntu 1 6.04 or later, you indication as to what went wrong.
should simply be able to run the Whichever approach you take,
following command: If you already have Inkscape it's worth visiting Help > About
installed via the normal Apt tools, Inkscape to ensure that you are
sudo snap install inkscape you will find that the old version is running version 0.92. It certainly stands out more (the
still installed, even after you've fact that the fill appears darker is
Unfortunately the snap doesn't added the snap and that it The first SVG 2 feature exposed an optical illusion that helps
necessarily have all the probably gets run in preference to in the UI is paint-order. This is enhance the effect further), but,
prerequisites to get Inkscape up the new release when you just actually a rather uncontroversial due to the construction of the
and running correctly. One change execute inkscape from the feature for the browser vendors, font, we've now got bits of the
in 0.92, for example, is that command-line, or click the launcher as it has already been outline appearing inside letters,
Inkscape no longer bundles a built- in your menu. You'll need to implemented in at least Firefox, where the tail of one flows into the
in copy of the Potrace library (for modify your path to give the Chrome, Opera and Safari. It solves body of the next. We can adjust
tracing bitmaps or using the /snap/bin directory priority over a very common problem in SVG, the kerning to separate the
bucket fill tool); I had to use: /user/bin or update your launchers especially when dealing with text: problem characters, but that
and links to point to the snap any stroke applied to an object is pretty much defeats the point of
sudo apt-get install
version instead. painted on top of the fill, and using a cursive font in the first
extends half in and half out of the place. Converting the letters to
to get it working on my system. There are still traditionally object. Consider this simple bit of paths, then creating a boolean
packaged versions available for text, rendered in a cursive font: union, fixes the visual problem, but
There have also been theming now our text isn't actually text any
issues with early snaps (which I several distributions as well, which
is especially useful if you have an more, which in many cases makes
also fixed by apt-get installing this approach a non-starter. Let's
some additional libraries), older system that doesn't support
snaps. See suppose we resign ourselves to
although by the time you read this, having to separate the letters. A
there should have been a point https://inkscape.org/en/download/
linux/ for details. For example, on little manual kerning gives us this:
release which fixes those issues. I
strongly recommend launching Ubuntu 1 4.04, you might prefer to
Inkscape from the command-line use the stable PPA that is available, Suppose we want to add an
at first (just enter by issuing these commands: outline to it, to make it stand out a
/snap/bin/inkscape) as error little bit more against its
messages in the console may make sudo add-apt-repository background. That's simple enough,
it clear if there are any unmet
right? Just give it a thin stroke.
dependencies, whereas launching sudo apt-get update Unfortunately that's where the
problems start.
full circle magazine #1 1 8 29 contents ^
What if we want it to stand out unset fill and stroke, but, if you
a bit more? Let's double the want anything other than a black
thickness of the stroke and see fill, you'll be trying to keep three
what effect it has. objects (a text object and two
clones) under control.
The problem would completely In each icon, the circle Even though paint-order is
go away if only you could tell represents a marker, the dark blue already well supported in
Inkscape to render the fill on top rectangle is the fill, and the light browsers, I urge you to create new
of the stroke, instead of the other blue path represents the stroke, designs and works of art that use
way round. And that's precisely with a dashed white line to indicate it, and put them online. The more
Urk! That's not good. All the its centre. You can produce a files we share that use SVG 2
thin parts of the script have what the SVG 2 paint-order similar collection of shapes by
become completely filled by the property does! Except it goes a features, the more likely it is that
step further, and also includes any drawing a square with a thick the browser vendors might realise
stroke, ruining the light elegance border, converting it to a path, there's a demand for them, so
that we wanted from the font in markers that are on the path. then setting a start marker.
the first place. The problem, of Considering all the possible going after low hanging fruit
orderings for the three things to Clicking each of the buttons whilst such as this is an easy way to
course, is that increasing the your bigger version is selected will express your interest without
thickness of the stroke not only be rendered, this gives six possible immediately reflect the change,
adds more pixels to the outside of combinations: having to worry about posting files
Fill, Stroke, Markers and make it much clearer to see that don't render in the browser.
it, but also to the inside, obscuring what the result of each option is. I
more of the fill. One common Fill, Markers, Stroke recommend creating a shape like
solution to this and to the Stroke, Fill, Markers Next time I'll move onto Mesh
Stroke, Markers, Fill this and switching between the Gradients perhaps one of the
previous problem is to copy the different modes to help you to most useful, and most desperately
text, putting an unstroked version Markers, Fill, Stroke fully understand the effect.
directly on top of a stroked copy. Markers, Stroke, Fill needed, new features in SVG 2, but
one which is in very real danger
The first of these is the default, As for our text, because there due to browser vendor antipathy.
and is the way that SVG 1 .x are no markers involved, any of the
operated. But now there's an extra three modes that draw the stroke
section in the Stroke Style tab of before the fill will give our desired
Inkscape's Fill and Stroke dialog result, with only a single text
that presents six buttons to let you object and no need for clones, Mark uses Inkscape to create three
This works, but now you've got copies, or other workarounds. It webcomics, 'The Greys', 'Monsters,
two text objects to keep in sync. choose your preference for any even works well with a really thick Inked' and 'Elvie', which can all be
With a little effort you can do the selected paths. outline.
found at
trick with clones instead, using an
full circle magazine #1 1 8 30 contents ^
Written by Ronnie Tucker Kd en live - Pa rt 1
S o, now that you know the basic
layout of Kdenlive, its time to
start putting it to good use. In this
you want to cut. You can, of
course, use the video playback
window at the top right. To be
More often than not a piece of This time Ill use the Razor tool.
part well cover some basic cutting, more precise though, you can click video will contain extra footage at This is the icon above the timeline,
moving and overlapping video, anywhere above, or below, the file the start, or end, of the piece. This showing a pair of scissors.
then, for good measure, take a you have in the timeline. Youll see is easy to fix. You simply hover
quick look at transitions. a vertical line appear. The vertical your pointer over the start or end.
line shows where you are in the Your pointer will change to show
First, though, drag (or load) a video, and shows you that frame in arrows pointing left and right.
video file into Kdenlive and drag it the playback window. You can click Simply click and drag to where you
down to video line 1 . and drag anywhere above/below want the video to start or end.
the video to scrub through it.
LOOKING Lets say I want my video to
Clicking the icon will change
your mouse pointer to a pair of
The first thing youll want to do start where my current line is and scissors with a red vertical line.
is look through your video to see disregard anything to the left of it.
what you want to keep and what

So, in this case, Id click on the

very left edge, hold down the left
mouse button, and drag (to the
right) to where the vertical line is. Where you place this red line,
and click with the left mouse
One thing to note with this button, is where the video will cut.
technique is that you havent To stop cutting, click the Selection
chopped off that start piece, tool beside the scissors.
youre simply hiding it. You can
easily left-click, hold, and drag to Youll notice that you now have
the left to reveal it again. two video files. You can subdivide
as many times as you like.
full circle magazine #1 1 8 31 contents ^
Lets say you have a bit in the overlap. Click above/below the videos
middle of your video that you on the timeline to see it happening
dont want. Youd cut at the start If you play the video it will in the preview. Or play the preview
of that point and cut at the end of abruptly cut to the video on line 2 to see it in real time. If your PC can
that point. Left-click on the video and mash up the audio of line 1 handle it.
in the middle (that bit you dont and line 2. Not exactly what youd
want) and press delete. Its gone. want. If you want to delete the
Youll have a hole in your video, Left-click and hold on Dissolve. dissolve you can click on it (to
but thats OK you can move the Obviously you dont have to Drag it down to the timeline to highlight it) and press the Delete
videos around. Which is what well overlap videos. They can quite where the two videos overlap. button on your keyboard or right-
look at next. happily touch one another on the click on it and choose delete.
same timeline.
Moving is simple enough. You I wont go into rendering video
use the Selection tool which, as I A transition will let you go here, but if youre happy with what
mentioned before, is beside the nicely from one video to another as you have, and want to get a final
Razor (scissors icon) tool. long as they have an overlap of video, then click the Render
some amount. button (at the top of the screen),
With the Selection tool choose a video format, and click
selected, your mouse pointer will Select the Transitions tab Render to File.
become a hand icon when over beside the playback window.
video or audio. Simply left-click, Thankfully, Kdenlive has a good Now let Ill go more into rendering at a
hold, and drag the audio/video. amount of choice. For this go of the later time.
example, well use Dissolve. This mouse
Drag the second video up to will smoothly fade from one video button. Thats it for this month. Next
video line 2 and have a bit of an to the next. month Ill discuss adding text to
Itll be a videos.
bit squished
because its not a very long
dissolve time, but youll see a red
box covering the overlap. Thats it. Ronnie is the founder, and editor, of
Youre now dissolving line 1 into Full Circle. His other interest is art,
line 2. and his work can be seen at:

full circle magazine #1 1 8 32 contents ^

Written by S. J. Webb
C r yp t U P
I have previously covered various
encryption apps for your
Chromebook. I have not reviewed
UP button in the corner of the GUI,
the process (below left) begins.

encrypted email. The recent Yahoo Click on the Connect to Gmail.

hack just shows that email
encryption is vital on personal Click the new encryption key
documents and certain (bottom right) and create a
conversations. End-to-end passphrase. The passphrase must
encryption for email is not easy for be extremely strong (top right).
new users. Perhaps an app can
resolve this issue. I want to say The setup is done and the
thanks to Mike Ferrari again for default layout of CryptUP is
directing me towards another tool apparent.
to add to my arsenal. The app that
resolves this issue is CryptUP. This Now it is time to compose an
app will work in Chrome or encrypted email (next page, top
Chromium Browsers. It is found in left). Click on New Email and a new pubkey. I chose the question route, off to the Yahoo account.
the Chrome Web Store. popup GUI appears. I will send a where I entered the question and
text message to my old Yahoo answer. I then sent the message
When you install the app, you account. I enter in some basic text
have several GUI prompts that help and can choose an encryption
set up the app. After clicking the method: challenge question or

full circle magazine #1 1 8 33 contents ^


set up and use. While working with

the app, I chose to remove the app
from my Chromebook. This sent a
message to the developer asking individuals on a personal or
me to review CryptUP that professional level. Your email
resulted in a quick email chat with account could be hacked, but the
the creator: Tom James Holub. Per encryption would prevent full
Tom, there are several future exposure. It is always wise not to
updates to this app. See a quick store personal or sensitive
quote below. information in your email account.
The message arrives in the However at times this rule has to
I answer the question, and the There will be some good stuff be broken.
Yahoo account. It has a serious encrypted message populates. The
amount of random gibberish in the coming out in the upcoming weeks
encrypted message populates like sending encrypted
text, but I have an opportunity to below.
answer the challenge question by attachments to people who don't
clicking the blue link. have encryption set up. People
CryptUP is extremely easy to without encryption will also be
able to send an encrypted
response back in their browser. It
will also start using Ethereum SJ Webb is a Linux Hobbyist and
blockchain as a public key server. Research Coordinator. He enjoys
fishing, hot rodding, and spending
This app deserves a four out of time with his kids and wife. He
four stars. This is an app that thanks Mike Ferarri for his
would be useful for many
full circle magazine #1 1 8 34 contents ^
Written by Ronnie Tucker Wri te For Fu ll Ci rcle M a g a zi n e
T he single rule for an article is
that it must somehow be
linked to Ubuntu or one of the
Images should be JPG, no wider
than 800 pixels, and use low
When reviewing games/applications please state clearly:
many derivatives of Ubuntu
(Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, etc). Do not use tables or any type of title of the game
bold or italic formatting. who makes the game
is it free, or a paid download?
RULES where to get it from (give download/homepage URL)
If you are writing a review, is it Linux native, or did you use Wine?
There is no word limit for articles, please follow these guidelines : your marks out of five
but be advised that long articles a summary with positive and negative points
may be split across several issues.
For advice, please refer to the
When you are ready to submit
your article please email it to:
Official Full Circle Style Guide : When reviewing hardware please state clearly:
5d471 make and model of the hardware
TRANSLATIONS what category would you put this hardware into?
Write your article in whichever any glitches that you may have had while using the hardware?
software you choose, I would If you would like to translate easy to get the hardware working in Linux?
recommend LibreOffice, but most Full Circle into your native did you have to use Windows drivers?
importantly - PLEASE SPELL AND language please send an email to marks out of five
GRAMMAR CHECK IT! ronnie@fullcirclemagazine.org and a summary with positive and negative points
we will either put you in touch with
In your article, please indicate an existing team, or give you
access to the raw text to translate
where you would like a particular
image to be placed by indicating from. With a completed PDF, you You don't need to be an expert to write an
the image name in a new will be able to upload your file to article - write about the games, applications
paragraph or by embedding the the main Full Circle site. and hardware that you use every day.
image in the ODT (Open Office)
full circle magazine #1 1 8 35 contents ^
LI N U X L AB I m porti n g I EEE1 3 94/Fi rewi re/i Li n k Vi d eo
Written by Charles McColm

L ast month, one of my brothers

sent me a DVD in the mail that
contained video of us from the
at super high speed. KINO was a
great digital video editor capable
of importing video from IEEE1 394
the camera from the user
interface. Unfortunately, as new
video editors started coming out,
always had to issue modprobe
commands to get IEEE1 394
working. I checked out some of the
mid-80s. Apparently the video had sources like our Panasonic KINO was abandoned. This is about Ubuntu pages concerning Firewire
been stored on a camera and just camcorder. IEEE1 394 is the when I stopped importing DV from and got mixed ideas. Some of the
never removed. This retrospective standard most often called the MiniDV tapes. documentation seemed to indicate
got me thinking about how Firewire. Firewire is actually that I might need to blacklist
popular Youtube channels like The Apples implementation of the Inspired by my brothers DVD, items, and run modprobe, while
8-Bit Guy and Techmoan have IEEE1 394 standard. Sony calls their and all the retro video of late, I other documentation seemed to
become recently. It also got me IEEE1 394 implementation i.LINK, decided to hook the camera up to indicate that things would just
thinking about all the video I have and Texas Instruments called theirs an HP 671 0 core 2 duo laptop work. I installed KINO and the
stored on MiniDV tapes that I Lynx. What I loved about KINO was running Linux Mint Cinnamon 1 8. command-line IEEE1 394 importing
never processed. that it gave complete control over Back when I used to import DV, I program dvgrab. Lo and behold,
when I turned the camera on and
Nine years ago, I recorded a lot went into the Kino Preferences >
of video using a Panasonic PV GS- IEEE 1 394 tab, the camera was
80 camcorder. This inexpensive detected! I got even more excited
camcorder featured image- when I clicked the Capture button
stabilization, 1 6:9 video, and and KINO started importing the
relatively good quality for the video as flawlessly as it originally
price point at the time. I posted a did.
number of videos from Ontario
Linux Fest on archive.org, but I Sadly, my excitement wasnt
recorded so much that I simply long lived. After it started
didnt get around to importing importing the fourth clip, KINO
everything. froze. Linux Mint was still
responsive so I opened a terminal
The last time I was transferring and checked the file size a couple
the MiniDV DV tapes to digital of times. Even though KINO was
format, I remember running into frozen, the back end dvgrab
issues with KINO and pulseaudio. program was still importing video, I
Both audio and video played back could tell by running ls and
full circle magazine #1 1 8 36 contents ^
watching the file size change over Results in files: mymove-001 , the desktop. My workflow is a bit process, but it works, and it puts
time. When the import finished, mymovie-002, mymovie-003, etc. painful, import the video on the an old machine (the Core 2 Duo
KINO stayed frozen, but I had Core 2 Duo laptop using the laptop) to good use. Ill probably
several more .dv files. There are plenty of video command-line dvgrab, and transfer revise the process in the future by
editors available for Linux: the video via SSH to the desktop putting an PCIe IEEE1 394 400 card
Since I knew dvgrab could Openshot, Kdenlive, Pitivi, for editing. We have a gigabit in the desktop so I can do all the
import video without issue, I used Avidemux, and Shotcut. Openshot, network running throughout our importing and editing in one
it to import DV from several other Pitivi, Avidemux and Shotcut dont flat so its much more efficient machine. With approximately 30
tapes. KINO defaults to the name appear to support IEEE1 394 than trying to back up to a USB 2.0 more MiniDV tapes to import, its a
capture###.dv (this can be capture. Kdenlive is suppose to external drive (the desktop is USB big project.
changed in KINO), whereas dvgrab support IEEE1 394 capture, but 3.0, but the laptop is still 2.0).
uses the name dvgrab-###.dv if when I tried it, I couldnt get Next month, Ill have an update
you dont specify a filename to Kdenlive to recognize our camera Openshot has been my video on how the video turned out. For
capture to. As with any command- (KINO and dvgrab do). I looked at editor of choice in the past, it an example of the video I imported
line program, dvgrab can take a LightWorks, but it requires an works well with .dv files, is easy to back in 2007 to 2009, just search
number of different switches to account, and wouldnt work on the use, supports effects like for Charles McColm on
change the behaviour of the Core 2 Duo-based notebook. green/blue screen, and is stable. archive.org. Ive posted several
capture. The -t switch, for example, (Thats Jeremy Allison in the videos taken with the Panasonic
puts the timecode at the end of Since my desktop (an A8-5600K screenshot/video giving a talk at PV-GS80. Now that the editors
the capture name so you end up APU-based system with 1 6GB of Ontario Linux Fest 2008 entitled have improved and sites like
with something like dvgrab- RAM) is a lot more powerful than Livin La Vida Linux) archive.org and Youtube are
2009.09.04_22-1 4-52.dv. The the Core 2 Duo notebook, it makes allowing higher quality content I
timecode is the date and time the sense that I do all the editing on I admit this isnt a very efficient believe the video should be a bit
video was recorded. So, in the better.
previous example, the video was
recorded on September 4th, 2009
at 22:1 4:52 or 1 0:1 4 (and 52
seconds) in the evening.
Charles is the author of Instant
Changing the name dvgrab XBMC, and the project manager of a
records to is as simple as not-for-profit computer reuse
project. When not building PCs,
specifying the name at the end of removing malware, and encouraging
dvgrab. For example: people to use GNU/Linux, Charles
works on reinventing his blog at
dvgrab mymovie- http://www.charlesmccolm.com/.

full circle magazine #1 1 8 37 contents ^

Written by Ronnie Tucker Rclon e Browser & Clou d H osts
R clone is a piece of software
that will let you
upload/download files to/from
Head into the folder and unzip
the rclone file (either using your
window manager or via the
Obviously change the DEB
filename to the one you
Interface settings as desired.

various cloud hosting services terminal).

(such as Google Drive, Dropbox, et Now that its installed, run the
al). Its not the most friendly piece Open a terminal and cd to the rclone-browser, either via Unity or
of software though, but now it has download directory (eg: cd your desktop menu.
a browser: rclone-browser. /Downloads/rclone)
The first time you run rclone-
I NSTALLING To install the DEB file do: browser (shown below), it needs
you to show it where rclone is. We
First, create a folder to
sudo dpkg -i rclone-
unzipped it a little while ago.
download, and keep, everything in. yakkety0_amd64.deb
Set System Tray and User
We need two pieces of
software. First grab the browser Now we have the blank rclone-
file. Go to: browser window. We need to add
http://ppa.launchpad.net/nilarimo cloud hosts. Click the Config
gard/webupd8/ubuntu/pool/main/ button. A terminal will pop up with
r/rclone-browser/ and click on the some options. Unfortunately
appropriate DEB file for your adding hosts needs to be done via
system, and download it to the the terminal, but its very simple.
folder created above. Honest!
Next, we need rclone itself. Go
eases and, again, grab the
appropriate ZIP file for your
system and save it in the above

full circle magazine #1 1 8 38 contents ^

Type n for new remote (aka:
new cloud host), and press Enter.

hosting provider. Some will open a rclone-browser. Click the Refresh touched upon what its capable of.
browser window and have you log button to update rclone-browser. You can choose directories and
in to the cloud host. Some may have them sync to hosts etc.
even give you a URL to paste in to
your browser window (eg: POSSIBLE QUIRK OF DRIVE (aka:
http://1 :53682/auth). Google Drive): I find that I can
transfer a folder of files from
In this example (shown above), drive:/ to Dropbox:/, but cant
it needs to get a code from Google transfer a single file. So, if you get
to use Google Drive. It will wait for Double click the hosting entry an error transferring a single file
the code. It gets the code, display in rclone-browser to see a file list. from drive:/ to Dropbox:/ (or
the code, and ask if this is OK another host), put the file in a
Now youll be asked some (answer yes). Select a file, then click a button folder first and transfer the folder.
questions, but, for most hosts, it at the top of the window to do It might be just me. Im not sure.
goes like this: For Dropbox, you need to that action. Or you can right-click
Name this is what you want to follow a URL, and then paste in a on a file to select an action. For advice, see the rclone
title this storage. code. Others may be different. In forum:
Now choose the provider from most cases its pretty If copying to another host, you https://forum.rclone.org/latest
the list. straightforward and easy enough. need to enter the destination drive
Leave client id blank (just press (eg: gdrive:/ )
Enter). Now we have one host added!
Client secret should also be left Follow the text menu items to add Click the jobs tab to see the
blank (again, press Enter). more hosts, or exit. resulting output. Ronnie is the founder, and editor, of
For Auto-config choose yes. Full Circle. His other interest is art,
and his work can be seen at:
So, youve added your hosts and Rclone-browser is definitely a ronnietucker.co.uk
The next part depends on the exited the menu. Youre back in handy piece of kit. Ive only
full circle magazine #1 1 8 39 contents ^
Written by Lucas Westermann Wi cked Cool Sh ell Scri pts
to you, explain what they do, and user, while other chapters are shows how recent the book is - I
give you some simple geared towards system originally feared that it may have
enhancements you can make on administration, and may therefore just missed that development.
your own. For anyone looking for not be for everyone.
an actual guided tour through
creating your first few shell scripts, The book also offers all source
this is not the book for you. If, files (and some example files) as a EDITION AND 1 ST EDITION ?
however, you learn by example, or zip archive from the books
simply want a repertoire of helpful product page According to the jacket (and the
shell scripts, this is a great (http://nostarch.com/wcss2). Intro), the 2nd Edition contains 23
resource. However, I was also happy to new scripts, including a ZIP Code
discover via Google that there is a lookup, a Bitcoin address
information retriever, a suite of
THE G OOD Git repository available too.
Unfortunately, this doesnt seem to tools for working with cloud
be indicated anywhere. The services like Dropbox and iCloud,
The book clearly lays out the tools for renaming and applying
scripts (with comments), and repository is here:
https://github.com/brandonprry/w commands to files in bulk, and
explains some of the more unusual image processing and editing
Wicked Cool Shell Scripts (2nd aspects. They then give you the icked_cool_shell_scripts_2e
Edition) 1 01 Scripts for Linux, Mac sample output of each possible
OS X, and UNIX Systems result, as well as a bit of There is also an entire chapter
dedicated to OS X (macOS). This is As I dont own the 1 st Edition, I
homework - that is, some changes cant say much about the actual
by Dave Taylor or enhancements you can try on very useful, as there are a variety
of differences between Bash (and differences, and must instead rely
your own. There are 1 01 of these on the author and the books
October 201 6, 392 pp. scripts, which range from what I other commands) in Linux and
Apples OS. An Appendix is also comments.
ISBN: 978-1 -59327-602-7 would refer to as niche (i.e.
included, for installing Bash in

relatively uncommon scenarios) to
he book Wicked Cool Shell versions of scripts I use almost Windows 1 0. Its nice to see that THE LESS G OOD
Scripts by Dave Taylor and every day. the book is willing to cover each
Brandon Perry (2nd Edition) has a option - even if it specifically states I havent found anything
relatively simple premise. They Some chapters, such as Chapter that some scripts are untested in inherently bad about this book.
introduce a variety of shell scripts 2: Improving on User Commands other OSes. The addition of the The scripts all fulfil their purpose,
are very useful for any kind of CLI Windows 1 0 information also and I havent run into any issues on
full circle magazine #1 1 8 40 contents ^
an up-to-date ArchLinux own versions. As such, the book
installation. There are, however, a fulfils its premise completely - it
few inconsistencies. In Chapter 1 , does indeed offer a well-stocked
the author introduces a script for toolbox of shell scripts for the
normalizing date formats - where average (and professional) Linux
any format is assumed to be either user. By including information on
8/29/201 6, or August 29, 201 6. In OS X and Windows 1 0 as well, it
other words, the typical US can give even experienced users
format. It would have been nice to something new to try or test.
see the script accept dates in the
format DD/MM/YYYY. Especially
due to the fact that another script I would be tempted to give it a 5
in the same chapter supports out of 5, but unfortunately feel
different thousands and decimal that some of the inconsistencies
separators (such as the US format could have easily been avoided,
of 1 ,000.00 and the German format and are generally a question of
of 1 .000,00). While reading formats that are relevant in many
through the book, I didnt notice other countries, including the
too many occurrences of this, but country I live in, therefore
that makes those inconsistencies requiring some effort on my part in
stick out even more. Even just order to implement them.
acknowledging this by making it an
enhancement task would be

There are a variety of scripts in
this book that I have alternative
versions of (either because I wrote
them, or because they belong to a
different tool I use). However, Lucas has learned all he knows from
there are still a great many scripts repeatedly breaking his system, then
having no other option but to
that I will begin to use, or discover how to fix it. You can email
adjustments I will carry over to my Lucas at: lswest34@gmail.com.

full circle magazine #1 1 8 41 contents ^

Written by Kavinda Bandara Resu rrecti on of a n etbook wi th U bu n tu
I am a doctor by profession and
currently enrolled in a
postgraduate program. I started
due to speed. (Also I must mention
that I hate their privacy policy).
installation in my netbook.
But, after the reboot, I found
main server. At the end I chose to
install Xubuntus desktop
looking for a portable laptop Since I did not want to load the out the local server was not
instead of my own Dell Inspiron 1 5 system with unnecessary software working properly and I could not With the reboot, the netbook
because it was bulky and heavy to from the beginning (which would download the packages I wanted. came to life with a bare bones
transport on a daily basis on public hamper a simple work Then I tried to change the server Xubuntu, just as I preferred. I
transport. My main expectations environment), I chose to install with the add-apt repository installed Libreoffice, Firefox, VLC
were accessing the internet for my Ubuntu minimal. Clear guidance in command, but it failed as the media player, Software centre and
online files, and regular work on an the reviews helped me to make the terminal did not have that Dropbox.
office suite. I had to prepare a lot choice. installed, which prompted me to
of documents, presentations and install it. And it was impossible Currently, Im happily using my
patients records. Sometimes I had I downloaded minimal ISO because the server was not newly refurbished netbook for all
to work with spreadsheets for 1 6.04, burnt it to a CD, and working. my work. The only problem with it
databases and analysis. installed it into the netbook. The is the lack of a client for Google
installation process was This made me install Ubuntu drive, but Im currently thinking of
My wife had an Asus eee PC straightforward as it was similar to minimal for the second time. I kept trying overGrive.
(1 001 PXD) netbook. It had an Intel the installation of a regular everything else the same except
Atom processor with 1 GB RAM and Ubuntu distribution. I created the server for which I now chose
came preinstalled with Windows 7 manual partitions and wiped out
starter. It was an ideal travel Windows. During installation,
companion but was not used for network connectivity was needed
nearly 2 years due to a non- and I had the options of wired or
functioning keyboard and sluggish wireless, and I chose wireless
performance which worsened despite the advice to do the other.
over time. It worked flawlessly. The server
chosen was local server
I did my research in eBay and (lk.archive.ubuntu.com). I decided
found a suitable keyboard for the to complete the installation first,
system. Replacement along with a reboot, and then choose the
service brought it back to life, but software I needed so, at the end,
Windows was no more an option I had a bare bones minimal
full circle magazine #1 1 8 42 contents ^
LE T TE RS If you would like to submit a letter for publication, compliment
or complaint, please email it to: letters@fullcirclemagazine.org .
PLEASE NOTE: some letters may be edited for space.
Join us on:
FCM POLL display.php?f=270

I 've set up a poll which I

hope you'll fill in. It's
located at:
https://goo.gl/Q8Jm4S. Without reader input
Full Circle would be an
We're interested in what empty PDF file (which I don't
you like/dislike about FCM. think many people would find
What I can change/add, and particularly interesting). We
anything else you want to are always looking for articles,
add. reviews, anything! Even small
things like letters and desktop
We'll publish the results in screens help fill the magazine.
a future issue.
See the article Writing for Full
LINK: https://goo.gl/Q8Jm4S Circle in this issue to read our
basic guidelines.
Have a look at the last page of
any issue to get the details of
where to send your

full circle magazine #1 1 8 43 contents ^

Q &A
Compiled by Gord Campbell
If you have a Linux question, email it to: misc@fullcirclemagazine.org , and
Gord will answer them in a future issue. Please include as much
information as you can about your query.

Q 1I 6.04
recently installed ubuntu
(64-bit). For some
reason when I attempt to load
Then I double-click on the file
on my desktop, and the display
product name does appear in the
Q toI sethome/andy/Downloads,
my download directory
downloads end up in
yet A (Thanks to SeijiSensei in the
Ubuntu Forums) If you're
running 1 6.04 or later, you should
GIMP 2.8 I get this: browser. tmp/mozilla_andy0 be using the systemd commands
like systemctl. To start a service on
Looking for data files
Q I've set up an older Dell A Try /home/andy/Downloads a systemd machine, use:

/bin/systemctl start
(Thanks to hoefield in the Vostro 1 500 laptop with 4G service_name
Ubuntu Forums) Try deleting RAM for my mother that has a
(or renaming) the templates folder 1 .6GHz dual-core Intel Core 2
in ~/.gimp-2.8 processor. I installed the CPU Q update
I have created a script to
Q 1I 6.04.01
have loaded Ubuntu ubuntu-
Frequency Scaling plugin. However, automatically. The script must run -desktop-amd64.iso
the scaling tool on her laptop will as root. It runs fine with sudo on a memory stick. How do I save a
Q Why doesn't the product always stay locked at 800MHz no
matter what I select, so the
every time in an interactive shell,
using ssh into the target box to do

name show after doing the
command computer is excessively slow. it. However it fails every time (Thanks to ajgreeny and

lshw -c display? when run by root's crontab. yancek in the Ubuntu Forums)

(Thanks to RallyDarkstrike in You could remake the live USB with
(Thanks to Temjin in the the Ubuntu Forums) It was the The error message basically persistence, which allows you to
Ubuntu Forums) Run this: battery! During one of my Google states that it fails to bring tomcat save files and keep them after a
searches, I came across a short down. (need to update a DB). shutdown or reboot.
sudo update-pciids; sudo
post that said sometimes certain
brands have their BIOS lock the The command to do this is (this You could also create a mount
Then try lshw again. processor at a lower speed when is how it appears in the script): point for a partition on a hard drive
the power cable isn't charging (if you have one) or another flash
Gord adds: correctly or the battery is below a service S95tomcat stop
drive, mount it, and copy the
certain charge. I shut it down, screenshots there.
removed the battery, plugged it in Can anyone tell me why this
I use lshw slightly differently: works ALWAYS when run in an
on A/C only, booted it back up, and
cd Desktop voila! Low and behold, CPU scaling interactive shell but fails ALWAYS
is working perfectly on demand! if run out of crontab??
sudo lshw -html > config.htm

full circle magazine #1 1 8 44 contents ^

TOP QUESTIONS AT * How can I see which encoding is
used in a file
audio or video media than one has
time to listen or watch. In this
ASKUBUNTU https://goo.gl/bLB89j latest iteration, I have limited

I f you are nervous about clicking

on a short goo.gl URL, you can
get information about it quite
* Why does Ubuntu not ship with a
way to fill in PDF forms?
myself to just seven podcasts.
Here's my list:
- The Full Circle Weekly News,
- the Ubuntu Podcast,
easily. Copy the URL, paste it into - mintCast,
your browser's address bar, and * Who is filling my disk? - Going Linux,
add a plus-sign. Now goo.gl will tell https://goo.gl/bK030d - TEDTalks,
you where it goes, as well as - This American Life,
statistics about its use. (Thanks to * Can a vanilla Ubuntu 1 6.04 LTS - Vinyl Cafe
askleo.com for the tip.) Server run without snapd?
https://goo.gl/ZKdb2b I really like the guys who
* How can I convert the complete produce mintCast, and salute them
file to a specific format? for taking an unconventional path;
https://goo.gl/dPgrGz this season, they are installing
* How can I view and edit TIPS AND TECHNIQUES Linux From Scratch, and talking
about what is involved, and the
PowerPoint presentations that challenges. I'm a "it just works"
don't render correctly?
PODCASTS kind of guy, so I will never install

Linux From Scratch, but it is still
or several years I have interesting to hear about their
* Where does the `rename` subscribed to podcasts. struggles.
command come from?
https://goo.gl/3wuXVG With a podcast client, you can At the same time, I can't
tell it what podcasts you want to imagine subscribing to podcasts
* Rename files with one line hear or see, and it will download without TEDTalks. This is where
command any new media, and help you play you will find the biggest
https://goo.gl/1 VzoZw it. With my most recent Linux challenges to your world view.
install, I have switched to gpodder, Gord had a long career in the
* Does Ubuntu carry over Windows probably the most popular Linux I use VLC media player to play computer industry, then retired for
filenames (png, exe, ect.) or does it podcast client software. podcasts, and typically set the several years. More recently, he
have its own? playback speed to 1 .3 times real somehow found himself "The IT Guy"
https://goo.gl/MV0KSa One can get carried away with time. Why waste time if I don't
at a 1 5-person accounting firm in
downtown Toronto.
podcasts, and subscribe to more need to?
full circle magazine #1 1 8 45 contents ^
Written by Oscar Rivera Mad Max
T he partnership of Warner
Brothers and Feral Interactive
has brought us another great video
youve gotten to know the game,
something new is thrown into the
equation and you feel like youre
mouse/keyboard or with a
gamepad controller.
during cinematic cut-scenes or
during actual in-game playing, the
graphics are among the best
game title, Mad Max. Mad Max is a back at square one, trying to figure As I began playing the game, available in todays games on Linux
one-player, open-world, action- out how to improve upon and the first lasting impression it left (or any other platform for that
adventure game, loosely based on conquer your newest quest. on me was the stunning & matter). The sound is equally
201 4s Mad Max: Fury Road movie. breathtaking visuals. The graphics impressive, from the sound effects
For anyone who has seen the Currently, Mad Max is selling for are impressive, from the post- during fistfight brawls, shotgun
movie and is familiar with the around $1 9.99 at the Humble apocalyptic wastelands, to the shots, explosive blasts, or the
atrocious characters, the arid Bundle Store as well as through high-speed car chases, to the detail revving of Maxs car, to the
wasteland setting, and its post- Steam. It can be played with in the characters whether its Hollywood-quality voice acting. As
doomsday storyline, the video
game will feel like an extension of
the movie.
Mad Max was developed by
Avalanche Studios and released by
Warner Bros. on September 201 5,
on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and
Microsoft Windows platforms.
Then, late in 201 6, Feral Interactive
gave us a Linux port, and as usual,
theyve done an excellent job. So
far, Ive played about 30+ solid
hours over the course of about 4
weeks, and thats without giving it
the full exploration that it so
rightfully deserves. Not only is this
game a delight to play, but it also
keeps introducing new elements
the longer you play and the more
you level up. Just when you think
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for the game-play, it does not at all while getting used to at first was in a way, its sort of like two games Right from the start, after youre
take any time getting used to, and the lack of a jump button. Max will in one. First youve got a car game beat up and your car gets taken
yet it manages to remain fresh as jump up only when needed, and very much like Grand Theft Auto or away (just like in the movie), you
you explore the vast wide-open not at will, though there is a way to Saints Row, but with a definite befriend Chumbucket, a very loyal
world. The tutorial is easily jump out of the way if a car is twist. The twist is that, while and talented humpback mechanic.
accessible through the menu, but, trying to run you over, for example. driving, youre expected to Chumbucket sees Max as the
as of today, I believe Ive accessed After I got used to this seemingly demolish other drivers as well as Angel for whom the Magnus
it only once. Instead, what Ive had simple detail, I was able to more menacing structures such as Opus (Chumbuckets dream car)
the need to access multiple times, fully enjoy the game and now I Molotov-tossing-towers that will will be built. From early on,
especially at the beginning of the understand why they made it this straight-up burn you unless you Chumbucket will ride along with
game, was the key way. take them down with your cars you on every quest, as long as
bindings/controller mapping. The harpoon. As such, beefing up your youre driving the car hes refining.
one and only thing that took me a The beauty of Mad Max is that, car is one of your main priorities. If youre on foot, or driving
another vehicle that you might
have taken from one of your
enemies, then youre on your own.
The advantage of having
Chumbucket is that he will repair
your car whenever it gets
damaged, but hell also make
improvements as you gather scrap
(like cash) or as you level up. Some
of the harder driving Ive had to
endure was taking down enemy
convoys which took me a while to
master, but, once the Magnus
Opus had been beefed up a bit, it
was a breeze.
The other side of the game is
what happens while youre on foot.
This aspect of the game is very
much like the Batman Arkham
games or like Shadow of Mordor,
both games also released by
Warner Bros. The fighting
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sequences are easy enough to multiple automatic saves stored, crossover, especially when it comes
grasp but sometimes not so easy you can even start from an earlier to locations such as Gas Town, the M INIMUM REQUIREMENTS
to win. The key here is to know save if you were cautious enough Bullet Farm, but also with some of
how and when to parry since to keep more than just one stored the characters, such as Scrotus, OS: Ubuntu 1 6.04, Steam OS 2.0 or
youre constantly being attacked save. A great time saver is the fast Immortan Joe, the War-Boys and equivalent (64-bit required)
by more than a few war-boys, travel feature which lets you travel others. CPU: Intel i5 3.4 GHz, AMD FX-8350
buzzards, or any other frightening to any one of the various fast- Memory: 8 GB RAM
enemy. You get to use melee travel destinations which need to I strongly recommend Mad Max, Graphics: 2 GB Nvidia 660ti or
weapons as well, but these always be unlocked in order to be used; especially if you like the movies better (driver version 367.35)
break and you cannot carry these and some of these are challenging upon which its based, and also if Storage: 35 GB available space
with you while driving which in that they borrow from puzzle- you enjoy great action-adventure, Additional Notes: AMD & Intel
makes it that much harder to use solving genres and can be quite open-world, vehicular combat Graphics Cards not supported yet
one if you just got out of your car difficult to figure out. games. If I could write another
or if there isnt one around. The review for Mad Max, I would, since
limited weapons you get to carry Maxs ultimate goal is to find that would mean Id get to play it
with you are a shotgun with a very and kill Scrotus, but, in order to do some more. It plays very smoothly
low amount of ammo, and a couple so, he must first defeat other on Linux, and looks amazing at the
of homemade shivs that will also territorial enemies while at the same time. At first I was a little
break with very limited use. When same time building and forging concerned that Id have problems
compared to driving, the ground- relationships with independent with it since my gaming rigs CPU is
combat isnt that complicated, leaders whove managed to fight slightly below the recommended
especially given that you only need off Scrotus and his war-boys but, minimum requirement, but, so far,
to hit the same key/button for with Maxs help, can regain much Ive encountered zero problems by
almost everything, except for of whats been taken from them. letting the game automatically
parrying and an occasional Chumbucket also convinces Max to detect the best settings for me.
finishing move. Although you do look for his dog, which is a blessing Definitely worth the $20, or less if
get to use a shotgun, its rarely the especially in mine-infested fields. you find it on sale.
option you want to take since you Along the way, Max encounters
basically have only a couple of other characters who become
shells in reserve maybe 5-6 once crucial to the ultimate goal that Oscar graduated with a music degree
youve leveled up and, even then, leads to Scrotus. One of these from CSUN, is a Music
Director/Teacher, software/hardware
you want to be conservative when characters is Hope, whom Max first beta tester, Wikipedia editor, and
you use them. If you happen to die meets as shes held captive by Gut active member of the Ubuntu
while in battle, you get to continue Gash, one of Maxs early allies. The community. You can email him at:
from the previous checkpoint and, storyline is different from the 7bluehand@gmail.com
given the fact that you can have movies, but there is a lot of
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