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Microsoft Identity

Manager 2016
Identity and access management that is secure,
flexible, and cloud-ready

Mobility and the cloud are the new normal. Organizations today must enable their users to be productive on the
go, while still protecting their data. Microsofts identity and access management (IAM) solutions empower
enterprise mobility by letting users work where and how they want, while still allowing IT to manage data, control
access, and protect information across devices and applications. At the core of Microsofts IAM solutions is
Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) 2016.

Modern identity and access management

Why MIM 2016? Microsofts identity and access management solutions provide an identity
management system that spans cloud and on-premises environments.
Cloud-ready identities This system provides a spectrum of services, including federation, identity
Automatic preparation of management, device registration, user provisioning, application access
Active Directory identities for control, and data protection. Its combination of Windows Server Active
synchronization with Azure Directory,
Active Directory. Microsoft Identity
Manager, and
Powerful user self-service Microsoft Azure
Password reset with Azure Active Directory
Multi-Factor Authentication, enables
and dynamic groups with organizations to
approvals and redesigned easily secure their
certificate management. modern hybrid

Enhanced security Microsoft Identity

Hybrid reporting and Manager 2016
privileged access binds Microsofts
management to protect IAM solutions
administrator accounts, plus together by
support for new security seamlessly bridging multiple on-premises authentication stores like Active
protocols. Directory, LDAP, Oracle, and other applications with Azure Active
Directory. This provides consistent experiences to on-premises LOB
applications and SaaS solutions.
Introducing Microsoft Identity Manager 2016
To best support hybrid infrastructure, Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 offers key advantages in three areas:
cloud-ready identities, powerful user self-service, and enhanced security. With this focus, organizations can
quickly realize the benefits of and deploy these technologies:

Cloud-ready identities Powerful user self-service Enhanced security

Standardized Active Directory Self-service password reset with Privileged user and account
attributes and values Multi-Factor Authentication discovery

Partitioned identities for New REST-based APIs for New Windows PowerShell
synchronization to the cloud AuthN/AuthZ support and REST-based API

Easier-to-deploy reporting Self-service account unlock Workflow management: elevated

connected to Azure Active just-in-time administrator access
Certificate management support
for multi-forest and modern Reporting and auditing specific to
Preparation of user profiles for applications privileged access management
Microsoft Office 365

Purchasing and licensing

As described below, Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 has a simple set of purchasing and licensing
requirements. Of note, organizations should consider the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) to
maximize the value of their IAM investment. This is because Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 is also included
with Azure Active Directory Premium, which is part of EMS. Indeed, EMS is the most cost-effective way to
acquire all included cloud services for enterprise mobility management: Azure Active Directory Premium, Azure
Rights Management, and Microsoft Intune.

Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Licensed on a per user basis

Client Access License (CAL) Required for each user whose identity is managed

Windows Server license with active Required to use the Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 server
Software Assurance software as a Windows Server add-on

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