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Group of lndustries
Consumer Division
T.l(. Bhabon,2"d Floor, 13, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-i.215

Job Description:Area Sdles Manaser/Area Sales In charge/Area Sales Officer

Person or Field Officials is responsible for Su pervision of the Sales Function of the company in a pa rticular
geographical area/territory.

Tvpicallv, specific responsibilities will include:

o To achieve the targets and goals which given by rhanagement for your assigned area/territory.
o To maintain and increasing the sales of company's products.
. To ensure Brands/SKU's wise products placement to assigned territory.
o To establishing, maintaining and increasing market, customers, route & numeric distributions.
o To identifying the new customers and serving the needs of existing customers.
. To build a financially sound as well as professional distribution network in his assigned area.
r Increasing Sales opportunities through various routes to market.
o To settin8 Products/Sales Turnover targets for each individual and as a whole team.
o Allocating the market/route/locatio n to SR/SO
. Monitoring the team's performance and motivating them to make sure achieve the SKU wise target.
o Compiling, monitoring and analyzing target vs. Primary & Secondary Sales figures regularly.
e Handling the "Sales Objection" regularly and address in a professional approach.
r Closely monitor Competitor updated Sales, Distribution, Marketing activity & feedback to up line
. To build the professional people for next level responsibilities.
o To collect the market information through study and feedback to superior.
. Contributing and assisting to develop and execution of Regional plan.
o On job Coaching of Field Sales Team Members.
o Taking responsib ilities of concern team when needed to delivery types of instruction from Superior or
head office on time.
. To support HR department regards hunting skill/expert sales forces
. To operate and solve damage related issues as per company policy.
r Confirm all the operational document which communicated from head office/Superior is using properly
through individuals and members of team.
o Respect and give priority to management decision and direction.

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Employer Name: Employee Name:

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Consumer Division
/. 13 (awBnB@r,
T. K. Bhaban (2d Floor),
Dhaka - 1215, Bansladesh
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T.K Group of lndustries
Consumer Division
TK Bhaban, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1215

Sales Representative (SR) /Sales Officer (5O) qgks Daily Outlet Visit / Sales Call
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