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Super Trouper Words & Music by Benny Andersson & Bjorn Ulvaeus. c Csust c ‘Csust a oo ay ae per beamsare gon -ra blind me but | wan't feel "cause some-where in the crowd there's 7 1 was sickand tired of ev-ery-thing Faccing twen-ty thousand of ‘your friends, when I called you lastnight from Glas howean an. y ane be $0 lone All 1 do. is eat and sleepand sing Wish-ing ev = eryshow was the last show, Part of a suc-cess that never ends, still I'm think = ing a - bout you on v (ere eel | Fr cre HH = ee = Zeiz sud-den-ly 1 feet al = right ees Soi macgine 1 There are moments when | think I'm go ve was glad tohear you'se coming, ing cra 2y but it's gon-na_be 26 fe = se and it’s gon-na_be ev- ery-thing will be caust Super. Trou a 7 had 7 So dif-ferent when 'm on the stage £0 = night, ——————— Tomight the so different when I'm on the stage to-night, Tornight the ¢ coust per lights are gon-na fing me, shin - ing tke the per lights are gon-na find me, shin - ing ike the 27