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What is computer?

It can be defined as electronic device

that capture data process it and converts it into usable information
that can easily interpreted by human being and on this assignment
going to differentiate a hard disk drive , optical disk drive and floppy
disk drive this all are storage devices of a computer they are differ by
the storage and the information they undergo.

A hard disk drive is the magnetic disk that is usually the main
storage device on most computers. Where a s floppy disk is usually
hard about 1.44MB of storage and it uses a floppy disk media the
optical disk they can store up to 9.1 GB of the data but they have slight
slower retrieval speed as opposed to hard drive disk optical disk are
much more rugged than floppy disc, making then I deal for data

According to kaonga (2015:19) hard disk drive is a magnetic

disk that is usually the main storage device on most computer.
Whereas floppy disk is the smallest and portable of the storage device
usually holds about 1.44MB of storage and it uses a floppy disk media.
On the floppy disk device the capacity is 3.5 while in hard drive it has
1GB to 4TB.

In hard drive device the types of storage it hold size of round

40 eligible where in the floppy disks provides a cost line storage for
small amount of information a 3 1\2
Hard disk the material are not flexible since they are made up of
metals while floppy disks are flexible since they made up with

In hard drive each track on each disk surface has its own read \
write head are fixed where in floppy disk drive there is no
read\ write heads each disk surface in optical disk drive it has
the capacity of (9.1) of storage where in floppy disks exist mainly as

Optical disk uses laser light to compact disk (CB) storage medium
that user technology to record and records data. Where as in
Hard disk drive recording surface are made of metal plasters and
coated \with magnetic able material where as in floppy disk drive the
recording surface are divided in to concentric circle which are further
sub-divided in sector where as in hard disk drive the out-most surface
of the disk pack are usually meat for protection and disk and are not
used for recording .where in floppy disk drive the disk are covered in a
jacket for protection .A small opening is left to allow the read/write
heads access to the data on disks.

Floppy disk is in how computer read write information to them.

Where in optical storage Media inside of the optical drive have Pre-
drive treaded holes for easy mounting in the 5.25 inch drive bag in the
computer cause and mounted so the end with the computer and the
end with the drive bag faces outside optical drive retrieval and store
data and disc like CD, DVD and BD (Blu-ray disks).

Optical disk drive that uses laser light or electromagnetic wave within
or near the visible light spectrum as part of the process reading or
writing data to or from optical disk
In conclusion this three storage make the communication easily and it
Development in the country.


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