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Nexera X2 UHPLC System

The Nexera X2 system was developed to handle ultra-fast, ultra high resolution applications at system back-
pressure up to 130 MPa. As all-round LC system it supports conventional as well as ultra-high pressure
applications without changes on the flow line.

The Nexera X2 system is based on

advancements in the prominence LC
platform to enable higher operating
pressure and lower carry over while
maintaining reliability and robustness
of a conventional LC system for ultra-
high performance. At the same time
the versatility of the system was im-
proved by adding sample pre-treat-
ment and overlapping injection func-
tionality to the Nexera autosampler.

Two basic configurations are described

here, a standard system using two bina-
ry solvent delivery pumps and another
one including a quaternary solvent
delivery system. The systems can be
equipped with the Rack Changer II for
larger sample capacity; a detector can
be added based on the targeted appli-
cation area. The systems are configured
with a standard MiRC mixing device
with a volume of 100 L, additional
mixer sizes are available (see mixer se-
lection guide).

The Nexera system can be combined

with any module of the prominence
LC-20A system for complex setups,
without compromising performance.

The packages do not contain a detec-

tor or control software.
Nexera Standard System NEX-STD Nexera Quaternary Gradient System NEX-LPGE

List of parts List of parts

228-45011-59 CBM-20ALITE 228-45011-59 CBM-20ALITE

228-45162-58 LC-30AD Pump 228-45162-58 LC-30AD Pump
228-45162-58 LC-30AD Pump 228-45205-58 Low volume LPGE unit incl. 40 L Mixer
228-45168-45 100 L Micro reactor 228-45019-58 DGU-20A5R Degasser
228-45019-58 DGU-20A5R Degasser 228-45018-58 DGU-20A3R Degasser
228-45157-58 SIL-30AC Autosampler 228-45157-58 SIL-30AC Autosampler
228-45010-59 CTO-20AC Column oven 228-45010-59 CTO-20AC Column oven
228-45041-91 Reservoir tray 228-45041-91 Reservoir tray

Optional (for all systems): Available options for software control:

228-45164-58 Rack Changer II Shimadzu LabSolutions series

Shimadzu LC driver for Chromeleon 6.80
228-45196-58 SPD-M30A PDA detector
Shimadzu LC driver for Empower 2/3
228-45148-59 RF-20AXS Fluorescence detector Shimadzu LC driver for OpenLab (EZ Chrom edition)

For other available detectors please refer to Shimadzu detector

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