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The Healing Power of Vitamin C


SECTION ONE juice, it will have about the same results as if

it had been injected. This is significant. Ac-
Vitamin C is literally amazing in the wide cording to this, the vitamin C can be swallowed
variety of functions it performs in healing the in juice with very similar healing results as if it
4 body and maintaining body health. This present had been injected from an ampoule into a vein
report was prepared to provide you with a glimpse or muscle.
into this remarkable information. You can purchase vitamin C tablets and take
It is our hope that you, the reader, will be- them. These do not have to be fruit flavored. But,
gin taking sizeable amounts of vitamin C twice the lowest-cost way to obtain a sizeable amount of
every day. If you will do this, you will have a far vitamin C every day is to purchase a large container
happier life and live much longer. of it in crystaline (powdered) form.
Many people fail to consume enough vitamin C The present writer uses a 3 lb. jar of NOW brand
to realize its vast array of health benefits. Most Ascorbic Acid. The last bottle cost $49.39, but it
adults wrongly assume that the 75-90 mg of will last for months; all the while it will supply you
vitamin C recommended by the federal govern- with a daily abundance of this remarkable vita-
ment is an optimal daily dose. In fact, this rec- minwhich is so protective and so healing.
ommended dietary allowance is only enough to Here is one way to do this: Place the spoonful
prevent vitamin-deficiency disease states such as of C into half a cup of liquid, stir, swallow. Fill that
scurvybut not nearly enough to support optimal cup with more liquid (to dilute and thus help you
health. use all the C still in it), and swallow. Follow with
The Nobel prize winning scientist, Dr. Linus another cup of liquid (to help avoid excess acidity
Pauling, was among the first to recognize the in the esophagus and stomach).
importance of high-dose vitamin C supplemen- Here is an alternative method: Have two cups
tation more than 30 years ago. Since then, scien- of fruit juice (if sick, best diluted 50-50 with wa-
tists have amassed impressive evidence support- ter), carrot juice, or water ready to drink. Quickly
ing the numerous benefits of high-dose vitamin C. place the spoonful of powder in your mouth, and
But it was Frederick R. Klenner, M.D., who immediately take a mouthful of water and swallow
inspired Pauling to continue research. This pres- it all. Quickly follow with one or two cups of the
ent report will also include a summary of his life- liquid. In this way, you swallow all the C on the
time of discoveries in the medical use of vitamin C. spoon, and your teeth are protected from its high
Normal dosage: Take one level teaspoon of the
Most of us will not have a friendly physician powder twice a day at the beginning of each of the
nearby who is willing to give us vitamin C injec- two largest meals. It will help digest minerals in
tions when we are sick; so we will have to know the meal, increase mental and physical efficiency,
how to take it orally. It is important that we prop-
and guard the health on a day-by-day basis.
erly care for ourselves and our loved ones in times
(Your third meal, if eaten at all, should always

of sickness at home. Here are several suggestions

by the editor of this report, gleaned from many be very light and several hours before bed-
years of personal research into medical discover- time. By following this practice, your entire
ies and the experiences of himself and others. Bear body will rest better at night; you will live
in mind that he is not a physician. In case of sick- longer; weigh less; and experience better
ness, you are advised to consult your doctor. health.)
It should be mentioned that, later in this re- In time of simple sickness, take a rounded
port, Dr. Klenner is quoted as saying that, if the C tablespoon of it (approximately equal to about
is taken from the ampoules [used for giving vi- 10,000-12,000 mg of the vitamin) every four
tamin C injections] and swallowed in some hours throughout the day. Continue this until
2 2

2 Waymarks
diarrhea begins. When that happens, you will hours. Vitamin C is nontoxic, even in massive
know that you are beginning to take more C doses.
than is needed; so reduce your amount of the Recommended: When you are well, take at
dosage. least 2,000 mg daily. Nobel Prize winner Linus
Remember that even larger doses can be given Pauling, an expert on vitamin C, said to take 2-9
in time of serious illness with no negative effect. grams daily, to maintain good health. Pregnant
When you take too much C, the excess will be ex- women should take at least 2,000 mg daily.
creted through the large colon. You will experience When you are sick: It has been proven that,
some diarrhea; and the C will leave the body. For when ill, taking a large dose of vitamin C at one
this reason, it is impossible to overdose on vitamin time (say, 10,000-12,000 mg) is far better than tak-
C. Physicians give gravely ill patients massive ing smaller portions of that total amount over many
amounts of C with no ill effects because no harm- hours. About 4 hours after taking a large amount,
ful buildup of C occurs. It is all used or ejected take another large dose. Many chronic conditions
from the body. require ongoing high C dosage (such as diabetes,
Also keep this in mind: Medical research has cataracts, glaucoma, cancer, Parkinsons disease,
discovered that larger doses of vitamin C will elimi- plus many others). Keep in mind that supplements
nate sickness far more quickly and efficiently than generally do not contain other substances (fla-
small doses given more frequently. Example: vonoids and carotenes) which work to enhance the
12,000 mg given every four hours is far more ef- effects of vitamin C. So it is best that you eat lots of
fective than 1,000 mg given hour after hour. fresh fruits and vegetables.
Sources: The very richest sources are acerola,
SECTION TWO guavas, red sweet peppers, kale leaves, parsley, col-
lard leaves, turnip greens, green sweet peppers, broc-
coli, Brussels sprouts, and mustard greens. Good
sources are all fresh fruits and vegetables (espe-
C-COMPLEX VITAMINS cially green, leafy vegetables). Early explorers
VITAMIN C (ASCORBIC ACID) learned that, to avoid scurvy, they needed to eat
Taking it to bowel tolerance: Whether in oranges; lemons; limes; berries; or spruce tree
sickness or health, you can always know when needles, as the French explorer Cartier did in 1856.
you are getting too much vitamin C. If your body Functions: Adele Davis said that vitamin C
is saturated with it, the extra will be excreted in the would cure every disease. That may be an over-
bowel. (You will have temporary diarrhea.) So statement; yet she was a deep student of nutrition
you can never take too much. Of course, you need as it relates to disease. Vitamin C is involved in
far greater amounts when you have any kind of all vital functions of the body. Needed for pro-
infection. So, when you are ill, take vitamin C duction of collagen (cell cement), the main
to bowel tolerance (a phrase frequently used protein substance of the body, vitamin C literally
in this Encyclopedia); that is, until it produces a holds your body together. This is because it is the
mild diarrhea effect. Keep in mind that, when you basis of connective tissue, cartilage, tendons, etc.
are sick, it will only be a few hours and you may Vitamin C is also important in the manufac-
need another large dose of vitamin C. The white ture of certain nerve transmitting substances
blood cells use vitamin C to fight and destroy germs and hormones, carnitine synthesis, and the
in the system; so do not be skimpy on C when you absorption and utilization of other nutri-
are ill. tional factors. It is an extremely impor-
Dosage: RDA 75-90 mg / ODA 1,000-3,000
tant antioxidant. It strengthens various im-
mg / TDA 10,000 mg. It is best to always take
mune functions by enhancing white blood-
vitamin C with bioflavonoids; if the amount of
bioflavonoids is equal to or greater than the C, they cell function and activity. It increases in-
help its absorption. terferon levels, antibody responses, and
The officially recommended amount is 75-90 secretion of thymic hormones. It also re-
mg, but far higher amounts are even better. Thera- sists chemical stress factors, such as water
peutically, vitamin C is given in doses of 1,000 to and air pollutants. It is needed by adrenal
10,000 mg a day. In acute poisoning, give 1,000- and thyroid glands; and it protects against
2,000 mg (preferably by injection) every 1 or 2 all types of stress, physical and mental. It is a
3 3

W The Healing Power of Vitamin C 3


1 natural antibiotic. Wonderful in dealing with fe- magnesium are needed for vitamin C assimila-
vers and infections. Used for gastrointestinal tion. Vitamin C works closely with other nutri-
3 problems and treating rattlesnake bites. Coun- tional antioxidants, especially vitamin E, sele-
teracts poisonous effects of drugs. Extremely nium, and beta-carotene. When a combination
helpful in treating asthma and other allergies, of antioxidants is given, the patient can more
atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, high blood easily deal with cancer. Vitamin C increases the
pressure, cataracts, Parkinsons disease, skin absorption of iron, decreases the absorption
ulcers, wound healing, and pregnancy-related of copper, and interferes with the blood test for
conditions. It overcomes cadmium poisoning. vitamin B12.
Cancer patients should be urged to take lots of Cautions: You cannot get too much vita-
vitamin C. A book could be written on what min C; the unneeded amount will cause slight
vitamin C is able to do in your body to help diarrhea and be expelled. Exposure to air de-
you. It is vital in the treatment of a lengthy list stroys vitamin C; so it is important to eat fresh
of physical disorders and diseases. foods as quickly as possible. Fresh, sliced cu-
Types of supplements. Vitamin C from the cumbers lose 49% of their C content within 3
health-food store comes in several forms: pow- hours. A sliced, uncovered cantaloupe in the
ders, crystals, capsules, tablets, and time-re- refrigerator loses 35% within 24 hours. There
lease tablets. Ascorbic acid is the most widely is the possibility of rebound scurvy, which
used and least expensive form. It is usually are physical problems caused by suddenly
made from corn. Buffered vitamin C has so- stopping high (500 mg or more) daily dosages.
dium, magnesium, calcium, or potassium in it This can especially be a concern to pregnant
in order to reduce the immediate acidity of the women; so they should terminate its use slowly.
vitamin C in the mouth and stomach. But so- Research does not support the theory that high
dium ascorbate may not be good for you; since C intake causes calcium oxalate kidney stones.
it is best to not eat much sodium. Then there is Pollutants (such as cigarette smoke) increase
corn-free vitamin C, made from the sago the need for vitamin C intake.
palm. This also works well, and is for those
who have problems eating corn products. Es- SECTION THREE
ter-C is a new, more expensive product which, RECENT RESEARCH FINDINGS
it is claimed, absorbs more easily. However, tests ON VITAMIN C
reveal that this claim is not correct. Taking
In this report, we will examine recent stud-
supplements containing vitamin C and
ies supporting the efficacy of high-dose vita-
bioflavonoids would be helpful; except that
min C in preventing and fighting infections,
most do not contain enough bioflavonoids to
improving endothelial function, reducing heart
increase absorption of the vitamin. The level
attack risk, promoting longevity, and enhanc-
of bioflavonoids needs to be equal to or greater
ing cancer survival.
than the C content. For most people, plain as-
There is now abundant evidence in support
corbic acid is the best; by far it is the least
of the benefits of high-dose vitamin C for car-
expensive and with research-proven effective-
diovascular health, in addition to its well-docu-
mented roles in boosting immune health and
Deficiency symptoms: Soft gums (pyor-
fighting infections.
rhea), tooth decay, skin hemorrhages, anemia,
Although easily overlooked and long taken
slow healing of sores and wounds, capillary
for granted, high-dose vitamin C is something
weakness, premature aging, deterioration in
of a wonder food.
collagen, thyroid insufficiency. Also reduced
Definitive new research findings strongly at-
resistance to infections, toxic effects of drugs,
and environmental poisons. The classic symp- test to vitamin Cs ability to help prevent coro-
toms of scurvy are bleeding gums, poor wound nary heart disease, improve survival follow-
healing, and extensive bruising; also there is ing cardiac events, and reduce the complica-
susceptibility to infections, hysteria, and de- tions of heart attack. Furthermore, vitamin C
pression. is a potent antioxidant capable of protecting
Interactions: Bioflavonoids, calcium, and blood vessels from atherosclerotic damage;
4 4

4 Waymarks
and substantial levels of vitamin C definitely developing life-threatening infections. In this at-
affect both survival and cardiovascular health. risk population, daily supplementation with up
Vitamin Cs health-boosting benefits go far to 1,000 mg of vitamin C and the mineral, zinc,
beyond fighting the common cold and flu. In greatly reduced the likelihood of developing po-
fact, nutritional scientists have discovered that tentially deadly pneumonia, malaria, and in-
this potent antioxidant is crucial in supporting fection-related diarrhea (8). In addition, sup-
the health of the cardiovascular system, kid- plementation with vitamin C improved out-
neys, bones, respiratory system, and more. comes even when infections had already oc-
Vitamin C suppresses cell damage and promotes curred. The authors of this study suggested that
immune health. vitamin C helps strengthen childrens resistance
Dr. Linus Pauling noted that vitamin C is a to infectious organisms. Based on these find-
critically important water-soluble antioxidant ings, it is vital that young children receive ap-
because it protects proteins and lipids from propriate supplementation with vitamin C.
free radical damage associated with infection, Vitamin C helps to lengthen life span. Vita-
intensive exercise, and other stressors that can min Cs multifaceted effects in protecting against
injure cells (1-3). These very properties make cardiovascular disease may be partly respon-
vitamin C a valuable agent for improving im- sible for the strong association between opti-
mune function. By suppressing oxidative mal vitamin C intake and increased life span.
stress, vitamin C increases the life span of im- For example, in a major study of more than
mune cells and reduces infection-related cel- 19,000 adults aged 45-79, subjects with the
lular damage (4-7). This bolsters the immune lowest plasma levels of vitamin C were twice as
systems ability to fend off a broad range of in- likely to die over the course of four years com-
fectious agents. pared to those with the highest levels (15).
Interestingly, research has clearly demon- Furthermore, rates of death from all causes and
strated that, during times of infection, con- from cardiovascular disease decreased as vita-
centrations of vitamin C are rapidly depleted min C levels increased across the entire range
in the blood and in white blood cells. Scien- of plasma vitamin C levels. Even controlling for
tists have found that supplementation with vi- age, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, cigarette
tamin C improves several important parameters smoking, diabetes, and supplement use, a rise
of immune function. Therefore, supplementing in plasma vitamin C concentration equivalent
with vitamin C during infection may protect to that of one fruit or vegetable serving daily
immune cells and strengthen their ability to fight was associated with about a 20% reduction in
infectious pathogens (8). risk of death from all causes.
Vitamin C helps prevent and fight infec- Similarly, a 10-year study from UCLA
tions. Vitamin C speeds recovery from infec- showed that in a population of more than
tions; but, more important, it may also help to 11,000 U.S. adults aged 25-74, men who took
prevent the onset of infections. Study after study 800 mg of vitamin C daily lived about six years
has shown that vitamin C can dramatically re- longer than men who took only 60 mg of vita-
duce infection time as well as boost ones resis- min C daily (16). Even after controlling for
tance to infections. For example, studies of vi- smoking, education, race, diseases, and other
tamin C supplementation in military person- factors affecting survival, higher vitamin C in-
nel and other subjects living in close quarters take in men still predicted lower mortality. In-
have shown that pneumonia occurred a remark- creased vitamin C intake was likewise associ-
able 80%-100% less often in subjects taking ated with greater longevity in women. Higher
vitamin C than in those who did not supple- vitamin C intake reduced cardiovascular deaths
ment with the vitamin (9). by 42% in men and 25% in women.
Similar protection against the onset of in- Rupturing of atherosclerotic plaque (fatty
fection has been observed in children in de- buildup) in the artery wall can have fatal con-
veloping countries who are highly vulnerable to sequences, including sudden death from a heart
Continued on the next tract
The Healing Power of Vitamin C

Continued from the preceding tract in this series Vitamin C may even have an important role
attack. Animal studies suggest that chronic vi- to play in the ongoing global battle to contain
tamin C deficiency contributes to the forma- the ubiquitous HIV virus (19-21). For example,
M tion of unstable arterial plaque that is more laboratory experiments indicate that high con-
likely to lead to life-threatening cardiovascular centrations of vitamin C are preferentially toxic
5 events (17). This association suggests yet an- to HIV-infected cells, thereby promoting their
4 other example of how vitamin Cs cardio- destruction while sparing uninfected immune
protective benefits may contribute to longer, cells (21). In other laboratory studies of hu-
healthier life spans. man immune cells, vitamin C helped suppress
Vitamin C intake has been found to speed the HIV virus (19). Moreover, in a clinical study
resolution of upper respiratory tract infections of HIV-infected patients, subjects with advanced
in young people. Students who supplemented immune deficiency who supplemented with high
with hourly doses of 1,000 mg of vitamin C for doses of vitamin C and the potent antioxidant
six hours and then three times daily thereafter N-acetylcysteine exhibited significant improve-
exhibited an extraordinary 85% decrease in cold ments in several measures of immune system
and flu symptoms compared to those who took function (20).
pain relievers and decongestants for their in- Vitamin C helps prevent and fight infection
fectious symptoms (10). by strengthening the bodys natural defenses
These benefits of improved healing are not against disease-causing pathogens. This is un-
limited to children and young adults. Elderly contested. Less recognizedbut perhaps
patients that were hospitalized with pneumo- equally importantare the many other ways in
nia or bronchitis showed substantial improve- which vitamin C supports optimal health.
ment following supplementation with vitamin Vitamin C protects the heart. There is in-
C (11). In a study of women with nonspecific creased research showing that higher vitamin
vaginal infection, locally administered vitamin C levels protect against cardiovascular disease,
C significantly improved symptoms and led to Americas leading cause of premature death.
a reduction in bacterial count (12). Vitamin C may help support the heart and vas-
Vitamin Cs strength in countering bacterial cular system by protecting against endothelial
infection was further demonstrated in a study dysfunction, preventing heart attacks, and
of the dangerous breed of bacteria, known as countering the dangerous oxidation of blood
Helicobacter pylori or H. pylori. Chronic infec- lipids.
tion of the stomach with H. pylori contributes Scientists now know that one of the insti-
to gastritis, stomach ulcers, and even deadly gating factors in cardiovascular disease is the
gastric cancer (13). In an epidemiological study, insidious process known as endothelial dys-
however, high intake of the powerful antioxi- function, in which blood vessel walls become
dants vitamins C and E was associated with an stiffer and less able to dilate in response to the
astounding 90% reduction in the risk of devel- bodys need for increased blood flow.
oping stomach cancer (14). Lending additional While elevated levels of the amino acid ho-
support to these findings is another study show- mocysteine hasten endothelial dysfunction, sci-
ing that infection with H. pylori was a major entists have discovered that pretreatment with
risk factor for gastric cancer in patients with vitamin C (1,000 mg daily for one week) re-
low vitamin C intake, but not in those with high duces oxidative stress and thus protects the
vitamin C intake (18). By protecting against in- delicate vascular endothelium from the dam-
fection with H. pylori, vitamin C may thus help aging effects of elevated homocysteine (22).
to prevent potentially fatal stomach cancer as Similarly, researchers have found that while
well as other painful gastrointestinal complica- eating a meal high in fat temporarily impairs
tions. endothelilal function for up to four hours in
healthy individuals, pretreatment with the anti-
6 6

6 Waymarks
oxidant vitamins C and E prevent this impair- min C intake predicted lower heart disease
ment (23). Scientists have also shown that vita- riskeven after adjusting for age, smoking, and
min C may reduce oxidative stress and subse- other risk factors. A particularly striking find-
quent endothelial dysfunctions (24). ing from this study is that women who did not
In a study of patients with coronary heart use vitamin C supplements but instead ob-
disease, vitamin C enhances the ability of coro- tained vitamin C exclusively from dietary
nary arteries to expand in response to a natu- sources did not experience significant protec-
rally occurring vasodilator (25). tion against heart disease. This led the Harvard
Smokers often have a drastically impaired scientists to conclude that vitamin C supple-
endothelium. Vitamin C has likewise demon- ments alone appeared to decrease the risk of
strated powerful effects against endothelial dys- coronary heart disease.
function caused by smoking. In one trial, sub- Several recent studies suggest that ensur-
jects who received pretreatment with 2,000 mg ing optimal vitamin C status not only protects
of vitamin C had an impressive 59% reduction against cardiovascular disease, but also greatly
in a clinical measure with endothelial dysfunc- lessens the risk of suffering a life-threatening
tion (26). In a similar study, German research- heart attack.
ers found that either short-term vitamin C in- For example, in a Finnish study of middle-
fusion or long-term vitamin C treatment mark- aged men without evidence of pre-existing heart
edly increased blood flow to the heart muscle disease, men who were deficient in vitamin C
in smokers. In this same trial, long-term supple- were 3.5 times more likely to suffer heart at-
mentation with vitamin C also increased blood tacks compared to those who were not deficient
flow to the heart muscle in patients with high in the vitamin, even adjusting for smoking and
blood pressure (27). other pertinent risk factors. This lead the re-
How does vitamin C protect endothelial searchers to propose that vitamin C deficiency,
cells? Although its precise mechanisms of ac- as assessed by low plasma concentration, is a
tion are not yet fully understood, researchers risk factor for heart attack (32).
have discovered that vitamin C, at high doses, In another study, subjects in the highest
activates an enzyme that may be involved in quartile of vitamin C intake had a stunning 80%
reducing the oxidative stress that can contrib- lower risk of heart attack compared to those
ute to endothelial dysfunction (28). in the lowest quartile (33). Moreover, a British
Several recent studies confirm vitamin Cs study found that plasma vitamin C concentra-
strong protective effects against cardiovascu- tions were dramatically lower in men who had
lar disease. In one trial, men in the highest third just suffered their first acute heart attack than
of vitamin C intake had a remarkable 66% lower in apparently healthy volunteers (34).
risk of coronary heart disease than men in the Maintaining optimal vitamin C levels may
lowest thirdeven after controlling for various thus provide powerful protection against po-
cardiovascular risk factors (29). This result is tentially fatal heart attacks.
all the more striking because many of the men In addition to helping prevent heart attacks,
studied were smokers. vitamin C may also reduce damage to the cru-
In a meta-analysis of studies that followed cial heart muscle following a heart attack and
subjects for more than 10 years, the use of vi- decrease the incidence of further cardiovascu-
tamin C supplements containing at least 700 lar events.
mg of ascorbic acid reduced risk of coronary For example, in a large study of patients
artery disease by 25% (30). And in the largest, who had suffered an acute heart attack, supple-
longest study to examine the association be- menting with high doses of vitamins C (1200
tween vitamin C intake and heart disease risk, mg daily) and E (600 mg daily for one month)
women who used vitamin C supplements had a significantly reduced the combined rate of
28% reduction in coronary heart disease com- death, new heart attack, and other severe
pared to women who did not supplement with complications by about 20%. The researchers
the vitamin (31). In this massive Harvard Medi- speculated that these potent antioxidants may
cal School study, which followed more than have helped to mitigate oxidative damage to
85,000 female nurses for 16 years, higher vita- the heart muscle caused by the heart attack
7 7

The Healing Power of Vitamin C 7
1 (35). regulation (54-57). Vitamin C may confer other
4 After an acute heart attack, the heart mus- additional benefits to heart disease patients
4 cles failure to pump blood effectively may through its effects in supporting healthy body
cause dangerously low blood pressure, a con- weight (58-61).
dition known as cardiogenic shock. Blood Vitamin C increases cancer survival. In bat-
concentrations of vitamin C and other critical tling cancer, some patients invariably exhaust
antioxidants are diminished in patients with car- all available treatment optionssuch as drugs,
diogenic shock, suggesting that the heart muscle surgery, and radiation. Scientists are now in-
uses these antioxidants to counteract oxidative vestigating nutritional remedies that may ben-
damage (36). Depletion of antioxidants (includ- efit such patients. Researchers recently reported
ing vitamin C) is also associated with failure that administering high-dose, intravenous vi-
to restore coronary blood flow following an tamin C to several patients with advanced ter-
acute heart attack (37). minal-stage cancer led to unexpectedly long
Several studies suggest that treatment with survival times. While further studies are needed,
vitamin C, given alone or in combination with these findings support earlier reports showing
vitamin E, may reduce complications and im- that high-dose vitamin C, administered either
prove outcome after an acute heart attack. Vi- orally or intravenously, helped improve symp-
tamin C may provide several benefits in this toms and prolong life in cancer patients (47).
setting, such as improving electrical conduc- Avoids kidney damage. Kidney impairment
tion throughout the heart muscle (38), lower- is exceedingly common, often undetected, and
ing levels of clotting factors that increase risk may lead to permanent damage of the kidneys
for stroke (39), reducing oxidative stress and filtering apparatus. Nutritional scientists report
inflammation, and preventing detrimental that vitamin C may help prevent or halt the
changes in heart shape and function (40). progression of kidney impairment related to
Research shows that vitamin C also helps scarring of the kidneys blood vessels. This
increase exercise tolerance after an acute heart finding may be particularly important for dia-
attack (41). In one study, taking 2,000 mg of betics who are especially prone to this type of
supplemental vitamin C before exercise helped kidney damage (48).
improve exercise capability. Scientists believe Helps asthmatics. Cases of asthma have dra-
that vitamin C helps relieve oxidative stress- matically increased in recent years. Scientists
related damage to the sympathetic nervous sys- have observed that adults with chronic asthma
tem following a heart attack. are frequently deficient in vitamin C; asthma-
One type of damage that occurs after an acute free subjects, by contrast, demonstrate healthy
heart attack is ischemia-reperfusion injury, in levels of vitamin C. Optimizing vitamin C sta-
which areas of the heart muscle with blood sup- tus in those prone to asthma could thus be
ply being cut off are damaged when blood flow crucial to supporting their freedom from this
is restored. This type of injury is also associ- debilitating condition (49).
ated with angina chest pain caused by coro- Helps build healthy bones. Yet another ben-
nary heart disease, and may contribute to aging efit of vitamin C appears to be its ability to
and vascular disease (42). Because this type of increase bone density. Scientists recently cor-
cellular injury is thought to be caused by free related increased dietary intake of fruit rich in
radical damage, antioxidants such as vitamin vitamin C with greater bone mineral density in
C may be protective, as demonstrated in a score both younger and older people (50). This find-
of animal studies (43-46). ing lends support to earlier reports, that vita-
Clinical and experimental research suggests min C intake is associated with markers of in-
that vitamin C may protect against other dis- creased bone formation and that its intake from
eases of the heart and blood vessels, including adolescence onward may play an important role
atrial fibrillation (irregular heart beat that in- in helping to prevent osteoporosis (51).
creases the risk of stroke), dilated cardiomy- Fights herpes simplex infection. The her-
opathy (an enlarged, weakened heart), conges- pes simplex virus can lead to recurring, painful
tive heart failure, and impaired blood flow lesions of the skin and mucous membranes.
8 8

8 Waymarks
Researchers have reported that nutritional thera- to note that vitamin C may share some com-
pies, including vitamin C, may help to speed mon mechanisms of action with statin drugs,
the resolution of herpes simplex lesions and and deserves further investigation of its role in
prevent their recurrence (52). treating coronary heart disease (69).
Prevents abnormal heart rhythm. Many peo- Additional research suggests that adminis-
ple are affected by atrial fibrillation, a heart tering an extract of citrus fruit along with vita-
rhythm abnormality that increases the risk of min C may boost vitamin Cs ability to com-
stroke. Researchers have proposed that oxida- bat lipid oxidation and promote healthy blood
tive stress may play a part in this abnormality, lipid levels. While rich in vitamin C, citrus ex-
thus suggesting a therapeutic role for antioxi- tract also contains health-promoting compounds,
dants. Exciting preliminary studies suggest that known as flavonoids; and the combination of
vitamin C may help avert atrial fibrillation, vitamin C and citrus flavonoids may be more
possibly through its ability to help quench oxi- beneficial than either agent alone in support-
dative stress (53). ing cardiovascular health (70).
Reduces dangers of blood lipids. Scientists REFERENCES CITED
long ago discovered that high levels of low-den- 1. Hemila H. Vitamin C supplementation and
sity lipoprotein (LDL) are important predic- the common cold. Was Linus Pauling right or
tors of coronary heart disease risk. The chemi- wrong? Int J Vitam Nutr Res. 1997;67(5):329-35.
cal state of these lipids, however, also affects 2. Davison G, Gleeson M. Influence of acute vi-
risk. For example, a recent report showed that tamin C and/or carbohydrate ingestion on hormonal
cytokine, and immune responses to prolonged exer-
LDL oxidation increased risk for coronary
cise. Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 2005
heart disease by an astonishing 14-fold, espe- Oct;15(5):465-79.
cially in patients 60 years of age or younger (62). 3. Hemila H. Vitamin C and common cold inci-
Chemical testing indicates that high doses of dence: a review of studies with subjects that are
vitamin C can block dangerous blood lipid oxi- under heavy physical stress. Int J Sports Med. 1996
dation by about 75% (63). Jul;17(5):379-83.
Research findings show that daily supple- 4. Eguchi M, Miyazaki T, Masatsuji-Kato E, et
mentation with a mixture of vitamin C and other al. Cytoprotection against ischemia-induced DNA
cleavages and cell injuries in the rat liver by provi-
antioxidant nutrients can reduce lipid peroxi- tamin C via hydrolytic conversion into ascorbate.
dation following a heart attack, suggesting that Mol Cell Biochem. 2003 Oct;252(1-2):17-23.
antioxidant supplements may be valuable for 5. Furumoto K, Inoue E, Nagao N, Hiyama E,
patients with a history of cardiovascular dis- Miwa N. Age-dependent telomere shortening is
ease (64). One analysis suggests that vitamin C slowed down by enrichment of intracellular vita-
may in fact be even more beneficial than other min C via suppression of oxidative stress. Life Sci.
commonly used antioxidants in protecting
6. Loguercio C, Cuomo A, Tuccillo C, et al. The
against lipid oxidation (65).
liver in patients with HCV-related chronic hepati-
In animal studies, vitamin C deficiency has tis. J Viral Hepat. 2003 Jul;10(4):266-70.
been linked to high cholesterol; and high doses 7. Yokoo S, Furumoto K, Hiyama E, Miwa N.
of vitamin C have been shown to promote the Slow-down of age-dependent telomere shortening
breakdown of cholesterol. Thus, in animals, is executed in human skin keratinocytes by effects
vitamin C helps to lower blood cholesterol. of trace hydrogen peroxide or by anti-oxidative ef-
While further studies are needed to assess fects of provitamin C in common concurrently with
reduction of intracellular oxidative stress. J Cell
whether these intriguing effects may hold true
Biochem. 2004 Oct 15;93(3):588-97.
in humans (66-68), a study from 2005 showed
8. Wintergerst ES, Maggini S, Hornig DH. Im-
that, like cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, vi- mune-enhancing role of vitamin C and zinc and ef-
tamin C reduced the activation of receptors that fect on clinical conditions. Ann Nutr Metab.
are involved in arterial wall inflammation, a cru- 2006;50(2):85-94.
cial step in triggering the formation of athero- 9. Hemila H. Vitamin C supplementation and
sclerotic plaque. This finding led the scientists respiratory infections: a systematic review. Mil Med.

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The Healing Power of Vitamin C

Continued from the preceding tract in this series 28;272(9):5814-20.

2004 Nov;169(11):920-5. 22. Chambers JC, McGregor A, Jean-Marie J,
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toms of virus-induced respiratory infections. J Ma-
min C therapy. Circulation. 1999 Mar
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24. Kinugawa S, Post H, Kaminski PM, et al.
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Reprod Biol. 2004 Nov 10;117(1):70-5.
ter acute pressure overload in the conscious dog
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matopoietic cell lines. J Biol Chem. 1997 Feb
10 10

10 Waymarks
1997 Mar 1;314(7081):634-8. 45. Eguchi M, Monden K, Miwa N. Role of MAPK
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jury caused by ischemia/reperfusion of the lower ex- Dietary supplement with vitamin C prevents ni-
tremities of rats. Ann Vasc Surg. 2006 Jan;20(1):49- trate tolerance. J Clin Invest. 1998 Jul 1;102(1):67-
11 11

The Healing Power of Vitamin C 11
1 71. 1907 May 20, 1984) was an American medi-
59. Watanabe H, Kakihana M, Ohtsuka S, Su- cal researcher and doctor in general practice in
5 gishita Y. Randomized, double-blind, placebo-con- Reidsville, North Carolina. From the 1940s on
trolled study of the preventive effect of supplemen- he experimented with the use of vitamin C
tal oral vitamin C on attenuation of development of
nitrate tolerance. J Am Coll Cardiol. 1998
megadosage as a therapy for a wide range of
May;31(6):1323-9. illnesses, most notably polio. He authored 27
60. Johnston CS. Strategies for healthy weight research papers during his career. He was one
loss: from vitamin C to the glycemic response. J of the originators of orthomolecular medicine,
Am Coll Nutr. 2005 Jun;24(3):158-65. but his work remains largely unaddressed by
61. Canoy D, Wareham N, Welch A, et al. Plasma established medicine. Klenner is the subject
ascorbic acid concentrations and fat distribu- mentioned or referred to in a number of ortho-
tion in 19,068 British men and women in the molecular medicine related papers and articles.
European Prospective Investigation into Cancer
Born in Pennsylvania, Klenner graduated from
and Nutrition Norfolk cohort study. Am J Clin
Nutr. 2005 Dec;82(6):1203-9. Duke University, School of Medicine in 1936. After
62. Tsimikas S, Brilakis ES, Miller ER, et al. three years of hospital training, he entered private
Oxidized phospholipids, Lp(a) lipoprotein, and coro- medical practice in Reidsville, North Carolina. He
nary artery disease. N Engl J Med. 2005 Jul continued to work there all his life.
7;353(1):46-57. In 1946, in Reidsville, North Carolina, he deliv-
63. Chu YF, Liu RH. Novel low-density lipopro- ered the Fultz Quadruplets, the worlds first re-
tein (LDL) oxidation model: antioxidant capacity corded set of identical black quadruplets and the
for the inhibition of LDL oxidation. J Agric Food first quadruplets to survive in the Southern United
Chem. 2004 Nov 3;52(22):6818-23.
States. He subsequently brokered a corporate
64. Nagyova A, Krajcovicova-Kudlackova M, Hor-
adoption by Pet Milk, a Saint Louis dairy, which
ska A, et al. Lipid peroxidation in men after dietary
supplementation with a mixture of antioxidant nu- provided a foster home, foster care, living expenses,
trients. Bratisl Lek Listy. 2004;105(7-8):277-80. a 147-acre (0.59 km2) farm, clothes, medical and
65. Cobbold CA, Sherratt JA, Maxwell SR. Li- dental care in return for promotional rights. All
poprotein oxidation and its significance for ath- were born under Klenners noteworthy high vita-
erosclerosis: a mathematical approach. Bull Math min C maternity regimen for over 300 births.
Biol. 2002 Jan;64(1):65-95. His main subspecialty was diseases of the
66. Ginter E. Ascorbic acid in cholesterol and chest; but he became interested in the use of
bile acid metabolism. Ann NY Acad Sci. 1975 Sept
very large doses of vitamin C in the treatment
of a wide range of illnesses. Many of his experi-
67. Hornig D, Weiser H. Ascorbic acid and cho-
lesterol: effect of graded oral intakes on choles-
ments were performed on himself. In 1948, he
terol conversion to bile acids in guinea pigs. published his first paper on the use of large
Experientia. 1976 Jun 15;32(6):687-9. doses of vitamin C in the treatment of virus
68. Turley SD, West CE, Horton BJ. The role of diseases.
ascorbic acid in the regulation of cholesterol me- In 1949, Klenner published and presented a
tabolism and in the pathogenesis of arthero- paper to the American Medical Association, that
sclerosis. Atherosclerosis. 1976 Jul;24(1-2):1-18. detailed the complete cure of 60 out of 60 of his
69. Kaul D, Baba MI. Genomic effect of vitamin patients with polio, using intravenous sodium
C and statins within human mononuclear cells
ascorbate injections. Galloway and Seifert cited
involved in atherogenic process. Eur J Clin Nutr.
2005 Aug;59(8):978-81. Klenners presentation to the AMA in a paper of
70. Vinson JA, Jang J. In vitro and in vivo lipo- theirs. Generally, he gave 350 to 700 mg per
protein antioxidant effect of a citrus extract and kilogram body weight per day.
ascorbic acid on normal and hypercholesterolemic He described giving up to 300,000 milli-
human subjects. J Med Food. 2001;4(4):187-92. grams (mg) per day of neutral pH sodium
ascorbate. This is a form of vitamin C which is
SECTION FOUR not acid. Klenner published 27 medical papers.
Most of these were about vitamin C applica-
tions for over 30 diseases; two were about
treatment of severe neuropathies, including
INTRODUCTION multiple sclerosis, using aggressive supplemen-
Frederick Robert Klenner (October 22, tation (8). He wrote a 27th paper approximately
12 12

12 Waymarks
in 1980, an unpublished update about MS treat- Diseases and Toxins. Xlibris. ISBN 1401069630.
ment. It was posthumously summarized by Riordan HD (1989): Medical Mavericks. Bio-
Lendon Smith in the Clinical Guide to the Use Communications, Inc. ISBN 0942333098.
of Vitamin C.
Lendon Smiths summary, which reviews all SECTION FIVE
27 research papers on vitamin C by Dr. Klenner, THE CLINICAL EXPERIENCES OF
immediately follows this introductory biogra- FREDERICK R. KLENNER, M.D.,
Dr. Klenners maxim: The patient should get ANNOTATED BY
large doses of vitamin C in all pathological LENDON H. SMITH, M.D.
conditions while the physician ponders the [The present editor has placed key points
diagnosis. in bold type and added some bracketed mate-
He inspired Linus Pauling and Irwin Stone to rial for additional clarification. vf]
expand the research on the wider benefits of vita- PREFACE BY DR. SMITH
min C. In the foreword of the Clinical Guide, Linus After Frederick Klenner died in 1984, his
Pauling wrote: The early papers by Dr. Fred R. friend (and mine), Arthur Rybeck, a nutrition-
Klenner provide much information about the use ally oriented dentist practicing in Wheeling, West
of large doses of vitamin C in preventing and Virginia, asked if I would be interested in going
treating many diseases. These papers are still over the 27 papers Klenner had written from
important. the early 1940s to the early 1970s. The whole
SOME OF KLENNERS PUBLICATIONS idea would be to let the world know how thought-
Fred R. Klenner, M.D. (1948): Virus Pneumo- ful and careful a researcher he was, and to en-
nia and Its Treatment with Vitamin C. courage others to continue his work. If a com-
Klenner, Frederick Robert, MD. (1949): The pendium of vitamin C and other nutritional
Treatment of Poliomyelitis and Other Virus Dis- therapies could be compiled from the pub-
eases with Vitamin C.
lished work of Dr. Klenner, maybe we could
Fred R. Klenner, M.D. (1953): The Use of Vita-
get more traditional medicine-oriented doc-
min C as an Antibiotic.
tors to use his methods for the relief of sick-
Klenner, F. (1971): Significance of High Daily
Intake of Ascorbic Acid in Preventive Medicine.
ness and suffering.
Journal of the International Academy of Preven- Standard doctors tend to believe studies and
tive Medicine, Spring 1974. Volume 1, Number 1, reports if published, but tend to disbelieve hear-
pp. 45-69. say stories about treatments that patients have read
Klenner, Frederick Robert, MD, F.C.C.P. (winter in a health newsletter.
1971): Observations on the Dose and Adminis- I have used Dr. Klenners methods on hun-
tration of Ascorbic Acid When Employed Beyond dreds of patients. He is right. It helps almost
the Range of a Vitamin. Human Pathology Jour-
every condition and situation; and my failures
nal of Applied Nutrition. Vol. 23, Nos. 3 & 4.
were due to inadequate amounts.
Klenner F. (1973): Response of Peripheral and
Central Nerve Pathology to Megadoses of the Vi- The timing of such a paper might be most ap-
tamin B Complex and Other Metabolites. Journ. propriate. Doctors are suffering from low public
of Applied Nutrition. pp. 16-40. esteem because they are perceived to be money-
OTHER SOURCES grabbing and mistake-laden. This would be a sci-
Robert Landwehr: The Origin of the 42-Year entifically documented therapy (from the medi-
Stonewall of Vitamin C. J Othomolecular Med, cal literature) for a variety of conditions: car-
2002. Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 99-103. diovascular, allergies, infections, malabsorp-
Saul AW: Hidden in Plain Sight: The Pioneer- tion, and even AIDS, for which prescription
ing Work of Frederick Robert Klenner, M.D. J drugs may be hazardous. Now the doctors can
Orthomolecular Med, 2007. Vol. 22, No. 1, pp. say, We have a safe, reasonably natural way of
treating your condition that is fairly cheap. We
Levy, Thomas E. (2002): Vitamin C Infectious
might just keep you out of the hospital.

Continued on the next tract

The Healing Power of Vitamin C

Continued from the preceding tract in this series vitamin C.

That last part might make the insurance car- GENERAL REMARKS
riers perk up their ears. The patients might dash Dr. Klenner believed in the healing power
M back to the doctors offices because the word is of nature; he believed that natural remedies
getting out that doctors are helping people without could enhance that power and were safer and
5 side effects. Also notice the dates on these articles usually more effective than drugs. Hippocrates
6 and references. These things were known decades said, Of several remedies the physician should
ago. choose the least sensational. Vitamin C fills
Take this booklet to your M.D. and suggest that that criterion.
he read about these documented studies. Take Dr. In 1948, he published his first paper on the
E. Cheraskins Vitamin C Connection along for use of large doses of vitamin C in the treatment of
further documentation. If your doctor doesnt know, virus diseases. In 1960, he realized, Every head
how can he help you? cold must be considered as a probable source
FOREWORD of brain pathology. Hold on to this thought; it
BY LINUS PAULING, PH.D. is significant for the understanding of diseases
The early papers by Dr. Fred R. Klenner pro- like multiple sclerosis. He also feltas do Archie
vide much information about the use of large Kalikarinos and Glen Dettman of Australiathat
doses of vitamin C in preventing and treating the dreaded Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
many diseases. These papers are still important. was basically a vitamin C deficiency.
Dr. Lendon Smith has done a valuable service in His maxim: The patient should get large
making the work of Dr. Klenner available to the doses of vitamin C in all pathological condi-
public. tions while the physician ponders the diagno-
We have misled ourselves with the mistaken
I have before me the published words of
notion that all C was supposed to do was keep us
Frederick Robert Klenner, B.S., M.S., M.D., F.C.C.P.,
from scurvy. If, however, we base our needs on
F.A.A.F.P. He graduated from Duke University,
the amounts other mammals manufacture with
School of Medicine back in 1936. After three years
their intact enzyme systems, it comes to 2-4
of hospital training, he entered the private practice
grams daily in the unstressed condition. Under
of medicine in Reidsville, North Carolina. His main
stress, 70 kg of rats make 15 grams of vitamin
subspecialty was diseases of the chest; but he be-
C [Burns, Salomon, Conney].
came interested in the use of massive doses of
We are willing to accept the premise that some
vitamin C in the treatment of virus diseases and
of us are born with genetic defects that lead to prob-
other illnesses as well. He inspired Linus Pauling
lems that can be somewhat controlled with diet and
and Irwin Stone to expand the research on the great
supplements (i.e. phenylketonuria, galactosemia,
benefits of vitamin C. Dr. Klenner died in 1984.
alkaptonuria, and pernicious anemia). Cant we
What follows is a review, an abbreviation, a
accept the fact that we all have a genetic deficiency
summary, and a critique of the 27 scientific pa-
of the enzyme, l-gulonolactone oxidase, and have
pers he wrote. In the light of the recent develop-
to take vitamin C for health, even for life? [Burns,
ments and research in the use of vitamin C, it is
essential that the roots of its usage be reviewed.
Irwin Stone calls this human genetic lack,
Briefly, vitamin C does attenuate most virus
this inability, hypoascorbemia.
infections by aiding the production of inter-
The point that Dr. Klenner is making: The
feron. It controls many cancers, relieves some
physiological requirements in man are no dif-
depression, modifies much pain, and changes
ferent from other mammals capable of carrying
the course of many diseases (like multiple scle-
out this syntheses. If one is anemic due to poor
rosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), spi-
iron intake, is it cheating to swallow iron tablets
der bites, the bites of poisonous insects and
for a while? If you are hypoascorbemic because
reptiles. The watchword is, If in doubt, give
14 14

14 Waymarks
you cannot manufacture vitamin C from sugar, It dehydrates the brain and the spinal cord
extra glucose in your diet will not help; you need safely.
to take vitamin C. It supports and normalizes the stressed ad-
He reports that one of the Pilgrim Fathers wrote renal glands.
to a friend in England in 1621: Bring juice of It preserves the lining of the central canal,
lemon, and take it fasting. It is of good use. and maintains more regular spacing and less
Folklore has revealed to us what natural rem- crowding of ependymal cells (surface cells of the
edies have been helpful and even curative. We have spinal cord).
been lured into the trap of modern medicine which Ascorbic acid enters all cells. It proceeds
prescribes a drug for every condition. But consider to take up the protein coats being manufac-
acerola: Puerto Rican legend has it that if the tree tured by the virus nucleic acid, thus prevent-
bearing this fruit is in ones backyard, colds will ing the assembly of new virus units. Cells ex-
not enter the front door. This fruit bears 30 times pand, rupture, and die; but there are no virus
the amount of C in oranges. Dr. Klenner credits particles available to enter and infect new cells.
[the herb] Boneset with the health of the Klenner If a virus has invaded a cell, the vitamin C con-
family during the great influenza pandemic of tributes to its breakdown to adenosine deami-
1918. This plant was made into a tea, bitter but nase, which converts adenosine to inosine. Purines
curative. He assayed the tea for vitamin C; they are formed which are catabolized (broken down)
were getting 10-30 grams at a time! and cannot be used to make more virus nucleic
The small amount of vitamin C recom- acid.
mended by the RDA (75 mg-90 mg) is not the Viral nucleic acid has a protein coat which pro-
amount needed to maintain good health. Dr. tects this parasite as it rides the blood or lymph
Klenner quotes Kline and Eheart, who in 1944 re- highway to gain specific cell entry. It is possible that,
alized there are wide variations in the need for if the ascorbic acid can remove that protective pro-
vitamin C in otherwise normal individuals. In tein coat in the bloodstream or in the cells, the white
1945, Jolliffe suggested that the optimum require- cell phagocytes and immune globulin could then
ments might be more than 10 times the small neutralize these vulnerable virus particles.
doses recommended. I like this from Dr. Klenner: Ascorbic acid also
Scurvy develops slowly. Crandon, in 1940, joins with the available virus protein, making a new
found that the vitamin C level of the blood plasma macromolecule which acts as the repressor fac-
fell to zero for 90 days before there was obvious tor. Multiplication of new virus bodies are inhib-
clinical evidence; this was as long as 132 days be- ited.
fore the first signs appeared. He summarizes the study of Lojkin (1937), who
HOW IT WORKS discovered the inactivation of one virus was due to
How does vitamin C work? a specific intermediate product formed in the
As an oxidizing agent, massive amounts (i.e., course of the oxidation of C but needed the stimu-
5-150 grams, intravenously, for certain patho- lation of copper ions. It is a peroxide; and it is de-
logical conditions), if allowed to run in rapidly composed as rapidly as it is formed. This study
(20 gauge needle), act as a Flash Oxidizer and indicates why vitamin C works better in the body
may correct the condition in minutes. It can be a and not the test tube. Every function of the body
reducing agent. It neutralizes toxins, viruses, and requires enzymes, some vitamins, and some
histamine. The more serious the condition, the minerals to act as coenzymes. If enough vita-
more C is required. min C is supplied, the enzyme system that
It appears that vitamin C acts as a reduc- breaks down, invading viruses and bacteria,
ing agent, an oxidizing agent, an anticlotting will be able to do its job properly.
agent, an antihistamine, and as an anti-infec- Quote by Dr. Klenner: Unless the white
tive agent. blood cells are saturated with ascorbic acid,
they are like soldiers without bullets.
Klenner summarized the function of C Vitamin C in vitro at body temperature
in poliomyelitis: inactivates certain toxins at an unbelievable
Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) destroys the po- rate. Back in 1938 some researchers [Klegler]
lio virus. placed vitamin C in test tubes with toxins. After
15 15

The Healing Power of Vitamin C 15
1 incubation for 48 hours, the toxins were not rus would show petechial hemorrhages (small
4 lethal to mice when injected. The more toxin in leaks of blood into the skin [because the capil-
6 the tube, the faster the C disappears. lary walls become thinner]) when a tourniquet
The rate of disappearance of the C in toxin was applied in order to increase venous back-
and ordinary broth was more striking the greater pressure. Capillary weakness is a sign of low
the concentration of vitamin C. Dr. Klenner con- levels of vitamin C. Sugar in the urine, asso-
cluded: The degree of neutralization in a virus in- ciated with the petechiae, disappeared when ad-
fection will be in proportion to the concentration equate serum levels of vitamin C were ob-
of the vitamin and the length of time which it is tained.
employed. It is known that vitamin C regulates the inter-
This has been Dr. Klenners main complaint: cellular substance of the capillary wall. The col-
Failure to benefit from vitamin C use is usually lagen of all fibrous tissue structures is depen-
due to inadequate amounts being used for too dent on an adequate level of vitamin C. Increased
short a period of time. capillary fragility is observed in individuals when the
Vitamin C combines directly with the toxin/ blood level of C drops to 1 mg per liter. These weak
virus [toxic substance or virus, whichever it may capillary walls may allow a simple virus to invade
be]. This new compound is oxidized by vitamin the brain.
C. As a result, the toxin/virus and the vitamin C In addition, vitamin C acts as catalyst in the
are destroyed. This must be why C has to be assimilation of iron.
continued after the apparent cure. (Ascorbic acid is a necessary coenzyme in the
It acts as a respiratory catalyst, aiding cellu- metabolic oxidation of tyrosine. The latter is nec-
lar respiration by acting as a hydrogen transport. essary to break down protein to a useable amino
The liver has a better chance of detoxifying the acid.)
bloodstream of poisons, toxins, viruses, and Dr. Klenner states, The importance of vitamin
bacteria if the plasma is saturated with vitamin C as an antibiotic and as the precursor of antibody
C. formation lack scientific appreciation because of
Fever, toxins, and bacteria reduce the level its simplicity. [Dr. Klenner is being kind. The medi-
of C. Therefore, Dr. Klenner theorizes, if a high cal community rejects vitamin C as a healing agent
level of C is maintained, all tissues return to because it would heavily reduce the sale of medi-
normal despite the fever and the bacteria; and, cal drugs.] The reluctance of the medical profes-
because of its action as a respiratory catalyst, it sion to employ it in massive doses like antibiotics
enables the body to build up adequate resis- has allowed the appearance of allergies as a ma-
tance to the invader. jor problem. [When vitamin C is given in sufficient
The anaerobic condition in the tissue [lack amounts daily (for example, a level teaspoonful of
of oxygen] is relieved. Acidity is decreased and vitamin C powder twice a day), allergies will disap-
large amounts of Adrenaline disappear. The con- pear.]
striction of the blood vessels ceases; and the Vitamin C is known to be essential for life.
liver and pancreas can receive the proper nu- Dr. Klenner quotes the studies showing that, when
trients to function. vitamin C is given intravenously to patients with a
Properly calculated doses of C on a continu- deficiency, fibroblasts begin to form connective
ing basis will restore the normal physiology of tissue and capillary buds invade blood clots
the body. within just a few hours. In a similar time frame
The adrenals and vitamin C are interrelated. when used as an antibiotic, fever falls and
During an infection, vitamin C is absent from the white blood-cell count climbs.
the urine and is decreased or absent in the Dr. Klenner points out that the standard treat-
blood, even when moderate amounts are being ment of colds was based on the alkalinizing ef-
given intravenously. Vitamin C in the adrenal fect of forcing juices down the patients throat.
glands was greatly reduced in animals succumb- Highly alkaline urine has less vitamin C. The
ing to polio. (Dr. Klenner cites the literature of vitamin C would be thus retained in the tis-
1934-1935 to document this.) Hans Selye knew sues, helping to guard against the viruses and
how the adrenals would show damage with bacteria. [Dr. Smith is trying to say that, when
stress. He found that all patients ill with a vi- diluted fruit juice is given with vitamin C,
16 16

16 Waymarks
the C will remain in the body longer without scurvy itself. When such a condition is not de-
being excreted as quickly.] When vitamin C lev- tected, and continues uncorrected, the teeth and
els drop, glycogen in the liver is converted to bones will be damaged. And, what may be even
glucose, a response to stress. more serious, the bloodstream is weakened to
Dr. Klenner is convinced that C will work in the point where it can no longer resist or fight
any problem; but the negative results reported infections not so easily cured as scurvy. Five grains
are only because an insufficient amount was of aspirin will not relieve kidney colic; dont ex-
used. A tragic error in judgment has been made pect control of a virus with [only] 100 to 400
by the National Academy of Science and the Na- mg of C.
tional Research Council in the minimum daily re-
quirement for C which they specify as needed for The remainder of this report on Dr. Klen-
proper health. All of us need more vitamin C; ners research findings is included in a book
some need a lot more. reprint of this research report, The Healing
The following factors indicate the need for Power of Vitamin C, published by Harvestime
an increased amount of vitamin C: Books.
age / habits, alcohol, drugs, tobacco The rest of Dr. Lendon Smiths analysis of the
sleep, especially if drugged / trauma of in- findings of Dr. Frederick R. Klenners vitamin C
fection, of physical injury, of work, of emotions, of research is primarily about injected dosages of vi-
surgery / kidney threshold / environment / tamin C for various diseases. Physicians will find
physiological stress / climate changes / loss of this information of special interest. Yet much in-
C in stools / absorption / binders in tablets / formation of value to the layman will be found
individual difference in body chemistry / drugs, there.
pesticides, carbon monoxide exposure / weight / It should be kept in mind that (in the portion
poor storage. omitted from this present tract set) Dr. Klenner,
Klenner quotes the Food and Life Year Book, himself, said, If the C is taken from the am-
1939, published by the U.S. Department of Agri- poules and swallowed in some juice, it will have
culture (surely as conservative and orthodox a about the same results as if it had been injected.
group as one could ever find): According to this, the vitamin C can be swallowed
Even when there is not a single outward in juice with very similar healing results as if it had
symptom of trouble, a person may be in a state been injected from an ampoule into a vein or
of vitamin C deficiency more dangerous than muscle.

Since the laws of nature are the laws of God, it is plainly our duty to
give these laws careful study. We should study their requirements in
regard to our own bodies.6 Testimonies, 369.
To keep the body in a healthy condition, in order that all parts of
the living machinery may act harmoniously, should be a study of our
life.EGW, Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene, 53.
God has formed laws which govern our constitutions, and these
laws which He has placed in our being are divine, and for every trans-
gression there is affixed a penalty, which must sooner or later be real-
ized. The majority of diseases which the human family have been and
still are suffering under, they have created by ignorance of their own
organic laws. They seem indifferent in regard to the matter of health,
and work perseveringly to tear themselves to pieces, and when bro-
ken down and debilitated in body and mind, send for the doctor and
drug themselves to death.EGW, Health Reformer, 1866.