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Tuesday 28 February, 2017 Serving Ballan and district since 1872 Phone 5368 1966 Fax 5368 2764 Vol 11 No 8

By Jessica Howard

The masseur who sexually assaulted more than 20

women at a Darley Vitality Centre has won the right
to appeal his convictions, due to the neglect of an
ancient legal precedent.
Ronald Van Dorp was found guilty by jury verdict
on 26 out of 35 indecent assault charges in the
Geelong County Court in September 2015.
However, it has since been alleged that Judge
Felicity Hampel did not adopt the legal practice
known as the right to peremptory challenge.
In Victoria, during the empanelling of a jury in a
criminal trial, an accused person has the right to
reject up to six potential jurors without giving any
During this process, potential jurors are drawn
from the ballot and are required to walk past the
accused in the dock before entering the jury box.
Van Dorp filed an application for leave to appeal
on the basis that in September 2015, none of the
potential jurors walked past the dock, meaning
they werent presented before the accused.
The application was accepted and the 55-year-old,
who is alleged to have sexually assaulted 24 women
aged from 16 to 60, will now appeal against his
conviction for indecent assault matters.
Van Dorp was originally sentenced on all charges
to a maximum prison term of eight years and four
months. He was also classed as a registered sex
offender for a period of eight years.
He will appear in the Melbourne Supreme Court of
Appeal next month.
An alleged victim referred to the news as
I was home alone at the time, and if it hadnt
been for a couple of members of the community, I
probably would not have made it through the day,
she told The Moorabool News.
I dont feel like I am strong enough to have to go
through this again. I am shocked and angry and
frustrated that this is allowed to happen.
A second alleged victim said she could not believe
that Van Dorp could appeal on such a small
It is a technicality that comes from the judge, it is
something that the judge has, or hasnt, done. This
has the potential to open up a whole can of worms
for a number of other cases, which is very worrying.
A law has been set but [the judge] doesnt believe
Van Dorp leaves the court in 2014 and will now appeal his convictions after Judge Felicity Hampel failed to adopt a legal practice in it. It is outrageous.
known as the right to peremptory challenge. Photo Helen Tatchell (continued page 4)

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Mum clocks 160kph with child Open

7 Days
By Steven Barnes As well as speeding it was alleged by The car involved is currently
police that her car wasnt registered impounded and still yet to be picked
A mother was fined after being caught and her plates were not in her name. up.
travelling over 160kph with a child in When they talked to the accused at the In the Bacchus Marsh court last
the backseat of her car near Ballan. scene she claimed the reason she was Friday Magistrate Gregory Robinson
Dimity Shaw was driving a white speeding was she had places to be and sympathised for the accuseds loss but
Hyundai on September 4 last year was on the way to her grandmothers. said, Its a bit unfortunate that if your
at around 4:10pm when police first It was heard by the court that Miss partner died in a speeding accident you
observed the speeding motorist. drive 160kph...

Direct Farmers Market

Shaws boyfriend died in a speeding
It was alleged Miss Shaw was travelling accident last year and it was part of the Taking into account that Miss Shaw
161kph in a 110kph zone before police reason why the accused has been in the had no prior criminal convictions, she
pulled her over. wrong headspace. was fined $700 with conviction.
411 Avenue of Honour, Bacchus Marsh
Nardella Coimadai This Weeks Specials
resigns crash kills
The Member for Melton
Don Nardella has resigned;
but only from his role as
Deputy Speaker of the Leg- Police and emergency services at-
islative Assembly. tended the scene of a two-car collision
Mr Nardella has been in Coimadai on Sunday 26 February. Red Capsicums $2.99 kg
caught up in a contro-
A VicPol media release said the col-
versial $100,000 expense
lision occurred about 2.50pm on Gis-
claim. The claim is for a
borne-Bacchus Marsh Road.
second residence allow-
It is believed the first car travelling
ance meant for regional
northbound veered onto the wrong

Who is this?
MPs who must travel to
Melbourne for Parliament. side of the road and collided head on
Mr Nardella was residing with a second car travelling the other
in Ocean Grove, just under way.
Police are seeking the identity of the pictured
90km from his Melton elec- The female driver, and only occupant
male in relation to a burglary and theft in the
Kooroocheang area (50kms north/west of Ballan) torate and only 96km from of the first car, died at the scene. Carrots $1.29 1kg bags
on December 13, 2016. The male is described as Melbourne. The female driver of the second car
Caucasian, mid 30s medium build, approximately Mr Nardella is yet to re- and her two occupants, aged in their
180cms tall with a shaved head. spond to The Moorabool late teens, were treated for minor
Anyone with information are urged to contact News if he will be paying injuries.
Moorabool CIU (5367 4500) or Crimestoppers on back the money and his re- The female driver of the first vehicle
1800 333 000. sponse to the claim. was in her 20s.

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speed New Season

By Kate Taylor
The speed limit through the
town of Clarendon may be

ing Melodies

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West Ward Councillor Tom
Sullivan raised the issue
at the February 1 council
meeting, saying the current
Fruit & Vegetable
100kph posted limit may
OF EACH MONTH need to be reduced given

Morning Tea 10am 11am

increased development oc-
curring in the area. Delivery Boxes
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through the town prompted
& FRIDAYNIGHTS Ive been approached by
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I N T H E B I S T R O the community, and the
question was asked could

we look at the speed limit
being reduced, Cr Sullivan
told the Moorabool News.
Present this coupon We just need to make sure
when you buy one that safety is looked at. And
main meal and also for the motorists that
CONDITIONS APPLY. NOT AVAILABLE IN CONJUNCTION receive second meal use the road - people are
of equal or lesser crossing the roads for vari-
value for free. ous needs, and their safety
Monday Friday, needs to be considered as
Lunchtimes Only well.
*Excludes Public Council officers will now
Holidays. prepare a brief assessment,
Conditions Apply and VicRoads may be called
in to consult on the issue.
59 Grant Street, Bacchus Marsh In due course well get a
Ph: (03) 5367 2031 response through on that, Shop 5367 5338 | Deliveries 5367 0606
and we might write to
VicRoads. www.thefruitsoife.com.au
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Paper road to become Sex Police

pay per road Offender By Jessica Howard

A 63-year-old man has been

By Kate Taylor tions that the section of paper alternatives of sorts. caught driving at more than
road would be upgraded to an An alternative option may be three times the legal alcohol
Council has decided that it accessible level. that the property owner/s may limit.
would take ownership of a di- One property owner has been choose to construct this section The man was intercepted by
lapidated road if the residents using Hall Road, as in times of road to a standard accept- Ballan Police on the Ballan-
pay for it to be constructed to of rain, and at other times, the able to Council, at the cost of from page 1 Geelong Road in Mount
councils standards first. paper road is inaccessible the benefitting property own- Wallace on February 18.
The February 1 council meet- however, Hall Road is a private ers and Council would subse- The victim, who remains anonymous for legal Riding a Harley Davidson
ing heard that a resident in road through private prop- quently assume ownership and reasons, also alleged that Van Dorp did not file his motorcycle, the man was
OLoughlin Road Reserve, erty, and the property has been maintenance responsibility for detected to be driving at a
application for appeal within the permitted 28 days
Grenville, has written to coun- vested by the Department of that section of additional road. speed of 136k/h in a 100k/h
following the date of sentence. zone.
cil several times raising con- Environment, Water, Land and A special charge scheme
cerns about the poor state of Planning to Hancock Victo- He has done this nearly 12 months after A subsequent breath test
could be implemented to con-
the road, and that emergency rian Plantations Pty Ltd, and so struct the road with contribu- [sentencing]. I dont understand how he is entitled to found the rider had a blood
services would not be able to technically should not be used tions from land owners. an appeal if he is so far outside of those 28 days. alcohol concentration of
locate or access the property in by the general public. Van Dorp is not eligible to apply for bail, as he is 0.146 per cent. The bike
The property owners may
case of emergency. The report pointed out that required to still serve a sentence of four years and was immediately seized by
also choose to upgrade the
The road is a public road for council is not obliged to take authorities.
section of road to a standard seven months, which he received on October 30,
310m from the intersection of over any paper road until it has lower than Council would ac- The Mount Wallace resident
2015 following a guilty plea to multiple charges of
Sand Road, with about 1km of been established that it is rea- cept (akin to a driveway) to ac- had his drivers license im-
indecent assault and two charges of digital rape. mediately suspended and
former public highway - but sonably required for general cess their property at their cost
public use. The offending is alleged to have occurred at the will face charges of speed-
from there is about 510m listed and Council will continue to
as an unused government road, massage business Van Dorp ran from his home in ing and being in excess of
In this case, even with the maintain the first 300 metres of
known as a paper road. Darley. the prescribed concentration
construction of a dwelling, the OLoughlin Road.
Van Dorp isnt the first convicted sex offender in of alcohol at the Bacchus
One of the property owners criteria under the RMP (Road Councillors voted in favour
Marsh Magistrates Court in
that have raised issues about Management Plan) is not met of the recommendation not to Victoria to appeal.
the near future.
the state of the road pointed out and typically would not be con- include the paper road on the Last year, The Herald Sun reported on a man
that it is in such bad condition sidered for addition to the road public roads register; coun- convicted of five counts of rape who successfully
it is difficult to direct people to register, the report stated. cil officers will now write to appealed his sentence on the same grounds.
it, and accessibility is poor. A council assessment found residents gauging support for a
The man believed he was denied the chance to
However, a report tabled at the road does not meet the special charge scheme.
minimum requirements for properly take advantage of a right to reject potential
the meeting notes that a plan- A policy will also be prepared
ning permit was issued in 2013 consideration to be added to by council officers on the main- jurors, as they were not presented before him.
for the residence, from which a the public road register. tenance and development of Justice Felicity Hampel was also presiding over the
business is run, with no condi- The report did, however, offer unused paper roads. matters at the time.

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Get ready Its a dogs life

for winter
By Jessica Howard

The exciting life of a Border

Collie living in Bunding has
Mr Kambouris said it was been depicted in a new chil-
By Jessica Howard
drens book.
also important to consider
The autumn firewood col- others during the collection Sam Juniors Day is in-
lection season is upon us. season, as some households spired by a true story, which
On Wednesday March 1, would rely on firewood for delves into the life of the
Moorabool residents will be winter energy. Crettenden family dog, Sam
able to collect firewood from He said availability of dry
designated collection areas. The author, Adam Cret-
firewood would vary across
tenden, resides in Bunding
The collection season will collection areas and remind-
with his wife, Kim.
be open for four months, ed residents that the chop-
ping of trees for firewood The couple is expecting
closing on Friday June 30.
was strictly prohibited. their first child this year.
Forest Fire Management
Authorised officers will be Mr Crettenden said he
Victoria spokesperson, Pe-
picked up Sam Junior from
ter Kambouris said it was patrolling parks, forests and
a breeder in Greendale
important that people only reserves to ensure people are
collected firewood from doing the right thing while
collecting their firewood, Apparently, out of all
within the designated areas
he said. the puppies, he looked the
and stayed within collection
most like his father Sam,
limits. Concealed cameras may be
so the breeders named him
This includes taking a installed on areas of public
Sam Junior and we kept the
maximum of two cubic land where firewood is being
name, he said.
metres per person per day, removed illegally to assist Sam Junior with his owner and author of Sam Juniors Day childrens book Adam
He has a very structured
and a maximum of 16 cubic with evidence collection. Crettenden. Photo Jessica Howard
routine. Every day he jumps
metres per household per Illegal firewood collection on our bed and wakes of the 1992 Melbourne Cup you can get and Sam Jun- an undergraduate student
financial year, he said. can result in a maximum us up at dawn... I always winner, Subzero, released in iors Day is about as far from Deakin University in
Designated collection ar- penalty of more than $7,000 wanted to write about him October last year. right as you can get. Theyre Geelong.
eas are put in place to protect in fines, one-year imprison- and I thought that children
ment, or both. I started putting together totally different genres with Sam Juniors Day can be
sites of cultural and environ- would appreciate the story
Sam Juniors Day three different research and differ- purchased through Apple
mental significance. People For more information, visit more than those who were
www.delwp.vic.gov.au/fire- years ago, however the re- ent target markets. Subzero iBook, Amazon and Barnes
should check where the col- middle-aged, which is why
lection areas are in their lo- wood or call 136 186. it has been portrayed in a search for Subzero really was a huge project, whereas and Noble.
cal area, while also checking From March 1, maps show- childrens book. consumed me, so I put Sam Sam Juniors Day was just a The book is available for
local weather and forest con- ing designated collection ar- The 24page-book is Mr Junior away for a couple of bit of fun. download on Kindle Fire,
ditions to make sure its safe eas will be available through Crettendens second piece years. The childrens book is il- Apple and Android Services
before collecting firewood. the website. of work, with a biography Subzero is as far left as lustrated by Caitlyn Tolsma, and Mac and PC Computers.
Page 6 The Moorabool News 28 February, 2017 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Thieves target council

By Kate Taylor the existing mesh fence,
alarms will be upgraded,
New security measures will and additional security
be introduced at councils lighting, sensors, and lasers
Bacchus Marsh Depot fol- will be installed.
lowing a spate of break-ins. Live monitoring of upgrad-
The February 1 council ed CCTV coverage will also
meeting heard that incidents be introduced.
have increased over the Up to $70,000 will be spent
years with at least 15 inci- on the upgrades, which were
dents in the last two years, originally planned for this
and five of those since last years annual budget but
November. which have been brought
Each incident has had a forward given the recent in-
financial implication for creases in break-ins.
Council due to unrecovered Though the measures are
Bacchus Marsh Grammar Teacher Debra Ogston with (L-R) Bacchus Marsh College students Braeden Keen (left) plant equipment, insurance not anticipated to be 100 per
Hannah Lacy, Chelsea Bell and Benjamin Kellock. and Meaghan Bodegraven with Principal Dionne shortfall, damage to Coun-
cent effective.
Fenton. Photos - submitted cil property and significant
It is envisaged that im-

Bell tolls for young lady

down time while police at-
tend and investigate. proving security at the site
will help deter further inci-
Major items stolen have in-
dents, make it harder to ac-
cluded a tractor and slasher,
cess the site and enable secu-
never recovered - water
rity staff or police attend if a
truck, chipper, and minor
break in is detected through
By Jessica Howard Fellow schoolmate, Hannah conducted annually to se- ior lecturer Dr Chris van der items such as trailers, pres-
live monitoring.
Lacy was the winner of the lect an outstanding youth to Poel, Solicitor Myles Bentley, sure washers, small equip-
ment, and tools, and dam- However, it is unlikely
VCE student Chelsea Bell public speaking section of be an ambassador for Aus- and Pentland Landcare and
age to fencing, vehicles and to eliminate break-ins
has won the Lions Club of the club judging. tralia and travel overseas Grow West member Emma altogether.
Bacchus Marshs Youth of under the auspices of Lions Muir. The upgrades are intended
An award ceremony was In recent years, it is es-
the Year competition. International. to improve the overall se-
attended by family, friends Runner-ups included timated that in excess of
The 18-year-old was among $250,000 of lost property curity at the site, reduce the
and school representatives At the various levels of Meaghan Bodegraven and
three students from Bacchus and/or damage has been in- likelihood of further break-
including Bacchus Marsh the Youth of the Year, the Braeden Keen from Bacchus
Marsh Grammar and two curred, read a report tabled ins resulting in theft and/
Grammar teacher Debra entrants are judged on Marsh College, and Benja- or damage, and increase the
from Bacchus Marsh College at the meeting.
Ogston, Bacchus Marsh Col- leadership skills, involve- min Kellock from Bacchus The report also outlined likelihood of recovery of sto-
who competed in the event.
lege Principal Dionne Fen- ment in the wider com- Marsh Grammar. that the current security len items and/or prosecution
Chelsea was awarded a me-
ton and Assistant Principal munity including sporting Bacchus Marsh Lions Club measures of building alarms of offenders.
morial trophy in the name of
Megan Taylor. and cultural activities, their President, Mark Robson con- and CCTV and fencing at the In addition to depot secu-
the late John Cadzow, who rity, GPS technology is being
The Youth of the Year, a academic prowess, general gratulated all of the partici- site are not adequate.
was an esteemed member explored for the Council ve-
knowledge, personality, and The chain mesh entry gates
of the Lions Club of Bacchus project of Lions Clubs In- pants and wished Chelsea hicles and plant.
will be replaced with a me-
Marsh and was committed ternational in partnership public speaking skills. well as she progresses to the chanical sliding steel secu- Councillors voted in favour
to assisting youth within the with National Australia The judging panel consisted next level of the program in rity gate, a steel beam guard of bringing forward the se-
community. Bank Community Link, is of La Trobe University sen- the coming weeks. fence will be installed inside curity improvements.


All are welcome to join the community at Providence Village
and enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle.

Expansive, open plan living
Secure automatic garage accessible from home
Caesarstone benchtops in kitchen and bathrooms
Main bedroom with ensuite plus 2nd bathroom
Residential aged care on-site
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Call Pip on 0418 317 901. 5-7 Griffith Street, Bacchus Marsh. 2/3 2 1/2


Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News 28 February, 2017 Page 7

Plea change in murder case Health centre

By Jessica Howard

One of the two men who

pleaded guilty to murdering
go ahead
court that his client was not
in the room when Mr Hand-
ford was stabbed 13 times in
the back.
Springbank war veteran Ken Mr Johns said Williamson By Kate Taylor
Handford will apply for a had not changed his position
change of plea. A new medical centre will be built in Darley despite it
since the December hearing.
Adam Williamson ap- being labeled as ugly.
My client has indicated his
peared in the Supreme Court Councils February 8 meeting of the Development
consistency in relation to his
of Victoria via video link on
earlier instructions.... in this Assessment Committee heard an application for a medical
Thursday February 23.
instance, the minimum basis centre, with an auxiliary pharmacy, to be built on Halletts
His newly-appointed bar-
required does not satisfy a Way.
rister, Mr S. Johns, told the
3a plea. But East Ward Councillor John Keogh objected to the
court that Williamson did
not accept that his involve- Justice Jane Dixon said it application.
ment in the murder of Mr was important to progress The building is an inappropriate building in a residential
Handford was consistent the matter quickly, as the area its a long way from retail areas. That detracts from the
with a 3a murder charge. family of the deceased, some residential zone, its a two-storey and ugly looking building
Section 3a involves an un- of who had travelled from slap bang in the middle of residential, Cr Keogh told the
intentional killing during a interstate, wished to see the meeting.
crime of violence. conclusion of the case as
Applicant Michael Harbour addressed the meeting,
In a Supreme Court hearing soon as possible.
speaking against a requirement that there be only six
in December last year, Wil- Williamson will reappear medical practitioners instead of seven because of car parking
liamsons lawyer at the time, in court for a change of plea restrictions.
Richard Edney, told the application on March 20. Adam Williamson. Drawn by Edward Coleridge.
He pointed out that the auxiliary pharmacy would only be

Newborns in the district

open when the medical centre is.
70 per cent of patients will go straight to this, not just
driving to the centre and picking up medication, which will
reduce the demand, Mr Harbour told the meeting.
Babies born recently at Bacchus Marsh and But Cr Keogh suggested that the centre only have five
Melton Regional Hospital. practitioners at the most, saying that there are not enough
car parks for the original seven practitioners.
I think you should only have five at the most, you are still
a couple of car parks short. You dont have enough for seven
so it should be for five.
Mr Harbour said that it would not be feasible, with the
proposal already having dropped the number of practitioners
from nine - but he then conceded that the centre could have
nine medical staff, with only six scheduled on at any one
A council officer told the meeting that it is a reasonable
application to support.
The motion was passed, with Cr Keogh noting his objection,
and with the amendment that six practitioners be working at
Hayley and Justin HAINES any one time.
from Maddingley have
Its a little girl for Melton welcomed their third child, a Truganina parents Rutuben
West parents Chandra and little boy. A new brother for and Ninesh Prajapati have Its a girl for Darley parents
Matthew Bell. Weighing 6lb Mitchell and Astrid, Archer welcomed their first child, a Lisa Farrugia and Carl
6oz (3015 grams), Anaiya Jackson Haines arrived on little girl. The yet to be Moser. A new sister for
Neive BELL arrived on Monday 13 February at named baby arrived on brother Tyler, Hayley Maree
Wednesday 15 February at 3.25am. Archer weighed a Monday 20 February at MOSER arrived at 8.25am
11.17pm. Anaiya is a new healthy 9lb 11oz (4400 8.18am and weighed 3180 on Thursday 23 February
sister for Harlow Piper Bell. grams). grams. and weighed 3200 grams.

Sister Scarlett has a new brother, Blake Maddingley parents Natalie and David
Ayden Daniel TURNER is the first child James MINEHAN. Born to Brookfield HEWISH have welcomed their first
for Melton couple Karra Boardman and couple Katherine and Mark, the little child, a little boy. Charlie Gordon
Jamie Turner. Born on Friday 24 boy weighed 7lb 2oz (3.2kg) and Hewish arrived on Wednesday 22
February at 12.22am, Ayden weighed arrived at 10.09pm on Wednesday 22 February at 12.38am and weighed
3600 grams. February. 3670 grams.

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Phone 5367 2196
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Valerie with some of the goods to be on display and for sale at the autumn fair.
Photo Jessica Howard

Fair to say,
its got the lot
By Kate Taylor The event is set to feature displays from
local Denis Beanland, with scale model cars,
A fabulous time is being promised at the trucks and road trains on show.
upcoming St Andrews Autumn Fair. There will be a display, as well as vehicles
St Andrews Uniting Church, Bacchus for sale, explained Dennis wife Valerie.
Marsh, will hold the fundraiser on Saturday The event will also feature stalls selling
4 March from 9am-1pm in the church plants, cakes, craft, produce, manure, and a
buildings and grounds. lucky dip toy stall, as well as a barbecue.

Moorabool Shire Council

The next Ordinary Meeting of Council will be held tomorrow, Wednesday 1 March, 2017 at Moorabool Shire Council, in collaboration with the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA), is
the Bungaree Recreation Reserve and Community Centre, Bungaree, commencing at 5.00pm. consulting with the community on future growth and strategic planning within the Bacchus
Members of the public are most welcome to attend. Marsh District to address long term need up to and beyond 2041.
You are invited to join the discussion on future residential and employment growth for Bacchus
The next Council committee meeting will be of the Development Assessment Committee held Community information sessions will be held at James Young Room, Lerderderg Library, Bacchus
on Wednesday 8 March, 2017, in the Council Chambers, 15 Stead St, Ballan, commencing at Marsh. Everyone is welcome and registration not required.
4.00pm. Sessions for community consultation are:
Members of the public are most welcome to attend. Tuesday 28 February 2017, 4pm to 6pm and 6pm to 8pm
Tuesday 7 March 2017, 4pm to 6pm and 6pm to 8pm
MOORABOOL RECREATION AND LEISURE STRATEGIC ADVISORY Tuesday 14 March 2017, 4pm to 6pm and 6pm to 8pm
Council is seeking nominations from interested community members to join the newly Everyone appreciates that Bacchus Marsh is a great place to live, work and invest. It is also
established Moorabool Recreation and Leisure Strategic Advisory Committee. recognised that the population is growing. Growth needs to be managed in relation to community
The purpose of the Committee is to provide strategic advice and recommendations to Council services, parks, roads and facilities to ensure Bacchus Marsh remains a great place.
related to the planning, provision, maintenance, development and operation of recreation and Come along and have your say.
leisure reserves, services and facilities in Moorabool Shire including advice and recommendations
Recreation strategies and policies Notice is given of an Annual General Meeting of the Greendale Recreation Reserve Committee
Agreements proposed or made between Council and user groups of Management to be held at the Greendale Hotel on Thursday 9 March, commencing at
Any other matter referred by Council to the Committee 7:30pm.
Nominations must be submitted to Council no later than 5.00pm on Wednesday 22 March, For further enquiries please contact the Committee Secretary John Speed on 5368 7343 or
outlining the nominees interest, skills and relevant experience to successfully undertake the role. Council on 5366 7100.
Nomination forms and a copy of the terms of reference are available at the Darley and Ballan
ofces and Lerderderg Library. The documents can also be downloaded from Councils website NOTICE OF AN APPLICATION FOR PLANNING PERMIT
www.moorabool.vic.gov.au Location: The application is for a permit to: Variation of
For further information on the positions and the nominations process please contact the 20 Ruxton Way Hopetoun Restrictive Covenant AF437488N Item (k) to Construct a
Recreation Development Ofcer at Moorabool Shire Council on 5366 7100. Park Vic 3340 12.4m x 26.4m Extension to an Existing Outbuilding
Title Details: Lot 59 on PS 527327D
Moorabool Shire Council invites tenders for the following contracts: The applicant for the The application reference number:
permit is: M Horan PA2017021
Tender Number Tender Description
You may look at the application and any documents that support the application at the ofce
C27 2016/2017 Masons Lane Recreation Reserve, Bacchus Marsh Sports Lighting
of the Responsible Authority: Moorabool Shire Council, 15 Stead Street, Ballan. 182
Halletts Way Darley. https://greenlight.e-vis.com.au/moorabool. This can be done
Tender documents and full details of this notice will be available on Monday 27 February during ofce hours and is free of Charge. Any person who may be affected by the granting of the
2017 at www.tenderlink.com/moorabool. permit may object or make other submissions to the Responsible Authority. An objection must
be sent to the Responsible Authority in writing, including the reasons for the objection and state
how the objector would be affected. The Responsible Authority will not decide on the application
before - 14 March, 2017. If you object, the Responsible Authority will tell you its decision.

Moorabool Shire Council: PO Box 18, Ballan VIC 3342 Telephone: 03 5366 7100 Facsimile: 03 5368 1757 CEO: Rob Croxford
Email: info@moorabool.vic.gov.au Web: www.moorabool.vic.gov.au Facebook: Moorabool Shire Council Twitter: @mooraboolshire
8 The Moorabool
Fish of tNews 28
he Day February,
2017 $30 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au
Suggested wine: 2011 Sauvignon Blanc $8/gl $30/bot

The Whats On section is for non-profit community organisations. All free events submitted

Spanish Paella (chicken and seafood rice dish) will be considered for FREE publication at the Editors discretion. Advertising of AGMs in this
section will only appear if a paid public notice also appears in the classifieds section, as per
served with salad $25 the constitution of Business & Consumer Affairs for incorporated groups.
Suggested wine: 2011 Pinot Noir $9/gl $35/bot
white wine)
Ballan Uniting Church (St. Pauls)
Spanish chicken salad $18 Services
1st, 2nd & 3rd Sundays 11.15am. 4th Sunday 9.30am
Ballan & District Community House Reflective Worship.
Grilled tender pieces of chicken marinated with
$10 Term 1 Program includes Free Hearing Testing, Family B3 Community Focused, family friendly church with a
Traditional Spanish herbs & spices served on a salad
History Q&A session 6/3; Lego Family Group, 15/3; CPR difference. Services every 2nd & 4th Sundays at Avenue

of lettuce, rocket, tomatoes, spanish oRefresher nions, avocado
& First Aid Level 2, 17/3; Garden Quilt, 27/3. All Bowling Club, Main St, Bacchus Marsh.
rs) $12 & mango Bacchus Marsh Christian Church
enquiries, bookings, classes & venue hire - call 5368 1934.
Suggested wine: 2008 Marsanne Darley Neighbourhood $9/glHouse $35/bot & Learning Centre Sunday Services 10am with kids program. Fusion Youth 7pm
33-35 Jonathan Drive Darley. Short courses, recreation classes, every Friday night. 222 Main St, Bacchus Marsh. Enquiries

community groups, occasional child care, venue hire. BM & 9028 2622.
Anakie Wagyu Burger topped with a tomato $19 Bacchus Marsh Uniting Church Parish
d $8/gl $30/bot District Photography Club - Meetings 2nd & 4th Wednesday
& roast pepper relish, cheese & crispy of month,lettuce
7.30pm. Enquiries welcome. Phone 5367 4390. Services - St Andrews 9.30am every Sunday. Pentland Hills
served with chips Melton South Community Centre 2pm 1st Sunday of month. Family messy Church, 4.30pm
$20 Offering classes $10/gl in Feng Shui, 6/3; Shellac Nails, 7/3; Deluxe (4th Sunday of month). Enquiries - 5367 2543 (office).
Suggested wine: 2009 Cabernet $40/bot
An advertising feature of The Moorabool News Facials, 14/4; Hand Made Beauty Products, 14/3. Bookings & Holy Trinity Anglican Church - Bacchus Marsh
2006 Cabernet (Connawarra) $9/gl $35/bot Service Times - Sunday 8.30am & 10am; Cafe Church - 1st
Enquiries - 9747 8576.
Sunday 10am; Messy Church - 3rd Sunday 5pm, Wednesdays
Grilled Western Plains Pork Cutlet MEETINGS
$28 10am. Balliang - 2nd Sunday 10.30am, 4th Sunday 9am .
Bacchus Marshw& District Garden Club Myrniong - 1st & 3rd Sunday 11am. Enquiries 5367 5362
With apple, coriander & Anakie honey salsa served
rocket & roast pumpkin salad and spanish 2nd Tuesday
ith a
potatoes of each month, 7.30pm at The Laurels, (office).
$22 night dinner
Suggested wine: 2011 Shiraz 229 Main St Bacchus $9/glMarsh. Guest Speakers. Supper after
Church of the Living God
6-9.30 pm each meeting. All Welcome. Enquiries - Wendy 5367 4170. Christian youth ministry and bible teaching. 2nd Sunday
Ballan Anglers Inc of every month, 5pm. Open to all ages. At 14 Darcy St
Maddingley. Enq 0408 260 727.
Meeting second Wednesday every month. Hudsons Hotel,
Premium Wine | Tapas | Paella 7.30pm. More anglers and families needed and welcome Bacchus Marsh Baptist Church
0400 003 936. Sundays, 10:30am, Worship Service and Childrens Program.
Marvellous views | Live Music Phone 5367 6550 for more details.
Rose-Carers of Maddingley Park
Working Bees every 3rd Wednesday & Sunday of each Our Lady Help of Christians Korobeit
Weekend month. All welcome. Enquiries - 0418 171 119. Sunday Mass 11.30am (2nd & 4th Sunday of Month).
lunch Bacchus Marsh Family Drug Support Group Golden Harvest Christian Fellowship
OF MT. ANAKIE 12-4pm For Family Members who have a loved one affected by drugs. Non denominational - Prayer every Sunday 10am, Mens
CAFE | CELLAR DOOR Enquiries - 1300 660 068. KYB Monday evenings 6pm. Ladies KYB Wednesday 1pm.
Alanon Support Group - for families of alcoholics Further details 0429 681 566.
2290 Ballan Road, Anakie (next to Fairy Park) Meets at 10.30am on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month Bacchus Marsh Life Church
P: 5284 1227 M: 0418 543 844 www.delrios.com.au at the Uniting Church Hall, Gisborne Road, Bacchus Marsh. Meeting 10am every Sunday at the BM College Drama Room,
Enq - 0421 222 717. in Grant Street. Enquiries Pastor Merv - 0412 290 036.
Lal Lal Moorabool Photographic Group Inc
Meeting 3rd Wednesday each month, 7pm. Soldiers Memorial

Hall, Lal Lal. Enquiries 5341 7535.

Footscray Poultry Club (at Bacchus Marsh)
Meetings held 2nd Sunday of month, 2pm. Poultry Pavilion.
Racecourse Rec. Reserve, Balliang-Bacchus Marsh Rd,
Coffee & Cake 5 $ Bacchus Marsh. All welcome Peter 0428 112 295.
Sushi Rolls $2.50
Ballan Lions Club Market
Next market Saturday 4 March. First Saturday each month -
Inglis St, Ballan 9am-1pm. Enquiries 0402 390 080 (Wayne).
Hot Chinese Darley Market We would like to thank our loyal
Take Away Available Saturday 4 March, 1pm. Stalls offer bric-a-brac, fruit/veg, customers and the community for their
clothing, plants and more. 1st & 3rd Saturday each month at
Darley Park Football Reserve. Enquiries 0488 345 145 (Alan) kindness, understanding and patience
Fresh Victorian Rainbow Tr

Ballan Farmers Market during this difficult time and look

Next Market Saturday 11 March, 9am-1pm. 2nd Saturday
1-9 Bennett Street, Bacchus Marsh
each month, Mill Cottage car park. Enq 0498 361 291 or 0490 forward to serving you again.
Phone: 5367 3388
114 130. I also would like to thank the Bacchus
2599 Marsh Fire Brigade and Police and
Leanne and Arthur the landlords.
Fresh Tasmanian Atlantic
Salmon Portions

Gordon Catholic Parish

Mass Times Saturday 4 March Dunnstown, 6.30pm
21 99
Cheese & Cheese Rolls
$ 99
Sunday 5 March Gordon, 8.45am; Ballan, 10.30am. Thank You - Julia and Frank
Anglican Parish of West Moorabool
Thai Sweet Chilli Prawns
6 Pack

Ballan, Bungaree, Morrisons and Gordon. Great value, Great products, Shop Local
Per Can
Service Times Saturday 4 March - St Johns Bungaree, 6pm
115 Main St, Bacchus Marsh
Sunday 5 March - St Johns Ballan, 9.30am; St James
Proudly Australian owned and truly independent Morrisions, 5pm. Enquiries Fr. Glen Wesley 5368 2730.

$ 30

19 2
$ 76 $ 30

St Andrews Uniting Church

Pepsi/Schweppes 24 x 375ml Varieties OR $12.99 ea
Multibuy $1.10 per Litre Up & Go 3 x 250ml Varieties
Single buy $1.44 per Litre $3.06 per Litre

Proudly Australian owned and truly independent On sale Wednesday 11th November to Tuesday 17th November 2015


1-9 Bennett Street, Bacchus Marsh
Phone: 5367 3388
(12 Gisborne Road, Bacchus Marsh)

Limit rights reserved. Persons under the age of 18 will not be served alcohol or tobacco.

Saturday 4 March 2017

9am 1pm
A Family Friendly Event featuring a wide
Zest Licensed Caf Variety of Stalls & Attractions.
All Day Brunch - Gourmet Caf
MondayFriday 8.00am-4.00pm
*Selected Trash & Treasure
* Cakes, Preserves & Produce * Collectibles
Saturday and Sunday 9.00am-4.00pm
* Treasures * Plants * Toys *Manure * Books
Saturday Nights with live music, * Cards * Craft * Lucky Dips
last Saturday of the month,
bookings essential Special Display & Sale of Collectibles -
1/130 Inglis Street, Ballan Scale Model Cars, Trucks, Road Trains, Tractors,
Collectible Dolls as well as Collectibles for
Ph 5368 2740 Adults and Diecast Vehicles for Children.
allivella123@bigpond.com Vintage Vehicles Model Aeroplanes and
much much more!
Kitchen Open from 9am
To Advertise in Cafe BBQ from 10am
Further Information: Mavis 5367 3023
Chat Call 5368 1966 Valerie 5367 3074
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Ballans Great
Gretta Wilkinson
By Jessica Howard
Vintage Rally
The motivator behind the Sunday 19th February Photos Helen Tatchell
Bacchus Marsh Community
College has passed away
aged 91.
Margaretta (Gretta) Wilkin-
son initiated the local Col-
lege, otherwise known as
The Laurels, and helped to
move it beyond its first short
courses to become the full
Adult Education Centre it is
Gretta was born in Sea Lake
to Maggie and Leslie Nor-
man Kean on December 26,
She attended the Presbyte-
rian Ladies College in East
Melbourne from 1939 and sity College, where Robert out Lovers, met on Thurs-
eventually became a Prefect was warden. day nights for dinner and
and head boarder. discussions.
They later moved to Bac-
She aimed for a career in The Wilkinsons created
chus Marsh, where their
science teaching while stud- a blossoming relationship
eventual address had the apt
ying at Melbourne Univer-
title of Rock Top, Dog Trap with their neighbours,
sity and imbibed a lasting
Road. The Simpsons, and Gretta
pleasure for classical music
The Wilkinsons purchased welcomed them into her
at youth concerts at the
a paddock and organised home, catering her own an-
Melbourne Town Hall and
excursions for Medley Hall nual Boxing Day birthday
a thirst for knowledge in a
students to plant seedling celebration.
wide expansion of interest
and friends. trees chosen by Gretta. At a funeral service held
Early in her career, Gretta Prior to Roberts death in in Bacchus Marsh on No-
took a group of girls camp- November 1988, a number vember 23 2016, Miss Joan
ing in tents at Uluru, long of international physics aca- Montgomery, former prin-
before the facilities were demics were invited to Rock cipal of Presbyterian Ladies
available to tourists. Top, where they were greet- College, gave a fitting tribute
She later became the first ed by a parade of strutting to Gretta, reminiscing of her
female to join the all-male peacocks and generations of encouragement towards her
Science Teachers Association white cats. science pupils, who stud-
and in 1972 took on the role Gretta took part in a thriv- ied during the days of no
of president. ing embroidery group that Internet.
In the mid-sixties, she mar- first met at Rock Top, before Gretta passed away peace-
ried Robert Harvey Wilkin- gaining so many members fully at Ballan Aged Care
son, who belonged to the that it was forced to move Hostel on November 16,
Science Teachers Association to a newly built extension at 2016.
and had initially advocated The Laurels. She was a treasured sister to
for women like Gretta to For a number of decades, a John and Joan (dec.), a loved
join. group, which might politely wife of Robert (dec.) and a
The couple lived in Medley be termed a sisterhood but lifetime friend of Dorothy
Hall at Melbourne Univer- was dubbed Ladies With- Wheeler.

Letters to the Editor

WRITING LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Each letter must be accompanied
with the writers full name, address and phone number (name and suburb for publication
only) and be limited to 300 words. Letters to be received via fax, post or email (preferred
option). The Editor has the right to limit the amount of words in each letter received and
published letters are at the discretion of the Editor.
Email: news@themooraboolnews.com.au You may also Post messages on the Moorabool News Facebook page.

Dear Editor, Dear Editor, produced an apology and are adequate, and increase It is as simple as that. It is wrong outcome around 20
As an older resident that Turnbulls Minister for full restoration. Centrelinks the Newstart allowance as also a result of the Turnbull per cent of the time.
uses the Bacchus Marsh Lei- Human Services (Moora- failure to provide written recommended by KPMG. Governments mismanage- Centrelinks debt recovery
sure Centre gym I cannot bool News, 14 Feb 2017) has details of reasons for the But the Liberals are chiefly ment and incompetence. program also reverses the
completely and deliberately claim of overpayment made interested in business, and The Opposition has written onus of proof which means
understand the Moorabool
missed the point about Cen- it almost impossible to ex- we know the big lot does its to Mr Tudge demanding the that even people that dont
councils thinking on this. best to avoid paying its taxes,
trelinks automated record plain where they had got it suspension of the Centrelink have a debt and dont re-
They are developing a health while the small ones too of-
linkage debacle. The new wrong. debt collection program un- spond to the letter will au-
and well-being policy; yet ten underpay their workers. til the problems are resolved.
system has issued a very There are two obvious rea- tomatically have the debt
want to close the Health Now theres some scope for
large number of erroneous sons for these Centrelink Labor has also written to raised.
club. There are not really any debt notices to people with mistakes happening in so righteous indignation and the Australian National
other options for the people helping the budget. Enough is enough. Too
legitimate pension and ben- many thousands. Firstly, Audit Office requesting an many honest local residents
over 60 who want to keep fit. efit entitlements. This has staff have not had enough Jeremy Maddox investigation and supported
are being accused of fraud.
The private gyms cater for caused a lot of alarm and training in how to make Gordon the successful establishment
This is causing an incredible
younger people and are not hardship among people sense of all the personal of a Senate inquiry into the
amount of hardship and dis-
really setup for older people. with low incomes. While the financial data which new Dear Editor, controversial program.
tress in our region. I know.
The council says they work Minister is trying to take ref- technology is now throw- I refer to a letter from the Of course people that do the
My office has been inundat-
with the community, but uge in the hoary old spectre ing up on their screens. Minister for Human Servic- wrong thing and take ad-
ed with calls from concerned
have any of the Councilors of cheating, we should keep Secondly, because of budget es, Alan Tudge published in vantage of the system should
members of the community.
ever visited the gym? in mind that the groups pressures the Minister is The Moorabool News (Feb- be made to repay the money,
wrongly accused of having pushing for his department thats only fair. I urge all local residents
For me the gym is just as ruary 14).
been overpaid include aged to save money no matter However the Turnbull Gov- who receive a debt recovery
much about social interac- No matter how the Minister
pensioners and other wel- to him if it means cutting ernments dragnet approach letter from Centrelink to
tion as well as keeping fit. wants to defend it, the real-
fare recipients. off the incomes of the very is hurting thousands of hon- contact their local Legal Aid
ity with the Centrelink Debt
If it closes there will be no- people he is supposed to be est Australians who have for more information.
There is indeed a review Recovery Program is that
where else to go. process: in my case pay- looking after. done nothing wrong. Catherine King MP
many local families and pen-
Richard Bradfield ments were cut for 12 weeks Mr Tudge should think first sioners are being sent incor- The flawed data-matching Federal Member for
Bacchus Marsh before the requested review whether welfare payments rect Centrelink debt notices. program has resulted in the Ballarat
Page 12 The Moorabool News 28 February, 2017 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Environmental Opinion

with Tom Kingston

Forest destruction continues

One of the numerous, should Environmental Justice Australia the Holy of Holies, the Paris Australias native forests are awe- intend to maintain the status
I say numberless, criticisms of analysed seven months of data Agreement: while the Paris inspiring and globally significant. quo and extend this destructive
Donald Trump is his appeal to from the Maules Creek monitor, Agreement is held up as the last They are home to incredible arrangement.
alternative facts. In this case which is supposed to track air chance for the planet it really and diverse animals and plants Your precious life-filled native
the truth lies elsewhere, and quality of nearby mines owned is lacking in any worthwhile and are critical for human life. forests are cut down and
who cares anyway. I believe this by Whitehaven and Idemitsu solution. It really wont bring The above sentence could well bulldozed. Animals are made
denial of the facts is not new in the Namoi Valley. He found down the temperature enough be spoken by our governments, homeless and plants are smashed
and Trump has only brought it days where little or no data was and in time, even if it was acted both state and federal. However, to smithereens. Then, napalm is
to the fore and, as with his usual collected. During a five-day stint on and there is little evidence that their laws offer an alternative dropped from the sky to scorch
approach, brazenly. Maybe his in June of last year readings of is going to happen regardless of fact. Under the current system the former forest, in the name of
highlighting of alternative facts larger PM10 particulates were the alternative facts uttered by of management, called Regional forest management. And the state
ie outright lies will ultimately also consistently negative, an our governments. In the words Forest Agreements, native government is environmentally
serve the purpose of exposing impossibility, he said. Perhaps of Dallas Goldtooth, a leader of forests that are logged are exempt conscious to use an alternative
the more refined lies we are told more worrisome, the data also the North American Indigenous from national environmental fact.
in less brazen ways. This is included spikes to high levels Environmental Network, The protection laws, so not even Here in Tasmania in 2017, well
especially true when it comes to of PM10 concentrations. The Paris agreement is a farce. Any rare and endangered species are be fighting for 400,000 hectares
the environment. data is wildly in error, wildly discussion of carbon markets protected. Even open cut mines of beautiful, protected forest
Some examples of alternative inaccurate, Dr Whelan said. and carbon trading is a false dont get that sort of special that the Tasmanian Government
facts in the interface between How would anyone know if air solution. The truest solution, exemption! wants to open up to logging
the environment and business: pollution is over the standards which is backed up by science, In Victoria, the East Gippsland despite the protests of the
Coal - a pollution monitor near near the Maules Creek monitor? is that we have to keep fossil Regional Forest Agreement Tasmanian logging industry
some of the NSWs biggest The data is rubbish. fuels in the ground. We must expired on Friday 3rd February. itself. Meanwhile UNESCOs
coal mines has been found to The response from Coal: see a moratorium on fossil fuel For the last 20 years this agreement World Heritage Committee
generate wild data swings even Idemitsu believes Boggabri Coal development, and we must see has licenced environmental (WHC) has urged the Tasmanian
negative ones despite receiving mine complies with its project a just transition for all those destruction and subsidised Government to take its Draft
preliminary approval from the approval conditions relating communities that are dependent an unprofitable industry. Yet TWWHA Management Plan
NSW Environment Protection to air quality monitoring, a on fossil fuel economies. incredibly, PM Turnbull and back to the drawing board and
Authority. company spokesman said. The alternative facts that is Premier Andrews have no other put the protections back in.
Dr James Whelan a researcher for The alternative facts that is the Forest industry in Australia: plan for Victorias forests, so they What is your opinion?

Howard I Know? with Jessica Howard

Is Victoria really the

Education State?
In two years, aspiring teachers will last year by the Andrews Labor that will soon be the standard for have a more successful score than can be identified through the
require an ATAR score of at least 70 Government, has received some aspiring teachers. those ambitious to teach? interview process something I
to be admitted to university. criticism. However, in the same year And while an ATAR should not hope occurred prior to me landing
That is a huge jump from a number In 2016, the average ATAR of that I graduated, one Victorian define you, those who teach our my job here at The Moorabool
that, at some institutions, has been students starting teaching courses university required an ATAR of 35 future generation of children News.
as low as 35. in Victoria was 57.35, down from for education courses. should have a high level of
Raising the admission ATAR
ATARs (Australian Tertiary 63.4 just three years prior. Now, dont get me wrong, intelligence and I cant think of a
wont lead to teacher shortages; it
Admission Rank) represent a I graduated high school in 2011 journalism is a competitive field better way to measure that than
through academic performance. will lead to quality over quantity,
students ranking relative to and went on to study a three-year and a profession with significant
their peers, meaning that out of a journalism course at Swinburne importance to the community, but Sure, a four-digit number means and if someday I have my own
possible 99.95, a score of 35 is pretty University. Only the top 30 per cent no one can say it is more important little to nothing without the children I want to feel confident in
low. Yet the increase of entry scores of Year 12 students were eligible than education, so why were some compassion and motivation to those who are leading the way in
for teaching, which was announced to enrol in this course a number aspiring journalists required to teach, but these personality traits education.
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News 28 February, 2017 Page 13

From Mother Earth to Stone End Larger homes

show larger
tively to median house pric-
es of $337,500 and $355,000.
Similar price growth of
more than 20 per cent was
also experienced in the
coastal towns of Portarling-
ton and Portland, with the
median price for four-bed-
room homes now $637,500
and $335,000 respectively.
Double-digit annual growth
Joseph Walton for the same sized homes
was also recorded in Kil-
President, REIV more, up 19 per cent to a me-
dian house price of $416,500;
142 Russells Road, Coimadai Demand for space across
Bairnsdale, up 18.3 per cent
STONE END at Coimadai seems like way out-back, but only the state has boosted the
to $342,000; St Leonards, up
about 8kms to provisions and civilisation at Bacchus Marsh. median house price of fam-
Rock homestead at the foot of the forest and magnificent 16.8 per cent to $537,500; and
ily sized homes, with signifi-
country side to the Lederderg State Park could be ideal for Gisborne, up 14.3 per cent to
cant price growth recorded
stays with abundance of bedroom accommodation with 2 $735,000.
in multiple regional towns
separate main buildings 1st offers 4 bedrooms with built in Three-bedroom homes were
robes, 2 bathrooms (includes en-suite to Master), main living in the past year.
also popular with buyers, up
area which includes kitchen/meals, feature open fire place, New REIV data shows four- one per cent statewide to a
split system, sunroom, magnificent front & side verandahs bedroom homes in regional median price of $315,000.
to relax and ponder over how good life is in Australia. 2nd Victoria experienced the
verandah, kitchen/meals living, 3 bedrooms, bathroom. A Some of the states top per-
highest annual growth of
most interesting unique lifestyle a-waits, extensive uses of formers for this property
any property type, up 3.5
sandstone, slate, various rocks and bricks, special 5 acres type include Paynesville in
(approx.) to saddle up the pony, pack the camels and have an per cent over the year to a
the east, where three-bed-
adventure every day. median of $445,000. room homes rose more than
Mansfield in north east
Price: $585,000 25 per cent over the year to a
Victoria recorded the states median of $315,000.
largest increase for this East Geelong also experi-
property type, up 27 per enced strong annual price
cent to a median of $510,000 growth with the median
an increase of more than for the same sized house
$100,000 on December 2015 increasing 25 per cent to a
figures. median of $512,500.
Significant growth for large Other towns seeing solid
homes was also recorded price growth for three-bed-
in Cape Paterson, where room homes include Apollo
the median price for four- Bay, up 19.4 per cent to a
bedroom homes increased median of $522,500; Drouin,
24 per cent over the year to up 16.4 per cent to $335,750;
a median of $435,000. This Red Cliffs, up 15.7 per cent
was up from $349,000 in De- to $210,500; and Shepparton,
cember 2015. up 15.6 per cent to $257,250.
Buyer demand for family For more information on
132 Corner Inglis & Fisken Streets Ballan homes was also evident in median house prices by re-
Benalla and Swan Hill, up gion and property size, visit
Rayner Phone: 5368 1057
22.3 and 21.4 per cent respec- reiv.com.au.

32 Acres, 2 Titles, Close to Ballan Rail


69 Lillis Lane, Mount Egerton

Offered as a whole, this property features two titles and is Zoned Farming with grey loam soil type and offers excellent
grass for livestock and consistent rainfall. Dams, acreage and a four bedroom hardiplank home are the perfect
combination to begin a new lifestyle with good country air, along with a little peace and quiet adding to its appeal.
Externally there is a 6 x 12m outdoor area ideal for summer BBQs and a 12 x 7m shed with power, along with 50,000
litres of water storage plus dams.
Price: $490,000-$510,000
51 Lydiard Street South Agent: Chris Leonard
BALLARAT 0409 0409 23
Formerly Jens Gaunt Phone 5331 1111 www.prdballarat.com.au
Page 14 The Moorabool News 28 February, 2017 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Rayner We put you rst



This amazing home is situated in the lovely Manning Estate on approximately 5500m2. Here on offer we have 3 brand new units which are nearing completion.
Quality home is approx. 69.5sqm of living & offers the opportunity of 2 separate residences. Multi-award winning builder Exclusive Homes, these units are in a complex of 6.
Featuring entertainers kitchen with plenty of storage & bench space, as well as SS appliances. Multiple oor plans available offering 2 or 3 bedrooms and 1 or 2 bathrooms
The adjoining meals/family area is open plan with a wood heater. Also, featuring family Open kitchen/meals & lounge, ducted heating & split system cooling, single garage & courtyard.
bathroom, laundry, office & a large living area with access through to the extensive deck. Ideal for those looking for entry level investment or downsize to a quiet location close to town!
5 large bedrooms, 4 of them have balcony access & 3 of them have an ensuite. From this Expected rental return of $300-330p/w, for 3 bedrooms.
level, there is also upstairs access to the kids retreat.
The lower level, is a self-contained residence approx. 22sqm & has a huge bedroom, lounge,
kitchen, theatre room & access to the lower deck area.
Private Sale: $899,500 Private Sale: $299,000
Inspect: By appointment Inspect: By appointment
Contact: Melonie Winch 0408 675 011 Contact: Melonie Winch 0408 675 011
Email: melonie@raynerrealestate.com.au Email: graeme@raynerrealestate.com.au



Four bedroom home could be just the perfect option for a tree change Walking distance to shops, schools and medical facilities
Master has a full ensuite and WIR, and the remaining bedrooms all have BIR. Located within the Bacchus Marsh Primary school zone
Spacious kitchen, which is open to the meals area, a large lounge and a second living area. Large two bedrooms with built in robes
Features include a wood fire, an oversize single garage, carport, under-house storage, water Wall air condition in meals and second bedroom
tanks and ducted refrigerated cooling. East facing kitchen allowing abundance of natural light
The huge back veranda is perfect for entertaining or just enjoying the serenity of Dales Creek. Established gardens and colorbond shed
Situated on a beautiful 1 acre allotment, only 15 minutes from Bacchus Marsh. Off street parking with side gate
Land size approx. 644m2

Private Sale: $660,000 Private Sale: $380,000

Inspect: Saturday 4th March 2.00pm2.30pm Inspect: Saturday 4th March 10.15am10.45am
Contact: Melonie Winch 0408 675 011 Contact: Marcus Rayner 0418 556 699
Email: melonie@raynerrealestate.com.au Email: marcus@raynerrealestate.com.au

Marcus Julie Mark Melonie Graeme Adam Mark Rod

Rayner Archon Davis Winch Rayner Tucci Dudley Grant
0418 556 699 0422 412 964 0458 224 405 0408 675 011 0417 559 945 0411 077 128 0409 954 396 0416 231 782

175 Main Street

Bacchus Marsh raynerrealestate.com.au 5366 3600
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Rayner We put you rst



Brick veneer ranch style family home with views to Mt Blackwood, Geelong and Brisbane Ranges 4 bedroom plus study home, approx. 35sq filled with the utmost quality and charm.
Master suite has his and her walk through robes with an extremely large ensuite with a 6 jet oval spa Features study, large lounge, a huge family room and an amazing kitchen.
Central living rooms and kitchen with a warming combustion heating in the family room Stone island bench, glass splashback, 900ml appliances, walk in butlers pantry, dishwasher.
Formal open dining room, large lounge area with double glass sliding doors out to the rear veranda Master bedroom has its own private balcony with superb views of the river and hills beyond.
Colorbond shed, large enough for 2 cars, large workshop, 3 bay carport / wood shed and a built in bar Ensuite with double shower, double vanity, separate WC and extremely spacious walk in robe.
with ceiling fan and combustion wood heater; Other bedrooms are large with double mirrored built in robes in two and walk in robe in other.
Manchurian pear trees line the driveway, access from both Muddy Lane and Old Melbourne Highway. Ducted heating, evaporative cooling, alarm system, double remote garage with internal access
Land size approx. 3.87 acres. all at a superb location.

Private Sale: $780,000 Private Sale: $599,000-$615,000

Inspect: Saturday 4th March 2.00pm2.30pm Inspect: Saturday 4th March 12.30pm1.00pm
Contact: Marcus Rayner 0418 556 699 Contact: Mark Davis 0458 224 405
Email: marcus@raynerrealestate.com.au Email: mark.davis@raynerrealestate.com.au



Jarrah timber kitchen, gas appliances, dishwasher, ceiling fan Secluded court location with views over the Lerderderg state Forest, Long Forest Ridge and
Three large bedrooms with BIR and ensuite to master. Study easy conversion to 4th bedroom. the Darley to Links walk reserve.
Comfortable formal lounge with free standing gas log fire. 4 bdrms with the master having a BIR and ensuite, while the further 3 bdrms all have BIRs.
Spacious living area featuring slate oor. The geometric kitchen design is located between the formal lounge and the dining room.
Merbau timber decking Sliding doors open out to alfresco area with pitched roof pergola and decking.
Heated by gas wall furnace with evaporative cooling, front rooms. Featuring ducted heating and evaporative ducted cooling plus the open fire place.
Herringbone brick paving to double garage and under house storeroom. The double lock up garage (lengthwise) is located under the house, double carport and loads
Brick veneer construction built in 1990s approx. of undercover storage.

Private Sale: $415,000 Private Sale: $457,000

Inspect: Saturday 4th March 11.45am-12.15pm Inspect: Saturday 4th March 11.45am-12.15pm
Contact: Graeme Rayner 0417 559 945 Contact: Marcus Rayner 0418 556 699
Email: graeme@raynerrealestate.com.au Email: marcus@raynerrealestate.com.au

Marcus Julie Mark Melonie Graeme Adam Mark Rod

Rayner Archon Davis Winch Rayner Tucci Dudley Grant
0418 556 699 0422 412 964 0458 224 405 0408 675 011 0417 559 945 0411 077 128 0409 954 396 0416 231 782

175 Main Street

Bacchus Marsh raynerrealestate.com.au 5366 3600
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Rayner We put you rst



Very original 1980s Brick Home Solid brick 4 bedroom house set on a beautiful 3 acre block
3 good sized bedrooms (all with built in robes) Private Sale: $455,000 All bedrooms have built in robes (main bedroom has a walk in robe and ens) Private Sale: $589,000
Spacious kitchen with adjoining lounge room Inspect: By appointment Huge central living area with cathedral ceilings, open replace, woodheater, Inspect: By appointment
Gas ducted heating study area and views across the property
Contact: Rod Grant 0416 231 782 Contact: Rod Grant 0416 231 782
Set on a spacious 3690m2 block Kitchen with gas stove, Vulcan woodstove, dishwasher and rangehood
Beautiful established gardens with mature trees, fruit trees, shrubs Email: rod@raynerrealestate.com.au Theatre room/rumpus room, large alfresco area with stainless steel BBQ Email: rod@raynerrealestate.com.au
4 car garage, numerous shedding, hothouse, chook yard Town water, plus 72,500 litres of rainwater storage and 2.1kw of solar power
General residential zone plus Garaging for 8 cars



Large quality built Bryan and Petersen home Rock homestead at the foot of the forest and magnicent country side to the
4 Large bedrooms 3 with BIR and WIR to Master with ensuite Private Sale: $499,000 Lederderg State Park Private Sale: $585,000
9 foot ceilings, large double glazed windows Inspect: By appointment 2 separate main buildings, 1st offers 4 bedrooms with built in robes, 2 Inspect: By appointment
900mm stainless cooker with rangehood, Butlers pantry bathrooms (includes ens to Master), main living area which includes kitchen/
Contact: Mark Dudley 0409 954 396 Contact: Mark Dudley 0409 954 396
Large gas log re, central heating, evaporative cooling and reverse cycle air meals, feature open re place, split system, sunroom, magnicent verandahs
conditioning Email: mark@raynerrealestate.com.au 2nd offers 3 bedrooms, kitchen/meals living, bathroom and verandah Email: mark@raynerrealestate.com.au
Large undercover alfresco area, large 7x6m (approx.) skillion garage with Extensive uses of sandstone, slate, various rocks and bricks
roller door and concrete driveway access from front of property 5 acres (approx.) to saddle up the pony, and have an adventure every day


Renovate or redevelop Quality 5 year old home in a quiet court location 3 Bedrooms, central living room, kitchen Timber features with Cathedral ceilings and beams
Set in middle of town on 1000m2 (approx) corner block Versatile, family friendly oorplan with 4 bedrooms Bathroom, wood heater, timber oors 2 living areas, kitchen meals, upstairs living area
Original Miners cottage. Large master with dressing area and full ensuite. Decking, shedding, carport 3 bedrooms, bathroom and separate toilet
Connected to town water, power and sewerage Large kitchen (with walk-in pantry)/meals/living area Terraced gardens with vegetables and grape vines Wood heating and split system, some slate ooring
Excellent location and block plus adjoining room On 1 acre (approx.) block Double carport, (2) - 3 metre x 3 metre garden sheds
Own your own piece of history Magnicent semi-enclosed alfresco area with spotted Escape from the rat race to this delightful rendered plus a separate 4 metre x 4 metre storage shed

gum timber decking, heating and ceiling fan. cottage BBQ decked and partly covered area at ground level
Landscaped easy maintenance yard, including fruit trees Enjoy the secluded location Land size 1955m2 Acre (approx.).
Ducted gas heating, split system and ceiling fans
Private Sale: $145,000 Private Sale: $529,000 Private Sale: $285,000 Private Sale: $415,000
Inspect: By appointment Inspect: By appointment Inspect: By appointment Inspect: By appointment
Contact: Rod Grant 0416 231 782 Contact: Mark Dudley 0409 954 396 Contact: Rod Grant 0416 231 782 Contact: Mark Dudley 0409 954 396
Email: rod@raynerrealestate.com.au Email: mark@raynerrealestate.com.au Email: rod@raynerrealestate.com.au Email: mark@raynerrealestate.com.au

Marcus Julie Mark Melonie Graeme Adam Mark Rod

Rayner Archon Davis Winch Rayner Tucci Dudley Grant
0418 556 699 0422 412 964 0458 224 405 0408 675 011 0417 559 945 0411 077 128 0409 954 396 0416 231 782

132 Corner Inglis & Fisken Streets

Ballan raynerrealestate.com.au 5368 1057
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News 28 February, 2017 Page 17


Bacchus Marsh 7 Iredell Court 3 2 2 Bacchus Marsh 24A Taverner Street

Affordable home in the Grantleigh Private Sale Attention Developers, Auction Saturday 4th March at
Estate Builders and Investors 11am on site
Price $375,000 4.5 Acres 1.840 HA
Well built 4 year old home with 9 foot Inspect By appointment
ceilings. Ducted heating, reverse cycle Inspect Sat 4 March 12.30-1.00pm Complete with general residential
air conditioner. Double garage with car land zoning. Ofce 137 Main Street,
Ofce 137 Main Street, Located between Main Street shops Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128
access to the back, large undercover Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128
alfresco area & workshop with power. and Railway station.
Contact Len Smith 0418 343 754
648m2 at secure block. Contact Len Smith 0418 343 754 For further information call Len Smith len@lensmith.com.au
len@lensmith.com.au today on 0418 343 754.

Greendale 29 Lacote Road 4 2 2

Prized Greendale Lifestyle, Private Sale
Prized Greendale Location
Enjoy sweeping views of countryside, Price $550,000 $570,000
complemented by this quality family Inspect By appointment
home on 6 acres of pastoral paradise
makes this a stand out opportunity for Contact Len Smith 0418 343 754
a sought after rural lifestyle.

Kelvin Gafero Sales Consultant

Passionate, professional and a delight to deal with, reliable, honest, an expert

in his eld are some of the comments and feedback Kelvin has received.
Kelvin began his real estate career in 2010 in Tasmania. After receiving
outstanding results Kelvin and his wife decided to move back to Bacchus
Marsh in 2015 and in this time he has built up a great reputation across
the town. Kelvin has proven that he goes above and beyond for his clients,
pushes to get the best price for his vendors and demonstrates great market Greendale 30 Napoleon Street 2 1 3
knowledge of the local market.
Not only is Kelvin a dedicated Sales Agent who works hard for his clients he Greendale Calling! Private Sale
is also a devoted family man with two wonderful young boys, Jackson and Within walking distance to the Price $350,000
Joseph and he has a very supportive wife Tegan. Kelvin is one of the most Greendale Hotel/General Store is this
down to earth and positive people you will ever meet. If you are looking for two bedroom cottage surrounded Inspect By appointment
a great ethical agent who cares then give Kelvin a call for a chat. by beautiful native gardens set on Contact Len Smith 0418 343 754
approximately 1 acre (4000sqm).
Page 18 The Moorabool News 28 February, 2017 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Arbee Real Estate

FOR SALE 62 Jonathan Drive, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 1/1 Crook Street, Bacchus Marsh
3 1 1 2 1 1

Neat & Affordable Little Investment Perfectly Located

Very appealing property located close to all amenities including Situated in one of Bacchus Marshs most sought after areas given its
schools, shops, parks, public transport & freeway access. Featuring 3 amazing location to Main Street shops. This well presented brick
bedrooms all with built in robes, kitchen with modern appliances, veneer unit comprises 2 bedrooms, spacious living areas and offers an
dining, central bathroom & laundry and good sized lounge. excellent garden outlook. It also boasts its own private side entry to a
Undercover pergola, small rear lawn, single carport with roller door. secure lock up carport.
INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $259,500 FOR SALE $280,000
CONTACT Peter Leonard 0429 671 990 CONTACT Peter Leonard 0429 671 990
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

FOR SALE 1/9 Simone Road, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 3/5-7 Graham Street, Bacchus Marsh
2 1 1 2 1 1

Live In Or Invest Spacious Unit in the Heart of Bacchus Marsh

This very neat 2 bedroom unit is the front one of a block of 2. Well presented unit, located just off Main St. Comprising of 2
A spacious floor plan gives you a large lounge, separate kitchen & bedrooms with BIRs, bathroom, separate toilet & laundry. Large
dining area and 2 good sized bedrooms with BIRs. Bathroom, toilet & lounge has a gas heater & wall a/c, & kitchen/meals area leads out to a
laundry are all separate & you have a neat decked area in the very spacious, relaxing undercover area. This unit is complete with a
backyard & a single garage with a rollerdoor for secure parking. single car garage. Currently occupied with an excellent tenant.
INSPECT Saturday 4th March 11.00-11.30am INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $283,000 FOR SALE $315,000
CONTACT Daryl Gould 0409 233 157 CONTACT Steve Creese 0475 888 101
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

FOR SALE 2/36 Gaynor Street, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 23 George Street, Bacchus Marsh
2 1 2 3 1 1

Quality In A Quiet Location Walk To Everything

This beautifully presented 2 bedroom unit is ideal for the owner A very neat 2 bedroom plus study/small bedroom. Large master
occupier or investor alike. Large lounge which adjoins the spacious bedroom with BIR, bed 2 with BIR, beautiful lounge with split system
kitchen & meals area. The master bedroom has a WIR & walk through a/c, spacious kitchen with gas upright stove & dishwasher, double
bathroom & the 2nd bedroom has a BIR. Ducted heating & a split glass doors to the rear sunroom & study/small bedroom. Ducted
system a/c. Double garage & a neat alfresco area. heating, pergola, fenced rear yard, native plants & single garage.
INSPECT Saturday 4th March 1.00-1.30pm INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $329,000 FOR SALE $429,000
CONTACT Daryl Gould 0409 233 157 CONTACT Daryl Gould 0409 233 157
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

FOR SALE 27 Madden Drive, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 26 Wallaby Drive, Greendale
3 1 2 3 1 2

Be Quick For This One Enjoy The Tranquility

Sought after area, well presented family home. Large lounge room Very comfortable 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home, well located to take
with gas log fire, adjoining meals area & as new galley style kitchen advantage of the peace & tranquility of the garden & bush surrounds. Two
with quality appliances, 3 bedrooms + a study/retreat off the main living rooms both with R/C split systems and wood heater in the lounge
bedroom, & spacious bathroom. Gas wall furnace & ducted evap room. Double garage & 6x5m colorbond shed that doubles as garage or
cooling. Pergola, landscaped gardens, double garage & workshop. workshop. Sundry shedding, a hothouse, stable and chook pen.
INSPECT Saturday 4th March 10.00-10.30am INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $439,000 FOR SALE $449,990
CONTACT Daryl Gould 0409 233 157 CONTACT Daryl Gould 0409 233 157, Denise Sniegowski 0456 044 024
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

FOR SALE 9 Mimulus Road, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 14 Lyon Place, Ballan
4 2 2 4 2 2

A showcase of family living Timeless Charm in Country Environment

This exquisite home with quality craftsmanship, comprising 4 well
sized bedrooms, master with WIR & ensuite, remaining bedrooms with Beautifully built home with period features on 3193m2 of prime
double BIRs. Formal lounge, open plan lounge/kitchen/dining plus residential land. 4 bedrooms, main with WIR & ens. 3 further
living/rumpus room. Kitchen with walk-in pantry, Caesar Stone bench bedrooms with BIRs. Spacious living room, dining room, French
tops. Additional features include 9ft ceilings, walk-in linen press, provincial inspired kitchen. Alfresco area & rear deck. Separate double
reverse cycle ducted heating/ refrigerated cooling, oversized remote remote controlled garage & double gates offering rear access.
control garage, landscaped gardens.
INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE: $533,000 FOR SALE $594,000
CONTACT Peter Leonard 0429 671 990 CONTACT Peter Leonard 0429 671 990
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

FOR SALE 19 Manning Boulevard, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 518 Myrniong-Korobeit Road, Greendale
3 2 3 4 2 6

Entertainers Delight A Lifestyle Awaits

Fantastic home on a large block of over 4000m . Kitchen with stone
Perfectly presented on approx. 3.75 acres with stunning views. 3 bedrooms
bench tops, & quality cabinetry & appliances. There are 3 bedrooms with study/4th bedroom & loft/attic. Open plan kitchen/dining/ living area.
plus a study, master bedroom with ensuite & WIR. Ducted evaporative Undercover entertaining area with 8 person spa. Slab heating, split system
cooling & wood heater in the living room. Stunning decked alfresco cooling & ceiling fans. Substantial shedding, carport areas, multiple water
area perfect to relax, entertain your guests and enjoy the surrounds. tanks, solar panels, well fenced horse paddock, stable & dam.
INSPECT Saturday 4th March 12.00-12.30pm INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $710,000 FOR SALE $849,000

CONTACT Daryl Gould 0409 233 157 CONTACT Denise Sniegowski 0456 044 024
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

140 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh 5367 2333
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  CANCERJune
The Moorabool News 28 22-July 22 2017 Page 19
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Trade & Business
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REFRIGERATION & Heavy Duty VHF - FM - AM Antennas
AIRCONDITIONING Digital Ready Antennas
SERVICE & INSTALL Digital Set Top Boxes
Authorised by
The Australian Amplifiers
Refrigeration Council RTA 34822
TV & VCR Tuning
0411 649 321 Extra Points
53686363 All Work Guaranteed 7 Days
Email: inquiries@frigworks.com.au Pensioner Discount Mob: 0417 711 712 Ph: 5367 5857


Complete Maintenance Services

Automotive service and repair
Vehicle hoist install, maintenance & repair
Qualied and experienced mechanics Mobile Service available
Log book servicing CAR RV TRUCK TYRES Batteries Tyres 4x4 specialist
Material handling repairs & maintenance
Tyre supply & puncture repairs SPECIALIST BALANCING AFTER HOURS 24/7 SERVICING
Brake replacement including inhouse machining BATTERIES & ALIGNMENT & REPAIRS (by appointment)
Oils, lters, coolants available for purchase Call Simon 0419 750 753
VACC accredited Regional Tyre Service COURTESY CAR AVAILABLE
24/7 breakdown towing available 2 Smith Street, Maddingley (Map 18 C6)
115 Inglis Street Ballan
Proud supporter of the
Ph 5368 1968 Mob 0409 212 780
100th E.C Griffith Cup


Constructions Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery, Tile, Grout, Windows, Concrete, Concreting,
Exhaust, Mechanical Registered Builder Auto & Marine Upholstery, Vinyl Stripping & Sealing Brick &
& Fabrication
Engineering and fabrication
(DBU18253) Senior
discou Cobblestone
Specialising in New Homes QUALIFIED nt s
Standard and sports exhaust systems
Manual transmission reconditioning and Extensions
Engine, transmission and dif conversions
Car and 4wd performance enhancements
Free quotes TECHNI AN Call Peter
49A Haddon Drive BALLAN
Ben 0498 653 088 All areas
0412 241 625
Ph: 0403 252 794 bgowland@gowlandconstructions.com.au www.greendalecleaning.com.au Steve 0409 387 657


CONCRETING Industrial/Automation 035368Solar
2001 Power/Solar Hot Water

*Shed Slabs *Exposed Commercial Energy Management COMMERCIAL

*Coloured Concrete *Slate Maddingley Concreting Residential Have you had
Free your
*Plain Concrete *Stencil ABN: 85956460244 RESIDENTIAL
2 Osbornelightbulb
Street, moment?
Bacchus Marsh
0417 535 001
Call now for a free quote!
Shane Harber
0427 386 030 Ph: 5368 2001 CALL CHRIS TABB
Mob 0419 397 393
maddingleyconcreting@outlook.com www.keemin.com.au REC 5096 ballaneeelectrical@bigpond.com




Excavator, Bobcat & Tipper - Manufacturing - Metals - Engineering On Site

All types of fencing Retaining walls What everybody- Hydraulic ought Hoses & Fittings - Powder Coating
Split systems Driveways Tree/Waste Removal to know about FREE LED
- Sand Blasting - Custom Fabrication - Welding
New Installations Post holes & footings Horse Arenas
Renovations lighting upgrades - Steel Sales - Engineering Supplies
Pat Testing Rock Walls Trenching 13 Reddrop St, Bacchus Marsh
24 Hour Emergency Service Dams Redgum Firewood There are so many offers out there for
E: owsmartelectrical@hotmail.com FREE solutions. Who can you trust? PH: 5367 1141
No job too small. Reliable service and competitive rates. AH: 0418 301 841
W: www.owsmartelec.com.au Keemin are a local business in operation since 1984.

M: 0433 348 403 Phone Andrew 0439 681 120

We employ licensed electricians and guarantee our work.
YES we can replace halogen lamps for FREE, and YES LEDs www.rosscoengineering.com.au
perform better and last longer.



Specialists in Chain Mesh Timber
Farm Security Household Guardrail Colorbond All Types
Post Holes Dug
Ben: 0427 341 908
Phone Mick 0429 681 139
Trade & Business
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FENCING & HANDYMAN Fibreglass Repairs GARDEN Door Services Victoria
Chain Mesh/ & Production *Repairs and New Doors
Industrial and Domestic Marine Transport
Dog Runs/Chook Pens Mowing, weeding, pruning, WE DO IT ALL
Architectural *All Types of Servicing
Federation Wire Rural general garden maintenance, General Garden & House Maintenance
Design rubbish removal *24 hrs 7 Days Rubbish Removal Mowing
Paling and Picket Fences
Patterns and Moulds Reliable, prompt service, *Eftpos Available Gutter Cleaning Landscaping
Retaining Walls Colorbond Small tree trimming Paving
Pre-sale clean ups Free quotes no obligation, Call Andrew 0417 385 483
Concrete and Rock Edging & removal Painting
Trailer Repairs fully insured www.doorservicesvic.com.au
Contact: 0419 835 770
Call Jim 0429671902 Brad: 0427 725 192
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Service Boarding Kennels & Cattery WRECKERS
We Repair: Lawnmowers,
Complete Home Maintenance New and used parts for
Assemblies Carpentry
BALLAN most makes and models.
Ride-ons, Chainsaws,
Brushcutters, Slashers,
Gutter Clearing Tel: 0457 422 092 Pumps, Generators, etc.
www.covainekennels.com.au Vehicles wanted -
Mowing Painting Free pickup. Friendly and Honest Service
Plastering Tiling Dog & Cat Boarding Spacious Pens & Large Exercise Areas Free pick-up and delivery
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Master Painter & Decorator Pathways
Wallpaper Minor Plastering Repairs Sprinkler Systems
Grafti Removal New Homes General Domestic & Commercial Painting BCD40106
MBA126237 Brick Letterboxes/BBQs GUTTERS & DOWN PIPES
Restoration & Repainting of Wallpapering, Faux & Specialised finishes Patios HOT WATER SERVICE
Residential Properties
Decking Specialists Complete Handyman & property maintenance service Concreting for Sheds CHANGEOVERS
Plastering & General building repairs Retaining Walls DRAIN CLEANING
Dingo Mini Digger
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Septic Tank
Cleaning Ivers
Specialising in Waste Water Treatment Systems Renovations Bathroom Kitchens
Krystel Kleer ADV 5000 treatment plant Service Liquid
Septic tanks installation and problem solving General Carpentry Pergolas Decks Grease Traps Waste
General Plumbing Pump sales and service
Hot water sales and installation
Roofing Retaining Walls Tiling Painting Plaster Septic Tanks
Come visit us at our retail shop Bobcat & Tipper Hire Programmed property maintenance Triple Interceptors
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Title Boundary Surveys
Floor and Wall
-VACC Accredited -All work guaranteed
-Courtesy Car available by appointment
- Repairer for all insurance companies
Adverse Possession and
Title Application Surveys Commercial
No job too small

- Low Bake Oven for Factory Finish Subdivisions

- Car-o-liner chassis straightener Feature and Contour Plans
- Dustless sanding - Spot welder
FREE measure
- 24hr secured, monitored premises
Licensed Surveyor & quote
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Moorabool New

TREE REMOVAL & Spring Water

Moorabool News
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is now
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Tree Trimming & Felling Wont be beaten on price LIMITED ACCESS
Stock, online
Stump Removal Gardens,
Mulching Service
Fully Insured
and INSURED Phone Doug: 5368 6487
Everything! go to
Phone Allan Fenwick
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0447 000 740 Jack 0409 289 700 Reliable and Professional 0437 96 00 34
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Classified ad bookings close 12PM Friday.
Bookings on (03) 5368 1966 or by email


BUYER 25kg bag
Food t for a King New & Used Shed clean ups Oaten Chaff $15

& All District Cemeteries

Corporate functions, 20 ft & 40 ft We come to you Lucerne Chaff $24
Headstones & Monuments Weddings, Birthdays, Wont be beaten on Contact Andrew Clarke Oats $15
All Memorial Works Dinner Parties, Funerals, 0409 511 739
Price or quality! Barley $14
Ph 5335 8074 Fax 5336 2669 Engagements, Christenings Please ring for a AK Logistics Pty Ltd
Wheat $14
814 Latrobe St Ballarat, 3350 Phone Dianne FREE QUOTE:
Also Stone Benchtops Qualified Chef Phone orders
www.wilsonmemorials.com.au 0428 682 366 1800 562 269 0429 017 802 (Laurie)
info@wilsonmemorials.com.au didebono@itaus.net M: 0439 047 019


150 years of service to the
Shires of Hebpurn and Moorabool
Car Boot Sale Clearing Sale
& surrounds.
Saturday 4 &
Pre-paid & Pre-planned Saturday 4 and
funerals available Sunday 5 March, Sunday 5 March Sunday 5 March
150 years of service to the Shires ofAndrew
Hepburn andand
Nuske Moorabool
Alicia Kay 10am 1pm From 8:30am 9am-5pm both days
& Surrounds. Pre-paid & Pre-planned
OFFICEfunerals available.
: 24 BRIDPORT STREET Piano Lessons Korweinguboora 105 Wittick St, Lot 1
DAYLESFORD. 3460 Old Melbourne Rd
Andrew Nuske and Alica Kay piano & keyboard Darley
24 Bridport Street,info@vereyfuneraldirectors.com
Daylesford Recreation Reserve BALLAN
beginner guitar
$5 per car Oldwares, clothing,
5348 2762
www.vereyfuneraldirectors.com.au ALL HOURS
double bass
(Gordon) Enquiries furniture, fabrics and
2 rams, mini pony,
ford ute, trailer,
5348 2762 ALL HOURS
Individual and Personal Goodbyes. Tim Nelson 5348 6747 assorted goods antiques, timber, bricks
gates, steel & more.
Individual and Personal Goodbyes 0450 904 464
Ballan Golf Club Ballan Annual General Meeting OFF SEASON
Drawn on 25th February 2017 by Barry Sims and Tiger Natural Greendale Wombat Landcare FIREWOOD (COMMON)
witnessed by Victor Buttigieg. Containers Spring Water Group AGM
10 sq metres = $77 per
1st prize - 3 days weekend getaway @ Barham Victoria. & Storage & Rabbit Calicivirus
Winner Athol Love. For Swimming Pools, Information Night.
metre plus delivery
2nd prize - Family pass to Sovereign Hill & Light Show inc
Short & Long Household Tanks, Red Gum / Common
Wednesday 22 March
dinner. Winner Belinda Little. Term Rentals Stock, Greendale Fire Shed, 6.30pm
available throughout
3rd prize - Dining package for 2 @ Melton Harness the year
Containers For Sale Roadworks Hire All positions to be declared
Racing Club. Winner Bec Simpson. Pick Up Available
& Hire Call Gary McTigue open & nominations
4th prize - One year Ballan Golf Club membership. Glen CALL: 5368 2258
accepted on the night.
0490 420 219 0419 008 027 Free refreshments. or 0438 682 258

FULL TIME POSITION Handyman Services
MORRISONS CEMETERY TRUST (Must be available Saturday) Mowing
The Morrisons Cemetery Trust is seeking expressions of interest
Must have HC Licence and Vic Roads driving record. Grass Slashing Maintenance
from suitably qualified members of the community who would Security Doors
be interested in serving on the trust. A medical will be required once started. Based in & Mowing Fences
Cemetery trust members are appointed by the Governor in Bacchus Marsh and to work in Melbourne Metro and Landscaping
Council and are responsible to the Minister for Health for the Gutter Cleaning
Western suburbs quarry. Truck and Trailer experience Pressure washing
proper and efficient management of public cemeteries under the
control of the trust. essential, training and uniform will be provided. Herbicide Application
Roof restoration
The appointment to the Morrisons Cemetery Trust is honorary Immediate start available. Send resume to: Garden Maintenance and much more
and will be for a term of up to 5 years. Current and previous
cemetery trust members may apply for reappointment as part of sdcbulkhaulage@bigpond.com Property Maintenance No job too small, just give
a competitive selection process. or Phone 0419 023 736 Mob: 0439 476 966 me a call. 0418 577 543
To register your interest please contact the Morrisons
Cemetery Trust by telephoning 5341 5554 within two
weeks of the date of this advertisement. EMPLOYMENT
The Victorian Government is committed to ensuring that
government boards and committees reflect the composition of the EMPLOYMENT
Victorian community. This includes appropriate representation of LOADER OPERATOR
Pinegro Products, a leading supplier to the landscape

women, regional Victorians, Aboriginal people, young Victorians,

Victorias culturally diverse community, the LGBTI community and industry, require an experienced loader operator for a full
Victorians with a disability.
time role located at Ballan
FUNERALS Experience in operating a front end loader Maintenance/Gardener
Ability to work unsupervised and adhere to company Country Club Villages develops and manages Retirement

safety policy Villages offering a range of resort style facilities and the
HR/HC and excavator experience preferable benefits of security, low maintenance living and opportunities
Pay rate commensurate with experience for social interaction with people at a similar stage in life. We

FUNERALS Applications should be emailed to

wlewis@pinegro.com.au by the 7th March, 2017
currently operate seven villages in Victoria.
A full time position now exists at our magnificent Bellbrook
Gardens Village in Bacchus Marsh for a multi-skilled
worker. In this role you will enjoy the challenge of day to
1114 Doveton St. Nth, FOR SALE day maintenance issues and be responsible for the overall
appearance of the village. To excel in this role you will need
Ballarat FRESH SEASONAL VEGETABLES to have maintenance work experience, enjoy gardening
Mt Egerton and take pride in your work. You will also need high levels
Ph: 5333 3911 Beetroot, Marrow, Tomato, Egg Plant, Carrots,
of enthusiasm, self-motivation, good time management,
show initiative and have the ability to communicate well with
All Hours Parsnip, Squash, Zucchini, Cucumber, Koharbi, residents, contractors and colleagues.
Lettuce, Capsicum, Honey & Preserves The successful applicant will be required to provide a current

Full seartveicceost
police check prior to beginning employment.
OUR VEGETABLES ARE ONLY SOLD BY US AT To apply, send CV and letter of application to
WEEKEND MARKETS OR FROM OUR FARM bellbrookgardens@countryclubvillages.com.au

at moder
or call Terry or Margaret on 0408 839 187 for further details.
Cnr Gordon/Egerton Rd & McIntosh Lane Applications close Friday March 10th 2017.
5368 9476 / 0408 778 680
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News 28 February, 2017 Page 23


Tabcorp Park
Friday 24 February

Childrens Services
The Gordon (New) Cemetery Trust is seeking
expressions of interest from suitably qualified
members of the community who would be

Authorised Officer
interested in serving on the trust.
Cemetery trust members are appointed by the

Governor in Council and are responsible to the
Minister for Health for the proper and efficient
management of public cemeteries under the
control of the trust.
Department of Education and Training
The appointment to the Gordon (New) Cemetery
Fixed term- Full time until 30 June 2018 (Based in Ballarat) Trust is honorary and will be for a term of up
$78, 773 - $89,375 + Super to 5 years. Current and previous cemetery trust
members may apply for reappointment as part
An exciting opportunity exists to be part of the Quality Assessment and of a competitive selection process.
Regulation Division as part of the Department of Education and Training. Our To register your interest please contact the
Division is the Victorian Regulatory Authority for early childhood education Gordon (New) Cemetery Trust by telephoning
the Secretary on 0408 177 931 within two
and care and school age care services. We drive the delivery of high quality
weeks of the date of this advertisement.
services and ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of Victorias children
The Victorian Government is committed
using those services. to ensuring that government boards and
We are looking for a highly motivated team player with demonstrated committees reflect the composition of the
expertise in early childhood education and/or social regulation. The purpose Victorian community. This includes appropriate
representation of women, regional Victorians,
of this role is to promote quality improvement in services by actively

Aboriginal people, young Victorians, Victorias
monitoring compliance, supporting and undertaking investigations, and culturally diverse community, the LGBTI
undertaking assessment and rating of Victorian education and care services. community and Victorians with a disability.
This position involves reporting significant risk and emerging issues in Friday 24 February, Tabcorp Park Melton Race 4, 2YO classic
relation to compliance, and developing positive relationships with key PUBLIC NOTICE (Fillies). Winner: Amelias Courage (11). Trainer: Peter Manning.
stakeholders to support capacity building in services. Driver: Greg Sugars. Photo: Stuart McCormick HRV.
The role of the Childrens Services Authorised Officer (CSAO) will be
supervised by the Grampians Regional Area Manager, Quality Assessment
and Regulation. The CSAO will conduct assessment and rating visits,
compliance visits and investigations as part of the core functions of the GREENDALE CEMETERY TRUST
regulatory authority, performed in adherence with the Education and Care The Greendale Cemetery Trust is seeking
Services National Law Act 2010 (National Law) and Victorian Childrens expressions of interest from suitably qualified
members of the community who would be
Services Act 1996 (Victorian Law). The role requires high level interpersonal
interested in serving on the trust.
skills and communication skills.
Cemetery trust members are appointed by the
Effective management of relationships with internal and external Governor in Council and are responsible to the
stakeholders is highly important in this role, as is the provision of regulatory Minister for Health for the proper and efficient
advice and guidance. management of public cemeteries under the
control of the trust.
The CSAO position will work collaboratively across other QAR regional areas. The appointment to the Greendale Cemetery
The position will also involve travel which may include overnight stays. Trust is honorary and will be for a term of up
For further information regarding this position, please contact Winnie to 5 years. Current and previous cemetery trust
members may apply for reappointment as part
Driscoll, Manager Grampians Regional Area, Quality Assessment and of a competitive selection process.
Regulation Division Phone: (03) 5337 8442
To register your interest please contact the
APPLY ONLINE by visiting the Current Vacancies page Greendale Cemetery Trust by telephoning
0429 184 996 within two weeks of the date
www.careers.vic.gov.au of this advertisement.
and entering in the reference field DET/ECSEG/QAR27842. Further information The Victorian Government is committed
to ensuring that government boards and
including position description and selection criteria is available here also.
committees reflect the composition of the
Closing date for applications is Wednesday 3 March 2017. Victorian community. This includes appropriate
www.education.vic.gov.au representation of women, regional Victorians,
Friday 24 February, Tabcorp Park Melton Race 6, Ian Daff

Aboriginal people, young Victorians, Victorias

culturally diverse community, the LGBTI Memorial. Winner: Heavens Trend (4). Trainer: Emma Stewart.
community and Victorians with a disability. Driver: Gavin Lang. Photo: Stuart McCormick HRV.

Darley Cricket Club

Ward both striking early of their allotted 25 overs,.
to reduce Ballarat-Redan to Best of the bowlers were
2/10 early, and whilst the Ethen Thewma (1/21) and
Two Swords fought back Kurtis Beck (1/8). The Lions
hard in the middle order, top order got the team off to
By Shaun Kelly win for the season. Hasitha middle order partnerships. a sniff at the top of the order they could manage just
Wickramasinghe took two meant that the Lions could a good start putting on 53 in
The Lions Third XI will be 7/133 to fall 43 runs short, 9 overs before Aaron Cad-
Seniors of the three wickets to fall hopeful of their third vic- only get to 8/214 at the close relinquishing second spot
for the Lions as a tune-up of their 40 overs, with a 36 man was dismissed for 11.
Darleys Second XI cricket- tory for the season in their to the Lions in the process.
for his return to the Lions run unbroken partnership Rocky Hoey batted brilliant-
ers have posted their first final round match-up with Miles Seager was the lead-
First XI for their final-round between Cornford (22 not ly to retire for 30, but when
win of the 2016/17 season an East Ballarat side boast- ing wicket-taker for the
game against East Ballarat out) and Josh Hynes (13 not Jayson Fawcett 4 and Brodie
with their First XI clubmates ing just the one win for the Lions with 3/33, whilst Joel
over the next two weeks and out) a late highlight. Ward (run out for 0) were
watching on thanks to a bye. season next weekend. Cadman and Aiden Cox also
their semi-final appearance dismissed the innings lost
Having secured first in- Darleys Fourth XI finals took wickets. momentum. To their credit
the following week, with
nings points in their match hopes took a dive on the Juniors Darleys 14 & Under First
results on the weekend en- the side fought it out with
against VRI Delacombe last weekend, going down to The winning streak contin- XI took a major scalp on the
suring that the Darley First Zane Colley, Luke Hayward
week after skittling them close rivals Ballan by 64 runs ues for Darleys 16 & Under weekend, defeating second-
XI cannot fall out of the top and Tyley OHehir showing
for 64 and finishing the first in an enthralling match. team in a one-day fixture placed Golden Point by nine
four, and hence will be com- some fight but the Lions fell
day on 6/109, the mission of peting in the 2016/17 Ballarat Ballan scored 6/280 after against Ballarat-Redan. The wickets. short making 7/113.
the Darley batsmen would Cricket Association First XI winning the toss and bat- Two Swords won the toss Despite finals being out of
have been to bat for as long ting, with 212 of those runs and sent Darley into bat, a Both of Darleys Under
finals series. their reach, the young Lions
as possible to ensure that coming from the lone bat of move which they may have 12 sides played one-day
Darleys Third XI werent produced one of their best
VRI didnt try and record Tyler Trickey, who the Lions regretted 25 overs later when matches in their Friday night
quite as successful, with performances of the season
a reverse outright victory, bowlers had no answer to. the Lions innings came to a to hold Golden Point to 5/109 tournament with the Darley
their score of 9/120 against Cubs falling 20 runs short
which would have been Buninyong last week not Trickey hit 15 fours and an compulsory close with the off their 25 overs, with Ryan
right on their minds as Dar- astonishing 19 sixes in his scoreboard reading 3/176 on Densley taking 2/11 off four in their pursuit of Eynes-
proving to be enough for vic- bury Eagles Whites 4/83,
ley lost three wickets for tory, with the Bunnies pass- unbeaten match-winning the back of unbeaten half- overs and Noah Simmons
just four runs early on to sit knock, even more astonish- centuries from in-form bats- and Austin Macbeth also in which Darleys Malakie
ing them with six wickets McLoughlin took two wick-
on 9/113, but a 30 run tenth down on their way to a total ing that only one other Bal- men Jordan Monaghan, who taking wickets along with a
wicket partnership between lan batsmen reached double has made two half-centuries run-out. ets, finishing their 20 overs
of 189.
Josh Calvitto (20) and wicket figures as Regan King took before retiring and a 46 in his The Lions then produced on 2/63, with Mitchell Wells
The highlight for Darley top-scoring with 12 before
keeper Jordan Monaghan (11 came from captain Liam Jor- two wickets for the Lions, last three junior knocks, and one of their better batting
not out) gave the Lions a to- with James Martindale, Ste- Joel Cadman, who backed performances of the season retiring.
dan, who produced his best
tal of 143 and a very handy bowling figures in Lions co- ven Cornford, Brad Roberts up his unbeaten century last to finish their innings on The Darley Pride made 5/66
64 run buffer. lours and his second senior and Jason Randall all taking game by smacking 50 off just 1/123 with both Hayden in their match against St An-
VRI went into bat for a sec- five-wicket haul by taking one wicket each. 51 balls before retiring. Co- Nash and Lane Havelberg thonys Green, with Rockey
ond time hoping to knock 5/52 off 18 overs to lead by The Lions again started rey Beaton was unbeaten on retiring on 30 to anchor the Hoey (17 retired) and Oliver
up quick runs, but when af- example, snaring the first their innings well, but los- 38 at the end of Darleys in- innings and give the Lions a Murray (14 not out) leading
ter 33 overs had passed and three wickets to go with a ing middle-order wickets nings from just 32 balls. memorable win. the way, but St Anthonys
VRI sat on 3/99, just 30 runs Jye Stephenson run-out that in quick succession after Early wickets was the key to Darleys 14 & Under Second batted well to finish victori-
ahead, they called stumps had Buninyong on the ropes Darren Hynes (46) and Tim the game for Darleys bowl- XI lost a tight match to sec- ous on 1/87 after their 20
on the days play, giving the at 4/43 before stringing to- Gallagher (58, his fifth half- ers, and they delivered with ond placed Buninyong who overs, with Taine Powell the
Lions their first Second XI gether some match-winning century in a row) gave them openers Tyler Cox and Mitch batted first and made 6/132 lone Darley wicket-taker.
Page 24 The Moorabool News 28 February, 2017 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Avenue Bowling Club Bacchus Marsh Little Athletics

On Saturday morning the Centre
DIVISION 1 v Ballarat East
participated in the newly introduced
The side failed to win a rink and hence were unable to score
Little Athletics PB (Personal Best) Round.
any points for the day.
This was a competition day celebrating
The rinks to perform well were Bill Hawkens rink (9 shots PB achievements, whilst focusing on the
down) and Steve Sullivans rink (10 shots down).
athletes own improvements. Athletes
Final score Avenue 70 lost Ballarat East 122. were rewarded with a Little Athletics
DIVISION 2 v Daylesford Victoria PB ribbon at the end of each event, in which they
Grant Stirlings rink fared best with a 9-shot win, whilst achieved a PB. Although conditions were extremely cool
Glenys Kays rink managed a draw. Both Alan Thistlethwaites and slightly windy, a total of 219 PBs were recorded by the
rink and that of Bob Delaney were 0-13 and 0-8 respectively athletes. Emma Stewart, Isaac Colella and Ava Westerlaken
in the early going in their matches, with the Thistlethwaite all achieved 5PBs for the round.
rink staging a valiant comeback to go down by the solitary Little Athletics Victoria has released the progressions for the
shot. The Delaney rink got within 2 shots on end number 19, State Track & Field Championships to be held on March 11 &
but couldnt quite hold off their opposition, going down by 12 at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park.
10 shots. Overall it was a close game with Avenue just falling
BMLAC will be represented by the following athletes -
short by 2 shots.
Boys U09 Charlie Conroy 70m
Final score Avenue 91 lost Daylesford 93.
Boys U09 Alex Lloyd High Jump, Shot Put
DIVISION 5 v Central Wendouree
Boys U11 Ryan Lister 100m, 200m, 60m Hurdles
Both sides had an equal number of points going into the Nelson Banigo breaking the 300m record.
Boys U11 Hayden Lloyd Triple Jump
game. Avenue were able to claim the bragging rights on the Photo - submitted
back of Di Hardiments rink which performed exceptionally Boys U12 William Lalor Discus, High Jump
well securing a 15-shot win, whilst Stewart Wilsons rink Boys U13 Jarvis Miles Discus, Javelin, Shot Put
managed a 7-shot win. Mike Roberts rink dropped 4 shots Boys U14 Solomon Miesen 1500m
Ballan Golf Club
on the second last end to go down by 2 shots, whilst Ray Girls U09 Mackenzie Estlick 400m Results - Week ending Saturday 25 February
Humphreys rink surrendered the first 10 shots of the game Girls U09 Shameko Grero 70m, Discus, High Jump Wednesday Stableford
to their opponents before ultimately going down by that
Girls U11 Taryn McMinn 100m WinnerBarry Lenaghan (20) 40 points,
Girls U11 Miah Miles Discus R/up Jimmy Walsh (19) 37 points.
The win places Avenue in outright top spot on the ladder
Girls U11 Bridie Shanahan Discus, Javelin NTP - 15thBob Arklay.
with one game to go.
Girls U14 Rebecca West 1500m Magpie - 14thBarry Sims.
Final score Avenue 102 def Central Wendouree 92.
Girls U14 Olivia Way 200m Hurdles, Triple Jump Saturday- 4BBB Stableford
DIVISION 7 v Waubra
Girls U14 Kayla Downes Discus 1st Round Papworth Cup.
It was expected to be (and was) a close game all day, but
Girls U15 Keely Rich Javelin Winners
thanks to a 7-shot win to Oscar Mauffs rink and a three shot
win to Mal Smiths rink, Avenue were able to negate narrow On Sunday, Jarvis Miles represented the Little Athletics 1st - Bob Arklay & John Muhlhan 46 points.
losses on the other two rinks to run out winners by four Junior Development Squad at the Victorian Track & Field 2nd - Hugh Miller & Len Killender 45 Points.
shots, which gives the side tremendous confidence going Championships in Under 14 Discus winning a gold medal 3rd - on c/b Mitch Younger & Al Sanders.
into the finals and in full knowledge that they will definitely with a PB throw of 35.08 metres. The win qualifies Jarvis 4th - on c/b Don Wickson & Ken Muhlhan.
finish third after the final game next week. for the Victorian Team to compete at the Australian Junior NTPs - 2nd Frank Raffaele, 7th Michaele Di Fiore,
Final score Avenue 100 def Waubra 96. National Championships in Sydney at the end of March. 12thCon Britt, 15thLen Killender.

SELL YOUR ITEMS $100 & UNDER FOR FREE Email: news@themooraboolnews.com.au Phone: 5368 1966
*Ads must be emailed by Friday 12 noon. Ads by phone must be between 9.30am12pm TuesdayThursday. MAXIMUM 3 ADS PER PERSON.
ALTERNATORS (2) Bosch and Lucas COFFEE press SS 6 cup $50 5367 EXERCISE Bike Near new $45 ono - MOTORBIKE BOOTS Rossi Ladies STAR PICKETS 60+ used metal
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type, Avent Express, GC $15 ono - People magazines (7) & 5 LP records $100 - 5368 9346 Ladies size 12 black GC $50 -0429 $250 sell $100 - 5367 8933
0409 688 825 $50 lot - 0466 989 010 FAN ceiling Arlec $40 5367 5663 853 373 TABLE Dining, round teak, 3 swivel
BABY Car Seat VGC $80 - 0419 391 COMPOST BIN, Gedye brand, Extra FAN CEILING (2) $30 lot - 5367 5663 OUTDOOR Setting Glass Table, 6 chairs VGC $100 0456 154 089
622 Large. EC. $60 Ph: 0417829434 FANS pedestal (3) GC $30 lot 0434 Reclinable Chairs, 2 Foot Stool $65 TAPS water hot & cold (set) suit
BABY Jolly Jumper $40 - 0455 480 COUCHES (2) 3 seater couches, 907 887 ono - 0415 150 250 bathroom, brand new $40 - 5367
196 Navy blue, velvet $100 lot - 5348 6725 FARM GATE 12 used, some fixings PAVERS (38) orange concrete 8933
BABY Porta-chair. Attaches to table COT Boori Classic Cot GC $100 included $50 0421 062 916 400x400, 2nd hand. GC $40 - 0432 TEDDY Cherish teddies porcelain
$30 - 0455 480 196 0400 148 912 FENCING temporary 17.5m total x 196 920 Rare bear. Boxed, new $20 - 0417 110
BABY Avent electric bottle steriliser DESK computer, black / grey 2m, cyclone wire $100 lot 0424 930 PILLOW Spinaleze (Medium) with 261
$50 - 0455 480 196 shelves, 1 drawer $20 0402 929 664 653 custom made pillowslip. As new. TRAILER ball hitch $10 - 5367 8933
BED BASE KS black metal frame, DICTIONARY, Collins Pocket (2) FRIDGE, large Westinghouse, $80 - 0428 671 116
wooden slats VGC $40 - 5367 4956. (French & German). $7ea - 5367 8933 TV CABINET with glass doors 710
excellent second fridge, $80, Ph 5367 PLATE Collectors plate, Koala.
BED KS timber bed frame with DINING TABLE, stained wood, oval 2198 mm x 450 mm $60 - 0418 127 040
Boxed with certificate $30 - 0417 110
wooden slats VGC $80 - 0498 139 439 design, GC extension to 1.98m. $100 FUEL tank, 1000 litres, horizontal 261 TV UNIT (large) with 4 drawers $25
BED & mattress Invacare invalid 5300 4919 free standing, $100 0407 091 799 0455 506 125
RADIO Alarm Clock, Goldair,
Electrically adjustable $100 - 0447 DISPLAY unit $50 - 5368 6863 HALLWAY stand Baltic timber, electric or battery. $45 - 5367 8933 WALKER Mobility Walker, foldup
695 205 DOLL stands (15) $30 lot - 0417 110 mirror, drawere & shelf $20 - 0408 with carrier & seat. Brand new, $100
ROOF RACKS suit Toyota Camry,
BIKE Mens Repco 27.5 width 261 175 242 -5310 6306
$50 - Ph 0448 310 992
(wheels) VGC $60 - 0424 148 752 DOORS (3) $90 lot - 5367 5663 HURDLES athletic (6) adjustable $20 XMAS tree 6 VGC $30 0422 853
SEATS Bench (2) wooden, black
BIKE Apollo racer 27 GC $40 - 0466 DOORS (10) all sizes, interior & lot 0402 929 664 cushions, under seat storage GC 355
989 010 exterior $100 lot 0414 785 366 JACKET Holden (L Mens) with $50ea - 0457 422 092 VACUUM Electrolux Vac, works
BIKE panniers Deuter rack pack DOOR frames (10) all sizes hardwood Lowndes & Skaife signatures GC well, $30 - 0408 951 676
SHED Garden Shed, metal 3m x3m.
VGC $60 set - 0400 148 912 $100 lot - 0414 785 366 $60 - 0455 506 125 VACUUM cleaner Bissell Purepro
Needs some work $80 - 0423 489 457
BOOTS Nike Basketball size boys 6 DOOR Bi-fold with glass panels $40 KITCHEN setting, 7 piece. GC $100 $80 5348 4040
SHOES ladies (1 pair) never worn
GC $20 ono - 0419 161 063 - 0414 785 366 -0418 127 040 WALKING Frame, $20 - 0408 951 676
VGC $25 0431 010 108
CAR Pedders Sports Rider Rear DVDS Child, Barbie (10 titles) EC. LAWN Mower Victa 4 stroke Turbo WATER TANK 2000 litres $100
$60 lot - 0423 327 040 thrust, industrial $50 - 0409 245 881 SHOWER SCREEN Sliding door,
Lowered Springs, Suit FG Falcon 0466 989 010
near new, 1220 x 900. $60 ono - 5367
XR6 $100 - 0424 148 752 DVDS Child, Strawberry Shortcake LAWN MOWER, new No fuel - Jamie
7902 WELDER CIG Transarc Easy Welder
CAR Pedders Sports Rider front (12 titles) EC. $70 lot - 0423 327 040 Durie lawn mower.$80 5348 4040
SHOWER SCREEN 900 x 900, 140 amp GC $70 - 5367 5663
Lowered Springs, suit FG Falcon XR6 DVDS Child Assortment (8 titles) LOUNGE Suite Retro 2 swivel arm
$100 - 0424 148 752 EC. $45 lot - 0423 327 040 chairs & 3 seater couch $50 lot -0447 pivoting door & base. $50 ono - 5367 WATER TROUGH PVC half
695 205 7902 cylinder on metal frame $75 0421
CAR engine stand, never been used ELECTRIC FENCING - various
$50 - 5368 6863 items $100 lot 0421 016 209 LOUNGE SUITE 6 piece velour VGC SINK kitchen double, 1.55m, used 062 916
CAR filters (3) to suit Fiat Decato 3L $100 0456 154 089 SS. FREE - 5300 4919 WATER TROUGH PVC Round
from 12-16 model $100 lot 0413 000 Bound Set including Year Books. EC MIRROR Timber frame 1000mm x SOCCER table, brand new $100 $100 0421 062 916
289 $100 - 0400 148 912 1280mm $60 - 0498 139 439 5368 6643 WHEELBARROW GC $40 0421 016
CAT carry cage, Plastic, GC, $25 - ESSENDON Hooded Jacket, brand MIRROR, 110 x 110cm, chunky SOFA 2 seater VGC $100 5367 8351 209
0424 930 653 new size 3XXX $50 - 0409 245 881 timber frame, $60 - 5367 2916 SOFA 2 seater, GC $30 - 0408 175 242 WINE RACK, cast iron, intricate
CHAIR Cedar wood deck arm chair EXERCISE Swiss ball, manual & MIRROR Wicker-framed 148cm x SOY/Almond milk maker, $100. patterns on sides & door. Holds 42
with foot stool. $90 5348 4040 pump. $45 - 5367 8933 30cm, $40 ono - 0408 951 676 OBO - 5367 8933 bottles. $100 0422 968 539
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News 28 February, 2017 Page 25

Ballan Cricket Club

Ballan 1 St X1
Ballan 118 & 2/65 def Napoleons 109
Batting: 2nd Innings
M Nolan 46 no, Z Graham 16 no.
Bowling - H Micallef 12-4-3/27, Z Graham 20-9-3/19, D
Gardiner 19.3-8-4/27.
Ballan continued bowling this week and dismissed
Napoleons with a 9 run led. David Gardiner continued on
from last week picking up another two wickets and Zac
Graham one wicket. Ballan were looking for quick runs
when they batted again but lost two quick wickets leaving
Ballan at 2/2 off three overs. Mick Nolan and Zac Graham
steadied the innings but were unable to chase enough runs
to consider going for outright.

Ballan 2nd X1
Ballan 6/280 def Darley 8/214
Batting - T Trickey 212 no, A Trickey 7 no.
Bowling - A Trickey 6-0-3/19, T Trickey 8-0-1/42, S Dehnert
A magnificent batting display by Tyler Trickey to bat through
the 40 overs, to set up a very good score. Once again bowling
and fielding were excellent which brought about a very
Daniel Pascoe 25 including 4 fours and Ballans Milo In2 Cricket kids at the last session for the season with helpers;
important win.
1 six. Photos Chris Thom KB, Jase, Macca and coordinator Troy Connor.

Under 16
No scores available
Under 13
Ballan 3/137 def Ballarat Redan Green 4/90
Batting - D Pascoe 25, G Muir 18 ret, M Popple 18 ret, J Horan
11 ret, C Gates 10 ret, M Golding 10 ret.
Bowling - M Popple 2-1-2/8, V Weatherhead 2-1-1/1, J Childs
Ballan won the toss and bowled first with all bowlers putting
in a good performance led by Mackenzie Popple.

Under 12
Ballan 6/72 lost Eynesbury Blacks 4/136
Batting - J Jarvis 18 ret, B Conroy 15 ret, K Heafield 7 ret, Z
Vincent 4 ret, R Sturgiss 2 no.
Bowling - N Loft 2-0-2/7, Z Healy 2-0-1/15.
This was the last game for the season with the team extremely
proud of their achievements. The majority of the team were
all first year cricketers and to see them improve during
the season was very rewarding. All of the team members
achieved personal milestones during the year and improved
on them later in the year. The Ballan Cricket Club hopes to
see all the team back next year to continue their pathway to
becoming great cricketers. Tyler Trickey 212 not out including 19 sixes and 15 fours. Dylan Graham top scoring for the U16s.

Sell it Local for Less Sell with a photo - $20 per edition or $50 for 3 months. Simply email
your photo and details of item to news@themooraboolnews.com.au
Ph: 5368 1966
news@themooraboolnews.com.au Phone 5368 1966 All vehicles must supply registration numbers if registered and dealers to supply LMCT number.

Sell your
Auto, 4WD, 170,000 highway kms, FORD FG UTE 2012
Car here
never been offroad, SR5 wheels & 2006 KIA RIO Gas, Auto, Tow Bar, X Govt., 2009 KUBOTA EXCAVATOR PORTABLE CABIN
tub, new ARB canopy, aluminium Ladder racks, 8/2017 Rego, 5 tonne, rubber tracks with Site/office, 6x3m, lights, power
5 door manual hatch, 54,000 KMS, ABS Brakes, front blade, mud bucket,
roofrack, cargo box, new snorkel, points, air con, heavy duty door.
115660km, one owner,
3 months
UHF, reverse camera & sensors, Cruise Control. Drop side 2 digging buckets, auxillary Bars on windows. Can organise
heavy duty towbar, exc. condition, very good cond., RWC, tray. YWR597. $18990 piping for extra attachments, delivery at owners cost. $6990
good service history, Reg 1FY4MP Reg UQL303, $5000 ONO 9399 Western Highway, East 3,900 hrs, excellent condition, 9399 Western Highway, East
$32,000 ONO. Ph 0400 127 814 Ph: 0407 318 187 Ballarat. Ph: 0428860345 $30,000 ONO Ph 0400 127 814 Ballarat. Ph: 0428860345

Sell your Sell your

2001, 17ft, awning and full
Caravan Boat here
here $50 $50
2002, 17ft, ex cond, single Ford transit 2004. Diesel. annexe, peak condition, kept
axle, leaf spring suspension, 2/3 berth. Gas stove, internal CD player, solar,
under cover, island bed, reverse
side awning, 2 yr old annex, 4 heater, hot water, Toilet and 2 gas bottles, Fridge, cycle air cond. TV and antenna,

3 months 3 months
burner cooktop and grill, dbl shower, 3 way fridge, solar microwave, double bed. crockery, cutlery, full oven,
bed, 3 way fridge, microwave, Panels. Air bag suspension. Reg. Q85859. level rides. $18,000 or best offer.
many extras. Reg P55807. Excellent Condition. $70.000 $14,000 (Reg P23163)
$17000 neg. Ph 5368 7353 Phone - 0428 689 397. Ph 0452 413 629 Contact RON 0438 090 547.

BALLAN PLUMBING Service & supplies of all plumbing needs Proud supporter of
155 Inglis St, Ballan Phone: 5368 1036 Fax: 5368 1510 www.ballanplumbing.com.au all district sport!
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LAST L UNDER 10,000kms


+ Rear Diff lock
+ New black finish grille
LIMITED NUMBERS + Black headlamp garnish
Available now at Kings Cars + Dynamic shield black bumper finish
+ Unique black finish 17 alloy wheels
Available in Manual or Auto EXCLUSIVE
Starlight Titanium Black + Black fender flares
with all GLS Standard Features
+ Black platform side steps
Super Select II 4WD Centre differential Sports cloth seat trim
High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps Smartphone Link Display Audio with 7 touch screen
+ Black sports bar
LED Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) Android Auto + Black rear step bumper
Fog lamps (front) Apple CarPlay + Black nudge bar
Privacy glas Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) radio +AM/FM/MP3 + Tub liner (under rail type)
Chrome door mirrors and handles HDMI Input + Tinted bonnet protector
Leather bound steering wheel Multi information display
+ So tonneau cover
Leather bound gearshi 6 x SRS Airbags
+ Carpet mats
Climate control dual zone air conditioning Cruise Control
Door mirrors with power fold control Reverse camera + Towbar and towball

Ballarat Friendly,
345 Learmonth Rd. Wendouree
03 5338 4000 kingscars.com.au LMCT9931
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With sports inspired styling, 18 black alloys, sports front grille and dual exhaust, the Camry RZ is eye-catching. Plus, with a fuel efficient
2.5 litre engine, a maximum 5-Star ANCAP safety rating and enough room for all the family, its as bold as it is sporty.
To find out more SEARCH CAMRY RZ

Melton Toyota
143-147 High Street,
T 03 8746 0300
LMCT 1976

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17 Main Street, Myrniong theplough.com.au
The Plough Stables date back to the early 1900s The Plough Marquee allows your event
and are the perfect venue for your event. to have a personality of its own.
For intimate and personal gatherings including The Marquee is fully lined
birthday celebrations, Christmas parties, corporate M AGIC AL with bunting and fairy lights

functions, wedding ceremonies and receptions, for you to add your flair
this rustic and charming new venue to create something that is
really can be anything your very own.
you want it to be! RUSTIC G stables

YET CHARMIN The dedicated bar and

kitchen provide for exacting
INTIM ATE stables standards of service,
leaving you and your guests
Th e Plou g h M to thoroughly enjoy the
Ideally suited for larger
Th e Plou g h St
able s CR EATI VE Call Mark today on
5368 7173 to arrange
The Plo ugh Sta ble s RELAXED & your personal visit to our

8:20 AM marquee and stables.
Stables pos tcard-V2.indd

All menus are created stables

with The Ploughs head

3267_Plough Stables postcard-V2.ind
d 1
29/08/2016 8:20 AM

chef Mark Mills to suit The Plo ugh MARQUE E BE CRE ATIV
your budget without DESIGN YOU R OWN SPACE

compromising the quality

of your special event.
The Plough Stables PERFECT


ROM ANTIC stables

g h S ta ble s D LS
Th e P lo u F M ARK M IL
3267_Plough Stables postcard-V2.indd 5 29/08/2016 8:20 AM

T h e P lo
b l e s A U N IQ U
u g h Sta P EC IA L E V E NT
Th e Plou gh Stab
le s FOR YO UR
Th e Plo ug h Sta ble s
sty lIS H & cl as sY The Plough Bistro
16 8:20
29/08/2016 8:20 AM

A visit to The Plough @ Myrniong will confirm that these gorgeous

gh Stables
V2.indd 15 3267_Plough Stab
les postcard-V2.ind
d 11
3267_Plough Stables
postcard-V2.indd 13

venues can be anything you want them to be for your next event!
3267_Plou 29/08/2016 8:20


17 Main Street, Myrniong | www.theplough.com.au | (03) 5368 7173