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Yangon River. New Treasure Art Traditional Puppet Theatre which If visitors would like to have a is the major attraction of Le usually visit in Yangon are the Gallery located in Than Lwin is situated at No. plays and photo shows can the lobby of the hotel. 2 FOOD&ENTERTAINMENT SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT FEBRUARY 2017 As places of traditional arts and crafts are exhibited in many places foreigners and locals alike can enjoy their leisure time. painting. 12. which is Myanmar lacquer ware tray. Gallery in Ahlone Township. festivities. where If people want to enjoy a classic high tea and Myanmar high combination of German arts and tea is served from 2:30pm to 5pm. puppetry. served in a very traditional The National Theatre. Public Relation There are also entertainment Manager of Novotel Hotel said. there should be Another place that serves also increasing year by year.” says puppetry professional their evenings at this venue to comfortably.” said Ma Win Pa Pa also cultural exchange programmes Myo. Road in Bahan township. Anybody can register for the quality wine is the  Le Cellier at foreigners are Myanmar traditional enjoying the paintings. there is a place by com. Bahan Township. which can attract the foreigners are for places where they can spend where exhibitions related to performance shows. they can take the s the number of foreigners National Museum and other places Gallery located at Upper Pansodan puppetry performance is performed Royal Green River Cruise and visiting Myanmar is of interest where they can find wood street in Kyauktada township daily between 5pm and 6pm as Yangon River Cruise which are increasing. Dagon township. not only has shows of having dinner with Myanmar-style Myanmar traditional culture but preparations. their evenings peacefully. woodcarving and arts are at least five spectators.  Photo – Aung Htay Hlaing Scenic spots in Yangon for foreign tourists By Lae Phyu Pya Myo Myint galleries at Bogyoke Aung San 65 on Yaw Min Gyi street in At Htwe Oo Myanmar that lie along the banks of the A Market and Karaweik Palace. taste French age-old wine. presentations and arts as well many places such as Lawkanat Art enjoy the Myanmar traditional also visit www. Some foreigners also look People’s Square in Dagon township audience. which Places where most foreigners township. style and Western style. the Cellier.” clad in traditional costumes. at At The Strand Café’. One French culture. can spend their leisure time at the If guests would like to discover theatre enjoying Myanmar and the spectacular sceneries of international arts shows. the right place will and family dinner is set from 6pm be Goethe Villa. Myanmar arts. guests can No(340) Pyay road in Sanchaung enjoy twin pleasures of Myanmar Township. Most of the foreigners enjoy as places where they can relax Gallery which is located at Lower puppetry art. transferring arts can enjoy the entertainment of shows. or can the Novotel Hotel. Yama Street glimpse of Myanmar culture. famous Shwedagon Pagoda. and food that can attract Anybody interested in art foreigners at The Strand Hotel. at Myo Ma Kyaung Road in Dagon “They also very much enjoy township. at No (8). Most of the foreigners Ko Chin Road. Pansodan street in Kyauktada the name of Htwe Oo Myanmar U Khin Maung Htwe (U Htwe). Yangon’s waterways and the rich Translation by Win Taw Tar and historical and cultural landscapes Khine Thazin Han . Amanda Pearl. carving. Western style dinner together with The biggest attraction for For those who want to spend time displayed. right place would be the Karaweik “Most people come to enjoy the Palace where one can have lunch breathtaking view of Shwedagon or buffet dinner while enjoying Pagoda while having an aperitif 14 kinds of Myanmar traditional on the terrace of the 14th floor dances where the performers are rooftop of the Novotel Hotel. Public Relation Manager of with foreign countries so foreigners The Strand Hotel. visit the Institute Francais. Pansodan Scene Traditional Puppet Theatre. combination of Myanmar and which was recently renovated. prefer the Myanmar high yea Yangon. traditional music and Yangon Gallery located in long as there are at least two in the luxury cruises that run from 6pm displays and recreational places and arts. there are It one would like to learn and puppet show one day ahead. musical entertainment Myanmar harp and xylophone in shows. Ko Min to 10 pm.htweoomyanmar. For special puppetry to around 8pm.

according to their birthday and also gala occasions. halls with sheets of palm-leaf this beautiful Myanmar girl. manuscripts placed in front of The Karaweik Palace has two Moe dance. U Shwe Yoe and Daw of the Pyigyimon Royal Barge. was completed in 1974. hall they prefer. a beautiful young both halls are the same. where gala (Thalon). has two reception halls. solo dance. the attention of many foreigners who visit the restaurant for lunch A man in Brahmin costume of the ladies apply Thanaka on their Waing dance. architect U Ngwe Hlaing as a replica the evenings having buffet dinner.” said the him. the building was converted into a Thin Aung. white cosmetic paste made from with relics. The interiors of while the visitors enjoy their dinner. Pakan was designed and built by Myanmar but most of the foreigners enjoy is seated in the middle of the two faces and take photos together with Ko Gyi Kyaw dance. There are more Asian customers. Mon dance. traditional floral motifs (kanout) Forginer being helped to apply Thanaka powder at Karaweik palace. ground bark which is a distinctive traditional harp which is placed in showcase traditional music and am to 3:00 pm daily and buffet mote lin mayar and pae palar tar. marionette dance and Kyaukse restaurant. Most of the foreigners enjoy the circular stone called kyaut pyin. Pyu dance. Kandawgyi Lake. FOOD&ENTERTAINMENT SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT FEBRUARY 2017 3 Karaweik Palace showcases authentic Myanmar culture By Lae Phyu PYA Myo Myint performances presented by the traditional architectural features T restaurant. facing the decorated and offers a wonderful entrance of the Karaweik Palace. the country. One of Myanmar’s traditional writes down the meaning of their Visitors can enjoy meals in any elephant dance are performed on stage Karaweik Palace Restaurant furniture. one of the many landmarks the illumination reflected by the two doormen dressed as Royal in the heart of Yangon City. Along the passage girl in Myanmar ancient costume are decorated with traditional floral accessories are uniquely created celebrations and different kinds to the reception halls. Chin bamboo dance. Ceilings Dancers’ costumes and occasions. traditional arts. there are grinds Thanaka (a yellowish. feature of Myanmar culture) on a the middle of both halls enhances a dances from different tribes across dinner from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm. Bagan dance. He gives a Myanmar name to halls – Ottara Hall and Dekkhina Rakhine oil lamp dance. A large Myanmar traditional style. In 1988 restaurant’s manager Daw Thin every foreigner who visits the hall Hall – which are both available for Shan kinnara and kinnari dance. Construction began in 1972 and rather than Westerners. which is a royal couch name on the palm leaf. he golden Karaweik Palace. magnificent Shwe Dagon Pagoda view as well as culinary delights After entering the door. the Shwe Dagon Pagoda as well around the exterior of the building and the sight of the girl dressed in Myanmar traditional dances Translation by Zar Zar Soe as Myanmar traditional dance and take photos of Myanmar ancient Myanmar costume. So most such as Amarapura-era Myay . Guards in Myanmar ancient warrior is located on the eastern shore The restaurant is tastefully costumes welcome the guests at the of Kandawgyi Lake. enchanting view of a path from where one can stroll with the fragrance of Thanaka Myanmar culture. surrounding natural the Karaweik Palace. Myanmar are decorations with Myanmar traditional art and culture. there which is a symbol of Myanmar covering special Chinese. and East Asian cuisine. weddings receptions. motifs and pillars are also decorated according to real Myanmar of events can be held.  Photo. a large stage which is decorated to authentic Myanmar taste but of the sunset. As the performers restaurant offers lunch from 11:00 made snacks such as mote lat kaut.Aung Htay Hlaing The Karaweik Palace that draws “There are many customers and mosaics. She splendid view for the diners. The buffet small booths which cater locally. there is must-visit place not only to enjoy dinner while viewing the beauty interior and surrounding view of foreigners apply Thanaka. of the restaurant. is placed at the entrance By his side. Karaweik Palace is a Many foreigners enjoy having snacks while taking photos of the explains what it is and helps visiting At the end of each hall. sight during the evening with As a genuine Myanmar welcome. The Palace is a beautiful which adorn the building. There is also Foreigners are usually pleased give visitors an authentic taste of also to learn authentic Myanmar scenery.

Shae in the golden age of cinemas lining t could be said that the post of the Sakura Tower which is there As the quality of Myanmar Saung. Mingalar Sanpya and other up the streets of Yangon. F O O D & “Those were the times which could be regarded as the golden age Thwin. Thamada cinema The ticket price ranges from Hlaing Kyaw Soe. hotels and channels and DVD movies and Eighty percent of Myanmar and there are a total of about 20 Layout design: Khin Zaw For feedback and enquiries. movie he likes. banned from screening films. K2500. director and actor U Aung Lwin. In 1990s. Toe Wai Aung Myanmar Motion Pictures also many movie lovers who want to international movies. Just like in the song of famous movies on Saturdays and Sundays is internationally released. Furthermore. had to giveway and today. K3000. And then. Nay Pyi Taw and Mingalar such movies by wasting my time “The Myanmar films are of Myanmar Motion Picture. and public holidays. located the youths have chosen to see to 9:30PM a total of five shows high-quality international films in era of Myanmar Motion Picture. The Whatever the case. Thamada. Myanmar Motion Picture world. Shwe are screened. so you can watch Editor: Win Aung Shwe Gon.” said a Staff writers: Nandar Aung. Hollywood movies are regularly screened in cinemas. please contact warehouses. Khine Thazin 150 film production companies in (now Sule Shangri-La hotel) was “I like Myanmar movies but have five shows daily on Friday. there were around demolished and the Traders hotel Myanmar movies. Yangon. Hlaing Kyaw Soe of those famous cinemas. famous cinemas movies becomes low. 3-D movie Than Naing Soe. there are World War II period which was today. hotels and shopping malls in places cinemas left in Yangon these days.” said U Aung not all. San Pya. Shae tickets cost K1000 more than the Photography: Aung Htay Hlaing. movie official from JCGV. some releases of foreign the number of cinemas and film Group of Companies since 2012. shopping centers by Shwe Taung Soe from Yankin. c.” says Ko Myat the start of international show. most of cinemas show movies from 10AM still a number of cinemas left where around 1950s were the golden like Pa Pa Win and Gon. hip hot singers Yan Yan Chan with his friends. However. and their own cinemas. He also goes to that movie on the same date as it Sub-editor: P Vijian Man and San Thiri to name a few. I only watch shown mostly a week later than ENTERTAINMENT were nationalized in 1968 and have been placed at the Junction the quality movies. there are only a few Saung. During that time. Naypyitaw.com Cinema which was located on movies at Thwin (cinema) and Mingalar Company Limited. were also among them. named “Yangon Currently. cinemas under Shwe Taung Group Translated by Win Thaw Tar. As new movies at cinemas films coincide with Friday (the Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Myo Lwin production companies gradually are also becoming a place where change every Friday. Sanpya. Myanmar movies show both foreign and Myanmar opened in Yangon. the Ritz they have to survive by showing movie cinemas are owned by the cinemas in operation. Thamada. Mingalar Mini movie theatre JCGV movie cinemas are Nyan Zay Htet. High standard cinemas still significant kind of entertainment in Yangon By Nandar Aung Bogyoke Aung San road was cinemas owned by Mingalar Group cinemas under Mingalar Group: there are no longer many cinemas as I demolished for the construction and Shwe Taung group.santiago@mmtimes. Napyitaw. Aung Kyaw Min. K2000. Thwin.” said cinemas are the last lifeline of the and money. there are watch movies. Aung Myin Ye Zaw. Han and Kyaw Soe Htet Yangon and almost all of them had built in that place. Win cinema and normal price.  Photos – Aung Myin Ye Zaw Hollywood action movie screened at Nay Pyi Taw cinema. JCGV cinemas. Lwin. people say. Mandalay. the Sule Pagoda Road in downtown Mandalay Yangon” which lyrics shows only Myanmar movies K1500. cinemas along and Thar So. he goes to day for the cinema to switch to decreased. on Sule Pagoda Road were also more international movies than per day for the whole week. Cover design: Tin Zaw Htway “Those cinemas were replaced have to rely on the local television movies. becoming more foolish and silly as from 10AM to 7PM(four shows) on At the moment. I do not want to watch other days. 4 Cinema hall in downtown Yangon. JCGV 3-D and 2-D formats are shown. although . which every foreign movie. Lae Phyu Pya Myo Myint. and Mawlamyaing cities. Nowadays. But I do not watch but foreign films are usually However as most of the cinemas Moreover. Myo Satt. by shopping malls. full of essence. Myoma. Zarni Phyo. Myanmar movies are Saturday. Myint Kay Thi. which were the pride of are of that although there are and Nay Pyi Taw cinema screens to the highest K8000. Famous cinemas such as Myanmar and international films these cinema to see whichever another film).

the theatre is always requires a couple of years of training in order to make them. The youngsters are knowledgeable Entrance fees for foreigners at Myanmar Foreigners learning and practising puppetry performance watching the Marionette dance. in accordance with charge and provided with a monthly stipend. The most located on 27th Street between 65th Street stories. But to be able to create professional U Than Nyunt. Currently. she added. Theatre in Mandalay. world. and Rama-Deer-Hunting scene M the younger generation. dancing and speaking. Foreigners are mostly interested in the will provide monthly stipend depending on Translation by Zar Zar Soe. “We are training youths who are interested lasts for about an hour. Free training for aspiring puppet makers It requires five professionals to create in Mandalay which has daily puppetry Those who are interested in marionette The art of making the marionettes is a marionette – a sculptor.” said U Than Nyunt. who are charged master the art form. Daw Ma Ma Naing said Myanmar full. and also know English. a gold embroidery maker and Entrance is free for locals at the theatre four or five months. If you want to watch the dance in the theatres.” dance. she added. no one wants to technician. for young people. Daw Ma Ma Naing. every effort to ensure Myanmar puppetry have a duty to ensure that the art of Myanmar the times. the marionette theatre rues the fact that the traditional Young artistes is filled with foreigners. we welcome young and love for the art. She said there are about 40 “The foreigners come.  Photo – Hlaing Kyaw Soe keen to learn the art. like in the olden days.000 per person in April. without fail. They’re always here. We foreigners. Myanmar people should praise this in puppetry and the art will not disappear. has “We only have the youths to rely on if we every day. to manipulate the puppets.” she said. We added. and develop respect by locals. almost no locals come to watch performing free marionette shows in their don’t have a fixed class fees for teaching them. a gild-person. we entertained communities. 5 Myanmar marionettes in danger of being strung up? A fading art among locals. During peak seasons.” said who can make puppets. with a smattering of people in while local patronage has rapidly declined. If the younger generation is interested “It’s a pity the art form is not more valued dances to attract the interest of school children “As there are only a few skilled persons in Myanmar puppetry. Young people who are interested in the people have to lend a hand to preserve their an entrance fee. marionette shows. but are also in modern skills.000 to K15. disappear if there are no more people making established the Myanmar Marionettes want to prevent puppetry from fading away. who is chairman modernise puppetry. performances from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. it will not disappear. at the same time make Daw Ma Ma Naing feels Myanmar people performing one-act plays. people who are interested in this field. In the past.” said Daw Ma Ma Naing. marionette singing.” she said. Daw Ma Ma Naing has been are quite empty. Foreigners are not only interested in in puppetry. marionettes are dancing and art of making puppets will be taught free of traditional heritage. she traditional heritage as it is renowned over the Daw Ma Ma Naing. especially among young people. mostly with foreigners. Kyaw Soe Htet “I think Myanmar marionette will be Thu Nge Daw dance (lively boy with twin-tails their endeavour. It is the only theatre added. Puppetry performances will and Win Thaw Tar . and while some a puppet’s joining technician. Different marionette dances will be performed of Myanmar Puppeteers Association. rest of time the shows art form today survives on tourism Towards this end. dances can learn the basic moves in about also languishing. arionette expert Daw Ma Ma Naing During peak seasons. so Marionettes Theatre will be increased from at the Myanmar Marionettes Theatre.” she the puppets. conducting training courses on marionettes the seats. I presume they will be able to innovate and K10. though foreigners mesmerised By Hlaing Kyaw Soe popular again when it attracts the attention of marionette). which involves young people are interested in learning how important person is the puppet’s joining and 66th Street. marionette does not disappear. according to puppetry a painter.” she said. “We’re performing educational marionette on a regular income from the trade. it till dawn. and they will be taught until they can survive enjoys popularity around the world. to learn “The only support we get is from young marionette artistes who have started the marionette dance.

meat.  Malar Hinn will vary according quantity of people.  and eel soaked in marian plums is that customers can choose their The “Sakaw Rice” (rice in Healthy Me Although the restaurant with has a sour taste and is also very preferred side-dishes (vegetables. This restaurant serves only soft be added into the Malar Hinn. milk and as fried rice. the Mala ordered here. The decoration of the shop is The Spicy House opens from more attractive in the interior 11am till 9pm and a total of three section but if you don’t want to sit shops are open and located at inside. 3rd Street. The Sauce). This restaurant is suitable to the types and amounts of raw But you cannot just walk in and garlic bread and poached eggs as   for those who like Mon food and products that you have chosen. As for drinks. a booking well as delicious oatmeal which are Mawlamyine Swel seafood and the price is also If you are unable to decide what and a pre-order must be done in made by soaking oats overnight to There are only a few restaurants reasonable. become tender. you can sit outside and enjoy Hledan Center. order this at any time. and the waffle is combined Milo Dinosaur drink. The Spicy House   This shop will be familiar to those Kokang Kou Fu Restaurant who love Malar Hinn. The most famous food. Pork and bell peppers. great to go with coffee are available are available there with prices there.000 to K12. This dish will initially can also try the breakfast which are from 9am to 9pm and this at No 36.  Photo: Zarni Phyo cooked in Mala (spicy Chinese Kokang traditional dishes. but white coffee and is suitable for coffee rice can also be ordered for those lovers. and Protein Rice Bowl. remove toxic substances from the experience. and they are start with eight different dishes and it serves in the morning. chicken However. as the food is very fresh here. there are a variety when it is fresh. It also In addition to Malar. Khine menu. I would like to list down of cold drinks to choose so one can is the right place for sea food lovers You can order two kinds of cooked with quince fruit. a total of two Kou Fu restaurants: paired with rice under the name can not only enjoy Mon cuisine but who want to enjoy coffee and snacks Moreover.  The restaurant is situated at 86 Bogyoke Township in Yangon and the service neatly arranged. the center of a bamboo platter Like the name suggests. Junction Mawtin. chocolate drinks. shop is one of the most well-known Western food and drinks.000. Chinese culinary good food and services. which is an The Kokang Kou Fu restaurant assortment of vegetables and meat is a shop where you can taste the Exterior of the Yangon bus cafe. food dishes. A wide variety of dishes can be I the restaurant’s menu and can The restaurant is most suitable Unlike other shops.500 to K5. Thai the most famous shops in Yangon of the Kokang ethnics’ culture. The Kou Fu restaurant opens from Other foods available at that Yangon and Mawlamyine Swel is Yangon Bus Café price of the set starts from K6. Cakes and desserts which are and stir-fried spicy dried-chicken. One the prices are a bit high. which are under the Meat Lover So that customers won’t be the display is charming while the fans of very fiery flavours can order  Translation by Win Thaw Tar. The Spicy House is one of restaurant is adorned with a touch style healthy salads. The opening hours are and at Market Place of 6 1/2 mile. which Based on my personal type with more gravy (soupy). the menu is divided into interior decoration is also very a non-spicy Malar Hinn. to include. A No spiciness of the Malar according to another at Baho Road in Ahlone foods that mainly include fish. shop and enjoy an explosion of   flavours there. I would advise the You can cool your taste-buds off Bubble Waffle. mushrooms. Kung Pao. 39 bus was decorated as a café and your preference. sweet-and-sour meat. The prices of coffee ranges who crave it. Aside from my own personal experience. offer There are also detox drinks. enjoy  are various kinds of toast. sections such as Mon cuisine. 6 Ethnic cuisines and distinctive restaurants in Yangon unusual and attractive. The restaurant is situated Only the freshest of these raw in Yangon.000. the Ruby Mart. etc. Malar Hinn: the dry type and the steamed pork with flour. from K2. seafood. healthy pasta. body. because the shop sells f one would like to have good also inquire from staff on food for those who want to taste new Mon Sauce that is used to prepare their over 260 dishes. By Myo Satt Customers can order from cuisine and seafood. One Kokang dishes. As seafood is very tasty dishes contains about 20 different and the most popular dishes at this in Yangon to choose from. Those who are not Township. Mon-style fried prawns of the positive factors of this shop dishes can be ordered too. then you can also order advance. and other with ice-cream and jelly. there are many restaurants recommendations. They also serve also Thai cuisine and a variety of sea in a bus-like environment. Its hours drinks.) to surrounded by other dishes) at this restaurant sells mainly healthy good service is a good place to relax. Usually. cuisine. unique food. the food. Malar Hinn is eaten The café offers many kinds of together with noodles. dishes such offers fresh fruit juices.000 10am until 9:30pm and there are restaurant are foods which are one of them. make sure to go to your nearest inside Kandawgyi Natural Park. you can adjust the one inside the Kandawgyi Park. Mawlamyine Swel Chinese spices. just across from hours are from 10am until 10pm. that sell real tasty Mon cuisine in   a pre-arranged set by the shop. The cost of the will be arranged according to the Western breakfast one can Road in Yangon. from choose whichever he or she prefers. If you want to enjoy some ranging from K4. beverages. and Western confused. It is very tasty as it is with Spicy House’s exclusive crispy. and some local restaurants which. At this shop customers Yangon Bus Café exists for those for one person. from 9am to 9pm and it is situated So. this its neat and tidy decorations and delicious.  Thazin Han and Kyaw Soe Htet . shop are mashed potatoes. that sells Malar Hinn. Lanmadaw products are used.

Ingredients Ngapi Ngapi is a paste made from salted. Popular varieties depend on the region. As an introduction of sorts. Ngapi is a main ingredient of Lower Burmese cooking and is used as a condiment or additive in most dishes. UNIQUE Dried shrimp Dried shrimp are shrimp that have been sun-dried and shrunk to a thumbnail size. They are used in many Myanmar cuisines. Ngapi can be distinguished from the type of fish used to make it. Burma is one of very few countries where tea is eaten as well as drunk. fare to interesting restaurants. From great hawker all the meat. Many variations exist. Toasted whole dry shrimps are used in a FOOD HUNTERS GUIDE wide variety of Burmese salads such as laphet (fermented tea leaves). Sticky rice is not generally eaten as the main component of a complete meal with curry dishes and If you’re on this Downtown & Chinatown a soup. is considered the cornerstone of any Burmese meal. the mango’s the best. The flavors of this ingredient are released when allowed to simmer. kayah. At peak hours. in salads. a specialty of Naypyidaw in central Burma. They are used in numerous Myanmar dishes and broths. curry powder. It is used in a versatile manner in that it is used in soup base.Myanmar’s cuisine is as diverse as its people – this country has 135 races. in main dishes and also in condiments. listed here are some of the ingredients that make Yangon’s local cuisine unique. this food Bamboo shoots or bamboo sprouts trail brings you some of the best in My- Bamboo shoots or bamboo sprouts are the edible shoots (new bamboo culms that come out of the ground) of many bamboo species including Bambusa vulgaris and anmar fare. or leppet in English is Burmese for fermented or pickled tea. At first the bamboo shoots are collected from a bamboo forest (called warr taw in Burmese). One of the most famous dishes in Burmese cuisine is a sour bamboo shoot curry called myahaithkyainhainn. Its pickled tea is unique in the region. Lahpet. imparting a unique umami taste. food trail. bamboo shoots are called myahait. Dried shrimp is also used as stock for Burmese thin soups. of that can happen. also spelled laphet. given the gridlocks but plays a significant role in Burmese society. Like cheese. And who knows. A handful FOOD TRAIL of shrimp is generally used for dishes. lephet. The bamboo shoots are then boiled in water after which they can be cooked with town and Chinatown. you might just discover your very own In Burma (Myanmar). so one can only imagine the adventures that await the food lover. The preparation of this dish generally follows three favourite Myanmar food stop amongst steps.Sticky rice in the lowlands is the basis for the creation of various snacks and desserts. It is primarily used along the coast and coastal ethnic minorities’ cuisines. from small fish (mhyinngapi) or from prawns. and are available in fresh. rice powder etc. Ngapi is usually made by fermenting fish or shrimp that is salted and ground then sun dried. In the West. laphet is most commonly encountered in tea leaf salad. Ngapi is a generic term which applies only to the YANGON’S content. it can be distinguished based on main ingredient and regional origin.In Burmese cuisine. as you walk. soups and condiments. fermented fish or shrimp. Its place in the cuisine of Myanmar is reflected by the following popular expression: “Of all the fruit. lahpet’s the best”. letpet. . They are sold in various processed shapes. Sticky rice is mostly used in most of Myannmar snacks especially in hilly regions like shan. Phyllostachysedulis. and of all the leaves. is commonly a breakfast dish for Myanmar. Bamboo can be found in the whole of Myanmar but the bamboo shoots from the thousands of outlets that dot Down- the two northernmost regions (Kachin State and Sagaing Region) are soft and good in taste.Sticky rice is also very popular. dried. Glutinous rice Glutinous ricecalled kaukhnyin. such as salads. Raw ngapi is not intended for direct consumption. Ngapi can come from whole fish (such as ngapikaung). dried shrimp is called bazun-chauk and is used DOWNTOWN & CHINA TOWN widely in cooking. They can be used in a soup called myahaithcaut tar la bot. and is not only regarded as the national delicacy it’s better to walk. tomato and kaffir lime salads. A purple variety known as ngacheik . and canned versions. it’s all within walking distance Laphet or a short taxi ride away. the pork’s the best. Shredded dried prawns are used to prepare condiments such as ngapikyaw and balachaungkyaw.

2 Bane Mont 3 Nan Gyi Noodle Ye Kyaw Burmese Pan Cake 1 Inle Style Curry Pack 8 Khaw Pote 17 Rakhine Mont T 15 Burmese Tea 17 13 18 14 16 Kachin Style Chicken 11 12 10 18 Green Tea Salad 14 Pork Sticky Rice 12 Keema Parata 13 Inle Mixed Sour Fish & Rice .

4 Burmese Delight 5 Fried Chicken with Mohinga 6 various style rice 2 1 9 8 7 15 16 3 7 Biryani 6 5 4 11 Soy Bean Cold Drink 9 Kachin Beef Chop Mawlamyaing Style 10 Rice and Curry .

It is located in Pabedan Township. Yangon Night Market Yangon night market or Kwee Phyo night market is located on Strand road. This market was built in 1905 and also a major bazaar. located in Latha township.Famous Places Bogyoke Market Bogyoke Market or Bogyoke Aung San Market is formerly known as Scott’s Market and it is a major bazaar in downtown area of Yangon city. Because of its colonial architecture. You can find a small night market near MaharBandoola park too. Thein Gyi Zay(Market) Zay means Market in Burmese. This comes alive at evening and till midnight. . Many restaurants and bars open there and color the night life. Most of the vendors in Yangon are opening their stalls here. Many kinds of fresh fruits are sold near Chinese temple. The market has a really long length along the road and opens from 5pm to 11pm. You won’t see so much food here. this market is one of the tourist attractions in Yangon. Chinatown Chinatown in Yangon is a nice place to get some good food and drink. But this place is one of the biggest markets in Myanmar.

It is easy “After I finish my class. are a favourite places for couples. the lake is always crowded with in a peppery soup) at the Min Street up two more branches. Staying on Many composers mention of Along with the lure of Inya Lake. Yangon Institute of Economics. I went there stalls. Apart from the restaurants and University. Yangon Institute Economics. anybody’s guess.” Baung enjoy spending their leisure quite a number of Myanmar movies prices of foods from these stalls snacks early in the morning so as said Ko Soe Min. after having Mote Tee (rice noodles expanded their business by opening But the couples go there. Kyaw Soe Htet and Emoon . 7 The lure of Inya Lake A haven for romantic couples and local snacks enthusiasts Food stalls along the bank of Inya lake. are very famous. people still throughout the day. comfortable than other places. a the food stalls have to be prepared “When I was young. Fried snacks from I only go there on the days like New appear. I went there places but it is worth it.” said Ma Thandar Lwin. it’s guitar and sing songs. I think we can get As all walks of life come to Inya visitor there during his childhood restaurant on Inya Kan Baung. it is one of the The place is more crowded in the snacks.  Photo: Zarni Phyo By Myint kay thi the embankment. especially Butee Kyaw Year Days. with my friends and play my Lake embankment). Once you enter up in your mind. young people as well as families. pleasant in the evenings. the evening is the Aye pagoda road and Inya road. are always occupied with couples from Inya Lake is surrounded by go there. we can see people to gather friends here. and a famous location for romance. Win and also relax on the green grass of work and feels like meeting friends. are not modern youths if they have hour and weekends. your on purpose to try them out. days. I feel this place is more Although it’s quite expensive.” said a worker at a people and a popular rendezvous Mote Tee shop. I usually go there in Lake every day from the morning.” he said. for student couples from Yangon fresh air there. I visit it sometimes. As people keep Here it is a bit expensive than other never been there. and ice-cream will occasionally people can walk on its embankment She said that sometimes when until evening. (Gourd Fritter). scenery that it provides.” said Ma Yamin Ei. while lake are also popular. there. has “The park is not big enough. I love the tempura fritters. who used to be a frequent birthdays.” Thaw Tar. many feel recreational area for Yangonites If we go to Inya Lake early in we usually have snacks. “If you mention Inya. teenagers tease each other that they than normal in the evening rush There are many fried snack tempuras and pork sticks will pop “We usually eat pork sticks. vendors selling sandwiches The appeal of Inya Lake is that company employee. Kabar “Although I don’t often go to Inya shop said that their employer. most crowded time with customers. too. Here is very famous places in Yangon and is said evening than in the morning.” said Ko Some people come here on their So. Although the shops. food stall seller. I they are reasonable. the Phyo Myat Min. walk to be relaxed after having friends. or when I feel like going Translation by Khine Thazin Han. to sell snacks and foods from 8am and had fun with my friends. An employee from a fried snack and the benches on the bank of Inya morning to until evening. There are also she visits the bank of the Inya Lake Whether the popularity is because Although the prices of the food I huge shady trees along the bank of to have some snacks at the stalls of the taste of the snacks or because in Inya Lake are above-average nya Lake is the largest lake the lake where families can have with them. And we can sometimes go there with my “I also come here sometimes Known as Inya Kan Baung (Inya exercising individually or in groups. Lake. the morning. worth it.” according to a shops at Inya Lake. feeling the gentle breeze of the lake she feels exhausted after a long day’s Inya Lake.” said Ko to be a place not to miss visiting as “The number of visitors is more That’s why I come here. who Lake are always occupied with young “In our shop. the evenings. I like started doing this business since lovebirds even under the hot sun. the Inya Lake Park from the side of talking about them. Now. There’s the bank is very relaxing. These shops prepare their noodles in a peppery soup) shop. Parami road. Pyay road. the famous Yangon University and walking on the bank of the Lake Inya Lake became popular.   “When I meet with my friends. of the location of the shops is because of its location and the in Yangon and is a popular picnics under these trees.” she said. other parts of Yangon. Inya Lake in their songs as the lake the food stalls on the bank of the first sight will be the fried snack also the Min Street Mont Tee (rice The people who come to Inya Kan has pleasant surroundings. But vacant benches have scenes of Inya Lake and its are slightly more expensive than to be able to cater to customers Inya Lake and its surroundings on Inya Kan Baung are very rare as they surrounding environment. Soe Min. time in the evening.

night market. vendors. The good Development Committee (YCDC) it is an interesting experience tourism infrastructure. still has much to do tourists after viewing the sunset at The night market and its stalls are After organising the number particular vendors or owners. which are originally allocated for leadership. Later. It is good. we need to As traffic jams were becoming a Garbage collection is also 130 stalls.   user-friendly and safe. Botahtaung presently. night market. world and Myanmar wants to traffic jams. on Kannar main road street vendors in Yangon city. CCTV cameras and mobile Maha Bandoola Road.  However the upgrade in quality. Myay Ni Gone from dust from the roadside.” she added. she said. an area of four feet by stall. “For now only traditional But for now we developing the only between 6am to 11am and are month. The new night other regions usually set up stalls operating stalls. at providing trading space for owner at the corner of 13th street in Pazundaung Township vendors City Development Committee Night markets are popular vendors but also to manage Yangon’s Ko Thet Paing said: “For now our from that township will get (YCDC) Secretary Daw Hlaing tourism attractions around the growing night life and to lessen biggest problem is space. The new night market was a typical market or a night open To meet demands and to reduce longer in operation except for Kyi will be trained on better hygiene built a few months back under the market but beside a main road. . while generally good could visitors looking for bargains. Kyauktada.  stalls with not much room and made. the Yangon City Tour guides have observed that capitalise on this as part of the The night market operates daily consequently poor sales. electricity launch the night market. The plan is only to the new night market which was toilets are conveniently located Pagoda Road and Bo Myat Tun given to solving the traffic jam. Aung Kyaw Min discovers why Myanmar’s night markets are on the rise. permitted to market their produce and garbage starting from this working fast to get the project off sounds. taking in the sights and is in the pipeline for the future. vendor free of charge who were When the night market was markets were popular. “Opening from 3pm to 11pm and fishmongers. and that too attracts tourists. food. stalls in the new night market. T he new night market From what was a total of 6000 Sometimes when checks 11th street.” confirmed tourist guide U Road) along the Yangon River gets only accommodate just about 1600 vendors re-rent or sell their stalls during the tenure of the present Kyaw Kyaw Soe who brings in the crowded with long queues of people. a resident from being traded by stall vendors Maw Oo. they are stalls. the famous be improved with better hygiene This night market spans four then allowed to sell at the new first opened there were some ones were those near Bogyoke standards such as protecting food townships that include Pabedan. the stalls but it is too narrow. fruit and delicacies are project in stages. and those direction of Yangon Region Chief electrical wiring for lighting a second night market on 52nd struggling to survive. is not built in an open space like situation is slowly improving. it is discovered that disappeared and have reemerged stalls. Lanmadaw Township. U Phyo Min Thein and is and water drainage pipes were street in Pazundaung Township It is said that night markets in training will be prohibited from being managed by the Yangon City systematically installed by the is underway. We don’t need to the ground as quickly as possible. On and improve the market to make it the jetty. Yangon arranged to collect the waste products along the downtown Strand Road night market is not to upgrade the knowledge of all Region Government in an attempt products from the stalls after sales areas. the vibrant presence of vendors. modernised with developments night market area up to Bogyoke This night market is not only aimed A former multi-grill shop However. as priority is being them away. Regional Government. All of which are no Maw Oo agrees. food and local colours at night markets. upgrade their level. countries. this night market will be are plans to link the Strand Road 2016. narrow priority when space allocations are Maw Oo. We have no plan to move to solve these traffic jams planned hours. Though.”  U only with government employees Yangon. give other taxes.” said Yangon market. including Anawrahta Road. We have a plan problem for city dwellers. vendors who do not attend such Minister. being set up for that purpose vendors. Development Committee. as 52nd Street is situated done stage by stage. news is I saw an announcement to has not yet set the exact date to for tourists to wander around the a floating market on the river bank greens and groceries vendors are collect taxes for water. plans to open Myin Taing night market that is and skills preparation. market will have approximately selling traditional food and clothes “In upgrading.  Photo: Aung Myin Ye Zaw It is often the heart and soul of a city. Vendors. 8 A fiesta of colours and bargains – The Night Market Visitors scroll among the food stalls at the new night market. “It is good to walk among crowded early evening onwards not of street vendors in downtown the days when one fails to open the into a better quality night market. traffic congestions. there is someone else using like the ones in neighbouring Kyaw Kyaw Soe did note that food and office workers but also with eight feet was allocated to each that stall.” U Tint San. to make the night markets more Road will be invited to open up “Later. at are conducted by enforcement notes that the markets which once despite the absence of clothes (formerly known as Strand present this new night market can authorities. there officially launched on November 23.” said Daw Hlaing not allowed to sell in the evenings. Latha and Lanmadaw Although this new night market allocations were not fair but the night market and Kyi Myin Taing YCDC Secretary Daw Hlaing downtown. vendors who complained that the Aung San market. In the past when night quality. Select vendors selling to attract tourists.

hotel on 35th Street. different kinds is its location and views it affords of pauk si (Chinese dumpling). koe kant meat is later fried. Japanese. ideal venue for wedding receptions. ranges on the west. guests are entertained with spoilt for choice when it comes to can accommodate up to 400 people Western food. diners get to enjoy a savoury Asian and Western food panoramic view of the city. The menu lists about 20 kinds of The hotel’s signature dish is the pm. is the pizza which is accommodate up to about 12 people available with a selection of meats. mutton and Although somewhat sourish. leek and beet root. Hotel crab. European cuisines. Eugenia this hotel are not as tender as trees and persimmon trees. Besides dim sum. As meals are served both on   the ground level and top level of Vanilla Garden Restaurant – the hotel. It is located at Ngu War Street. cocktails plus the Mandalar Thiri Stadium. mohinga.  Photo: Than Naing Soe By Than Naing Soe what it calls Today’s Special. Myanmar dishes chicken is stuffed with preserved shows.  Chan Aye Thar Zan Township and hamburgers and sandwiches. Myanmar customers prefer but Located in a quiet quarter their European style “roughness” is next to Shwe Naing Ngan Hotel. Restaurants not only serve at any one time. food. toothfish and salmon. chicken Every evening from 7 pm to 9 Visitors to Mandalay are known for its wonderful ambience. prawn. steamed duck noodle Other special dishes include Thazin Han. pork. and traditional Myanmar Indian. . for private rooms that can salad. Khine The Myanmar Times checks Those who wish to enjoy their noodle. which it touts as hygienic and amidst a serene atmosphere as the suitable for diabetics. pork. check out Yoon Khin harp and xylophone music complete Khin for authentic Myanmar dishes the ambience at this restaurant. mont tee. popular with foreigners. San Layy. like kauk nyin (glutinous rice) The plus points at Hotel Dingar and fried snacks. head to DAB Restaurant. as koh taung mont tee. fried kalian (Chinese kale) and and Emoon around the city. manifested in a great Heineken. Pyi Gyi Myat Shin. are available from noon to a rich taste. milkshakes.  There is also a range of Guests at the floating hotel and of culture. Dishes such egg. Karaweik style chicken curry. are also offered here. can be ordered from 7am to shrimp with lychee. U Shwe Yoe and Daw Moe traditional dishes but also Chinese. monasteries Vanilla Garden Restaurant.   view the sunset near Gaw Wein jetty landscapes. of the Shan Mountain range on mohinga and kaw yay khauk swe. mostly bake European-style cakes and with chicken.  The Chinlone (cane ball) shows. and other oriental food. Kyaw Soe Htet out some exciting eateries in and meals in privacy can request soup. evening. Mahar Aung Chinese dishes are also available Myay Township. and has scenic situated on 31th street between 65th Australian beef. as a group. The shrimp accommodate up to 20 people. So it makes an That’s not all. while traditional Myanmar is mixed with lychee and then M   Drinks are also aplenty – fruit between 67th and 68th street. 9 Take a bite of Mandalay Mandalay not only a trove of Myanmar culture but a place with variety of eclectic cuisines Interior decoration of the DAB restaurant in Mandalay. vegetables and condiments. The exciting programs such as puppet food. near rice and curry dishes (including cooked in hot oil with plum essence. it has is a treasure trove of sorts a variety of foreign liquor and beer was one of the venues for the 2013 fish). and steamed duck noodle. Mandalay wrapped in cloth and steamed. it also offers varied and and 66th street. in Chan Aye Thar Zan Township. seafood. throughout the day. beef. eclectic cuisines. Translation by Win Thaw Tar. — not only is it a reservoir such as Myanmar Premium and Southeast Asian Games. The restaurant offers an elaborate   spread of cuisines – some 50 types DAB Restaurant – Western of European food and over 100 delicacies If Western cuisine is Asian dishes – for customers to pick your preferred choice when in and choose. Strains of classical songs and For breakfast. squid and other seafood – and Dingar can boast such a station to served with aromatic green tea. which chicken. the spacious restaurant can however. fish. Yoon Khin The pizza is freshly made and Khin’s menu has a variety of other served warm.  Yoon Khin Khin – popular Customers can also request for authentic Myanmar and oriental singers to entertain them while they food dine. Some of the popular Western tasty Chinese and Thai appetisers to restaurant will enjoy a cool breeze number of pagodas. 2pm. restaurant is surrounded by lush The breads and cakes at greens including rain trees. yanmar’s ancient capital juices. between 72nd authentic Myanmar cuisines and street and 73rd Street. breads at separate stations. Hotel Dingar – breads and cakes The cooks prepare some 40 Mandalay has very few hotels that types of dim sum dishes. You will find the In addition to breakfast. Japanese beef. The favourite among customers. togethers. dishes served here are the choose from. especially   delicious dim sum. There menu also offers Mandalay. as well as Karaweik floating hotel – stuffed along the riverside.     from the Ayeyarwady River and and tea houses. and then dances. bake its European-style breads and Guests can enjoy their meals cakes. Korean and birthday parties and social get. the east of Mandalay’s moat and Beverages and fresh fruit juices fortress wall and Sagaing Mountain are also served for breakfast.

They can also be used the traditional way. in-one products at the end of 2015. brands of coffee in the local market soon.” said U and Shan states which are in of refreshment at street stands. cirrhosis of high mountains. and is A tea lover from South Okkalapa have to be satisfied with drinking Lonestar. Kha Kant which are currently trading in drinking coffee.” he said. Pot Pot. isn’t as healthy for consumers.  chains including Black Canyon preservation. giving many eight years ago. The main content in coffee in popularity. But Myanmar’s traditional tea mountainous regions. manager of Nagar Pyan the northwest and northeast of Although the average cup of coffee Dried Tea Leaves Enterprise. as the country’s middle and upper Company established a factory in brewed tea. or there are many tea variations to suit Translation by Win Thaw Tar. Pone Nhar. the onset of Sugar and condensed milk are then for coffee production. San Layy. coffee beans are ground only when locals a new look at the brew. Pawt the many emerging instant coffee A recent wave of foreign coffee for long term depending on the bemoan the fact that an increasing Kya(strong and less sweet). Shweyinmar. a customer purchases coffee powder. and have recently enjoyed a revival planting the young tea plants. Namsan of northern Shan States in Nagar Pyan Branch Manager of the taste is the same and thus you remains one of the most popular Australian coffee chain Gloria 1937 to produced tea leaves (sweet) Mingalar Taungnyunt Township. and have to brew who appreciate handmade coffee. many locals and foreigners the stands – most shops are still be used well within two years after take care to prepare their beverages Cho Saint(sweet & creamy). shop in Myanmar. which is not a new nervous system.000 to 3. 30 per cent. its business in Yangon in 1973 and in Myanmar and is changing the be added to pickled tea leaves some which are of inferior quality. Cho brands in the market. Pyay Nyein. “But now. Ko Zar Ni Tun. They can the quality of their offerings and popular among the tea-drinkers: shop.800 at major “We produce sweet dried tea According to Daw Nyunt Nyunt foreign coffee chains – about 10 by drying the plucked tea leaves While some tea shops maintain “These tea variations are really Oo.  contents include hydroxycitric acid. “When you sit down at a teashop.” he said. with their the use of dyes were stopped. the quality of tea has Zar Ni Tun. declined as most of the teashops. and Ma Kho. there are many plans to open another eight outlets England. Arnandar. caffeine in coffee beans is around tea shops. Township. we such as Shwepuzun. Parkinson’s added to the drink.Shwe Phe. There are three three years old. was first introduced by the one to two per cent. costs K2.  Photo: Nyan Zay Htet Myanmar. We rotationally get local markets are mostly Arabica Myanmar people mostly good quality tea with the support beans which come from the Chin enjoy instant coffee as a form of nature in each season. priced between K200 and K500 With a terrain of tropical chromium and bitter orange which per cup. conditions in Myanmar are optimal medical experts. are growing in popularity British rule. is made by steaming lowlands in the south and high can increase body metabolism up to and grinding tea leaves before elevation plateaus in the north. between food safety organisations. The other Traditional handmade tea. The content of made instant coffee and tea at these industry for Myanmar. British in the 1800s. The foreign chains. due to insufficient workers. The coffee beans the liver and gout can be reduced by kinds of tea . “For those who really love tea. and the tea by yourself for the variation At present. tea lovers Saint (strong and creamy). planted either by sowing the seeds. but after discussions “Nowadays. Pawt Saint(less “Su” coffee powder shop began Coffee and True Coffee have opened U Pyay Nyein said dye used to cuts by selling instant-steamed teas sweet and creamy). the people of Myanmar have been enjoying the fruits of high-quality coffee beans and traditionally brewed teas. Kya prefer Myanmar coffee powder over enjoying brisk business. instead that suits your taste.” said U Nay Than Soe. Shwe La Won and Premier. Tea is now planted on claimed. C caffeine. Kyauk Padaung. Alzheimer’s disease. by grafting. owner of “Su” coffee powder to 20 times what people pay at before they lose water. he you want. “Tea tastes better if it grows on from coffee trees which are about diabetes mellitus type 2. heart disease. whatever you order. Rich.” said Ko enjoys a good reputation as the local food culture. Bombay Burma of the traditional step-by-step skill of the tea-master there. or products especially among those Jean’s Coffees also opened its first and green tea leaves. are you would order the tea variation Daw Nyunt Nyunt Oo expanded diverse menus and sophisticated When Myanmar was under selling instant-steamed tea. also called One can enjoy both traditional. shops are still doing brisk business. Myanmar’s coffee and tea regain popularity. service. different preferences. production. dementia. which stimulates the handmade tea as well as foreign- offee. have to either add light green tea. 10 Long before hipster and modern cafes made coffee and tea enjoyment a popular pastime all over the world. By Toe Wai Aung is methylxanthine. number of shops are taking short Pawt(less sweet). and Hnin Tat. It has said it leaves were exported to India and compromises on the taste. placing them in a water filter and good soil and lots of rainfall. said low quality tea now. but said pure coffee powder still classes are growing. According to international submerging them into boiling water. Coffee beans are plucked disease. as a test for the her business to offer instant three. Khine Thazin Han and Kyaw Soe Htet . These tea The instant method ask for black tea. Coffee powder packed at Su coffee shop in Hledan.

afford the expensive liquors are In smaller suburban streets and rare. “The people who can swell of business and patronage.  beer station as the locals prefer to constantly drinking and emptying ‘Lippo’ brand as well. well. The Myanmar Times unwinds trying out a tipple after work. and there are many 25-year-old Ko Than Naing about variations available to cater to his choice of liquors and his place their demands. coolly reaches market in Myanmar is thriving. companies such as Loi Hein and beverage market is growing. liquors that they can afford. They cannot afford the either travelling or at work. (Royal Club) whiskey. the soft drinks But the consumption of poor that she chooses to drink these Mountain soft drink. and catch up on the local gossip. “Usually. Daw Htay. locally produced as well as foreign which is ‘Grand Royal’. even be beneficial if you drink it in “Normally. better quality ones as they are also drinks the formerly famous of her generation. more and more people want to try after work crowds make a beeline health problems as the quality and it every time when I›m feeling tired. it is a hit among a majority while away the evenings” explains of consumers. to hangout.” she says. Take the energy with my friends at these joints to drink. She then. The exclusive With different brands and and expensive whiskies with variedly priced liquors and prices ranging from K5000 up to beverages listed on the menu. the evening with my friends and There are many drinks that are colleagues. But it is the RC whiskey or the Grand Royal smaller pubs that are seeing a whiskey. or she wishes to drink soft drink and MGS Company that classes are in high spirits the cheaper spirits rather than drinks M-150 energy drink when something that she doesn›t drink produces Stat Cola soft drink. 11 Let’s Raise A Glass. and the youths relaxing at the pubs Pricey beer stations where not choose to drink whiskey. These drinks energies next day.​ while energy drinks and colas are gaining popularity too. I regularly take classes costs about K900 for four it especially when I am exhausted shots. it K100. Myanmar  Myanmar’s after work crowds and young people are changing the watering holes in search of that relaxing drink. I meet up made brands. or better still. Or other fizzy With lifestyle options changing. Naing. only drinks are served but also A restaurant owner from Insein live entertainment is performed Township. preferable to consumed by many of the working other beverages. He all the time. “I just feel out for Coca Cola. stressed from mellow flavour and with no side working all day or when I sweat effects such as hangovers the too much. These people face this drink energises me. when I have circulating in the market that more cash. So I drink drinks from Thailand. You informal joints which sell liquor only see it a few times. I drink energy drinks  The Royal Club whiskey that is such as ‘Shark’. Ko . who travels a lot to rural  The people have to choose regions due to his job demands.000 are popular among the caters to different budgets that up market circles. call it are picking up business as their wallets. more are turning to drinks M yanmar’s chattering Alas for alcoholics they drink Kyaw Min. these days. Described as having a from travelling. beer instead. observes are equally getting popular for a that majority of people who visit handful of Myanmar’s up market her restaurant consume the working crowd. are usually more crowded then the But for those who are not hard high level restaurants and beer liquor consumers they choose stations in the city. like most The soft and aerated drinks public house or pub. It doesn›t But aside from liquors there give you a hangover. it is understandable why me so I drink them. But. The local whiskeys. Pin Ya convincing the older it is time to market is gaining popularity as quality alcohol is now on the wane beverages only when she is feeling Company that produces Max Plus expand their beverage options. and the price are many kinds of beverages is affordable. Myanmar has soft drink these drinks. leaves a lot to be desired. quaint and less orders high-quality spirits. With lifestyle options changing and liquor and beverage market growing. I drink the blue label.” says Ko Thein many people prefer this brand. These liquors do even the poorer working classes little damage to the body and can can spend their evenings here. and would like to spend will cool and quench your thirst. says that he usually tired.” he adds. There is almost no one who neighbourhoods. A company staff member. I choose the ‘RC’ moderation. For Ma Zin Mar she says Company that produces Blue catering to a new generation while At the same time. and Myanmar’s liquor for these watering holes to unwind the cleanliness of their alcohols or just stressed out.

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