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Bachelor of Education 2017

Lesson Plan
Bachelor of


Name: Noof Mohammed ID:


22 February, 2017 Class: 4/4
Tim No.
11:00-11:45 Fourth period 24
e: Students
Unit 6: Dinosaurs
Lessons 14-15: choose and MST: Miss Khaltham
present a project.

Prior Knowledge (What prior knowledge are you building in?)

Revision and project about the unit. Students already learned about dinosaurs; their names,
their characteristic and read a story. Moreover, students built vocabulary about dinosaurs
and learned grammar (the past tense). In this lesson I will do revision for students of the
main concepts and grammar. Then I will them apply all the knowledge they build in this unit
to do their project.
Lesson Objectives: (What will students be able to do by the end of the lesson?)
o Revision of the unit ( I will review the main ideas from the unit such as the key
vocabulary, the grammar)
o Do project about dinosaurs (students required to do project about one dinosaur;
they have to draw the dinosaur and write four sentences about it).
o Talk about their poster (students required to talk about their poster and read their
Attitudes: Attitudes:

o Respect each other opinions (I will ask them open questions so they have to
respect each other opinions and responses).
o Its acceptable to make mistakes. (Students might mispronounce some words
while they presenting their projects and I should mention to them you should
try and its fine to make mistakes).
o To work cooperatively (Students should work cooperatively to accomplish the
Bachelor of Education


o Students will increase their learning about different vocabulary, descriptive

words and past tense as I review for them and let them tell some sentences
and practice what they learned.
o Students will apply the knowledge that they have learned about different
words to do their project.
o Students will increase their knowledge and awareness of different dinosaurs
while they discussing with each other.
Listening: To follow instructions to make a simple project.
Speaking: To give their opinion and share ideas about dinosaurs.
Reading: To read and understand simple instructions and descriptions.
Writing: To write complex sentences about their chosen dinosaurs.

Evaluation / Assessment: (How will you know your students have achieved the
lesson objectives?)
First of all, during project time I will use monitoring strategy and I will observe the
students and see who want help then I will scaffold the students who need one to one
support and I will set with them to help them. Also, I will use questioning techniques
during teaching time to see if students understand or not. Both of these assessments I will
implement them during my lesson to check students understanding so I can know if I
achieved the lesson objectives or not.
Personal focus
In this lesson I am working on one of my PDP goals which is using the technology in my
lesson. I will use the presentation tool to explain my whole lesson. First about me I will see if
it makes a difference to my lesson and how I feel about using it. Regarding the students I will
see if it works effectively, if it benefits and helps the student and how they react to it. I will
observe the students and after the lesson I will write reflection about how I feel and how the
students react to it. Moreover, I will use photo story to show the students the vocabulary and
review with them. Using this program is fun and I will add sounds to it so students will enjoy
it hopefully.

Teaching Competencies focus

In this lesson I am working on implementing learning and I aim to develop it. First, I will
implement strategies that motivate students such as I will show them video and I will let
them work together as they prefer to work cooperatively. Second, I will include students
centered activity in my lesson as I will let them do project. Also, I will put approximate time
for each stage of the lesson. Fourth, I will work on my instructions and I will made it clear
and I will use both written and verbal instructions. Fifth, I will use differentiated instructions
as some students need more help than other so I will use different ways to introduce my
instructions through the lesson such as model one example for the students so they
understand more and be in the track.

Bachelor of Education

Teaching strategies: using modeling strategy such as model sentences for them by
write it in the board, using dialogue teacher to students and student to student. Also,
I will link the lesson to their own experience to maximum students interest for
instance, I will ask them about their best dinosaur that thye want to work on it in
their project.
Classroom management strategies: using the rules and remind the students of
them, use gestures because that affect a lot on students and manage the class. Also,
I will use phrases to stop them from work and the one that I been using it with them
is stop, look and listen and they replay we are listening. Moreover, I will use MENTOS
because it include every aspect related to manage the classroom.
Behavioral management strategies: using eye contact for example; when any
student misbehave I will look into their eyes until they stop misbehaving, use ripple
effect by correct students behavior so it affects positively in the other students
(Kounins theory). Also, if someone misbehave I will stop the class and say when you
finish just tell me and I will use it in serious situations.
Feedback strategies: Use verbal feedback such as good, very good, excellent, good
job, well done, think about it and all these verbal feedback depends on the students
response. Expanding this kind of feedback; during discussion time I will give students
feedback on their responses to let them think more about the issue that they have to
discuss it. Also, I will use written feedback on their writing I will write comments on
their papers to help them develop.
What do you need for teaching & learning?

Materials & Resources: presentation slides, the video of the vocabulary, A3 papers,
pictures of dinosaurs.
Technology integration: data show to present the slides, using photo story to create the
video of the vocab.

What the Teacher says and What the Students say and do. Lesson connection to
does. PDP goals and/or Action
Research Focus

ENGAGE -Introduction: (5 minutes)

I will start my lesson with talk time (my research).

PHASE ONE (5 minutes)

I will show the students video Students will see the video
about the vocabulary of the unit. and read the vocabulary.
I will read the vocabulary for the Students have to put the

Bachelor of Education

students and I will ask them to words in sentences and share

put the vocabulary in sentences. it with the class.

PHASE TWO (5 minutes)

I will review with the students Students will read the
the grammar of the unit. sentences with the teacher.
Also, students have to use the
Using the past tense.
grammar by putting it in
Using could in their sentences.
sentences and share it with
Using as + adjective + as.
the class.
I will write some sentences for
the students on the board and
they have to read it. Also, I will
ask the students to say some
sentences using the correct

PHASE THREE (15 minutes) Students have to work in four

and do the project.
I will explain for the students the
project they will do and I will They have to choose
give them time to do it. one dinosaur and stick
on their A3 paper.
They have to write four
Students have to draw
extra things on their
paper like the dinosaur,
Differentiation: some plants and eggs
of the dinosaur.
I will give the low ability
helping words to guide them
while they are writing their
EXTEND (10 minutes)
I will let each group talk about Students have to talk about
their project. their projects and what did
they do. Moreover, they have
to read their sentences.
LESSON CLOSURE (5 Students will put their work
minutes) on the wall and the best
group will get a present.
As a final stage in this lesson I
will let students put their work

Bachelor of Education

on the wall and I will reward the

best project in the class based
on the checklist below.
Project checklist:
The work is organized.
The handwriting is neat.
The spelling is correct.
The use of correct capital
letters and full stops.
The use of long

Bachelor of Education