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Project Title/No of project Automatic posting of invoices received via EDI/2012.08.

ved via EDI/2012.08.24_1 Project Milestones - Ask suppliers to send issued invoices via EDI 1.3.2012 30.9.2012
Name of Organization Finance & Accounting/FST - Mapping received files from suppliers via EDI to our SAP 30.9.2012
Project Area Lean Admin - Invoices have all necessary requirements 15.10.2012 31.10.2012
31.11.2012 15.12.2012
Project Start 1/1/2012 - Transformation invoices from EDI to transaction /cockpit/1 31.12.2012
Project End 12/31/2012 - Necessary settings in SAP - transaction /cockpit/1
Affected Location/s and Functions Accounting Frenstat , Brandys - Automatic posting in cockpit , - Elimination of
errors , repeated posting via /cockpit/Repetitor - Control of effectiveness,
automatic archiving

Project Description current situation: Manuall posting of invoices received from suppliers, manual checking Project Metrics / KPIs - Quantity of invoices posted automatically
- current situation -Invoices are received from suppliers via post or - Time reduction
- problem e-mail (printing is necessary)
- scope/delimitation - Invoices are assigned with a cover sheet - After posting are
invoices archieved manually - Takes a
lot of administration time - Selected group of
suppliers (send us a large volume of invoices) is included in this project

Project Objectives - Invoices are received from suppliers via EDI - Invoices are Expected Results and Automatic posting of invoices, reduce of administration time risk:
- future situation posted automatically through SAP system barriers/risks - 70 % time reduction of invoices processing at selected group of suppliers. wrongly defined data
- problem solving - Control of factors affecting posting of invoice is done (hard & soft facts ) received via EDI from
- additional benefits automatically, that means system checked data from purchase order, price data and supplier
Invoice, if all data are correct, invoice is posted.
- Invoices posted automatically will be archived in the system, manual not actual prices
printing and manual archiving wil not be necessary. In case of audit, invoice printing will be in SAP
possible from the system . -
Reduce of paper and administrative work, due to this improvement elimination of human material
errors - Reduce of administrative time wasnt received in SAP

material was
received in warehouse
under incorrect delivery

Sponsor Libor Kyvala, Finance and Controlling Investment No financial investment, IT specialist support (headcount charge)

Steering Board Pavla Cankyov / Finance & Accounting FST Renata CBS Approach Flow - When the invoice is created then system the invoice place
Pacherova / IT FST Martina Koprivova Finance & Simplicity - Automatic invoicing without waste
Accounting FST Pascal Picquet / IT EDI France Reliability - Elimination of human errors
Team Members Michael Pross / IT Germany
Jana Cemusov / IT BDY Vera Saldov Finance &
Accounting BDY

Project Manager Pavla Cankyova Project Completion

CBS Coach David Can

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