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Lesson Plan Template /Teimplad don Phlean Ceachta

Maynooth University, Froebel Dept /Roinn Froebel

Subject(s): Drama/English Title of Lesson: Puppet Pals

Date: Class: Third Class
Strand(s): Drama to explore Strand unit(s): Exploring and making drama,
feelings, knowledge and ideas, Reflecting on drama, Co-operating and communicating
leading to understanding. in making drama.
Oral language, writing. Emotional and imaginative development through
language, receptiveness to language, competence and
confidence in using language.

Learning Objective(s): The child will be enabled to:

Predict and explore what the might come next in the story they have heard.
Observe the teacher modelling writing a script.
Create a script in a small group based on their predictions.
Animate a show using their script and the Puppet Pals app.
Receive and provide feedback on the Puppet Pals scenes.

iPads with Puppet Pal app, storybook, sample script, large paper, markers.

To begin the lesson, the teacher will read a short story to the class.
The children will answer questions based on what might happen next in the story, how the
story could be continued etc.
Using one of the examples given, the teacher will have a mini lesson modelling how to
write a script.
The children will then be placed into small groups to write short scripts/scenes.

The children will brainstorm their ideas as a group.
Each group will be encouraged to act out their scene as they are creating it to ensure that
it is making sense.
The children will then write out their scene into a script using the format from the mini
The teacher will go over the Puppet Pals app with the class and how it is used.
The groups will then consider the backgrounds, characters, voices etc. which they will use
in their show.
Each group will be given an iPad with the Puppet Pals app.
The groups will each make their own show using their storyline and script.
Once this is completed the children will place the iPads down on their tables and each
group will move to a new table.
The groups will watch a show created by another group on the app.
Lesson Plan Template /Teimplad don Phlean Ceachta

Maynooth University, Froebel Dept /Roinn Froebel

They will decided 2 stars and a wish which they can feedback to the other group to help
them with their show.

Children will return to their iPad with the group after receiving their feedback.
The groups will consider the feedback from peers and edit their video if they feel it can be
The final products can then be watched by the whole class.
Lesson Plan Template /Teimplad don Phlean Ceachta

Maynooth University, Froebel Dept /Roinn Froebel

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