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seems the Noldor are up in arms again. Your kind

never seem to be at rest for too long.


Im sure its nothing to be concerned about. It was a

terrible thing that happened, but Im sure the Valar

have everything under control. Everything should be

back to normal quite soon. You know, it really has been

a while since we walked the gardens of Lorin, when

do you think... (PAUSE). What?

AMARI: (INCREDULOUS) Youre actually patronising me!

FINROD: Patronising? My love, (STUTTERS) Im just trying to...

AMARI: (INTERRUPTS AFTER JUST) My father warned me about

the arrogance and the stubborn pride of the Nol...


Arrogance?! The pride of the Nold...


(SERIOUS TONE)My father warned me about the pride

and yes, the arrogance, of the Noldor when I told him

about you and me and how we were thinking of

being tied to one another for as long as we both

endure within the realm of all a. And I told my father,

whom I love most dearly, that I would suffer all if it

(1.AMARI): brought me to within but an arms length of you, my

most utter love.

FINROD: (SINCERELY) Amari, no power , not even that of the

Valar could sunder and keep us apart if we did not

wish it so. Not even to an arms length could I suffer

being apart from you. (PAUSE) Yes. I was being

patronising and for that I am sorry. You see, the truth

of matter is this: The hearts of the Noldor have been

stirred to greater regions and lands outside of Valinor

that lie now untamed and kingless. They wish to live free from

the protection and guidance of the Valar, for thraldom

Fanor calls it, and he will lead our people to great

esteem and riches, but also to ruin and death. My father

and uncle and their people will go on and try to stem as

much as possible the rash counsel and stern rule of

Fanor, for my father and uncle will not suffer him to rule

our people so heartlessly and without reverence for the


AMARI: Youre leaving? (PAUSE) Youre leaving Valinor. Youve

decided, havent you? I cant believe it! Or maybe I

can. I just dont want to. Finrod, youre talking about

leaving the grace and protection of the Valar, and

going to a place of which you know nothing and


know it. Are you sure you know what youre going to

find there? Have you considered every possible

eventuality? You say that the Noldor want to leave

AMARI ) Valinor to escape this supposed thraldom to which

Fanor alluded. Is he so unwise as to think leaving

Valinor means leaving behind the rule and power

of the Valar? For the Valar are not the rulers of Valinor

alone, but of all the earth. And you speak of the Noldor

acquiring and ruling more lands. But are not the

remnant of our people still there, those who did not

make the journey to Valinor? Or are the Noldor simply

choosing to ignore the existence of those who are not

of Noldorin kin?

2. FINROD: Those people will benefit greatly from our wisdom and

Skill. Doubtless they still live in trees and in deep caves.

And so they should be a fearful people. Great terror and

Evil has been unleashed upon them. The valour and

strength of the Noldor might be all that stands between

them and utter despair. (THOUGHTFULLY) Amari, you

1. FINROD) speak as though you dont know me at all. Morgoth has

been unchained and his vengeance and malice will not

be overcome by the strength of the Noldor alone. I know

this. I know the oath that Fanor took to one day regain

the Silmarils, jewels most precious to the Noldor, that

Morgoth stole, was done so in vain. For Morgoth is a Vala,

And the power of the Noldor is but a shadow of the power

(FINROD): that now threatens all the earth outside of Valinor. But

all the more reason for us to leave Valinor and do what

we can for middle-earth. For I believe the Valar will not

forsake middle-earth, more especially now if we choose


leave. They invited us here and we came of our own free

will. And thus we choose to depart, albeit against the

counsels of the Valar. They still care for us, and one day,

they will make their war on Morgoth and deliver us from

his tyranny.

2. AMARI: And tyranny indeed you will endure while you linger in the

Dark lands that Morgoth now calls his domain. You too

will be forced to live in the trees and the caves that

our long sundered kin have long become accustomed to;

living always in perpetual darkness and uncertainty. You say

the strength and valour of the Noldor will not be enough to

overcome Morgoth. And I say not only Morgoth, but the

treachery that threatens to turn Noldo against Noldo.

The lies of Morgoth will work new evils among you and you

will always be looked upon as usurpers from the West, who

(1. AMARI) disregarded the will and counsels of the Valar to pursue

their own interests, evoking the ire and ill-will of Morgoth,

the mightiest among all the Valar.

2. FINROD: (PAUSE) (SADLY) So, you will not come?



3. ELENW (LAUGHING) Have you been outside? These are the days

Im the happiest your grandfather brought our people to

the Blessed Realm.

4. TURGON: (LAUGHING) The Blessed Realm hey? If it really is so blessed,

why do I have to mow the lawn?

5. ELENW: (TONGUE-IN-CHEEK) Well you really dont have to, you know?

I mean, we could always just leave Valinor, go back to

where the grass dies, and see how much laughing youll hear

from me when I ask you, for the third time, to clean the

gutters! Now kiss me, you old goat. (KISS)

6. TURGON: Love?

7. ELENW: Mhmm?

8. TURGON: (PAUSE) Speaking of leaving Valinor, what do you think of the

talk in town?

9. ELENW: I really dont know what to think, really. Do you think theyre

(1. Elenwe) being serious? I mean, they cant really think of leaving

everything that weve built here. I understand what Fanor

is saying, but leaving this way isnt the answer, surely.

2. TURGON: Uncle Fanor has always been a hot-head. Ever since

Grandfather married again, hes always hated the children

of his step-mother, my father and his brother. Hes always

behaved like well all steal his inheritance or something.

Which is, of course, ridiculous. I mean, tell me love. How will

we inherit anything in a place where people cant die? If

hes afraid my father will be made king instead of him, I

mean, how will that happen? Granddad will always be king.

Hes thousands of years older than us, but we still look the

same age. Really now love. Fanor needs to stop now.

3. ELENW: I know love. (PAUSE)(SERIOUS) Love I know, but I must admit,

he really does make a good point. Why should the Noldor stay here

when there are greater and wilder lands that could be made

far more than what they are, if we could only just shape them

to our liking? New things and places we could discover and

even improve upon if we but leave the confines of Valinor

and do what we wished in middle-earth.

4. TURGON: A dark and powerful Vala now rules the lands of which you

speak. Before we could even think about shaping the land,

we must contend with the monstrous things that live there now

because of the malice of Morgoth. We would have to live a

life of careful watchfulness and uncertainty in the darkness

(1.TURGON) that pervades all the earth. And the people we meet there, (if

indeed now any still remain),would at best give us a cold

welcome, and at worst, meet us in open war, for they will not

know the purposes of our coming to their lands.

2. ELENW: Then we will tell them our purposes, and they will see that we

mean no harm to them. Quite the contrary! We have been

blessed by living amongst the powers and learning all that they

wish to teach. We would take that knowledge and use it for

their benefit. Surely they must be in need of this knowledge and

would welcome it with gladness. And we would only

teach them that which they want to know. Come on, Turgon!

If the people of other kin in Valinor were glad of our assistance,

how much more will the people of middle-earth be glad of our

coming, those of the light who bring it to stay the darkness? It is

our duty.

3.TURGON: (LAUGHING) Its a good thing that I am one of the Noldor, or

else your argument would have been beyond my strength to

counter. (THOUGHTFULLY) I hear you, daughter of the Noldor,

but I need no convincing. The words of Fanor have also stirred

my heart. So if you wish it, we shall leave Valinor.

4. ELENW: I do wish it, and (CHEEKILY) youre only part Noldor, you

know. Your grandmother is a Vanya!




6. INDIS: Fanor? Fanor, your father has been...

7. FANOR: (INTERRUPTS AT FATHER) Is it true? Has that demon killed

my father?

8. INDIS: (TRYING NOT TO CRY) We found him by the door to treasury.

He was not moving. The jewels have been stolen. The

Silmarils are lost.

9. FANOR: (ANGRILY) The treasures of the Noldor are not of your

concern! All you were permitted to do was to look after

my father. And now he lays dead. (SARCASTICALLY) The

(1.FANOR) Vanyar can always be counted upon in times of great need.


3. FINGOLFIN: Mother? Are you alright?

4. INDIS: Im fine. I have errands to run. )(WALKS OUT)

5. FINGOLFIN: Mother...

6. FANOR: Your mother has left. Run along after her and cling on to her

skirts if you will. Im going to hunt my fathers killer.

7. FINGOLFIN: Is that so? So you plan to fight a Vala, do you? All by

yourself? You might be the mightiest among us Fanor,

but with your great might comes great stupidity! We should

look to the counsels of the Valar and for the aid in the

matter against Morgoth, but instead you speak openly

about rebelion and flight. As the king of the Noldor, you

should be...

8. FANOR: (INTERRUPTS AT KING) As King of the Noldor I will not be

dictated to by one of mixed blood. (WITH DISGUST) Blood

made inferior by the traits of the Vanya. Go back to the

fields and trees of your people, and leave the city of the

Noldor to the Noldor, who best know what to do with it.


9. FINARFIN: Is he going to see fathers body?

10. FINGOLFIN: (SIGHS) He goes to defy the will of the Valar. Its as if hes

somehow glad father was killed. Its like he was waiting for

the best excuse to convince our people to leave Valinor.

(PAUSE) Arent you going to tell me Im wrong? That Ive

lost my mind?

1. FINARFIN : (SIGHS) I wish I could. But I fear you might strike close to the

truth. This is exactly what Fanor was hoping for. The death

of our father at the hands of Morgoth is the best catalyst

to rouse the Noldor into rebellion and dissent. You know

what theyre like Fingolfin. They get an idea into their heads

and thats it. They must follow it through to whatever end,

even unto the ruin of all.

2. FINGOLFIN: You speak as though you yourself are not of the Noldor.

Do not be fooled by your outwardly appearance brother.

You are and always will be a Prince of the Noldor, and

upon you also will the doom of the Noldor lie. Do not think

you can escape it.

3. FINARFIN: Yes. I look more like our mother than our father, and Im glad

of it, if it means I can never be mistaken for Fanor. But not

only do I have the appearance of the Vanyar, brother. I also

have their mood and manner. And rightly so. For only one

of diminished capacity could ever dream against gainsaying

one of the Valar, even Morgoth will I never dare to.. .


The killer of our father?!

5. FINARFIN: Yes, brother, even him. All efforts of the Noldor against

Morgoth will come to naught if we do not have the aid of

the Valar. We shall all die first before we ever....

6. FINGOLFIN: (INTERRUPTS AT FIRST) Then I shall die defending the honour

of our people, not least of all my father! (WALKS OFF)





2. FINROD: (SIGHS) You know, if you were older than me, I could say

you cheated.

3. GALADRIL: (LAUGHS) Well at least you got a good workout out of it. Tell

Amari she has me to thank for your physique.


5. GALADRIL: (LAUGHING) Whoa! Things have gone downhill and youre

not even married yet? You know, once you say I do, its you

and her until the ending of the world. You do know that, right?

6. FINROD: (ANNOYED) Of course I know. Its not like were human.

(SIGHS) I shouldnt have said that.

7. GALADRIL: Said what? Human? Everyone knows about the coming of

Man. Every Noldo, anyway.

8. FINROD: Who told you?

9. GALADRIL: Who told you?

10. FINROD: (SIGHS) Anyway...

11. GALADRIL: (INCREDULOUS) Man! I havent heard this much sighing since

your mom walked in you in your bedroom while you were...

12. FINROD: (INTERRUPTS AT YOU) Very nice, genius! Shes your mother

too, you know.

13. GALADRIL: (WITH CONCERN) I heard Amari is not going with


14. FINROD: She still might. Its not too late.

1. GALADRIL: Finw is dead. He was killed by Morgoth. Fanor is

planning to lead our people away from the Blessed

Realm and take them to the dark of middle-earth, where

he plans to wage war with the strongest being in existence on

this earth. He plans to murder our people!

2. FINROD: Fanor will only manage to murder himself. The greater

number of our people take Fingolfin as king. They will not

follow Fanor.

3. GALADRIL: Perhaps. But he will slaughter any that try to stop him or

refuse to help him in some way. I fear he will go to

Alqualond and take the ships of the Teleri by force.

The Teleri are weaker and do not have the strength of arms

that Fanor will have. If we dont go and at least

help the Teleri, I fear the worst. Finrod our mother is a

Telerin elf. We owe them our allegiance.

4. FINROD: Galadril, your words are those of someone who has the

best interests of the Teleri at heart. But you forget one thing.

Great are your powers of strength and battle against evil, for

your heart truly lies in the power for the good of those you

love. And a strong and terrible power it is indeed to behold

for all those who would stand against you. But so is mine. I

see in your heart the love of the Teleri and the strength to

battle all those who mean them harm. But what then? Will

you return to Valinor once you have seen the Sea? Will not
the call of dominion and desire for knowledge bid you to

forsake the lands of the Valar for lands of your own? For, truly,

(1.FINROD) you will be counted among the mightiest of the Noldor,

greatest of all the Eldar who remain in middle-earth, even

beyond the changing of the world. So you see. Your Telerin

heart will lead you to the Sea, but your Noldorin spirit will urge

you on to great power.



2. ELENW: Oh Turgon look. We simply have to get that for our journey.

The fabric is so soft.

3. TURGON: It is quite lovely. Maybe Idril will like it.

4. ELENW: Oh yes! Good thinking. This actually matches her eyes. And

look at this shawl. It would be so nice when it gets chilly. By the

way, are we leaving by land or by sea? (SUDDENLY SPOTS

AMARI) Love, must dash. Just saw Amari. Lemme go say


5. TURGON: But we havent found anything for me. Let me just pop

by this store round the corner...

6. ELENW: (INTERRUPTS AT POP) Yes yes. See you at home. (SHOUTS) Oi!

Amari! Yes you! Dont try and hide! Besides youre the only

Vanya here. I can see you a mile off!

7. AMARI: (LAUGHING) Dont be silly. Who would ever hide from you?

8. ELENW: Dont be cheeky. So howzit?

9. AMARI: Well, our king has been killed. The high prince wants to rebel

against the Valar and take people away from their homes
and families. Theres talk of war with the Teleri, and the love

of my life is giving me an ultimatum. So I guess Im doing ok?

1. ELENW: (SIGHS)(THOUGHTFULLY) These are the days long foretold

before the unchaining of Morgoth. The Noldor have long

wanted to return to the lands of their birth before they

heeded the summons of the Valar. And although I can truly

say that my time here in Valinor has been blessed, I often

dream of walking under the eternal stars of middle-earth,

steeped in twilight with the nightly fragrances of flowers that

bloom to the light of the stars. I often wonder how the

sand would feel underneath my feet by the lake of awakening,

Cuivinen, where our ancient ancestors still dwell.

2. AMARI: You make it sound so idyllic. Of course what you fail to mention

is that the only reason the Valar are here and not there is

because of one who dwells there now, and then. It was he who

made war upon the creations of the Valar when they still dwelt

in middle-earth, and all was bathed in light before the

awakening of the Quendi. Great love the Valar had for the

elves and risked all that they made and cared for on earth by

waging wars with Morgoth, wars that caused great hurt to the

earth and all that the Valar held dear, for they made it. And so

they retreated to the lands of Aman and dwelt there in

Valinor, leaving Morgoth to defile the earth and pervert the

creations they held most dear to their hearts. And now you

want to go back, gainsaying the Valar, and making all their

efforts vain.
3. ELENW: I want to go back to the land of my birth. To see new things

I havent even imagined before. Is that so hard for you to

(1.ELENW) understand? There is a whole world out there, with new things

to experience. I mean, Amari, will you really let Finrod leave

by himself? Will you subject him to long ages without you in

middle-earth? Surely you must know, Amari, you must know

that he will not be with another if he cannot be with you. Are

you really willing to let him live a lonely life, without love and

compassion from one who makes him complete in this world?

If you are hoping that he will forsake his people and his kin and

the legacy that he hopes to leave behind by making his mark

in the world, glorious deeds which will have repercussions even

unto the ending of the world, then your selfishness and pride is

truly befitting one of the Noldor, Amari, most noble Lady

of the Vanya.

2. AMARI: (PAUSE)(SIGH)(EMOTIONALLY) Dont you think Ive thought

about that? About the light and wonder his presence in middle

-earth will bring? All that he will accomplish, the evil his

goodness will defeat, even the mighty among the Valar will

stand in awe of him. But what does it avail, to win glory

through deeds of valour, only to lose love and a chance

for happiness? Perhaps to you this is an easy question to

answer, being mighty among the Noldor, and fearless and

brave of heart. But for me, Elenw, joy and happiness and

love are where my heart lies, and my hope for all the world

is peace. All of your mighty deeds in middle-earth will not

achieve peace, but war, where all things live in doubt

and watchfulness. No, Elenw. My heart could not bear the

(1. AMARI) the grief of middle-earth, the spring that waxes to the promise

of summer and life joyful and bright, only to wane to the doubt

of the falling leaves of autumn, and then to succumb utterly to

the deadly grip of winters suffering and pain. So you see, Finrod

will die in middle-earth, and there will be no comfort for me,

and I shall dwell in the halls of Mandos until the ending of the

world and the fulfilment of Ilvaters will.




2. FANOR: (LOUD AND BOMBASTIC)Great people of the Noldor! Hear me!

Hear me! (CROWD SETTLES) I know all too well the suffering of

the Noldor under the false protection of the Valar. Was it not

them who called us away from our indigenous and rightful

ancient homes with the promise of everlasting bliss in the Light

of the Two Trees? Was it not them who assured us that no evil

could assail us as long as we abide in their holy and righteous

presence? And what now shall the answer of the Valar be?

How will try to assuage us now? No! I say. No more lies from

those who share kinship with the murderer of our great and

noble King Finw, my father, those who allowed one of their

own to kill the light of the Blessed Realm for ever! I say blessed

realm but does it still remain so? The darkness of middle-

earth truly engulfs all the earth, even this here Valinor,

(SARCASTICALLY) city of the gods! Gods indeed!

(1. FANOR) I ask all of you here right now. Do we need them?

(2. (CROWD) NO!

(3. FANOR) What have they done for us?


(5. FANOR) Thats right! For it was us who built the great city of Tirion upon

Tna, greatest of the dwellings of the Eldar in Valinor. And how

narrow is this land that the Valar have gifted us? Narrow and

still we are to share it with kin of lesser degree. Well let them

keep it! Let the Vanyar and the Teleri linger on in thraldom

and servitude in this narrow land, and let us go and take back

our ancient home, wide and wild and full of the promise of the

greatness the Noldor can and will achieve. The time is come!

I do not promise comfort and ease. I do not offer assurances

of peace and goodwill. The road will be hard, and many of our

people will perish along the way. But those of us who will survive

will be greatly rewarded with the riches and bounty middle-

earth will offer us. And through the hard with which Tirion

was made glorious, even more so will our new homes be when

we create them in a more glorious image than ever before.





1. FINARFIN: (PANICKED)What happened here? Who did this?

Who did this?!

2. GALADRIL: (PANTING) Fanor and his men. The Teleri refused to

give them their ships and so Fanor took them by

force. (COMPOSED)The Teleri hold their ships dearer

than the precious metals and gems of this world. And so

when they refused to give them to Fanor, drew his

sword and began slaughtering them. Father, he killed

kin of my mother.

3. FINARFIN: (INCREDULOUS AND HURT) Fanor did all this? And where

was Fingolfin to stop him? (ANGRILY) Where was your

uncle, Galadril? (PAUSE) Tell me!

4. GALADRIL: (PAUSE) He was also here, fighting alongside Fanor.

5. FINARFIN: You lie!!

6. GALADIL: (SHORTLY) I do not! Your full-brother helped his half-

brother massacre our people! He did not stop to find out

all that he could about the reasons for battle. Instead he

tried to appease his half-brother by killing his own kin!

So eager is Fingolfin to prove his worth as a Noldor that

he would kill members of his own family. Innocent

people, who have nothing to do with these matters.

7. FINARFIN: (INTROSPECTIVELY)These are terrible tidings indeed.

(1. FINARFIN) (SIGH)The Doom of the Noldor is now swiftly at hand.

If they do indeed reach middle-earth, all that they hope

to achieve will come to ruin and death. The Valar will not

allow such a transgression to go without justice. Fanor

will soon be in the Halls of Mandos, and Mandos will keep





Brother, winter is fast approaching. We should take the ships

and cross the sea at its narrowest if we are to reach

middle-earth before the winter snows.

3. FANOR: Yes we should. Crossing from here will take us directly to

the Firth of Drengist, where the snows fall slowly.

4. FINGOLFIN: The ships of the Teleri are too few for all of us, and some

that we took perished at sea. How now are we to cross?

5. FANOR: I shall call Maedhros, my son, who shall tell us about the

state of the ships. (CALLS FOR MAEDHROS) Maedhros, my

son, how are the ships?

6. MAEDHROS: They are ready for the sea journey, father.

7. FANOR: Do you hear, Fingolfin? The ships are ready. Prepare your

people for the journey.

8. FINGOLFIN: Thank you, brother. I shall go and get my people ready.

Songs will be sung of your generosity.

9. FANOR: (PAUSE)(WHISPER) Maedhros? Maedhros? Has he gone

(1. FANOR): away?

2. MAEDHROS: Yes father he has.

3. FANOR: Good riddance. And all that about people singing

about my generosity? Tell me, do you know why he

should think such a thing?

4. MAEDHROS: Because were going to take his people across the sea

first, father, like you said.

5. FANOR: (LAUGHS) Get your brothers ready. Muster the ships. We

sail now! Stupid fool! Does he really think I would let him

and his people sail first, if at all?? I know what terrible

things theyve saying about me. They blame me for making

them leave their comfort and bliss, for having to climb

mountains and enduring this miserable cold. But most of

all they blame me for the kinslaying at Alqualond.

Did I force those miserable Telerin elves to be so stubborn as

to sacrifice their own lives for a handful of boats? Would it

not have been more prudent to just let us take them? We

had the greater skill in warcraft, the greater assortment of

weaponry, and indeed a worthier cause than they. Ha!

I tell you now, Maedhros, my first-born son, not only will I not

take Fingolfin and his people first across the sea, I will not

send any of those ships back for them.

6. MAEDHROS: (INCREDULOUS) But father, you must send the ships back.
7. FANOR: No. I will burn them all!



1. GALADRIL: (PANTING) Its gonna rain. I think were catching up to

them. Fanor and Fingolfin could not have got far.

Do you see them?(PAUSE) Finrod!

2. FINROD: Huh? What? Oh yes, yes over there.

3. GALADRIL: Youre a million miles away. Its Amari, isnt it?

You cant get her out of your mind, even now.

Even now when your uncles have killed members of ...

4. FINROD: (INTERRUPTS ATMEMBERS) Galadril stop. You know

Fingolfin wasnt totally aware of the reasons behind

the killings at Alqualond. He mustve thought the

Teleri where trying to stop the Noldor from leaving. He

probably thought they were on some sort of errand

from the Valar.

5. GALADRIL: It still doesnt excuse him from what he did. Mandos

will keep him long, when his time comes.

6. FINROD: And how long will he keep you? Youre also defying

the will of the Valar. Youve also left against their

counsels, shutting yourself out of Valinor for who-

knows-how-long. As have I, Galadril. We made

the decisions we made, for good or ill, not even the

Valar can say. All we need to do right now is to catch

up to Fanor and Fingolfin, and hope that treachery

has not divided the Noldor for ever.


1. GALADRIL: Thats the North Wind. Winter is close.(PAUSE)

(EXCITEDLY) I can see a light! Just over there! I think

weve caught up to them, Finrod! Just a few more



2. FINROD: (BREATHLESSLY) Galadril, but thats not just light,

its a fire! And its coming from across the sea. What

could this mean?

3. GALADRIL: There are people just over there. (CALLING LOUDLY)

HELLO! Hi there. Where is Fanor, and Fingolfin, his

brother? (PAUSE) Where are they?

4. FINGOLFIN: I am here, Galadril. (HOPEFULLY) Did you come with

your father? (LOUDLY) Finarfin! Finarfin come out...


could not. Not after what you and that Fanor did to


6. FINROD: (INTERRUPTS AT FANOR)Galadril, thats enough.

Everyone here is hurt by what happened. Not least

of all Fingolfin, who acted only in defence and loyalty

towards his brother Fanor.

7. FINGOLFIN: (REMORSEFULLY) What we did at Alqualond was

unforgivable, and I truly am sorry for all that I did.

Galadril, my niece, even now I fear the retribution of

crime has come. You see that light across the sea? It is

the light of a great burning. A burning of ships that were

to take us back to middle-earth. So it would seem that

(1. FINGOLFIN): Fanor plans for us to go back to Valinor, and suffer

whatever punishment the Valar deem fitting for us.

2. GALADRIL: I will not go back. I go forward to look Fanor in the

eye, and contend with one mighty among the Eldar.

I will make him answer for what he has done!

3. FINGOLFIN: And that, my dear niece, might be the first and the

last thing you do in middle-earth. I do not doubt your

might and your strength, but Fanor is the mightiest

of us. Indeed, the mightiest of all the Eldar that there

was and ever will be. No Galadril. You cannot

contend with Fanor yet, but someday you might

even be as mighty as he is. But now, that task is left

to me. (LOUDLY, TO THE CROWD) People of the

Noldor! Hear me! We have been betrayed. The light

you see across the water is not a herald of good

things that await us across the sea. That light is the

fire that is now consuming the very ships that were

meant to take us to middle-earth. Fanor means for

us to return with tail between legs like cowered dogs

and sue for pardon, while he takes all of middle-earth

for himself and his sons. Well I say no! We will not

return to Valinor in shame and defeat, and neither

will we linger by the shores of Araman to starve and

die. We will go on to middle-earth, not by ship, but

by the valour and the fortitude attributable only to

the People of the Noldor. We shall pass the Helcarax

(1.FINGOLFIN) the Grinding Ice of the north of the world, set there

by Morgoth himself. And by defeating this ice, we

will have defeated two of our staunchest enemies,


CROWD). So ready yourselves. Take only that which

is dearest to you. The road will be long and

merciless, but our victory will be all the greater for it!





2. AMARI: (JOYFULLY) My love! Youve come!

3. FINROD: Amari? Oh how Ive missed you!

4. AMARI: And how Ive missed you, words cannot tell. My love,

how goes the road?

5. FINROD: The road? Of what do you speak, my love? We are in

he gardens of... of...? Where are we?

6. AMARI: We are in the gardens of Lrien, where the weary

may find peace and rest.

7. FINROD: Then I have died. The road has been much more than

I could endure. So the Noldorin blood flows weakly

through my veins after all.

8. 8. AMARI: (LAUGHING) As if that could ever happen. I said you

were in the gardens of Lrien, not the halls of

Mandos. You are in a dream, my love. My spirit

(1. AMARI) called you to me.

2. FINROD: Then we are still on the road, and the

Grinding Ice is still miles and miles from ending.

3. AMARI: Many more miles than that, my love. But here you shall

remain with me as long as you can.

4. FINROD: And how long might that be?

5. AMARI: As long as we can. (SADLY) I know your reasons for

leaving meant a lot to you, and I am truly sorry for

making you feel bad about it. I just couldnt stand

the thought of being without you. Endless ages apart

from one another I could not endure. I spoke long

with Olrin ,about you, and about me, and what I

should do. I was in grave peril, Finrod. The grief of our

parting was too much for me to bear, even here in

Valinor, where grief and pain can be assuaged by the

Love and Grace of the Valar, and the Quendi need

not linger in the halls of awaiting, until the ending of

the world and the coming of the true death.

I was about to leave for those very halls when

Olrin sat beside me and comforted my tears. He

told me I should wait. And if I did, then I would

experience a greater joy than I have ever known

here in Valinor.
6. FINROD: Well that is good news, even if Im not entirely sure

what he couldve meant by it. (CHEEKILY) Ive

got it! Youll find a new man and have tons of kids

(1.FINROD) be happy!

2. AMARI: (VERY SERIOUSLY) Im glad you can joke.

3. FINROD: Come on! That was funny. Even you can laugh at that.

4. AMARI: (INCREDULOUSLY) Even me? I will have you know,

Mister, that I have one mean sense of humour.

5. FINROD: (LAUGHING) Yes. Mean is also the word I wouldve

chosen. (BOTH LAUGH)

6. AMARI: I love you so much.

7. FINROD: And I love you.

8. AMARI: I must go now. Olrin is calling me.

9. FINROD: Amari wait. You still havent told me what Olrin

meant when he said youll find greater joy...

10.GALADRIL: (INTERRUPTS AT FIND) Finrod wake up! Elenw

is dead.




1. MELIAN: Lthien, come here. I want to talk to you.

2. LTHIEN: Mother? Whats the matter?

3. MELIAN: A dark thought has entered my mind. The Noldor

have returned to middle-earth.

4. LTHIEN: Back from Valinor? Whatever could have made them

leave such a holy place?

5. MELIAN: We shall find out soon enough. One of them shall come

here to live in Doriath with us, kin of your father. Her name is

(1.MELIAN) Galadril. Mighty among the Nolder is she, and she will

learn a lot from me.

2. LTHIEN: I hope you can trust her to use her power for good.

3. MELIAN: Only time will tell. For now, she understands her role in the

fight against evil, and she sees Morgoth as an enemy. She

will use her power to counter Morgoth and help her

people. Her brother Finrod will help her in this regard, for a


4. LTHIEN: For a time? Mother what do you know?

5. MELIAN: (LAUGHS) Not much more than you, my dear, and

even Manw upon his highest seat in Valinor cannot know

all that Eru Ilvater has planned for the earth and all who

dwell on it.

6. LTHIEN: Yes, but you foresee something about this Galadril.

7. MELIAN: Yes. The evil power on the earth right now is beyond her

strength to overcome alone. But in the ages to come, she

will grow in power and wisdom, and also in subtlety to

know when to use which.

8. LTHIEN: And just who is she supposed to use her power on?

(IMPATIENTLY) Youre really taking your time telling me

all this.

9. MELIAN: All I will say is that the power that shall rise from the east

will test her. It might even cause her to question the very
nature of good and evil, and which is truly which.

10. LTHIEN: What do you mean by that? Doesnt she know the


1. MELIAN: She thinks she does, but she wont truly know until many

ages have passed. You, on the other hand, will

find out all too soon.

2. LTHIEN: (SURPRISED) Me?! What have I to do with any of it?

3. MELIAN: Everything.



4. GALADRIL: So this is the night of middle-earth. Its quite

different. The reek of mortality is in the air.

5. FINROD: Yes. It seems as though all things here are mortal,

including us.

6. GALADRIL: My goodness, brother. Have the aromas of

middle-earth dimmed your sense of reason?

We are of the Eldar, even here in middle-earth.

We live on as long as the world endures.

7. FINROD: But this world endures through misery and grief.

No doubt we will find some semblance of joy here.

Perhaps you more than me. But the joy found in

middle-earth is but a pallid recollection of the one

found in Valinor, our true home, Galadril, where

the grief of earth struggles to prevail upon us. Here

grief is unmasked and unflinching. We cannot abide

middle-earth for long.

8. GALADRIL: No we cannot abide. We shall not abide. We shall

(1.GALADRIL) not abide. We shall rule and become great

among the Eldar. The people of middle-earth shall

truly blessed by our presence, and their lives will be

made better for it. All the people of middle-earth

shall inherit a better world than the one we find

right now. Think about it, Finrod. With all that we can

teach these people, these dark elves, dwarves and

men, dont you think they will greatly prosper? And

perhaps we too may learn from them. Surely they

also must contend with the grief of the world.

We will learn how better to withstand it by learning

from them.

2. FINROD: (SIGHS) I am pleased with your optimism little sister,

and so I will be optimistic too, for your sake. So

where are we going, in this deep dark night?

3. GALADRIL: We are going to see Thingol, king of these parts.

He is related to our mother, so Im hoping for a

warm reception.

4. FINROD: (PAUSE)What will you tell him?

5. GALADRIL: No more than what he needs to know. We are

long sundered kin. We have come to aid him in his

gravest need. The orcs have multiplied in

Angband. His lands are assailed and his people

need protection. He couldnt ask for better

neighbours than the mighty people of the Noldor.

7. 6. FINROD: So you wont tell him about the exile from Valinor,

(1.FINROD) how we disobeyed the Valar, and the killings at

Alqualond, killings of his own kin?

2. GALADRIL: Doubtless he already knows. He has Maia with him.

Melian. Dont you remember the tale of Melian?

She left Valinor before the summons of the Quendi.

She took elf form in the forests of Nan Elmoth and

beguiled Thingol. Some say he stood enchanted,

gazing upon her for a thousand years and not moving

an inch.

3. FINROD: (LAUGHING) Who says that? And anyway it couldnt

have been more than three months, surely. I mean,

didnt he need to go to sleep? To eat? To run around?

This Melian must be powerful indeed to render Thingol

unconscious and stupefied for even a moment.

4. GALADRIL: She has her ways. But her purposes are unclear. We will

learn more once we get there.



1. MAEDHROS: Settle down! Calm down, my brothers. There is

little need for us to bicker amongst ourselves.

2. CARANTHIR: Who does he think he is, this Thingol, to tell us where

and how we shall reign? We are princes of the Noldor!!

We shall do as we please!

3. ANGROD: King Thingol only meant that we should not encroach

upon the wood elves that already live free outside the

(1.ANGROD) borders of Doriath.

2. CARANTHIR: We will live where and how we please, and the

people whom we find shall suffer us as their rulers, or

they can find other dwellings!!

4. 3. MAEDHROS: Calm down, Caranthir. Dont get yourself so worked.

(LAUGHING) Well Thingol wouldnt be much of a king

If he didnt set down the law at our arrival. But he is a

king under siege, and within the confines of Doriath

he may remain. But go and tell him this, Angrod, we

take the lands outside of his borders that we deem

fitting, be they peopled or no. And tell him he should

be happy to have neighbours such as ourselves, the

Princes of the Noldor, and not the orcs of Morgoth

that we found skulking around his borders.

4. CARANTHIR: And who made Angrod our spokesman anyway?

You sons of Finarfin forget that you are people

of the Noldor, and not of the Teleri, kin

of this Thingol, a dark elf. Your father was too much of

a coward to come with us.

5. ANGROD: (ANGRILY AND HURT) My father didnt come

because you killed his people!! (SCUFFLE BREAKS


6. MAEDHROS: Thats enough! Caranthir, hold your tongue! Angrod,

you may leave and give Thingol our reply.



1. GALADRIL: What a beautiful morning! The singing of the Sindar

is really a marvel to behold.

2. MELIAN: Yes. The people of King Thingol are among the best

singers in middle-earth, but Im sure the Teleri

of Alqualond surpass even them, no?

3. GALADRIL: (CIRCUMSPECT) Yes. The songs of the Teleri by the

Sea are beyond compare. But surely you remember

their singing when you first arrived in middle-earth,

all those ages ago?

4. MELIAN: Yes, I do. I will admit, they sounded much better

then. But even in their youth in middle-earth, Im sure

in Valinor they sound much better.

5. GALADRIL: (SUSPICIOUSLY) You mean in Alqualond?

6. MELIAN: Yes. Thats what I meant. But tell me more about

Valinor. Im sure the Light of the Trees must be

mingling in all manner of colourful displays?

7. GALADRIL: (SHORTLY) The Trees were killed by Morgoth and

then Ungoliant drank their sap and defiled them with

her venom. Why do you ask me of these things when

you already know of them? Is this a test?

8. MELAIN: There is no test, Galadril. I ask because I do not

know. Foresight has been given unto me to see

visions of things yet to unfold in the world. But the

past of Valinor is hidden from my sight. A darkness lies

(1.MELAIN) on Valinor that my power cannot pierce. Tell me all.

2. GALADRIL: (SIGHS) The Noldor did not come to middle-earth as

emissaries from the Valar as you believe. They did

did not come to aid you against the orcs, even

though they came unlooked-for and came to

your defence. They came to recover what was

stolen from them by Morgoth. He killed Finw and

stole the Silmarils, the precious jewels contrived

by Fanor, Finws son. Those jewels

the sons of Fanor covet with a deadly lust. They

swore an oath to pursue whosoever would withhold

a Silmaril from them, be they man, elf or Vala.

3. MELIAN: These are ill tidings. Much you have told me,

Galadril, and yet I perceive more that you havent

told me. Youve said nothing of the long journey out

of Tirion and how the Noldor landed in middle-

earth. You must tell me all. Thingol needs to know.

I must guide him as best as possible of what next to


4. GALADRIL: Yes. Thingol will learn the truth, but not from me.


1. BEREN: What beautiful singing. Please go on.

2. LTHIEN: You are mortal. How did you come to be in the

Hidden Kingdom? A powerful magic lies upon the

borders of this land. No one can pass through it.

3. BEREN: Well I dont know what to tell you. I passed through.

4. LTHIEN: (INCREDULOUSLY)You also passed through the

Mountains of Terror. Evil creatures, more evil than

maybe perhaps even Morgoth could devise, live

there. Why have you come here?

5. BEREN: My lady I was only looking for refuge from the orcs that

were chasing me. And what about you? It is winter

beyond the forest of Neldoreth, and yet your singing

brought forth the springtime.

6. LTHIEN: (SMILINGLY) You see much, Beren, son of Barahir. But

I see things too. A great doom lies on you. Your deeds

will earn great renown for generations to come. Songs

will be sung of you valour and bravery, not only

among men, but also among the greatest of the


7. BEREN: And what is it that I shall do to earn this renown, my

8. LTHIEN: You will go deep into the pits of Morgoth and wrestle

a Silmaril from his crown.

9. BEREN: And how am I to do this? I have no elven power or

(1.BEREN) might. And Im sure an army of many thousands will

be required to do this thing. I have none.

2. LTHIEN: Indeed not. But you do have me. And whether you

take up this quest and go deep into the hells of

Morgoth to fulfil it, or decide to abandon it and

wander the earth aimless and homeless, I will be with


3. BEREN: Well then. Its decided. For I will not allow myself to

let the most beautiful of all the people of this world to

live an aimless existence upon the earth. I shall go to

the pits of hell and take from the crown of Morgoth

Bauglir, a Silmaril, precious jewel of the Noldor that

houses the last remaining light from the Two Trees of






1. BEREN: I didnt think it would end like this. Will I ever see my

Lthien again?

2. FINROD: Dont despair. I see still a future for you on in this

world. The torments of Sauron will not defeat you.


3. BEREN: What do you think theyre doing to them in there?

Oh mighty King Finrod, use your power to end this

(1.BEREN) misery. I would rather die by your hands than let

Sauron torment me.

2. FINROD: Enough of that, Beren! Why do you speak of death

when Lthien awaits you? And what of your task?

Have you won a Silmaril from the hands of Morgoth?

Gather your strength and your courage. As I said

before, this is not to be your end.

4. BEREN: But how can you be so sure? We are trapped in the

dungeons of Sauron, and one by one our

companions are being taken away, and none

return. You dont suppose they are being freed?

5. FINROD: (SHORTLY) No! Of course I dont think hes letting

them go free. Hes killing them, Beren. Killing them in

the cruellest way he knows. But still I say do not lose

hope, for Lthien rides now for you, and her power

will break down this stronghold of Sauron. Prepare

yourself. Sauron draws near.




6. FINROD: Where am I? (SHOUTING OUT) Beren?


7. AMARI: You wont find Beren One Hand here.

His fate lies beyond the confines of the world.

1. FINROD: (INCREDULOUS)Amari? But how can this be?

I was about to save Beren from...from....

2. AMARI: You are safe within the confines of the Valar now.

There is no need to fear the name of Sauron.

3. FINROD: What happened? I thought I should be

languishing in the Halls of Mandos. But I find

myself here with you, in the Gardens of Lorin,

if I remember then correctly.

4. AMARI: Indeed you do, Finrod Felagund. Mandos has

held you, but not too long. And I thank him

greatly for it. And Olrin. He bid that I

should wait for you.

5. FINROD: Of course. Now I remember. So this is what Olrin

meant when he said greater joy was waiting for

you. And you waited.

6. AMARI: I did wait for you. How could I not? How could I

Choose the endless awaiting and loneliness of

Mandos halls, especially when Olrin came to

me at my most dire need? I had to wait. I

remember him telling me that if I held dear to the

love that I remembered and forsook the tumult

that took you away from me, all shall be made

right again, and even the doom of the Noldor may

be assuaged.

7. FINROD: (PENSIVELY) Yes...The doom of the Noldor. I wish I

Had stayed with you and left it all behind.

(1.FINROD) The pride of the Nolder caused great grief in

this world. And all for what? To rule more lands

and more people? Would that I had stayed with

you in bliss and joy.

2. AMARI: And forsook your people and your destiny in

Middle-earth? No, Finrod. All you have done

Was to achieve a greater purpose, for yourself

and for the world. Had you not gone, Galadril

wouldve turned fey and filled with power-lust.

The great test which she is about to face,

wouldve conquered her absolutely. The memory

of your love and good deeds she will need when

the time comes, when all seems lost and darkness

would prevail. She will remember you everlasting

hope and wisdom, and that will touch her heart

when temptation for utter power is but an arms

length away. Some think she will falter, and

throw the world into shadow. But those of us who

know her well, know she will Galadril, and sail into

the West, her true home.

3. FINROD: And what of Beren? Did Lthien come?

4. AMARI: (LAUGHS) As if anything could stop her.

Because of your self-sacrifice, she and Beren

Will go on to bear the most beautiful of all

The Children of Ilvater, and in those children

Will lie the hope of the Noldor, and Valinor

(1.AMARI) will no longer be shut to them. You see my love,

do not say you wish never to have left, for

the will of Ilvater works in mysterious ways, and

greater Good has come out of evil.

2. FINROD: Oh Amari, how beautiful you are. Your

Presence in my life will always be a treasure

to me. Now our lives can start afresh and

renewed. How Ive missed you so...

3. AMARI: (LAUGHS AT MISSED) Therell be plenty

of time for all of that later. Your father is on his

way. He will have missed you so much.

Stay here and talk with him. Ill see you at home.



6. 5. FINARFIN: Finrod? Is that you? That is you singing. I could never

mistake that.

7. 6. FINROD: Yes father. I have returned.

8. 7. FINARFIN: (LAUGHING) My son! My eldest child! I cant believe

it! The Valar are truly merciful!

9. 8. FINROD: Indeed they are, Father. They have allowed me to

walk with you once again in the gardens of Lorin.

Its so strange father. I remember everything that

happened and the events that lead to them, but I

cant remember feeling and ill feeling or feelings of

anger or hatred, even for Morgoth.

10. 9. FINARFIN: No, Finrod. How could you?

(1. FINARFIN) You are still the same elf youve always been, but now

That youve come through the gates of death, youve

been reborn anew, full in the light of the Valar. Your

worldly self has been stripped away, and now you walk

unclothed, just as the Valar were wont to do before the

tumults of Morgoth.

2. FINROD: (BREATHES IN DEEPLY) AH. The sweet smell of life eternal

never will I take for granted again. Father, my wife

awaits me.

3. FINARFIN: Wife? (LAUGHS) Does she know shes your wife?

4. FINROD: (LAUGHING) She practically told me so.


5. FINARFIN: Well then, what are you waiting for? Go! Live your

New life. Hold on to her dearly and love her

Forever more. Go!

6. FINROD: I will, Father. So long!