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Form 2 Geog Holy Family Canossian College 2" Test 2002-2003 Geography Form 2 Time allowed : 40 minutes. Total marks : 60 Put all the answers on the ANSWER SHEET provided. The question paper has to be handed in. ‘Name : Class: No. Form 2 Geog Section A: Map Reading (Study Figure 1) Yi Figure | 1a) Name the physical features marked 1-8. (8 marks) ) Find the gradient of the river AB. Show all your workings. (4 marks) ) Draw a cross section along ST. The vertical scale of the framework is lem to 100m. (6 marks) 4d) What is the vertical exaggeration of the cross section in question c? Show all your workings. (4 marks) Form 2 Geog. Se tion B: Matching (14 marks) (Match the items in Column B with those in Column A and write the letter on the answer sheet.) mm Column A| Column B: (1) Water vapour (2) Rain, bail and snow are (3) Some water goes into the ground as (4) Heavy rainfall and melting snow are (a) underground water. (b) comes from transpiration and evaporation. (6) the major sourges of flood water. (W) different types of precipitation. (3) People cut down trees for (4) Overcultivation and overgrazing are (5) A floodplain is very attractive to farm| Column A. Column B (1) Uneven distribution of rainfall is (a) it provides fertile soil for farming. (2) Tropical storms are (b) common in the less developed countries (©) very low pressure systems. (@ timber, firewood and more farmland. (e)a natural cause of flooding. (2) The upper course of the Chang Jiang (3) The volume of water of the Chang Jiang often greatly increases in summer because (4) Silting becomes serious in the Chang Jiang| because (5) The river water of the Chang Jiang cannot] be regulated because settlement because Column A Column B: (1) The volume of water in the Chang Jiang is| (a) it has a large drainage basin. large because (b) receives less rainfall than its lower course. (©) the cutting down of trees around the upper; and middle courses caused soil erosion. (@) there is heavy monsoon rain. (©) many lakes along the river are reclaimed Section C : Short Questions (Answer the following questions in complete sentences.) L Study Figure 2. It shows the result of the voting in the government on the Three Gorges Project. Present For Against Vote neither for or against Absent 2,608 persons 1,767 votes 177 votes 664 votes Figure 2 Voting result on the Three Gorges Project 1. Why does the Chinese government carry out the Three Gorges Project? (2 marks) 2. Is the Three Gorges Project enough to solve the problem you mentioned in question 1? What other measures are also needed besides carrying out the Three Gorges Project? Suggest 2 other measures. (4 marks) Form 2 Geog. 3. Suggest one reason why a) ahistorian b) a farmer in the lower course of Chang Jiang ©) an environmentalist 4) a local resident living in a village to be submerged because of the Project ‘opposes the Three Gorges Project. (8 marks) LL, Study Figure 3 and 4, aL. Himalayas falbfal_mm DHAKA Temp‘ 3s0}] Land below 200 m “Typhoons in summer SEMAN) AS ONT Figure 3 Relief in Bangladesh Figure 4 Climate graph of Dhaka 1. Name the four natural causes of flooding in Bangladesh. (8 marks) 2. Give one benefit that flooding can bring to the people of Bangladesh. (2 marks) - End of Paper - Form 2 Geog. Answer Sheet Holy Family Canossian College 2 Test 2002-2003 Geography Answer Sheet Form 2 Marks Name : Class : No. 60 Section A aol 2 5, 6 b, Gradient 4. VE. c. cross section Form 2 Geog. Answer Sheet Section B how 1 1 2 2. 2 3. 3. 3. 4 4 4 3. 5. Section C hou 2. Measure 1 ‘Measure 2 3.a) b) °) d) woud 12 13 14