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Saylon, Kyle Zandrex A.

Preliminary Detailed Outline
I. Thesis Statement: Generalized Anxiety Disorder in adolescents is
pernicious because like a plague, it haunts, then gradually kills the mind
of children or adolescents especially if its not immediately treated.

a. Supporting Statement: If left untreated, the disorder may be chronic

and predicative of adulthood anxiety and depression.
i. Statement #1: Millions of adult Americans suffer from GAD
which most often begin from childhood or adolescence.
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ii. Statement #2: There are many factors that contribute to anxiety
and depression of young people. If left untreated, they can lead
to underachieving at study or work, alcohol and drugs, and an
increased risk of suicide.
Anxiety and depression in young people (no date/year
Untreated depression (2015)
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iii. Statement #3: GAD was found to be in comorbidity with other

psychological disorders especially with major depressive
Delisio (2006)
Rouillon (2004)
Carter, Wittchen, Phiter, Kessler (2001)

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