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Header The header of this page is a Main image I used a main image of Lucy from a different location to both

development from the masthead. I used the same the front cover and centre spread. I purposely did this so that the magazine
font and style as I did for the masthead, using the did not appear too monotonous. The pose within the image is not directly
same 3D effect. I wanted to maintain this idea of addressing the audience as the other images are. This is because, whilst I
BARRE being an iconic brand as opposed to just a wanted to convey a confident vibe, I also wanted a sense of innocence to
simple magazine title. The background of the come across to the reader to make the band Atticx easier to identify with.
picture made this slightly harder than anticipated Furthermore, the main image isnt the focal point on this page and therefore
as it was white but I wanted to use a photo from a I didnt want it to come across as too domineering. The colours in the
different location that the front cover and centre photograph are mainly monochromatic other than Lucys face and hair. This
spread just to make the pages more interesting ties in nicely with the red accent as is complimented on the other pages too.
and varied. Overall, I think that this header is The use of another brand on the models coat gives off connotations of
successful just a larger contrast could have been young adults, as they are commonly associated with being materialistic and
created. brand driven.

Social media the links

Pages and info I added
to the magazines social
this information in white,
media are a tool used to
as I did with the cover
further target the
lines to maintain the
audience demographic.
aesthetic of the front
As highlighted in my
cover. As well as this,
planning section, the
following some
audience I shall be
adjustment from the first
targeting are 17-25 year
draft, I added a dark blue
olds. This generation is
background to allow the
highly influenced by
information to stand
social media and
prominently on the page.
technology; therefore, I
The dark blue links the
saw it as beneficial to
page to both the cover
add accessibility
and centre spread despite
through social media.
having a differing location
for the main image. I used
a bolder font for the titles
so that they were clear for
the reader and highlights
their importance.

Overall, this page is

successful, but not as
much so as the others. I
think that the use of
Editors note I added a
secondary images is the
section where I could add
best element of the page,
in a note from the editor.
but the main image pulls
I used a professional
down the aesthetics. The
headshot for the
lack of direct address
secondary image to make
within the image makes
the magazine and brand
Secondary images Overall, I think that the the page appear more
easier to identify with
secondary images have been successful. Luckily, I passive than anticipated.
(Uses and gratifications
had attended gigs and festivals recently when Therefore, in hindsight, I
1974). I used a white
creating my portfolio which therefore allowed me shouldve used a
background so that it is
to include my own images in the magazine. This different image but I
separated from the
once again, increased the authenticity of the respect the choice to use
information and the reed
magazine and made it look more professional. The a differing location than
accent shade so that it is
use of a headshot for the editors note heightens that of the front cover
clear what this section is.
the professional nature of the magazine. and centre spread.