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Xcarlink Multimedia Video Interface

Includes: Designed just for Audi non-MMI systems.

* 2 X AV Inputs
(Used to connect video Sources) Audi A4 (B8) 2008>
* RGB Video input Audi A5 2008>
(for Navigation)
* Rear view camera input
(automatic switch function when reverse gear is selected)
* IPOD input
* AV Output
(for rear entertainment or additional monitors)
*(video in motion, no TV-Free interface needed)
*(Plug and Play, no modification needed)

Step1Remove monitor trim Step2Remove 4 mounting screws Step3Remove A/C vent Step4Remove A/C control unit Pic1

Step5Pic2 Step6Pic3 Step7Remove headunit 4 mounting screw Step8picture shows H/U power connector
& pull out the headunit

1. Multimedia interface for A4/A5 non-MMI X 1 2. LVDS monitor cable X 2 3. RGB cable X 1

4. AV Cable X 1 5. iPod cable X 1 6. Plug and play power cable kit X 1

Step1Connect interface power male cable with H/U female cabl Step2connected Step3Connect interface power female cable with head unit

*White cable is for reverse +12V signal *Blue cable is for PDC (reverse) +12V signal
Step4picture shown connected unit *White cable from AV harness (reverse +12V) is for rear camera
the blue cable from the POWER harness is for PDC.
**You can only connect either one to (Reverse +12V) 4/10
Multimedia interface connection diagram

LVDS monitor cable

AV cable

I-POD cable

RGB cable Power cable

head unit and monitor LVDS connector

back of head unit back of monitor

connection between connection between
interface and H/U interface and monitor

interface LVDS connector

PIN SETTING RGB cable definition


The above shows the location of the audio connection. Optional cable (left) only required
if your car has a factory iPod interface fitted

Switching AV source.

1 2 3


1. Use the "MODE" buttom on your multifuction steering wheel and pressing it twice to switch between sources (OEM, RGB, AV1, AV2)

2. Use the "FM/AM"buttom + "MEDIA" buttom to switch between sources (OEM, RGB, AV1, AV2)

3. Use the Toggle switch to switch between sources (OEM, RGB, AV1, AV2)