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III Soc.

Studies 1


Q 1 Choose the correct options .

1. The Fort William was made during the rule of ----------.

a) French b) British c) Dutch d) Spanish .

2. Cubbon Park is located in ------------.

a) Bengaluru b) Kolkata c) Hyderabad d) Mumbai.

3. Hyderabad is also called the ------------.

a) City of pearls b)City of diamonds c)City of gold .

4. Hyderabad is the capital of ---------.

a) Uttar Pradesh b) Andhra Pradesh c)Madhya Pradesh.

5. The main industry of Kolkata is -----------

a)Jute b) cotton c) rubber .

6. Exchange of ideas and thoughts is called --------------.

a)Communication b) Occupation c) Hobby d) Community.

7. ------------- were used to send and receive messages in earlier times.

a) Sparrows b) Pigeons c) Ducks d) Parrot.

8. Short messages service is also known as ---------------.

a) SMS b) SSM c_ MMS d) TMS .

9. Mobile phones are also known as ----------- phones .

a) Circular b) cellular c)Circle d) Round

10. -------------- is not used to send letters from a post office .

a)PCO B) Envelope c) Inland d) Stamp .

11. Early humans were ----------- because they moved from one place to another .
a) Hunters b) Gatherers c)Nomads d) Workers .

12. Early humans found that living in ------------- provided them safety .
a) Houses b) Caves c) Jungle d) Mountains .

13. During the stone age early humans made tools of -------------- .
a) Bronze b) Stone c) copper d) Iron .

14. Early humans used ------------ to cover their body .

a) Sweaters b) Clothes c) Leaves .

15. Early humans started living on ----------- banks .

a) Mountains b) Rivers c) Jungles .

16. --------------- were used to plough the land.

a) Bullocks b) Horses c) Elephants d) Camels .

17. ------------ and goats provided milk .

a) Cows b)horses c) elephants d) camels .
III Soc. Studies 2

18. In which direction does the sun sets .

a) East b) West North d) South .

19. What is the last day of the dark fortnight of lunar month called .
a) No moon day b) Vad c) Sud .


1. Kolkata was formerly known as Juhu . -- False .

2. The Golconda Fort is located the city of Hyderabad .-- True .

3. The Vidyasagar Setu has been built on the river Hooghly .-- True .

4. Bengaluru is the capital of Kolkata -- False .

5. Early humans lived in brick houses .-- False .

6. Early humans led the life of a nomad .--True .

7. Stone age was the period when humans made tools and weapons of copper .-- False .

8. Early human used cotton clothes . -- False .

9. Farming was done by early humans .-- True .

10. People started domesticating animals for fun .-- False

11. Horses were used to plough the land for farming .-- False .

12. Raft was used to travel on land .--False

13. Wheel was used to make pottery . -- True

14. The moon is also known as Chanda Mama -- True .

15. Our shadow is on the east in the morning .--False .

16. If the sun is on our right side our shadow is formed on the left side .-- TRUE .


1. Kolkata - Diamond Harbour

2. Bengaluru - The City Of Gardens.

3. Hydrabad - City of pearls.

4. The Charminar - Mohammad Quli Qutab Shah.

5. Harkara Messenger.

6. Courier Parcel.

7. Mobile phone SMS.

8. Television News.

9. Satellite - Live Telecast.

III Soc. Studies 3

10. Nomad - Not settling in one place.

11. Stone age - Tools made of stones.

12. Rajasthan - Stone age sites.

13. Animal skin - Protection from cold.

14. Fire - Warmth light.

15. Stones Spark.

16. Raw food - Cooked in fire.

17. Wild animals - Scared by fire.

18. Animals- Domesticated for food.

19. Wheel - Travel on land

20. Raft - Travel on water

21. Slag - Important invention.

22. Moon - Light is cool.

23. New moon - When the moon is not seen.

24. Full moon - When the moon becomes as round as dish.

Q 4 - Fill in the blanks.

1. Communication is the exchange of ideas and thoughts.

2. Earlier, pigeons were used to send and receive letters.

3. Mobile Phones are very handy and easy to carry wherever we go.

4. Messages are conveyed by post through letters and telegrams.

5. Various means of communication have brought us all closer.

6. Howrah Bridge is a famous bridge of Kolkata.

7. Bengaluru is also known as the Silicon valley of India.

8. The name Kolkata comes from Kalikata.

9. Hyderabad is situated on the southern bank of river Musi.

10. The climate of Bengaluru is moderate throughout the year.

11. Early humans were hunters and gatherers.

12. Early humans used leaves and barks to cover their body.

13. Early humans made tools out of stones.

14. Early humans ate roots of plants and fruits from trees.
III Soc. Studies 4

15. Early humans lived in jungles.

16. Animals skin kept them warm in winter.

17. Early humans discovered fire by rubbing two stones together.

18. Fire made their life safer and easier.

19. Early humans discovered the idea of making raft.

20. Early humans began domesticating of animals for various purposes.

Q 5 - Name them

1. Community meal in gurudwaras. Langer

2. The harvest festival of Assam. Bihu

3. Important festival celebrated in the month of March. Holi

4. They sell food items. Shopkeeper

5. They make furniture out of wood. Carpenter

6. They mend taps and seals leak. Plumber

7. They teach us. Teacher

8. A work done over a period of time to earn money. Occupation.

9. An activity done for fun. Hobby

10. A means of transport. Transportation.

11. Ship of the desert. Camel.

12. Travelling on land. Cars, buses and trucks.

13. Travelling on water. Rafts, boats, houseboats.

14. Travelling in air. Aeroplanes, helicopters.

15. An object which goes around the earth or another body in the sky. Satellite.

16. System of sending or receiving messages over a computer. E-Mail.

17. Two important places of Bengaluru. Tipu Sultan Fort and Lalbaugh.

18. Two important places of Hyderabad. Mecca Masjid and Charminar.

Q 6 - Answer in short.

1. How is Dusshera celebrated in West Bengal?

In West Bengal, Dusshera is celebrated as Durga Puja. People worship idols of Goddess Durga.

2. Name the festival that comes after a month of fasting.

Eid is celebrated after a month long fast called Ramzan.
III Soc. Studies 5

3. During which festival are crops like wheat and gram ready for harvest?
During Holi crops like wheat and gram are ready for harvest.

4. Name the harvest festivals of southern part of India.

Pongal and Onam are two important harvest festivals celebrated in the southern part of India.

5. What is a community?
Community can be defined as a group of people living together.

6. What does postman do?

A postman delivers letters and parcels in cities and villages.

7. Where does a policeman work? How does he help us?

Policemen work in a police station. He maintains law and order in the community.

8. Define occupation.
A work which is done to earn money is called an occupation.

9. Give two reasons why we travel.

1. We travel for fun as well as for work.
2. We also travel to carry goods from one place to another.

10. Name three means of transport.

Three means of transport are roadways, waterways and airways.

11. How are goods transferred from one place to another place on road?
To transport goods from one place to another place by road, we use tuck, tankers, containers and
goods trains.

12. What are the modes of travelling in air?

Aeroplanes and Helicopters are the modes of travelling in air.

13. What are the three means of personal communication?

Three means of personal communication are letters, telephones and E-Mails

14. What are the four means of Mass Communication?

The four means of Mass communications are Newspaper, Magazine, Radio and Television.

15. How did living in caves help early human beings?

Early human beings soon discovered that living in caves protected them from heat,cold,rain,and
wild animals.

16. Why were the early humans nomads?

Early humans moved from one place to another in search of food for themselves so they are called

17. Write uses for fire for early humans being?

Uses for fire for early human beings are to keep themselves warm, cook food, and scare away wild

18. How did the early humans learnt to make fire?

Early humans rubbed two stones together which created a spark and learnt how to make fire.

19. In which direction does the sun rises and sets?

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
III Soc. Studies 6


1. Which is the festival of lights? How is it celebrated?

Diwali is the festival of lights. People celebrate it by decorating their houses with lights and diyas.
Colourful rangoli is made at the entrance of houses. Children and elders burst fire crackers.

2. Write two ways in which a teacher help us.

1. A teacher teaches us to read and write and helps us to become responsible.
2.we also learn music, sport, drawing and painting from our teachers.

3. Where do we go when we fall sick? How does doctor help us?

We go to hospital when we fall sick. The doctors and nurses take care of sick people and cure them
with medicines in the hospital.

4. What are the major occupations chosen by people in villages?

There are various occupations followed by the people in villages. They are farming, selling fruits,
vegetables, rearing animals and fishing.

5. What is the difference between a hobby and an occupation.

Hobby.1. hobby is an activity done for fun. 2. Hobbies are practiced during free time. 3. Hobbies
are of different types, like music, dance, painting, as well as sports like cricket, football and tennis.
Occupation. 1. Occupation is a work done to earn money. 2.occupation takes up most of our time
during a day. 3. The various occupations are: working in factories and offices, working in hospitals,
schools and colleges and selling goods.

6. Mention three important rules of road safety.

Important rules of road safety are:-
1. We should always walk on the pavements.
2. We should walk on the left side of the road.
3. We should cross the road only at the zebra crossing.
4. We should always follow the traffic lights and services.

7. Differentiate between STD and ISD codes.

A combination of numbers which help us to talk to people living in other states of India over the
telephone is called STD Codes.
A combination of numbers which helps us to talk to people living in other countries over the
telephone is called ISD Codes.

8. How does artificial satellite help in communication?

Artificial satellites play an important role in communication. Through satellites we are able to view
live telecast of events happening all around the world.

9. Write some the important places to see in Bengaluru?

Important places to see in Bengaluru are the:-
1. Bull temple.
2. Cubbon Park.
3. Vidhana Sabha.
4. Bal Bhavan.

10. How did the early humans invent farming?

They saw the seeds of fruits , when they thrown carelessly on the soil , grew into new plant. They
realized if the seeds were thrown in the soil.
III Soc. Studies 7

1) Occupation.
1. Occupation is a work done to earn money.
2.Occupation takes up most of our time during a day.
3. The various occupations are: working in factories and offices, working in hospitals, schools and
colleges and selling goods and services.

2) Communication.
1. Communication is exchange of ideas and thought.
2. Letter, telephone and E-mail are personal means of communication.
3. Newspaper, magazine, radio and television are means of Mass communication.
4. Artificial satellite plays an important role in communication.

3) Early humans.
1. Early humans were hunters and gatherers.
2. They lived in caves to seek shelter and protect from heat, cold, rain and wild animals.
3. They ate roots of plants and fruits from trees.
4. They used animal skin leaves and barks of trees as clothing.
5. They were called Nomads.

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