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The Equals Baby come back 1967 dico ang

The Equals Give love a try 1967 dico ang
The Equals I get so exited 1968 dico ang
The Equals Police on my back 1968 dico ang
The Equals Softly softly 1968 dico ang
The Equals Laurel and hardy 1968 dico ang
The Equals Lmichael and the slipper tree 1969 dico ang
Creedence Clearwter Revival Green river 1969 dico ang
Creedence Clearwter Revival Bootleg 1970 dico ang
Creedence Clearwter Revival Bad mon rising 1969 dico ang
Creedence Clearwter Revival Run through the jungle 1970 dico ang
Creedence Clearwter Revival Travelin'band 1970 dico ang
The Beatles Yesterday 1965 dico ang
The Beatles Strawberry fields forever 1967 dico ang
The Beatles Hey jude 1968 slow ang
The Beatles Ob bla di ob bla da 1967 dico ang
The Beatles You let it be 1970 dico ang
The Beatles Get back 1969 dico ang
The Beatles Something 1969 dico ang
Middle Of The Road Sacramento 1972 dico ang
Middle Of The Road Bottoms up 1972 dico ang
Middle Of The Road Yellow boomerang 1973 dico ang
Middle Of The Road Soley soley 1971 dico ang
George Baker Selection Dear ann 1969 dico ang
George Baker Selection Pretty little dreamer 1969 dico ang
George Baker Selection Paloma blanca 1975 dico ang
The Pebbles Seve horses in the sky 1968 dico ang
The Pebbles Mother army 1972 dico ang
The Pebbles Machintosh 1969 dico ang
Sparks Amateur hour 1974 dico ang
Sparks Never turu your back on mother earth 1974 dico ang
Sparks This tow ain't big enough 1974 dico ang
Slade Far far away 1974 dico ang
Slade My friend stan 1973 dico ang
Slade Cum on fell the noise 1973 dico ang
Slade Merry xmas everybody 1973 dico ang
Slade The bangin man 1974 dico ang
Drupi Due 1975 slow ita
Drupi Vado via 1973 slow ita
Drupi Piccola e fragile 1974 slow ita
Drupi Sereno'e 1974 slow ita
Tommy Roe Jam up jelly tight 1969 dico ang
Tommy Roe Dizzy 1969 dico ang
10 CC I'm not in love 1975 dico ang
10 CC Donna 1972 dico ang
Gilbert O'Sullivan Doint the best i can 1971 dico ang
Gilbert O'Sullivan Get down 1973 dico ang
The Hollies Son of a rotten gambler 1974 slow ang
The Hollies The air that i breathe 1974 slow ang
Suzi Quatro 48 Crache 1973 dico ang
Suzi Quatro Devil gate drive 1974 dico ang
Suzi Quatro Daytona demon 1973 dico ang
Mardi Gras Girl i've got news for you 1971 dico ang
Mardi Gras Everyday i have to cry some 1971 dico ang
Mardi Gras Sing sing barbara 1970 dico ang
The Rollings Stones Street figthing man 1968 dico ang
The Rollings Stones The spider and the fly 1965 dico ang
The Rollings Stones Honky tonk women 1969 dico ang
The Otis Redding Look at the girl 1969 dico ang
The Otis Redding Papa's got a brand new bag 1968 dico ang
New Inspiration Judy please 1970 dico ang
New Inspiration Rainbow 1971 dico ang
Les Irresitibles My year is a day 1968 slow ang
Les Irresitibles Lands of shadow 1968 slow ang
Mac et Katie Kisson Sing along 1972 dico ang
Brenda Lee I'm sorry 1975 slow ang
Esther Philips What a diff'erence a day makes 1975 dico ang
Cockney Rebel Sebastian 1977 dico ang
Shariff Dean Do you love me? 1972 dico ang
Gloria Gaynor Walk on by 1975 dico ang
Jungle Jim Big fat orang uman 1970 dico ang
The Bon Crewe Generation Republic 68' 1968 dico ang
Anarchic System Pop corn 1973 dico ang
Paul de Senneville Dolannes melodies 1975 slow instrum
Lester And Denwood Sing sing barbara 1974 dico ang
Ike et Tina Turner Nutbush city limits 1973 dico ang
Joe Cocker Black eyed blues 1971 dico ang
Steam Na na hey hey kiss my goodbeye 1969 dico ang
Lennon Instant karma 1970 dico ang
Stevie Wonder Yesterday me yesterday you 1969 dico ang
Blue Haze Unchaned melodie 1972 slow ang
Robin Gibb Saved by the bell 1969 slow ang
Simon and Garfunkel El conor pasa 1970 slow ang
Dimitri Dourakine Casatchock 1969 dico rus
Atlantis Tosuan on the west coast waiting 1969 slow ang
Scoth Mac Kenzie San fransisco 1967 slow ang
the Bee Gees I started a joke 1968 slow ang
Peter Maffay Du 1969 slow duc
The Marmelade Reflections of my life 1969 slow ang
Nilsson Without you 1972 slow ang
Nirvana Two of a kind 1979 dico ang
Charlie Rich The most beautiful girl 1973 dico ang
Redbone We were all wounded at wounded knee 1973 dico ang
The Spotnicks johnny guitar 1962 dico instrum
Johnny And The Hurricanes Reveille rock rock instrum
Sandy Nelson Drums a go-go 1965 dico instrum
Demis Roussos We shall dance 1971 slow ang
Demis Roussos My reason 1972 slow ang
Aphrodites Cild I want to live 1969 slow ang
Aphrodites Cild It's five o'clock 1970 slow ang
Little Richard Lucille 1968 rock ang
Ten Years After Baby won't you let me rock n'roll you 1972 rock ang
T,Rex Hot love 1973 dico ang
Gleen Miller In the mood 1939 rock instrum
Johnny Rivers Sea cruise 1971 rock ang
The rihgteous Brothers Unchaneid melody 1965 slow ang
Ola Janglers Lets dance 1968 rock ang
Lennon Imagine 1971 slow ang
Paul Anka Diana 1957 slow ang
Tom Jones Till 1972 slow ang
Tom Jones She 's lady 1971 dico ang
Tom Jones A minute of your time 1968 dico ang
Tom Jones love my tonight 1969 dico ang
Tom Jones Delilah 1968 slow ang
Wallace Collection Day dream 1969 slow ang
Wallace Collection We gotta do something new 1970 slow ang
Wallace Collection Dear beloved secretary 1975 slow ang
Birthday All i want is you 1969 dico ang
Derek Martin Soul Power 1967 dico ang
Trash Can Golden Slumbers 1969 dico ang
Jess et James Move 1967 dico ang
Shocking Blues Venus 1970 dico ang
N.R.B.Q. C'mon everybody 1969 dico ang
Jess et James My name is 1969 dico ang
Crazy Elephant Sunshine red wine 1969 dico ang
Redbone The witch queen of new orleans 1971 dico ang
Chicago I'm a man 1969 dico ang
Barry Ryan Eloise 1968 slow ang
Barry Ryan Love is love 1969 dico ang
Van MC Coy Disco baby 1975 dico ang
Daniel Boone Beautifull Sunday 1972 dico ang
Sam The Sham and The Pharaons Wolly bully 1974 rock ang
Labelle Voulez-vous couchez avec moi ce soir 1974 dico ang
James Brown Woman 1974 slow ang
Joe Dolan Make me an island 1969 slow ang
Bob Dylan Peggy day 1969 dico ang
Lester And Denwood Angela 1973 dico ang
Fats Domino Lady madonna 1974 dico ang
Swinging Soul Machine Nobody want's you 1969 dico ang
The Chambers Brothers I cant turn you loose 1968 dico ang
Union Express Ring a ring of roses 1971 dico ang
MR Bloe Curried soul 1970 dico ang
The Archies Sugar sugar 1970 dico ang
Terry Jacks Seasons in the song 1974 slow ang
Mungo Jerry In the summertine 1970 dico ang
The Move Blackberry way 1968 dico ang
John Fred Judy disguise 1968 dico ang
Ola Janglers Um um um um 1969 dico ang
Henty James Chirpy chirpy 1971 dico ang
Ohio Express Chewy chewy 1968 dico ang
The crazy World Fire 1968 dico ang
Pop Corn Rebellion Sugar lady 1969 dico ang
Roland W Monia 1969 slow ang
Giorgio Looky looky 1969 dico ang
Clff Richards Congratulations 1968 dico ang
The Sweet Funny funny 1971 dico ang
Lyn Anderson Rose garden 1970 dico ang
Lou Christie I'm gonna make your mine 1969 dico ang
Telly Savalas Sweet surprise 1980 dico ang
Tommy James Crimson and clover 1968 dico ang
Tommy James Mony mony 1968 dico ang
Procol Harum Aw whinter shade of pale 1967 slow ang
The Sweet Coco 1971 dico ang
Tomy Ronald Help 1971 dico ang
Neil Diamond Crackin rosie 1971 dico ang
Gene Vincent Be bop alula 1969 dico ang
Georges MC Crae Rock your baby 1974 dico ang
John Woolley Ruby baby 1970 rock ang
Sir Douglas Quintet Dynamite woman 1969 dico ang
Elton John Crocodile rock 1972 rock ang
Brian Give and take 1968 dico ang
The Letter Thebbox tops 1967 dico ang
The Beach Boys Do it again 1968 dico ang
The Dave Clark Five More good old rock n'roll 1969 dico ang
Bill Haley See you later alligator 1954 rock ang
Roy Orbison Pretty woman 1964 dico ang
The Monkees I'm a believer 1966 dico ang
Miguel Rios A song of joy 1970 dico ang
JY Laroche Ambiance stemming 1975 dico ang
Shirley en Company Shame shame 1975 dico ang
Donna Summer The hostage 1974 dico ang
Brotherhood Of Man Kiss me kiss your baby 1976 dico ang
Sheila Aimer avant de mourir 1975 slow fr
Sheila C'est le cur 1975 slow fr
Sheila Un prince en exil 1976 dico fr
Sheila Quel temperament de feu 1975 dico fr
Sheila Ne fait pas tanger le bateau 1974 dico fr
Sheila Reviens je t'aime 1970 slow fr
Sheila Tu es le soleil 1974 slow fr
Carene Cheryl Garde moi avec toi 1975 slow fr
Carene Cheryl Ma vie n'appartient qu'a toi 1975 dico fr
Carene Cheryl Aimee ou amoureuse 1975 dico fr
Mireille Mathieu Inutile de nous revoir 1975 slow fr
Mireille Mathieu Amour defendu 1977 slow fr
Mireille Mathieu Ma melodie d'amour 1976 slow fr
Mireille Mathieu Love story 1971 slow fr
Mireille Mathieu J'etait si jeune 1972 slow fr
Eve Brenner Le matin sur la riviere 1976 slow fr
Caroline Perrault Ce garcon la 1964 slow fr
Michelle Morgan Si je te parle ainsi 1976 slow fr
Raffaella Carra Ce garcon la 1976 slow fr
Patricia Ferrari Il pleut sur mes vacances 1976 slow fr
Petula Je voudrais qu'il soit malheureux 1975 slow fr
Petula Chariot 1965 dico fr
Petula C'est le refrain de ma vie 1970 slow fr
Petula La nuit n'en finit plus 1963 slow fr
Petula Le grand amour 1971 slow fr
Jeane Manson Une femme 1976 slow fr
Jeane Manson Avant de nous dire adieu 1976 slow fr
Marie Laforet Il a neige sur yesterday 1977 slow fr
Anne Leonard Mon petit q 1977 dico fr
Catherine Ferry 1,2,3 1976 dico fr
Bob Martin Tu peux chercher dico fr