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Mythological Lairs
Pegasus Lair

Channeled by Andrea Chisara Baginski

Manual by Andrea Chisara Baginski
Layout by Andrea Chisara Baginski & Jens Seborg
(lat. Pegasus)

In Greek mythology, two legends exist about the birth of Pegasus.
But all agree on one thing: Pegasus is a winged horse.

The Legends:

One story tells us that Pegasus was born when Perseus beheaded
Medusa, Pegasus sprang forth from her pregnant body (in anther
story he sprang out of her neck). The other is that he was produced
by the blood of Medusa sinking into the earth after she was killed by
Perseus. In the end, we can consider Perseus and Medusa his
parents even if it sounds a little peculiar. But aren't most
mythological stories this way?
Pegasus was tamed by Bellerophontes who conquered the Chimaira
and fought with him against the Amazons. He then got high-
spirited and tried to ride with Pegasus into the Mount Olympus. He
incurred the anger of Zeus. Zeus sent out a brake which stung
Pegasus so that he threw off Bellerophon. Bellerophon became blind
and lame, and died alone and miserable. Pegasus flew on to the
Mount Olympus and since then he carries the thunder and
lightning of Zeus.
Magical Correspondences
Air and Earth
Astrologically associated with Libra and the Seventh House

The bright side:
Pegasus types have a particular flair for
creating beautiful surroundings in which to
live. They are perfectionists and detest
disturbances and ugliness. Pegasus types are
very concerned with promoting social
harmony. They are curious and open-
minded but they also want proof to support
their ideas. Also they have an exceptional
organizational ability. Since they are
objective and just they are wished as
unbiased mediators at disputes. They are
extremely independent.

The dark side:

The dark side of Pegasus types
is judging and being
unrealistic. You demand
perfection in everything and
react overcritically at faults.
They may be self-neglecting
and a hypochondriac, or
overindulgent and lazy. They
can be closed-minded,
manipulative and capricious.
Sometimes, it can be that
they feel as if their feet lost the
A little Story when I met my Pegasus
Whenever Pegasus was excited, he scratched impatiently with his
right front hoof, bent the head to below and shook its mane. His
wings twitched again and again and sometimes he spread them to
then lay them out again. It was already a funny picture if this tall,
strong guy behaved like a foal.

He was a bit ashamed about his own courage what had induced
him to step out of the background. He had so much childlike joy in
himself it warmed the heart for one. He was unrestrainedly happy
and if a Pegasus is happy, one must see that one comes from his
reach. He stretched his gigantic wings, vaulted high-spiritedly into
the airs and performed some, sometimes very impetuous, capers.
He was very curious about the man world, wanted to know and see

Take a moment for yourself, sit down and relax. Take some deep
breaths and think about these Qualities. Look deep inside yourself.
Are there some of this qualities in yourself?
Make a list with two columns and name them:

Bright Side Dark Side

Write down everything that occurs to you. It isn't important how
long the list becomes. It is important you become acquainted with

Be honest to you, otherwise this whole exercise doesn't make sense.

Work on the qualities consciously on the Dark Side and after that,
you can work with the qualities on the Bright Side.

You than learn to oversee situations and becoming high

inspirations. You are able to have an open mind and become curious
about the world again.

The Attunement Procedure

I ask my Higher Self to attune (name) at (time) on (date) in his/her

time zone for the energy of the Pegasus.